The Lazy Boy Workout

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Although I frequently encourage you to be super dedicated, super disciplined and a Conan barbarian, there will be days when you just won’t feel like hitting the gym with that much intensity and enthusiasm. If you don’t get days like that then you probably really are a robot and certainly not human, or maybe you just don’t have a life (saddo).

Because of this, you will need to find a solution to maintain your newly chiseled body and there’s no better place to find that than within the comforts of your own home.

Introducing the Lazy Boy Workout

Now… before you get all excited and think that you will have it easy, just from seeing the word ‘lazy’, think again! You might have the privilege of performing these exercises right after watching a football game or a great movie all from the comfort of your couch, but do not be mistaken. These exercises will challenge you like most others and you may rightfully add these to your list of unique bodyweight exercises.


The sofa dips are the next best thing to do when you don’t have access to a dip bar stand. And if you are right by your sofa, then you can swing right into action and perform them.

  • Begin by positioning yourself on the floor with your back to the sofa
  • Then put your hands on the edge of the sofa so that your elbows are bent.
  • When you are in a comfortable position, straighten your elbows and raise your body off of the ground so that you are ready to start the triceps dips.
  • Perform these dips by lowering your butt to the ground.
  • When your arms form a 90-degree angle, you should then push yourself back into position. (That’s the work right there!)
  • 3 sets
  • 15 reps

Then increase to a higher amount of reps as you become stronger.


There is nothing too trivial about doing sofa squats. You will perform them the same way that you do with floor squats.

  • Stand on your couch or put the cushions on the floor and stand on them.
  • When you are on the cushions, squat down as low as possible and then raise yourself back up.
  • 2 sets
  • 12 reps.

Increase as you become stronger

The challenge

The real challenge and benefit with the sofa squat is that your legs won’t be as stabilized compared to performing floor squats. Because of this, your legs will have to work that little bit extra, and when they do, your muscles will contract much quicker and that is what will give you extra strength gains in your legs.

Leg raises

This is one the exercises that I perform well with at the gym and if this is one of your favourite exercises, you’ll be happy to know you can perform it while relaxing on your sofa. Here’s how.

  • Sit so you are on the edge of the couch and your feet are on the ground.
  • Lean back so that your body is off-centered. This will increase the difficulty of the leg raises.
  • Once you are in position, raise your legs as high off of the ground as possible.
  • When you have raised your legs as high as possible, lower them back into position
  • Repeat.

The challenge here is that you won’t have the extra support of the weights machine, so expect some hardship with this exercise.

2 sets of 8 reps and increase with strength.


This exercise is simple. Raise up, then raise back down. But how you do the exercise is what will determine how hard your abs will be worked. The sofa sit up is a challenging way to build some rock hard abs, and again… all from the comfort of your sofa.

  • Sit on the arm of the sofa while facing towards the middle.
  • With your arms behind your head or crossed over your chest, lean back until you are as low as you can go.
  • Raise yourself back up and repeat.

Just make sure that you don’t raise your self too low, or you might just fall off of your sofa. In any case, be sure to film yourself while doing this exercise. You could just be the next 5-minute celebrity if you do have a funny fall. 😉


You all know how to do a push up, but with this sofa exercise you can effectively work your upper and lower chest muscles. Here’s how.

Upper chest

  • Put your feet up on the sofa while placing your hands on the floor.
  • Then perform normal push-ups.

This will allow you to work your upper chest area in the same fashion as the incline bench.

3 sets of 10 reps and increase with strength.

Lower chest

Place your hands on the sofa with your toes on the ground and perform a normal push up. These push-ups will allow you to work both the lower and outer chest areas.

3 sets of 8 reps and increase with strength.

These are all great lazy boy exercises and as time goes on, I will definitely share more of these with you. After all, we will all be a lazy boy (or girl) at some stage during our weightlifting routines.

What unique exercises do you perform at home?

Leave your thoughts, ideas or recommendations in the comments.

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Unique Backyard Exercises For Building Muscle Fast

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Filed under The Fitness Bug is all about providing you with innovative tips for building a better body and I covered that with posts such as,

But one question you may ask is…

‘Why unique unconventional exercises? It’s 2009, we have advanced gyms and professional gym equipment to use’

That is true. But there are a few reasons why one will and should focus on building muscles without weights.

