It’s Good To Tweak….

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The workout

Just like our workouts, it’s always a good thing to switch things up and try something new. In fact, that is exactly what I’m doing now in my current workouts. You see, I can build shoulders, traps, triceps and lats (wings) with frightening ease. Yet no matter how hard I try, I struggle to build my forearms to a size that compliments those other muscle groups (That is… focusing on compound exercises).

This has been in practice since I started my new workout regime as of September 2010 (Progress pics coming soon – And hopefully to add to your own inspirational drive).

Any how, once this happens, it’s a good idea to switch things up.

If you want to build killer forearms (Hence look muscular when wearing ordinary t-shirts) then try these exercises for size.

#1 Barbell reverse curls

This was one of the first exercises that I began to include in my workouts back when I first started out. In fact, this will be the first exercise that include into my current regime.

Target: brachioradialis (Inner forearm muscle)


  • Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart
  • Place a barbell in front of you
  • Bend downwards with your knees and grab the bar with both hands, palms down.
  • Begin with your arms hanging down, fully extended.
  • Similar to a biceps Hammer curl, curl the barbell up to a level that is parallel to the floor.
  • Make sure you keep your elbows locked in place throughout the movement and focus on having your forearms do the work.


It’s ok to allow your arms to go forward slightly when your arms are fully flexed. Doing so allows you to release some of the built up tension in your muscle between reps.

#2 Reverse cable curls

Target: brachioradialis (Inner forearm muscle)

This exercise is similar to the reverse barbell curl exercise except that you will be using a short bar attached to a pulley machine. Perform this exercise if you have troubles adapting to the barbell.


  • Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart
  • Grab a short bar attached to a pulley machine with both hands, palms down.
  • Begin with your arms hanging down, fully extended.
  • Curl the bar up to a level that is parallel to the floor.
  • Make sure you keep your elbows locked in place throughout the movement and to focus on having your forearms do the work.

#3 Standing plate finger tip raises

These just happen to be good for improving grip strength too. In fact, read this post for the full low down on how to do that.

Unique Hand Grip Exercises

Because you will need to improve your grip strength to in order to take your gains to the next level.


  • Grab a weight plate in each hand and hold them with your fingertips.
  • Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and with each arm hanging by your sides, fully extended, holding the weight plates with your palms facing in toward your body.
  • Using only your fingertips, simply curl the plates upward toward the inside of your forearms. Return to the start position and repeat until failure.

These exercises have worked wonders for me in the past, and I know they’ll work wonders for me again. Which means they will work wonders for you too. I’m certain of it!

That’s enough forearm action for today. Be sure to follow me on to my next post where I introduce the first official Deal of the day offer.

See you in the comments.

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It’s Your Time To Talk

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Sorry for the capitals, but I just had to emphasis today’s energy levels. I’ve just had an intense workout and I still have some energy to share. However,this is not how you should feel for the ‘majority’ of your workouts. If you do feel this way, you probably aren’t working out hard enough. Or maybe you’ve just broken your previous strength/ endurance records.

Any how, it’s not often that I stop and talk to each of you directly, but I think it’s about that time, seeing as I’ve in asking questions around some other communities (Namely Facebook – Add me if you haven’t done so already).

So… here goes. Tell me…

A workout routine or ‘proven’ fitness tip that ‘didn’t’ work for you?

What would you like me to blog more about?

Is there anything that bugs you about the site at present (excuse the pun)?

Your least favorite exercise?

Your most favorite exercise?

And of course, any other random things you might want to mention. I guess you could call this ‘bonding time’, like what teachers do with a new class of students 😉

That’s enough talk from me.

I’ll see you in the comments.

Stay-Fit Bug Best Of October 2010

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Ok, this isn’t really a ‘best of’ post for October. What this post really is, is a re-post of the Stay-Fit Bug 1 year anniversary post.


Because this week has been an interesting one, with all the attention that Mondays post has received.

The 20 Most Influential Fitness People On The Web

Which has of course lead to some new readers here at Stay-Fit Bug. Which means a whole year of content that has been missed. Now If I was a new reader here, I know for sure that I wouldn’t find the time to go through all of those old posts. So to make things a little easier for all those that are new here, I’ve decided to give you the link for the anniversay post, which contains a list of the best posts for each of the past 14 months. So without further a do…

Stay-Fit Bug Anniversary Year In Review


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

How NOT To Look Like A Strong Weakling

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(Guys that are strong but don’t look it)

aka this quote

”Hold up. Dude… you can lift twice as much as that guy over there. Why is HE bigger than YOU?”

OUCH… painful comment!

Solution: Eat more food… DUDE!

But lets look a little deeper in to this scenario. A scenario where I have been the victim of that painful comment (It affected me so bad, that I even remember the date. 17th February 2005) :O
Now, the reason why anyone would be a victim of this comment would be because of this point..

”Are you just lifting weights or actually stimulating muscle fibers?”

There is a big difference. Like I’ve said before, there’s more to it than just lugging a few weights around. And it often doesn’t take as much weight as people think to get the desired results.

So, let me start with the most important and relative point, so that you can avoid being picked on for being a scrawny looking guy who is in fact, REALLY strong.

#1 Focus on muscle tension

Now, there could be two reasons that could explain why the other guy is bigger than you.

