How To Build Your Muscles Naturally

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Having well-built muscles can be great for a guy. It is possible to gain muscles without the use of steroids. However, natural muscle building is a bit challenging; it needs a serious commitment to nutrition and training. One has to take time to consistently maintain a healthy diet with the right nutrients and keep doing the right exercises.

The following are ways you can use to naturally build your muscles.

Intake of Muscle Building Foods

The food you eat always has a great impact on your body. Therefore, consuming the right diet plays a major role in building up of natural muscles. Identify nutrients found in various foods and their impact on your body. For example, fermented dairy products contain probiotics that help in fast break down of nutrients and calories. Eggs have cholesterol that aids in muscle building. Once you identify foods that will generate muscle growth, then you will increase their intake for a quick result.

Consult a Specialist

Exercising on your own may not always give you the desired outcome. At times, it’s good to build muscle will help of a professional because they not only offer guidance but also, they have experience of what works and what doesn’t and how long it takes. A specialist guides you on how to increase your muscle tone through endurance and strength training. Moreover, it will help you be more committed in the muscle building exercise, for instance, if you have an appointment with an exercise instructor on certain days you will work on keeping time and showing up as expected.

Ensure you are Hydrated

It’s good to consume enough water especially when you are exercising. When the body is dehydrated the body muscles suffer. Moreover, water is very beneficial because it provides lubrication between joints, digestion, and absorption of nutrients; regu>ate body temperature and keeps the energy level up during exercises.

Eat more than Normal Everyday

General food intake determines widely on the entire body size. If you normally take three meals in a day, add two or double it to six. Eating more has to be accompanied by exercising more. This doesn’t only increase the body’s metabolism but also keeps you from gaining fat. Moreover, the human body uses food to recover muscles and fuel workouts. This means that body muscles can’t grow if there is inadequate food. Normally, men need at least 3000 calories per day to build muscles. Skinny guys will require more since they have a higher metabolism.

In conclusion, it’s possible to build up body muscles naturally if you follow the right procedures. The key solution to muscle building is diet and exercises. Furthermore, a specialist is required who will guide you on the proper channel to use so to successfully meet your goal. There is no need of using supplements which can be unhealthy if not taken as required, instead identify what your body muscles naturally requires and focus on it. Be patient, body muscle building takes time. Also be consistent with the chosen natural method you opt to use so as to achieve quick results.

Size matters… Or does it?

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Buzzers… Thursday…


Make sure you follow on my FB ‘profile’ . All the @fitbuzz social posts and daily life shenanigans are posted there. That way… You won’t miss anything.

I’ll get into todays headline shortly. But let me tell you why we change the plan every 4-6 weeks @ stage 3 via > More buzz.

– To outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change.

– So that we can track progress properly and learn what to do next. It’s all based around your daily

life shenanigans… So it will be kinda unpredictable. Which is why we evolved into LIVE update
member pages in 2016.

– To keep you excited for the month(s) ahead

Yup… That’s ‘the’ best part of what we’ve built the S-curve experience to be, to-date.

– To look forward to 60% S-curvish (And beyond)
– To look forward to your push up numbers going up
– To look forward to TC2.0 trips

And best of all… It’s all guaranteed to happen!

You’ve seen that ‘guarantee’ on here with past offline members. And online members too. It’s all the same regardless of where you are @ doing this.

That’s partly the reason why you’re seeing the posts you’re seeing via @fitbuzz social media accounts. Because it shows…

– What you can look forward to (Physique goals, TC2.0 destinations…)
– What past and current members did/are doing in their ‘look forward to’ shenanigans (Which you can see via the new FB albums now)

Looking forward to… Is why there are stages 1-4.

It’s a super good thing to look forward to being on stage 4. Because you are at your most successful state at that stage.

Again… It’s guaranteed. I personally wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t guarantee the success that you’ll see. Not after all these years. So yes… If you are excited on day one, you have a good reason to be.

Looking forward to butt growth

Yup… You all now know it’s much more than just the butt (The new message on the FB messenger sign up that you may have seen this year).