  • There is no one answer or routine that will suit and work for everyone to build muscle. We are always searching for new and more effective ways to build muscle, and that only happens with experimentation. That is sometimes where the initial ideas come from for some of today’s most innovative products such as the Iron gym xtreme or Ab circle pro.
  • Most unique exercises (usually without weights machines or free weights) are very good for building functional strength. This is strength that you use to perform every day tasks, which involve pulling, pushing, lifting and gripping.
  • Many people may work long hours and may not have the time or money to set up a commercial home gym, so getting creative with objects within the home is a great option. This is something that would benefit many university students too as they are often strapped for cash.
  • You may travel a lot for business, end up in Brazil and find that you don’t have time to walk around asking “Donde esta el gymo?” So a good hotel workout would make more sense.

I also know that some of you simply hate the gym and just want to build enough strength endurance so that you can confidently defend your self in a fight or dominate the bedroom with your lady and show her what a real man is.

Some people may already be doing these type of exercises as they found that the gym membership money they were spending went to waste as they never used the gym, and just want to find more exercises to add to their weightlifting routines for a bit more diversity.

But for me, the main reason I like these unique off the wall type of exercises is because they are fun. Sometimes the gym can get a bit boring and it is sometimes good to try something a bit different. Besides, if you master some of these weightlifting exercises you get to show off too 🙂

The sandbag

If you don’t know or are to young to have known, sand bag exercise are an old school way to build strength and endurance for a full body workout. Here are some exercises that you can perform with a sand bag.

The squat

  • Flip the bag onto one shoulder and do a set of squats
  • Take a break and flip the bag onto the other shoulder and do another set


  • Give the bag a bear hug and do a set of squats
  • (You can do the same with walking lunges)


  • Lift the bag up to shoulder height
  • Lower yourself into a squat position
  • Then press the bag over your head once while lowered then stand up

Chest, arms and abs

  • Lie on the floor with the bag on your chest
  • Press it up and then, with your arms fully extended, do a sit-up

As you can see, each of these weightlifting exercises focus on different parts of the body, but there are some things to keep mind when performing them.

  • Don’t worry about keeping form too much as the sand will move around a lot. It is all of that moving around which will force you to stabilize yourself and that is what will work your body from head to toe
  • Don’t focus on how many reps you can do, just focus on performing the exercise to the best you can
  • Each set should be about a minute long. Take a 2-minute break and go for it again


Perform press-ups with an object on your back. This will separate the men from the boys for sure.

  • An old car battery in a bag
  • Books in a bag and increase the weight gradually as you increase your strength
  • When you do reach max strength, go for big one!  Get your wife, girlfriend, or big kid brother to sit on your back.

Donkey calf raises

While that person is still present, change exercises and start doing donkey calf raises.

  • Stand on the edge of a platform
  • Place your toes on the edge enough so that you can stabilize your self
  • Bend over and place your forearms on a thigh high surface.
  • Then get that person to climb onto your hips or lower back from a bench.
  • Raise your heels as high as possible.
  • Lower your heels until your calves are stretched
  • Repeat

Running on sand

This might not sound to impressive or trivial, but trust me, running on sand will work your calf muscles to the bone. It will also prove to be a great cardio workout too. You won’t necessarily need to be located near a beach, just find a large enough area to run around. You could even create your own sand pit if you are dedicated to the cause.

Some tips

  • No push off from the ground, especially forward. This could cause extra muscular tension and soreness and would have no positive impact on your running either.
  • Move forward by leaning, not by pushing
  • Pull your foot from the ground
  • Do not worry about stride length
  • Run in deeper sand to increase difficulty
  • Focus on longer runs
  • Go barefoot to get the most benefits out of your running

Stay tuned for part 2 of unique back yard exercises, which i’ll cover tomorrow.

See you in the comments.

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The Winter Recession Home Workout

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home workout training

It’s Friday people, and your weekend should start today. But before you go away and have fun i’m going show you how to create an effective home workout for the coming winter months. You may also be recovering from the (hopefully) soon to be over recession, if so, then this is for the last days of it.

Cardio in the home

Now… just because you are at home, it doesn’t mean you are allowed to skip cardio training for the whole of winter. You WILL keep up that cardio training and here is what you can do.

