Travel-curvish 2.0 chatter + Super relationships

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 Sooo… Let’s talk about #Travel-curvish 2.0…
Travel-curvish 2.0 = @fourseasons Private Island, Maldives, Voavah, Baa Atoll
Travel-curvish 2.0 = @fourseasons Private Island, Maldives, Voavah, Baa Atoll
We all know that we take those trips, every 4-6 weeks. For very valid reasons. ENTER:
– To TOTALLY ‘Come up for air’
– Because it’s THE most effective motivator within S-curve world
– Because it’s not always possible to take 1-2 week trips, due to current work responsibilities (We can of course, help you change that via…)
But in true S-curve Xperience fashion @ bringing everyone together #bonding. It’s all about touching down in every country that you visit… Multiple times.
It’s all about Xperiencing the culture within that country.
It’s all about building connections with the people that you meet there. Bonding and revisiting them.
This is also how you get to find out about and travel to (Safely) lesser known, yet awesome locations.
Because it’s all about the relationships that you build.
The keyword in all of what we do in our world, is relationships.
Let’s dig into what that has and continued to look like… At all 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience!
Becoming S-curvish
– Your friends, family and associates notice your physical and mental changes within 2-3 weeks of starting
– They enquire about what’s causing all of these sudden changes
– Some decide to become S-curve members
– Everyone that is involved, starts to experience the same result
– The bond between everyone involved, just got stronger
Travel-curvish 2.0
– At that point… Every is experiencing boosted happiness levels all around
– We then decide to take a TC2.0 trip
– The relationship between everyone involved… Is now solidified
That is the ultimate goal in S-curve world. For everyone to experience that. As we know what it’s like to do so. It truly is the best thing ever.
Improved daily life style
– Your daily routine, is no longer killing you. In fact… The results from becoming an S-curve member, now has you enjoying it. It’s everything that you was already doing. Just… organised an improved.
For example… You’ll now cheat snack, instead of cheat meal. As well as doing that, mostly with fruit.
Feeding the monster S-curvishly in Santorini @selenaolivera
Feeding the monster S-curvishly in Santorini @selenaolivera
– If you’re taking advantage of the earning side of the Xperience. It means that a part of your daily life, allows you to work remotely.
For us… This means being able to meet new people daily. And our current people, more frequently. Improving relationships with everyone involved.

To conclude

Chatter done. Hit the blue button to talk. Or reply in the comments below.

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How does weight affect fertility?

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), infertility is a common problem. While in most cases, you have no control over the causes of infertility, certain factors can play a significant role when trying to conceive. For instance, research shows that a healthy weight is valuable when it comes to getting pregnant. 

However, it is essential to know that being overweight/underweight is not a dependable mode of contraception, and a healthy weight doesn’t guarantee fertility, but weight can impact your ability to make babies. Having a normal BMI absolutely gives you better chances of conceiving as compared to those who are considerably underweight or overweight. It’s essential to understand how weight can affect your fertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant. 

What is Body mass index (BMI)?

Body mass index (BMI) is an individual weight divided by the square of height. A high body mass index is an indicator of the amount of body fat you possess. It can be used to screen for weight categories, which may lead to health issues, but it is not diagnostic of an individual’s health or body fatness. Generation’s fertility care follows these body mass index guidelines: 

  • Underweight: BMI of less than 18
  • Standard: BMI of 18 to 24.9
  • Overweight: BMI of 25 to 30
  • Obesity: BMI of 30 or greater

Overweight and fertility

Excess weight can affect a woman’s fertility by causing issues with ovulation and hormonal imbalances. Though the primary female hormone, Estrogen is mainly produced by your ovaries, about 30 percent is also provided by your body fat cells. When you have healthy body weight, you have a higher probability of producing the right amount of Estrogen, but when an individual is obese or overweight, their adipose tissues produce more than necessary Estrogen – this can prevent regular ovulation. 

Your body needs hormone balance to ovulate properly, and having a little too much can throw your body off that balance it requires. Plus, a study shows that a higher level of Estrogen can prevent you from ovulating at all, which means you have no chance of getting pregnant. While the irregular period is a sign of ovulation issues, even if you have normal periods, you may have a hard time conceiving if you are overweight or obsess. 

