They have a problem…

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So… The ‘meeting up’ with folks happened again last night.

This happens casually @ S-curve lifestyle shenanigans (Evenings). And formally, about once a month.

And you already know that they’re great hangout spots, in the city. Pics will come soon, since they paint the story that’s being told here.

Some new FitBuzzers have entered the universe…

And I can ways tell who they are going to be, early on during any one conversation.

The S-curve formula is what is, because of being so deeply invested into YOUR daily lives. And after talking with the ‘interested’ folks… The problem that they have, is that they don’t know where to start.

Or if they start ‘something’, they’re usually clueless on how to continue.

With that being said… Let me walk you through what the protocol long term plan looks like (It will change… As we can’t predict what all future events will look like).

Month #1

It’ll be a > results phase. Always.

We’ve all done this enough times now, to know that it must be. And you’ll know this, if you’re a recent new member. As you have felt the S-curve formula kick into gear, by weeks 2-3.

Months #2-3

Might still be a results phase. But we’ll usually end up falling into a lifestyle phase during this period.

Because you’ll want to get back to some normal life shenanigans at some point. Too much of any one thing is never good. Which is one reason why we have the 2 phases.

Months #3-8

So… You’ve experienced some ‘noticeable’ results. And you’re well into the groove of how we get things done here.

But… At this point… You’re now addicted to wanting to see constant improvements.

However… The speed at which we see the ‘physical’ changes, will slow down. How much, depends on what your current body looks like.

This is called the grind stage. And it’s when you throw hissy fits and start to fall off (When working with out ‘help’).

This is where the 121 chats come in to save the day. So we’ll usually shift between results and lifestyle  phases during this period.

It’s where the heart of the S-curve formula strutts it’s stuff.

– Via tweaks (We even have a complete ‘much needed’ program for this now)
– Strength/Exercise progression
– Advanced nutrition focus

You won’t succeed without that stuff. Not at the speed that I know you would like to.

This is when we take you to 70% S-curvish levels.

And the faster you get there, the faster you can focus on keeping it.

Months #? and beyond…

We’re living life and getting it done at this point. Visuals of what that looks like, is > here and > here.

And what we do during this time… Will be some variation of the above.


That’s exactly what has happened with every single member that’s started since August 2016. With many embracing the travel-curvish shenanigans.

They were indeed pushed into that direction. Especially > Vic @ her new S-curve member story (New pics).

As she hadn’t even stepped out of her country, before stepping into our S-curve world.

Note: If you’re a past member and plan on returning to these current day S-curve shenanigans.

Understand… That the success of the plan that we create together for YOU… Will mostly be due to the 121 chats that happen, over what ever time period we set.

As usual…
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Are you getting your ‘fix’ like this…?

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Become S-curvish/Shred-curvish > For ootd/ootn/bikini attire > Flaunted @ travel-curvish destinations

That’s overall goal here… As a reminder.

Some of the ‘drop down menu’ goals within that =

– Keep you on the fit wagon during common fall off periods

– Keep your 30 year old S-curvish butt at 60 years old

You don’t have to remember any of this stuff of course. As it’s constantly being thrown at you during your stage 3 shenanigans.

Today =

S-curve experience blueprint tips… Let’s go…

#1 A new A-rated ‘tasty’ foods list has been added to the S-curve formula this week, along with the complete food list types @ important update. Because it really is needed @ I can feel your ‘sweet tooth’ pain.

And one of the easiest tasty A-rated foods to snack on and travel with, is raisins.

– They’re small
– They’re dry
– It’s not easy to get addicted to, because the sweetness becomes too much to bare after a while.

#2 One tip in regards to that, is to only buy enough cheat snacks for your home… That’ll last you

24-36 hours.

If you buy more… You WILL finish them. And that will lead to more cravings. Which is what you don’t ever want. Not even with A-rated foods.

#3 Not so serious…

I talked about this the other week.

You see… You don’t want personal training. What you need… Is to fix the problems in your life, to live a better lifestyle and to look ‘hot’ at all times of the year.

That’s what the first sentence on this newsletter is all about.

The reason you ended up here on this newsletter, is because you had/have ‘life’ issues. Which lead to fitness/health issues.

And you definitely have them as a female. Ha (Oh… Men have them too. And ya… Sometimes, only other men can see those issues. The same way only other women can see your problems).

Meaning… Everything we do here is a life Improving experience.

