Put Your Stay-Fit Bug to Work: Become a CPT Online

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This is a guest post by Tamara Wysell

If you have a particular zest for health, exercise, and physical fitness, then becoming a certified personal trainer is the best career path for you! Many people who love to work out and have a passion for helping people in an active environment can put their stay-fit bug to work by enrolling in a certified personal trainer (CPT) school online. You can obtain your CPT certification much quicker than you think, utilizing any of a number of online personal training schools and turn your fever for exercise into a very successful career.

Put simply, a personal trainer helps people exercise by enhancing their workout and maximizing the results for their clients. It should not be confused with an athletic trainer (AT), which requires a bachelor’s degree in a specific athletic training health professions field. Most personal trainers work through gyms and health clubs, and many train privately, going directly to their client’s place of residence to train them. A personal trainer is expected to demonstrate prowess with many exercises and help clients improve their exercise technique. Due to the one-on-one contact that a personal trainer has with clients, he/she must be able to provide support and motivation in an effective, encouraging fashion; a great personal trainer will get as excited about their client’s success and results as the client(s) is. In addition, physical trainers must be well versed in nutritional sciences so they can recommend the proper diet for their clients to achieve their physical fitness goals.

One of the fastest growing fields for personal trainers to work in is corporate fitness training, where large companies pay a personal trainer to service their employees in an attempt to keep their workforce healthier and at peak physical condition. It is also becoming popular for certified personal trainers to run their own private studios, affording them the ability to personalize all aspects of their training regimens with their own equipment and tools. A private studio is also generally the best way for a certified personal trainer to maximize their earnings, as they do not have to pay stipends to any other source for using their facilities and/or equipment.

A personal trainer can obtain certification from any of a number of sources. Most certifying organizations require students to have a GED or high school diploma, obtain certification in CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator), and pass a series of exams testing their knowledge in the human body and techniques that maximize exercise. The rigor and difficulty of these requirements vary by organization, as some focus on narrower specialties such as muscle building, and others train for a broad variety of specialties. Organizations that offer certification for personal training include the ACE (American Council on Exercise), the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), and the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). No matter whom you choose to get certification from, your career as a personal trainer will bring you satisfaction, fulfillment, and will allow you to put some money in your pocket doing the things that you love.

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