Let’s increase your butt intake?

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We continued that food list that we started on > this newsletter. Which highlights foods that were
uncommonly high in one of the following….
– High in mono/poly fat
– High in carbs
– High in protein
– Low in saturated fat
– High in fiber
The foods from ‘that’ list are great for meal variety, vitamins, minerals and consuming different fiber
types and aminos, if the protein ‘numbers’ are high @ 10 + aminos present.

But > yesterday, we mentioned foods that had very high stats, in the type that they’re supposed

to be high in.

That means… That you can eat meals containing those foods. Which can lead to eating less meals

a day. Since you’ll be hitting your total daily intake quicker.

Note: You’ll ‘feel’ how much is enough food to eat, at 0-60% S-curvish. And you’ll gauge it more

precisely at 60-100% S-curvish.


That would mean… That those would turn into super S-curve meal structure meals. Since we focus

on eating a high protein, carb or fat meal (Breakfast is the only time that we eat all 3).

So let’s start a list then… With foods that are super high, in the trait that they’re supposed to be high

in…. And low in everything else.

Barley = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.

Millet = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.
Durum = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.
Hemp seeds = This is here, because…
– It’s a perfect food source for high fat and protein.
– Because it’s easy to hit specific fat amounts, due to the size of the seeds. Which is ideal for
breakfast or lunch…. Like adding to cereals or leafy green salads.
Apricot, raisins, peaches and prunes = Super high in spikey fast digesting carbs (For breakfast
and pre/post workout).
Skyr yoghurt = High in protein and low in everything else.

Tuna = It always has been super high in protein and low in almost everything else.

Just remember… We don’t have a list of every single food in existence. And we don’t know all of the

foods that exist in every culture/country.

But we have created the formula. And from there… You can keep on adding a list of foods to YOUR

S-curve meal structure, as you parade planet Earth.

And in terms of this specific list… You’ll be looking for food sources that score even higher,

in terms of the gram amounts of protein, carbs (And spikey), fats.

Hey Shaun… This is all good and great. But I want to see some done-for-you

S-curve meals with all of these super S-curve meals/High in other nutrients

Well… There’s a lot of them, once you get your live update member page. But a lot of members

make their own meals.

Which tends to happen, as it’s more natural. So you might find yourself using the done-for-you meals

for idea inspiration. Since you’ll know how to prepare S-curve meals.

But if you do ever want more done-for-you meals in that area, as a stage 3/4 member… Then just

shout. It’ll get done.

Continually done too… Since nutrition shenanigans after 90-100% S-curvish is endless.

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The argument ‘against’ becoming perfect

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Becoming 90-100% S-curvishly perfect… Comes with a lot of pressure. That’s kinda why we have the 1-5
year time line in place.

And why we focus on the 65% non-workout/nutrition stuff. As that’s what will keep you on ‘wagon’.

But even then… It’s the goal to get to 90-100% S-curvish that is mostly talked about. So today… I’m here

to say… That it’s OK to move along and to be content with a 70% S-curvish body.


Only if you have targeted all of your problematic body parts. Otherwise… You’ll live a life full of hissy fit
moments. Especially when you wake up or dress up for an event.

And of course… That is what we call the lifestyle phase.

Many S-curve members are on the lifestyle phase right now. And have been for a long time. It’s a lot more

fun. And we get to actually have a conversation about all things @ life.

Not just results, results, results. Which is what the results phase is for.

We recently added a new nutrition module to FB messenger guide this week…

It was all about what we covered in > this newsletter.

I already said that the nutrition stuff will go on… Long after you become S-curvish. So here’s some more

foods to add to that list…

– Hazelnut = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Is very high in good fats and is commonly high in fat… So this

would make a super day time snack if you’re busy and unable to get full meals in.

– Pumpkin seeds = Exactly the same scenario as hazelnut.

