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Buzzers… Today = > This… In all areas in your life…

Yesterday… I spoke about the importance of getting a message across via the written or spoken word.

And getting a ‘chill vibe’ message across to you, Is the #1 reason for starting that new S-curve member podcast-ish last week…

To make you feel right at home. Because everything that you learn, ‘sticks’ more. And everything becomes more real.

Video is great and there’s plenty of it around at @fitbuzz.

But there’s no conversation happening in those videos. There’s just entertainment. And you… Bonding with the voice of @fitbuzz. In regards to the two video types that you’ll see over on More buzz.

All of the above, is one of the reasons why new people decide to become members… And not just because of the success rate.

It’s because we know how to be ‘chill’. That’s why we’ve become an S-curve experience.

Because I bet that your guard is way up right now… As you’re reading this @ YOU… Deciding on becoming an official member. You know it is (Put your dukes up emoji goes here).

Think about those times when a guy/girl tried ‘win you’.

For those who succeeded @ capturing your heart… They were probably more ‘chill’… Right?

That’s what we are here…

So just chill… And imagine that you are the one behind the camera, on my current > profile pic. 😛

A Monday is almost always a refresh day, after a weekend… The way that we take breaks… Especially if it’s a Travel-curvish 2.0 weekend.

So let’s kick start the week with some reminder blueprint tips.

Remember… The list is endless. All of them will apply to you. But only over time, in the various situations that you’ll encounter in this lifestyle.

#1 The perfect S-curve cereal is…

– Wheat type + Water (Microwave)/Almond milk + Whey + Raisins (Or other dried fruit)

And variations of that. Just make sure you keep an eye on the FB profile feed below, every other morning. The ‘shenanigans’ album to be exact. As you’ll see a regular stream of meal types, from the S-curve formula.

#2 Cycling is still the best way to do a 20-30 minute S-curve HIIT workout. The most ‘fun’, is swimming and badminton (This will boost a shred on some results phases).
#3 Try the face pull > pull apart combo exercise with light/medium weight dumbbells. Just do it. You can tell me what happens. Ha.
#4 > This is the place to catch up on the weekends newsletters, if you did take a break.
#5 Message on Facebook… Tell me what problems you woke up with today. And I’ll give a blueprint tip for the day.
Reply to talk… Adding below is MUCH better in 2017 and beyond… And > More buzz for
daily updates.


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Let me explain… @ Today’s headline
Being more open and ‘real’. We’ve been fully embracing that on here, every single day. Especially in the past year.

And to throw YOUR current situation in your face, via the written or spoken word.

That way… You no longer have to have the fear, of keeping your problems locked away. That’s why you also need to add on FB below… So that you can truly open up about it.

But before we get to that point… Let’s walk through the stages leading up to that point.

Again… This itself, is being open and real.

#1 You have a problem. You probably have several problems in your life actually. But you’re constantly looking for a fix.

– A life partner
– A better job situation
– The best people to keep (close) in your life
– And in regards to this newsletter… An improved body and lifestyle

#2 So you start your search, on the best places to look for that.

There are many places. But what’s the best place?

In today’s world… You’ll often head over to the internet. Or the other thing to do, is get a recommendation from a trusted friend.

#3 If it’s a friend that you turn to… You can skip to the end.

If it’s the internet… Then several key words would have lead you to this newsletter.

#4 So you’ve ended up on this newsletter… From visiting one of the social media profiles/@fitbuzz websites.

And you’ve stayed… Because somewhere in your mind… You found your fix here. Or at least some part of your fix.

#5 1-3-6 months… 2 years pass by…

Somewhere on that timeline… You start to ‘get it’. Like the guy in > this pic…

I met him back in February. He was a complete stranger to me then. And he’s not a FitBuzzer either. Because he’s a dude of course.

But what started to happen. Is that he saw the overall S-curve experience via the continuous daily updates on the Facebook profile below.And it was around May… When he became a fan of the lifestyle.

So much so… That the lady in white, on my right, in that pic (Who was a stranger on that night) became an instant FitBuzzer. Because HE connected with her. And was delighted to be a part of (And introduce others into…) what we do here.

And it’s at that point… When folks decide to become an > official member.