However… There’s not one female who doesn’t want to improve upon, what they currently have.

Some words regarding that…

First (Size matters.. Or does it?)

You should never compare yourself to what you see on others. Understand that you’ll have YOUR best butt.

What will be universally the same, regardless of who you are, is…

– ‘Soft lean’
– Tiny waist
– No more lower back fat


You know about going long term. And this year, we’ve re-emphasised the fact that the S-curve formula is built like a university course. You must complete the stages along the way.

Like… You can’t do advanced exercise variations without going through the strength and exercise

progression module.

These are ‘high end’ program shenanigans. Which isn’t easy to succeed with on your own.

And going through those stages, is what will allow your butt (Or other body parts) to change, in a big way.


How fast you want to achieve that is up to you. I’ve watched enough members now, to know that it will vary from person to person. Which is what > yesterday’s newsletter is all about.


Your body will react in weird ways if you stay on a lifestyle phase for the long term. This may include a butt shrinkage, like > Pam and Alicia. That WILL cause a hissy fit.

The best way to avoid that, is to throw some solid results phases into your 12-18 month/1-5 year journey.

Because the results that you achieve here, are results that you get to keep. Unless…

– You start drinking alcohol every night
– Cheat binging every day
– Zero physical activity

Which of course, you won’t do. Ha.


Stage 1-4… It’s called a ‘formula’ for a reason.

And at the core of it… All the little tricks that have been implemented, keep you on the wagon. And keeps you excited about the near and long term future.

Here’s to anticipating another exciting year ahead (Wine glass emoji goes here).


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Paralysed butt cheeks… Again

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Buzzers… Wednesday…
I’m ways educating you about ‘stuff’ on here. That’s one of the jobs of the newsletter. Even as an official member.

– You know about the lifestyle and results phases (Created in late summer 2016).

– You know about the S-curve experience and the new scenarios that I highlighted yesterday @ 3-6-12 months.

And today… We’ll dig into those scenarios. Because 12 months on auto payments isn’t going to be for everyone.

So let’s dig in…


3 months on a results phase… Then shift

January to March is typically the best time to do this. It’s when the cliche ‘new year/new me’ moment kicks in, on January the 1st. Which is just fine. As long as you’re setting goals. And ‘not’ resolutions. The results phase is all results focused. So it’s a good idea to ‘go hard at it’, until the spring break season kicks in.
At which point, you can…
– Go on your way, with a > stage 4 plan in your bag.
– Or switch to a lifestyle phase.

6 months on lifestyle phase… Then manual payments during your summer moments

This is a good way to start, if you just want to start and continue the year ‘right’. Especially if you’ve been reading and watching this newsletter all 2017, without taking action.
And you will indeed get the summer bug when it arrives in June. And you should indeed embrace all of the shenanigans that occur. Everyone here will be, including me. That’s for sure!
And it could be a time to switch to manual payments during this time.
If you’re more serious. Then it’ll be the > queen program that you’ll start from day one.

Manual payments after your first foundation month… Then…

Get comfy after a few months and then switch to auto payments. The good thing about those auto payments, is that you can just set it and forget it. It’s 121 coaching. So the communication is constant. Which means we aren’t going anywhere. Especially now that my own FB is connected to everything and LIVE.

Also… It’s very easy for us to change the price of auto payments, without having to mess with the set up.

So we can set it at $150 (Lifestyle phase) or $300 (Results phase) at any given time.


Look at this lifestyle dammit…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
All of us NEED to be flexible @ the above. So that’s a confirmed approach, heading into the new year. 2017 looked like that too. It was just happening behind the scenes and unofficial.
Let’s S-curve experience blueprint tip

#1 It’s no secret now, that we started to focus on the 60% non-workout and nutrition stuff a lot more in the past 12 months.

Doing so, allows us to fix the issue that got you here in the first place @ A broken lifestyle/mindset. One way that we consistently fix this, is by embracing Travel-curvish 2.0 (Yup). It’s much deeper than just going to a fancy location for a holiday/break.