  1. Genetics – That guy might have good muscle building genetics. A mesomorph style body type, where one can lose fat and gain muscle mass quite easily.
  2. He has been focusing on muscle tension. Or what I’ve previously described as shock body exercises.

You see, lifting heavy duty weight might make you look cool in the gym. But in fact, if I saw you lifting a heavy weight week after week, yet with no visible growth. I would have to…

1) Question your technique
2) Question your lifestyle and eating habits

Because there’s no real reason why you should be lifting super duper heavy weights in the gym, unless your goal is to grow muscle mass.

You can move more weight with momentum, sure. But you will not stimulate more muscle growth. For example, Olympic lifters don’t look even half as developed as advanced body builders. This is because the power moves they perform are accomplished by momentum and technique more so than actual muscle strength.

Muscle tension = Growth, not torque.

And in fact, you probably won’t have to lift as heavy as you may think. It’s more about this…

#2 Training insane – (Shock/ Explode muscles)

If you haven’t read my article about training insane, make sure you read it here. I’m confident that it will change your mind set and give you a good kick up the butt.

Any how, following on from my point above. Intensity is what you will want to focus on when you lift weights. Not doing so could be one of the key reasons why you might get the reaction described in the intro, because muscles will only grow when shocked with explosive activity (Have a read of the bugs quick tips)

This is the entire concept of training insane. When you train, you have to GO-AT-IT. Literally.

  • Short
  • Intense
  • Sometimes angry workouts (This music should help)

So quit lugging heavy weights around with technique-less flair. This really is not helping you to grow.

#3 Eat more food 5 times a day to avoid muscle break down

Now, if you are a victim of the ‘I am strong, but don’t look it’ squad, then I’d say at least 80% of the time would be down to an inconsistent diet. If you go through a day without eating for 4 hours or more then you are putting your body into a catabolic state, which is when the muscle tissues you’ve worked so hard to build up, begin to break down.

The best way to avoid this is to eat consistently throughout the entire day. Not just one big fat meal at dinner time (Which is probably most of you).

Think of it this way.

  • When you drive a car and give it a full tank of petrol, it performs great… right? Of course it does.
  • When you drive that same car on an empty tank it performs badly and the engine starts cutting out.. right? Yes, it does. We’ve all been there before.

That’s a no brainer. The killer point here is that when you run a car this way, you are actually destroying it’s shelf life, because doing so will wear the engine away.

The metaphor here =

Car engine/ Your muscles

Not feeding them is one thing, but to cause longer term damage to your muscle building results puts the nail in the coffin here. Muscle mass… NO MORE!

So do yourself a favor and start eating. Because even a crappy lifter will put on mass with the correct diet structure.

If you want a detailed program of…

  • What to eat
  • When to eat
  • How much to eat

Then read this post

#4 Focus on compound exercises

Now this point I left till last, because it’s not entirely important, but still relevant.

If you aren’t growing, it could be because you are placing to strong of a focus on isolation exercises (exercises that work one muscle group). This isn’t a bad thing, but you should only really focus on performing these exercises when you are trying to bring out the best of a certain muscle group.

Your main focus should be on performing compound exercises (exercises that work all 4 limbs) such as the bench press and dead-lift. By doing so you will definitely notice an improvement of the overall growth of all muscle groups around your body.

Killer compound exercises

To conclude

The goal of this website is to help everyone build the ultimate physique. That is…

  • Strength
  • Mass
  • V-shape body
  • Super duper health
  • Happiness
  • And overall 110% uber awesomeness.

Part of which you can find inside the unique bodyweight exercise ebook v3.0

The goal however, is not to help turn you into the next Mr. Olympia.

So if you don’t want to look like a lean weakling, make sure you follow the above. Once you do, you will be a muscle bound machine that people will inspire to be.

See you in the comments.

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The Tyre (Fatty Waist) vs. Mr Insulin vs. Mr ‘I Wanna Be Ripped’

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Now, I’m not sure what part of the world you are from, but if I go by this websites statistics and the relationships that I have with many of you, It’s safe to assume that the majority of you who read this will be from the west side of planet earth. Which means you are now living in the brutal winter months. Brrrrr (The chills).

Hopefully,this hasn’t put you off working out and I hope you are still training insane. After all, this is the season where the true gains are made, in order to get you ready for summer.

However, this is also the season that most of us will go wild with Christmas festivities.

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Alcohol
  • Partying

Although I encourage both (Seeing as it’s the only time of year where we really get to have a break), we still have to keep it under control. As one string of wild nights really can cause havoc on your muscle building results. And yes, you hardgainer/ ectomorph types need to watch out too. Read this post to find out why.

With that being said, I thought it would be a good idea to remind you of what you should look out for when trying to keep that fat off of your waist, whether it’s Christmas or not. Re-introducing you to 3 of your familiar friends.

  • The Tyre (Fatty waist)
  • Mr. Insulin
  • Mr. ‘I wanna be ripped’


  • Mr victim
  • Mr control
  • Mr ultimate

OK, fat control is the game and Mr. Tyre is the name we will begin with.

