Interview with Michelle Beck – Learn How She Transformed Her Body to Compete In Figure Competitions In Just 15 Weeks!

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Although there are similarities between figure competing and bodybuilding, the two do have there differences. Nevertheless, Michelle has succeeded where so many people fail in this fitness and bodybuilding game.

To COMPLETELY transform your body for the better!

And Michelle has achieved that in such a short space of time. 15 weeks to be exact!

Here is Michelle Before

Here is Michelle After

A picture really does speak 1000 words, so let me quit using words already!

You may argue that this could be biased, as Michelle’s successful transformation is due to the fact that she is ‘competing’ and is not like you every day folk.

You know what I say to that?


If Michelle can achieve this change while at the same time, maintaining a ‘separate’ career, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot achieve the same results!

However, today Michelle will reveal the story behind her successful transformation and provide tips of how you CAN achieve the same.

About Michelle Beck

Michelle Beck is a figure competitor who will soon be competing at the national level to earn her IFBB Figure Pro card.

Stay-Fit Bug: Tell me about your background. I understand that you picked up the fitness bug while working as a receptionist, and your before and after pictures sure are an inspiration to many. But were you athletic before that?

Michelle Beck: Yes, that is true. I had never even worked out before when I took the front desk job at a local gym back in college. The only sport I did was figure skating and I was on the dance team in high school, so I never really did anything super athletic like the traditional sports.

Stay-Fit Bug: You have made such incredible progress and have succeeded where many fail, in such a short period of time! Could you tell us exactly how you trained to get such great results? What were your secrets? And what did you learn about training to make such great progress?

Michelle Beck: Well I train 6 days a week, I break up my body parts and work the entire body in the week and I also work my weak points twice a week. When I am getting ready for competitions I do moderate to heavy weight, but I do a lot of supersets, short rest breaks and I keep the endurance high in order to sweat out the water weight and keep the body burning calories. My biggest tip and secret to my transformation is my diet. That is the hardest part for most people… to stay on a strict diet. But it is probably about 80% or more of the transformation process.

Stay-Fit Bug: Has your environment had an impact on this rapid journey to success?

Michelle Beck: No, I would have to say it is mostly my desire that has helped foster my transformation. At my work environment people bring donuts all the time, we have parties with a lot of great food and it all usually ends up in my cube since we have open desks to put the food on and people are always going out to lunch or bringing back junk food. Now, in my home I do not bring junk food in the house and I have set up my environment so I can succeed, but I am married and even though my husband works out and eats healthy most of the time, he still likes to have some junk food from time to time, so I will have him hide food (that I crave) from me so I do not eat it and go overboard! Haha.

Stay-Fit Bug: Did you have to make any drastic sacrifices along the way?

Michelle Beck: The biggest thing I lack is time and energy, between work, training and dieting, I do not have a ton of extra time to spend with family or friends, but I try to balance it as much as I can.

Stay-Fit Bug: Balance! that too is something I have suffered from in recent years. At present, you are on the verge of achieving your IFBB Figure Pro Card. How have you maintained focus up until now, and how do you intend to maintain that focus to ensure you reach that goal?

Michelle Beck: I study the teachings of mental science and the power of our thoughts. It helps me to stay positive and keeps me focused on my goals.

Stay-Fit Bug: What are your short term plans, and do you have any long term goals?

Michelle Beck: My short term plans are just getting ready to compete this summer at the national level shows for a shot at my IFBB Figure Pro card in 2010. My long term goals are to get re-certified as a personal trainer, compete at the IFBB Pro level one day and do some fitness modeling. I have a lot of long term goals and more keep coming everyday.

Stay-Fit Bug: How have you changed internally, mentally and emotionally since entering the world of fitness and bodybuilding?

Michelle Beck: Competing in figure is something that I have such a passion for and I desire to reach all of my goals in this sport. I have become a much stronger and confident person, knowing that I can do anything I put my mind to.

Stay-Fit Bug: Lack of motivation is a common cause of why people quit and never achieve results like you have done. I strongly believe that to stay motivated for the long haul, you have to make fitness fun. One way of doing that is by structuring your bodybuilding lifestyle around the ‘fun’ activities you take up during your spare time. How do you keep your workouts fun and engaging so that they never feel like a chore?

Michelle Beck: Well, I just have a passion to go to the gym so that helps me out, but I also switch it up and try not to get into the same training/cardio rut. I do cardio kickboxing and take it outside to the track when I do not feel like doing traditional methods of cardio like the treadmill or stair stepper.

Stay-Fit Bug: What can the readers of do over the next year to make great progress and change, the Michelle Beck way?

