It’s Your Time To Talk

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Sorry for the capitals, but I just had to emphasis today’s energy levels. I’ve just had an intense workout and I still have some energy to share. However,this is not how you should feel for the ‘majority’ of your workouts. If you do feel this way, you probably aren’t working out hard enough. Or maybe you’ve just broken your previous strength/ endurance records.

Any how, it’s not often that I stop and talk to each of you directly, but I think it’s about that time, seeing as I’ve in asking questions around some other communities (Namely Facebook – Add me if you haven’t done so already).

So… here goes. Tell me…

A workout routine or ‘proven’ fitness tip that ‘didn’t’ work for you?

What would you like me to blog more about?

Is there anything that bugs you about the site at present (excuse the pun)?

Your least favorite exercise?

Your most favorite exercise?

And of course, any other random things you might want to mention. I guess you could call this ‘bonding time’, like what teachers do with a new class of students 😉

That’s enough talk from me.

I’ll see you in the comments.

It’s Time To Burn 1’000 Calories

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Your reservation…

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Because I know that the unique bodyweight exercise bundle makes for a great complimentary product to the 1,000 calorie challenge, and is a product that will help you for months or even years to come. And of course, you, my dedicated subscriber deserves the BEST.

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To all our bodybuilding successes.

See you in the comments.

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