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Buzzers… Sunday…
TC2.0 trips are a lot of fun. And you’ll definitely look forward to doing it again, once it’s all said and done.

But for me… And at this current time… It took me away from one of my fave past times. The TV shows.

I missed about 2 weeks of them, in the run up to this trip (And because of > this post). So this weekend…

I was playing catch up.
– Agents of shield
– And The Flash

Dead pool 2 arrives on Wednesday, in my current location. So that should be fun. Just keep an eye on

my own FB timeline this week.

That’s where you’ll find all of the fun posts anyway. Since all daily posts from all platforms end up there,

at some point in the day.




– Reminder S-curve blueprint tips.


– Becoming S-curvish is expensive? We walk through some of today’s options.


– My current TC2.0 trip kicked into gear… And I revealed what happens when I personally stumble upon

new people.


– The Pay-as-you-go S-curve member program, is the main focus right now @ the option you’d choose

when starting as a new member. So that’s been the highlight of most newsletters this week.

– TC2.0 blueprint tips.


– I’m a good man?

– TC2.0 withdrawal symptoms

– We make you strong!


– Expanding your financial portfolio? (Special cases @ S-curve members).


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Do I even know you?

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Buzzers… Saturday…

Yesterday… I mentioned that I’ve known many of you for well over 3 years (More like 5 years +).

Which means, that you have seen how we’ve evolved on here… Into today’s ‘S-curve experience’.

And quite a few 121 coaching chats… Reveal that a lot of you have an interest for expanding your financial status. Which has lead to some interest, on how things work in S-curve world, on the business end.

Now… There hasn’t been a 121 ‘business coaching’ model in place, as such… In the 121 coaching chats.

But the topic does get discussed. And tips do get passed on.

The one area that I have discussed publicly. Is in regards to > You can optional. But only in relation to how that industry, can improve how we do things in S-curve world.

However… If improving your financial status is a goal of yours. And you’re looking for solid options on how to do that. Then signing up on the website that’s listed on ‘you can optional’, is one way you can do that.

There’s an aggressive way = Quick return on investment, more risk and more skill sets required.

There’s a invest and hold way = You’d need to act within the next 28 days. And how much you invest, is up to you (Risk level you want to take).

This is only specific to members who have shown an interest in the business side of S-curve world.

And I’ll constantly be sharing with you, what I know. Since I have a past in the finance world. And have been pretty active again, in the past 18 months.

This is a good fit. Because we have built up that trust level over the years.

And even though you are interested. Understand that, for now. Anything that is discussed between us in these areas, will be ‘mild’ tips and teachings.

The area that will always be 1000% intense. Will be in regards to working the S-curve formula and living it up via the S-curve experience. Because that’s what we have become experts in.

Messenger apps on all social media platforms is where the important conversations are happening.

So which ever one you are on… Jump on there and strike up a convo. It’ll be me who replies, on the weekends. And always me… If on my own FB Messenger below.


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I’m a good man

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Buzzers… Friday…

Nope… I didn’t say that. > You did.


You know… One thing about taking TC2.0 trips. Is that you come back to your home location, with a ‘super’ moment of clarity.

Because often times… You’ll just keep on making crappy or uninspiring decisions @ you just keep pushing away at everyday life.

I was doing that for the past few months. But for good reason.

But due to all of our past experiences here. None of what I showed you during that time, was ‘bad’ to show you.

Which is one big benefit of doing something long term. You simply learn how to screw up, less.

Which is why we created a long term program. Because once you’ve gone through it… You can use the info over and over again because everything you experienced, is recorded via your LIVE update member page.

The only thing you’ll need to come back for, is 121 coaching. That has been the number 1 feature that has pushed members further. Mentally and physically.

So if you do end up paying more, as a new Pay-as-you-go member… That will be the reason why @ mostly.

TC2.0 withdrawal symptoms.

Yup… I couldn’t write about this yesterday. But I can now. Since I’m experiencing that. And coming back to the home set up… I quickly want to get back on another trip.