We don’t need some ‘generic personal trainer vibe’ in your corner. Which is usually folks who don’t even care about your results or fixing your issues.

I saw this first hand with > this member. Before she became a member @ the stories that she would tell me, with those she ‘tried’ to work with in the past.

So understand… That it’s all about you… Putting your heart on the table in our 121 chats. That’s where most of the S-curve formula happens. And the member page is where it’s all recorded.

So… Not so serious.

#3 Starting as an official member…

The reasons why, are highlighted in every newsletter.

But one reason why some people start… Is so that they can get their guaranteed ‘fix’.


– You have your TV show fix
– You have your life partner/other half… Fix
– You have your fave hangout spot fix

So… They’ll start, to get an S-curve experience fix.

We all need routine in our lives. And > stage 3 will definitely give you that.

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It’s a new week… Let’s continue to change your fudging life…

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What the headline says… Let’s go…
The Facebook ‘profile’ (Link at the end of every newsletter)

I’ll let you know now…

Everyone that I have ever connected with, is on that FB profile.
– All FitBuzzers
– S-curve members
– Family members
– People I meet on a weekly basis
– People that add, after finding @fitbuzz from around the web.


So… That means everything you see there, is real and happening.. In the moment.

This coincides with the ‘now’ S-curve lifestyle. And with the fact… That the stage 1-4 program, is the exact same experience for whoever starts, regardless of how we’ve connected @ online vs offline locations.

Again… It’s already been a year since we’ve started the ‘shenanigans’ album on there.

And those of you who followed that album then, are a part of that ‘story so far’. I know who you all are too. And we’re all still active there :D.

With some newer faces added this year, of course.

S-curve blueprint tips (As promised yesterday)

#1 Push for meal variety monthly… Not weekly

There are many individual reasons why your results improve whilst you’re living your life on > stage 3. I talk about them in almost every newsletter (That ‘telling you’… Is one of the reasons too).

One of the most important ones, is varying your food types. And it becomes easier to do, once you’re into the groove of things.

But… You only need to change it up every 1-2 months. In terms of boosting physical results. And if you are still in that zone, where you don’t change it up as much as you should be doing.

#2 Staying focused

Not doing so, whilst doing things on your own, is one of the reasons why you fall off.

And it’s not always your fault. It’s easy to get distracted with all these things going on around us in today’s world.

And that’s why we bring you in… Real close. Into the S-curve formula.

That’s arguably the no.1 reason why current members haven’t fallen off @ S curve formula shenanigans.

The loss of focus, usually comes in the form of a hissy fit. Usually wanted to do multiple things at once.

This is one reason why we change the plan every 4-6 weeks. I mentioned the other reasons > here.

And it’s what happens over the long term too. Again… It’s all S-curve formula stuff at play. Just let it take over your body and mind :).

#3 Tasty A-rated cheat snacks

– Frozen strawberries and grapes – It gives the same satisfaction on the tongue as ice-cream… Without the D-F rated ingredients.

– Cherry tomatoes – Generic tomatoes only taste good when mixed with other foods. But these ones are very addictive @ eating them on their own. You’re allowed to get addicted too. Because there’s very little calories to consume and zero fat going into your guts.

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60 year old butt looks 30? + Hips DO lie

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You already know that we’re on track @ long term @fitbuzz goals. And one of the big goals… Is to

keep S-curve members looking 10-15 years younger than their biological age.

Examples =

> Anita and Amy from the hall of fame

Both of whom are under 50 but over 40 years old. But in terms of your body. Our goal is to push that

to looking 20 years younger.

Heck…. That might even be the new slogan.

”Keep your 30 year old S-curvish body at 60 years old”

Who knows… That change could happen sooner than later (Across all social media profiles). Ha.

Either way… That’s the direction that we’re heading in. And it’s all going to be documented via the

S-curve member stories that we > officially started this year (Unofficially started back in 2012).

So that feature within this S-curve experience, is going to be super important… Regardless of whatever that evolves into.

So ya… It’s no BS. As we have current day proof @ link above.

If you don’t want to look 30 years old at 60. It’s OK. You can fudge off. Or just sit back, watch the youth maintain, while YOU… Become old and crusty :P.

We’ll have some age reversal S-curve blueprint tips, in regards to that… Soon-ish.

Another topic that came up (Just 1 hour ago)…

Hips DO lie…

Take a look at > this pic…

That got shown in two 121 Messenger chat conversations in the past 6 hours.

