How To Cope With Drug Withdrawals

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There are many people who will want to get off a drug that has taken a hold of their life, but that does not mean that they have a plan to get this going.  They need to pick a place that is going to help them with their recovery, and they need to be sure that they have a plan for when they get out. Read through all these steps so that you have an idea of what you are going to be getting into when you are going through withdrawal.


What Are The Symptoms?

Xanax withdrawal symptoms are not unlike any other drug.  You need to be in a rehab center to help you because these are the places where the staff already knows how to give you help.  They can help you through all the tremors and the delirious feeling that you get. The staff can help you remain healthy, and they will talk you through the problems that you are having.  It takes a little while, and then you can start to move on with your life.


How Should You Change Your Life?

You have to change your life almost instantly by eating a better diet and drinking more water.  There are a lot of people who will have problems with this because they were not healthy to begin with.  This is the best time for you to make this change because you can make a wholesale change to your life. You will find that exercise and a better diet will really change how you feel, and you can get over your withdrawal symptoms a lot faster.



You should go through some kind of meditation or other program that will help you to relax.  The people that are not relaxed are going to go through major challenges because they are not able to focus, and they need to be sure that they have tried to remove as much stress from their lives as possible.  This is a very simple way for you to get your life back on track, and it also helps you avoid the stressors that would make you want to use these substances again in the future.


Go To Therapy

A therapist can help you track your withdrawal because they want to hear about how you are feeling.  They also want to see if they can give you some help in trying to overcome any problems that you are having with the withdrawal.  They can talk to you about your feelings, and they will let you know if there is a problem there that they think you should work on.

You can change your life completely when you are planning on dealing with your withdrawal in a way that makes sense.  You could feel a little strange for weeks after you stop using, and you need to be prepared to handle this problem so that it does not follow you and lead you back to substances.

This is the filter you NEED in your life TODAY! (Newsletter)

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I don’t really need to tell you what’s going on. IF… You’re active on all of the profiles @ this image…


Which you can see, over on the right.

If you’re not active. You’re likely a busy person. And need a filter. Which is why you’ve ended up as a reader here.

So let’s talk about what’s hot in S-curve world right now. Shall we…





Everyone here enjoys ‘something’ within this S-curve experience.

But one of the fave things right now. Is using things like…

– Messenger chats
– Website post notifications

– Email for business to business communication

It just cuts out the noise, that has become ‘the internet’. And gets us to focus on where we want to go/what we want to get.

So good on you, for being a reader here!



(And other festive seasons)

That blog post had to be officially created.

Bits of it have been published over the years. But it needed a complete post. So that all who end up here… Can have that info sink into their brain and become a permanent habit.




(Sh*t we’ve been using since 2010 + Evolving)

That’s another post that HAD to go up. Bookmark it too.

The protocol supplements are just whey and casein. We add them to certain meals to boost the nutrient value of A-C rated foods (The taste too).

Which is talked about here:



It has evolved over time.

With the most recent addition/changes being…


– Guys ‘goal’

– Therapy, coaching, nutrition, lifestyle, mindset help


It’s THE best portrayal of the S-curve member. And parts 1 of 4 of the S-curve experience.



Read that. It’s what you need to know, before you become an S-curve member.


I think that’s it.

If I’ve missed anything. You’re going to see it, in part 4 of the official S-curve blueprint tips series.

Which is a compilation of the LIVE tips that I’ve personally been leaving in the comments section of each pic. For now… You can click the the image below, scroll to the right. And read the comments section on each pic.

How to Stay Fit at Your Desk Job

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The hard fact of life is that not everyone can get their dream job. Even if someone does, the chances that it involves exercise and moving about are about half-and-half. The world is developing in such a manner that more people are ending up working on desks. This has resulted in a sedentary lifestyle that is harming our bodies and minds. Sitting at a desk for hours on end hurts our body structure and leads to more aches and pains. Moreover, our metabolism suffers and so does the eyesight from staring at computer screens all day long.

Desk jobs don’t have to be stressful for the body. Recent years has seen a rise in new consumer products geared toward helping this inactive life choice. From the standing desk to ergonomic chairs, there is a constant attempt at maintaining good posture and keeping the blood flowing in the body. The results of all these external factors have been somewhat mixed. While they do help at some level, the overall success relies heavily on the state of mind and personal motivation. Small changes in our routines can make a big difference. Trying the suggestions below will certainly help towards a healthier you, especially if you have a desk job.  


Make the most of the Commute


Depending on the job and working hours, it is not always possible to stay away from the desk for too long. Try to squeeze in your daily exercise during the commute and make it as energetic as possible. From riding a bike to taking the stairs, every little step makes a difference in the end. Within the office, set yourself some goals. Make sure you get up and stretch after finishing a particular task. If nothing else, while sitting, keep moving and rotating your feet to avoid getting clots and cramps.  