Now, if there is one part of the body that everyone seems to struggle with, regardless of sex or body type, it will be the tyre aka that annoying layer of fat that sits around your waist and lower gut. Now, we all know about the rule…

  • 30% gym
  • 70% diet


Well, that is mostly true. What this means is that you could be working your ass off in the gym, training insane and the like. But all of it will be pointless unless you have a controlled diet. Controlled meaning, eating the right foods at the right time.

Now, they say that carbs are the enemy when it comes to building that ‘ripped‘ physique. And that you should avoid them at all costs (Because carbs in it’s basic form is just sugar).

Which of course is not true.

We need carbs to re-fuel  and replenish our muscles. The key is to eating the right type of carbs at the right time of day. e.g fast digesting carbs right after your works to replenish your muscles from the nutrients it would lose from an intense workout.

Two types of carbs

Simple – Fast digesting – Explodes into your blood stream (literally… like fireworks)

Complex – Slow digesting – Moves into your blood stream like a mini earthquake that eternally erupts

Now, when people say carbs are bad, what they really should be saying is that simple carbs are bad. These are the type of carbs that will promote Mr. tyre around your waist.

Why… how, how… why?

Because these are the type of carbs that  like to pick a fight with Mr. Insulin who is responsible for controlling the blood sugar levels in your body.

Mr. Tyre vs Mr. Insulin

Earlier I mentioned that simple carbs digest like an explosion into your body. This increases Mr. Insulin’s work load into overdrive, and what happens when you spread yourself to thin with extra tasks? You begin to fail, and that failure is the result of Mr. tyre… extra fat around your waist.

Now, I don’t want to bore you with some biology lesson. Instead, let me give you a real life example of this scenario. One that I know all of you will be familiar with.

The event

This battle is kind of like a large queue to an event such as a concert, football match or even a night club. You have

  1. The boss and his men (Mr. Insulin)
  2. The guards (Muscle receptors)
  3. The people queuing up (The carbs – complex *good* or simple *bad*)

All it takes is for a few bad people to kick up a fuss (simple carbs) for a big fight break out. The boss and his men (Mr insulin) loses control and begins throwing all the bad people into one corner (In this case, into your muscles. Which is actually good). However, what we really want to do is keep the Boss under control and tame his temper. Then we have a good smooth process for the rest of the night. So they begin to only let good people in (complex carbs).

If too many people coming rushing in too fast, The Boss and his men then need to up their game and give the thumbs up to the guards to open up the doors wider (This is where Mr. Insulin spikes and where muscle receptors open up the doors for the carbs to be let in to the muscles more quickly).

Now, if we go back to where the Boss (Mr insulin) throws everyone into a corner. This would usually cause even more of a fight, more people trying to get in, causing even more havoc. The Boss say enough is enough and tells the guards to let no one else in, sending everyone else elsewhere.

(It is at this point where your muscle receptors say enough is enough. These insulin levels are spiking far too often. At which point they begin to shut the doors, letting no more sugar into your muscles. Where do the rest of the excess carbs go? They get stored as fat)

But even worse is that those guards won’t even consider letting those people back in. They beat them up and threw them out, almost for good. And the club stays empty for a while. They will just go for a different crowd. They still have to bring the money in after all.

(So Mr. Insulin switches off the fat burn, stores fat, and leaves nothing behind. That is no more carbs. Once that happens you are even worse off than before you ate, because your blood sugar levels would have dropped even lower. Which means you are still hungry. The body needs to then go somewhere else for energy. It can’t go to the stored fat, because Mr. Insulin has switched that off for the time being. So it goes for the next best thing. The protein in your muscles. But the part you really need to be careful about is the fact that too many high sugar rushes will cause your muscle receptors to stop letting sugar in entirely. Which is not good, and can lead to diabetes).

And that is why there needs to be some control in terms of managing insulin levels.

And this is also why you need carbs in your system. To prevent your body from going into a catabolic state (Muscle break down). But the right type of carbs at the right time.

Simple carbs

Such as dextrose, post workout. You will cause an insulin spike yes. However, you will be filling up empty muscles, because you would have used up all of the carb storage that was in your muscles in your workout. Which is the only time of day when it’s a win, win to spike insulin levels high. 

Complex carbs

Such as pasta, rice, potatoes, and oatmeal. Because they spike moderately throughout the day.

The Mr. Insulin vs Fat storage fight is also the same reason why it’s impossible to build muscle putting on fat. Because you will never be able to maintain perfect insulin levels. Fat will always be stored. How long that fat get’s stored for depends on the level of the insulin spike.It’s all about balance.

So if you want to keep fat at bay, then ease off the candy bars (Unless you’re going for a quick run) and stack your system full of complex carbs. That way you can keep your system running, Mr. Insulin happy, which in turn prevents you from putting on unnecessary fat and burning that precious lean muscle mass.

Enter Mr. ‘I wanna be ripped’

(70% diet)

Enter training insane

(30% gym)


The best way to make this practice a reality is by creating habits.

