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I was recently introduced to a video by a strength coach in Pennsylvania named Jedd Johnson, and the information literally blew me away!

Just in case you forgot, or are a newer subscriber/reader, Jedd Johnson is the one who did a guest post over on the site back in late 2009.

Killer Compound Exercises

Stay-Fit Bugs focus is based on innovative ways to build muscle and how to have fun while doing it. But Jedds focus over at Dieselcrew.com is much more focused on grip strength. I mean, I’ve touched on grip strength quite a few times over on the site in articles such as,

Unique Hand Grip Exercises

And you really do need to up the ante on your grip strength if you intend to increase and improve your performance in your workouts. That is in both weightlifting AND bodyweight exercises. Because that is where you lay the foundation for your strength gaining efforts for months or even years to come.

Jedd loves baseball!

In fact, he played throughout his childhood and even played for two years at college before injuries halted his career. Ever since then he has devoted himself as a certified strength and conditioning specialist and has been studying how to build grip and forearm strength.

The lower arms are a huge part of the game of baseball and today, Jedd has released his Ultimate Forearm Training Guide,

which runs at 400 pages deep full of exercises and techniques to help you build up your forearm and grip strength in your workouts.. This guide is huge and packed with a ton of information, yet Jedd still does not think that’s enough. He’s decided to throw in double and extra beyond that. Goodies that compliment the activities performed within the original guide.

That sounds great Shaun… but this is Baseball. I don’t want to learn how to play Baseball. Why send this to ME?

Well, that’s the whole point. There are many very effective exercises and techniques performed in many various sports. Those of which you can benefit from greatly. Just like the gymnast examples I have used in past articles for bodyweight exercises.

I am no expert at baseball, but Jedd is. And his knowledge on building grip strength far surpasses mine. Stay-Fit Bug is all about providing unique ways to build muscle, and if I can provide that knowledge with a product other than my own, a product where I find true value, then I will do so, for the benefit of yourselves.

The stand outs:

  • Includes detailed information on how to keep the lower arms healthy, methods for injury recovery, how to make several pieces of home made grip equipment, as well as reviews of Grip Training equipment available on the market today.
  • 5 other manuals on Grip Training that make this the perfect package for any baseball player. How to make and use two pieces of home made equipment, 20 Grip Training Workouts, Essential Forearm Stretches, and how to get started designing your own year-long strength training programs.
  • PLUS 3 other huge bonuses in the package – Grip Considerations for the Bench Press (video), his 8-week Grip Training Program Video and PDF, and Smitty’s awesome Explosive Med Ball Conditioning.

Plus two solid workouts which you can download right NOW!

Here: Ultimate Forearm Training Workouts (2 workouts)

If you’re looking for a secret weapon that can give you an edge on the diamond, then you need to checkout all of the above.

Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball < = Pick it up right now for the introductory price of just $77

(Note: All of the extra bonuses listed here are available for ONE WEEK ONLY)

So make sure you don’t miss out!!

And now some words from the man himself…


This guide may have a core focus for helping baseball players, but this guide is pure gold since stayfitbug.com is all about ‘innovative’ ways to build muscle. A guide that I would have loved to provide myself, yet lack the knowledge to do so.

No one has the understanding of grip and forearm training like Jedd has, and this introductory price won’t be available forever, so here’s the link again to go get it.

Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball

See you in the comments.

Bugs out!

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