So… Where do you currently rank in this process at present?

– Are you ready to start… But being mentally blocked @ some of the reasons I’ve highlighted in the past 2 months?

– Are you happy that you’ve reached out about your problem. Added on FB. And just watching what we do LIVE…. Daily. Before jumping in?

– Did you start on stage 2, without even messaging first… Because you ‘get it’. But now going through mental blocks @ truly feeling the S-curve experience?

Whatever the case… Just jump into the chats, or the bot (Who knows… You might just hate my face/voice. Lol).

And whatever the case… There are many, many people… Who have overcome all of the above and

succeeded @ all of this weeks newsletters. Especially > yesterday’s.

So relax… It’s all ‘chill’ vibes when we talk. And tell me where you rank in all of this…

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Learn More About Cox Therapy Effect on Spinal Strengthening

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Spinal stenosis is a common issue that many individuals face, especially after the age of 60 when degenerative conditions of the spine begin to occur. Treatment of such conditions like degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis degenerative conditions can be done via Cox Therapy. The Cox Therapy Effect provides spinal strengthening which can help with the pain associated with degenerative conditions.

Individuals who suffer from such conditions will have pain in the lower back and legs, with difficulty walking or standing. Sitting is usually the only way the individual can find comfort. Currently, there is no cure for spinal stenosis but Cox Therapy can be beneficial. This is a non-surgical option and has been well researched with physical therapists in Jersey City seeing results.


Goals of Cox Therapy

This therapy type is used to reach several goals when it comes to a diagnosis of spinal stenosis. One goal is to safely restore normal flexibility to the spine. The treatment will provide more space within the spinal canal which can be affected due to spinal stenosis. The hips and upper back can become more flexible as the spine is strengthened into a position that will create more space in the spinal canal and other areas.

The therapy takes place on a treatment table that was specially engineered to pull and stretch the spine. The patient will lay face down on the table and the lower section of the table can be moved to stretch the spine. The table will be pulled down and away in such a motion that will help to stretch the spine. The spine is lengthened and the vertebrae are moved away from each other.

With each motion, space is provided in between the spinal joints and this takes pressure off the nerve roots and spinal cord. When the spine stretches, the doctor can focus the therapy on affected areas of the spine. Hand contact is used to provide pressure in particular areas as the table is moved away.

The stretching technique, known as decompression, will be a push and pull action and done so in short time segments. The process is repeated so that the spine receives the best stretch for maximum results. The chiropractor or physical therapist will then provide additional instructions as to what you need to do when you get home, such as exercises or stretches. You want to stay aligned and help to focus the treatment for better pain management.

The overall goal is to use the decompression therapy along with exercise and stretching at home to increase hip and upper back flexibility which puts less pressure on the lower back. The spine is strengthened into a position that creates more space for the spine in general.

Trying this therapy type can be a great option when surgery or pain meds are not an option or something that you are not interested in trying. This is a more natural option that can provide results over a short period of time. Schedule this therapy type today to see how decompression therapy can be of benefit to yo

It’s a guarantee @ your cheeks

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Today’s headline…

– Hall of fame
– Podcast-ish
– Live update member pages

All of those pages, are where you need to look, In terms of physical results in S-curve world @ the first part of the pre-headline on More buzz, that says…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

All of what you see there… Shows you, that It’s 100% guaranteed that you’re going to win, when you become an official member.

That’s the S-curve formula. 😀

And if you’re on here… And if you’ve > met me in person. Then you would have seen me explain exactly how long the process takes. For any body type that you show to me ‘on the spot’.

You all know that the newsletter gives the ingredients for the results part of the S-curve formula.

So let’s list some…

#1 A-F rated food shenanigans aka… Eating S-curvishly

A = Apple
F = Apple pie with custard
– 80% of your total meals in a one week period, should be A-C rated
– You’ll use the D-F rated foods as your ‘treat’ cheat snacks (Like my cheesecake post on FB yesterday)
– And at all other times… Fruit will be your cheat snack, in the day time (All fruits are A-rated)
Everyone needs help with nutrition. Just like I said in the 1st podcast this week, with Shawn. That’s the topic which gets the most focus, in the 121 chats. Especially during a results phase.
And it will always have to be tailored and tweaked along the way.
#2 ‘Becoming S-curvish’ – The most effective workout rules
– High reps
– High sets
– Heavy weight
– 4 workouts a week
 But you NEED guidance when doing that. The ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’ is important here.