Use Technology


Technology is changing how we live. For some people, it is a way to show off their wealth. For others, it is essential in bringing the world closer digitally. The health industry has been at the front end of the newest technological advancements. The latest smartwatches tell us more than just the date and time. We can monitor our heartbeat, keep track of our sleeping patterns, and count the number of calories that we burn every hour. Use a smartwatch to set tasks as the sense of achievement on completing them will keep you motivated to continue staying fit.  


Walk for Food


An easy way to get exercise at your office desk job is to walk for food. Think of it as an excuse, but every time you feel peckish or want to have water, simply get up and get going. Many desk workers have snacks in their drawers or water bottles handy, but to get some exercise in, it is a better idea not to do that. These are quick and small breaks that don’t take away from your work but add a lot to your health.      


Corporate Gym Membership


Among the perks that come from working for corporate houses, the gym memberships they offer to their employees is one of the best. Besides saving money, a gym is an ideal place to let go of that stress, work that body, and also get social at the same time.

Incoming search terms:

How to become a ‘new type’ of S-curve member! (Newsletter)

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All of that S-curve world supplement and food stuff from > this post. Soak It all in. You do that… You win!


Most of you who read the > newsletter… Don’t need to see the following page. But as a website visitor/reader. You need to.


Enter: > A new ‘Become an S-curve member’ page.

It’s the same as the one that you see on our Facebook page (‘Shop’ tab). Just with more detail.

We’re making sure that the S-curve experience… Is experienced the same way, across all of our platforms.

So if you jump through any of those platforms, @ the image that you see at the start of this post (From the right side bar).

Then it should all feel familiar.


I’m going to show you how little time you need. To start and continue @ Becoming S-curvish.

This ties in with the S-curve experience as a whole. Because the entire point of Becoming S-curvish (Which takes work… Not necessarily a lot of time).

Is so that you can enjoy more of your time, doing what YOU like. Here…


> In OOTD/OOTN attire @ your daily life shenanigans.

> On Travel-curvish 2.0 trips (2-4 hours away from home for 2-4 days)

That’s exactly how I myself, live life.

Although the TC2.0 trips have been ‘less’ … Recently.

And when I’m around people who live regular busy lives. They see me drinking wine and eating chocolate… Without stressing about my physique.

Because you don’t need to stress. Once you’re at least 60% S-curvish AND follow the S-curve formula consistently.

We’re dealing with women AND men here. So > here’s what the formula looks like for both sexes.


What it looks like to become an S-curve member


#1 LIVE update member page
#2 A smart phone, tablet or laptop
#3 An internet connection

When you have that… You can become a member. Regardless of where you live in the world!


A) 10-15 minute workouts as you wake up or before you go to bed… Following videos on your phone/device. Some of which… Are recorded for you specifically.

B) Follow YOUR S-curve meal structure. And eat until you feel full/content @ every main meal.

That’s it!

That is the bare minimum that you’ll do. Throughout most of your months.

The main reason why you become a member. Is so that you get the right education + experience. But mostly to stick to the plan.

Almost everyone who wants to achieve @ ‘life’. Fails… Because they’re not attending a compulsory sessions.

Like… You have to go to work, right?

That’s compulsory. If you don’t… You don’t get paid!


In regards to becoming an S-curve member…

Forget about workouts… And even nutrition focused stuff. You begin… So that you can start doing the right things, in regards to YOUR life… @ ANY part of this S-curve experience.


– Mindset

– Motivation

– Therapy (Someone to talk to about sh*t)

– Nutrition/Supplementation (In S-curve world)

– Earning extra income (Within S-curve world)


That’s what we’ve been helping all of you guys and ladies with since October. So as usual… Message via the blue icon in the bottom right corner. And in picture comments on the page/timeline posts on the > FB page.

An S-curve world update (Newsletter)

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I’m just going to update you with everything that’s been going on @ everything in S-curve world.


#1 Global reach – Everyone that’s in the comments and the chats… Are from ‘everywhere’. US, UK, Europe, India, Pakistan, Philippines. Everywhere!

So there’s a lot of ‘Google translate’ activity going on.

Fortunately… I’m personally good with several languages, at a very basic level. So I know how to fix what Google translate gets wrong.

Either way… The S-curve experience is being embraced. The way that I knew it would be, 1-2 years ago (when we started to evolve into it) @ my yearly predictions.

Which leads me to…

#2 Supplements

The following, is an S-curve blueprint tip that I left inside one of the photo comments…

@ The official S-curve supplements list…

(Which isn’t many)

The best thing to do… Is to simply try one order @ small, medium or large.

Instant knockout supplement

And just keep it in your kitchen cupboard.

And use it as a regular booster. In addition to ‘eating S-curvishly’.



That S-curve meal structure ^^^ > Place the foods and/or supplements into the structure 

It’s ALL about the ingredients. So get used to reading food labels on the food or supplements that you buy. And… Get used to the A-F food rating system. Because in some places… Foods don’t have labels.

