5 S-curve Xperience items that I use every week (No.5 is a MUST have)

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Our goal… Is to get you, living a variation of the S-curve Xperience. 
Work and earn from anywhere
Workout from anywhere

Embrace Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Just like with the > ‘Skin in the game’ program. Everyone will Become S-curvish. But everyone is going to apply the S-curve formula differently. Simply because we all live different lives.
And so… It’s going to be a tailored lifestyle.
However… I do still lead the charge in S-curve world. And people know me as the S-curve Xperience guy.
I of course help grow the S-curve Xperience too. And so… I’m going to share the item types that I use/have used on a daily basis… For the past few years.
Item ‘types’… As It may not be possible for you to purchase the items that I actually possess. 
In fact… Some of the following items are great upgrades to the items I currently use.
So it’s a win for you.

1. The laptop powerbank

This is something that doesn’t used a lot. But is a great item to have, when going on ‘adventurous’ Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Where you may be away from electrical items for extended periods of time.
And it will happen.
Because the entire concept behind Travel-curvish 2.0. Is to end up in awesome, yet less popular destinations.
Which often times… Are 1-2 hours away (By car). From more ‘touristy’ TC2.0 spots.
This happened to me, during my travels through the islands in the Philippines.
The powerbank types that do get used more often. Are highlighted in > this post.

2. A water resistance laptop sleeve with a shoulder strap

I am KNOWN for walking around, carrying a laptop in a sleeve like this.
I currently own two.
One is water resistant. One is not. And I can tell you from A LOT of experience. You NEED to own a water resistance laptop sleeve.
Also… One with a shoulder strap.
Fortunately, the water resistance sleeve I do have, can accommodate an external strap.
But for you…
Remember… It’s a variation of an item. Which I have chosen, based on research. So it’s OK to opt for another variation you may find.
But I make my choices, based on my experience from owning these item types.

3. That running belt again

Yup… But to actually use it as a place to store a phone, this power bank (Which is a type that is used in the city, on a daily basis), cables, or any other small items.
And to wear it under your clothes, or to your rear (Not at the front).
This maybe more of a ‘man thing’. As women tend use a bag as a mandatory accessory.
The whole point of this item. Is to aid the hands free scenario.

4. LectroFan 2 (Again)

I heard about the > original LectroFan a long time ago. Used it and liked it. However… Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans kicked into full swing around 2016 (Which some of you might remember).
So I wasn’t around enough to use it frequently.
But I came across this ‘mobile’ LectroFan more recently. And have since used it…
– In hotels
– Condos booked via Airbnb
– Roof top spots (See > this post)

5. Mobile wifi device

This item type is definitely the most specific one on the list. But like it says in the title. It’s a ‘must have’ when living the S-curve Xperience.
– Working remotely
– Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans
It was easily the no.1 tool that I had in my arsenal in 2017. Which is the year where I travelled around the most.
And for me… I’ve been using devices that have been developed for use, in the country that I’m in.
But for you. I’m putting forth an upgrade for you to use. Which I will too switch to, in the not to distant future.
Of course… This is just a variation of the item you’ll need.
So I don’t have to have previously used it. Because just like me. That product ended up here, because of the research I did on it.
Either way. If you don’t already have something like this. And are interested in the lifestyle you see, via newsletters and social media posts. Then make it your no.1 priority. If you’re following my lead with this list of 5 items.
Because it’s often best, to start with the best of the best… When buying items.

To conclude

Yes… I could include more items. But honestly. These are the ONLY items I ALWAYS use.
60-80% of them daily.
Now make sure you hit the blue Messenger button on this page and strike up a chat.
Because what we talk about will…
1. End up on these newsletters. Which helps everyone else.
2. Will help solve YOUR problems. Which is better than following a newsletter that helps ‘everyone’.

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Note: As an Amazon Associate. We earn from qualifying purchases.
Because of that… We only share and highlight items that have been of great use to us. Or to others within the S-curve Xperience.

4 reasons why you’re failing to see S-curve (body/mindset) results [Especially reason #4!]

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It’s been another interesting week of working from ‘anywhere’… Like this…

Meeting 1-5 people near daily
Meeting 1-5 people near daily
And meeting people who come up to me, curious about what I’m doing.
New stories are going to emerge from these meet ups soon. So watch this space.
Right now though… The following topic. Which has been triggered by the topics that are going on in the chat app chats.

#1 Following random things, trying to compile a solution on your own

– Some people end up doing this, due to lack of knowledge.
– Some… Due to information overload.
– Some… Due to being a ‘know it all’ (Stubbornness).
If there’s ANYTHING that you want in this world. There is someone/thing out there, that has already achieved it.
You just need to find the most qualified person/business. That you know and eventually trust… To help you achieve that.
Of course… Our goal is to ensure that you choose us. Which we only want to happen. Once you’re familiar with the > S-curve Xperience as a whole.
But seriously. Don’t waste time in this area. Because for most folks. It’s time that they can’t afford to waste.
Also… Know what you want and ‘shoot straight’…
Meaning… When you ask us about stuff inside > Messenger chats. Get straight to the point. And we’ll give  you a a straight answer. EVERY TIME!

