The Truth about High Metabolism Types

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increase metabolism gain muscle and keep muscle

Now this is something i blogged about in a previous post. But i didn’t really go into specifics. I am one of these high metabolism types and for years people have wondered how i can eat a whole house full of food in a day, yet stay in near perfect shape. Some may turn around and say:

‘ Ah… face it, you probably don’t eat a lot really’

This could be true if i ate my main meals at one specific time of the day, but it is not so! I would usually eat non stop until midnight ( WARNING! Avoid the Midnight feast – i will talk about that in another post)

For most skinny, slim or average build guys, they are probably very active people with very active lives (myself included). So it may appear that they don’t eat much.

People may debate this fact, but i am talking from experience here and this is certainly the case! If you are the same and your metabolism is high i would i say that


I dread the day that i may start to get fat from eating a whole house full of food, in quick succession! Why?


Most people do. But for the majority who do eat house fulls in quick succession, they will put on weight and probably get fat. Metabolism usually slows with age to, so i am getting all my heavy eating years in there while it lasts. But fear not, for all you low metabolism types, i have your best interests at heart.

Stay tuned for the next post ‘ Ways to increase your metabolism’

Maintain your frame

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How to maintain your weight and build a lean body

Ok, here is the typical scenario of your usual dedicated and determined gym goer:



Few months of top results

Get complacent

Stop training (distractions and life issues set in)

Wake up one day and…crap, i’m losing my look!

Sound familiar?

It all goes back to that old saying ‘ Build it in 3 months, lose it in a week’. But that is only towards those who train at a high level and when they stop for even short periods of time, they notice the changes. But for the average person it still applies. The key thing here is maintenance.

Stick with a realistic time goal and then promise yourself you will work out at a moderately hard to challenging level for that time.

The higher intensity will ensure that your workout is of value and your time is well spent.

Another trick that helps people guarantee their workout is to schedule it. If it is written in your day planner, you are more likely to stick to it.

You are also more likely to stay away from that time when other engagements begin to fill your schedule.

Begin your week by opening your calendar on Sunday night, immediately pencil in workout at times that fit your existing schedule.

As other things come up, you will know to avoid the already scheduled exercise time.

Research shows that people who schedule and write down their workouts are 40 percent more likely to stick to their workout goals.

If you can’t depend on your own motivation, try finding a workout partner.

People who exercise with a partner two or more times a week are 35 percent more successful at keeping their commitment to exercise over the long term.

It is uncertain if the attraction is the combination of socialization and exercise, or some other, guilt-filled reason. Whatever the reason, people who meet others to workout will stick with it longer than those who try to go it alone.

Cross training is another trick to regular training. Without further study of exercise adherence and exercise psychology, I cannot comment on why this is so. Perhaps the cross training, varying your type of exercise, helps to aid with boredom. Or maybe it keeps us from getting overuse injuries.

Do you really need to know why?

The bottom line is that people who vary their exercise between at least two activities are more likely to become lifelong, regular exercisers.

You can spend 10 minutes a day talking with friends, giving them excuses why you couldn’t fit exercise in today, or you could save those 10 minutes. Combine your 10 minutes from Monday and 10 from Tuesday. Use that 20 minutes for a moderately paced treadmill workout or a walk around the block.

If you do this regularly, without skipping or stopping, over the course of a year you will have walked off approximately 6 pounds.

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Surfing Bug: Look What the Bug has found

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Mens workout tips

So far on i have mainly talked about what the site title states, ‘Fitness tips from real experiences’ and muscle building/maintaining techniques. Every several posts i would talk about weight loss methods with posts such as, (increase metabolism). Weight loss methods is not my key expertise, but this week i found a site that covers this pretty well.

Fatman Unleashed

The owner ‘Israel Lagares‘ is fighting the battle of losing weight, unlike myself, who is fighting the battle of gaining weight. He definitely presents what i value the most, ‘real life experience’ in regards to losing weight, and he has a great looking site to go with it. One of the great things on the site is the how-to videos. The videos are real, performed in real environments and average around 7-8 minutes per watch. That’s a short enough time to give the Wii Fit a break.. surely 🙂 . Video is always a great medium to get a message across to an audience, and it is much easier to communicate than a written article, especially for how-to articles.

Achieving results whether you are losing or gaining weight is never easy. But from my own experience, losing weight does seem to be slightly harder than gaining it, which is something i talked about in a previous post (Thin boned, Big boned).

If you are trying to lose weight and are looking for a source that covers the topic well, then give a visit as there are plenty of articles to follow that will help you achieve your results such as:

Burpee challenges

Michael Vick workout routines

Weight loss charts to use

Product and Food reviews

and more.