Moreover, besides obesity lowering your chances of getting pregnant, it can also impair the chance of IVF medication and also increases the risk of congenital disabilities in babies and miscarriages according to American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Underweight and fertility

Being underweight can reduce your fertility by causing hormone imbalances, which affect your ovulation and the chance of conceiving. Your ovaries make less Estrogen when you are underweight, which can also influence ovulation (you need your level of Estrogen to increase at ovulation as it helps with the release of the egg from the follicle). Being excessively underweight can inhibit normal ovulation and affect hormone production according to Mayo Clinic. Also, your menstruation can stop altogether as a result of underweight. 

Compared to healthy weight women, underweight people are more than likely going to take more than a year to conceive. Besides, having a healthy body is crucial to carry a pregnancy. So, if you are underweight, your body will not be ready for pregnancy, and even with fertility treatments, conception will be difficult. So, if you have hard training sessions and light periods, now may be the time to cut down on those fat burning practices and add more fats to your diet. 

The impact of weight on fertility for men

Just like the impact weight has on women’s fertility, men can also experience similar challenges. If a man is overweight, it can affect his sperm motility and sperm count. As a result of overweight, male hormones increases, and this can lead to your inability to make sperm regularly. 

The natural balance of Estrogen and testosterone can also be affected, and this can affect the ability to produce sperm. Also, obese men can experience scrotum warming – if the temperature of the scrotal increases by one to two percent, it can impact the production of sperm. 

If you achieve a healthy weight, it can significantly improve your production of sperm. Every day, men produce millions of sperm, which makes it highly beneficial to those who want to change their lifestyle. It takes about 74 days for sperm to mature, which means that you only need to wait about three months to start seeing improvements in the quality of sperm when you make a positive lifestyle change.

Can losing weight improve your fertility?

Conditions like insulin resistance and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) are usually as a result of overweight or obesity, and losing weight can help get rid of these hormonal issues. A recent study from the Stanford School of Medicine shows that a considerable weight loss can increase the rate at which a woman can get pregnant.

Fortunately, you can turn around weight-related infertility by losing weight. However, we recommend you discuss with your fertility specialist to know if your fertility problems are as a result of your body weight. Also, age is a vital factor to infertility, so you could not delay fertility treatments in the hope of achieving a healthy weight. If you are having trouble with getting pregnant, some standard fertility tests can give you an idea of the underlying problems and sometimes certain lifestyle changes are all you need to conceive.

Buzzcoin revisited + Free sh*t for YOU!

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Buzzcoin revisited…

Yes… I have revisited this area of the S-curve Xperience recently.
And of you track back to the end of 2018, when it was introduced.
You will now see today… That getting involved then… Was a solid move to make.
Because today… The price of Bitcoin, has almost quadrupled since then.
This is why you MUST take action, whenever you consume anything in these LIVE and in the moment newsletters.
And to NOT wait until YOU feel ready. You know… Waiting for ‘someday’. It never comes.
It’s the same thing with becoming an S-curve member.
You need to start… The same day/week, that you enquire about starting.
I digress…
On the earning side of Buzzcoin…
We introduced this, as one way to earn an extra income within the S-curve Xperience.
– Work from anyway
– Workout from anywhere
And again… We introduced it at a time, where you would easily win. Aka… Investing and watching your invested funds grow.
Which you can do by signing up and using Coinbase (To fund) and Binance (To trade).
Now… If you didn’t take action. And missed out, on this recent price rise. You can still trade. It just requires a little extra work.
Either way… If you thought about this at the time. And didn’t listen. Then it’s a lesson for the future YOU. To take action!
The Non-earning size of Buzzcoin
The main reason that we made this a ‘thing’. Is because of the potential ways that the blockchain industry may disrupt/change the official parts of the S-curve Xperience @ fitness, travel, daily lifestyle or even ‘shopping’.
We have always pushed for the early adoption of things. Because when things do adopt. You’ll be better prepared for the change

Want some free sh*t?

@yaganmoore has free ice-cream for you..
@yaganmoore has free ice-cream for you..

Almost everything is free in S-curve world, if you’re good at listening and following rules.