And that won’t be a problem, if you know how to look at any one food source… And determine it’s ranking @ A to F rated (A = Apple F = Apple pie with cream).


You’ll start to notice the effects over time.

In general… You keep this at the forefront of your mind…

”1 x Capsule – 3-4 Times a Day”

Then we tweak that amount, based on how active you are, over time.

That’s the general rule @ using

– High end
– Ingredient focused

supplements in S-curve world.

So understand… That when you buy and try. I’ll be personally guiding you along the way. Since I’m still the head person that is in charge of 121 coaching shenanigans.

prime male supplement testosterone booster prime male supplement testosterone booster
We’ve been using the page/supplement (Images/links above)… To teach ‘how to approach’ the explanation above… In real time.

That is…

Ingredients page (Image above) + My LIVE guidance… As you reply to these messages/newsletters.

That is a ‘guy specific’ supplement above though.The following page is what both males and females need to bookmark in S-curve world.

It’s an official list that had to be created. Due to all the new faces arriving here lately.

And we MUST make sure that everyone is on the same page. Regardless of where you are in the world.
#3 Just keep an eye on the FB page timeline and/or follow in these places…
Which you’ll see on the right side bar. For anything else… Just message direct. As you can see on the FB page… The response time is almost always immediate @ replying to you.

How To Understand The Psychology Of Addiction

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Understanding the psychology of addiction is a little bit easier than you think if you want to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.  You have to determine why people do the things they do, how addiction can help them, and the memories that it might be tied to. You do not know all these things right away, but you can come to a conclusion that will be easy for you to understand if you have really thought about it without judging.  Each step below reveals the psychology of addiction wholly.

1. They Never Dealt With Their Emotions

Someone who is averse to rehab might find that they just do not want to deal with their emotions.  However, you can learn a lot about what therapy and rehab can do from you here at as you begin to unpack all the problems that people have.  The issue is that people have a very hard time letting go of their emotions, and they bottle them up for too long.  Anything could be under the surface, and it is wise to go to rehab or therapy to figure it out.


2. They Are Compensating

Some people are compensating for something in their life that they do not have.  The issue is that they think they can replace something fairly easily just by using drugs or alcohol.  They will keep using that substance trying to get the same high, and it will always fail them. They will try harder and harder substances until they can come away with something that they think actually works, but even that will not work because it is not strong enough to cover up emotions that they have.


3.They Want To Feel Nothing

Some people use drugs and alcohol so that they can feel as numb as possible.  This is a good tactic for someone who is avoiding their emotions, and they would rather feel dead inside after drinking or using drugs than facing people in their lives.  However, you have to engage people in conversation as much as you can because there is literally no other way for you to get them to open up to you if you have never talked to them before.  They might burst with emotion, and they can see there is a way to handle these problems.


4. They Hide

People get ashamed of being addicted, and they will hide it because they think that they should not be in this situation.  They will not tell anyone, and they will continue to hide it until it gets so bad that everyone noticed. They will withdraw even more, and that is why you have to talk to them as much as you can because that will cause them to see that you want to help no matter how bad it is.


Addiction will cause people to hide and isolate while they try to handle their problems on their own.  You need to recognize the signs and help people by at least talking to them and suggesting rehab.

How to eat during holiday season? (Not what you think!)

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Via @mariolarc


The holiday season vibes are here folks.

And today… I’m going to teach you the approach that we started to embrace, around 5 years ago. When the S-curve formula/experience started to form.

Because what was being taught… And embraced. Was BS. And not sustainable. And more importantly. Not fun!

If sh*t isn’t fun. You are not going to stick to it.

Like… Can you imagine staying with a hubby/boyfriend wife/girlfriend… That you didn’t like any more.

Nope… You just leave.

Now… What was being embraced. And which still probably happens. Is that people will binge-fest ‘galore’… During Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

And then start thinking about fixing their binge-fest shenanigans. Some time between the end of December and during February of the following year.

In S-curve world…

Don’t do that… Do this…

Start thinking long term @ 1-5 years.

#1 That’s the life I’ve been living… Documenting everyday for the past 3 years on my FB profile @ this album

#2 Holiday season…

Don’t dread the binge. In fact… Embrace it and look forward to it… Once you start living S-curvishly @ Already eating S-curvishly and following the S-curve formula shenanigans.


A) You’re probably a very busy person. And even as an S-curve member… You’re not going to do things perfectly, every single time @ fixing your mind, body and lifestyle.

And in terms of nutrition. You’re going to miss out on important ingredients that your body needs.

Holiday season is one of the only times of the year… Where someone has cooked a lot of food (= A lot of nutrient variety).

And… A time of year where you’ll have time to eat it all. Enjoy it. And to let your body rest properly.

That’s a super combo for boosting results.

