Unique Bodyweight exercises (part 3)

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As i mentioned in part 2, i will soon put together an E-book regarding all bodyweight exercises that you can do, common and unique. But before i prepare that, I’ll leave you with 2 more exercises that you can try out.

Full planche push ups

You all know how to do normal push ups right? If not, then you can wait for the E-book. But if you know how normal push ups work, you’ll realize that what you see here is not the norm. What you see here is pretty hard to perform while doing many reps and will you need to have mastered ordinary push ups to pull this one off.

How do you do them?

Do as you see in the video and keep your whole body tensed.

Why should you do them?

Because they will give your whole body a workout

  • Wrists
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Traps
  • Chest
  • Abdominals
  • Legs

You probably won’t be good at this exercise straight away, but take your time and work on your strength endurance.

Advanced Push ups


I’m going to end unique bodyweight exercises with advanced push ups. This exercise is quite unique as it is a combination of dumbbell fly’s and a push up, and is great for working on your chest on the cheap.

How to do them

1) Grab a pair of dumbbells and loosen the collars until they can roll.

2) Place them in front of you (vertically).

3) Get into the press up position.

4) Now instead of placing your hands on the floor, hold onto the dumbbells in front you, close together, and use them as push up stands.

5) Now slowly roll and extend both dumbbells outwards as you press down. Hold for a second and bring them in close again to the starting position. Also be sure to watch your balance.

6) As you go up and down try to keep your elbows bent a little, as this will make the exercise easier to perform.

As i mentioned, you will all get an in-depth version on how to do these unique and common bodyweight exercises. I will announce it via the site, but also via the newsletter, so sign up by clicking on the current E-book on the right side of this post to receive an automatic update for when i do announce it.

See you in the comments.

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How To Spark Growth In Your Chest Muscles

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A few months back, I was over in a forum discussing what everyone’s pain points were. I have my own pain points too (Building leg muscles, Maintaining muscle mass in my arms), but there were a few people that I got talking too that just couldn’t manage to increase the size of there chest muscles. Every solution i threw at them they seemed to have tried, and i couldn’t figure out what to recommend without getting to know there past a little better (Or meeting them in person).

I always have been known for one to try and find new ways of doing things, and that’s probably one reason I’m always enthusiastic to share the new things I learn with YOU. The Stayfitbuggers – Innovative and new ways to build muscle.

Anyhow, since then I have played around with a few chest exercises which I know everyone who builds muscles with weights will be performing.  All this testing, playing around and analyzing has lead me to find ways that can help you spark muscle growth in your chest muscles.

How do I know these work?

Because they have been working for me!

But Shaun, you said to never follow the leader…

Correct! What you need to do is try these small tweaks to these already popular exercises and if what i have instructed doesn’t work for you, just give them a further tweak.

It could be anything from,

  • The number of reps you perform
  • Adding more resistance to a dipping belt
  • More explosive exercise technique

Or other things.

All of us have to find our own ‘map’ and way of doing things when it comes to building muscle, busting through plateaus and living a happy bodybuilding life. But hopefully guidance from individuals like myself will help give you a good kick start and great get-up-and-go motivation in those times of need.

Enough of my blabber. Check the tweaks.

The Dumbbell Bench Press

The Tweak

Start with your palms facing each other in the bottom position and your elbows tucked to your sides.
As you push the weights up, rotate your wrists so that your palms face forward in the top position.

The Result

The twisting motion activates the fibers in all of the areas of your chest.


The Tweak

Move your hands out wider so you get a deeper stretch in your pecs when you lower your body.
Look for V shaped Dip bars rather than parallel ones. Doing so will give you much better results

The Result

A wider grip position makes for a more challenging exercise and helps you recruit even more muscle fibers in your chest.

The Dumbbell Fly

The Tweak

  1. Try doing these by placing a towel on the floor.
  2. Fold the towel in half and place one palm on each end of it and get into pushup position with your knees on the floor.
  3. Move your arms apart as in a normal fly and lower your chest toward the floor.

The Result

A much more challenging exercise that will  work your pecs, back, and core.

Give these a try. If you see no substantial changes to your chest after a few weeks then take out your own map and start tweaking. If that is what you end up doing and manage to find success further to what I’ve instructed here, then feel free to post in the comments below.

See you there.



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