Michelle Beck: Stick to a healthy diet and make it a lifestyle change. I like to use the principle when I am not in contest prep, 6 days on a diet plan and one cheat day a week to enjoy some of the foods that you crave. Try to keep everything in moderation and if you slip up on your diet, get back on track the next meal or the next day. It is just about constantly putting one foot in front of the other and moving towards your goals. Change takes time so don’t quit, don’t make excuses and keep working towards your goals and dreams.

Stay-Fit Bug: I too agree with that… NO EXCUSES! The weightlifting plateau hits all of us at some point throughout our time in bodybuilding, and a good way to overcome a plateau is by switching up the exercises that one performs. What exercises do you feel have helped your progress the most, and why?

Michelle Beck: I switch up my training depending on my goals. I train heavy with fewer reps or I do super sets, 100 rep sets, timed sets, anything to change it up and shock the body. The exercises I feel have helped improve my physique the most would be squats for my quads and any kind of press exercise for my shoulders.

Stay-Fit Bug: Tell us how you are currently training. What are your current split, exercises and rep-sets? And what does your current cutting diet look like?

Michelle Beck: My training split switches up in contest prep so it can be constantly different and the exercises and number of reps vary also because I do not like to keep my training the same and let my body get used to what I am going to do. Right now my training split is as follows:

Monday-Back, Abs
Wednesday-Shoulders, Abs
Thursday-Chest, Calves
Friday-Biceps, Triceps, legs
Saturday-Shoulders, Abs

I am also currently doing one hour of cardio a day, 30 minutes first thing in the morning and 30 minutes after I weight train. I try to do at least half of my cardio in the morning and I do high intensity interval training (sprint/walk) so that I burn the most amount of body fat as possible.

My diet also switches every week while in contest prep so that my body doesn’t get used to the same foods and it continues to change. My diet from this past week is:

Meal #1 – 6 egg whites, 1 yolk, 3oz chicken and 8oz cream of rice
Meal #2 – 50g of whey protein
Meal #3 – 6oz tuna, 10oz mixed vegetables and 1 bagel toasted (plain)
Meal #4 – 6oz turkey breast, med baked potato (plain)
Meal #5 – Same as meal #2
Meal #6 – 8oz fish, 1/2 cup cooked pasta
Meal #7 – 1 serving of muscle milk

Stay-Fit Bug: What are the best things about being a strong and athletic woman, and what are the most challenging and difficult things that you have faced to date?

Michelle Beck: I love looking good, feeling good about myself and being able to out lift some of the guys! Haha…The difficult things are few and far between, because I notice as I make this transformation in my life there are a ton of people that really support me, but there are always going to be those few negative people that try to derail you from reaching your goals. My biggest piece of advice is getting those negative types of people out of your life because they will just hold you back.

Stay-Fit Bug: I definitely agree with the last part! I personally love women who take up bodybuilding, but for the sake of the female readers here, can you explain the pros and cons of each bodybuilding division in the industry?

Michelle Beck: Well the good thing about this day and age is that the industry is structured for any woman who wants to get fit. The NPC divisions are female bodybuilding, fitness, figure and the recently new bikini addition. So it really just depends on what look you want to go for and your strengths. The pros are changing your life, getting healthy, seeing your body physically change and stepping up on stage and feeling the accomplishment of all your hard work. The cons are that it is time consuming and it can be expensive between the food, training, tanning, posing coaches and competition suits, but I feel the pros far out weigh the cons.

Stay-Fit Bug: What do you feel has been your greatest accomplishment?

Michelle Beck: My greatest accomplishment so far was placing second at the 2010 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic and qualifying to compete the national level for a chance to earn my IFBB Figure Pro card.

Stay-Fit Bug: Who is Michelle Beck outside of the gym? What do you like to do on and off training day, what are your favorite cheat meals, and how do you ‘break the rules’? After all, there really is no fun unless you break the rules a little… right?

Michelle Beck: I am pretty mellow outside of the gym. I am so busy during the week that in my spare time I enjoy just staying at home and watching TV with my husband. My favorite cheat meal would have to be pizza and I love red velvet cake, those are the two foods I usually require after a competition. As far as breaking the rules, I am an angel I wouldn’t do that! Haha…I guess every once in a while I have some dark chocolate or caramel corn rice cakes on my contest prep diet when I am really craving something good, but shhhh….don’t tell my trainer!

Stay-Fit Bug: Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me 😉 . My personal motto is ‘ The only way to train, is to train insane‘… if you want results. Do you agree with my motto? Do you have a personal motto to share with us before we end this?

Michelle Beck: That is a good motto… If I had a motto it would be “Passion always trumps excuses”- Dr. Wayne Dyer. Find something you are passionate about in life and go after it!

Stay-Fit Bug: What is the one, most important and valuable piece of advice that you would give to those who want to mimic your success?

Michelle Beck: I guess in the words of the 3-D award I won in high school….”Desire, Determination and Dedication.” Champions are made from the inside out, so start working on the way you think first because your thoughts become things.

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