And yes… This can be 1 of the 4 times of the year… Where you take 7-10 days off from workouts. So that your body re-feeds properly.

What about all that extra ‘crappy (saturated) fat that I’m putting into my guts?

Yes… That is a problem…

For the people who are not currently living S-curvishly!

Why is that so?

Because the only way a few days of food binging can affect you… Is if you’re already on the road of gaining excess fat, over a number of months/years.

Getting results takes time. And you, looking/feeling like trash… That process takes time too.

Your current day lifestyle would have allowed that to happen.

So… If you’ve been following everything that you’ve been taught so far, within S-curve world. Then for you… Please embrace the fall season binge-fests.

#1 Because your body will be rewarded for it.

#2 Because Tis the S-curve experience.

And a lot of you don’t give a sh*t about fitness and nutrition. You just want to learn what’s right and wrong… @ the stuff you’re doing in your daily life today.

And to of course… Enjoy the other parts of the S-curve experience.

Which = Image time explanation 

10000 words of pure sh*t S-curve nutrition/workout/lifestyle coaching tips

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Read part 1 and part 2


So… We have finally arrived at part 3, of the S-curve blueprint tips series. It is a brand new blueprint tips list however… @ NOT taken from the ‘already published’ newsletter S-curve blueprint tips from the past 2-3 years.

Which means it’s fresh and unique.

In fact… They have been taken from the comments section, from the photos on our Facebook pages/profiles. All of which… Have been posted in just the past 2-3 weeks!

Yup… It was all posted LIVE and in the moment… Straight from my brain. So that you newbies know, that we’re the real deal. So that you know we had an epic past. Are currently having an epic ‘present’. And are working on an even more epic future.



Everything that you read below. Is what I would say to you, if I’m coaching you in 121 chats or face to face.

Like… We do LIVE and raw videos, during 121 FB Messenger coaching sessions.

When these are recorded. The intention, is to indeed stick to some basic video recording and editing rules. Like good lighting and decent editing. But everything else remains raw. Because that’s how it’s going to look… As you do this stuff yourself.



When you’re not a member – Those comments… Is me telling you ‘what to do’. Just the real truth, from all of my years of experience, from doing this S-curve sh*t with thousands of people (> EST > 2010).

When you are a member – I start teaching you ‘how to do’ the ‘what to do’… FOR YOU!!

Because it’s going to be different for everyone.


Because Tis the S-curve experience means… Living the best version of YOUR current day life.


OK… Before we dig into these ‘LIVE posted’ S-curve blueprint tips. Let me talk about the process of becoming an S-curve member.

Because this is where the journey starts. And for a lot of you… Fixing your body, mindset and lifestyle… Is the reason you’re here.



There’s a lot of people here, from all around the world. Recently… India, Spain, Brazil…

That isn’t the main concern. What matters… Is that everyone who enters our world… Is on the same page. Because you arrived here, after all. Which means you ‘get it’. The images/videos do most of the explaining. with the help of the most recent image descriptions (Like the post above). Which act as mini blog posts.

In terms of becoming an S-curve member…

How you start, is based on how much YOU ‘trust’. And how open you are.

Over a 12 month period… In any one month. The price for membership, will range between $50-$300. Depending on what you need at any given time.


That is…

#1 A LIVE update member page that you can access from anywhere, on any device.

#2 Page updates, based on what you report back… After taking action on your first update.


BONUS = Unlimited 121 coaching chats with me… 24/7 @ all around the clock! Once you continue on past your first update. Wether it’s $50 or $300 for any one month!!!

Some people will feel comfortable paying $50-$300 on day one. They’re just ready to go, from all the S-curve world social media shenanigans.

Others… Want to learn more first. You know… Sit on the fence for a while. Or just develop our relationship in these chats a little more.

So to make things easy for everyone. This button/icon in the FB page ‘shop’ was created. 

You’ll also see it around our different web pages and social media profiles.

That is…

#1 A LIVE update member page

#2 A day 1 update (Based on what you answer in > these questions)

#3 $10 to get started

And of course… Once you’re in… The ‘continue on from that point’…

BONUS = Unlimited 121 coaching chats with me… 24/7 around the clock… On your phone/in your pocket.


S-curve member groups?

Yes… We could do a paid group, via our Facebook page. But by the looks of things… In terms of membership. You’re here for ‘individual’ help. You don’t really give a sh*t about other people that you don’t know, who need help. Unless they are S-curve members who have succeeded or are succeeding @ any part of the S-curve experience. Which is why the results pages exist. So that YOU can see.

> Hall of fame

> S-curve member stories

So… That’s S-curve membership ‘explained’.


BONUS = Unlimited 121 coaching chats with me… 24/7 @ all around the clock!

This HAS to be first come, first serve!

As the FB profiles inbox’s get pretty loaded. So… Gotta prioritise. 

Yup… And there isn’t a robot version of ME. So… First come, first serve it is.


