4 Rules For Bodybuilder Internet Entrepreneurs (The Fitness Lifestyle)

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  • Do you work from home?
  • Are you an internet entrepreneur?
  • Do you struggle when balancing work time and training time?

If any of the above apply to you read on, because it’s time to make your bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle much more pleasurable.

#1 Find yourself an office

Ok, working from home is not a bad thing. In fact it’s a good way to start off. Especially in the beginning. But you must at least have a plan to move your operations into an area that is ‘away’ from home.


It’s all to do with your mindset and your daily lifestyle.

You see, you may have the perfect home set up. You might even be doing ”OK’. But the chances are, that is what things will always be. Just ‘OK’. That is actually fine too, for some. The issue here is mindset. Let me show you what I mean.

Mindset when working from home

>>> Work time/ play time/ family time/ gym time <<< Occupying your mind all at the same time.

Mindset when working from an office (away from home)

>>> Work time

>>> Play time

>>> Gym time

>>> Family time

Obviously everyday won’t work like this in reality. We aren’t robots. But the key point here is that you can arrange your day and focus on what you need/ want to do at that specific time. Instead of having aspects of each activity resting at the back of your mind at all times of the day.

Working this way will also make you a lot more efficient and it will give you more hours in the day to do what you want. So yes, even if your situation is ‘OK’ right now, consider how much better it can be… whether that be for a financial or quality of time reward.

#2 Structure your days

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evenings

Make sure you plan your activities around these time periods of the day. That is the only way that you can actually live a proper life in this internet entrepreneur game.

I know you have already fallen victim to this, but why grind away like a rabbit on duracell batteries all day and all night!

What… you think that’s going to bring wealth into your life?

Think again buddy. Working like that is a quick route to an early grave. Even if you do survive, you might just end up as a walking zombie. And even if you do start to increase your earnings, you will wake up one day and think to yourself..

”Damn! where did my ‘life’ go?’

I talk about bodybuilding and the fitness lifestyle endlessly on this site, because that is what it is… a lifestyle. You might be an internet entrepreneur, but you are still an individual that has a passion for the fitness lifestyle. So make sure that your activities surrounding that support it too, otherwise you will just be wasting your time and your life.

The core issue highlighted in this very article will probably affect a lot more people than yester-year in todays world, as business migrates even furthur into cyber space. And there will no doubt be a good percentage of  those people who want to live or are already living the fintess lifestyle. Hopefully they get to read this article too.

Money, Plans and Quality of life

Money will come and go throughout certain periods of your life… nothing new there. Nothing wrong with chasing it either (To an extent). However, ‘time’ is a lot more precious. Because once time goes by, you will not get it back and living with regret is UNCOOL.

So if you are living like a rabbit on Duracell batteries, do yourself a favour and start organizing and structuring your days.


Plans will change at times and when they do, just adapt.


Keep a list of project goals. You are more likely to stick to these than some robot scripted plan you set (Which holds true for your workouts too). Better yet, do a test.

6 month period plan vs project list test

Write out a table with a plan that you have for your online endevours. Then create a project list on the opposite side of that table.

After 6 months have passed, analyze that plan against your list and you’ll probably spot a lot of ups and downs against your plan. Get a pen and match up the dates of when you planned (project) tasks against when you actually completed them. You’ll probably have quite a few up/ down arrows on the table.

Better yet, write down what caused your plan to change.

Working this way will do wonderful things for your mindset, because it keeps you in touch with reality to how things work in the real world aka life!

#3 Build a room for a home gym

Wait… didn’t you say to get away from home?

I did… but let me explain why.

Now, let’s face a common fact here.

”There are times that even when we want to focus on our workouts, we can’t!”

Because challenges arise at times and when they do, our minds get completely swamped!

Now, it’s not that we can’t physically manage dealing with those tasks. It’s just that once the mind does become swamped, it creates a mental mind trap, which is far from great when preparing the mind for a workout.

I’ve faced this challenge numerous times throughout the past year and it goes a little something like this…

  1. Wake up early
  2. Eat a good breakfast
  3. Feel inspired/motivated
  4. Get ready to work
  5. Work time is soon over
  6. BAMB! Dilemma… something comes up. A problem that can potentially take weeks to solve, or that needs to be dealt with ASAP
  7. Mindset is screwed

Now, everyone will obviously deal with certain problems in their own way. But these kind of hiccups can affect you regardless of who you are. I’m not going to dive too deep into this issue, but one key way to solve this issue when it does come up is to build a gym room or at least locate your office so that you are close to a gym. Because you can at least use the gym to help your mind rest or let that frustration out. In fact, follow the mindset rules outlined in point no.1. That will help somewhat.

#4 Break your goals down into incy wincy bits

Because if you don’t, your brain will go into panic mode, and you will feel like these guys…

But what is worse is that this will screw up your focus completely. Your mind won’t be right for business and it won’t be right for anything else, including your workout.

Even worse

You’ll start running around in circles, just like my example in #3. And although your intentions for your workout goals are good and sound, you’ll fall flat on your face half way through and you will lose all that muscle mass that took you weeks to build up. So even if you have huge aspirations, take things slow and hit those goals one step at a time. Just like in your workouts. If you don’t, you will find that years will pass and the person that you tried to create is now just a weak shadow of your former self.

Remember, the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle will enhance your quality of life. Taking up entrepreneurship doesn’t need to be dramatic, but for most it usually is. If you have done so, make sure you follow some of these guidelines as the goal is NOT to sacrifice ones health or quality of life in return for what some strive for religiously… financial gain.

See you in the comments.

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