  • Running up and down a set of stairs (moderate intensity)
  • Using a skipping rope (moderate intensity)
  • Step-ups on a step or box (moderate intensity – the higher the box, the more intense the workout… and make sure the box is sturdy! I don’t want you getting injured now)

If you want to be sure that you are performing these at a moderate intensity, then train like a barbarian and go hard for 30-60 seconds on each one, taking a one minute break before starting the next set.

Strength Training

I always do go on about strength training and how you should always aim to build functional strength. If you have been following that advice, then you will need to maintain the strength that you have built up.

Free weights

If you are not entirely broke then it would be a good idea to purchase a set of iron weights.  These are ideal because you will want to mimic your gym workouts as much as you can.

  • Barbell
  • Dumbells
  • With at least 80kg to use

Bodyweight exercises

I’ve talked about these before and i will be doing so some more soon in the up and coming ebook, but for now here are a few others you can do.

Bodyweight squats with a wall squat

What to do?

Perform a set of 25-30 body-weight squats (squats without weights)

Then move over to the wall and perform a stationary wall squat and hold it for one minute.

Push-ups on an exercise ball

Since this is a home workout routine, we will have to up the ante. Performing push ups on an exercise ball will make it harder, thus working your muscles harder. This will be great for your upper body muscles.

Tricep Dips

Now we have to go truly frugal and start using furniture as gym equipment. Find a chair and place your hands behind you on the end of both sides of the chair, then start performing dips. Now we must up the ante again.

Increase the difficulty

1) Place your feet on a stool. This will work your muscles even more.

2) If you find that too easy then place a weight plate on your lap while you dip.

Jump Lunges

These will work your,

  • Glutes (butt muscles)
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadraceps

10 – 15 reps should be enough for you to feel the burn.


Do yourslef a favour and get your self the Iron gym extreme pull up bar. This will allow you to perform,

  • Pull-ups
  • Chin ups
  • Press ups
  • Sit-ups

All with one bar!

Single-leg deadlifts

Now for the finale exercise.

  • Stand in front of a bed and place one leg back and up on top of it.
  • Place a chair two feet infront of you
  • Bend down and hold the bottom of the chair
  • Rise up while holding the chair and keep both legs as straight as possible.
  • If you want to work your glutes then squeeze while you perform
  • Stand up to the starting position and then lower the chair to the ground once again to complete the rep.

This is a simple workout you can all do over the next few months and it is quite effective too. Now go and enjoy the start of your weekend.

See you in the comments.

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Workouts For Teens

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Over the past few weeks I have been assisting many teens (under the age of 16) on how they should workout, and the lack of knowledge some of them have does amaze me. However, I was that young once (in my mind I still am :)) and I do remember what it was like. One thing I did know for sure though, was that you shouldn’t be hitting free weights (power lifting) or supplements before the age of 16. So to drum it into the mind of any teenager that reads this,

‘What you don’t know will kill you’

Well… not literally, but possibly. That applies to many things in life, but lets stick weight training and exercise.

Whether you are a teen or you have a nephew, brother, son or someone you know that is one, they will most likely be inspired to workout. But until they reach the age of 18, or even 21, the exercises that they perform in their workouts will and should be different compared to those performed in an adult’s workout.

For myself it was at age 16 when I started to workout, but I made a pact to myself not to start high intensity resistance training until I was 17-18 years old, and there was a good reason for this.

Prevent Stunt Growth

The reality is that the skeletal structure of the younger person is likely to still be growing and any teenager really doesn’t want to interrupt that growth process. It may lead to being short, or under developed in terms of adult size and frame. Even worse, you may just carry on growing, and if you become a skyscraper (like me 🙂 ), then you are likely to develop stretch marks.

Avoid-stretchmarks-gain-weight-healthilystretch marks-avoid-gain-weight-healthily

There is nothing wrong with being short at all, but you might as well find out if that is how you will be once you reach the age of 21. If you then find that you are to be tall then the girls will love you for your height too. 😉

I was always tall growing up but I still didn’t want to interrupt my natural growth, so I waited until 17 years old before lifting heavy weights. It was good that I did wait, as many other ‘shooting stars’ that I knew in and outside of school started to early and without a doubt, I am certain that doing so stunted their growth.

Ok, point taken, I’m a teen, what should I do?

In terms of building strength or some weight gains, teens should stick to bodyweight workouts, performing many of the exercises that I have recently covered such as

  • Sit-ups
  • Leg lifts
  • Crunches

Use an exercise ball to maximize your ab building potential with the above exercises.