The main reason… Is the food! (TC2.0 location type… Which is different)

A lot of these villas and guest houses have some serious ‘cooking shenanigan’s going on, within their operations.

You simply kick back… And all this wonderfully cooked food enters your guts. I have > pics from previous trips

This is easily my most favorite part of this S-curve experience. I even tell you that in the 121 chats.

That is… To successfully put you through a Results Phase as quick as possible. So that we can start ‘living it up’.

Because I’ve known most of you for well over 3 years.

And the face to face meet ups have been picking up again. Especially since S-curve members have been travelling to my region recently.

I usually figure out that you’re near by… Because FB and Insta are using sneaky ways to let me know that you have arrived in a city near me…. The moment I load up their app.

We make you strong!

Today’s 121 chats aren’t just about Becoming S-curvish any more. We talk about business. Life. And stuff that I could help you with @ everything I’ve experienced behind the scenes. So expect that to be the case when you become a member.

But still…

Everyone wants to be S-curvish. Mentally and physically.

And the trigger to push you into becoming a member… Is usually always an emotional one.

– Mostly relationship break ups.

I’ve seen more of these situations than I can count. Some of which… I’ve shown you, via the hall of fame pages.

But most people don’t have the time or money resources to do become S-curvish, effectively. This is a problem. Because the outcome, always improves your life, in several areas.

Just look at my own 2009 pics, compared to now. Almost a decade later. You be the judge.

And I have even more responsibilities on my plate ‘today’, than ever before.

Fortunately… We’re able to use the internet, to create solutions, to make this a reality for you. And that’s what the current > Pay as you go S-curve member is.

– No worrying about yet another auto-payment, in your arsenal of ‘everyday life’ payments.

– No pressure @ having to put up max funds on day 1.

– The ability to simply stop the 121 coaching and just focus on your member page only, for a while.

This model is so important right now. Because it compliments the S-curve experience as a whole. So I’ve now started to improve the page description, to reflect that fact.

It’s no longer a test program. It’s becoming mandatory!

I’m using this too of course. I just don’t have to pay for it. Haha.

You all love how we work anyway. So hush… To however you responded to that sentence just now.

That’s all for today.


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Dynamic as you pay… Dynamically

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Buzzers… Thursday…

So… I’m on the move again, as this current TC2.0 trip ends. Which has been a trip down memory lane.

And one important thing I’ve learned… Is that the latest iteration into a pay-as-you-go S-curve member model…  Is a lot more relatable to how a lot of you live your lives today.

Even me (I’ve personally, continuously ‘guinea pigged’ new things that have been introduced to you on here,  over the years).

A lot of people have at least some level of remote work/communication going on, in today’s world.

So it simply makes sense to have a digital program in place, that allows you to switch on and off, as you see when and fit.

Because no one month will look the same. Especially now that the year is in full swing. And looking at the schedules of all the people that I met this week. It’s evident that life is truly dynamic.

So ya… A Pay-as-you-go S-curve formula seems very fitting right about now.

#1 This link, if you like to get things, straight from the newsletter.

#2 Reply and talk it out, first.

So… Now that’s all cleared up.

Let’s dig into some TC2.0 blueprint tips.

#1 Use these trips to truly relax your body. These are the periods in time, where you allow your body to become 90-100% S-curvish. Since your body will usually be in a muscle wasting state, during your usual ‘busy’ periods.  Taken from one of my many status updates yesterday…

”Eat less + Nutrient dense foods + More sleep”

#2 3-4 days can turn into 7-8 days worth of activities, if you plan everything before hand. Most of you would already know this, if you have a past, travelling the world.

But it’s just a reminder… That you can still enjoy a 2-3 week trip, in a much shorter time frame.

#3 Air bnbs, guest houses and villas… Beat hotels.

You might already know this too.

The key element here… Is less stress from ‘people’. Especially those who are in heavy tourist mode. That’s why TC2.0 is all about finding super duper locations… That are a lot less popular.