– 2-4 days away

– 2-4 hours away from your home location
– In unique beautiful/less known/peaceful bikini, camping, hiking destinations
– To truly ‘come up for air’This is how you eliminate dumb decisions from your brain. And it’s something you should be doing, before deciding to become an official S-curve member. So that you KNOW you need to become a member.

This also happens in the city too, @ coffee shops and roof top spots. Which is where you ‘can’ be, more often than on a TC 2.0 trip.

And the becoming S-curvish part of this entire experience encourages this outdoor behaviour too @ the tools listed in > yesterday’s newsletter.

So expect 2018 to continue on in this fashion. I personally can’t wait to see how it turns out. As I’m doing all of this stuff along side you.


#2 There are a lot of things that we could cover in the blueprint tips. But to be of super use to you. It’s much better to strike up a convo via Messenger. Either via the FB page or on my own profile below (Below is better, as it feels more real/personal ‘for you’).

So do that. And > More buzz for everything else.

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The argument against ‘normal’

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Buzzers… > Normal? (I’ll explain shortly)


I talked about where we currently are in S-curve world @ the level of evolution we have reached.

And last week… I talked about the elephant in the room @ the fact that you’ll usually quit, if on some generic long term approach, on the quest to getting results (long term is how you succeed… #facts).

But nothing here is generic, ‘today’. And we’ve worked every day for the past 5 years or so, guinea pig testing @ ME. And to then, gradually testing everything via S-curve members.

To create an S-curve formula that makes you win. And the fact that this is the first year where we saw members actually follow through ‘consistently’ on the set time line.

Which is 12-18 months. But has evolved into…

– 3 months
– 6 months
– 12-18 months

As your goals will probably fall into that time line somewhere, based on how we’ve watched past members live life.

All of that… Has lead to this years first ever > fall season 2018 prep program.

It’s where we do everything that’s necessary in your first month, to put you on the path to success.

– Learning about you and your life
– Seeing what your body responds to @ workouts and nutrition
– What you’re actually ‘like’ (This usually reveals why you might be failing in some areas)

That’ll usually go on for about 3-4 weeks. At which point, we’ll discuss what may happen, moving forward. It all depends on what your goals are.

That’s why the prep exists.

The prep will fade away


It’s unlimited 121 coaching chats up until 20th December at present. But this will end after that.

As we’re already doing that on the queen program.

So it’ll be back to starting on > stage 1 and working you all the way up to stage 3. Which is a little more long winded, compared to doing this fall season prep.

Which is OK for any other time of the year. But not for a fall season new year prep.

Thanksgiving is over… But you will continue to embrace the festive season. Along with the binging on ALL festive season foods. As it’s actually boosting your results @ nutrient variety.

Let’s S-curve blueprint tip

#1 Today’s headline – That t-shirt from the link. But in S-curve world… It means to become a student again @ becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish. If… You have tried and failed up until now.

So embrace @ starting as ‘new normal’, when becoming an official member.


– Wifi
– Phone/tablet
– Access to any super market (Order online if you have to)
– Yourself

– Optional – Any gym (Almost all gyms have a pay and go option… Even we allow manual payments on stage 3 via > More buzz).

That’s all you need @ becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish in the modern world.

#3 The nutrition shenanigans become more advanced, as you start to progress (As do the workouts). But… Buy the following foods on day one @ simple list to begin with…
– Oranges
– Oats
– Optimum nutrition whey
– Eggs
– Tuna
– Brown rice
– Spinach
– Brown rice
– Chicken breast
– Lettuce
#4 Don’t do any other activities, other than your first month. And just watch the rapid changes occur!

Message first… And reply second to talk it out with yours truly.


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We ‘must’ fail in 2018 (What?)

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Buzzers.. > Moan-day

It’s the final month of the year. And naturally… You’re going to be making plans going forward (Remember… No ‘resolutions’ allowed).

Things have indeed changed a bit this year. As I predicted they would at the start of the year.

And Becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish is ‘great’! But… What goes on there, MUST all be inline with how you currently live your life. And to not sacrifice the things that are important to you @ life.

– Your husbands and partners CAN be more involved.

– You’ll probably have more time for family time @ > this newsletter topic… And everything else highlighted in that newsletter.

We just fix and improve some of the things you’re currently doing in your daily life… That

got you searching for a fix and ending up on this newsletter.

FIXED = Your lifestyle and your mind.

And I KNOW that’s where the problem is. As I’ve been practicing the daily fixes every day this year @ Guinea pigging.

Just like I did back in > 2011 when the focus was on creating a superb formula for getting physical results ONLY.

Which is of course, when a lot of the original free videos were floating around (Which you can still learn a lot from @ the verbal blueprint tips).

Going into 2018

TC2.0 is starting to become more protocol. You just saw one trip from me, this past weekend. Which is what many other Fitbuzzers and S-curve members did too.

And YOUR pics will be uploaded to the new TC2.0 album on the FB page and on my profile, that sits at the end of the newsletter. You’ll start to see different specific albums that represent different elements of the S-curve experience. All started by last years shenanigans album on my own profile.

‘In the city’ shenanigans

That will continue @ roof top bars/coffee shops. Or just any ‘cool looking’ seated location, that exists outside of 4 enclosed walls (At home/In the office).

There’s a strong vibe for that in Singapore (Where I am right now). And in some of the surrounding countries (Where this weekends TC 2.0 trip was @ 2-3 hours away from current home location).

Tell me where you live. And I’ll tell you where it is for you. If you don’t already know.

We will start to fail? @ todays headline

That is… There’ll be more of a focus on the 1-5 year > results timeline for one set of FitBuzzers, who become official S-curve members.

Year 1 = A focus on becoming 60% S-curvish as quick as possible (The main area of concern… Is to shift the fat that sits above the hips/lower-middle back. Which is hard to do without a focused approach. But we know how to get it done).

Year 1-5 = Focus on reaching 90-100% gradually (Whilst enjoying all the fun stuff within this S-curve

LIVE update member page and 121 Messenger coaching chats

That’s how all S-curve members succeeded in the past 18 months.

It mimics exactly what happens, if we were doing this face to face (Even better than… Since everything is recorded).

But… LIVE is not recorded. Which means we can’t predict what will happen on any given ‘next day’. We only know how to respond to what happens (Like starting a workout feeling unusually fatigued).

Daily LIVE coaching is what happens on an intense results phase.

That will only ever last for 1-3 months whenever you do that. The rest of the time, you’ll be on a lifestyle

phase. Which is more easy going and where you’ll be doing more stuff on your own.

So this year, we created some S-curve workout program’s, that focus on the common issues that come up @ the daily workout.


– I woke up and my butt shrunk…

– Life just got busy and I need to be doing shorter workouts

– My boobs are shrinking

That stuff is all real. It happens. And I’ve seen it all happen, first hand, in person. Just like with > these

S-curve members.

That’s what the tweak weeks modules are. To give you fixes for those, without having to rely on

LIVE 121 coaching shenanigans.

Concluding this Monday

I was going to head into some S-curve blueprint tips. But no one wants to read a never ending newsletter on any given day. So we’ll do that tomorrow.

You’ll use them all at some point. But the best blueprint tips, are the ones that will help you TODAY.

Adding and messaging is how you get those answers. So add below on FB and do that. And > More buzz to see more stuff.


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No headline goes here

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Buzzers… Sunday…

That’s right. There’s nothing else to highlight on this last day of the week. As I’ve said everything that needed to be said @ this weeks shenanigans.

Just keep a look out for the last few uploads of this weekends TC2.0 stuff @ > this album. With that being said. Let’s RECAPO.


We had to remind ourselves about the > queen program that we created back in Jan 2017. Which is the best value long term program. If you like the idea of planning ahead.

And we kick started the week with some proper blueprint tips again.


We highlighted the fact that you’re probably stalling to start, for no good reason at all. And ways that we solve that problem within S-curve world today.