  • Press-ups
  • Chin ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Leg raises

Use the Iron Gym Xtreme door chin up bar to perform the above exercises effectively.

  • Knee jumps
  • Mahler body blasters
  • Weight-less squats
  • Lunges

Swimming, running and cycling are good moderate intensity cardio exercises, but are also good for building functional strength. Climbing trees is also another good activity to include in your workouts.

You could always take up activities such as martial arts to keep your muscles and strength gains active. Martial arts will not only be good for improving body strength, but will be good for improving flexibility too. The best part of taking up martial arts is that it will set you up well for your knowledge in self-defence with a strong mind set for discipline and improved attitude.

Overall, as a teenager, your goal should be to only increase your strength and build the ‘ripped’ look and of course, general fitness. Be patient and wait it out for 2-3 years before you start bulking up and pumping those heavy weights. Time will fly after reading this, and believe me, when that time comes you will thank me for it.

Are you a teenager?

If not, how old were you when you began to lift weights?

See you in the comments

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Iron Gym Xtreme Chin Pull Up Bar Review

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I hope you are all enjoying your weekend wherever you are, but today will be the last of the products that will be of use to you for your bodyweight workouts. After that, no more talk of bodyweight exercises until the e-book.

Now I’m a bit of a traditional exercise guy at heart, as that is how I started off in the fitness and weightlifting world. When I attended university and worked part-time, I would workout during my breaks and after work, doing only bodyweight workouts with exercises including:

  • Dips
  • Chin ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Press-ups

In the very beginning I had no money to go to the gym and I would perform all of these exercises on a recreation sports ground that had a high chin up pull up bar and two parallel bars for dips exercises.

As with most things, the way in which you learn something in the beginning is how you’ll probably do them for the present and future (all a part of muscle memory). So that is where my traditional bodyweight training mind set comes from and why I tend to make bodyweight exercises compulsory in all of my workout routines.

However, as time goes on and we learn about new ways of doing things for fitness, new products will inevitably be created that will allow for easier execution of exercises and some times enhance performance. The P90x workout programme is a great example of that.

Although traditional ways of working out is embedded into my workout roots, I am definitely a fan of change and trying new things, especially in the fitness world. That is the reason why I am now here talking about the Iron Gym Xtreme chin pull up bar.


First impressions of this bar may throw you off a little, but the pictures I have added should give you some idea of what you can do with it. Just know that change is good, and that this change is fairly new compared to a normal door chin up bar.

First impressions

Yes! I was initially unsure about this bar. I mean… you’ve got a door chin up bar that is not fixed to the door! What sort of chin up bar is that? So that started ringing some bells in my mind. You’ll look at the pictures and know that you can perform some great bodyweight exercises all with one tool (and which inspired me to share with you all)!

  • Back dips
  • All types of chin up and pull exercise
  • Sit-ups
  • Press-ups

Impressive yes! But it is still a chin up bar that is not fixed to a door.

After a few times of using the bar, I started to see that our ingenious ergonomic fitness product-building friends were onto something, and that it works very well and that it does exactly what it says on the tin. I then found myself slowly saying,


That is,

– All doors of my house (no more screwing up the wood work)

– In the hotel (the bathroom door way)

– Girl friends place (more time – some one’s happy now)

Leaving me feeling genuinely happy. I’m usually an early bird with new products, but I was late in adapting to this one. But that should not be you, and you should add this to your arsenal of homegym fitness equipment. And I’ll be sure to include it in future workout routines. I’ll leave you with a video.

View It Here

The Ontel Iron Gym Xtreme


Discount codes to use at checkout: 5off100 / 10Off200

You can also checkout other fitness equipment over at Bodybuilding Resources

See you in the comments.

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What To Do On Your Non Weighttraining days?

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Relax and Build muscle faster

Weight lifting is intense! It will leave your muscles feeling sore and leave you feeling exhausted and if you are training properly, you will always feel the pain. (It just eases up over time)

Now we all know that the next day after a workout will be a rest day, and rightly so.  But have you considered actually doing something on those days instead of resting? (And I don’t mean alternate workouts either). Activities that don’t involve using mega strength or cause exhaustion, that will be beneficial to your mind and soul that will give you a sense of relaxation and increased self-awareness?

Well you should! And you will enjoy your weight training workouts more when doing so.