#3 ‘Shredding to smexy’ – The most effective workout rules

– The videos from ‘me’ (Bottom link on More buzz)… When I was doing the free vids. Which is closer to what you can expect in the program vids.

– But today… A shred-curvish workout looks more > like this or > this.

Again… That’s just random s***. The ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’ is the backbone of the S – curve formulas existence. At which point (Reached at least 60-70% S-curvish)… We start to enjoy the other 3 parts of the S-curve experience…
Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

Again… Eye up the Pinterest feed that is listed and updated on > More buzz daily updates.

Should we ‘mission statement’?

This list might be it…

– To make women here (And the close people in your lives) look and feel like the best version of themselves!
– Keep you on the fit wagon in various ways.

– Keep you looking 10-15 years younger than your biological age.

– Making sure that your kids, siblings or any one close to you, feels the effects of the lifestyle (The husbands

are now officially back too @ S-curve experience).

– Making sure that you don’t ever have to get ‘body ready’, ever again.

That’s all… Weekend time… Reply to talk and add below.


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Goodbye stage 1 (Butt too…)

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We have to re-emphasis > this design again, more so than ever before. Because of the ‘excessive’ fake body parts flying around. That are hard to miss… Being an indivdual that is interested in improving their image @ YOU.
Remember what I said at the end of yesterday’s newsletter?
To make women here (And the close people in your lives) look and feel like the best version of themselves!
Well… That’s another important reason for the S-curve formula to be out in the world. To prevent you from going the ‘fake route’.
The butt – Absolutely no need! The boobs – Would be understandable if you did enhance ’em. But we’ve started to solve that problem this year too @ #savetheboobs you were born with.
So yea… You can wear that design. And no one can tell you s***. Because everything that they can see… Is all YOU!
Second @ today’s headline
We might be getting rid of stage 1 (As it currently stands) on > Morebuzz.
Well… The reason it came into existence… Was to give you an individual overview of what YOU need to do, to succeed with your physical goals, on your own.
But… The current day newsletters kinda do that already. At which point, most people jump into the main program.
Also…A lot of you already know that…
#1 You’re going to start…. Since the newsletters now have you immersed in the now, S-curve experience.
#2 It’s more that just the butt (Mental, lifestyle fixes… Again… The S-curve experience).
So we might just cut it down to 3 stages.
Yesterday… I explained what starts to happen, after the noticeable results stage. And it’s been a while since I explained what happens on the two stages after that. Let’s go…
Stage 3
This is the official intro to the results and lifestyle phases.
Results – Is super important, as explained in yesterdays newsletter.
Lifestyle – This is where you can ‘chill’ a little more and move along at a casual pace @ 60-70% S-curvish.
And it doesn’t need to be about physical results ONLY… Either.
Some members are on this phase, simply to keep them in the lifestyle. Because they know that their life will become s*** again, as it was before they officially started.
Stage 4
Is really for members who look 80% S-curvish and above.
If you’re a member from around 2013-15. Then YOU… Should jump on stage 3.
When on both of these stages… It’s the LIVE update member page and 121 coaching shenanigans that’ll fix you.
Every single person that has started and won… Has done exactly that!
So when you start… That’s what you will do too.
I’ve updated all of the daily updates on More buzz today. So check them out @ this is what the S-curve experience looks like. And add below.


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Are you even being noticed?

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It’s another day working ‘in the city’… Remotely, for me today.

And I’m going to continue on with the theme from the past two newsletters. So let’s get into it…

‘Life’ stages as an official S-curve member

So… You’ve succeeded @ 2-3 week noticeable results like Shawn, Victoria, Elly… And everyone else that you’ve seen listed on > these pages in the past year?

And… If you’re happy to get to at least 60-70% S-curvish and ‘be happy’, like I said yesterday. Then…

Don’t stop! After you see noticeable results.

