Build Equal Size Biceps And Triceps… PLEASE!!!

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Today I’m going to have an official ‘RANT’ ( A big complaint about something)

Today I am blasting all of one dimensional armed freaks out there who have decided to go to the gym to get ripped (good) but have failed to build equal sized, well rounded arms (bad). Meaning,

A) Has biceps/ No triceps

B) Has triceps/ No biceps

How does this happen?

1. Obsessive use of the tricep extension machine

2. Obsessive amount of bicep curls

In a nutshell…

Too much focus on isolation exercises!

Unless you have arms that are bigger than 15 inches, your entire focus should be on compound exercises ( exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time). That is when you will get the best results. When you hit a plateau, you just switch things up a little (Something which I constantly throw in your face). After a little time your arms will grow… equal in size!


When you focus on isolation exercises, you may think that doing endless bicep curls and tricep extensions will make them grow.


What’s actually happening is that you are damaging and shrinking them. So if you do end up with,

A) Big biceps/ No triceps

B) Big triceps/ No biceps

It’s because you are doing something right with your compound exercises, but something wrong with your forced efforts with isolation exercises. Which in turn hampers your growth. The only time you should be focusing on isolation exercises is when you are a seasoned bodybuilder and you know exactly what your muscles need at that current point in time (You find this out after you have your bodybuilding map and route in gear – Grab the 6 pac ebook to see how you can do this ).

Now that we have that cleared up, FIX IT!

Being a fitness freak, it’s hard not to notice these imbalances when you are out and about, as people start to strip off in the sun. But not having equal sized arms just isn’t sexy. In some ways it makes you look like a freak.

Just do yourself a favour and build some proper looking arms dammit. You’re hurting my eyes out here.

You have the correction and instructions now, so like Nike,


See you in the comments.

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