#2 Being cheap

This kinda relates to reason #1. And for this reason. I’m going to dig into my own ‘rise from the ashes’ story. As I started the stayfitbug.com journey.
Picture this…
The year 2009. I had just come out of a start up company. The 2008 recession was over. Some of our operations scaled back a little, because of that crisis.
We pushed through. But when it came to crunch time. We created a perfect service that no one wanted.
Or… Maybe they did. And we just sucked at marketing it to the masses.
Either way… My health took a downwards spiral. And starting this website was a cure for myself, to get back on track.
In 2010… I used the entire fall season, to increase my body strength, via home workouts.
Using the > pull up bar in this door way…
The 2009 pic from the ‘about’ page – Also added a link to a current day pull up bar
(Gosh… I am ageing well aren’t I 😀 – See current day pic in the side bar on the right).
And in January 2011. I had enough re-found confidence, to get a gym membership and step it up a gear.
Of course… The rest is history. And here we are today, all evolved into this ‘now’ S-curve Xperience.
The point of this story?
Is that it’s OK to start ‘cheap’. Which is why the masses will see a $10 start for the > ‘Skin in the game’ program.
But make it a concrete goal… To spend money on a proven process, at some point, not too far from your starting ‘cheap’ point.
Working with us. That means, paying $50-$300 a month, on whatever program we end up creating for you.
Just don’t be like some past S-curve members, who kicked themselves for not starting earlier.
Which is about 25% of the people that you can see on > this page.

#3 Social media

Today… Social media is slowly beginning to mimic real life. As people are starting to see right through BS/Fake lifestyles.
And a lot of us reacting to that. By posting real life daily shenanigans (Which WE have been doing since, forever!).
Yet… Depending on who you follow. What you may end up seeing. Are posts that don’t mimic reality.
Quite simply.. A highlight reel.
You see. YOU… Are after improved results. And we’ll tell you this now…
Heck… The ‘Skin in the game’ program is built to embrace the mess that’s about to commence, the moment you start.
As we only create plans, based on on-going daily feedback that we receive from…
– The way your body reacts to food types.
– The way your body reacts to workouts and exercises.
So… It may be a good idea to do what many people have done in 2019. Which is to detox from social media itself. And to instead…
Go deeper than social media and talk to a business that can help you…
Through chat apps. Like Messenger, Viber and Whatsapp.
You see these videos…
They exist to draw you into the S-curve Xperience. And the descriptions educate you on it.
But YOUR life will end up looking like some variation of that. Only when you get to work and solve problems 1st.
Which can ONLY be done. By starting an official program.
Take notes from reason #1. And don’t even think about creating your own plan. Let someone else with A LOT of success winning in this area… Take care of that for you.
121 coaching chats daily…
These videos… (Which I recorded for YOU).
This is where we go specific. This is how everyone who has come before you, has won. So follow suit.

#4 Simply not starting

I’ve spoken about this, all throughout the launch of the ‘Skin in the game’ program.
Let’s eliminate all of the above. Forgetting all things ‘internet’. And to focus on real daily life.
– Stuck in a rut (Usually ‘work life’ routine).
– Not surrounded by anyone that can motivate you to change.
Those are the two main reasons that we see, that cause people to not start ANYTHING new/positive, that will change their life for the better.
Both aren’t easy situations to snap out of either. Especially as a working adult. Or a person with a family to look after.
We know this is true. As we’ve seen it 1st hand. With A LOT of people. Many of whom I personally met, throughout my ‘Meet 1-5 people near daily’ shenanigans.
The solution?
Baby steps… And a real plan of action.
For these people. ‘Body goals’ is far from a goal. It’s all about the lifestyle fix (Which is the most popular goal in 2019).
The current day responsibilities… Means that we can’t rush these people into 7-28 day results.
It’s all about being a supportive person in their corner. Because that’s the 1st thing they’ll need.
There is no timeline for this. Like we have within the main > S-curve formula.
So if you’ve had problems actually starting to take action, in any way, shape or form. Then for you.. You need to connect with ME. Shaun Sinclair. On MY Facebook Messenger.
And we’ll ‘connect’ there, as much as we need to. Until you are deeply involved in the S-curve Xperience.

To conclude

It’s a hot season for starting a new program. As we have all of the major events of the year ahead of us.
– Halloween
– Thanksgiving
– Christmas
– New years
– Everything that kicks off between February and April
And it’s our goal to eventually never to have to create posts like this, ever again. For the S-curve Xperience shenanigans to be well enough known. For what we do here, to become the norm.