It’s not… If you do not listen.
It’s as simple as that.
– A lot of people don’t have time. If that’s you. You’re better off paying for shit.
– Almost all humans need to work with someone, in order to move ahead. Wether in groups or 121. Which is why 121 coaching chats are the most effective thing to date. And why Travel-curvish 2.0, is the best thing to move you off your ass and keep you moving off your ass. It’s all about that human connection.
This is the mindset you need to embrace, whilst you’re here in the S-curve Xperience.
Like I said in precious posts. Transparency is key. We’ve always been ‘that’. But more so today. Because of the climate we’re in.

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Comment below, or hit the Messenger button on this page to ask, enquire about shit.

The S-curve workout is overrated? + The S-curve Xperience revisited/Explained

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Once again… It’s been a busy week in S-curve world.
All of that chatter… Creates all that you see in these newsletters.
So let’s dig in…

The workout is overrated 

Yup… You mostly keep on working  out (After your initial 1-3 months as an S-curve member). To avoid an unwanted build up of fat.
And to keep you getting hungry. Which will prevent you from getting skinny.
You need to get hungry. Because your body needs to be motivated, to continue eating S-curvishly consistently.
Feeding the monster OOTD-curvishly @yaganmoore
Feeding the monster OOTD-curvishly @yaganmoore
The workout is needed. Because living the S-curve Xperience. Means being allowed to eat whatever the fudge you want (Fudge is our word for fuck).
And there are some periods throughout the S-curve Xperience… That will mean eating D-F rated foods. Like on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
Those moments should be enjoyed and never avoided!
But it’s the making the workout a part of your life. That will keep you at 60-100% S-curvish.
I discussed this on Friday night. With a new group of people that I met @ parts 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience, over food and drinks.
And even they had a few ‘ah ha moments’. As I discussed the entire ‘eating S-curvishly’ process to them.
No one there was overly fat/skinny. But like most people. There’s something on your body that you don’t like and want to fix.
Those are the people who experience the best 7-14 day results.
To conclude 
The workout will always be a part of the S-curve Xperience.
It’s where we started, back in 2009… A year ago next month.
But today… It’s just one part of what happens in our world… In sync, with all else that goes on here @ check the side bar on the right.

The S-curve Xperience revisited 

Becoming S-curvish… It’s a part of our DNA. It’s what birthed us. 
But over time. We organically grew into other areas. Because of you.
– OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire… For the body that you create.
– The S-curve formula and the supplements rules within S-curve world  
– Travel-curvish 2.0
– Buzzcoin
– Becoming an S-curve member partner/influencer… Where you can earn an income through us, boost your own earnings. And more importantly… Bring your people closer together (Those who get introduced to our world, through you).
So today… It’s all about the entire Xperience.
It’s about transforming you… Into a better you.
So like we have always said.
It’s more than just the workout. Your journey just starts there.
And it’s our job. To open you up, to what that can look like for you. Because it will look different for everyone.
But still… Some variation of what you see, via our social media channels (See side bar on the right).
And last but not least… Because we are now a platform. You can advertise on this website. Or even some areas on our social media profiles. You just need to email us directly here. To enquire.
To conclude
It’s official… We’re an S-curve platform now. 
And to get involved… You just need to dig into any of the areas listed above.
Enjoy it all!

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It’s time to partner up… Partner…

