Going deeper (Part 3)

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Going deeper part 1. So that you can see where this series started.


So… You’re here. Looking for info right? You are looking for a sign…
Well… I’ll tell you right now. If you want to Become S-curvish (Or succeed at anything else). You need to fix the way ya brain works!
Let’s just stick to Becoming S-curvish for today.
– You can follow free videos on working out and nutrition
– You can follow a specific person
– You can follow proven plans 
But what most people realise over time. Is that they find themselves in the same situation as where they started. Even after applying/trying all of the above!
Because in order to truly win. You need to work side by side. With someone that has or is achieving, what you want to achieve.
I always refer to > this story from 2016.
That is a lady that I knew and became close with. And for 2 years. She ignored that fact that I was helping many women change their lives.
The reason I did ignore her (Kinda). Is because she had a broken mindset. And I refused to help her because of it (I did initially try to).
2 years later. After going on and off, doing her own thing. And nothing working for her, during that entire time.
She got serious and started with me again.
And within 2 weeks. All of her friends and family wondered what the fudge she did?
Because they viewed her as the ‘fat girl’, who works out, but stays fat.
And the answer was simple. I just ran her through the S-curve formula.
The same one that everyone else goes through.
The only difference, is that some people shred/grow faster/slower than others. Based on attributed like age, weight, experience, injuries.


This is the reason why the heart of the program, shifted from a workout focus. To 121 coaching, mindset and therapy focused.
Because that’s what was (Still is) helping everyone win.
Teaching the ‘what to do’, with the ‘how to do’.
This applies to most things you want to succeed in @ life.
What YOU guys ask about?
– How to get an ‘S-curve’ lady (Guys)
– How to Become S-curvish… Like…
#Bikini-curvish moments with #nature in #crete @milica_mitrovic_
#Bikini-curvish moments with #nature in #crete @milica_mitrovic_
– How to make more money 
This is why you’re strongly encouraged to reply to talk. Because that’s where the magic happens.
When you start any type of ‘help’ today. You’re mostly paying for unlimited 121 chats.
And if you buy physical products, like supplements or stuff from the items page. Then you’ll get help with that too. As we’ve had experience with everything that is listed there.
So remember…
– Reply to talk
– Because that’s where we start fix your fudging mind (Fudge is our word for fuck)

What else is happening within S-curve world?

Well… It’s all stuff, that has been highlighted in other previous newsletters. And we are indeed working hard on those areas right now.
But let us recap…
1. Access vs ownership 
It’s a 50/50 split, between the kind of stuff you own vs the stuff you access. Within the S-curve Xperience.
Lets analyse…
What you ‘own’
What you ‘access’
– Accommodation
Most of the stuff that you end up owning above. Will be used, or present. Wherever you are accessing all of the above.
With a focus on the word ‘wherever’. Because that’s what makes the S-curve Xperience so great.
– You can earn from anywhere
– Do the S-curve program from anywhere
– Be anywhere more often… Due to being an S-curve member partner
Let’s dig into that last part…
2. Becoming an S-curve member partner
It’s all about earning an income, from getting deeper involved within S-curve world.
There are 3 focus areas, in regards to this. Let’s dig into them…
A) Becoming 60-100% S-curvish and being posted for free, via all of our channels
B) Becoming an S-curve member partner
C) Buzzcoin
A) Explained
S-curve workout selfie @thalitanascimento_
S-curve workout selfie @thalitanascimento_
That’s one of the hottest areas right now, for the women who enter S-curve world. 
You Become S-curvish. On your own, or with our help. Already are. And if you qualify… We’ll explode your profile(s) up for free.
If you have something to offer the world. Great. That will get more visibility, because of our efforts. 
And if you don’t… Then you should…
B) Explained
Become an S-curve member partner.
The best way for this to work. Is to have been an S-curve member, for at least 1-3 months.
Because then, you’ll know what it’s like to be an S-curve member.
At which point, you’ll naturally talk about (Especially when you’re experiencing noticeable results).
YOUR people will definitely ask you about what you’re doing. And when you reply to them. You’re simply telling them the truth, without ever trying to ‘sell’ to your own people. Which is actually a sucky thing to do.
If they become S-curve members because of you. You’ll get commissions for that.
However… We have always been ‘open’ in our world. And one thing that we like to do. Is bring everyone together. Often times… Spending those commissions on/with those friends who become members. Usually on a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip
C) Explained
This isn’t for everyone. But elements of whatever develops in this area, WILL slip into the main areas of the S-curve Xperience, at some point in the not too distant future.

To conclude

Newsletter done. Reply in the comments or send a message via Messenger, to ask about shit.