The blueprint tips continued on too.


We had a Q & A day. Highlighting an answer for the two most frequent questions by new arrivals.


We told the original back story on how we got to where we are today, last year. Which now sits on > More buzz. We continued on this year. But we broke it down year by year on this day.


This newsletter re-emphasised the ‘message’ within S-curve world. It’s pretty important, as a newsletter  reader. So give that a read.


You want and need to go long term, in order to succeed. But there’s a very high chance that you’ll quit and fail.

Here… We show you how members stopped failing. And how/why the number of members succeeding is going up.

It’s a new week tomorrow. All LIVE. So I’ll see you then, or in the DM’s.


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Another elephant in the room

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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s Travel-curvish 2.0 weekend (day 2) for me. I uploaded most of the stuff LIVE on FB (Profile at the end of each newsletter).

It was a new location. So take a look. That’s exactly what TC2.0 looks like in S-curve world.

Yesterday’s newsletter

…Was all about re-affirming the S-curve experience shenanigans. But today… We’re going to visit an elephant in the room again.

That is…

You going long term, usually = quitting

Almost everyone will quit on a generic long term approach/program. We started as generic in 2014 @ > this story.

And the biggest challenge was getting people to stick to everything for 12-18 months. As that’s how you’ll succeed.

And it’s only this year, where we started to achieve that consistently.

That is…

– Members staying active for 12-18 months (3-6 is still OK… It just depends on YOU and what we  need to achieve).

– Members actually succeeding via the results timeline.

> The daily newsletter
> Hissy fit manangent (So important)
> Cheat snacking
> The planning of TC and TC2.0 trips

It’s not been easy. But we get it done. And all of those things above that we’ve introduced over time, are helping in a big way.

But ultimately… You need a deep heart felt ‘why are you doing this’ self message for yourself, to keep you going.

– A gift to yourself.
– Recently divorced?
– Sick and tired of being sick and tired?
– Getting old (And you know it) knowing that you can’t turn back the clock, with each passing day.

(Which are all reasons some past members had started).

The ‘why you won’t quit’. Is because of the S-curve experience.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle

> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

That’s why we’ve started to evolve into an all around experience. Becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish, is just the beginning. As it shows it there.

But we’ve been perfecting that part of the process since 2011, as you saw in the back story (above).

It’s pretty solid now. But still currently ‘perfecting’. So all we need to do… Is solidify your ‘why’ within the S-curve experience.

As that’s what will make you win throughout 2018.

This is the kinda stuff we start figuring out in this years first ever > new year prep program @ goals and no resolutions allowed.

So reply and message. That’s where all your fellow FitBuzzers and S-curve members are.


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Modern day hips do ‘lay’

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Buzzers… TGIF…

It’s a Travel-curvish 2.0 weekend for me. And I’m writing this from the bus (Now at the private beach @ LIVE), to a location that’s only 2 hours away from my home location.

As are many other FitBuzzers that have entered our world this year, for this weekend.

Just add on the FB profile that you see at the end of each newsletter. Pics/vids are now uploading there as you’re reading this.

Today’s headline

We all know about the S-curve experience goals.

But one other reason you’re here, other than becoming S-curvish @ a 100% success rate. Is to do it whilst laying on your back.


– You don’t need to bust your back in a gym 1-2 hours every day

> This years short splits routine @ the highest level of laziness + successful physical results.

– You don’t need to eat strict A-rated foods 24/7

> Enter: A-C rated, cheat snacking, TGIF cheat nights, the > restaurant moments.

You don’t even need the gym 24/7

> Always on the move? Just whip out your phone and stream an S-curve bodyweight circuit (2-10 minute vid) or TDE video (1-3 minute vid), from ANYWHERE!

You don’t even need to get to 100% S-curvish ‘quickly’

Yup… Just get to 60%. And then live S-curvishly… Getting to 90-100% gradually.

With the way the world is moving… We all want and need be more productive than ever.

Our lives need to be made easier.