– Wild rice = For the proteins, vitamins and minerals – Commonly high in carbs… But it’s a step up from

brown rice.
– Purple potatoes = For the same reason as wild rice.
This list gets really interesting once we start digging into culture/country/region specific foods. Which is
a conversation that you can look forward to at some point on stage 4. As your interest levels will be very
high at that stage.
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Bedroom goals on travel-curvish trips (Save this)

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I already know that a lot of you will be booking a travel-curvish trip between now and August.

And we have the S-curve bodyweight circuits to become shred-curvish, which became the summer

routine for that goal.

And with the introduction of the tweak weeks. We now have a becoming S-curvish summer routine too,

via the short splits.

But… If you’ve read > travel-curvish, you’ll know that it’s pretty much impossible to stick to a strict workout

routine on those trips.

I’ve personally done it many times to know.

Besides… A travel-curvish trip is a lifestyle phase shenanigan. So the workouts should not be your focus.
Just check out all of the links on that page to see what I mean.


The solution to the above… Is to do a Tailored Daily Exercise style of workout, that is designed for the

bedroom, hotel.

So today, I’m going to give you an exercise list. So that you can choose any of these exercises to do, in the

morning before you enjoy the day, or before you go to bed.

Choose 3-4 on the day

– Effective exercises focus
– Exercises that won’t cause a big ‘sweat’
– All medium level difficultly (Because who wants to ‘feel the burn’ on these trips…)
– Stick to low reps (Around 8 per set)
– 1-2 sets per exercise

This will last about 10 minutes…

– Tricep push ups > Hands raised variation

– Super rep squats > Split squats (Using the furniture)

– Rotary hold (Using the wall)

– Super rep leg raises

– Super rep bicycle leg raises

– Kneeling high leg lifts

– Shoulder raised single leg glute bridge (Use the bed to rest against)

– Shoulder raised side bends (Use the bed to rest against)

– 3 step standing calves raises with your hands rested against the wall

You’ll find the videos throughout the @fitbuzz channel/> More buzz daily updates. Or much more

‘specific’ via the tweak weeks modules.

Nice and simple today. Stick that in your note pad. Or if you’re an active member/have the ‘stand alone’

tweak weeks… Then you’ll see a video for this shortly, in the page area.

> Last weeks newsletters were pretty beastly. So be sure to dig into those.

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Do you love a lottle butt?

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Enter: New tees

We’re in the official summer months now. So there have been new T-shirt/Tank designs added to the

store. Starting with > this one @ today’s headline (Just ask if you don’t know what a ‘lottle’ means).

A stage 1 program for everyone.

I recently announced the > name change of the stage1 program last week.

So today… We’re going to do the first month of that program, for some current body issues that come up.

But only in terms of the workout.
Let’s go…

Shrink the arms

> Light/medium weight
> Tricep extension variations
> High reps (12-15)
> 3-4 sets
> 4 times a week

Hit the upper butt for S-curve shaping

(Requires long term assistance for sure… As it’s one of the hardest body parts to change)

– Hyper-extended hip extension exercises
– Do that with standing lunges
– The top exercise progression exercise for hip thrusts and kneeling hip extension exercises
– Hard sprints

Lower abs

– Add super reps to leg raise variations
– Running on the spot (The S-curve way)
– Isolate your torso on every single exercise that you do

Kill the back fat

I’m personally doing that right now… Since I’m shredding the unwanted build up of fat that occurred during

that particular bulk.

And it’s working… You’ll see the results in FB pics ‘naturally’, if you’re added.

But I won’t be doing the following. The following is for you…

Start with this S-curve bodyweight circuit…

– Push up > Burpee > Pull up > Hanging bicycles x 6 reps until failure

– One arm side to side ski swings

– HIIT cardio via swimming ‘lengths’

Don’t ask why that routine will trigger the result. Just do it… And ask why, once you see the result.

The approach that you see above will be different for everyone. As everyone starts with a different set of

issues every time.