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Yup… This is happening across many parts of the S-curve Xperience.
– With those of you who want to be posted on our profiles, pages.
– With those of you who want more exposure to your business.
– With those of you who become S-curve members 
– With those of you become S-curve member partners (Usually ex or current members… Explained here @ why that is…).
And why this is happening?
Because we’ve all seen, first hand. How more impactful this is, on ALL of our lives. When we focus on partnering up and building long lasting relationships.
– We learn more about different aspects of life.
– We learn more about others cultures and countries.
– We learn more about other industries.
– We learn more about how other businesses operate.
– And most importantly… We get to learn what’s really on everyone’s minds.
Because people only truly open up about their REAL thoughts and feelings. With people they feel that they trust, or are close enough to.
We’ve been at this for an entire decade this July.
And almost since day 1. We have said…
Our goal… Is not to put you on 1 month plans. Our goal… Is to change your life. Over 1-5-10 or even 15 years!
And it’s been happening!
Living the S-curve Xperience @vitoriagomes
Living the S-curve Xperience @vitoriagomes
A lot of our core people. Are still active and present, from 5-7 years ago.
The reason why… Is because we’ve been in the trenches with them.
They’ve helped mold @fitbuzz over time. They’ve been a part of the journey.
It’s like those people you study with at university. You tend to stay close with them. For years after you inevitably end your studies. Because everyone was on a level playing field.
Life is dynamic. And these days. The internet has sped things up.
(Which is partly a reason why we have seen a lot of people doing a social media detox. And/or switching to messaging apps only.)
And it’s not realistic for everyone that’s involved here… To be ‘forever present’.
People have lives to live.
In fact… Not being forever present, is an S-curve Xperience requirement.
@ this…
It’s all about living your best life, in your best body, with your fave people.
Everything that you stumble upon here. Will help with that.
So… When you become an S-curve member (For example).
You’re not required to stay active, after 1-3 months.
You’re expected to get results @ 60-100% S-curvish. And then live it up. Usually by taking TC2.0 trips.
So yes… Today. Unlike 2014. You’ll be active.
But in different parts of the S-curve Xperience.
We too are living it.
Out daily. Meeting new and current people.
– Working out from anywhere 
– Working from anywhere 
This will continue. So that everyone that is involved here. Is united. Directly or indirectly. Since everyone is located globally.

To conclude 

Now you can see why we have become an S-curve platform.
A place that all of us stand. And benefit from, in great and unforeseen ways.
The best Xperience FTW… 

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An official S-curve Xperience ‘items list’ update page 

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Amazon Influencer Items list
S-curve Xperience Items list
It’s been 6 months since we created the most current variation of the items list page.
And the set up won’t change any time soon either.
Mostly because the structure allows us to easily add new items that we find, via our Amazon influence page.
For you… The newsletter reader. It’s quite unlikely that you’ll add extra browsing time. Looking for new additions to the page.
What you’ll most likely to do. Is check this newsletter, the moment it pops on your phone notifications.
It’s been 6 months since the previous update. 
And during that time. We have indeed stumbled upon different and or/new items. That fall under the same category of items that you can currently see.
This page will…
1. Continuously list what we find 
2. Consistently be linked within the newsletters
Let’s list 
This bluetooth speaker 
Sony SRS-XB12
Sony SRS-XB12
Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Yeti Rambler
YETI Rambler

The Hobest Solar power bank 
Hobest Solar Charger

This can cooler 
This head mount 
Remember… If YOU feel like something should be added here. Shout and let us know what that is.
Because if you’ve found it useful. It probably is some level of ‘good’. Or even great.
Which means it can be that, for everyone else that follows along.
As usual… Messenger (Recommended) or comment below to chat.

Going deeper (Part 3)

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Going deeper part 1. So that you can see where this series started.


So… You’re here. Looking for info right? You are looking for a sign…
Well… I’ll tell you right now. If you want to Become S-curvish (Or succeed at anything else). You need to fix the way ya brain works!
Let’s just stick to Becoming S-curvish for today.
– You can follow free videos on working out and nutrition
– You can follow a specific person
– You can follow proven plans 
But what most people realise over time. Is that they find themselves in the same situation as where they started. Even after applying/trying all of the above!
Because in order to truly win. You need to work side by side. With someone that has or is achieving, what you want to achieve.
I always refer to > this story from 2016.
That is a lady that I knew and became close with. And for 2 years. She ignored that fact that I was helping many women change their lives.
The reason I did ignore her (Kinda). Is because she had a broken mindset. And I refused to help her because of it (I did initially try to).
2 years later. After going on and off, doing her own thing. And nothing working for her, during that entire time.
She got serious and started with me again.
And within 2 weeks. All of her friends and family wondered what the fudge she did?
Because they viewed her as the ‘fat girl’, who works out, but stays fat.
And the answer was simple. I just ran her through the S-curve formula.
The same one that everyone else goes through.
The only difference, is that some people shred/grow faster/slower than others. Based on attributed like age, weight, experience, injuries.