This ‘stopping’ behaviour, after seeing some initial success, is a human trait. Not just something that happens when starting a long term program in S-curve world.


People will want success in something. Find the formula. Then stop and do something else.

Crazy right?

I don’t know all of the reasons @ why it happens. But I do know that it’s related to ones insecurities and failures.

And for some… Feeling that they don’t deserve the success (This is related to being afraid of ‘change’).

Our job here… Is to snap you out of that mindset.

That’s the ‘tough thing to do’, that I talked about in our first podcast-ish recording 2 days ago.

And this is why the first month MUST be a results phase. It’s just THAT important. The value of what happens in that month, is just that high.

But for you to be ready for that first month results phase. You must add on FB first (Below). In order to establish our relationship (Or you could add yourself to the bot, if you prefer that over a human. Ha).

What happens after the first months 2-3 week success?

– We tweak things based on your on-going results
– We tweak things based on your lifestyle shenanigans
– We tweak workouts, based on how you feel on the day

That’s what happens @ doing this face to face. And the LIVE update member page is there to document all of it. > Like this.

That’s where all of the real magic happens. The noticeable results stage just puts you into the process.

Things are becoming more and more specific every year on here…

I’ll highlight some stuff to show you what I mean…

– We focus only on looking ‘soft lean’

– To keep ya real boobs… And we even have a real world module, that I created with that lady above, which helps you ‘keep a cup size’ during your results process.
– To build an S-curve, as always.
– To continue to live your current day life… In an improved way. Which means you don’t have to quit anything you’re currently doing in your life.
– To hit Travel-curvish 2.0 trips several times a year. Not the 25 times that I recently talked about… Ha. Although we can strive for higher numbers.
– Working and working out remotely, at least 50% of the time.

Online members and those I meet > face to face have started, or were already doing some of the lifestyle stuff from above. Which is exactly what I personally do daily too.

Pics, video and audio is the best way to explain what all of that looks like.

So it’s…

– Pinterest
– Instagram
– The new S-curve member podcast

And for the most LIVE and personal touch… My own profile below.

To make women here (And the close people in your lives) look and feel like the best version of themselves!

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Doesn’t insert butt headline here… (Clarity)

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So the podcast-ish shenanigans > kicked off yesterday.

– It’s good for you… As it provides more clarity @ everything that you see here on the newsletter is all real and happening. And that offline vs online shenanigans are EXACTLY the same.

– It’s good for me… As it confirms everything that is highlighted, in all the various chats that I have with people around the world.

After analysing the first recording. These will most likely stay shorter @ around 20 mins.

I actually tried to do that. Ha. As you would have heard… At the 30 minute mark.

Just… There was much more to talk about… As you would have heard. And it was right to continue on. As you needed to hear what was said @ clarity on S-curve formula stuff confirmed to work.

So… It’s a balancing act, in regards of how long these end up being.

And since this is all member focused. And ‘not’ aimed at getting mass attention. I still think it’s best to keep things a little raw and unpolished somewhat. As we have no one to impress.

We take the chains off and just ‘get real’ with one another.

As that mindset allows you to reveal your true feelings about everything that’s going on with you. Which then allows the S-curve formula to help you in the best way possible.

S-curve blueprint tips… In relation to yesterday’s recording…

I’ve recently re-explained why we do these blueprint tips. And they help members and non-members.

But overall…

– It’s more for non-members

– Less for active members

#1 You are still the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again…

One of the things that was highlighted, was how it was more difficult to start becoming S-curvish. At 35+ years old. Especially if you’ve had many previous years of being Less-curvish.

And yes… We confirmed that this age timeline is real.

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goalsIt doesn’t matter who you are. Or your situation. Your situation could even sound like Kristine’s, from last week > Friday.

Just don’t wait around if you need a current day fix!

And I’m sure you like the sound of looking 10-15 years younger than your biological age. Like Amy or Anita in the > hall of fame.

#2 The argument against looking 90-100% S-curvish continues…Yup… The Instagram and Pinterest ‘bodies’ are there to motivate you. And overall… It’s the S-curve experience, explained via images.

But… You don’t actually need to get there ‘fast’.