Which is why the > tweak weeks came about. As it puts you through the tailoring process… Without having

to do live coaching chats.

Which makes things easier whilst on a lifestyle phase.

Reply and add below to talk, add yourself to the new @fitbuzz bot and > More buzz for

everything else.
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Your butt is still failing? (New interactive guide)

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That’s the first thing that you’ll see on the new interactive FB messenger guide that’s been created
over the past week.

You’ve probably seen it, if you’ve hovered over to > More buzz (As I tell you to do everyday) from

this newsletter during that time.

I guess it’ll only be useful to you, if you’re a ‘new’ newsletter reader.

But as a headline subject, for today’s newsletter…

What I’m getting at there, is that you’re probably missing some vital steps along the way, if your butt

is still failing. Yes… We know it’s more than just the butt. Much more. But the butt gets everyone
excited :D.

All S-curve members this year, have followed the long term process ‘exact’. And they are winning.

That’s what happens when you follow through (Is still a challenge to get ‘some’ to understand though).

Also… I know that ‘falling off’ happens @ ‘life’ kicks in. Which is why > yesterday’s newsletter came

about .
We’ve always been ‘real and heart felt’ on here. And I’ve personally probably gone through everything
that’s possibly setting you back (Other than raising kids. No babies yet. Ha).


Day 2 of that guide walks you through the 6-18 month timeline. It doesn’t give all the details (That’s the

formula for S-curve members).

But from the outside… It looks like this…

– Noticeable results
– The grind stage
– The butt shrink (Currently creating a tweak weeks module for this)
– Life at 90-100% S-curvish and beyond

So like I’ve been saying for the past year or so. We’ve turned everything into a university style of

course now (Or any long term course).

And if you’ve ever done anything like that, you’ll know that stopping and starting messes up

your flow and sets you back.

So if you start for the first time. You WILL win. Super guaranteed!

And if you’re restarting as a past member. You’ll be re-prepared for the ‘today’ YOU. And then…

You’ll start at one of the stages on the 6-18 month timeline. And then to see you through to 90-100%

You’re probably curious about that new interactive guide now. If so… Just visit More buzz. It’ll pop up

just before you exit the screen.
TGIF blueprint ‘tip’

– High in mono/poly fat
– High in carbs
– High in protein
– Low in saturated fat
– High in fiber

It’s rare for most foods to have all 5.

But there are some foods that have at least 1 of those traits, which is a rare boost trait for it’s food



Bulgar wheat = High in protein/fiber – A food type that’s commonly high in slow carbs
Purple rice = High in protein – Commonly high in slow carbs
Pistachio nuts = High in protein/carbs – Commonly high in fat
Plantain = Super low in all fats (Check the FB profile timeline below for a related TGIF snack)
Chia seeds = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Commonly high in fat
Buckwheat = Nearly hits the mark @ all 5 – Commonly high in slow carbs

Feel free to keep adding to this list. Especially if you’re from (Or background is from) Outside of the


These are the foods that we focus on during and after the grind stage.

And where you’re encouraged to look, once you start eating out, globally. Which is of course, where

the fun never ends. Especially from a taste perspective.
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Bye bye IAFC… Welcome WTF booty…

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Everything always evolves on here.

Last year, it was all about…

– The introduction of the results & lifestyle phase
– Going live

This year…

– The 65% non workout stuff. Like Hissy fit management and End of day meal reports… Which is what’s

keeping members ‘on’. Which is the biggest challenge. And you really do need to go long term.

– Improving the results & lifestyle phase stuff.

And now… We’re merging FB messenger bots into the mix.I > described how we’re doing that, from the outside. Which you would have noticed if you clicked on

any of the 4 @fitbuzz websites via > More buzz.

But on the inside… It’s being merged with the tweak weeks program.

For example… The tweak weeks exercises gives you different exercise options that you can do on the

day. That’s actually how LIVE training sessions play out.

