Let’s make love… (?)

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Yesterday… I talked about balancing your ‘life’ struggles. And the #1 thing that will help solve your issues in regards to what was listed there. Is the daily 121 coaching chats.

Take note. That’s where we make ‘love’ happen.

Also… Yesterday… I talked about the original S-curve physique formula calculator.

Wanna know why it got cancelled @ available for you to use?Because it’s too much extra stuff to learn, for those who are serious and have a ‘life’ @ all the things I mentioned yesterday.

I’m living the S-curve experience too. And what I want from it… Is to have things simplified and done for me. Now, more than ever before. I don’t have time to be learning new stuff (Bring on new experiences all day long though :D).

We all want our lives to be made better and more efficient. Again… Using today’s tech to help with that.

That’s why I created the short splits routine this year.

– It maintains and boosts results
– Gives you an energy boost, instead of making you feel wiped out

– They’re only 15-20 mins long

You walk into the gym. See folks in there. Walk out before them. And then start to look better than them. Especially if they’re slow-go cardio treadmill junkies.

The treadmill really is not a ‘high end results’ tool (The bike is though).

It’s just one of those pieces of equipment, that became protocol in ‘fitness’. In the eyes of the masses.

But as many have found out over time. You can live on that thing for years and see zero change. If it’s a physical shred you’re after.

That’s what happened to this young girls mother (The one in the middle).

In such a way… That she turned into a 100% non-believer @ anything that can change your body and life. So she didn’t end up starting because of that.

I was drifting… Back on topic…– Short splits routine
– Tailored LIVE updates
– The S-curve formula physique calculator given to you, instead of doing it yourself

That’s what it’s all about. Making you feel at ease to start… Never to feel like you have an extra weight on your shoulders to look forward to, once you start.

All ‘chill’. And a continued focus on that 65% non-workout and nutrition stuff.

FitBuzzers/Newsletter readers (YOU) are starting to ‘get it’, year after year. I know this to be the case, as they used to be very hostile when talking to them at first.

Because they were used to people constantly selling to them.

Which is very annoying.

Even last night. When I was out in the city. And a random dude starting selling me a condo on the spot.


Then he got angry that I didn’t take him up on his viewing offer.

I’ve already said to a lot of folks, that all of this is like dating. No high quality person is going to rush in with you straight away. Build some damn bridges.

I did give the guy the @fitbuzz Instagram. Which acts as the business card today @ love it. As it’s a direct intro into the S-curve experience.

But what he should have done. Is asked me some basic questions that would allow him to know me

better (You know… Like when you’re on a date – Or before you became ‘taken’).

I know his results suck. Otherwise…

#1 He wouldn’t be out in the street (Would be busy with his new dates)
#2 He would have got ME to view

ConclusionIf you’re in a situation where someone/thing wants you to ‘join’.

Always ask yourself.

Where is the love?

Because if they’re not making you feel that. Then that’s not where you should be.

Now add below and > Morebuzz, so that I can show you what that feels like :P.


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One other thing. It’s crazy how many peoples heads are stuck in their phones, when in public places. Even couples, who are sitting at the same table! All ages too.


So ya…Travel-curvish 2.0 to the rescue @ getting you out of that rut, when in the city.

How to Sleep Your Way To Fitness

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Staying fit requires much more than exercise and diet. Our bodies work as a whole unit while we are blissfully unaware. We breathe in oxygen that is brought to our lungs. Our pulmonary arteries bring deoxygenated blood to our lungs to pick it up and our pulmonary veins bring that oxygenated blood to every area of our body. The cells in our body use that oxygen to complete a wide array of functions that keep us alive.

It’s amazing what a fine tuned machine we are when you come to think about it, and an important part of keeping our body functioning well is getting the rest it needs. Sleeping isn’t going to have the same effect on your fitness as running a mile, but your body needs you to rest well for that work to be worth your while.



How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Are you hips or shoulders stiff? How about your back and your neck? Pain in these areas are common for some people for a multitude of reasons, which can greatly affect the level of your fitness.