You’ll WANT to get there… Just like Shawn said at the end of the recording. As moving through the progression stages makes you want more.

But you can happily live the S-curve experience in a 60-70% S-curvish body, for sure.

And this is why we have the 1-5 year time line in place.

Which would be like Steph Frolly from the hall of fame. Who has indeed been here for 5 years. And will most likely be on the S-curve member podcast shortly.

So you’ll get to hear her journey (She’s in the younger age range @ 18-25) @ you need to encourage the younger folk around you to start at this age. As muscles start to waste away at this age.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Reality vs fakality (S-curve member podcast-ish, is here)

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Yesterday… We had our first > S-curve member podcast. With S-curve member Shawn, who started in
July/August 2017.

I’ve only just got back into this ‘recording LIVE chat’ world. So it’s just a straight raw recording. With no bells

or whistles added. So just let it play in your ears. In good old podcast fashion. Usually in the background whilst you’re doing other things.


– Shawn’s foundation month results success process explained (This is what’s supposed to happen with everyone that starts).

– Putting the food shopping trip video (Yesterday’s newsletter) to use and it’s effectiveness.

– Working and working out remotely (Yup… This is becoming a fave ‘confirmed’ S-curve experience shenanigan).

– Several tips given throughout, from myself. And talking about ‘life’ stuff ,that must be discussed. In order to
effectively push forward with your plans.
– And a lot of other gems that confirm a lot of what is talked about in the newsletter.

Reality vs fakalilty

You know… Now that everyone is ‘on the internet’ today. It’s become easier for people to be more ‘fake’ with the stuff that they post.

You know… Like…
– ”Life is awesome”
– Relationship goal pics
– Posting old holiday pics as if they’re there ‘today’

Just… S*** that’s all BS, in comparison to what their actual daily life looks like.

People can do that all they want. But if you ‘smarten up’. You can see through the BS… After watching  someone’s activity for a while.

And you’re only hurting yourself if you’re doing that. Instead of fixing the issues in your life.

Kinda like you, if you’re reading this and holding back from becoming an official member. When you know you should. I’ve spoken to several of you this year, who are doing that.. And you are indeed being put through the process that helps you get over that. Even if you don’t realise it.


If a business, or some entity that you follow for a ‘fix’, is doing that. Then that’s a red flag @ ‘trust’ shenanigans.

I knew the internet would come to this state eventually (I was explaining this to folks in 2005 @ e-commerce


Which is why we started to do everything LIVE. Last year. And this year… To naturally evolve into a full

experience @ lifestyle with your real world folks involved.

– You know exactly where I am, in the offline world @ the start of every newsletter.
– The shenanigans album (above) shows you what’s going on at any given time.
– All online folks from around the world and people I meet offline are on that FB profile below (I’ve merged


So ya… It’s all real.

And in S-curve world…

– Hall of fame chat screens
– S-curve member stories
– The recorded chats… Not calling it a podcast… Yet. Podcast-ish.
– LIVE update S-curve member pages
– 121 chats 24/7

So there… That’s some ‘trust’ shenanigans for you to consider.

But talking of LIVE. It was impossible not to mention the Las Vegas incident yesterday. As many FitBuzzers

live there. And were declaring themselves ‘safe’, all over social media.

That alone is one reason for going totally LIVE now. So let’s hope for more good vibes, to come out of this big

bad world.
Blueprint tips time…
I was going to… But I’ll save it for tomorrow. But one place you need to keep an eye on… Is the shenanigans photo/video album on my own FB profile below. And more recently… > Yesterday’s meal update.
Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Momentum inside the booty (Eww… What?)

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Buzzers… Monday…

I’ll explain that headline in a sec. Lol. But first… The > weekend newsletters if you missed them. As a lot of important stuff is highlighted @ always. And because I know that you might switch off on some weekends @ Travel-curvish 2.0/’Come up for air’ shenanigans.

Momentum = Results

That’s a long term reason for becoming an official member… Which I rarely talk about.

But if we look back at the most successful ladies in S-curve world… It’s the members that stayed on (Are still on) for the long term.

There’s a process to getting that momentum going. And it’s hard to sustain, without some solid daily

structure in your life.