  • Get rid of all the simple carbs in your house. Buy them and consume them only when you need them. Don’t bring them home.
  • Cook pasta, rice and potato meals, but leave some left overs that you can carry and pre-heat with you the next day while at work. That way your hunger strikes can be fed on the go with complex carbs.
  • Add creatine to your post workout shake. It will latch on to the carbs you consume at this time, making for an even more effective absorption of creatine into your muscles (Which of course is energy).
  • And last but not least. If you want a complete DONE-FOR-YOU no B.S guide on how you should be structuring your diet for maximum gains, then you need to look no further, as I have created a guide that does just that with The Guide to Necessary Supplementation

Any how, that’s how you win the fight between The Tyre (Fatty Waist) vs. Mr Insulin vs. Mr ‘I Wanna Ripped’.

Now get to work already.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Nutrition First, Supplementation After…

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It’s a new week folks. It’s getting colder, darker and Christmas is right around the corner. And… I’ve always got some presents on the way to give to you all. Will you get them early? Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see.

Any how, today marks the release of the first ebook, of a series of ebooks. All of which focus on a specific aspect of the fitness lifestyle.

The Guide To Necessary supplementation

I won’t bore you with any more text blurb. Watch the video instead. British accent and all 🙂


119 Page Cookbook

100’s of recipes to take advantage of

Note: $9.99 for the next 72 hours ONLY!

Picture Preview #1


Picture Preview #2


Picture Preview #3


Picture Preview #4


Picture Preview #5

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Sara Solomon Video Interview With

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Learn how Dentist and WBFF fitness model Sara Solomon is making fitness fun via video blogging (vlogging)

The Sara Solomon resume

– Dentist (DMD)
– Physiotherapist (B.Sc PT)
– Personal trainer (ACE)
– SPINNING instructor (Mad Dog)
– Jump rope instructor (Buddy Lee)
– University and continuing education lecturer
– Published author
– WBFF Fitness Model/Competitor

Sara is indeed each one of those and we will learn more about her journey into each one of those roles in the interview below.

However, the reason why I got her over to Stay-Fit Bug wasn’t because of the attributes of her resume which you can see above… no!

The reason why I got her over here was because of her hilarious ability to make fitness (And the lifestyle) ‘FUN’ via her video blogging series (vlogging). Two of which you can watch after the interview below.

We also know that fitness fun is a core element of the Stay-Fit Bug message, so it was a no brainer scenario to invite Sara over. Nevertheless, today’s video interview turned out to be a fun filled affair. But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The Full Program

About Sara Soloman

Sara is a dentist, physiotherapist, personal trainer, jump rope instructor and a recent WBFF fitness model/champion who now enlightens the fitness world via her video blogs (Again… two of which you can view below).

(Click the images to enlarge)

Sara the Dentist

(Warning: This image is not a representation of Sara the real life’ dentist. This image was taken for comedy purposes ONLY! But you already knew that… didn’t you ;))

Sara the fitness model

Photographer credits

  • Eva Simon
  • David Ford
  • Arthur Kwiatkowski
  • Jamie Watling
  • Christopher Wadsworth

Sara’s fitness video series

Connect with Sara

The articles mentioned in this interview

Why The Process of Building Muscle (Skinny) And Losing Weight (Fat) Is Equally Hard?

Why You Need To Workout Like A Gymnast

Unique bodyweight exercises

Nutrition First, Supplementation After…

The Complete Guide To Bodybuilding Injury Prevention

Related interviews

Natalia Muntean (Fitness Model) – A/k/a The Glute Master! Video Interview With

Miryah Jade Scott Video Interview with

Video Interview With Belinda Benn (Fitness model/writer)

Dannii Minogue Video Interview With

Got a question?

Got a question about the topics covered in this interview?

Do you want to leave any feedback?

Then be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Dannii Minogue Video Interview With

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That headline caught your attention didn’t it? Well it’s not entirely a ‘prank ‘headline, because today’s guest could easily be mistaken for the Dannii Minogue ‘look-a-like’ of the fitness world. Just take a look at the pictures.

Ok, back to fitness…

Learn how Kelly Rennie dominated the UK Figure competing scene in just a matter of 4 months!

That’s right! From ZERO activity in the fitness world to then placing 3rd in the UK for the Figure Division of Natural Body Building (BNBF) in August this year.

How did she do it?

By simply following the simple rules of goal setting, which I’ve talked about quite often on this site. And today she will reveal how she achieved that and how you can do the same.

The Full Program

About Kelly Rennie

Kelly Rennie is a UK Figure competitor, (originally from New Zealand) and owner of Prime Mover, Sheffields no.1 Group Personal Training Centre.

First year achievements (From May 4th 2010)

2nd “Figure” – Northern BNBF Championships- (British National Body Building Federation) 2010

3rd “Figure” BNBF Britain Nationals – 2010

(Click the images to enlarge)

Photo credits

Connect with Kelly

Kelly in the gym

Kelly the figure competitor

The articles mentioned in this interview

The Importance Of Goal Setting When Working Out

Bodybuilding Resources

Why You Need To Workout Like A Gymnast

Why You Should Take Up Martial Arts – The Benefits of Muay Thai (The Community Speaks!)

Video Interview With Belinda Benn (Fitness model/writer)

Natalia Muntean (Fitness Model) – A/k/a The Glute Master! Video Interview With

Got a question?

Got a question about the topics covered in this interview?