I know this too well… As that’s partly the reason why the vibe in S-curve world changed. Since moving to a permanent location that resembles that kind of environment.

There’s probably more to list. But I’ll get into them in another newsletter.

So I’ll see you in the chats/coaching sessions if you’re a member.


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Incoming… LIVE and direct

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Buzzers… Humpday…

So… You all know I’m having a little TC2.0 trip at the moment. And as usual… I end up striking up convos with a lot of folks.

Who knows why. Maybe that’s why YOU got lured into this newsletter. Ha.

I must have a halo above my head that says ‘talk to me’.


The conversations ended up being with women. Almost all American, since I’ve been in this part of the world.

And usually married or partnered up (One of the guy partners was there this time).

And in one of the conversations… It was evident that I have been doing this S-curve stuff for quite a while. Because everything I assumed about her, from first impressions, was true.

– Mid 30’s (Although physique made her look like a student @ 10 years younger) – Check
– Into an actual sport… But not much ‘fitness’ (She is 70-80% S-curvish) – Check
– Enjoys TC2.0 trips – Check (Not a hard guess this one)

Seriously… This kind of thing happens everywhere I go. I can just look at people… And guess the right thing every time.

It even happened with the husband of one of the other ladies.

I knew he lifted weights. But his goal isn’t to be super ripped and bulky. Just to look healthy. Which tends to be a goal that sets in, at around 25 years old and up.

So… With this confirmed skill set in place. It’s safe to say, that I should maintain a role on here, in terms of screening people @ S-curve experience shenanigans.

Even with Rhoj, from February. Who was also in the city this week. I guessed it ‘all right’ with her too. As we met in a mutual situation.

Which is why she’s still active.

I’ve uploaded some pics on my FB profile below.

It’s nothing really special this time around (And TC2.0 trips don’t have to be). Because I am currently busy managing quite a few things within this S-curve experience at present.

So maybe some wild ish next time… From me.

Besides…I really did need to ‘come up for air’. As I’ve been going flat out, since December 2017!

Email replies are nearly completely dead now. But you still can reply.

Messenger has taken over. So I’ll see you there for the chats. Or 121 coaching sessions if you’re a member.


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Painful – Your bank account

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

So… If you have ME added on FB, you’ll see that I’m having a bit of a ‘walk down memory lane’ moment.


I first went there in 2005. And the events that lead up to that… Was the catalyst that lead to the creation of everything you see on this newsletter (Read the back story on More buzz).

Yes… Half of what has been created on here, has been in Asia. From 2014 until now  (2010-2014 was UK/US entirely).

But I never did see an opportunity to go back to Thailand. Up until now (There’s always a reason behind  ‘any’ trip that I take).

As once again… It’s a TC2.0 trip with an S-curve member (Rhoj… The property ‘person’ from February) and a few family members.

Although most of my time spent so far… Has been meeting new people and adding them to my FB profile.

Anyway… Another topic @ yesterday’s chats…

Becoming S-curvish is expensive?

Well… Some people actually like it to be. Which is why we started to go ‘high end’… As we started to build out the S-curve formula over the years. With the top end, costing $300 a month.

That… Pretty much guarantees your desired outcome. But for some people… Smaller regular payments work better.

Either way… We have some solid options in place in S-curve world right now, if the above is an issue.

So let’s take a look…

#1 > The new stage 1

We’ll always need a way to get you in as a new member. Because no one is paying top dollar, with someone they’ve never worked with before, on day one.

You wouldn’t marry your current partner on day one. So why would you do that here @ not happening.

The old stage one was cheap @ $9.99. But the value was too little. So instead. We bumped the price up a little to $20 (Still cheap). And increased the value, so that you can feel the value, right at the start.

– If you don’t trust
– If you are currently on a budget

Then the new stage 1 is where YOU go.

#2 > The Lifestyle Phase 

The $300 entry point is a Results Phase.

This is where coaching and action taking happen constantly, nearly everyday, for about 4-6 weeks.