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You don't know shot


The ‘Not so evolutionary’ formula to build an S-curve (Body)

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The magic pill

Becoming 90-100$ 'soft lean' S-curvish @miss__heather_jo
Becoming 90-100% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish @miss__heather_jo
Ever since Becoming S-curvish has been a ‘thing’. People have always looked for magical solutions to get results.
Mostly because people are lazy. And of course… People are afraid of hard work.
All of this ‘magic’ searching would be fine. If say, the human body had evolved the way the internet itself has evolved. Where today, you can do a lot more with the internet, than 20 years ago.
– Access it in more places
– Watch entire movies via a stream
– LIVE stream
– And much more
So the internet is now a magical thing. You can indeed go on the internet and magically change your life. With some hard work and thought (Sometimes… Not so hard).
But the human body? Not so much.
– We aren’t necessarily getting smarter
– We still get and die from diseases
– We still only live to 100 years old max
Yet… WE have consistently evolved the S-curve (‘Skin in the game’) program over time.
How so?

Well first… To set your mind straight…

We’ve been doing this for a while now (> Est.2009).
Some people > started and succeeded. And others intended to start. Didn’t. Watched others succeed. Came back year after year. And did the same thing. 
The human body hasn’t evolved. So there is one formula for changing it, that always works. Regardless of the person. Aka the S-curve formula. Which is a set of proven processes you follow.
Proven… From a combination of science and real world testing.
Processes that you’re already familiar with. Restructured to work more efficiently.

The mindset…

THAT… Is what we evolve. And it’s something that CAN change and evolve.
It’s easier to succeed with that on younger people, compered to older people, as they become set in their ways.
But can be done. And it’s our main job in the > ‘Skin in the game’ program.
– The 121 chats
– Using supplements like these…
– The habit building shenanigans
– The lifestyle changes (Including changing the people you spend time with most)
Whenever you see someone achieving results in our world. It’s mostly because we fixed the way their mind works.
It’s usually a series of ‘ah-ha’ moments, over time.

To conclude

If you’ve been guilty of looking for a magic pill for your solutions. It’s OK.
And it’s natural to seek an easier way for doing things.
Of course. Just like us. Hard work is done behind the scenes, to create solutions (That work) in the world.
And we of course built the S-curve formula over a number of years.
But if you have been one of the people that have messaged us directly. Asking us about starting.
Then expect the above to play a major role in any results that you seek to achieve.
Be sure to dig into the most recent newsletters if you haven’t already done so. As we go into detail of every aspect of fixing YOU!.

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Because sometimes… We ALL need to be reminded… That we don’t know ish!

Enter: S-curve member partner @liv.reese

The fall season binge fest (The S-curve Xperience formula)

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Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge we want @selenaolivera
Feeding the monster with whatever the fudge we want @selenaolivera

The festivities in Israel this October… Halloween…

What’s going on there. Is an early start to the fall season ‘food’ festivities.
If you’ve been following for a year or more. Then we’ve already prepared you for this season. And how WE operate in this season, within the S-curve Xperience.
If you are new here. Then what we’re about to discuss. Is ‘especially’ for YOU.

The fall season binge fest (The S-curve Xperience formula)

For the past 4-5 years… The goal for all those who get involved with the now ‘> Skin in the game‘ program. Is for you… To never have to worry about…
– Losing your S-curvish results, ever again.
– What you eat @ > eat whatever the fudge you want (Fudge is our word for fu*k).
And in fall season… For you to actually look forward to and embrace the inevitable food binge festivities that will commence, over Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Well… It all starts by fixing the foundation of the way you think about…
– Food
– The way you workout
– Your daily habits
Fast forward to today. That means…
Everything that we highlight in > this post.
It’s all about…
1) Fixing your daily structure over a 28-45 day time period.
2) Experiencing the mental and physical benefits from doing.
Most people don’t even ‘start’ to fix this. But not you. You achieve that goal within 1-3 months. And beyond that goal, months/years later.
It’s OK to take your time getting there. The main goal, is to reach at least 60% S-curvish (As the post above explains).
That’s a point where we have all universally agreed, where you are happy… Physically.
And of course, you’re 90-100% mentally fixed after 1-3 months. 

The food

The year round rule, for how you need to eat on a daily basis, is this…
Your breakfast, lunch an dinner meals will contain A-C rated foods (Aka Totally clean/A little processed).
– You add fruit and > certain supplements (Like whey on oats). To add flavor to these meals. As most A-C rated foods taste very bland. Which of course… Would cause you to crave for something sweet.
– You can eat D-F rated foods (Usually beyond 60% S-curvish levels). But only as ‘cheat snacks’.
A cheat snack is a small portion (Dark chocolate/Ice cream) of a D-F rated food. That you’ll eat right after an A-C rated main meal.
You WILL reach and keep your results, when you follow that simple formula for eating food!