Then be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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How To Get The Hot Girl In The Gym (And ‘Guy’ Too)

November 1, 2010 by  
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I know that there are quite a few female readers here too, and hopefully everything you are about to read (If you do actually go ahead and read) will set the guys that are failing… ooohh so miserably, on the right path. And hopefully this is the advice that all of you ‘want’ to hear, to be spread across the masses to mankind everywhere. Which ever the case, ladies… air your thoughts in the comments.

Why are the guys in the gym getting the approach’ so’ wrong?

Well.. it looks like a lot of those guys are miss understanding rule #1 of ‘how-to get a date’.

Be yourself and the rest will follow…


1) That’s the foundation of what real relationships are built on (friendship or male/female relationships).

2) ‘Hot’ ladies get so much feedback and experience from guys that ‘try it’, that it’s highly likely that they’ve heard and seen every approach under the sun. So like with anything where there is hot competition… do something different and stand out from the crowd. Hence be yourself, because everyone elses approach to getting the hot girl is taken. And with time (How long depends on how good you are) she will be yours. 😀

She will obviously notice if you look good, or not. If she does like the way you look, her body language alone should tell you. However, some ladies will just let you know from the off.

In either case you would have passed test no.1

But this won’t be enough… especially for the serious women.

Test no.2

She will now see if you have any back bone to your being.

  • What do you do
  • Your interests
  • What makes you tick
  • Can you hold a conversation

All to find out if you have anything in common. This is where she begins to weed out every single aspect of all of those previous mens approach to getting her. Because if there is any suspect behavior, of you trying to get one up on her just to get her into the sack, it will be here where she finds out. So again, be yourself… because your true qualities will shine when you be yourself, and she will notice that. And before you know it, you will be winning her over and you won’t even notice it.

It is only at this point where you can strike.

However, I have always said that finding a date or even love is best found in places like a gym, rather than a night club. So at this point, you may truly find that you’ve met someone you can truly connect with. And who knows she could be the one that transforms you from a good man into a great man. Because love is blind and often strikes unexpectedly.

So don’t be a Jerk in 2010 and beyond. Because unless you do really have the skills to wrap women around your little finger, it’s highly likely that being a jerk will put you in the ‘failed to get the girl zone’, because most special ladies can smell your s**t stew of an approach a mile off.

Use AIDA – The eye catching t-shirt

If you really want to get yourself a girl at the gym without actually exchanging words, you could use the pictures speak 1000 words trick, via the clothes you wear.


The t-shirt above will be subject to ones taste, but every time I have warn this T-shirt it has gotten me eye stares and attention ‘every time’ I wear it.


  • Well, I guess it screams a part of my personality
  • It shows that I’ve got a humorous comedic side to me.
  • It shows that I have some mild interest in sexual activity (Yea, regardless of what women say, they like sex just as much as men do).
  • And it’s the right kind of fit of t-shirt for showing off muscles without being a show off.

So I guess you could use the same tactics. But again, this t-shirt is just an example from my own experience. Choose what you wear based on what suits YOUR personality.

Oh, you could probably use my bonus trick too…

The scent

Tom Ford Black Orchid Hydrating Emulsion – 150ml/5oz

To be specific… THIS SCENT (Above) From Tom Ford.

Seriously, every where I go, this scent attracts ladies of all ages. It’s seriously nuts. I swear, you could be the ugliest dude in the world and this scent will make the hottest ladies go gaga over you.

I digress….

The fact is, most girls don’t want to be approached in the gym during their workouts. Yea, they might be secretly eyeing you up with the corner of their eye, and doing it without you noticing (They just happen to be good at that I’m afraid). But they still probably don’t want to be bothered. Which is a bummer, seeing as ladies you meet in the gym will probably make for much more ‘sound’ partners, compared to meeting someone in a club.

So the key is to get them to come up to you. If this was in a night club, I’d say hit the dance floor and master some dance moves. Ladies love a man that can dance. Trust me… I’ve been partying for years and it works every time. Almost effortlessly (Not to brag or anything, as I’m sure it works for many other dudes too.)

However, this is the gym and not a night club. So you need to use a different approach. So do things with your physical actions other than words, because they will do the speaking for you.

1) The T-shirt with a message (Could be gym mantras like ‘train insane‘ or ‘Go hard or go home’)
2) A good scent
3) The way you train

That last point can be the real ice breaker. Because she will learn so much about you here.

  1. Dedicated
  2. Confident
  3. Dynamic
  4. Courageous
  5. Passionate

All traits that women go nuts for in a man. Which I spoke of in point #4 in this post…

15 Things Successful Bodybuilders And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

And this will inevitably lead to some conversation after sharing a gym room a few times.

8 more tips to help you get the girl


• Be funny, relaxed, and playful.

• The biggest obstacle to socializing would have to be the iPod. If your person of interest is stuck in their iPod universe you’ll need to be clever and use non-intrusive solid eye contact. Be friendly, smile and look for a positive response. Be patient and work it sloooow (if you’re after one thing, she’ll sense it in a flash) and wear down the barriers. If you are receiving negative feedback it is time to move on and respect their space.

• Be prepared, pay attention to their workout regime (without becoming creepy about it!) otherwise your person of interest may appear out of the blue, which could leave you in a stuttering mess, causing you to lose that opportunity to interact. Have an ice-breaker prepared in advance, compliment her (again without seeming creepy) and once you know her name, use it! (I’m serious, do not forget her name!!!)