Picture this, you have back pain from sleeping on an old mattress. So one day you skip your workout because you are tired from a lack of sleep on top of the pain. Before you know it you’ve skipped a week and then a month. When you are too tired or in too much pain to get the exercise you need you run the risk of gaining weight.

Waking up with pain is just as detrimental as not getting the full amount you need. So if you are finding you are waking up with pain continuously then maybe it’s time to consider some fixes for that. Getting a new mattress is an option.

If your mattress is old consider getting a new one. If you like a soft and comfortable sleep consider getting a memory foam mattress. The material forms around your body giving you the support your joints need. The Sleep Judge has reviewed a the best memory foam mattresses available on the market.


Get on a schedule

Human beings like schedules because our internal clocks work well with them. Once we get into a rhythm our bodies will know when it’s time to slow down and work on repairing any damage from the previous day. When we don’t get the sleep we need our bodies don’t complete the needed repairs and, in the end, we don’t function well. Of course, this doesn’t help when we are training to run a half marathon.


Be Realistic

If you are just starting out with your fitness routine, then start out slow and move your way to a more difficult routine over time. Be sure to get the rest you need so that your muscles will function well during your work out the next day.

A good place to start, if you aren’t in great shape, is walking on a treadmill. Once you feel up to it run for thirty seconds at a time and rest for a minute. Then increase your running time while maintaining the minute rest in between. Before you know it you’ll be running like a pro and getting a great night’s sleep due to your strenuous workouts. Isn’t it amazing how all the things we do tie together?


Keep Track

If you have a smartphone then odds are it has an application already installed that can track how many steps you take a day. If not, get one or invest in a wristband tracker. The bottom line is to keep track of the steps your taking each day.

Another way to keep track of your fitness is to keep a sleep journal. Write down what time you go to bed and wake up each day. If you have restless nights make a note of that too. Notice the differences in patterns in comparison with what you’ve eaten or drank the night before.

If you are working on being fit you can’t forget your diet. Keep track of what you are eating as well. You will find that a diet of mostly vegetables and fruits with beans and legumes not only will help you get fit, it will help you sleep better. Diets heavy in animal or highly saturated fats will slow you down and make it more difficult to sleep since they are the cause of some digestive issues.


Go Natural

When we are having a hard time sleeping it’s natural to want to take a sleep aid but if you can obtain the sleep you need naturally your body will be all the better for it. Sleep aids can leave us feeling groggy but sleeping after a great workout feels more physically satisfying.

Try meditation or a nice mug of chamomile tea. These sleep aids will help you relax while offering an organic attempt to aid your sleep attempts.



Our bodies work as a unit with many systems aiding one another. This is no different in the way our sleep habits having an affect on the results of our workouts and attempts to be fit. When we sleep our body repairs damages. The next day our muscles work better and we get a better return on the time we put in working out. Start that system working well with getting a great night’s sleep.

Important… Your booty card has ben suspended

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It’s a good idea to eye up everything that happened > last week. It’s a new week. So let’s get into it.

– Home family
– Extended family
– Work life
– Study life
– Fun (Arguably the most important)

It’s the balancing act of satisfying each of these areas of your life. Which has caused you to start falling off

physically or mentally.

And you want to satisfy each of these areas. Because they’re important to you.

That is the most important thing of all. Which is to spend the most time, on the thing that’s most important to


See… That’s why the word ‘important’ is in today’s headline. Ha.

I see the struggles that people go through everyday with this. You already know that starting as a member will help with some of these struggles (If not all).

And I’ve already highlighted the fact that you should seek out specific ‘trusted’ help @ whatever is important

to you.

But one thing that is used behind the scenes here, to help with that. Is technology.

Technology is what has helped @fitbuzz help you.


– The original scientific S-curve physique formula (Calculator). Which factors in activity levels, age, weight, height, sex, calories and grams (I’ll send it to you if you really want to see it… Just reply or message).