Looking forward to the binge fest

The main reason why you can look forward to it. Is because the extra fat build up that you might gain from such events. Will be temporary.
It’s the type of fat that doesn’t stick around.
The type of fat you need to be worried about. Is the fat that builds up over time. From not eating S-curvishly, consistently.
Which of course won’t be the case, when following the rules above. And even more so, with the plans that we set on your ‘Skin in the game’ S-curve member page.
Another reason to look forward to the fall season binge fest. Is to help solve the issue of not being able to feed your body with the necessary nutrients, year round. Due to busy-ness. You know…
– Work
– Family
– Lifestyle
Yes… The ‘Skin in the game’ program will help re-structure all of those areas in your life. But that may take time. It’s different for everyone. Which is why tailored Paypal payment links are the norm, for those who intend to become members.
And it’s during these binge-fests. Where you’ll often fill your guts with foods, that contain a lot of the nutrients and ingredients that you miss/skip, on a day-to-day basis.

To conclude

That’s the ‘on the surface’ explanation of how you will survive and thrive during every fall season, in regards to eating food.
But you must start following the S-curve formula, first. Otherwise, you’re just going to keep falling off the wagon.
This is one of the major areas in your life that you NEED to be able to push to the side and not think about so much (So you can start enjoying the S-curve Xperience to the max).
So if it’s currently a problem. And you’re starting to fear, as we get near. Then it’s all about getting some > ‘Skin in the game’.

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'Soft lean' bikini-curvish yoga moments @vitoriagomes
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish yoga moments @vitoriagomes

The S-curve Xperience is your back up ‘life’ plan

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It sure is. Especially for those of you who are interested in gaining extra exposure for yourself, business or to earn an > extra income within the S-curve Xperience.
Because we have evolved into an S-curve ‘platform’. YOU… Being a part of the growing platform. Ensures that you’ll always have a place where you’ll be noticed.
Especially in a world where it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people/businesses to get noticed.
For most people. Entering into a deeper level of involvement within the S-curve Xperience. Starts… By becoming an S-curve member. With a focus on helping you in the following areas…
– Improved lifestyle 
– Improved body
– Improved mindset
Price isn’t an issue in the beginning. You just need some > skin in the game. Which is of course ,the name of the new program. And why it got that name.
What is important. Is starting in the right way!
You answer these questions.
1) Are you on FB messenger? (Compulsory now… @ you don’t need to be ‘on’ Facebook, the website).

2) Your age/weight/height (To tailor your nutrition plan).

3) The foods you can’t eat or don’t like… Also, the foods that you actually eat on a weekly basis.

4) If you’ll be working out at home or the gym…

5) Your ‘work life’ schedule.

6) If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee with weight training….

7) The main problem areas that you want to fix on your body.

8) A day one selfie/belfie if possible.

9) Have you experienced any pain or injury that still affects you today?

10) The time you’ll workout + Current home equipment
At which point, you’ll usually receive a tailored Paypal payment link with your name in it.
Of course… If you want to fast track and get started right away. Then hit the $10 Paypal button below.
Becoming S-curvish isn’t the most popular goal with many of you ‘today’. > Living a great and improved lifestyle… IS!
However… Reaching at least > 60% S-curvish is a goal that we hit, in order to live an improved lifestyle.
A goal that affects you in all 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience.
Because of that. Becoming S-curvish will always be a protocol part of your existence here. Before and after you reach that goal.
Let’s dig into some of the things that aid your ‘back up plan’.

1) Being posted on our social media profiles

You’ll find all of them on the right side bar on this website…
And it usually starts on Instagram. 
@charibeljosecamacho is a recent individual who requested to be posted. And who got accepted. As we don’t accept everyone.
Yes… There is criteria to be met.
– Look 60-100% ‘soft lean’ and S-curvish (Epic butt/Tiny waist/Real boobs)
– Fashion is a ‘thing’ at everything you end up wearing
– Embracing Travel-curvish 2.0 moments
– Eating > whatever the fudge you want. Like another recent addition…
It’s currently free to get yourself posted (We’ll explain why some other time).
In general. We all benefit from this.

2) The S-curve member partner program

Which is easy to initiate. Since it’s highly likely that you started a ‘skin the game’ program (Explained above).
As it’s now very easy for you to recommend the program to others.
You earn commissions for doing so.
But THESE commissions… Are to be shared amongst YOUR new S-curve members. Or a leas some of them. Usually in the form of…
In short. It’s all about spending money on Xperiences with those who get involved. Because Xperiences create life long bonds and memories.
I personally know this for sure. As there are S-curve members from 7 years ago, who are still present in our world.
So it’s our goal… To evolve that process onto YOU.

3) Tools for your personal business

Check everything on the recommended products page.

