Tony Horton Recruits Morbidly Obese Woman For P90X

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That’s right folks. The man behind the program that I ‘supposedly’ knocked in ‘this post’ has mentioned today that he wants to transform the morbidly obese into muscle bound freaks.

He stated that, since finding success with P90X and changing the lives of so many, he now needed to find a new challenge, but he just couldn’t figure out what that challenge could be. He said that this idea came to him after he watched this program.

‘Why not do the impossible…’

‘Why not help the morbidly obese burn fat and build muscle!’

‘It may take a while until you see my first success story, but as we all know, challenges exist so that we can overcome them. I believe I can help these people do just that.’

He did state that he would have to create some kind of ‘Pre-P90X’ plan for these individuals, as their situations are quite unique. What’s unique here?

These people are FAT because they like to eat too much FOOD!

Whatever the case is, Tony Horton has now found new inspiration for 2010 and beyond, and one of the first individuals he wishes to reach out to is the lady in the video. Her name is Lisa Sellers and at the height of her ‘Food addiction’ she was consuming,

33000 calories… per day!

And she became morbidly obese because of this. I say… good luck Tony. You got your work cut out for you. That’s for sure!

The second set of people he wishes to target are kids, like this ‘then’ 7 year old.

He states that this is an entirely different goal as the challnges are very different.

  • Dealing with parents and how they feed their kids
  • Diet plans and weight loss only (Too young to build muscle the adult way)

Let’s just see what happens with this as this story ‘and idea’ develops. It could be another P90X success story, or just too much weight for Tony Horton to carry (pun intended). We will just have to see.

Bugs Out!

See you in the comments

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15 Things Successful Bodybuilders And Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

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Which You Should Adapt Too!

(I’m changing my routine again stayfitbuggers (Just for one day 😉 )

I’m not a big fan of ‘labels’ when it comes to certain job roles, as being labeled something is usually just a glorified word to make an unglamorous role sound sexy. But if I look at the things I have been doing with my life, then I have been or still am both of these. A body builder and entrepreneur. And when talking about unglamorous yet sexy named roles, this would definitely be the case with the word ‘entrepreneur’. Look how sexy that word sounds. Throw in a French accent and I’d love to be called that everyday. But most entrepreneurial experiences are far from glamorous. They are often gritty, gut wrenching painful experiences. But on the other side of it however, is pure glamour. It just takes a lot of swimming through shit to get there. But over time, I have come to realize the many similarities that bodybuilders and entrepreneurs have in common. Having stepped in the shoes of both ‘roles’, I’d say I’m pretty qualified to compile such a list. Here goes.

#1 They Have Uber Schtick

What this means is that these guys will find creative ways to get the attention of the masses. In often wild and sometimes risky and humorous ways. But when it does work, the masses will often show love back. Both bodybuilders and entrepreneurs do this. While bodybuilders tend to get people watching them in awe while they pump weights, entrepreneurs will be out making noise and attracting all types of media coverage.

#2 They Are All Crazy

It has been noted quite a few times that Shaun Sinclair is officially ‘nuts’ but hey, I’ve been that way since birth, and I’m not faking sanity for anyone anytime soon. Learn to like and deal with it… or take the road to the high way, just not ‘my’ way. That’s me. But one thing I have noticed with both of these types of people is that they are all loopy, they have lost the plot. In fact, that is with anyone that has been uber successful. Michael Jackson is the best example of that. (R.I.P)

My loopy examples are…

Bodybuilder – Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator for governor)

Entrepreneur – I’d probably say Steve Jobs

#3 They Don’t Understand The Phrase ‘Give Up’

While everyone else worries, focusing on what everyone else thinks about him or her. These guys are busy pushing forward and innovating. Now they probably have had the ‘give up’ mentality at some point. But then this magical thought enters their brain and says to them ‘give up and do what?’ It is at this point they just continue to push forward, which leads to some super eccentric thinking, and like magic, they create something that becomes fantastic. For entrepreneurs it’s a business and for bodybuilders – a body that you will probably never develop.

The bottom line is this: Surround yourself with the best. Only the ‘best’ think this way, regardless if they have become uber successful or not, because they will become uber in some way or another. It’s just a matter of time. Those who don’t think like this tend to adapt the give up mentality, and it is that energy which they naturally decide to force on to others. When you see this happening, take your wings out like the bug, buzz off and fly away.

Oh, and they don’t give a shit about what these folks have to say, unless it’s in the form of some praise or feedback of course.

#4 They Could Probably Steal Your Girl Off Of You, And There Will Be Nothing You Can Do About It.

Unless your lady is really special and really loves you dearly, then these guys could probably sweep your girl right off of her feet.