• Spin class is an excellent way to break the ice, the lights are down, music is high everyone is relaxed and playful. A great time to talk is either before or after the class. Just remember keep it relaxed, light and smile!

• Be friendly and fun! As i mentioned previously, great relationships often begin with friendships. Challenge them to a race on the treadmill, see who can crunch the most curls or hold the longest plank! It could leave you both in stitches (in a good way, not the medical way).


• Flex in the mirror, grunt or act like Mr I’m-too-sexy for my….(you know the song)

• Over spray your cologne, heavy breathing requires fresh air, a nice light deodorant and fragrance is sufficient. (consider a nice smelling cream – it has worked for me. She’ll easily remember you this way too)

• Stare continuously like a stalker or disrespect personal space.

Guys, if you follow the information above, you cannot fail in getting that special lady in the gym that you’ve been eyeing up, yet too afraid to ‘go for’. Stay-Fit Bug is all about building a better body, and confidence is something you gain throughout that process. At this point, you might not even need help getting ladies. However, if you are after that special lady that guys just seem to be failing to attract, then the above tips should help you. In fact I know they will. Years of practice, years of practice (Again… not to brag or anything).

Something for the ladies

(See, I do think for all sexes :))

Tips for women
The gym a great place to find a partner who cares about their body and health. But how do you approach the guy you’re interested in, as he is there to exercise, not socialize? (I am your prime example)

The last thing you want is a public rejection and have to return to the same gym day in day out. There is a way to make this a win-win situation though, read on!


• Be warm, open and smile, you will ooze mystery and charisma. Men (and women!) love a lady who is light-hearted and fun. You will appear fresh and easy going, ensuring you will have them coming back for more.

• Make friends with the staff and other members; the more networks you are a part of the closer you will get to them.
 Ask around and see who might already know them. Find out if they are single for a start. Keep it casual and it will probably get back to them that you were showing an interest, which may motivate them to break the ice first!

• Ask them for help.

For example…

Lifting a heavy weight on or off a machine (this is an acceptable reason). Then observe if they are happy to oblige and if so, try starting up a conversation. Of course if it feels/looks like you’re taking up their valuable time and that the task is more of a bother than a privilege, then you’ll know that making a move is probably not going to be well received. (this is the mans goal driven time time ladies)

• Of course, if they are beginning to pay more attention to you and their gaze is getting more intense, ask them out! Seriously, girls… you are allowed to do it! Just keep it casual and light-hearted. If you have all the signs, casually ask them if they would like to join you for a drink. Short and relaxed is the key.


• Avoid wearing overwhelming perfumes. (I don’t want to faint!)

• Don’t dress up as you were in a bar. Avoid the heavy makeup and, instead, opt for a new gym outfit, smell fresh and keep your look natural. (If you look great natural, I can’t wait to see you at your best!)

• Don’t wear headphones as this can make you appear unapproachable (take the white buds off). To make it easy for him, invite him in with your smile, eye contact and a compliment to break the ice.

To conclude

Meeting that special someone at the gym can be fun, so take a deep breath, be brave and say ‘hi’. After all, what’s the worst thing that can happen?….. I just had a funny thought, but i’ll leave those thoughts in the comments. Now go get your girl (or guy)!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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The 20 Most Influential Fitness People On The Web

October 25, 2010 by  
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Ok.. back to text.

There are some people here that I have communicated with personally. But there are also many that I have not. But being in this industry, it’s probably inevitable that I’ll stumble across these folks in person soon enough. On or offline.

This network truly is worldwide, thanks to the world wide web, and every individual I name stands for something in this fitness and bodybuilding game.

Without further a do…

The 20 Most Influential Fitness People On The Web

(In no particular order)

#1 Zuzana Light (

Image credit:

I stumbled across Zuzana’s website shortly after starting Stay-Fit Bug last July and I have used her physique as an example to ladies that I have helped in fitness. Ladies that wanted to get into shape but still maintain their femininity. (Although that should be far from your worries, as women’s testosterone levels aren’t high enough to pack on muscle mass like men do).

But if there is one thing that stands out about it’s the pure comedy factor.


… OK, clever comedy

  • Good old fashioned workout routines
  • Deliberate display of cleavage (LOL moment)
  • Sexual noises disguised as gym grunts (Another LOL moment)

How the hell can I not laugh!

I might be known for entertaining the audience here on Stay-Fit Bug. But you can bet that I too, the entertainer, likes to be entertained as well. And I sure do get that from watching Zuzana’s workouts, and that of course resulted in ending up on this top 20 list.

#2 Bedros Keuilian (

Image credit:

Bedros’ place in the online fitness world is a little different than everyone else’s, as he has actually transformed a non-scalable business model (Consulting) into a fully scalable one.

Fitness marketing information products ‘in-a-box’, for offline personal trainer businesses

Which goes to show, there is more than one way to skin a cat eh. But what is more important to realize is that this became his ‘calling’. A place where he would thrive. A sweet spot as such. And like most things, it wasn’t an overnight success affair. Finding something where you can be fully ‘in the zone’ is something I talk about constantly to all those I help.

Fitness lifestyle example

Finding a sport or activity that you ‘enjoy’ along side your workout and gym activities.