So what activities should you do?


Now this activity is breaking the rules a little, as swimming can be classed as a moderate intensity cardio workout. The answer on how to avoid doing that is simple…

No hard swimming!

Stick to swimming styles such as the backstroke or breaststroke. When doing so, swimming then becomes a very relaxing activity that can also assist in healing your war torn muscles from the intense workout you had previously. Swimming will also relieve your mind from built up stress and tension and help revive those energy levels, doing wonders for your mental.

Although you won’t be perusing this activity with a workout state of mind, the movements you make during swimming will strengthen your heart muscles and help deliver oxygen throughout your body, which will then help you perform better in your cardio training workouts.

Swimming is a basic and common activity for sure, but not everyone takes it up, so if that is you, make sure you get your Lara croft Tomb Raider dive on for your next rest day from the gym.



I’ve talked about the benefits of taking up yoga in a previous post, and I also encouraged guys to take it up as well. Yoga is great for a number of reasons.

  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased circulation
  • Muscle balance
  • Spinal alignment (Still keep your form while lifting)

The key reason I included yoga is because one thing it helps you do is stop! Fully relax and find self-awareness. And for me, stopping and finding self-awareness is where the real value is, as I’m sure you can agree that the activities in our daily lives keep our minds racing away at a ‘sometimes’ uncontrollable pace.

Overall, yoga will help you fully relax your muscles, as they will be very tense from the weighttraing workout.

Take a walk in the park


In the past I would go to Work/ University and then workout in the evening. This would be the same for all three-workout days in the week and at weekends I would do the social thing or some other spontaneous activity. So I was a part of the uncontrollable fast paced life.

But today things are a bit different. I now make it compulsory to take REAL time out on certain days, especially after an intense workout. Taking a walk in the park is something I do often, and I find that it fully relaxes me. Sometimes I add music to the mix, as music can be great for relaxing the mind. The bonus for me is that when you listen to music, (what ever it is you listen to) and you hear the same songs months or years later, it brings back memories to a time when you were in a good state of mind.

What music to listen to?

Everyone’s taste is different, but you will want to stay away from the gym music (Rock, Hip-hop), and put on some thing relaxing to your ears.

  • Easy going
  • Classic
  • Chill out CD’s

chill-out-gym music
Or if you don’t like music for whatever reason, you could always throw on some ambient sounds (ambience) from your iphone/ ipod app (if you own one).

In addition to these, make sure you are eating your peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, spinach, milk, protein supplements (if you use them) and others after your workouts. These are great foods for helping to repair muscle and will help reduce tension.

The key thing to take away from this, whatever the activity is, is that you should make it compulsory that you take REAL time out. I know we are all fitness fanatics and gym brutes and only want to achieve results with the utmost passion, but implementing the above in which ever way you do it will help you perform better, be great for your mental state and more importantly, build muscle.

What activities do you do on your days off from the gym?

See you in the comments.

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Building Muscles for Tall Men vs Building Muscles for Short Men

September 23, 2009 by  
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Since growing to my adult height of 6’1 at age 16, I decided that it was time to hit the gym as my late high school years were coming to an end. Yes, it is true that I may have kept growing up until the age of 21, but I was happy with my height, yet I simply was not a fan of the skinny man look as an adult.

That was some years back now and from my experience of building muscle, I can conclude that it is definitely harder to gain muscle mass on a tall persons frame than it is for a short person.

Now don’t get me wrong, overtime time I have realised that both body types will build muscle at the same rate, it’s just that tall peoples muscles are distributed over a larger area. This means that taller people will need to work harder to grow their muscles to point where they look ‘HUGE’. But when they do get to that stage, they will definitely adopt the’ stand out from the crowd’ look.

This is what the shorter guys won’t get!

Shorter guys can build muscle faster for sure, because their muscles are distributed over a smaller area, but they will only get the small powerful look and once they reach a certain size, there won’t be much room to grow any further either because of their smaller frame. So although taller guys have a hard time gaining weight, with hard work there will always be room to grow.

Tall persons frame

= Larger bones

= More distance between joint and insertion point of muscle

= Better leverage

= Stronger

Taller persons frame

= Larger ROM (Range of Motion)

= What some argue… weaker!

Taller persons frame

= Larger frame

= More potential for weight gain in workouts

But Shaun… people are neither ‘just tall’ nor ‘just short’, there are many variations of body types!

