The Secret Way To Build Perfect Calves – The Hard Gainers Dream

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Calf Raises? … No!

Step ups? … No!

Ermmm, calf raises with assisted weights... YES!

… Syyke. NOOOOOOO!

Then what?

Well, before I tell you how to build perfect calves as a hard gainer, the first thing you need to do is change your mindset. The answer you just gave is the same answer that 90% of hard gainers would give. All of those methods are good, can and will work. But none of them are better or more natural then this method I’m about to show you.

This is one of the most explosive ways that you can build up your calve muscles and a great way to build great functional strength. You also get to hang around outside, taste the lovely outside air, chat to the ladies (or fellas) and show off too (If that’s your kinda thing).

The secret way to build perfect calves as a hard gainer is to start sprinting in your workouts.

How do I know?

First hand experience, that’s how.

Although I’ve always been an all round good performer in all sports that I’ve set my eyes on (Athletics, football/Soccer, Rugby, Cross Country Running), Sprinting (100m-200m) is the last sport that I performed in and took seriously before hanging up my professional sporting boots for good (10-12 years ago).

And one tip I picked up from the 100m-sprint event was the ability to build explosive strength and muscles in your legs. Also known as fast twitch (Building fast twitch muscle fibers).

That is the precise method of how you can build up strong powerful calves. But let me be more… precise.

If you want to build up strong powerful calves, then start practicing very short sprint bursts. Lets say, 60-meter sprints.

Go out on the track at your nearest recreational ground and perform as many short sprints as you can as fast as you can.

Take a short break in between each sprint.  The main goal here is…

  • To perform less reps (sprints) … FAST!

And this is how you cause an explosion… in your legs!

  1. Explosion in your strength gains
  2. Explosion in your muscles
  3. Explosion in the size of your calves

Doing this may leave you with some really skinny looking lower leg muscles around the shin area, but so what! Your legs already look like chicken sticks. Building any kind of muscle on those chicken bones will be a bonus, regardless of how much or how little the mass. Besides, you can fight the chicken leg syndrome effect by building up the muscles surrounding your ankles.  Just follow this article for tips on how to do that.

Don’t Forget To Build Your Scrawny Ankles!

To Conclude

  • Calf raise = Great
  • Weight assisted calf raise = Even greater
  • Step ups… are a good start

But none of them are more practical than explosive sprint sets. However, as a hard gainer you will want to balance this exercise technique along side your current weightlifting routine, as you don’t want to jeopardize your weight gains.

An ideal workout for a hard gainer would be to include this sprint technique into a workout routine once or maybe twice a week (depending on your current goals).

If you really want to grow stubborn muscle groups

1. Feed your body and butt consistently.

2. > Sleep well!

After great night of 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Anterior 'soft lean' lingerie-curvish selfie @camilapazchavez

After great night of 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep! Anterior ‘soft lean’ lingerie-curvish selfie @camilapazchavez

@ great night time and morning nutrition. Explain in > this post.

For a more in-depth explanation, grab this e-book, which I released this week.

1) It is FREE

2) It contains a section that will teach you exactly how to balance your cardio and weightlifting efforts so that you never lose out.

Anyhow, that’s my 2 cents worth of a secret for today (probably worth more for most of you). Have a good Easter!

See you in the comments.

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Hard Gainer Weightlifting Workout Routine

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I did promise you all a hard gainer workout routine, and here it is. After reading the previous post you would have begun to understand that less is sometimes more when building muscle as a hard gainer, and this weightlifting routine is a testament to that.


Squat  2 x 8 reps
Bench Press  2 x 8 reps
Weighted Chins  2 x 6 reps


Deadlift  2 x 8 reps
One arm dumbbell press  2 x 8 reps (each arm)
E-Z bar curls  2 x 12 reps
Calf raise  2 x 15 reps

This routine may not look like a lot and after looking at it you might just be tempted to hit the ‘X’ button on the top browser. But if you open up your mind slightly and give this workout a try with the intensity that I have described, you will see some amazing things happen with your body.

The approach

The best way to approach this weightlifting workout routine is by starting with a weight that you can easily handle. Then what you do is increase the weight by 2% every single workout. If you find that things get a bit tough after the first few workouts, then stick to the weight that you can manage. To be honest though, the first few weeks should be easy. The real challenge begins when you get to weeks 3 and 4. The only advice that I have for you at this point is to up the ante, keep working out like a barbarian and be ready!

It’s all down to you on how far you can take this workout… the sky really is the limit. Just be sure to get organized and track your progress.

See you in the comments.

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