Yup… I personally created that in 2012 (All results focused of course).

It’s what we still use to get you those guaranteed results. But YOU won’t see that application any more.

You just get given > these questions. And the answers allow us to give you a daily formula. Which is recorded LIVE on your member page. As a result of what happens in the 121 chats.

LIVE… Is the newest factor in that formula. Because of…

– Home family
– Extended family
– Work life
– Study life
– Fun (Arguably the most important)

@ lifestyle phase.

As those are the things that are the root of many problems you’re facing right now. Which caused you to open

today’s newsletter.

LIVE… Is happening here. Because that’s where we are, in regards to worldwide communication in 2017 and


That’s why things have been evolving… Away from a results only program, over the past few years. As the offline and online worlds are becoming one of the same.

Examples for you? (Mostly time saving)

– Private groups and chats on FB and LinkedIn
– Upwork.com – Or a place like that… That’s relevant to your line of work
– Home delivery services – There’s almost one for everything that you’re interested in now

I’ll have to stop there… As that is digging into some deep topics.

But I had to touch on that a little. Because of the topics that came up in that S-curve member podcast.

The overall message, in regards to that. Is to help you save time in everything that you do. So that you can start spending that time on those important areas… To YOU.

Now let’s re-activate your booty card and continue to live S-curvishly.

Add below (First). Reply to talk (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Don’t fudging do this… (Fail no more)

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Buzzers… Day 7 of week #2…
Relaxing and unwinding continues on for me this weekend. That’s what we do on nutrition focused weekends
> Which is of course, a results booster.
> Which leads to less 7-10 day breaks needed within a 1 year period.
> And of course… Less falling off the wagon. Which is partly the reason why S-curve members have been
wining more consistently in the past 12 months @ S-curve formula shenanigans.

It’s more so about making it a ‘thing’. And not just waiting to feel that we need a break.

We’re going to end the week with more reminders. Just like we have been doing these > past 2 days.

So let’s get into some ‘what not to do’s’ in this lifestyle.

Let’s go…

#1 Cut sugar out of your main meals @ manually adding (Do whatever the fudge you want with cheat snacks though). Use whey and fruit to sweeten your meals.

#2 Limit the frequency at which you do the generic variation of the squat exercise. As it’ll explode the size of your quads and give you a bulky waist (Not an S-curvish one).

You will still do other variations of the squat though. As they shift the load of the weight onto other parts of your body. Like the focused goblet squat (abs) or wide stance squat (inner thighs).

#3 Almost no good morning or deadlift exercises. Especially on a results phase/ + routine… Like Aphrodite Butt Building.

#4 No eating fruit 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#5 Zero saturated fats to enter your guts, 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#6 No more binge cheating is needed.

#7 Less fat intake overall @ keeping the daily intake at 40-50 grams daily.

#8 No more regular/on-going slow-go cardio activities. As doing that, shrinks your butt and makes you look less-curvish.

#9 No more wearing dark colors on purpose, to hide visible fatty areas on your body. Because physical results are > guaranteed here.

#10 Got natural boobs that you want to maintain the size of? Then no more isolation ab exercises (Like sits ups), as that’ll target your upper abs more.

Fat shifts very quickly in this area. Boobs exist in that area… And are all fat. So… No more.

#11 No more seated sit ups from the ground. It does shred your belly. I even got my abs this way. But there are a lot of better exercises that you can do. That feel better to do @ no injuries.

Those are all the important ones, that usually come out of my mouth during everyday chats with people.

The world is full of info. Probably too much. Which is why I still meet people around the world that have no idea of what path they should be taking for the long term.

Which is why you dig deep now., in today’s world. To find solutions that sound right for YOU.

Tis the S-curve experience.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
And if you’re reading this. Then welcome. Just keep soaking it all in. Everyday.

I’m loving it. Past and present members are. And you will too.

Tomorrow… @ new week.