  1. Women are attracted to men that are dynamic, courageous, passionate, spontaneous and adventurous. Bodybuilders and entrepreneurs rank high in all of these personal traits. Quite simply, women don’t want wimps. They want a man that can stand his ground and be ‘the man’ in a relationship. Are you a wimp? If so then you better stay on… if you don’t, it might just be me that takes your girl. 😉
  2. Every woman loves a man that looks good. Yea, she might not always get that, but you can be damn sure that it’s something she thinks about on a regular basis. Bodybuilders look good! And yes, your lady will stare and make him aware of it. If he’s a good guy, he’ll just laugh it off. But if he’s a bad guy (Like most with the above traits are) then he’ll take her number right in front of you, and there will be nothing you can do about it.

#5 They Naturally Think Like 5%ers

Apparently that figure has dropped to 2%. I guess the world has become a scarier place overtime… who knows? But both of these types of individuals tend to adopt the mindset of a 5%er. Naturally, most entrepreneurs would think this way, but not everyone will have the balls to ‘go at it’ quit there jobs and be a ‘true’ 5%er. But hey, I am only talking about uber successful ones here.

Maybe their similar way of thinking comes from encouraging super productivity. Or maybe just the fact that they know in order to be their best, they have to give it their best shot, and let nothing else get in there way. If that is the case, then they probably were never taught to be a 5%er. They just happen to think this way due to circumstance.

#6 They Plan Everything

Sometimes you can get away without having a plan, but if you look deep into whatever situation you are currently in, you probably ended up there because it was some part of your original plan.

But planning everything is something both uber successful entrepreneurs and bodybuilders do. Sure, plans can change, and in the famous words of the Joker from the movie The Dark Knight…

‘You know what I’ve noticed? Nobody panics when things go “according to plan.” Even if the plan is horrifying! If, tomorrow, I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot, or a truckload of soldiers will be blown up, nobody panics, because it’s all “part of the plan.” But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everyone loses their minds!’


Planning is key. Luck can play its part too… sure. But no bodybuilder developed near perfect looking muscles by relying on luck.

#7 They Love What They Do And Do What They Love

You could also call it, sticking to what they know. They just became so good that they simply could not be ignored by the masses. Both bodybuilding and entrepreneurship can have their dull moments, and since starting I have always tried to enlighten you all. But more importantly, I just love this bodybuilding game… I just make it fun, and I hope you read and perceived it that way too. Bodybuilders and Entrepreneurs (especially technology and internet ones) both tend to become.

1) Obsessed with tweaking and testing

2) May often put their love for ‘the role’ before anyone else, including loved ones.

3) Could probably admit that they’ve stepped into the shoes of a manic depressive (from the brutal ups and downs that they face)

But hey, it’s all in the name of love. After all, love really does conquer all.

#8 They Take Their Selves Seriously

Not too seriously though. You will become a person that just plain SUCKS if you are serious 24/7. It’s just not human. Nevertheless both Bodybuilders and entrepreneurs take what they do seriously and believe fully in what they are doing.

Some common crowd responses to this.

1) The Bodybuilder – ‘Oh, you doing the whole bodybuilding ‘thing’ again today? Ah it’s all baloney, stop being so tense and ease up. You’re probably only doing it to attract the ladies anyway’

2) The Entrepreneur – ‘ Hey, long time no see. You still doing the whole Internet business thing?

… Thing?

That is almost an insult to ones being. These types of questions can come from all types of people, depending on your relationship with them. But uber successful people pretty much tend to block these reactions out and follow through with the plan. They just are that serious. But by the time they become uber successful, they are on a speed train that is going too fast for anyone to slow down.

#9 They Present Themselves ‘Oh… So Positively’

And it doesn’t seem to be taught either, it just comes with the territory of the personality (Talking from experience here :)). And they both tend to have a positive presence and image when meeting those they wish to do business with, or with those they wish to accept into their network. Now one may argue that this could be seen as being fake, being positive ALL of the time. But I don’t think it is. I just think that,

  • They know that most people may generally have negative mindsets
  • They know ups and downs happen (For some it’s a public affair)

If so, why would you keep looking ‘down’? With bodybuilding or entrepreneurial hurdles, you rise by pushing forward by being positive. Besides, who wants to meet and aspire to be like a bodybuilder who looks and sounds like he’s in the dumps when you meet him?

#10 They Both Know What It Means To ‘Take A Break’

The rewards at the end of the tunnel for both bodybuilding and entrepreneurship can be great. I’ve had relatively good times wearing both of those shoes. But if there is one thing I have learned, which I know without a doubt that uber successful bodybuilders and entrepreneurs know, it is the importance of taking a break. Of course, when the times demand it, you will have to give it your all. But this is usually just a moment in time.