– Maybe you lack energy
– Maybe you woke up with an unexpected injury
– Maybe you woke up not wanting to do much

So there’ll be some simple bots that’ll sit in your inbox, that can guide you on what to do @ optional.

That’s just for the lifestyle phase though. You’ll just jump on a live chat and ask, if on a results


Bye bye IAFC… Welcome WTF booty…

Last year… We introduced the stage 1 IAFC program.

It’s for…

– Those of you who have never done any @fitbuzz program’s before (Which should give you more

confidence to start stage 2, through to 3 or 4).

– Those who need some real direction.

– Those who are doing OK… But want direction from a ‘solid source’ (We all need a selection of different

‘helpers’ in our lives).

You see the way that these newsletters help you everyday? It’s that. Just individual to you and your

current issues. And about 1-3 pages long.

But we’re changing the name of it to…

> WTF to do with my butt?


Because that title matches the tone of these newsletters. And the newsletters are a super part

of the S-curve experience.

So… WTF it is… And I’m sure you all know what WTF means. Right?


Reply to this email with whatever issues are bothering you right now (Not you S-curve members…

You are constantly being ‘fixed’ :D).

Because tomorrow’s newsletter will be full of blueprint tips to tell you WTF to do with your butt. Which is of course… What we do on that $10 program.


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This is what the perfect butt looks like…

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You came up for air at the weekend? I sure did, as you all saw. And you’re encouraged to do the same.

Even if it’s the mandatory one hour a day.

We’ll get into some blueprint tips shortly. But first… Let’s talk about what life actually looks like once

you get to 90-100% S-curvish.

#1 The less fat you have, the quicker you’ll get there, The more fat you have, the longer it’ll take @ basics.

#2 You’ll end up focusing a lot more on maintenance than anything else. Yes… You’ll be ‘soft lean’. And it’ll

be hard to ever become less-curvish ever again.

But on the flip side, you’ll have an increased metabolic rate (@ Fat will fall off and stay off).

Which means that one screwed up week of not following your S-curvish meal structure, can set you back


Ok… It’s more like one month. But the damage is being done @ one week of screwing up.

#3 Of course… You’ll focus more on eating S-curvishly than working out. Which is a big lifestyle phase goal.

#4 You’ll have the best feeling of satisfaction when…

– It’s time to book a > travel-curvish trip
– It’s time to go clothes shopping
– It’s time to get naked in any situation that requires you to (Umm… Kiss/kiss moments with your hubby)

#5 You’re a pro now. You’ve succeeded and know what it takes to succeed at that level (It’s pretty easy once

you’re active on bronze/gold).

So naturally… You’ll want to challenge yourself further.

– You’ll start to go really deep with nutrition ‘fun’. You’ll start to look at restaurant food menus… Digging into

food types and meals. In regards to taste and nutrient density.

– You might end up on @fitbuzz social media profiles, as a @fitbuzz partner (Where you can start to ‘guide’ friends/family/associates through the 6-18 month/1-5 year program process).

#5 Things won’t always be smooth on your long term journey. Just like they aren’t for you today.

So you’ll jump on > stage 4 from time to time. Which is what happened with Steph and a few others this


And of course… You’ll be entered into an S-curve member story. Like you can see at the bottom of

> this page @ members who started 3-5 years ago.

Yup… That’s the 5 year timeline shenanigans.

Blueprint tips

#1 I’ve started to play around with the Messenger bot a little more. So if you don’t add ‘me’ on messenger.

Then doing so via any @fitbuzz website that you visit via > More buzz, will add you to the @fitbuzz FB
messenger. Where there’s a new interactive guide on the S-curve lifestyle. Which of course, you can reply

to at any time.

And… Where it’s easy to revisit the interactive guide. As it sits in your inbox permanently.

#2 Have tiny ‘sprinter’ ankles/calves? Do the bleep test sprints bare footed on sand @ exercise variety to

trigger different muscle fibers.