Nevertheless, whether you are an online or offline fitness pro, his fitness marketing tips have been proven to be affective for many. Myself included.

#3 Pauline Nordin (

Image credit:

I actually got introduced to Paulines website from a friend. In fact, it was the lady that wrote this post…

The benefits of boxing training for fitness

Since then, I have jumped on to her Facebook page a few times. Spoken with Pauline and others, at which sometimes ends up being a fun filled and entertaining Facebook event. Any how, the Fighter diet concept is an interesting one for sure.

Is it just for women?

Not necessarily, but of course a lot more women will relate to a concept that has been designed by a woman.

#4 Obi Obadike


Image credit:


Obi is another who I’ve yet to meet on or offline, but his contribution, passion and drive in the industry is clearly evident. Winning the WBFF last month along  side Stay-Fit Bug interviewee Miryah Jade Scott is probably a strong result of that drive.

If there is one physique that stands for what muscle definition should look like for the ultimate muscle and strength Stay-fit bug body in the upcoming program. Then this is it.

#5 Jedd Johnson (


Image credit:


I stumbled across about a year ago, and it was obvious from the get-go what the website was all about.

Strength training for athletes

Or to be a bit more specific, one of the, of not ‘the best’ website for grip strength training, which of course is essential if your goal is to take your muscles to the next level.

Any how, it didn’t take long for Jedd Johnson of Diesel crew to notice a comment I left on one particular post, which then lead to us sharing a guest spot on each others websites.

I may focus on innovative ways to build muscle on Stay-Fit Bug, which of course includes grip strength training techniques. But not to the level which Jedd and crew take it, which is evident in some of their products such as…

>>>The Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

Nevertheless, Jedd and crew certainly deserve a spot in the top 20.

#6 Rusty Moore (

Image credit:

>>>Rusty’s E-Course

This is a website that was started by experienced fitness enthusiast Rusty Moore, whose goal is to help people build the lean ‘Hollywood’ look as he likes to call  it.

Why is in the top 20?

  • Only posts articles to the website several times a month (Yet they are very detailed)
  • Simple design (An example of how less is more can work)

He’s a guy that’s an example of someone who is still into fitness in his 40’s and will most likely be better off because of it. Read my 10 reasons post to see why. Or better yet, this post…

5 reasons why the bodybuilding lifestyle will make your life better

#7 Jennifer Nicole Lee

Image credit:

OK, I haven’t been following Jennifer Nicole Lee for that long, but there were two things that caught my attention from the get-go.

1) Her Youtube channel

2) Her drive and motivation in her workouts

This fitness game is all about high energy and uber motivation. Two things that have been said about myself over the years and which you’ll notice around the site.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is a great example of both. Add an infectious personality into the mix and it’s not hard to see why she makes for a great role model to women around the globe.

She also has a great back story to match (Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the before and after hero’s of the fitness world?). A Jennifer Lopez of the fitness world FTW.

Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fitness Program

#8 Mehdi (

Image credit:

There are many approaches and techniques that one can choose from when it comes to building a better body. And Mehdi of has chosen to help people do that with his 5 x 5 program.

The focus is on strength training and building muscle for men. Which too is a core part of the Stay-Fit Bug goal. However, I do get quite a few female readers here too). Nevertheless, another clean website from an individual who wants to spread the good message of the fitness and bodybuilding industry, which often gets looked down upon (Let those that do die a miserable and un-fit death)!

#9 Pavel Ythjall

Image credit:

Pavel is a freelance director and ‘still photographer’ who is based in Venice, California.

I caught wind of Pavel’s photography efforts because of the ‘network effect’, namely via Facebook. His photography credentials include individuals such as…

  • Kai Greene
  • Phil Heath
  • Daryl Gee
  • Dexter Jackson
  • Jay Cutler
  • And others

Regardless of who he has snapped, nothing bad can be said about his ability to make us fitness pros look good in print.

#10 Craig Ballantyne (


Image credit:


Why he makes the list?

A fat loss expert

Fat loss, building muscle, dieting, lifestyle. They are all pieces of the puzzle in this fitness and bodybuilding game. And which part you focus on will obviously depend on your personal fitness goals.

Craig focuses on fat loss and has written articles and routines for Mens Health, Mens Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers and others.

I also happen to agree with many of the concepts in his very own Turbulence training program. Nevertheless, a fitness pro that deserves a place in the top 20.

>>>Craigs Turbulence Training Program

#11 Ava Cowan (


Image credit:


Why she makes the top 20?

Because she has fans everywhere…..

OK, OK… one does have to have a solid reason to be in this list, and Ava surely does have that. Other than looking great and passing for the Kylie Minogue of the fitness and bodybuilding industry, Ava has…

  • Won figure competitions 5 x over
  • Graced the covers of endless fitness magazines
  • And has a killer photo of her self performing my favorite weight assisted bodyweight exercise…

The weight assisted dip

Guys like the way she looks and girls want to look the way she ‘looks’. Having the best of both worlds is a bonus for sure. I haven’t met Ava in person to understand if there are other reasons for her wild like-a-bility, but a deserved place in the top 20 she has won for sure.