You are right,

  • Long legs vs. short legs
  • Long arms vs. short arms
  • Long torso vs. short torso

And all kinds of combination’s

But you can discuss those variations of body types at the end of this post. For the purpose of this post lets just assume we are talking about,

Short – typical ectomorph

Tall – typical ectomporph

Lets now look at how both body types are affected with particular exercises to prove the fact that it is harder to build muscle mass when you are taller and that tall people are at a disadvantage.



Pull-ups are one of the best strength gaining and muscle building exercises, and it gets even better when you add a dipping belt to the mix. Despite its greatness, the pull up is simply not a tall persons exercise and someone like myself has to work much harder to get those strength gains (Painful!).

The main issue is that a tall person would have a wider grip compared to a shorter person, and that is what makes it tough.

However, I did work hard, and I know for sure it took me a lot longer to get strength gains than my shorter framed friends. My only real personal advantage was that I didn’t weigh too much to begin with in those early days, so I was able to put out more reps than my heavier taller friends.

Bicep exercises (chin ups/ Curls)


If you are tall then it is very unlikely that you will have short arms, and I know from experience (again, painful!) that a tall person has a tough time building ‘stand out biceps’, even to the stage where they look developed. Taking them to the ‘HUGE’ level is a different matter altogether. (But it can be done). The key difference here is that a shorter person with naturally shorter arms can build big biceps in a fraction of the time that it will take for the tall person to get achieve the same results (damn these long limbs).

Bench Press


This is another short man exercise. For years I’ve met many people that were able to lift a lot more weight than I could on the bench press exercise and I just couldn’t figure out how that was so. I mean… I was and still am a pretty strong guy (In my view) and can lift some pretty serious weights. But every time it comes to bench press, it just takes more work.


  • Longer arms!
  • Wider grip!
  • More Range of Motion to perform a full rep!

Without a doubt, there are advantages and disadvantages to both body types. It may seem like I’m bashing the short guys for having it all, but hey, that’s my experience. The bottom line is that in general, shorter guys can do less and gain muscle mass much quicker than us tall guys. Whichever body type you are, just be sure to replace those exercises that feel awkward to perform with something else, and if a shorter/ taller guy out-performs you at a particular exercise, just mind your own business! Because if you try to challenge them you will get egg on your face, then you WILL be embarrassed.

Which exercises do you have difficulty performing?

What is your body type? Is it a variation of the above?

Tis the S-curve lifestyle… Which means you can continue any current activities you’re currently doing.

And remember… Fashion is a ‘thing’ @ everything you end up > wearing…


Forever building muscles… > Becoming S-curvish for…

Born tough @ Men Becoming S-curvish

Born tough apparel @ Men Becoming S-curvish


It’s all about nutrition variety, when it comes to boosting results. Especially towards (The harder to achieve) 60-100% S-curvish results.

And so… A new addition to the supplement family within S-curve world…

The Vegan/Vegetarian ingredient focused testosterone booster via the team/our partners at Military Muscle.

> You can read more about it here <

The Vegan/Vegetarian ingredient focused testosterone booster via S-curve Partner Program members @ Military Muscle

The Vegan/Vegetarian ingredient focused testosterone booster via S-curve Partner Program members @ Military Muscle

See you in the comments.

Talking of nutrition…

Before supplements come into play… Your focus should be on food FIRST.

In our world… It’s all about delivering the right information and food to you. In a way that makes sense for your lifestyle.

In regards to information… > this post is where you need to live

In regards to getting the right food to you… In a way that makes sense to YOUR lifestyle…

Say hello to one of our S-curve Partner Program businesses…

– Top Chef Meals

top chef home delivery

Top chef home delivery


– A core focus on customised ready cooked meals… That are frozen.

This means that for those of you who are following our 121 nutrition coaching shenanigans…

> Get to eat cooked meals without having to cook them yourself.

> Don’t have to worry about having to rush to eat the food, upon arrival.

> Can embrace meal variety… Which is a core element of our S-curve formula. 

– Home delivery.

– No subscription commitment. As the S-curve Xperience lifestyle is all about being flexible. Just like how we are, when we start/stop with our S-curve Member Program (SMP).