First conversation = She wants it
Second convo = She REALLY wants it

Let’s talk about the 2nd convo…

We have the hall of fame over on > More buzz. That’s what the S-curve physique is all about. But of

course… There is a lot of other stuff going on out there.

We don’t care for that much in our world here. We do what we do here. And it works, for everyone who

is involved.

But members will see that ‘other’ stuff. Especially before they become members. And of course… We

have @fitbuzz peers who represent what becoming S-curvish is all about in some way.


You will see stuff out there. But the one thing I will say, that I’ve always said. Is…

**To always go with a source that you trust** (In any situation)

That’s it.

Trust is why…

– We have 121 chats
– We have my own profile… LIVE
– We have stages 1-4
– We have the hall of fame
– We > did this last year

And hips?

That picture above… Was a 1-3 year progress.

It’ll be closer to 1 year, if you stay active on a results phase, more than you do on a lifestyle phase.

That’s it.

There’s no hoping or wishing. That’s for losers. What I just said IS the formula. And you’ve been watching it play out LIVE… Over these past few years.


Hips… @ that pic? Not needed ‘genetically’ to give you that look. Which is indeed the ‘soft lean’ S-curvish physique that we build here.

You just need to start… And continue through the 6-18 month/1-5 year formula that we’re continuously ‘advancing’.

As usual… Facebook is where the ‘live’ magic is happening (Link below). But you
can always reply to chat.
Oh… And don’t forget to watch the videos inside > yesterdays newsletter!!!
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Incoming search terms:

Booty and wine for fudging life…

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That is indeed a hump day kinda headline. And you can just eye up the @fitbuzz Pinterest or Tumblr profiles via > More buzz for a visual fix.

But for today… That headline is directed at > this pic.

That’s 90-100% S-curvish lifestyle phase goals… That you can start enjoying at 60-70% S-curvish. Which is what a lot of S-curve members (Who started at the end of 2016), did with their results so

far @ summer 2017.

That’s what an ideal travel-curvish 2.0 destination looks like.

Video speaks louder. So here’s a > travel-curvish 2.0 video too (Watch it)!

Remember… Travel-curvish 2.0 is designed for the S-curve member that can’t just up and leave ‘work’, to go on 3-4 week trip.

It’s all about the long weekend… To the same destination type as the usual > travel-curvish. But for

just 2-3 days. To a location that’s only 1-4 hours away from your home city.

Again… There’s no list yet. But it’s coming.

And we’ll use it in the same way that we use those example S-curve meals that you’re given, as a new S-

curve member @ your LIVE update member page.

= Variable options (You’ll end up picking your own spots)… Not fixed.

Talking about today’s headline again…

One of the first things that comes up in the 121 chats with new S-curve members (long term ones too)


Can I still drink wine?

Usually asked in a fearful way… Scared that the answer will be NO.

But it’s a yes!

In fact, you can continue to eat whatever the fudge you want (Fudge = Our F word). The solution… Is to

drink wine as a cheat snack, several hours before you go to sleep. 2-3 times a week max. And only
during a lifestyle phase/shenanigans.

Craving wine?

That’s not a natural problem. So we won’t be solving any issues like that @ I wouldn’t really think that

you’re an alcoholic :D.

The only craving you should ‘naturally’ have. Is for something sweet. In which case, you’d eat…

– Veggies + Greek cream cheese
– Flavored whey, casein, protein bars
– Fruit in the day time
– > Tasty flavored water

And never (spikey on insulin levels) D-F rated slow/fast digesting carbs! (3-4 hours

before you sleep)
The ways in which we go about this will vary. And will definitely change over time. And change again at
the different stages on the journey to 90-100% S-curvish.

So once again… It’s that 121 chats that will save the day. Which they have been doing year after year.

Current members already know this. So I’ll see YOU… In the 121 chats. And if you are a new member,

expect a very ‘hands on’ first month. The reason ‘why’… Is the same reason why long term
members ARE long term members. And ‘winning’.

As usual… Facebook is where the ‘live’ magic is happening (Link below). But you can

always reply to chat.
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Question is… Do you put your butt on stream?

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Buzzers… Monday…


You can > answer here @ today’s headline.

The year 20xx…

You know… Every year starts the same. Resolutions are BS. So we don’t do those. But we do know that life gets re-busy… Some time after the end/start of years festivities are over.

We’ve been active with Fitbuzzers/S-curve members from 2010 – To present day.