Add below (First). Reply to talk (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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RIP… Remembering the butt

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Buzzers… Saturday…

This is one of those ‘fun time’ weekends in S-curve world. Especially amongst some FitBuzzers/members. And it is for me… @ some of yesterdays FB status updates.

I blame it on the Friday 13th vibes. Hehe.

Today’s headline

Is all about reminding you about stuff. On the newsletter and inside the program.

That’s one of the jobs here. Because the reason you fail @ results. Is because you’re too busy in life… To remember all the things that need to be done, in order to start improving it. Physically and mentally.

That’s why we have mentors, teachers, family, spouses to ‘hold us down’ in the various situations that we encounter.

So let’s continue on @ yesterday’s newsletter theme.

S-curve member stories

You all know we recently introduced the S-curve member podcast. I’m not sure who will be next. As we’re working around peoples busy schedules (busy ‘fun’ schedules too).

But if I look at all those members I messaged. They have all been here since 2012 and beyond (S-curve world started about 18 months before that).

This is a lifestyle full of ups and downs. And less ‘downs’ have started to happen. Since members eventually embraced the S-curve formula in full.

But the S-curve member stories exist, to document that journey. > Look at Steph. That’s a great example of what life really looks like. She displays all 4 parts of the S-curve experience in that pic.

So keep in mind… That’s the outlook we have for you. Before you start (You reading this today) and long after you start.


– Whey and casein are the only ones you NEED to add to your food shopping list.
– We also use them to boost the nutrient profile of ‘food’.
– If you do intend to add other supplements to your food list. Then focus on what nutrients are inside.

What ever you see… Should help complete the nutrients required, for an S-curve meal. Or to add to the lifestyle aspect of it. Like hemp whey…

It contains more mono/poly fats than regular whey. Which means it can make for a good morning shake. Or to add to cereals and slow digestion through one meal (Not sure about the taste on that one though).

Length of time @ results

We can predict, almost 100% how long your results will take, just by looking at your current day selfie.

But in general…. It’ll take longer, the higher your BF% is. And quicker the lower your BF% is.

It’s the weekend. So use it to have fun or talk it out by adding/replying.

And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Information about your booty account

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Buzzers… Friday 13th…

S-curve members… TV shows… And regular nights out. That’s the life for me at this current moment in
time. And it will of course change. As it will for you. Which brings me back to what we do on here.
Everything you see on Morebuzz… Is the lifestyle here. Aka S-curve experience.

#1 Super duper process @ achieving results.

#2 Enjoy your life, whilst getting it… And once achieved.

#3 Travel-curvish shenanigans

More women do #3 than men do (Not me… I love #3… Just look at my FB pics).

And if men do go… It’s usually women who encourage the trip(s).

I already know that many of you are playing ‘catch up mode’ with some of the newsletters right now. Since a busy fall season kicked in. So we won’t do any actionable blueprint tips on this Friday @ > this is the Friday vibe.

But we will highlight some random things @ S-curve world shenanigans.
Lets go…

Stage 4

This part of the S-curve formula was mostly built for past members. Usually for advanced members, who are still winning. Since the main program (Stage 3) is designed to help you keep your results.

And to get a current day refresh. Since things usually evolve in a big away, every 12 months on here.

So if that sounds like you… Then go there. And then chat 121.

Go a lot of torso fat to shred?

Truth be told… You’ve got a long hard road ahead. Which is hard to do on your own, as a busy adult. As it requires daily attention in order to succeed. Which is why people fail at doing so. Which is why you start as an official member @ #neveralone.

So understand… That the thing that will fix you the most. Is the regular and ongoing 121 chat sessions.

The shred will take 3-6 months. So understand that, this is the mindset you’ll need to have, from day 1.

It’s not a big deal for ME to put you through that process. I’m forever ready. It’s about getting you ready for it.