In terms of the rest of the S-curve experience (The fun stuff)…

That… I know you’re all loving, from looking at the comments section and ‘reactions’ on our social media pages…

We could indeed do some kind of free or paid FB group in this area.

Remember… That would be…


– Travel-curvish topics

– Topics about your daily lives

– The Amazon page

– About me and my FB profile shenanigans over the years and even today 

– The FB stories on my two most active profiles 


I’ll create… Based on the feedback you send back… In these chats and around our social pages.


10000 words of pure sh*t S-curve nutrition/workout/lifestyle coaching tips

Copied and pasted… Straight from the comments section (With mild edits).


In no specific order…


#1 Remember… In terms of ‘Becoming S-curvish… You can achieve your results, at a pace that’s right for YOU @ getting there. This is explained in full > here.


#2 The goal… Is to focus on lower abs. Because hitting the upper abs, will cause boob shrinkage (Women). Yes… SHE (Camila) has enhanced boobs. Because she likely lost size when she shredded fat around her upper body. But if you aren’t there yet @ breast implants already in place. Then… Prevention is key. Which we can prevent, since there’s an entire training module on it @ no/less shrinkage.


#3 This is why you feed the monster, using the S-curve meal structure. I’ll tell you what the biggest trigger tool is though.

Ankle weights… From 4-6kg.

Just remember… The exercises that are chosen for you… Are based on your on going results. It’s a tailored/proven (Too many times already) process.



Night time meal example = Casein + Fish oil tablets.

Morning time meal example = Orange juice, brown bread + prawns + leafy greens sandwich. And a whole egg.

Learn the protocol S-curve meal structure > here.

The goal… Is to teach you how to start choosing your own foods, to put into YOUR S-curve meal structure.



You know… One problem that some slim (Not skinny) ladies have… Is that they only look great, when semi-naked/naked. And look pretty skinny, when fully clothed. Especially when NOT in tight clothing.

Becoming S-curvish solves that problem.

Now… Everyone needs to shred fat, in the process of becoming S-curvish. What you need to do… Is eat S-curvishly. So that the letter ‘S’… Forms it’s shape. So that you DO look great, when fully clothed. 



Becoming S-curvish for OOTD attire…

One area of focus… Is so that you can reveal your entire waist… When in OOTD-curvish attire.

Most people need to hide their waist. Because it’s the first place that unwanted fat sits… When you DON’T eat S-curvishly.

Eating S-curvishly prevents an unwanted build up of fat… Almost entirely! But you have to start ‘right’. And that’s why we have that > ‘super easy to start’ page @ 10 bucks.

It’s all about setting the foundation. And before you know it. You wake up one day… Looking and feeling the way you’ve always dreamed of…


#7 S-curve workout ‘fashion’?

Yup… It’s a ‘thing’ in S-curve world. I mean…. How can it not be. This is the S-curve ‘experience’ @ keyword. And that part about OOTD/OOTN/BIKINI attire? Ya… Fashion comes under that. So that can and will make it’s way into your workouts. Because we make that sh*t FUN! The only ‘fashion’ WE have on offer though, is > here. So dig in…


#8 Want to know why there was a link to > water, on Amazon page, inside one of the FB post descriptions?

Because today… Everyone is comfortable with buying ‘food’ on Amazon. So… We’re simply making the navigation process ‘seem-less’… As we evolve things within the S-curve experience. Just like algorithms… It’s all about making you have to think ‘less’.



About that protocol S-curve meal structure?

Yes… I already said it will change, throughout your journey of progression and daily life shenanigans.

One of the first things that we identify from day 1. Is to ensure that you only end up eating foods that you like the taste of. Because if you don’t. The whole process will be fcuked!

So name some foods that you like the taste of… Slide into the DM’s OR message on the photo comments. Let’s get THAT info… Off of ya chest!



#10 And this is what the ideal TC2.0 trip looks like (C.line). Every 4-6 weeks. 2-4 hours away from home for 2-4 days. 

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live. There is ‘somewhere’ that has a place that looks like that… Nearby.

And when you pre-plan… You’ll have A LOT of time to do a lot of things, within that time period. Destination ideas? Check out the > Travel-curvish page or the rest of that > Pinterest feed.


#11 Check the > ingredients section from one of the supplements that ended up on this official list …

So… This is a lesson for you.

You learn the > ’protocol’ S-curve meal structure. And then take the ingredients from the food labels. And place them inside the structure.

After a while, you’ll see patterns. And that’s how you never ever fail @ nutrition… Ever again!


#12 Cycling is a great form of HIIT in S-curve world. As it’s easy to do the starting and stopping at every 60 seconds. But it’s on the Amazon page we created… @ where you’ll see the goodies to add to your arsenal. Here’s a > screenshot… 



We talked about Becoming S-curvish for your wardrobe earlier. And for Fitbuzzers who turn into S-cure members. With the dress above (Selena)…

The goal = Visible collar bone.