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Altus Deluxe Door Chin Up Bar

September 22, 2009 by  
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Altus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 Bar Altus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 BarAltus Deluxe Chin Up Bar, 1 Bar

The Ultimate Upper Body And Abdominal Workout!

Some of you may still be buzzing from the unique bodyweight exercises. But before i give you the Ebook lowdown on that, i would like to prepare you for those bodyweight workouts that I’m sure you’ll be doing as we lead up to the festive season in these sure to be cold winter months.

The door chin up bar

If you haven’t already got one of these, then this should be the first piece of home gym equipment that you should get. I’m now onto my 2nd chin up bar that I’ve put onto a 2nd door in my home.


Well, The chin up bar allows you to perform some of the best bodyweight exercises there are that will give you the best strength gains.

  • Chin ups
  • Pull ups (Wide grip, close grip, both with a dipping belt)
  • Hanging Leg raises

And when you are just relaxing in your home, or feeling energetic after a good meal, you can just easily jump on to the bar and max out on a few sets of the above bodyweight exercises. No real preparation, just spontaneous muscle action.

There are many chin up bars you can buy out there, but this was the 2nd one I bought earlier this year. It’s been pretty sturdy since putting it up and hasn’t given me any problems (such as falling down scares when in use!). This one is better than my all steel chin up bar as it has rubber handles that don’t slip, which also absorbs sweat from your hands. The grips are actually a vital accessory for any chin up bar, and if you have performed chin ups on a groove-less steel bar, then you’ll know how frustrating slipping across the bar can be during a workout. If you truly are heavy handed then you can always use a paper towel for extra grip, although i don’t think it will be necessary. (see picture)



So if you haven’t yet got one, be sure to get it, as the Ebook won’t be to far off, and i definitely want you to be ready in time for that. I’ll be updating you on a few other must-have bodyweight exercise accessories, until then, get pulling.

But wait…

Whether you have been hit by the recession or not, one can always save money… right? Any how, I’ll leave you with these coupons for you bodyweight enthusiasts.

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Unique Bodyweight exercises (part 2)

September 18, 2009 by  
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After yesterdays post i am still quite enthusiastic to share some of the most unique bodyweight exercises that you can perform to build and maintain super strength . And supreme strength is the very thing that I am quite certain of that most gym buffs lack. But after reading this continuation of unique bodyweight exercises, a strength less gym buff you will be not!

I have talked about abs quite a lot over the weeks. Why? Well, it’s what everyone asks for and it was and still is one of the muscle groups that i am passionate about building. But this next exercise will be a true test of your strength as well as building up your abdominal muscles .

Flying human flag: Oblique ab crunch (Vertical)

  • Difficulty: 8 /10
  • Time to master: 6-8 months

As you can see, this exercise does look pretty insane, and it can take some time to master. The heavier you are the harder it will be to do. Before attempting this, I would advise that you get really good at performing chin ups and handstand exercises. Once you do that you should then have enough strength to attempt this exercise.

To perform this, you will need very good core strength. Start by keeping your knees tucked in close to reduce leverage. Each week you should gradually be able to hold the form for about one split second longer. When you do, you must begin to gradually extend just one leg outwards… and then so on.

When you do nail this exercise you can show off as much as you like, and best of all, you will have super strength.

Now… you may have been able to master pull ups. You may have been able to master the dips exercise. You might have even mastered doing them with a dipping belt. But could you imagine performing both exercises in one whole movement? Well… if you are up for the challenge then such an exercise does exist. It is called the

Muscle up

  • Difficulty: 10/10
  • Time to master:10-12 months

What is a muscle up? It is a pull up exercise followed immediately by a dips exercise. In general you will need rings to perform this (like in gymnastics), but you can use a chin up bar. However, using a chin up bar will make the exercise harder to perform.

This exercise is truly a sacred hidden gem for sure. You may possibly have heard of them before, but i bet you don’t hear about many people performing them. The guy in the video is simply a beast! He makes this exercise look really easy to do. But i can assure you… this exercise is tough and you will need brute Tarzan strength to perform it.



  • 15 pull ups
  • 15 dips

One arm chin up


  • Difficulty : 10 / 10
  • Time to master: 6 months to several years!

This is actually one of my favorite exercises. It’s not the fact that it will increase my muscle mass or strength, it’s just that i was always really bad at trying to do these exercises, and to progress and be able to do them fluently is quite a good feeling.