But a Lifestyle Phase is where we take things a little easier. Which means it’s a little cheaper too @ $150.

It’s cheaper. But the reason you start… Is because of what the Lifestyle Phase is (Ideal for fun summer months).

#3 > The new Pay-as-you-go S-curve member

We only just started this. But the idea… Is that you pay every 1-2 weeks, because you’re happy with the on-going results you’re seeing.

How much… Depends on what we’re going through at any given time, on your plan.

We want to go hard? We set that price point and push it for a while.

Want to go easy? We set that price point lower and push that for a while.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is… Some things I’ll tell you about YOU though. Is that…
#1 ‘Everyone’ has the cash, for whatever it is they’re interested in paying for. Wanting to be cheap… Usually means that it’s not currently high on your priority list :).
#2 History has shown, time and time again… That if you really do want it (Whatever ”it’ is)… Then you’re more likely to win… If you ‘go all in’ @attitude.

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Sunshine booty has arrived

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Buzzers… Monday…
I’ll probably be in travel mode by the time you read this. And summer is indeed heating up, in all parts of the world.

I’ll post what I can @ my own shenanigans.

But if you want to see serious S-curve lifestyle visuals… Our Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube profiles, is where you need to go.

Now it’s time for some reminder S-curve blueprint tips.

#1 Range of motion

Increasing it… Is how you make each rep more effective. Which then leads to a boost in results.

A little list…

A) Standing knee to elbows – It’s like doing the bicycles exercise. But standing up. And a variation where it’s impossible to not do complete reps.

B) Kneeling leg kick > hip extension  It’s both of those exercises, all in one movement. Kneeling, allows your leg to kick forward a little further, compared to laying on your side.

C) Long standing lunges – A golden oldie. But lunging an extra 6-12 inches further in front, will hit your butt muscles a little harder.

Strength and exercise progression is a deep topic. Which is why there’s an entire module for it on > stage 3.

Nutrition is the only other topic that will take longer to master @ tailoring for YOU.

#2 An S-curvish body type that suits you (I’ll pick one for you from here)

Stick that on all of your devices, as a wallpaper.

Do the same thing with a travel-curvish pic. Because you know you can’t go to those locations, looking like trash in a swimsuit.

#3 Only buy cheat snacks on the day that you’ll eat them. Don’t bulk buy them and store them. Otherwise you’ll eat them (Because you KNOW they’re there). And then you’ll start binge cheating = Fail.
#4 Find a sport or activity that you enjoy doing. You WILL need this… So that you’re not consumed by the S-curve workouts.
#5 Meatless S-curve meals

> This is one that was posted towards the end of 2017.

It’s been long known that you can have a protein, carb and fat meal with no meat present. As you can get some proteins from veggie foods.

You’ll see exactly how you can do this, in the new official foods list that we launched in 2017, on LIVE  update member pages.

I use that every week. As a lot of it was created organically, via real life S-curve experience shenanigans.

You’ll really enjoy that as a new member.

But if you’re like > Angie. Whose been around since 2012-13 and is still active in the community. Then… Stage 4 via More buzz is best for you. As it’ll give you current day updates, such as that new official foods list.

#6 You don’t have to ‘grow so hard’


– We can shrink your waist to make your butt appear bigger.

– We can keep your thighs small, whilst growing your middle/lower butt (Which are the easiest parts of your butt to grow).

Aka… Illusion of the booty. Which is what we first talked about, way back when we created the original No Nonsense Butt Building ebook (Now videos).

Which is still one of the 10-15 routines that you’ll use at some point, during your journey to 60-100% S-curvish.

Remember… You’ll use all of these at some point. But only a select few… At any given time.

#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
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Stopped (I have a story to tell)

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Buzzers… Friday…

So yesterday… I mentioned that at some point in the past… I stopped going to the gym (For about 10 months).

This was from May 2016 to March 2017.

But why did I stop?Well… At the time. > Travel-curvish was heating up. And a lot of FitBuzzers and S-curve members were becoming more involved. Due to being inspired by my own Travel-curvish trips too.