Yup. However… Reducing boob shrinkage is a must. Which is why we created a module for it.

Just remember though… It’s all about getting a feel for the ENTIRE experience. Which is why > this post had to come to surface.


#14 Since we’re talking about external items. And not being fixed internally. Head/Earphones…

That sh*t needs to be wireless. In ALL situations. Which ones you choose will be largely due to preference here. But… > Some direction.


#15 So… What could be the ideal item from our Amazon page (Travel-curvish section)… That would be relevant from this location (Christinarileyy)?

Let’s take a look.

One sec… Browsing. Ummm… I’d say… > This. Or the head mount. On your first tour of the place. Some drone shenanigans would come 2nd. After that… You just ‘Come up for air’.



Let’s talk about the OOTD/OOTN/BIKINI part of The S-curve experience, shall we….!!!

It’s explained in > this post. And in detail (Finally). But this is where ‘staying on the fit wagon’ starts. Because you choose your wardrobe… Based on what makes you look and feel best.

Like you should REALLY be choosing your wardrobe… Based on what clothes you WANT to look good in. Most people who are not S-curvish, don’t do that.

Instead… One wears black to look slimmer. Or extra layers to look curvy or ‘solid’. So it’s our job to make it > easy for you to ‘start’. Because once you’re in. These problems go away.

And then… Your wardrobe will motivate you @ LIFE… Every moment of the day! Every!


#17 Once again… ‘Soft lean’ is on display here (Vitoria). Which as you can see… Means keeping your real boobs… (Ladies)! 

Fake body parts are really unnecessary, when you have the right guidance.

And fortunately… We now have a lengthy list of successful S-curve members… Since 2011. Who have won… Using the S-curve formula, that was gradually created and improved upon, during that time.

Just dig into this recent > epic blog post, to see what those years looked like.



 ‘Soft lean’… I guess you could call that our ‘USP’ (Unique selling point). Although the word ‘sell’ is pretty horrible.

Tis the S-curve experience. Not the S-curve sell (Yack).

The great thing about that… Is that you don’t ever have to over obsess over food… Once you’ve reached at least 60% S-curvish.

At which point… You can live at ‘mind peace’. Because as an S-curve member… You would have learned, how to not ever lose your physique, ever again.

However.. You must become a member for at least 1-3 months to allow yourself and your body to experience that. That’s what the FOR SUPER FANS icon, in the shop is for.

Now… Let’s bring ‘soft lean’ to life…



This is what most of your ‘come up for air’ moments should look like… (Tatianaugirardi)

And it doesn’t always mean taking a TC2.0 trip.

TC2.0, in reality… Can only happen every 4-6 weeks for most people @ 2-4 hours away from home for 2-4 days.

But ‘Coming up for air’… Simply means to take 1-2 hours out of every single day. To just do ‘nothing’. Let your mind be free from all things that stress you the fcuk out.



Yes… The S-curve is real. Without exaggerated poses to create the letter ‘S’. Camila proves that point here. But one other place that you have all been liking… Is the S-curvish progress pics. So… Here’s where you can find them…

> Hall of fame

> Official S-curve member stories

> FB page



And this time… The S-curvish shred belly… Relaxed (Not holding air in, just for the pic – camillapazchavez). Again… Not easy to achieve on your own. But do-able.

You just need to have an S-curve member page. And as usual… You need to be pre-taught… Before you decide to do that. So once again… > Read through… Oh mighty people-curvish:).



Tis THE S-curve experience…

It IS a life that everyone can live. And we have put formulas in place… To make it achievable for all who have been drawn into S-curve world.

The most popular example, is Travel-curvish 2.0.

Because we all ‘work’. So taking big exotic trips, outside of work life… Regularly. Isn’t a reality for most busy adults.

But 2-4 days away, to a destination that is 2-4 hours away from home… IS very achievable.

Getting the body ‘part’…

We don’t need to explain that much to anyone, anymore. The best place to scan destination examples… Is the Pinterest feed. 


#23 (Kind of a repeat… But worth repeating anyway…)

The BIG goal…

An S-curvish shred belly… When seated AND relaxed. It’s part art, part science… To achieve it. And pretty hard to do on your own, without being an ‘obsessive’.

Which is NOT… The S-curve experience. We do all of this sh*t, to live our BEST lives. It all starts with the S-curve meal structure though. It’ll need tweaking over time (Which is why you become an S-curve member). But… It starts with the protocol structure. 


#24 Because sometimes… Imagery requires explanation. And it reduces the # of questions you have. So as a reminder… You turn your body to the left (Or right). With the goal of seeing a letter ‘S’. Woman Or Man. The S-curve experience ‘starts’ there. You can dig into the differences in our approach @ obtaining @ both sexes… > Here


#25 Let’s talk about that power bank (Above) for a sec. Because we’ve been on many TC2.0 trips. As it has to be said… That you NEED one of these on your trips. Because today… We LIVE on our phones/devices. So it doesn’t matter how good the battery life is on your device. That sh*t will draaaaain. So stack up on your TC2.0 gear. We’ve got the essentials listed on our main site(s). But it’s easier to naviage through them > here.