4) Cryptocurrency trading/investing

To do so… You’ll need to sign up on the following two websites…
And for those of you who have met ME… When I’m working remotely. It’s very likely that I showed you my trading/investing screen, running in the background.
In recent times… This has been a solid part of > earning and withdrawing those earnings… Wherever you happen to be in the world.
This isn’t for everyone. But we’ve set up a long term strategy that is easy to follow. And a strategy that compliments the way we live within the S-curve Xperience, on a daily/weekly basis.

To conclude

2020 will be more of what 2019 has been about. An evolution of the ‘now’ S-curve platform.
The Xperience is free. Which also includes you, reading all that you see here today.
What you do end up paying for. Is likely going to enhance your life greatly.
So don’t wait up. Get some > ‘skin in the game’.

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The Dimok running belt

The Dimok running belt
The Dimok running belt
Travel-curvish 2.0/’Come up for air’ (Usually weekend) shenanigans…
If you look at the official items list page, that we created in December 2018.
You’ll see that a few items we stumbled upon. Entered a ‘comparisons’ list. Simply because of the different uses that the item type has.
With the most recent comparison. Being between the different types of power banks that get used/can be used within the S-curve Xperience as a whole.
And this week… We’ve stumbled upon an item that will likely have us doing a new item comparisons list.
ENTER: The Dimok running belt 
For us… The go-to item was the Filoto running belt. And kind of still is. Along with another ‘waist pack’ variation that we found in June.
And so… We will dig into how well these work, in different TC2.0 scenarios… Soon.

No and no!


What the crazies will see… As they approach your door this halloween… Trick or treat @ no sweets for YOU.
'Come up for air' #weekend #bikini-curvish shenanigans @vitoriagomes

‘Come up for air’ #weekend #bikini-curvish shenanigans @vitoriagomes

Incoming search terms:

Digging deeper into the S-curve Xperience’s Instagram via @fitbuzz

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These are…
1) Snippets and an introduction into the topic discussed.
2) All posts are related to what you’ll usually be doing on that day. In general… A protocol S-curve Xperience week looks like this…
Monday – Thursday
– Work life
– 1-2 hour ‘Come up for air’ moment. Often times… During/After an S-curve workout….
Friday – Sunday
– ‘Come up for air’ for entire days… Some place local to home.
– 2-4 day Travel-curvish 2.0 trips…
Today… We’re going to highlight some recent posts. And dig deeper into them. Right here on this newsletter. Instead of reminding you that a new newsletter has been posted.

Let’s dig….


Growing and shaping your butt

As many of you may know. The goal of shaping and fixing ones body, isn’t a high priority any more, with the larger majority of people who are present in S-curve world.
Mindset and lifestyle fixing however… IS. Which is why supplements like Nootropics, are growing in popularity.
Hunter focus
Hunter focus
We’re an S-curve Xperience. Which means more and more of us are living and working wherever we want.
And for us to continuously be effective at living this way. Our brains need to be functioning at a higher than optimal level. Hence… Supplements like the above and whatever food and supplements you start seeing listed > here and > here.
Butt still (Pun intended). It’s a goal that everyone wants. Women AND men. Even if the guys don’t want to admit that fact.
Expanding on the above Insta mini blog post…
Yes… It’s not the easiest part of the butt to build. But you can definitely trigger your muscle fibers to change and grow, in order to build a noticeable upper butt.
The exercises
That video above is just a start. And over the years… We created S-curve member video workout routines. That include the most effective exercises for triggering the muscle group in question.
In this case… The butt.
Honorable mentions
– The clam (Super reps – Where you count down 5 seconds throughout each rep).
– The 45 degree standing/laying abduction with a dumbbell rested on your leg.
– Hyperextended standing side to side leg lifts with > ankle weights on
Note: Expect to see GREAT improvements in this area of your plan, after 60 days. Just like Victoria did.
You’ll also see many different variations of these effective exercises. Being performed by S-curve world associates, in these videos…
Note: Each common exercise (Squat/deadlift/pull up) , has about 10-15 different variations.
What you see there however. Mostly exists for motivation/entertainment purposes.
The thing that will REALLY help you in this department. Is the videos that are designed and recorded for you ONLY! The moment you become a member in the > Skin in the game’ program..
‘REALLY’… Because there are different variables as to why an exercise will be effective for YOU.
– Your workout and exercise history
– Your daily life schedule
– Your ability to workout intensely, consistently
– The foods you eat
– How often you’re present in the 121 coaching chats
We know this… Because of the 1000’s of S-curve members we’ve worked with
Growth and change is pretty much guaranteed when you follow > Your S-curve meal structure, along with the 121 coaching chats.
This is also the point when > these supplements need to be present in your kitchen cupboards.
Along with supplements like Xtend. That we are currently playing with.
Xtend blueberry
Or even with Ultima Replenisher… To get even more specific with nailing the nutrients that are required to enter your guts.
ultima replenisher
Ultima Replenisher

To conclude

The above is indeed a deeper extension of that Insta mini blog post. Just remember that the complete solution. Is us… Working in real time, every other day for 1-3 months at any given time.