Is it time for a 7-10 day break from working out?
I haven’t spoken about this in a while… But that is something you need to do, at least 3-4 times a year. And during that time, you’ll get more sleep, rest and food (variations too).
Then you’ll start to see what the 90-100% YOU looks like. As you’ll usually look like a 70% version of yourself during busier times.
If you find it hard to get those kinda breaks in. Then expect to see it in your plan, as an active S-curve member.
Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. So that would be a good time to take one of these breaks. Which is also something that we embrace. And what you would have heard S-curve member Shawn talk about in that > podcast-ish.
Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily updates.


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We don’t play THAT game around ‘ere

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Now let me explain today’s headline (backwards)

The S-curve experience

You would have started to know what that is this year. As I said things were heading that way, this time last year.

Which means we’re here to stay in your life, every night. And NOT… A one night stand!

That is… To make you feel a certain way… Every single day. Because that ‘good feeling’… Is what leads you to the change we both know you want to see in YOU..

To know that… When other stuff in your life is falling apart…

– Romantic relationships
– Your career
– Whatever

You have that ‘feeling’ to turn to.

And we all know that we need that. Just take a look at the chats from the > results pages (The links).

– Recently divorced
– Husband serves for the country and is always away (In possible danger)
– Adapting to a recent career change
– Stayed physically broken, for way too long… And deciding to really do something about it, after years of
reading the newsletter

Those are all real member scenarios that we’ve encountered here, in the past 3-5 years. And they indeed got their fix.

But they wouldn’t have got that… If they wasn’t a part of an experience.

You’re never ever supposed to feel like someone/something is going to screw you over and not have your back, when you start ANY serious program in your life.

Which is a problem, not only in the ‘fitness’ part of all this. But in life, in general. That’s the trust factor I’m always taking about on here.

We don’t play that (One night stand) game around here!

You see that 65% non-workout/nutrition stuff that has been the big focus on here in the past 10 months?

Yea… That is what this is related to.

That’s the part of the experience that really changes you. We open up about all of your ‘life’ s***.

It’s the only way. And…

– That can only happen if you trust and connect here. Which is why we have the links on that page above.

– That can only happen… Once you jump in the chats

– That can only happen if you become a part of an experience.

It takes time to decide to become a part of something (Kinda like buying a house… But less due diligence needed). Which is why it usually takes a while for new members to officially start. Because they’re making a change to their real daily life.

Just remember that we are ‘chill’ here. And that the long term structure of this experience, allows you to be what YOU are. During any one period of time.

– Need to ease up and spend more time with your people…? That can happen.

– Need to break away from everything else in life and focus on your results? That can happen too…

Just follow my lead… What you see listed on all of the stages via Morebuzz… Is only there, so that you can ‘see’ the individual stuff that happens inside, once you start.
And remember… That we’ll be continuing the ‘hard to achieve’ trend, that we started to achieve this year @ keeping you on the wagon… During typical ‘fitness’ fall off periods (Summer/Thanksgiving).

Which again… Has only become possible… Since turning into an experience (No one night stands around ‘ere).

Which is exactly what I told our newbie 18 year old Fitbuzzer > this week.

I already know that she’s not been a part of something (Fitness related) that actually looks out for her, based on her response.

But that will change. As it has done for many who added ME on FB this year. Like Mr. Deity from the shenanigans album night out 2 weeks ago. Who’ll probably introduce his wife. @ the husbands (guys returned) are now a part of this too.

Newsletter over… Reply or add.


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And the parent of the year award goes to…

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We’re going to kick start today’s post, with Facebooks public status about @ ‘International day of the girl’ (We say… And ‘boy’ too).

The message is different, than what we focus on in S-curve world.

But it’s the focus on getting the young persons mindset ready @ important.

Which I shared and said a few days ago…

– Making sure that your kids, siblings or any one close to you, feels the effects of the lifestyle (The husbands are now officially back too @ S-curve experience).
As that reminded me about last weeks public verbal chat, with S-curve member Shawn. In regards to exposing the kids, to good habits from young.

Because whatever you do. They will do too.

So if you start living S-curvishly. Then they will too. And it will carry on with them, as they progress into their adult years.