– Travel with your business or work
– Order a taxi with an app
– Book anything via an app or website
– Order any product or meal to your door step

The world did not look like this, not too long ago. And AI is definitely in our future.

I saw this coming… As a person who has always been involved in the tech world. Which I told people

around me, back in 2005.
So… To put your mind at ease @ becoming a long term member.

You’re hearing it directly from me….

It’s all about getting you to your goals, in the most laziest and productive ways possible.

Whenever you ask… ‘How are these fellow @fitbuzz ladies achieving’ @ > S-curve member stories.

My answer should always be met with a… ‘Thats it’? …Response from YOU.

Because then I KNOW you need to become a member, so that we can open up your world. So get ready to start living S-curvishly, the way that many are already doing.

What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that. And > More buzz for everything else.


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An untold story about your butt

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Buzzers… #TBT…

We’re at that festive time of the year… When you meet up with everyone that’s important to you @ life.

And that of course, comes along with creating new experiences. And inevitably looking back at old ones.
Which is easier to do in today’s digital and social media driven world.

With that being said… Let’s look back at what each year has looked like, on the build up to what S-curve

world looks like today.

Visuals for this task

– Older > @fitbuzz YouTube vids @ ME
– The > newsletter archive


As you saw in the original back story yesterday… That was a big transition year for ME.

I was on my way out from the tech start up world. Blogging was starting to become a more established platform. And I had a lot of stuff to get off my chest from the experiences of 2006-2009. So I knew I just had to put it out their via a platform.

‘Tech’ is familiar territory for me. So a blog/website it was Which is STILL very active and an important part of More buzz, 8 years later!

Which was all about…

– My story so far (then). And blog topics surrounding that
– Helping guys who struggle to gain muscles… Win


I was still consulting up until the start of this year. Creating websites and marketing plans for established small/medium sized businesses.

But this was the year that I went all in @ building out all things ‘stayfitbug’.

But something happened in April of this year.

We started a Facebook page that focused on women. Motivated by those who were featured in the > video interviews (Which are archived now… Which inspired the recent S-curve member podcast).

That page went viral. We started (I’ll explain the name change later). Turned it into a membership website. But at that time, it was hard to keep the spam accounts away. So we ended that.

But kept the site up for blog posts and specific pages. Like the hall of fame.

– A lot of that activity was from South America (I need to learn some Portuguese and visit).

2011This is when we started to get serious about creating program’s via ebooks and videos. With the most successful one being No Nonsense Butt Building.

– That turned into a video program over time
– A few others were created after that

And results started to come in.

2012 – Enter the S-curve

– All of those program’s got bundled into one program. Operation S-curve  Which we launched in fall 2012. Which was several months after the then, rush of Instagram followers that came through.

2013was more of what 2012 was. And that’s when I started to create the bulk of the free videos that you can see of ME. Gosh… My energy levels were so high back then. Lol.

Doing public videos ‘then’… Lead to some weird looks from outsiders. But it lead to a lot of meet ups with people (And some nosey dogs in the parks). Even with newsletter readers. You’ll see most of them in the

FB likes on my own profile posts.

– The bundled program turned into and organised OSC.

– We were using Kik and some other apps to chat with Instagram followers (Insta had no chat function then).

2014– Interviewing women, naturally lead to more associates and peers. And even more, as social media websites started to rise.

And some FitBuzzers started to become representatives. Like Steph from the S-curve member stories.

– We started to turn the main program into a monthly membership. As we had to find better ways to help OSC’ers actually get results.

– I started to help more FitBuzzers in Asia. India was always a hot spot. But this time, parts of SE Asia was calling. I of course took myself back out there this year (Last time was 2006).

20152014-15 was a huge learning curve.

– Personally @ life shenanigans
– Exploring different countries
– Seeing how becoming S-curvish relates to women in that part of the world
– Experienced typhoons for the first time (Category 3-5 really is no joke)
– This is when Travel-curvish first became a ‘thing’
– The main S-curve program started to enter the premium phase

2016– We started to focus more on keeping members active for longer. As the success rates for results is  higher @ long term members.