That’s how the lifestyle and results phases came about. As it takes into account, the inevitable up shifts and down shifts in your motivation levels.

And again… It’s things like the short splits routine this year, that step in and save the day, when life kicks in, and you struggle to keep up with your main plan.

Things are always evolving every year on here. So it’s always going to be better @ starting as a first time member ‘today’. As a lot of the problems that you’re facing as you’re reading this… Will stay out of your life, longer. Or even for good.

Now let’s have some reminder blueprint tips…

#1 Making A-rated foods ‘tasty’

– Rice
– Potatoes
– Oats
– Muesli
– Shredded wheat

All taste like s*** on their own.

If your plan told you to eat those foods as listed. You will quit @ even attempting to > become S-curvish.

All you have to do… Is add whatever you want, to spice them up. Just make sure that whatever you use…

Is low in saturated fat. That’s it.

#2 It’s been a while. But > this video will show you how to do food shopping… S-curvishly.

#3 Swimming is still the best sport @ HIIT cardio shenanigans.

#4 No fruit 4-5 hours before you sleep

Remember… These are just tips that I’m throwing into your subconscious mind. So that they ‘stay’ a habit.

But as an active stage 3 member… You don’t ‘need’ to look at them. Especially if you’re on a results phase.

Add on Facebook (Below). All the fun is happening there. And message. As those chat topics will end up

in the newsletters of ‘tomorrow’. And of course… > More buzz to see everything.


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Pinch, punch, first of the month…

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First… Today’s daily update video on > More buzz. That’s been the vibe in S-curve universe this week.
You know… We cover a lot of ground on here @ things we do for you.

– Keep you on the fit wagon in various ways.

– Keep you looking 10-15 years younger than your biological age.

– Making sure that your kids, siblings or any one close to you, feels the effects of the lifestyle

(The husbands are now officially back too @ S-curve experience).

– Making sure that you don’t ever have to get ‘body ready’, ever again.

To name some…

But ultimately… We make women (YOU) look and feel like the best versions of themselves.

That’s all hard stuff to do.. But we’re getting it done year after year. That’s what becoming a member is all about.

That is… To live an elite version of your current lifestyle. And to bring your ‘close folks’ into that. Adding on Facebook is the best ‘first thing’ to do. So do that.

Wanna know why the above is hard to do?

Because of the grind stage. This is when results are hard to come by. Usually because of a lot of s**t going on in your life. That’s why we have things like the short splits routine, 24/7 availability 121 chats and LIVE update member pages.

All of that stuff pushes you through. And I know it works. Because…

– I’m personally doing everything that’s taught.

– And you know it works. From watching it > happen live (@ #2). And through this years > S-curve member stories.

So expect to start really winning, once that grind stage kicks in. Which is around month #3 and beyond.

That’s when most people who aren’t getting help, quit. Then start saying BS like ”they’ve tried everything and nothing works”.

Which is why it’s very important to get on stage 3, either on day one. Or as soon as possible, once you enter S-curve member mode.

Stage 4

There’s a lot of older pre-2017 members that are active in the S-curve universe right now. If that’s you…

You would have to tell me what your current situation is today.

But stage 4 via More buzz, is for you… @ returning to be an active S-curve member again.


Stage 2-4 is what happens with every single person that’s is met offline too.

The experience is exactly the same, regardless of how you’ve connected to S-curve world.

You’re actually at an advantage over everyone, if you’ve come through the newsletter ‘only’ though. As the newsletter introduces you to everything that’s going on.

Everyone else, only feels these benefits after.

A final message to end this week

Remember… In terms of your physique. It’s all natural results @ the S-curve formula. Which you can see via the hall of fame/results pages, that span many years now. Which has been recorded LIVE, over that time.

We even have a module that helps you keep more of your real boobs now too.

But… Don’t feel bad if you’ve surgically enhanced them, prior to becoming a member. If that’s YOU… You are simply re-entering the world of ‘the real’ again @ every other body part remains ‘real’!

Tomorrow is a new week. And we are pushing forward with all recent updates mentioned. So see you in 24 hours or in the chats.


FB messenger app: Facebook.com/ShaunTLSinclair
Skype: chamileon857
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls
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