The good morning hissy fit

This is arguably the no.1 thing that we NEED to get rid of. When it comes to improving your results.
We’ve been at this for 10 years now. So it’s OLD news… That 80% of what needs to be fixed. Exists in your head space.
Because the workout and nutrition shenanigans is all science matched real life experience. And if a robot followed the S-curve formula. It would succeed every time.
But you… Are human. And people have emotions. Which affects their decision making.
One way that we control your emotions, to aid your results. Is by giving you constant moments of euphoria aka happiness.
– The 121 coaching chats
– The daily social media posts
– Applying this video (4-6 week)
And the noticeable results during those moments.
All of which… Improves your confidence and the way you decide to start conducting yourself on a daily basis.
Because at this point. And during your time as an active ‘Skin in the game’ member. You’ll no longer feel insecure about your appearance.
You’ll no longer think that people are looking at the parts of you that YOU are insecure about.

To conclude

We could dig deeper on this post. But we’ve already done that. Back when we created the official Blueprint tips list. Namely these posts….
Now… Just remember to direct message via this page. Or in the newsletters, if you receive them via FB Messenger. As what we discuss… Becomes the topics of the future newsletters.

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About your future ‘FB Messenger’ phone call…

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The S-curve ‘Skin in the game’ program 2020 (Part 3)

Part 1 – We’re going to play a game… 
Part 2 – Let’s play a game (Continued…) 
Now… We all know that we have evolved into other areas. Other than ‘just’ a program (Which started in 2011).
Yet… Becoming S-curvish and fixing your mindset is STILL the 1st thing that you’ll do, as you enter the S-curve Xperience.
Because you simply can’t have a great Xperience, without being fixed in those areas.
– Your daily structure is all messed up.
– You physically feel awful.
– Low energy and motivation levels.
– Your habit building shenanigans aren’t habits yet.
– You might still be doing the wrong things. Or the right things with bad structure. Like eating fruit before you sleep (Ya… We’ve had new S-curve members enter our world, having previously been doing exactly that).
And we’ve also evolved the program over time too.
And today… Starts like this…
For part 3 of introducing ‘Skin in the game’ to you all. Let’s highlight the most important part of the beginning stages…

Video and voice coaching chats/calls via FB Messenger

Me (Shaun Sinclair) working from anywhere the fudge I want)
Me (Shaun Sinclair) working from anywhere the fudge I want)
Video interviews
Video interviews
S-curve member interviews
Yup… We have a colorful history using voice and video to help you succeed.
Today… You’ll see a lot of public videos that break down and display every part of the S-curve Xperience…
However… The 121 coaching calls and chats are a totally different beast.
Everything that happens here, is real life. YOUR life!
The reason why 121 communication has become the back bone of the main S-curve program. Is because ‘conversation’ is where you open up about the things that go on in your life.
These are topics that you don’t discuss with just anyone. Only the people and entities that you truly trust.
And without that information… We simply cannot help you in the best possible way, for the best possible result.
Many S-curve members (Before they become so) cannot not see it. But these are the moments that take your results over the edge.
The reason why is pretty simple.
There are things that you are doing/Not doing… That is causing a lack of results. In the areas where you want to see improved results. Namely…
– Body
– Mindset
– Lifestyle
Because for a lot of people. They continue to keep doing what they’ve always been doing. Expecting a different result.
We’re talking about doing the same thing for months/years.
That’s what happened with this lady…
She initially got help from us in September 2014. Instantly saw results. But then stopped, 2-3 months later.
Went back to doing her own thing for 2 years. Once again… Seeing no results and a consistent build up of unwanted fat.
She returned again in 2016 (When the pic above was taken). Saw the same fast results again. But this time…
– Her people noticed… As she posted everything on Facebook (We recorded every session and activity… Daily, for 4 months straight! – > Take a look)
– We now had a LIVE update S-curve member page that remains online and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.
This is one way, of how we get you to stay-curvish, long after your initial results.
It’s OK to be consistent. But only when you can see improvements along the way.
This will happen quickly, on your way to 60% S-curvish levels…
'Soft lean' bikini-curvishly relaxed in Rio de janeiro @vitoriagomes
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvishly relaxed in Rio de janeiro @vitoriagomes
Along with boosted strength, mindset fixing and daily life structure.
But will take a little longer to see/feel results. As you progress from 60% to 100% S-curvish levels.
But that’s OK. We already know that.
And because of that. We’ve made it a ‘thing’ to be OK with reaching that goal over time, over a 1-2 year time period.
And during that time. You will indeed be enjoying the rest of the Xperience, with your favorite people. Like…

Final thoughts

Video and voice makes everything feel real. It makes YOU feel that you are a part of something special.
So when you start. Make sure you accept our requests to jump onto voice/video calls. As it creates the much needed ‘strong bond’ that is required to help us, help you… Become and stay S-curvish. Regardless of the goal!