But enough about me. Once you have mastered ordinary chin ups, this exercise is the one that will truly challenge your strength. If you do manage to master it, it will prove that you are one of very few who possess this raw human strength and you can be proud to wear that trophy too.

After seeing part’s one and two of unique bodyweight exercises, it is quite possible that you are lost on how to actually perform each one. Because of that, i will be posting an in depth guide over the next few days on how to actually perform them in the correct way, the do’ s and don’ts and how to really prepare for them. So stay tuned.

See you in the comments.

The unique bodyweight exercises ebook

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Unique bodyweight exercises

September 17, 2009 by  
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bodyweight exercises

As of this month, it has been reported that we are now climbing our way out of the recession. But for many that doesn’t mean s***, and many people are still broke and struggling. If you fall into that category, you might have made cut backs on spending, and going to the gym may have been one of the things you cut back on, which is a worry as everyone from me to Aviva (check ’em out at are telling you the best way to be is to stay in shape. If so then it is your lucky day, as today I will be describing some unique bodyweight exercises that will allow you to maintain that sweet body that you have built up.

Advanced bench dips

bench dips

  • Difficulty: 4/ 10
  • Time to master: 2-3 weeks

Although this exercise isn’t too demanding on the triceps, it is still demanding enough that you will need to have a decent amount of current tricep strength to perform it.


  • Find a bench and a wall
  • Place your hands on the bench, shoulder width apart and push your feet against the wall so that your legs are straight and roughly in line with the bench.
  • Put your feet against the wall, lift your arms up straight and lower yourself down until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  • Hold this position for a second or two, and then back to the starting position.
  • Repeat

What makes this exercise unique is that instead of having your feet placed on the ground, they are up against the wall. Having your feet up against the wall means that your triceps will have to lift more weight. If you want to get creative then you can always place some weight plates onto your lap.

Full hanging leg raise

  • Difficulty: 6/ 10
  • Time to master: 2-3 months

Now normal leg raises can be a bit of a challenge for sure, you,

  • Grab a pull up bar.
  • Raise both legs together up to a 90-degree angle.
  • Lower your legs and repeat.

But now that you have no money to go to the gym, you have to up the ante a little.

Introducing the full hanging leg raise!

The difference with this exercise is that instead of lifting your legs to a 90-degree angle, you must now lift them all the way up to the bar until your feet touch the bar. This will be a challenge yes, but once mastered, it will give you an increase in strength, flexibility and control over your body, along with perfecting those lower abs.

If you find that you are not able to get your feet all the way up, take your time and build up to that progression until you do reach the bar.

The Ab wheel roll out

  • Difficulty: 9/10
  • Time to master: 3- 6 months

This exercise is very similar to the exercise ball roll out exercise from yesterdays post. Again, it might look pretty simple to perform, but once you reach those last few reps, the burn really does catch you by surprise. Now the normal ab wheel roll out looks like this,


  • Begin by kneeling on the floor, and hold both sides of the wheel.
  • Roll the wheel forward, and lower your body as far as you can without arching your back.
  • Use your abs to pull yourself back to the starting position.

The unique version looks like this,


The difference now is that only your feet and hands are on the floor. The real burn here is when you return from the extended position. That is where you will suffer, but master this exercise and you will see improvements in your strength on all parts of your body.

One legged squat


  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Time to master: 2-3 months

Now we can test if all of that squatting with weights in the gym has or has not improved your functional strength. This is the best leg exercise that you can do with your body weight. Some may even go, as far as to say that it is the best leg exercise of the lot! But here’s how you do it,

  • Stand straight.
  • Hold one leg out in front of you.
  • Hold both arms out straight in front of you.
  • Lower your self down on one leg.
  • As you reach the ground, tense your butt and stomach muscles.
  • Hold the position briefly.
  • Rise back up and repeat.

This exercise is all about balance, but once you master this one, you will build real true strength for sure.

I am without a doubt a bodyweight exercise enthusiast, but that is also a good thing for those of you reading this. Why? Because I don’t want you to end up being the ‘king’ of the gym who can’t manage to do a single pull up. That is no real king in my eyes.

These bodyweight exercises will help you build real strength, and better yet, you will be building muscle and strength on the cheap in the space of your own home. So follow these exercises through and you will succeed in your strength gaining efforts.

See you in the comments.

You can now grab the Unique Bodyweight Exercises Ebook here.

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