#26 Remember what was said about the upper butt here…


The hardest part to build on your butt… Is the ‘upper’. It’s mostly genetic. But that’s OK. Because the goal is to build the best version of you… FOR you. So it will be YOUR best upper butt that you will receive/achieve. There’s a few trigger exercise examples on the 2nd blueprint tips list

Well… Part of the magic. Is working out which of your muscle groups/fibers…’Grow’ the best. That’s what we figure out in your first 4-6 weeks as a member. And with (Chrystal)… It’s clearly her ‘side butt’ that boosts. Which gives strength to her upper butt. So you see… All is not lost. Becoming S-curvish FTW!



Remember… These lists simply compile everything. But for the real deal help… It’s all about 121 coaching chats. Because then we can identify which blueprint tips to use, for you, specifically. And at the right periods in time. Since you will use ALL of them… At some point on your journey…



You have ALL showed heightened interest to the progress/butt-gress pics recently, on the FB page/profile timelines.

And we have spoken to a few of you inside the Messenger newsletter too (Message the page to start receiving it). 

Just remember… We focus on women AND men today



I’ll give you some time periods @ long this result will take. Based on your current physique type… (FAT TO SHRED) Between 6-10 months. (MUSCLE TO BUILD FROM SKINNY) Between 3-7 months. Remember… The time frame is wide. Because you’re allowed to take your time to get there. Because it’s all about living a better version of your current day life. And you’re not dying with 3 months.



Ladies and Men…. The S-curve physique is one type for both. Men just want epic traps and wings o match. 60% S-curvish is a nice goal. You can lie a great S-curve experience with that. That’s just from eating S-curvishly and doing whatever was on your member page. But if you want to get to 70% S-curvish and above… Then it’s all about food + Ingredient focused supplements. THAT… Is why the list above was created. 

To Take Pre-Workouts or Not – Key Points To Consider

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If you have been seriously exercising or working out for any length of time you are more than likely to have come across the idea of pre-workouts. As the terminology suggests, a pre-workout is what you do before you get to your work out properly and it is mainly to do with nutrition and perhaps a little loosening. It could even be preparing you psychologically for your routine, run, or weight training session. This useful pre workout guide goes into even more detail should you choose to consult it.


A little bit of science

The bottom line is that your body requires energy to exercise and that energy comes via nutrition. Choosing what to fuel up with and exactly when to do so are probably the two most important considerations you should deal with. While protein is a major factor, you will need to consider carbs especially if you’re routine involve more sustained cardio regimes.

Your body produces the energy you need via nutrition and it does this especially well through the sugars in Carbohydrates as glycogen using your body’s insulin. Stocking up some carbs about 30 minutes before you work out is one suggested method of ensuring that those energy reserves are readily available to your body when it needs them.

Stocking up your energy supply

Choosing how to take on board the nutritional energy that your body needs for your work out can be done in a variety of ways that range from a snack to a full meal depending on what best suits the demands of your specific lifestyle. In the following, we take a look at your options and offer some suggestions as to how you might ensure that you are getting the most out of your pre-workout nutrition.


Pre-workout meals

Your pre-workout meal should be eaten about two hours before you intend to train and it needs to be rich in both natural carbs and protein. It is likely to be absorbed into your muscles and stored as ready energy for when your work out commences. Eating a substantial meal less than two hours before your work out is not such a good idea as it won’t have time to digest, you may feel bloated, and your body won’t gain the full nutritional benefit of it.

Natural foods are the key to the meals nutritional value with proteins such as chicken and tuna. Carbs in the form of brown rice or potatoes supplemented with fresh vegetables need to bring in around 400 calories. The aim is to feel satisfied but not bloated or ready to take an impromptu nap while your body uses up precious energy digesting your meal.


A pre workout snack

Pre workout snacks are the equivalent of a formula one “dash and splash” fuel up and pit stop.

Providing that you don’t take on board too much or create an annoying craving for more, they can work really well if you eat them about 30 minutes before you start your training regime. Keeping it light is essential and the carbs should be simple and noncomplex.

A few possibilities may be something along the lines of a little tuna on a couple of small slices of toast, natural Greek-style yogurt and berries, or a couple of hard-boiled eggs. A single banana is loaded with proteins, friendly natural sugars, and a healthy dose of potassium for good measure. The emphasis here is on tightly packaged fuel that is easy to digest.


Nutritional supplements and hydration  

While the jury is still out as to whether nutritional supplements are any more efficient than Mother Nature’s own pantry, they have been seen to produce results. Another serious consideration should be to ensure that you drink plenty of water during your pre-workout because you will need to maintain optimum hydration when exercising.