And one thing that I can say for sure. Is that the current state of what we do in S-curve world… Had to become what it currently is @ lifestyle/experience.

Just take a look at this years > S-curve member stories.

Everyone is real… Living life. Which goes back to the link I told you to visit in > this newsletter

@ the profile pic caption.

It starts in the gym. But it doesn’t continue there.

No one is active 100% of the time. Which is why we introduced the results and lifestyle phases in August 2016. To allow ‘life’ to happen.

And in life… There are some points in time, where you get moments to sit down and ‘think’.

I’m seeing this with many of last years FitBuzzers (Not S-curve members… They’re 100% ‘in the game’ hugging up the S-curve formula entirely).

They’re now making a return, now that the first half of the year is over.

So let’s put our hands together, for many more years together in the ‘now ‘S-curve experience.

121 Messenger chats…

That’s where you need to be to win.

It doesn’t matter how we’ve connected either…

– At an event
– From the newsletter
– Over time via the @fitbuzz online activities.
– An airport
– A travel-curvish trip
– On the FB @fitbuzz page
It’s all the same. You’ll end up on Messenger. Everyone that has ‘won’ and is still winning, is there.

That’s where all the newest S-curve formula shenanigans take place.


– End of day meal reports
– What you have to do next on your plan
– Hissy fit management

The outcome of that, ends up on your LIVE update member page.

The newsletter is a great part of the formula to get you in the game. But it’s not enough on it’s

own to make you win.

Which is why we have the current day premium S-curve experience/program in place. Which is

why you’re told to get on Messenger at the end of every newsletter.

Because then… You’ll get an early feel of how we do things on there. So that you can get


On that note… It’s time to continue > yesterday’s blueprint tips

Let’s go…

A-rated ‘tasty’ foods again…

– ‘Fresh’ brown bread with raisins inside – This tastes so good… That you don’t even need to

use a spread. Everything you put in your mouth is A-rated. And it makes for one of the best cheat
snacks EVER!

– Plain low fat yoghurt with ‘separately bought’ pineapple chunks – Which is perfect for

breakfast or lunch.

– Water = A pitcher + lemons or limes + > fridge

That’ll make you ‘look forward’ to drinking more water. There’s other fruits that you can try. But you’ll be safe with those @ guaranteed to ‘like’.

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Does yours taste like this…?

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It’s time for some S-curve blueprint tips. So let’s get into it..

#1 A-rated ‘tasty’ foods

That’s what it’s all about @ most of the times that you’ll eat, over the long term. But A-rated foods

are not tasty. They’re boring (Unless it’s fruit).

There are many ways to satisfy your taste buds, without resorting to cheat snacks or cheat binges

(Which only happen at big events, like Thanksgiving).

So let’s list some…

– Oats – Boil in water and add raisins/blueberries/chia seeds/goji berries.

– Muesli – Almond milk and apple/pear slices, raisins (This is a big one. Because muesli tastes like

s*** on it’s own. Granola too. Just don’t buy the ones that have pre-packed fruit inside. Do the above instead).

– Brown rice – Add any sauce that is low in fat and/or saturated fat. Especially at dinner time.

– Veggies – Greek cream cheese and most ‘seeds’.

#2 The biggest ah-ha moment ever…

In this current @fitbuzz world. Is when Stage 2 members realise that stage 3 is what changed their

I’ve seen it in person and online. It’s all the same thing. And it’s the same ah-ha reaction every single time.

And in almost all cases. All it took, was for them to have a ‘student mindset’ again.

So that’s the tip. And the tips will only touch… If you leave school and keep a student mindset…

Forever (Yup… A little Sausage Party movie inspiration there. Ha).

#3 There’s a small layer of fat that sits on your side…

You can see it when you twist your body at the waist. It’s almost as hard to lose as lower belly fat.
This is a task for > stage 3 S-curve formula shenanigans. Usually around month 3 and onwards.

But the following exercises will help to shift it…

– Standing/Walking knee to elbow ab exercise

– Full range of motion kneeling leg kick

– Rotary hold exercise variations

The key… Is full range of motion.

You don’t even have to worry about what that means, as an active S-curve member. You just have to

follow your member page updates. Backed up by the stuff that we cover in your 121 chats.

Tomorrow… Enjoy your Sunday.

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It’s decision time (Important)

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It’s another ‘in the city’ S-curve lifestyle day to day. Which is how most of our days will be, throughout the

majority of the year.