This is the reason why the heart of the program, shifted from a workout focus. To 121 coaching, mindset and therapy focused.
Because that’s what was (Still is) helping everyone win.
Teaching the ‘what to do’, with the ‘how to do’.
This applies to most things you want to succeed in @ life.
What YOU guys ask about?
– How to get an ‘S-curve’ lady (Guys)
– How to Become S-curvish… Like…
#Bikini-curvish moments with #nature in #crete @milica_mitrovic_
#Bikini-curvish moments with #nature in #crete @milica_mitrovic_
– How to make more money 
This is why you’re strongly encouraged to reply to talk. Because that’s where the magic happens.
When you start any type of ‘help’ today. You’re mostly paying for unlimited 121 chats.
And if you buy physical products, like supplements or stuff from the items page. Then you’ll get help with that too. As we’ve had experience with everything that is listed there.
So remember…
– Reply to talk
– Because that’s where we start fix your fudging mind (Fudge is our word for fuck)

What else is happening within S-curve world?

Well… It’s all stuff, that has been highlighted in other previous newsletters. And we are indeed working hard on those areas right now.
But let us recap…
1. Access vs ownership 
It’s a 50/50 split, between the kind of stuff you own vs the stuff you access. Within the S-curve Xperience.
Lets analyse…
What you ‘own’
What you ‘access’
– Accommodation
Most of the stuff that you end up owning above. Will be used, or present. Wherever you are accessing all of the above.
With a focus on the word ‘wherever’. Because that’s what makes the S-curve Xperience so great.
– You can earn from anywhere
– Do the S-curve program from anywhere
– Be anywhere more often… Due to being an S-curve member partner
Let’s dig into that last part…
2. Becoming an S-curve member partner
It’s all about earning an income, from getting deeper involved within S-curve world.
There are 3 focus areas, in regards to this. Let’s dig into them…
A) Becoming 60-100% S-curvish and being posted for free, via all of our channels
B) Becoming an S-curve member partner
C) Buzzcoin
A) Explained
S-curve workout selfie @thalitanascimento_
S-curve workout selfie @thalitanascimento_
That’s one of the hottest areas right now, for the women who enter S-curve world. 
You Become S-curvish. On your own, or with our help. Already are. And if you qualify… We’ll explode your profile(s) up for free.
If you have something to offer the world. Great. That will get more visibility, because of our efforts. 
And if you don’t… Then you should…
B) Explained
Become an S-curve member partner.
The best way for this to work. Is to have been an S-curve member, for at least 1-3 months.
Because then, you’ll know what it’s like to be an S-curve member.
At which point, you’ll naturally talk about (Especially when you’re experiencing noticeable results).
YOUR people will definitely ask you about what you’re doing. And when you reply to them. You’re simply telling them the truth, without ever trying to ‘sell’ to your own people. Which is actually a sucky thing to do.
If they become S-curve members because of you. You’ll get commissions for that.
However… We have always been ‘open’ in our world. And one thing that we like to do. Is bring everyone together. Often times… Spending those commissions on/with those friends who become members. Usually on a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip
C) Explained
This isn’t for everyone. But elements of whatever develops in this area, WILL slip into the main areas of the S-curve Xperience, at some point in the not too distant future.

To conclude

Newsletter done. Reply in the comments or send a message via Messenger, to ask about shit.

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Sh!t is not free + The ‘offline’ scene + Your privacy

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And nothing is… In all reality.
Also…  No one values ‘free’. Which is why the real shit that helps YOU within S-curve world. Is NOT free.
Like in > Going deeper. Where 121 coaching happens. And everyday, you are teased into those chats. Because we KNOW that is what will help you.