#3 Tupperware foods if you’re busy =

– Dry fruit (Or unpeeled liquid fruit)
– Nuts (High in mono/poly fats and low in saturated) – See pecan and pistachio
– Seeds – (The same as nuts. But eye up the protein/carbs and fiber grams too) – See chia seeds

That’s nutritions answer to keeping you on the fit wagon. Just like the TDE videos are the workouts answer to keeping you ‘on’.

Reply to talk.
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You have never seen a June like this before… (Sounds like a song)

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It’s time to get ready for the official summer months @ June-August 2017.

It’s a tittle different this year, as there was no official results phase this time last year. The results phase

is what will get you to your S-curvish summer body for the next few months… If you’ve screwed around
and have not taken the S-curvish action that you’ve been taught to do, here on the newsletter.

Again… The time will pass and you can’t get it back. You can’t reverse ageing either.


It’s June 1st… So now is the time to officially start… If it’s a physical fix ‘only’ that you want.

However… Like I said yesterday… The S-curve process has completely changed now. This results phase

will see you through to June-August.

But these months will also act as your foundation months and to prepare you for the September ‘’restart’.

And the for the Thanksgiving/Xmas shenanigans.

So the next 6 months will look something like this… (If starting for the first time today).

> June – Results phase

> July – Half results phase/Half lifestyle phase (Maybe some routines from the tweak weeks program)
> August – Lifestyle phase
> September – Results phase
Getting your mind to embrace the upcoming binge-fest season. Because you’ll actually benefit from the
binge @ food variety. All of that extra fat intake, will only affect you if you have a low metabolism or a high
BF%. So whatever extra that you put on, will disappear after 1-2 weeks. Like it > did for Vic.

More importantly… You’ll enjoy your damn self, during those festive activities. Which is an important

lifestyle phase trait. Just like > Travel-curvish is.

> October – Lifestyle phase

> November to Christmas – Results phase

So… Two things…

If you’ve been following for a while… Your trust levels are high… And you want a guaranteed physical fix… Jump  on the > $300 results phase.

If your trust levels are lower and you think you might go long term and join the current active S-curve

members, who have done just that (A very smart move).
Then start the > $50 S-curve trial/challenge to ease you into the process. Because we’ll be working
together, well into 2018. Or even beyond… With the way things are currently set up with S-curve members
and the long term structure.

Reply to talk… It’s better to do so by adding on Messenger below… And > More buzz
for everything else.
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I quit

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It’s been a heavy intensive coaching week this week.

That is… People who want ‘change’ to happen in their lives. But keep on repeating the same thing over

and over expecting a different result.

For some… I’ve even shown them the More buzz stuff. Which is free. But even then… The message still

doesn’t sink in on day one.

Which is part of the reason why some of the stuff that you see there is free. It’s to encourage habit building.

Which IS what they’re doing (Yay). They’re revisiting that page over and over again.

That page is only the beginning though. Again. Another reason why it’s free. And to get you to share it with

friends and family @ making more less-curvish women… S-curvish… Globally.


What people have to realise (Which they do when they officially start)… Is that the guaranteed way to

change, doesn’t just happen with just the workouts. That’s only a trigger for results.

And it triggers less, if your workouts aren’t tailored or guided via 121 chat sessions, on what type of

workout you should be doing for the ‘today’ YOU.

So if you’re loading up your old pages, prior to using the new live update member pages. Then those

workouts are good to get you back onto the fitwagon. Which is good.

But if you truly want your body to change for summer, as a past member. Then your time is much better

spent on the > stage 4 program.

As that’s where you’ll get today’s S-curve formula fix. Which is responsible for all of the epic results that

came about in the past 6-18 months.