Naturally… They wanted to do the same.

That is…

Become S-curvish and ‘live it up’ in your new bod, on those trips.

Those trips really are the best thing ever.

However… It’s not easy to maintain an S-curvish physique, if you enjoy yourself, the way I know that you will, whilst on those trips.

The solution… Is to become at least 70-80% S-curvish. And to then, slow it down with the workouts… And then to focus on eating S-curvishly more/consistently.

That way… You’ll never lose your results.

I wanted to prove that it could be done. So… I backed off from the gym. I did it… Up until the point, where I started to see my ideal physique, fading way.

What happened?Thanks to social media… You can just see how my body changed, in all of my naturally taken pics on Facebook.

I have a high metabolism. So usually, it’s hard for me to keep muscle mass. But at the time that I stopped going to the gym. I already had quite a lot of mass.

I of course… Kept on eating S-curvishly. So I actually gained more mass.

But… I also gained a lot of fat too. As I wasn’t consistently sticking to the S-curve meal structure fat intake rules. And… You’ll gradually gain more fat, if you’re less physically active.

So that happened.

So yes… You can become S-curvish and slow it down physically.

But you can never abandon working out, permanently. But long enough… To enjoy suite duper TC2.0 trips regularly for a while, without the fear of losing it all.

Which is why we came up with the Lifestyle phase > Less intense ($150 a month is what works well for most peoples schedules though).

WTF is Travel-curvish though?

2.0 to be specific …

– A place that looks like > this or > this.

– But less popular .

– 2-3 hours away from your home (By plane usually).

– 2-4 day trips (Usually a long weekend).

That’s pretty much it.

Why?– To properly ‘come up for air’. And not just 1-2 hours during the day. Less ‘device’ activity too.

– For the pics/vids.

– Because it’s the best thing ever.

And it’s becoming the most popular content related posts via our social media channels. Just take a look to see why.

That’s all for today. I live inside 121 chats at present, because of the coaching sessions with S-curve members.

So I’ll be there if you need me.


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Put the food into the booty (Explained

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Buzzers… Thursday…


Forever evolving

Stages 1-4 is the protocol procedure that everyone gets put through. That is what has caused the explosion of results that we saw from 2016 until now.

But the way in which you start as a member, constantly evolves every 6-12 months.

This is what it looks like @ starting as a new member ‘today’.

To start (On day 1): Pay-As-You-Go – Between $50-$300 each time you pay

> Less intense @ $50 (4 week time frame)
> More intense (Deep inside) $300 (Spring/Summer promo – 6-8 week time frame)

There is no long term pressure. We set initial short term plans. And change/adapt, based on your on going results/life situation.

Most of you will message 121, before deciding to become a member.

But some people want to simply hit the Paypal button right after reading this. Which is why new pages still get

created, when ‘things’ get announced.


The S-curve meal structure doesn’t know all the foods in existence and it’s not suppose to. It just puts any food source that’s found… Into the S-curve meal structure. And to then… Let it do it’s magic. 

So that’s the first thing you need to get into your head as an S-curve member.

Our coaching sessions are NOT about us, trying to feed you. It’s YOU feeding yourself, with the foods you like. Just using the S-curve meal structure.

Today’s subject line

Food + Supplements

You already know that we’ve only listed a few protocol supplements to be used, along side the S-curve meal structure.

We use them, to…

#1 Boost the value of a meal.

#2 To aid you in some beneficial way.

Or… To make things a little easier @ your daily lifestyle, in terms of eating schedules. Saving gains and the time that you have available to yourself.

And all have been added, due to our experience with them over the years.

In both cases @ food and supps… It’s all about the ingredients. That’s what’s driving your results, after you’ve

triggered future results via S-curve workouts.

And today… We’re going to dig into some of the ways that we combine food and the (few supplements that are

listed) in S-curve world.