And if you don’t have kids (Like me… I still like to give them back to their parents. Ha). Then think about all the young people around you. Who probably look up to you in some way. Even if you don’t realise it.

Because if you’re teaching them awesome stuff at an early age. And then grow up to learn that it was all awesome stuff.

Then they’ll love and respect you forever (Think about the folks that you still look up to now…).

And if you do have kids and have started to live S-curvishly early (‘Start’ closer to 18 years old… As it’s more difficult to reverse ageing and looking like s*** after that).

Because then… You’ll look more like a brother/sister to them. Than a mother/father.

Which is also one of the things that I mentioned in > ‘should we mission statement’.

One blueprint tip for each of the 4 parts of the S-curve experience (As listed on > Morebuzz)

> Become S-curvish

‘Getting specific’ is the best way to start helping you. Which is what I’m doing with the lady from question #2 in yesterday’s newsletter). And she’s only 18. So her future is S-curvishly bright for sure.

So reply to this email @ the following questions…

1) Are you on FB messenger? (Compulsory now… @ you don’t need to be ‘on’ Facebook, the website).

2) Your age/weight/height (To tailor your nutrition plan).

3) The foods you can’t eat or don’t like… Also, the foods that you actually eat on a weekly basis.

4) If you’ll be working out at home or the gym…

5) Your ‘work life’ schedule.

6) If you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced trainee with weight training….

7) The main problem areas that you want to fix on your body.

8) A day one selfie/belfie if possible.

9) Have you experienced any pain or injury that still affects you today?

10) The time you’ll workout + Current home equipment

Oh… And the key to triggering a torso shred… Whilst still looking S-curvish. Is by doing a weighted bodyweight circuit. That’s what the up coming S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0 will be about (This will be fun).
This is > half of what that looks like. 3.0 will be ALL weighted + Advanced exercise variations.

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire

– Oldie butt goldie (Pun intended)… Wear brighter colors once you’re at least 60-70% S-curvish. Most of the styles that are worn can be seen via the Pinterest feed on More buzz. Fashion is a huge topic. So I’ll stop there.

> Improved daily lifestyle

‘Coming up for air’… Just choose a spot that allows your brain to relax and ‘think’. You can see my fave spots in the shenanigans album on the FB profile below.

> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

Tell me your home location… And I’ll give you a destination bucket list.

You’ll stick that up… Somewhere that you’ll see it daily @ habit building shenanigan stolen from the S-curve formulas meal structure :D.

Newsletter done… See you on social.


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Putting a Q & A tattoo on your booty

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Or triceps… Lower belly… Upper chest…

Since those are the key areas where almost all FitBuzzers/S-curve members want a physical fix.

Buzzers… Day after Tuesday/Thanksgiving for Canadian Fitbuzzers…

Now… We all know that every single move that we make here, on a daily basis… Is all about the experience… The S-curve experience (Talking like James Bond).

And yesterday, for me… Was about working remotely, in the city, in the evenings. At locations > like this.

Our first podcast-ish member from last week (Shawn), lives like this too sometimes.

And even though many have been here for 3-5 years. And naturally become friends in the process.

As ladies… Physical results are always a priority. It’s hard not to be… Since the mirror is an important part of your daily life, as a female.

The @fitbuzz Instagram feed, specifically… Is all about what 90-100% S-curvish looks like.

‘Soft lean’ + Epic butt/Tiny waist/Natural boobs (Not totally ‘bad’ if you’ve ‘enhanced’ them already)

And ‘eyeing that up’, is a part of what keeps you on the wagon.

And since we do talk 121. It’s natural that questions will always come up. Usually from more casual members.

So let’s highlight some of those questions today.

#1 I like to eat ‘bad’ foods. And I’m going to restart/start as a member again. But how can I… And still look like those girls, or some of the most successful S-curve members?

Well… You can and will continue to eat ‘bad’. That’s a part of the lifestyle. And it’s what we call, D-F rated foods.