So go and give them a visit. Bugs out!

Note: This is a sponsored review. If you wish to order a review you may do so here and contact me at [email protected]

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No, No, No…you’re doing it all wrong!!

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beginner workouts for doing Lunges


When i started to go to the gym back in the 90’s as a teen, the first thing i thought was ‘ I’m 16 now… i know results take time, but in 2 years i’m gonna be huuuge!’. 10 years later and i am just a maintained size of what i achieved in the first 3 months since 16 years old. As i have previously mentioned, life and all the crazy things it throws at you just make it a certainty that it won’t be a straight forward path to building and maintaining a great physique. After a while that just becomes the norm and after a few years of training, there is only just one thing that really stops you from training. Injury from bad exercise technique.

The gym is a great place to meet and learn from like minded people for sure. But there are many who go to the gym solo, do there work out and believe they are executing there exercises correct 100% of the time. They may not be great communicators or good at asking others for help. Because of this  they tend to just keep going and going, then before they know it they start to get problems. (Prevention is better than detection folks)

Below are some videos of some effective exercises that are executed CORRECTLY!

The Best Exercise for LOWER BODY (Thighs and Butt): Frog Squats

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Up the Ante and Move Out of Your Comfort Zone!

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weight_lifting work_out harder

Just like in everyday life situations whether it be a job, change of lifestyle or whatever it is you are trying to improve… if you stay in your comfort zone, it’s not likely that you’ll achieve anything greater than which you already have.

If you do take yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll probably make many mistakes in trying to improve or change whatever the goal is, but those mistakes will improve ‘you’ as a person and in the long run will lead you to achieve greater things!

The same can be said with weightlifting and exercise. If you lift the same weights or keep to that same treadmill routine for to long with out changing it, you will get used to it and you won’t achieve much more than that until you ANTE UP!

It’s all a part of the ‘no pain, no gain’ game, but the question is, when do you ante up?
I know for sure that this question affects everyone in a big way when working out, as it has certainly affected me in the past, and I’m quite a big enthusiast on ‘change’.

Quite simply, you need to ante up once that exercise starts to become too easy. But even then it is to late. You need to ante up before ‘easy’ sets in… push yourself a little.  If everyone in this world pushed themselves to their utmost capabilities, I think the world really would be an amazing place.

If you are doing arm curls for example, and your routine is:

  • 8 reps
  • 3 sets
  • At 15 kg

Ante up!

Aim for failure and start:

  • 5 reps
  • 3 sets
  • 20kg

You might feel like you aren’t achieving much initially, but give it 2-3 weeks, muscle memory will start to set in and it will begin to feel like the norm. Now where would you be if you stuck with the original plan and didn’t ante up?

The bottom line is that in your workouts or in any activity where you are trying to progress and achieve, you need to step things up a gear. You will surprise yourself, and when you do, don’t forget to drop me a comment here and thank me for it. 🙂

How do you get motivated and ANTE UP!

See you in the comments.

Don’t let swine flu upset your workout routine

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How to stay fit and healthy with swine flu

With the recent news about the huge increase of swine flue cases, it’s natural for everyone to feel a bit edgy right now. Sit on a train in the city and dare to sneeze…WITHOUT covering your face :o!. The reactions you will get won’t be nice to say the least! I wouldn’t be surprised if it caused fights.

In general, trains are one of the worst places to travel in regards to catching flu or other things from people. Previous studies  show that one sneeze can spread through 6 train carriages. That’s


That has to be swine flu breeding ground central.

AVOID (if you can)

But for people reading this, you have probably already thought,

‘ I really don’t wanna get ill right now, it will set me right back in my workout program

…’And i really don’t think i’m ready for death yet either!’

I know i thought this. Infact, i always think like this, as set backs really do P*** me off. You know…all those months of hard work, gone in a matter of weeks (6). But this swine flu thing seems a bit more severe. People really are dying from it, even the healthiest of the healthy! YIKES!

So how can we fight against this TODAY?

If you are already working out, or have started to follow my recent posts :). Stick to it!

But heres what you should do:

Train: 45 minutes a day, 3 days per week.

Do: Any Cardio exercises (weights or running). That will push your heart rate to 70-75% of its maximum (subtract your age from 220 to find yours).

Eat: Foods with vitamin C (will boost your immune system).

Run: Outside. Exposure from the sun will increase your levels of vitamin D which is good for your respiratory system.

Drink: 2 litres of water a day and add a litre for every hour of exercise.