– We started to go more LIVE with everything. Chats, member page updates. And it’s when we introduced the results and lifestyle phases.

– The online and offline experience became the same.

I talked about memories at the start of the newsletter. So…


Was riding off the waves created in 2016. Just look at the shenanigans photo album on the FB profile at the bottom of every newsletter, to see how it all went down, if you wasn’t a part of it, this time last year.

– We created more important benefits and features. Like the tweak weeks modules, coming up for air.

– Travel-curvish turned into TC2.0

– A focus on the menta/lifestylel fixes, over the physical fixes

– And the biggest thing of all…

The S-curve experience.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Social media is leading everything. And even ‘less active on FB’ premium members, are becoming more active on there.

So it’s important to highlight the actual lifestyle that we live here. Which is easy for me. As I’m doing every aspect of it, naturally.

Going forward?

I have some predictions as usual. So let’s see how it plays out :).

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Ask Jeeves booty?

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Buzzers… Humpday… (Mid-week meaning)

We’ve been internet-ing for a while now (You can read the back story > here).

And back in the early days… There was Ask Jeeves. Which was a search engine with a guy in a suit as the logo (From what I remember).

It’s now Ask (dot)com today.

And today… We’re going to have a ‘You ask and I answer’ day, for all things S-curve world.

So let’s get into it… @ becoming S-curvish/shred-curvish questions.

So… What’s the deal with ‘food’ here?

Well… Many mess this up. And after countless convos with people, over time. The conclusion I’ve come to as to ‘why’. Is because people are following food shenanigans that are not in line with their goals or lifestyle!

In S-curve world… We eat based on…

A) Getting your body to > look like this
B) To still enjoy the things you currently like to eat
C) Eat to keep your body looking like that over the long term

We created > this protocol S-curve meal structure back in 2011-12.

And as of this year… It has evolved into the following official food list…

– 2017 S-curve members… Check your member pages…
– Past members… It’ll be added to your member pages if you become active on stage 3 for one month or more, or starting on stage 4.

#1 Tasty A-rated foods

Fruit is the ‘go-to’ for that. But you can’t eat fruit all day long. And almost every other A-rated food is boring as f***.

So we have an entire list on how to spice up ya main meals.

Example = – Oats + raisins + chia seeds + blueberries.

#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods

The protocol list linked above. Just look at that.

It’s A-C rated, to ensure that you get the much needed varied nutrients entering your guts. It’s a serious results booster. Especially if you’ve failed @ becoming S-curvish on your own.

#3 – Foods that contain a high amount of a nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type

Like… Protein in wild rice.

That’s the kinda thing you look for, if you can’t add meat to your meals. Or to simply hit your protein intake goals, without worrying about eating enough protein specific foods.

#4 – Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type.

Like…Bulgar wheat.

This is great when preparing…

Breakfast – As you can eat once, without getting hunger pains for several hours.

Dinner – So that you can go to bed, 3-4 hours after eating, without craving for night foods.

#5 Foods that keep you feeling full

This applies to day time shenanigans. As not feeling full, may lead to snacking on too many convenient D-F rated foods. Especially if you work in an office that’s loaded with them.

2 of my own favorites are pineapple and bananas. And the one we usually put you onto, at some point in your plan, is casein.

I won’t explain ‘why’ until you become a member. And you will see why, once you do.

#6 > Exploring the world of food, with your new fixed mindset

That is the ultimate part of ‘food’, within the S-curve experience.

Especially when it comes to > TC and TC2.0 trips.

And… How does ‘working out’ work?

– Bodyweight movements
– Weight training
– A sport you enjoy for HIIT activity (Optional)

What’s needed?

– Smartphone/Tablet for streaming vids and 121 coaching chats

– Any random open space (Park, room inside a building)

– Any near by gym, regardless of where you are at any given time

– Any supermarket


That’s the two main ones to answer.

Most of the questions that pop up, are actually towards you. Because the more that’s known about YOU = The better the tailored program for YOU. Which leads to a better or faster outcome overall.

So > answer these to begin with.

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