Your spouse… (For example)

If they are your spouse now. They was probably FAR from being that, in the beginning stages of your relationship.
You may have wanted them to be your spouse. But chances are. You had to spend time or money to make that happen. To make them YOUR spouse. And not anyone else’s.
And if they become anyone else’s with ease. Then they’re most likely not going to be a great spouse. Aka not valuable.
Even if it was love a 1st site. You’d still have to work to get them.
One reason why it is hard to get them = Trust
That’s what makes it hard for US to get YOU. You need to trust us. And just like getting a valuable spouse… Trust takes time. Not necessarily money.
But again… Shits not free. Usually time or money is required.
So if you’re here or anywhere. Never expect anything great, to be free. If there is, there’s always a catch.
Fortunately for you. In S-curve world. We’re completely open about everything that we do. What goes on. And what my own daily life looks like. Via stories and this album…
Heck… I’m constantly out meeting people. Usually in public places. Meeting people whilst working on my lap top. Like this…
Which usually gets people talking to me. Every time that I’m out.
And when they ask me what I do. I show them.
I show them Income streams (Actual income). The website. The social media profiles. My Facebook profile.
All totally open. Because since day 1 around ‘ere. Transparency is key.
All points after that. Requires time… Before they spend any money, within the S-curve Xperience.
So again… Shits not free. Neither for you or for me.
Tis the S-curve Xperience. And we get up to various things here. Like…
So just keep all of this in mind… In every situation that you’re in.
If someone helps you for free. You’ve already payed for it. Or they’ll expect you to pay (Like tips in a way).

Now… Let’s just talk about… The things that get talked about…

When we’re out meeting 1-5 people ‘near’ daily…
So… A woman that we’ve now stumbled upon twice now…
We show her the S-curve Xperience social media channels. And both times that she sees the posts… She ‘get’s it’.
– The ‘soft lean’
– The OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
But she did have one obvious question… Being a woman in her 40’s…
You see… She doesn’t look bad at all. She’s just lost her-curvish… Due to a recent ‘broken’ lifestyle. It’s happened to all of us at some point.
Yet… Becoming 90-100% S-curvish, for ‘appearance’ goals. Is not something that she would strive for ‘today’.
She ticks the box @ women who are aged 45-55… Who Become S-curvish, more so for health reasons.
And so… She pointed out women who were walking around us. Who were that age. Asking how we would approach their plans.
It’s the same as any other plan. We just structure the S-curve formula for the goal.

Another thing that we talked about…

And a reason why some women (Not men… You’ll see why in a sec) STILL start.
Is because they want to succeed in private. And to not workout in a public gym environment.
Which of course… WE are a perfect solution for…
– Just a mobile device needed
– An internet connection to stream/download videos and use chat apps
– Any open space to workout
That’s all what is needed, when someone decides to become an S-curve member.
A super simple formula. That allows you to live the S-curve Xperience the max.
Most of which… Looks like what you see in these videos…

To conclude

As usual. I’m bringing you everything, that’s being discussed, LIVE and in the moment.
But make sure YOU reply and talk too. Because what we talk about, will end up in these newsletters. Which will help others. But more importantly… YOU!

Why you NEED to stop working out!

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As a reminder… We are now a platform. Where all S-curve Xperience shenanigans take place.
It all started with one program. And over time, we’ve naturally evolved into other areas.
All of which… Are structured into 4 parts, that make up the Xperience.
So whatever it is that tickles your interest within S-curve world. Just message us via the blue Messenger button, on the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Stop working out?

S-curve #workout #selfie #belfie + #fashion is a 'thing' @thalitanascimento_
S-curve #workout #selfie #belfie + #fashion is a ‘thing’ @thalitanascimento_
So… You know how I said we started off as one program?
Well… I of course, personally created it. With the collective help from followers and S-curve members, over the years.
And as of today. I still use (And probably always will) the S-curve formula. In my day to day life.
1. Because it helped me with this transformation
Shaun Sinclair
Shaun Sinclair
Amongst others…
2. I still coach people via video and in-person.
So I need to practice what I preach. Consistently.
That’s how everything remains real.
Just like when I’m out meeting people daily. Getting feedback from real conversations.
Real real real! = Relatable to you.
And one element of the S-curve formula that I’ve recently been reminded about. Is to…

Take 7-10 days off from working out, every 3-4 months.