#12 Vince Delmonte (

Image credit:

I haven’t met Vince Delmonte, but like most people who are influential on the web, they would have a painful back story and a present rise to glory. And that’s how I’ve been able to connect and relate and now place Vince Delmonte on this list.

Vince helps skinny guys mimic his success to overcoming chicken leg syndrome and other aspects of the hardgainer trauma. Kind of what I do here on Stay Fit Bug, but obviously in Stay-Fit Bug fashion. All current subscribers will know what that is by now. If you haven’t then join the party already. 🙂

Either way, Vince is clearly playing his part in making the world a fitter place via the WWW.

>>>Vinces No Nonsense Muscle Building Program

#13 Belinda Benn (

Why Belinda made the top 20?

Because she’s a lady in her 40’s who doesn’t look like she’s in her 40’s and is living proof of what the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle can do for you if you take action and start today!

P.S If you’re in your teens, don’t wait up. Read this post if you are confused about my push for urgency on this matter.

Once again, we have an individual here who has a back story to which many can relate to.

A painful back story and present rise to glory.

The glory in this case is getting lean in which she created a program by the same name. The Get Lean Program

I really didn’t think about Belindas age when I first connected with her on Facebook this year, and shortly after that I ended up on camera with her on this site in a video interview hosted by yours truly, which you can watch here.

#14 Jamie Eason (

Image credit:

I didn’t know too much about Jamie before writing this list, but once again, the ‘network effect’ has played it’s part again, and it has become very clear to me that Jamie is a clear role model for many upcoming athletes in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

Pictures speak 1000 words yes (obviously she looks good). But video speaks a whole lot more and after watching videos of Jamie (especially after this years Olympia event) it’s not hard to see why she’s an influence to so many.

Key credentials

  • Spokes model for
  • Writes a column for Oxygen womens fitness magazine.
  • Professional and highly energetic (From what I can tell)

#15 Laura Harris

Aka (Chicken Tuna – Bodyspace)

Image credit:

Ok, I’m not going to talk much here. I’m going to rely on stats and facts instead.

  • Inspiring: 3271 people on Bodyspace
  • A pain to successful gain back story ( Corporate drone to fitness pro)

Comments from those she inspires

– I ran into this amazing person just fumbling thru the net and she changed my prospective on life for myself and my family GO CTUNA!

– She is beautiful while busting ass to keep fit!!

– For the dedication and the drive to keep going even when you went off track a little here and there. showed me if you keep going in the right direction it will pay off. Great Job Thanks>JOE

#16 Bar-Barians (

‘I don’t like to talk much, I like to show and prove’

A quote taken from the bar-barians official trailer above.

So who exactly are the Bar-barians, and why have they made this list?

Well, you know about my very own unique bodyweight exercise ebook… right? Of course you do 🙂

Well, these guys must have been reading it because they perform the most advanced exercises from the ebook and execute them with frightening ease.

(Don’t worry, The ebook is about to get even sexier soon)

They made this list based on the simple fact that they,

1) Show features of true strength (The best I’ve ever seen)

2) Show a true display of what training insane is.

#17 Joel Marion

Image credit:

Joel Marion is a fitness coach who has taken his operations online and launched products such as,

The cheat your way to thin

Xtreme fat loss diet

He mainly focuses on fat loss and his recent program was launched last week.

Either way, Joel is an individual that deserves a place in the top 20.

#18 Scooby

Scooby makes the list because of,

1) His concept (Which is the core of the Stay-Fit Bug Concept… kinda)

2) His down to earth video explanations of exercise and bodybuilding tips

#19 Israel Lagares (

Israel Lagares‘ is fighting the battle of losing weight, unlike myself, who is fighting the battle of gaining weight. He definitely presents what i value the most, ‘real life experience’ in regards to losing weight, and he has a great looking site to go with it. One of the great things on the site is the how-to videos. The videos are real, performed in real environments and average around 7-8 minutes per watch. That’s a short enough time to give the Wii Fit a break.. surely :) . Video is always a great medium to get a message across to an audience, and it is much easier to communicate than a written article, especially for how-to articles ( I do video myself here on Stay-Fit Bug, so I know). Either way, he deserves a place in the top 20.

#20 Shaun Sinclair ( 🙂

Why Shaun Sinclair makes the list?

Because of everyone’s awesome feedback (THANK YOU)!

People from everywhere having been coming out of their way to tell me that is the s***. And has it’s own unique edge. That let’s me know that I’m doing something right, which in turn motivates me even more to put finger to keyboard. stands for…

  • Innovative ways to build muscle
  • Create ways to live the lifestyle

And will soon have a new program in place to help build the ultimate strength/ Mass/ ‘ripped’ physique (Don’t worry, become a reader and you’ll get the subscriber insider low down over the coming weeks.


Tom Venuto

He indeed has influenced many, and it is indeed wrong to leave him out on this list (Also due to popular demand to include him). And he is of course famous for quite a few books including…

>>> Burn Fat Feed The Muscle Program

>>> The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program

But like I said, there may be another list in the future, but for now, enjoy what we have here.

To conclude

There are of course many people that aren’t listed here, and if I’ve forgotten anyone that I connect with personally… my bad! You’ll get mentioned elsewhere 🙂

Either way, everyone here deserves a spot on the top 20. This is your top 20.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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