Which is not as awesome as living by a beach. But it’s more of a ‘different’ experience. Not one that is necessarily less than…

You’ll see both via the pics on the > shenanigans photo/video album. Take a look. Because it’s all about

the ‘visuals’ in today’s world @ getting the message across.

Before becoming an official member

First… There’s two scenarios that happen…

#1 You’re a newsletter reader for 6 months to 5 years… And one day, you just decide to start. No replying to talk or anything. > This page > Paypal > You was more than ready.

#2 You reply to talk… But it takes you many months of ‘chatting’… 121, before you actually decide to start. The reasons why, will vary. But… That’s what happens.

And today… I’m going to walk you through what MUST happen. Once you do start and become an official member.

Note: The best tip I can give you, if you’re in this position… Is to become a student. And KEEP the student

mindset. Keep the ‘pride’… At bay.

Which might be the reason why you got stuck in a rut in the first place. And… Which might be the reason why you have several ‘regretful’ life situations under your belt @ past life shenanigans.

Introducing… Life after your foundation month


Motivation levels WILL start to die at some point after your first 4-8 weeks.

All that stuff that we do in the first month with 121 coaching and LIVE member page updates…

That’s what’s making you succeed.

But that success will slow down, or even stop… If the S-curve formula shenanigans go away (Everything that we do in the results/lifestyle phases). So you’ll need to stay active via a lifestyle or results phase after your first month.

Because, although you feel good and are seeing ‘noticeable’ results. It’s still just the beginning.

The journey… That takes you to the place where I know you want to win… Will be a 6 months + time period.

And ‘daily life’ distractions will be the #1 thing that’ll have made you waste your time in your foundation month, if the complete S-curve formula isn’t followed through with.

It’s less of an issue today. Because after 3-5 years… Today’s FitBuzzers ‘get it’. They get what the ‘now’ S-curve experience is all about.

I’ve personally been doing it for the past 3-4 years. So I know exactly what the fudge (Our ‘F’ word again)

S-curve members are feeling, when doing this. The ups, downs, all of it.

The switch

You’re succeeding @ the physical/mental goals that we set in your first month?

Good… I would have applauded you for succeeding too.


One of the reasons why you got into a bad situation in the first place. Is because you got into a

‘stuck in the rut’ life routine. You did the same s*** day in day out.

It happens. You’re living life as a busy adult.

So… around weeks 4-5, is when we start switch things up. To outpace the rate at which your body and mind adapts to change.

This rarely gets done. In all aspects of life.

But we get it done here (In all aspects of life). And it’s why S-curve members succeed.

#1 We switch to a new routine (There’s about 15 official routines now. With S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0

coming. The current 1.0 + 2.0 was created in 2015. So this is for the grind stage and for advanced member).

#2 We get more precise with S-curve nutrition. We start tracking grams/calories and intake more closely.

We move on from the ‘eating until you feel content’ stage.

#3 We start preparing you for S-curve strength and exercise progression.

This gets ignored 100% of the time, if you don’t have extra help. So we start you on it and get it done. It’s the ONLY way that you’ll get to progress to 90-100% S-curvish.

Which goes back to why we change things up every 4-6 weeks. Because you definitely need that changing mindset, in order to get through that.

It’s a formula… Aka The S-curve formula!
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This ‘strong bond’ will change your fudging life…

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That’s the ultimate goal when you officially start as an S-curve member. That is… To build a super duper 121 relationship. Most of which will happen via Messenger text/audio/video chats.
Because that ‘bond’, is one of keys to changing your fudging life (Fudge = Our ‘F’ word… If you’re unfamiliar).

That’s what the ‘now’ S-curve experience is all about @ operation strong bond.

I’m personally living it everyday too. Which makes it very easy for ME to relate to what you’re going through, at any given time.

Apart from all the #savetheboobs and butt stuff of course. Ha.

That strong bond… Is what will get you through the…

– Typical summer fall off period
– The Thanksgiving and Christmas fall off (A binge period that we actually use to our advantage)

And we know it works. Because S-curve members started push through with both of those things, more than ever this year. The lifestyle phase shenanigans are responsible for that. But it’s also due to the ‘strong bond’ that’s been created with members.

And… Because we’re experiencing more results phases right now. In a lifestyle phase season.

Which means, that there’s no such thing as a ‘fall off period’ any more. As a ‘strong bond’ long term S-curve member.

Because now… Whatever we have to do… Gets done. Regardless of the time of year.