By doing this. You’re allowing your body to rest, from being in a consistent catabolic state (Where your muscles are constantly being broken down/repaired).
Being in that state… Means that you’ll usually look your 80% best, at any given time. And not your 90-100% best.
Your body is lean and strong. But may also be quite tired. And there even may be a case of a silent injury, building up inside you, that has yet to surface (No pain currently felt).
More sleep. More nutrition focus (Which helps boost you to 90-100% S-curvish).
You look awesome.
You can’t just quit the workouts eternally.
This rest period is temporary. And you will have to go back to some level of a workout schedule.
For me… That has always looked like…
– 20 25 minute S-curve gym workouts (Short splits routine)
– 3 x a week
– ‘Come up for air’ (See video below)
Always simple.
Because if you don’t. Your result will disappear.

To conclude

These non-workout periods, get drilled into your subconscious, as an S-curve member.
And it’s one of several S-curve formula factors, that makes you win.
More often than not =
– Strategy
– Mindset
– And less gym
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Going deeper again… The age of ‘access’ (Over ownership)

June 9, 2019 by  
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So… A lot of you have started replying and asking for help.
Which is good. Because it shows you’re not fu*king around and are ready to get serious.
One challenge that we are overcoming. Is communicating with you in your language. If English isn’t the 1st.
Namely French, Spanish and Portuguese.
The upside to that. Is that we get to cut the crap and get right to the point @ creating solutions to your problems.
Which brings me to the next point.

Motivation… Tips…

None of that stuff really helps you, if you’re after real change in your life.
What you need… Is 121 help. With someone that’s been where you want to go.
On the fitness (Becoming S-curvish) side of things. That would be me. As I still lead the charge in 121 coaching chats.
And… Because I have the most ‘hands on’ history, @ everything that’s happened within S-curve world.
There are now a lot of you present, within S-curve world. From all around the world.
The S-curve program has been structured to manage you, at whatever level you’re at. Physically, mentally and financially (What you can pay to start).
'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout + #fashion is a 'thing' @vitoriagomes
‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout + #fashion is a ‘thing’ @vitoriagomes

Going deeper… To start…

Knowing what to do to start. Is the main reason why there’s such a strong focus on 121 coaching chats.
All the successful people you’ve seen here. Didn’t know what to do, before they started.
Which is why they kept on failing. Prior to starting with us. But once we went 121. Things changed fast!
We’re talking, people who kept following broken formulas for years.
Or were too stubborn or stuck in a rut to seek help.
So keep on replying. And what we start with you, is what will lead you on a winning path. With whatever issues you have.

It’s our goal… To change as many of you as possible.

– Get you living the S-curve Xperience… The way you see it being living, via our social media pages.
– Taking pics/vids of it all.
– Us reposting it for free. And for some of you… Giving you more exposure and boosting your personal earnings.
Especially if you’re into living the S-curve Xperience to the max.
So do me a favor right now and reply with what’s on your mind.
Because you’re here for a reason. And we need to know what that is. So that your time here is better spent.

The age of ‘access’ (Over ownership)

I recently watched the Google Stadia conference. As a part of this years E3 show in Los Angeles.
And watching it… Reminded me again. Of how it applies to how we’re living, within the S-curve Xperience.
A world where we can work, workout and live… Anywhere we like. At any given time.
Of course… Not 100% of the time. But the option is very open for us to take advantage of.
And in terms of Google Stadia. It means being able to play the latest console games. Via a smart phone, laptop or tablet.
Some stats from the conference…
I talked about this in recent newsletters too.

So… To conclude…

I personally want you to be a part of all this. Because being so… Will indeed help fix whatever issues you’re facing right now.
To recap… @ your options 
Becoming S-curvish 
The supplements/food rules 
The items to buy for use within the S-curve Xperience 
The partner program/Buzzcoin 
As usual… It’s best to 121 chat… Once you decide to spend money in those areas. So do that!
Note: Now that the internet has finally started to peak and hit world wide mass adoption.
One of things that I see, that people want, when they meet me. Is wanting to live and earn in the world that you see described above.
Ideally… These folks should have started years ago.
But hey… Most people like to wait until things are ‘safe’ before they jump in.
But more often than not. The ‘easy’ opportunity has disappeared by then.
However… It’s not too late. As this world evolves fast.
So if you get into the partner program, being shared for free and Buzzcoin. You can and will start to win.
You just need to stay in the game. Which will allow you to keep up. And you WILL need to keep up!

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