Try and sweat it out ‘possible flu symptoms’ if you begin to feel ill. This will cause further dehydration and stress the immune system.

I am currently following and sticking to this plan, so do follow and implement this into your routines also. If you do have anything to add, drop your ideas in the comments section.


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How To Build Muscle Mass With A High Metabolism?

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gain muscle on skinny man

It’s been a ride so far here at and I have covered many topics, many of which have been suggested by readers like yourselves and those in other online communities. One of the biggest topics has been ‘how to build muscle mass with a high metabolism’. I have covered this topic through out various posts in the last few weeks, but the information is scattered across the site, so I intend to make this a bible post for all of you skinny men out there. I will help you get that muscle and I will make it my duty that you achieve from the information you pick up from!

You are what you eat

This we all know, but when you suffer, or should I say, when you are ‘blessed’ with a high metabolism, you just have to eat more. And these are the foods you will want to include in your diet.

  • Spinach – This is muscle fuel and will help repair muscles after working out (but you have to eat loads of it)
  • Pineapple and papaya – Will help speed up muscle recovery and will help breakdown and digest protein.
  • Salmon – Or any other type of fish will help you (Especially for cardio training).
  • Pasta and meat sauce – Is good for building and repairing muscle.
  • Pork tenderloin – Will help reduce fat around your waist.
  • Cold water – Will help with endurance.
  • Chocolate milk – Helps with hydration. Chocolate milk gives the perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fat for a speedy muscle recovery.
  • Coffee – Good for pain relief after workouts.
  • Green tea – Good for muscle recovery.

Other great additions

  • Peanuts
  • Turkey
  • Porridge
  • Brown bread
  • Brown rice
  • Black beans
  • Potatoes
  • Eggs

If you are lost for what meals to include, have a read of killer foods for fitness (one and two).  That is still in it’s early stages and you will see more of killer foods for fitness, but in the mean time see my verdict on this book ‘Gourmet Nutrition’.

The high metabolism meal plan
Good male nutrition

In one of my very early posts I described how to eat in the early days of building muscle for mass, and this is how you should structure your daily meals.

  • Meal 1. A GOOD breakfast like porridge with bread mixed in.
  • Meal 2. Drink a gainer meal
  • Meal 3. Lunch with a lot of carbs 2/3 and 1/3 proteins
  • Meal 4. Drink a Gainer meal
  • Meal 5. Dinner with 1/3 protein and 2/3 carbs
  • Meal 6. Drink a gainer meal
  • Meal 7. Eat a dish with 2/3 proteins and 1/3 carbs

Realistically this can be hard to keep up, as I have tried doing this on a number of occasions to fit around my daily schedule. But if you keep it to at least 5 meals on the busy days and 7 meals on your free days, you will put on weight for sure. If you really do struggle, like most people do nowadays, then you can always take a supplement and add that to your diet. Whey protein is my personal favourite as of now, but take a look at my personal view on how to use these supplements.

Note: Also make sure you have a healthy bank account; all this food can be costly, depending on how and where you eat. Again give the Gourmet nutrition book a read for some tips.

Resistance Training

Resistance traing

How much and how often?

I have frequently talked about the importance of setting goals when training for results, and you will have to do this here too. But because we are talking about training to build muscle on a high metabolism/ ectomorph body type, the goal (no matter who you are) will be mostly the same.

1) Resistance training 3-4 times a week (1 hour a day)

2) One cardio training session a week. Depending on how skinny you are it could be a case of doing no cardio training at all in the early stages.

To see how to set your own personal goal, see my guest post on

Lift Weights at Moderate Speed

Now, there has always been this myth that,

Lifting weights slowly = Bigger muscles

You can agree to disagree with me here, but I no longer believe this to be the case. For years I use to perform slow movement weightlifting and I would usually always achieve slow results… compared with now. With 2 years of power lifting and ‘explosive movements’ I would see results every 3-6 weeks!

The reason why lifting slow is bad is because,

1) It puts stress on the muscle from taking to long.

2) Allows pressure to build up in the joints… from taking to long.

3) Oxygen and energy run out before the muscle is even worked.

In general, changes will occur in your muscles when the muscles contract ‘intensely’. And this is why your weight lifting should not focus on slow movement. Yes… it may possibly give you an increase in strength, but you may lose muscle mass and you will only then be a strong, but still… skinny man!

The Ultimate Solution

There will be arguments on which is better,

Lift fast, or lift slowly? Why and for which type of goals?

But the key thing to remember is that weight training whether fast or slow is better than no weight training at all. But for you high metabolism types, the best thing to do is,

1) Start with lightweights – This will allow you to understand how to lift the weights properly regardless of the exercise.