Oats and casein 

– Doing this, will replace the need to add D-F rated white/brown sugar.
– It will hit your slow digesting protein needs at breakfast
– It’ll keep hunger at bay for even longer
– It’ll make your oats taste yummy
Casein in the morning 
– It’ll keep hunger at bay throughout the day… Which may also protect your S-curvish gains.
Casein at night 
– You do this to prevent yourself from cheat snacking at night. And to protect your S-curvish gains, whilst
you sleep.

Oats and whey

– You do this to hit your fast digesting protein needs at breakfast.
– You do this if you don’t like to drink whey on it’s own (Use > Almond milk to make it tasty).
– This is what S-curve members have turned to over the years… To cure post workout pain. It’s mostly

needed if you’re new to doing S-curve workouts.

> Instant Knockout or > Lean bean (Was written by a ‘follower’… Not ‘me’. I don’t sound like that. lol)

We’ve connected with both founders of those supps (Working closely with one of them at present).

Using those supps from the start, can be OK. But it’s something we would add, some time after seeing noticeable results. Because it takes a lot longer to start seeing physical changes after that point.

Being on a Results Phase (More intense) can fix that for sure. But you have to be committed if you do that. For most… Life will exist mostly on a Lifestyle Phase (Less intense). Especially during the summer months.

So it may be in your favor to gradually keep on using any of those two supps, as you consistently push forward.

That’s what I did in 2016.

I had bulked up, previous to going away from the gym (I did it as a test… If you remember). And it took another 6 months. To get back to 90% S-curvish.

That is…

– To have lean bulk (Not easy to achieve) like > Vitoria.

– No fat on the hips, lower back, sides (Not easy).

– The S-curve visible

If you’re a fan of ‘proven’ (Just like the S-curve formula @ 2010 until present day). Then opt for Instant Knockout. Since we have a longer history with it.

Food + Supps conclusion

– Gradual use
– Especially to be used after initial results periodTomorrow… We’ll dig into Travel-curvish. Which is becoming a fave part of all of this @ followers. Which has been MY fave part of this S-curve experience… For the past 3 years!


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She said it was too deep

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Buzzers… Humpday…


Our social media channels display the S-curve experience at a more visual level. So… YouTube, Insta, FB, Tumblr… Go to our profiles there.

The followers there are currently digging deep into More buzz, because of how the content posted there… Is making them feel.

You can find all of those profiles on More buzz too.

Talking of digging deep @ today’s subject line…

New members are taking their time, getting started. Which is normal.

But past/returning members, know what to expect. And on returning… Can see that a lot has changed here in the past 2-3 years.

To summarise… We now go even deeper with building a 121 connection, as an active member.

It really is hands on. So much so… That after a few months of working together. Active members demand that we meet in person, as soon as possible.

I’ve met plenty of you. So I’m ok with that. And will keep on doing so.

This coincides with the occasional hints… That I want to create a super S-curve experience meet up event. Possibly like a TC2.0 trip for one whole day. Early morning until late night (I’ve done this before… It’s good).

To happen… Whenever we touch down in YOUR city!

So reply and tell me where you’re from!

That’s what going on right now. Especially as the summer months are around the corner.

Become S-curvish/Shred-curvish with a friend?

You could do that. And they could tag along.

Their goals may be different. But the formula they’ll be using, will be the same. It’s the S-curve formula.

So we could all bounce between group coaching chats AND individual 121 chats on Messenger.

You all love things to be done-for-you. And I did say that we can just do a pay-as-you-go kinda thing (No auto payments).

To start: Between $50-$300

– Less intense @ $50 on day 1
– Max intensity (Deep inside) @ $300 on day 1

There is no long term pressure. We set initial short term plans. And change/adapt, based on your on going results/life situation.

I KNOW that’s what you need. Because of our experiences with last years members.

Back to 121 coaching chats…That’s exactly where I’m going right after this newsletter ends.

So I’ll see you there. If not… Continue on enjoying the rest of the S-curve experience. Especially if you saw

yesterday’s > Four Seasons in Bali post!


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on
More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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