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How to Look Good at the Gym

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How many times have you caught a glimpse of yourself in a mirror right after leaving the gym only to find you look nothing like you usually do and it’s really not the ideal impression you want to be making? Sure, you’re at the gym to work-out, and the focus needs to be on that, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good in the process. There are ways to dress for the gym, be comfortable, and yet look fashionable all at the same time. 

Convinced it isn’t possible? Well it’s time to re-think how you prep for the gym, as these tips will help you to look good even when you’re in the middle of an intense work-out.

Skip the Oversized Joggers

The first tip is to resist the urge to throw on that oversized sweatshirt and jogging pants, and instead opt for something that actually fits you and flatters your shape. The oversized sweats just make you look sloppy and the exact opposite of put-together. If you’re feeling self-conscious about your size or weight, oversized clothing will give the illusion of being bigger than you actually are.

A good option is something like leggings, lightweight t-shirts, and running shorts all made from lightweight, moisture-wicking, breathable material.

Wear Eyeglasses That Suit Your Face Shape

If you happen to wear prescription glasses, then these too can act as a fashion accessory and help you to look put-together. The key is to know which glasses suit your face, which can be tricky for some to figure out. For example, if you have more of a round face with full cheeks, opt for a frame that creates angles such as a square shaped frame. You’ll want to avoid rimless glasses as well as short and small frames.

You’ll also want to pick frames that flatter your skin tone, which means you need to know whether you are cool or warm skin toned.

Keep the Makeup Light and Simple

For those who can’t picture leaving the house without a full face of makeup on, it’s a good idea to show a little restraint when it comes to the look at the gym. This doesn’t mean you have to go make-up free – just keep things light and simple. Something like a tinted moisturiser that is humidity resistant, a pop of blush on the cheeks, a little waterproof mascara, and a lip balm or gloss will be enough to give you a polished look that is workout-friendly.

Athletic Shoes That Make a Statement

Then we have your shoes, which can make a statement all on their own. There’s no reason you have to settle for standard athletic shoes, as today you can find all kinds of bold and bright designs that also perform exceptionally well.

Working Out While Looking Good – It Is Possible

By using these relatively simple tips, you’ll find that you can indeed have a great workout all while looking good. This will help to feed into your confidence, which will put that added bounce in your step as you leave the gym.

RECAPO – Let’s just ‘talk’…

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It’s been a wild week here. As we continue to merge our offline and online worlds together.
Which can and will continue to happen. As the S-curve Xperience can be embraced from wherever you live in the world.
This week was particular interesting. As we met people in this place…
Who are working remotely from different countries. It was members from the band that performed in the bar (The Peak, Grand Hyatt), to be specific.
So they travel and perform in different places… Naturally.
The interesting findings?
– Some members have been involved in > this part of the S-curve Xperience. To increase their income. 
Which is important. Because…
– The travelling lifestyle had a negative affect some of the band members bodies.
As usual… This part of the body.
'Soft lean' S-curvishly seated @casidavs
‘Soft lean’ S-curvishly seated @casidavs
In fact… Even the ladies that I met up with that night, had the same issue.
That is… 
Mostly in shape. Yet… Has excess lower belly fat. Which happens because they are eating high saturated fats/carbs in the late night hours… Consistently, over time.
All of the above… Makes up about 80% of the reasons why people are enquiring about starting a program. And of course… Where we get them started on > ‘Skin in the game’.
This has now become the most ‘current’ popular area within the S-curve Xperience. Even more so than the > supplements.
1. People are getting sick and tired of being/getting sick and tired. Which will 100% happen if you don’t live S-curvishly. Following some variation of the > S-curve formula.
2. 2019 is coming to an end. And they’ve decided that 2020 can’t be another failed year. And that they must actually ‘start’ (Which is why most fail).
In short… Becoming a part of the winning team. Not just with the body and > mind. But at life overall. Living the S-curve Xperience to the max!
Instead of putting things off. Watching other people succeed with the S-curve formula.
If that sounds you. > Send a DM. Either from that link. Or directly on this page via the chat box on the bottom right corner.
An S-curve Xperience = To provide jobs and opportunities for all who follow.
We see this as the biggest growth area in our world, in 2020 and beyond.
– More people (Ladies to be specific). Are requesting to be featured… Showing themselves living a variation of the S-curve Xperience.
– More people are becoming S-curve member partners. Getting ‘their’ people involved. Usually after seeing success as a member themselves.
Those areas together… Will only spread more awareness about the S-curve Xperience as a whole.
And better yet. Provide a way for more people to earn a solid extra/total income from being involved. AND to live an > improved lifestyle.