We’ve been building up to this point for the past 3-5 years. And it’s paying off. Because S-curve members are winning all round @ not just with physical results.

I’ll keep posting the > screen shots of 121 chats, so that you can see what I see, daily. That way… YOU can ‘feel it’ too, if you’re not an active S-curve member… Yet.

The other place that you NEED to be… Is on the profile link below. Or on the @fitbuzz FB page


Because then… You’ll get to see the S-curve experience via pics, videos and chats.

So welcome to the S-curve experience, oh mighty Fitbuzzer newsletter reader!

And remember… We’ve only added features, benefits or changes to the experience… That make sense. I can personally explain the reasoning behind each one (Most of what you see listed on that link above).

Once again… Operation strong bond FTW!

Let’s have some S-curve blueprint tips

#1 There’s 3 types of food lists in the S-curve formula right now. And one unofficial lifestyle phase list. Which you’ll use more once you get closer to 90-100% S-curvish.

– The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods list

– Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type (Protein in wild rice)

– Foods that have a higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type (Carbs in bulgar wheat)

And here’s the ‘start’ of that fruit list again… @ high in spikey fast digesting carbs.
– Apricots, raisins, peaches and prunes

Which is different than the A-C rated fruit list. Which you’ll also use more, some time around 40-70%


#2 Old but goldie S-curve formula blueprint tip…

Generic ‘heavy’ variation squats and deadlifts… Just cut them out completely, If it’s the > S-curve physique that you’re after… > After

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The holy grail of getting day to day booty

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Now that you know about the 2 core phases @ > yesterday’s newsletter

And now that you know that the holy grail of your continued success, happens because of what we do in the on-going 121 coaching/chats.

It’s time to walk you through what a typical day looks like on a normal working week, as an S-curve member.

Let’s go…

#1 The mirror

You’re a lady. So we all know that you live in front of one of these. Several times a day. And it will indeed be the first thing that you’ll look at, as you jump out of bed.

But… It’s also one of the easiest times to throw a hissy fit. As you’ll usually look your worst (physically) at this time of day.

Which means… Your breakfast meal will contain all nutrient types. And is the only meal of the day that does.

– Slow digesting protein (Scrambled eggs)
– Fast digesting protein (Whey on oats)
– Slow digesting carbs (Oats)
– Fast digesting carbs (Orange juice)
– Mono/Poly fats (From the eggs)

That’s a standard example. But it does change, as you advance through the stages. And based on your day to day life shenanigans.

#2 Snacks

This will vary, based on each individual. But the golden rule, is to eat any dry/easy to carry around food source, that is high in slow digesting protein or mono/poly fats.

#3 Lunch

You are indeed encouraged to get in 3 full meals a day. Especially on a results phase. And it’s easy to do, once you’re active in the S-curve workouts. As they’ll make you hungry.

But on a lifestyle phase… It will slip at times. You’ll either…

– Stick to the snacks above
– Or just eat a small S-curvish lunch

> Slow digesting protein (Mackerel)
> Mono/Poly fats (Olive oil over veggies)
> Slow digesting carbs (Optional)

#4 You don’t eat meat?

That’s ok… We can get our protein from non-meat foods too.

#5 Workouts

– Shredding to smexy
– Becoming S-curvish

Note: See > More buzz @ equipment needed.

You’ll do one of the two. Or whatever we’ve discussed on your tailored plan on your member page. And the meals are structured, based on the time of day that you workout @ > read this.

#6 Tailored Daily Exercises

These are done daily without fail on a results phase. And it’s one of the things that is hard to stick to, without 121 coaching and end of day reports. Which is why those features are in place!

It acts more of a ‘fall off the fit wagon’ prevention tool, whilst on a lifestyle phase though.

#7 ‘Come up for air’

It doesn’t matter what it is. But find something to do… That gives you at least 1 hour of complete peace of mind, every single day. For me… It’s sitting by a roof top pool.

#8 Dinner

Results phase = We stick to…

– Slow digesting carbs
– Veggies @ fibrous carbs
– Slow digesting protein

And just tweak the carb intake/time that we eat dinner.

Lifestyle phase =

The same… But we break the rules on more days of the week.

Remember the coffee shop/lounge/beach hangout talk from yesterday? Yea… That…


That’s a typical day. It can and will become more flexible as you live your life. And once again… It’s where the 121 coaching/chats come in. LIVE… On the FB profile link below.

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