Success is never overnight, and is quite often thrust upon the individual in a surprising manor, and more often then not; it won’t be a never-ending success story. It will most probably be like a milestone accomplishment, and for many, may cause even more problems in life and introduce a whole new batch of responsibilities. Because of that, these guys know that they need to pace their selves, not take themselves too seriously and live a little. It is within that time of taking a break where they can recharge their batteries.

1) Bodybuilders – Give there bodies a break. Draft and plan the future action. Then execute.

2) Entrepreneurs – Let the mind relax. Take up activities such as yoga (or even bodybuilding). Reanalyze and confirm their current direction. It is at this time where the best decisions start to get made.

#11 They Design Their Workspace For Success

I can bet money that if you were to walk into the room where an uber successful bodybuilder or entrepreneur spends most of their time, that it won’t be the norm.

For the Bodybuilder, you will see…

  • Workout routine journals and drafts
  • Daily plans
  • Posters of Famous Bodybuilding moguls
  • Maybe some home gym equipment
  • Space (Let the mind and body breathe)
  • A door that locks (For ‘me’ time)
  • A decent bed to sleep on (They need proper rest)

For the Entrepreneur

  • A Whiteboard with monthly/ yearly plans
  • Extra notes stuck on the wall surrounding the whiteboard
  • Daily plan
  • Entrepreneurial gadgets – Digi cam, lap top, dual monitor display, business cards, iphone
  • Specifically well-lit room
  • A door that locks
  • Space

There probably are a whole lot more. But these are the ones I know these guys will have placed in their personal structure in some way or another. All of this will happen regardless if these folks plan it this way or not. Because you will attract and become what you think about the most.

#12 They Always Look For Ways To Improve

If you speak to the biggest guy in the room, Entrepreneur or Bodybuilder, you may find that they are also the most humble people in the room. I think it’s a case of the big guy not needing to prove that he has power, but if the little guy does cross the line, he will beat him down and remind him who the daddy is. Think about it…. think of one of the biggest companies out there ‘Google’. And take your pick from any monster-sized bodybuilder you have met. Ok Google might not be exactly humble, but when your hear the CEO speak, it is never in a perfectionist tone.

But it’s probably the fact that they know how many mistakes it took to get to where they are and the improvements that they had to make along the way. So always looking for ways to improve has become a default characteristic of their being.

This is the exact same mind frame that I know you too are adapting to your weightlifting routine. You wouldn’t have ended up reading this post if you hadn’t been. 🙂

#13 They Think Big

Now I could turn around and tell you that thinking big is the wrong thing to do. That thinking big will probably make you fall down and fail. Which is true. But if you want major change and major results, then you will have to think big. All you have to do is break down the plan into smaller steps. Just know that with each step you will have to learn to break out of your comfort zone and step your game up a notch. This surely is easier said than done. But the more you do this, the more natural it will seem when you do it. This applies to bodybuilding and entrepreneurship, and it’s what the uber guys have applied to their strategy in some way or another.

#14 They Are Always Open To Try New Things

I will start this with a famous quote

“The way to succeed is to double your failure rate. Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

Henry Ford

Uber successful bodybuilders and entrepreneurs know this all too well. Which is why they aren’t scared to try new things. The word ‘new’ is what has allowed the world to be how you see it today, and you can be sure that the aftermath is a result of that quote above. Sure, the way in which bodybuilders and entrepreneurs execute this may be slightly different. But the underlying rule is still the same.

Hail to new and innovative bodybuilding products and equipment!

Hail to even more technological breakthroughs!

#15 They Ooze Confidence

Earlier I mentioned that these folks may come across very humble regarding their knew renowned status. But just know that behind that humble being is a very confident person. They have to have been, otherwise no one out there would have believed in them if they didn’t believe in themselves.

Maybe they might have started out as a wimp. It is possible. But the process of building a great body and the process of reaching success in business is a painful one. Enduring pain at any high level is sure to turn the wimpiest of beings into untamed confident beasts.

Before I end this, I’ll leave you with 10 traits of a confident bodybuilder. But quite frankly, like the rest of this article, I think the similarities are present once again when comparing a bodybuilder to an entrepreneur.

1) Walks in a slow and controlled rhythm

2) Always operates on his OWN timetable when walking

3) Walking strides are long—not short and choppy

4) Torso is always straight up

5) Shoulders are upright, back, and relaxed

6) Neck is strong and powerful—yet loose—and is stretched as high as possible

7) Head is always held high

8)  Head will always following the eyes. Eyes are level or higher (never looking down)

9) Head points straight ahead—and is never swiveling around

10) Eyes are looking forward and are focused on the destination (and are never darting around) and chin is always ‘up’.

See you in the comments.