To conclude

It’s a Sunday. A day where we have the most free time to answer questions about everything. So ask.

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Tis the S-curve Xperience (Explained… 1 year later)

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We’ve been at this game for an entire decade now (Est. July 2009). Which you can clearly see in the archives.
And throughout our journey, we naturally gained a lot of experience and insights.
Mostly from working closely with all of you. And even interviewing some of you. Like with Shawn…
And it was around year 5. When we started doing 1 year predictions, for the following year.
And for the most part. Our yearly predictions have been correct.
For example…
In 2012. It wasn’t common to pull out your iPad/iPhone (Or now… Android tablet/device) in the gym. To load up a video workout and follow it.
In 2016… It became so.
But it was in 2012, when we created the initial S-curve program. Which contained the ‘anywhere S-curve workout’ videos.
In 2019… The S-curve workout isn’t even a hot thing any more. Which brings us to our most recent presentation.
Enter: Fall season 2018
Earlier… I stated that we gained a lot of insight into YOU, over time. And one thing that we kept on seeing. Is that all the issues that everyone was having. Was due to…
– Their mindset
– Their state of their mind
– Their lifestyle
Whenever we focused on those areas. Everyones results improved. Often times… At lightning speed…
It’s been 10 years doing this. And we never take our foot off the breaks. Because of that. We’re able to organically evolve into the things you need/want in your life.
– What items to offer
– How to structure your program
– The kind of t-shirt/apparel designs you might like
And in 2018. We made a decision and a prediction. That we were no longer going to present ourselves as a ‘program’.
And to instead… Become a platform for a desired way of living life (S-curve Xperience).
And that… Has been happening.
You see. A lot of what happened. Happened vis email newsletters. For many years in fact.
And as social media grew. We all began taking those email interactions. Onto social media platforms and messaging apps.
Today… There are many.
And the eco system has evolved in a way. That allows us to showcase this lifestyle in all it’s glory.
To first give YOU a great experience.
Every single day in 2019.
And it’s been working. Receiving messages like this….
On a near daily basis.
With that being said. Let’s answer that question above. Because everyone that has been messaging us in that way. Are doing so… Because they are enjoying the S-curve Xperience. Which officially kick started in fall season 2018.
So yes… Another correct prediction I think 🙂

Right. I’m on your website trying to see exactly what service/services you offer.

How exactly do you help people?

We’ve highlighted this a couple of times this year. But we will keep on doing it. Because 100’s of new people enter our world on a daily basis. And they… Just like you. Needs to be fully educated and involved. Before getting deeper into our world.
So let’s educate you in regards to what’s on offer. After you’ve enjoyed the Xperience via our newsletters and social media posts!

The ‘Skin in the game’ S-curve program

'Soft lean' #bikini-curvishly seated @camilapazchavez
‘Soft lean’ #bikini-curvishly seated @camilapazchavez
You can follow the newsletters. And end up getting results on your own.
The reason why a lot you message to start a program. Is because THAT. 
– Is time consuming
– Is information that isn’t tailored to you specifically
The keyword here… Being ‘specific’. Because us… Being deeper involved into what your daily life looks like. Is how we’re about to improve your results.
It’s been proven so. > Time and time again
So if you’ve been enjoy the S-curve Xperience, via social media posts and newsletters. Then hit the following button to officially start…
– 7-10 days of figuring out your plan
– $150/$300 for a pay as you go 4-6 week plan

Food and supplements

(Mostly supplements)
You can read all about how we operate in this arena > here.
– They are used to give natural foods a nutrient boost
– They are used as a replacement of D-F rated sweeteners. Like white sugar on cereals.
– They are used to help you go from 60-100% S-curvish… Quickly. Which is a process that takes longer than going from 0-60% S-curvish
You’ll find all of the supplement types that help with this. On the page above.

The items lists

We currently have A LOT of fun with this.
The ‘protocol’ items list, showcases the items that we have used to great benefit, throughout the S-curve Xperience over the years.
The new items list showcases the new items that we consistently find. That will be of use with the S-curve Xperience.
And you should absolutely look into them. With our current favorite product being…
Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)
Lectrofan Micro2 (Wireless)

Apparel and Merchandise

We’ve been creating products in this arena since 2011. And have recently kickstarted a new campaign. With a new selection of designs/slogans quotes. All of which… Are related to the things we post on a daily basis.
We do have a lot of fun with these. As do many other folks here. So dig in below to see if anything sparks your interests.

The S-curve member partner program

Everything that we do here. Is done so… To bring all of us closer together. To keep us all on the same page.
And you can learn about it in full detail > here.

To conclude

That’s it… For the most part.
But as always… You can direct message us, like most people are doing. To hear all of this, straight from our mouths.

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