2) Do the exercise properly – Once you have mastered how to do it, focus on control and execution.

3) Lift at moderate speed – Explosive yes! But not fast and not slow.

4) Increase the weight – Do the above 3, but always aim to increase the weight.

Structuring your weight lifting techniques like this will allow for the blood in your body to flow properly when lifting, and will give you the ‘pump’ that your muscles need. Do this and your muscles will grow!

build muscle from skinny to gain muscle

You and the previous You!

See you in the comments.

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Progryp 100% Leather dipping belt

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Progryp 100% Leather Dipping Belt, One Size Fits All, Black Progryp 100% Leather Dipping Belt, One Size Fits All, Black

A Durable And Comfortable Way To Increase The Safety Of Each Lift!

I can’t actually believe i have left it so late to share my favorite toy with you all. For those who don’t know what this is, a dipping belt is something you wear to add extra weight to your body while doing bodyweight exercises such as chin ups and pull ups (see ‘ How to build lats (wings) like these‘ ). This is what you need to have when certain exercises become very easy, which means you have gained strength and have gotten used to lifting your own body weight. exercises such as

  • Chin ups
  • Pull ups
  • Dips

The reason I recommend the leather one is because it is more durable than material belts (lasts longer). if this product looks alien to you it could be becasue you don’t see many guys doing chin ups/ pull ups in the gym. If that is so, i can tell you this…. they do not know the secret to build functional raw strength! But if you have seen people using this and you have wondered what it is… now you know! For more understanding on how it works,

And again, read that post to get an idea of how i used it.

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Working Out is Boring! Lets Just Dance (part 1)

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You guessed it! I am back on my quest to find the most entertaining ways to exercise, and why not? You get to kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Exercise/ keep fit
  2. And have fun

Hopefully some of you have tried playing Rockband or Guitar hero after reading last weeks post. But it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and this is a new post!

It’s time to start dancing to keep fit!

One of the reasons that dancing for fitness works so well is because traditional cardio training can get boring, and when you get bored, you lose motivation. Motivation is the very thing that you need to successfully maintain a good level of fitness.

Because dancing has so many variations and forms, it will be impossible to cover them all in one post. So welcome to part one of,

‘Working out is boring! Lets just dance’

Salsa for fitness

Salsa is great for both men at women, and for all of the men reading this, if you have not yet tried Salsa then I suggest that you should. The first time I saw guys dancing to salsa, I suddenly felt that something was missing from my ‘lady magnet-attracting’ arsenal, because all of the moves involving salsa dancing scream pure class and elegance… something that will get you the best of ladies on and off the dance floor.

The moves are sexy, yet they don’t need to be sexual, unlike some other forms of dancing (which usually promote a vertical representation of a horizontal desire).

This Latin dance is also popular in nightclubs and health clubs and all types of salsa dance are being taught as ‘dance fitness’. Salsa also has a strong global presence too, from the far-east (India, New Delhi) to the wild wild west (US, New York). So no excuses here… get Googling.

The Benefits

  • Practice good form
  • Looks graceful and elegant
  • Attractive to the opposite sex
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Learn to dance in rhythm (with it’s ‘have to move’ feel)

Cardio training comparison = Moderate intensity training (Do 2-3 salsa sessions a week)

The extras

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Use inhaler less (if you have asthma)
  • Eases stress and tension
  • Great for mind and soul

Ballroom Dancing

Ball room dancing for fitnessball room dancing for fitness

I mentioned that salsa dancing can be elegant and graceful. But ballroom dancing steals the crown on that front. I personally would never have been seen dead doing this dance, but after seeing how some entertainment moguls have brought this to the media mainstream and how good it can be, I began to think twice.


  • Posture – Good for back muscles, spine and spinal chord
  • Balance – Strength in ankles
  • Flexibility – Increase Range of Motion

Cardio training comparison = Moderate intensity training

Pole Dancing
pole dancing for fitness
Ladies, this one is for you, and you shouldn’t feel offended or uneasy by taking this up for fitness. In some parts of the world, Pole dancing has a bad stigma against it and is often perceived as just another form of stripping, while in some countries like Japan (how ironic), it is fully embraced and highly recommended as a fitness and sport activity.

Cardio comparison = Moderate to high intensity (3 -4 times a week with weight/ strength training)

Unless you have already been working out or have a natural strong upper body and core, taking up pole dancing will be a struggle to begin with as it requires brute upper body strength.