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Exercises for Building Muscles Without Equipment

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If you are interested in building muscle mass but you are not keen on gyms, you may be relieved to find out that there are a number of ways of getting around this problem.

Prime male supplement

Today, I want to talk to you about bodyweight training:


  • What it is
  • The benefits it can bring
  • Examples of three basic bodyweight training exercises and how to execute them


What it is

Bodyweight training is a form of exercise that does not involve the use of any equipment and instead uses the individual’s own weight as resistance against gravity.

Because it doesn’t necessitate any weights or machines, it is a very flexible and adaptable way of exercising, and can be done pretty much anywhere – including home. This is particularly useful if you either don’t like gyms or simply don’t have the time to set aside to frequent them.

Bodyweight training can bring all sorts of benefits to individuals who practice it, for a list of 55 exercises you can try you can take a look at the extensive infographic from Protein bee.


The Benefits it can Bring

Firstly, it is incredibly efficient. The high energy output involved in a bodyweight training session works incredibly well in terms of making muscle gains. Research shows that high output activity in short periods of time – something that bodyweight training is known for – can yield incredible gains.

It combines key elements of fitness. Through bodyweight training you can combine strength training and cardio by alternating between different exercises. Diversifying your workouts makes your body work harder and gain more over time as it adapts to different challenges.

It improves your balance, flexibility and core strength. By using your body as resistance against gravity, you will indirectly be increasing your balance as well as the flexibility in your limbs. A good bodyweight training session will also engage most of your core muscles and increase their strength over time.

It’s challenging and rewarding. One of the biggest advantages of bodyweight training is that different exercises can be tweaked and altered in different ways in order to increase or reduce their difficulty. In this sense, they can be adapted to a variety of fitness levels and you’ll probably never get bored of them. This makes it worthwhile to keep going at it for long periods of time, as you will see definite improvements.  

It can be done anywhere at any time. The very purpose of bodyweight training is to train without using weights or machines. This makes it a very adaptable and varied type of workout as it can be done in most places at most times, even if your schedule is full.

It’s free. Do I need to go into detail with this one?


Examples of Bodyweight Training Exercises

Now, let’s look at three different bodyweight training exercise that you can start doing right now. Remember that you can quite easily make alterations in your exercises depending on how you feel and what you want to achieve. These are just very useful starting points.

Squats. Squats are an incredibly useful form of exercise. Although they are most commonly known as exercises for the legs, they actually benefit the muscle-building of your whole body.

They contribute to your overall balance; they help your body burn more fat; they increase your mobility as you get older; and have even been shown to improve your body’s waste removal processes.

In order to do a squat, just follow these steps:

  1. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and extend your hands in front of you.
  2. Start descending by bending your knees and pushing your hips back simultaneously.
  3. Remember to keep your back straight and hold your chest up.
  4. Squat down as low as you can while looking straight ahead.
  5. Come back up to the starting position using your heels to push.

Push-ups. Push-ups are another very effective bodyweight exercise. They work your chest, core, triceps and shoulders; and as mentioned earlier, you can make different alterations in order to adapt them to your level of fitness.

Push-ups call forth all major muscle groups in your body to support your body weight while stabilising your movements.

To execute a proper basic push-up, follow these steps:

  1. Get on the ground facing down and place your hands slightly further apart than shoulder width.
  2. Set up your feet so that they are comfortable, either shoulder width apart or close together.
  3. Make your body as straight as possible, like an arrow.
  4. Look slightly ahead of you, but not all de way down.
  5. From a straight-up position, begin lowering yourself – clench your butt and flex your abs as if someone was about to punch you.
  6. Steadily lower yourself – now, depending on your level of fitness and experience, you can decide how low you want to go.
  7. Once you are at the desired level, push yourself back up until you are back in the starting position.

Crunches. The last exercise I want to talk to you about is crunches. While crunches don’t work as many muscles as push-ups, they are nonetheless very useful when it comes to your core – your abdominal muscles. They are effective at burning calories and improve your posture in the long term.

To do a basic crunch, these are the steps:

  1. Lie on your back with your knees bent and place your feet at a comfortable distance from your butt.
  2. Place your hands behind your head as if they were cradling it.
  3. Tilt your chin slightly forward so that it’s not too far from your chest.
  4. Gently pull your abs inwards.
  5. Curl up forward so that your head, neck and shoulders lift off the floor.
  6. Hold on for a moment at the height of the movement and then gently come back down.


In Conclusion

Bodyweight training can yield incredible results if done consistently and progressively. It’s great to have the possibility to gain muscle and become lean without having to resort to machines, weights and gym subscriptions.

Remember, the exercises I mentioned here are just a basic introduction to the things you can do in bodyweight training. The options are endless – I hope this was useful in getting you started.





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