Anyway… I went off track…

The guaranteed way to change… Happens with…

#1 S-curve nutrition

> Weekend focused munchies
> Changing the meal structure over time, based on your ongoing results
> End of day meal reports

#2 Coming up for air

#3 Hissy fit management
#4 Stuff that we do in the > tweak weeks program. Which allows you to do it on your own, without the live
results phase coaching. Which is also ideal for your lifestyle phase shenanigans.

That really is the stuff that will change you. And you need to be active with all of that stuff, for the first 6-12


Again… That is, if you really want to see change. And quickly too.


I already know that some people will still rush to prepare for the summer months. Although we’ve been

showing you that, that is not the way to live S-curvishly @ long term structure explained > here.

But if you are just learning about that… And need to fix your body fast, right now, for June-August. Then

stage 4 is the way to go, for past members (You get tweak weeks for free there too).

And of course… Results phase for new members. And if you start a results phase now… Expect the next

12 months of your life to completely change. Because that’s what’s happened with everyone that
started in that fall 2016 surge that we had.
Reply to talk, add below and > More buzz for everything else.

So… You know that we’ve using messaging apps for most of our chats over the past 5 years right…

As I mentioned > here @ it’s been a lot of fun and continues to become more fun.

Well… I’ve finally gotten around to playing with the messenger chat bot system.

In regards to S-curve world… This will be great to use as a part of the tweak weeks program. So the bot

that gets created, will be the first free upgrade for that program, specifically. As it’ll greatly enhance the
experience on that program.
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A life of butt without fat… Looks like this…

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Buzzers… Tongue day… (Yup… Those tees again)
Let’s take a break for a moment and remind ourselves of what’s going on here via the newsletter.
(Was looking back through some old headlines yesterday with Fitbuzzers… Funny… Funny. Ha).
So… Let’s ‘come up for air’ for a moment

If you’ve been here since 2012… You would have seen how everything has evolved. And… How we

go about evolving things.

Which is of course… Based on the daily problems that you face and report back, when active on the

S-curve program.

This year so far… We’ve added…

– End of day meal reports

– Meal mindset prep
– Hissy fit management
> Tweak weeks program (Finally… Because now, we no longer have to add random tweaks to your
tailored videos on your live update member pages)

As of today… The main S-curve program is a long term 6-18 month/1-5 year program, that is far from

static… And is…

– LIVE and interactive
– Always evolving
– Designed to make you NEVER fall off ever again
– Designed… So that you can continue on with your ‘life’ shenanigans (You don’t have to ‘quit’ anything)
– Designed to take advantage of the less active summer months and Thanksgiving/Christmas binge


That last point is the most important of all. Because people everywhere are just quitters.


And it’s not always your fault either. So the goal from day one… Is to throw everything, that is the

S-curve formula, right at you. So that quitting never happens.


If you currently do not look 90-100% S-curvish… Have been a ‘serial quitter’ in the past… And intend on
starting the official long term program.

Just… Become a student again!

That’s it. Because once you do… You’re going to > end up here. And your > S-curve member story

will continue on, in the same way as those on that page.
Blueprint tips on this new Tuesday

40 grams of fat for an epic butt/teeny tiny waist – A conversation with new potential S-curve

members yesterday…

They believed that 40 grams of fat a day, is hard to hit @ keeping it that low. And it is… If you don’t

follow the S-curve meal structure. At which point, you’ll hit 100-120 grams daily.

100 grams daily… Is what’s keeping you less-curvish. Especially if you already have a high BF%.

40 grams daily looks like this…

– Breakfast

> Egg yolk (From one egg)
> Or seeds

– Lunch

> Fish oil/olive oil
> Avocados
– Some fat before bed

That’s what most days will look like.

Cheat snacking will happen every other day. Which may spike it to 60 grams. But that’s ok. Because

You’ll curb cravings, be happier and will still look great @ ‘soft lean’ goals.

So there… 40-50 grams daily is easy to stick to.

Oh… And make sure that your pre/post workout = liquid fruit and not solid.

Reply to talk, add below and > More buzz for everything else.
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