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Iron Gym Xtreme Chin Pull Up Bar Review

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I hope you are all enjoying your weekend wherever you are, but today will be the last of the products that will be of use to you for your bodyweight workouts. After that, no more talk of bodyweight exercises until the e-book.

Now I’m a bit of a traditional exercise guy at heart, as that is how I started off in the fitness and weightlifting world. When I attended university and worked part-time, I would workout during my breaks and after work, doing only bodyweight workouts with exercises including:

  • Dips
  • Chin ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Press-ups

In the very beginning I had no money to go to the gym and I would perform all of these exercises on a recreation sports ground that had a high chin up pull up bar and two parallel bars for dips exercises.

As with most things, the way in which you learn something in the beginning is how you’ll probably do them for the present and future (all a part of muscle memory). So that is where my traditional bodyweight training mind set comes from and why I tend to make bodyweight exercises compulsory in all of my workout routines.

However, as time goes on and we learn about new ways of doing things for fitness, new products will inevitably be created that will allow for easier execution of exercises and some times enhance performance. The P90x workout programme is a great example of that.

Although traditional ways of working out is embedded into my workout roots, I am definitely a fan of change and trying new things, especially in the fitness world. That is the reason why I am now here talking about the Iron Gym Xtreme chin pull up bar.


First impressions of this bar may throw you off a little, but the pictures I have added should give you some idea of what you can do with it. Just know that change is good, and that this change is fairly new compared to a normal door chin up bar.

First impressions

Yes! I was initially unsure about this bar. I mean… you’ve got a door chin up bar that is not fixed to the door! What sort of chin up bar is that? So that started ringing some bells in my mind. You’ll look at the pictures and know that you can perform some great bodyweight exercises all with one tool (and which inspired me to share with you all)!

  • Back dips
  • All types of chin up and pull exercise
  • Sit-ups
  • Press-ups

Impressive yes! But it is still a chin up bar that is not fixed to a door.

After a few times of using the bar, I started to see that our ingenious ergonomic fitness product-building friends were onto something, and that it works very well and that it does exactly what it says on the tin. I then found myself slowly saying,


That is,

– All doors of my house (no more screwing up the wood work)

– In the hotel (the bathroom door way)

– Girl friends place (more time – some one’s happy now)

Leaving me feeling genuinely happy. I’m usually an early bird with new products, but I was late in adapting to this one. But that should not be you, and you should add this to your arsenal of homegym fitness equipment. And I’ll be sure to include it in future workout routines. I’ll leave you with a video.

View It Here

The Ontel Iron Gym Xtreme


Discount codes to use at checkout: 5off100 / 10Off200

You can also checkout other fitness equipment over at Bodybuilding Resources

See you in the comments.

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Altus Deluxe Door Chin Up Bar

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Altus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 Bar Altus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 BarAltus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 Bar

The Ultimate Upper Body And Abdominal Workout!

Some of you may still be buzzing from the unique bodyweight exercises. But before i give you the Ebook lowdown on that, i would like to prepare you for those bodyweight workouts that I’m sure you’ll be doing as we lead up to the festive season in these sure to be cold winter months.

The door chin up bar

If you haven’t already got one of these, then this should be the first piece of home gym equipment that you should get. I’m now onto my 2nd chin up bar that I’ve put onto a 2nd door in my home.


Well, The chin up bar allows you to perform some of the best bodyweight exercises there are that will give you the best strength gains.

  • Chin ups
  • Pull ups (Wide grip, close grip, both with a dipping belt)
  • Hanging Leg raises

And when you are just relaxing in your home, or feeling energetic after a good meal, you can just easily jump on to the bar and max out on a few sets of the above bodyweight exercises. No real preparation, just spontaneous muscle action.

There are many chin up bars you can buy out there, but this was the 2nd one I bought earlier this year. It’s been pretty sturdy since putting it up and hasn’t given me any problems (such as falling down scares when in use!). This one is better than my all steel chin up bar as it has rubber handles that don’t slip, which also absorbs sweat from your hands. The grips are actually a vital accessory for any chin up bar, and if you have performed chin ups on a groove-less steel bar, then you’ll know how frustrating slipping across the bar can be during a workout. If you truly are heavy handed then you can always use a paper towel for extra grip, although i don’t think it will be necessary. (see picture)



So if you haven’t yet got one, be sure to get it, as the Ebook won’t be to far off, and i definitely want you to be ready in time for that. I’ll be updating you on a few other must-have bodyweight exercise accessories, until then, get pulling.

But wait…

Whether you have been hit by the recession or not, one can always save money… right? Any how, I’ll leave you with these coupons for you bodyweight enthusiasts.

Take $5.00 Off Your $100 Order! Use coupon code 5off100.

Take $10.00 Off Your $200 Order! Use coupon code 10off200.

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