Think about it: One arm is supporting most of your weight as you try to propel yourself into a move or two.

pole dancing for fitness

So prepare to approach this form of dancing with some ‘here’s what I prepared earlier’ upper body strength. But again, this is not traditional cardio training, so not only will you be keeping yourself fighting fit, you’ll get to have fun, entertain and party with it.

As you can see so far, all of these dances are great alternatives to your everyday cardio or weight training routines. When you perform in these activities you won’t feel like you are exercising, will definitely not get bored, and you get to throw in some extra health benefits too. But stay tuned for part 2 of,

‘Working out is boring! Lets just dance’

See you in the comments

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How To Build Lats (Wings) Like These

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Strong Lats muscles

Other than the shoulder muscles, I would say that the Latimuss dorsi (Wings) muscles are the biggest contributors in promoting a large muscle bound appearance. These are the muscles that will give you a V-shaped upper back and make you look like these guys,

captain_america musclessuperman muscles

By having well developed lats, you can get away with wearing certain types of clothes that you can only usually wear confidentially if you have a well-rounded body (Even if you have slightly less developed arms). However, if you do have well-developed arms but have slightly less developed lats, you will just look like an ‘average Joe’ or even worse… adopt an unnatural and imbalanced appearance.

There are many exercises out there that can help you develop this muscle group, but we’ll list my favourite exercises that will help you develop a monstrous pair of lats.

Pull ups (Gironda Sternum)

chin ups
I have talked about ways to build ‘real’ strength quite a lot in recent weeks, and this exercise is a really good way to do it.


  • Grab the pull-up bar with an overhand grip, approximately shoulder width apart.
  • Now hang with your arms fully extended.
  • As you pull yourself to the bar, have your head lean back as far away from the bar as possible and arch your spine throughout the movement.
  • At the upper end of the movement, your hips and legs will be at about a 45-degree angle to the floor. You should keep pulling until your collarbone passes the bar and your lower chest or sternum area touches it.

Warning! The first time you do this exercise you will struggle!

Most people will initially struggle when lifting their own bodyweight, and doing any bodyweight exercises will be a real test of your strength. Although you will probably fail miserably and end up doing,

3 Sets


  1. 8
  2. 4
  3. 2

Your strength will gradually increase. But in the beginning stages you can always get a spotter to help you out. However, you don’t want to rely on that help too often, as too much help will hinder your strength gaining efforts.

You are talking nonsense… this is easy!

If you are reading this and thinking that, then you would have mastered lifting your own body weight. Unless you are some sort of transformer or mutant, there is no way to dramatically increase your weight. But you can do by using a dipping belt.

dipping belt to build muscle

This accessory will be essential when developing real muscle mass on your lats. What this belt will allow you to do is add extra weight around your waist, making it heavier and harder to lift yourself up. Once you get to this level, then I would say ‘you truly are the best’.

Straight-arm pull downs

This exercise has to be good! Every time I am in the gym there is a queue for this machine. 😐

Putting the sarcasm aside, this is for sure one of my favourite exercises, and the pain that it inflicts never seems to ease up overtime either. This exercise is also lat specific, so you can easily gauge your efforts.


  • Stand in front of a lat pull down bar with your arms outstretched towards the bar.
  • Place your palms flat on the bar and pull it down to shoulder level.
  • Keeping your elbows slightly bent and your wrists locked, pull the bar down towards your body in an arcing motion.
  • Once you contracted the lats fully and the bar has touched or come close to your thighs, slowly allow the bar to come back up to the starting position.
  • Keep your torso erect!

Dumbbell bent over rows

Back when I first started to workout, this was one of the first exercises I would include in my routine, and it still is a key exercise that I do today. This won’t just build your lats though. It will help build up your entire upper back and even your biceps.


  • Kneel over the side of a bench by placing your knee and hand (of the supporting arm) on the bench.
  • Position your foot of the opposite leg slightly back to the side.
  • Grab the dumbbell from floor.
  • Pull the dumbbell to side until it makes contact with your ribs or until your upper arm is just beyond horizontal.
  • Return until your arm is extended and shoulder is stretched forward.
  • Repeat and continue with opposite arm.

These are the 3 exercises that I KNOW have helped in building the main bulk of my lats, and they are the exercises I have used when I am trying to get back into the groove. The good thing about doing these is that they tend to give the quickest result, which is great for boosting your confidence levels, as that can tend to drop quite frequently. Include these exercises into your routines and YOU WILL build a great pair of super hero lats in no time.

Which exercises do you use to build your lats?

See you in the comments.

Gear to wear to compliment your S-curvish rear and anterior...

Gear to wear to compliment your S-curvish rear and anterior…

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