What we do… Is to stop cheat binging. And instead… Cheat ‘snack’. This is when you eat a smaller amount of those D-F rated foods… Right after eating an A-C rated S-curve meal.

Then… It’s all about…

– Eating cheat snacks at the right times, to avoid an unnecessary build up of fat
– To choose better quality cheat snacks

That’s what we set out in your plan, on your LIVE update member page, when you become a member.

#2 ”I need to go to the gym” – Newbie young lady from yesterday, who looks ‘OK’… But wants to look

> like this

No… You don’t. You want to live an improved lifestyle. But don’t know how to go about it… Yet.

So find someone that you trust and like. And follow their formula for that outcome.

– A generic gym trainer? Nah… You won’t look forward to living in the gym for the long term. And you 

‘might’ experience mediocre results.

– Bust your butt hard, year round? Nah… Not that either.

In today’s world… Theres an easier and ‘nicer feeling’ way to go about getting it. That’s what the S-curve experience is. All lived… Through the results/lifestyle phases.

Stage 2 via More buzz… Is where most brand new people go to get started. Once they’ve decided that they trust and like…

But… That is also the most results intensive month.

To feel the experience… You’ll usually progress to stage 3, shortly after. Which is what every successful member has done. Every single one!

And all you’ll need is…

– A mobile device that can load up and stream videos
– A workout mat/And or some medium weight dumbbells

You already have everything else (A brain, ears to listen, food). We just change the way you’re currently doing things with ’em :D.


Yup… That was all LIVE. Those questions came in via FB in the past 24 hours.

So just jump in, on the profile below and connect. It’s all open. Everyone I’ve ever connected with ‘in life’, is on there @ nothing to hide… Couldn’t even do so if I tried.


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How to Raise your Metabolism and Keep it Elevated after your Workout

October 9, 2017 by  
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Whether you are using reputable fitness enhancers like acheter Anavar en 120kgs.com or just relying on diet to boost your workouts, you are bound to have your metabolism shoot high during workouts. According to any fitness expert, people burn more calories during exercises than when sleeping or sitting.

In summary, metabolism is the activity of converting food to body fuel through enzymes and chemical reactions. Therefore, when metabolism is at its peak, there is an efficient use of energy. So, is it possible to keep the metabolism at its peak or anywhere near there, even after doing the workouts? Some experienced fitness experts share some insights.

Eating protein

Protein comes in many forms, especially in our diet. Today, we have access to pure protein fortified with regulated nutrients. Taking in about 30 grams of pure protein immediately after workouts can help the metabolism to go up and stay at an increased rate for more extended periods of time.

Scientists have discovered some foods which can help to fire up the metabolism. Protein is hard to digest and requires the body to burn more energy to break it down.

Hot peppers have been found to have properties that will increase your metabolism rate. We’ve known for several years that hot peppers make people sweat, but now further research has revealed more facts about this vegetable. It contains the molecule capsaicin which is a chemical that boosts metabolism in the body.

For those who do not like the thought of eating hot food can opt for sweet chilies after the workouts. They contain the molecule dihydrocapsiate (DHC). This also happens to trigger the release of more stress hormones which are ultimately responsible for the increased rate of metabolism through more burning of food. The recommended amount of DHC after the workouts is about 10 mg.

Remain active even after workouts

It is no point to increase your metabolism during a short exercise session and then let your rate fall back to a lower or even dormant state. If you are on a weight-loss program, keeping your metabolism as high as you can get it is the best way to go about things. To help you, make sure to maintain an active and vibrant lifestyle, even outside the gym. This will ensure you will burn more calories.

For instance, you can walk to work if you live in a town apartment, or take the stairs instead of an elevator. Walking to the printer is better than asking the assistant to hand you over the printouts. This way, you can be assured that you will maintain a high metabolism.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking plenty of cold water will help with the overall health of your body. Cold water first lowers your body temperature, then your body needs to work hard to get your temperature back to normal, increasing the rate of its metabolism through the process.

Use these methods to ensure that your metabolism remains high even if you have your workouts early in the day

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