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Sh!t is not free + The ‘offline’ scene + Your privacy

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And nothing is… In all reality.
Also…  No one values ‘free’. Which is why the real shit that helps YOU within S-curve world. Is NOT free.
Like in > Going deeper. Where 121 coaching happens. And everyday, you are teased into those chats. Because we KNOW that is what will help you.

Your spouse… (For example)

If they are your spouse now. They was probably FAR from being that, in the beginning stages of your relationship.
You may have wanted them to be your spouse. But chances are. You had to spend time or money to make that happen. To make them YOUR spouse. And not anyone else’s.
And if they become anyone else’s with ease. Then they’re most likely not going to be a great spouse. Aka not valuable.
Even if it was love a 1st site. You’d still have to work to get them.
One reason why it is hard to get them = Trust
That’s what makes it hard for US to get YOU. You need to trust us. And just like getting a valuable spouse… Trust takes time. Not necessarily money.
But again… Shits not free. Usually time or money is required.
So if you’re here or anywhere. Never expect anything great, to be free. If there is, there’s always a catch.
Fortunately for you. In S-curve world. We’re completely open about everything that we do. What goes on. And what my own daily life looks like. Via stories and this album…
Heck… I’m constantly out meeting people. Usually in public places. Meeting people whilst working on my lap top. Like this…
Which usually gets people talking to me. Every time that I’m out.
And when they ask me what I do. I show them.
I show them Income streams (Actual income). The website. The social media profiles. My Facebook profile.
All totally open. Because since day 1 around ‘ere. Transparency is key.
All points after that. Requires time… Before they spend any money, within the S-curve Xperience.
So again… Shits not free. Neither for you or for me.
Tis the S-curve Xperience. And we get up to various things here. Like…
So just keep all of this in mind… In every situation that you’re in.
If someone helps you for free. You’ve already payed for it. Or they’ll expect you to pay (Like tips in a way).

Now… Let’s just talk about… The things that get talked about…

When we’re out meeting 1-5 people ‘near’ daily…
So… A woman that we’ve now stumbled upon twice now…
We show her the S-curve Xperience social media channels. And both times that she sees the posts… She ‘get’s it’.
– The ‘soft lean’
– The OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
But she did have one obvious question… Being a woman in her 40’s…
You see… She doesn’t look bad at all. She’s just lost her-curvish… Due to a recent ‘broken’ lifestyle. It’s happened to all of us at some point.
Yet… Becoming 90-100% S-curvish, for ‘appearance’ goals. Is not something that she would strive for ‘today’.
She ticks the box @ women who are aged 45-55… Who Become S-curvish, more so for health reasons.
And so… She pointed out women who were walking around us. Who were that age. Asking how we would approach their plans.
It’s the same as any other plan. We just structure the S-curve formula for the goal.

Another thing that we talked about…

And a reason why some women (Not men… You’ll see why in a sec) STILL start.
Is because they want to succeed in private. And to not workout in a public gym environment.
Which of course… WE are a perfect solution for…
– Just a mobile device needed
– An internet connection to stream/download videos and use chat apps
– Any open space to workout
That’s all what is needed, when someone decides to become an S-curve member.
A super simple formula. That allows you to live the S-curve Xperience the max.
Most of which… Looks like what you see in these videos…

To conclude

As usual. I’m bringing you everything, that’s being discussed, LIVE and in the moment.
But make sure YOU reply and talk too. Because what we talk about, will end up in these newsletters. Which will help others. But more importantly… YOU!

Why you NEED to stop working out!

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As a reminder… We are now a platform. Where all S-curve Xperience shenanigans take place.
It all started with one program. And over time, we’ve naturally evolved into other areas.
All of which… Are structured into 4 parts, that make up the Xperience.
So whatever it is that tickles your interest within S-curve world. Just message us via the blue Messenger button, on the bottom right hand corner of this page.

Stop working out?

S-curve #workout #selfie #belfie + #fashion is a 'thing' @thalitanascimento_
S-curve #workout #selfie #belfie + #fashion is a ‘thing’ @thalitanascimento_
So… You know how I said we started off as one program?
Well… I of course, personally created it. With the collective help from followers and S-curve members, over the years.
And as of today. I still use (And probably always will) the S-curve formula. In my day to day life.
1. Because it helped me with this transformation
Shaun Sinclair
Shaun Sinclair
Amongst others…
2. I still coach people via video and in-person.
So I need to practice what I preach. Consistently.
That’s how everything remains real.
Just like when I’m out meeting people daily. Getting feedback from real conversations.
Real real real! = Relatable to you.
And one element of the S-curve formula that I’ve recently been reminded about. Is to…

Take 7-10 days off from working out, every 3-4 months.

By doing this. You’re allowing your body to rest, from being in a consistent catabolic state (Where your muscles are constantly being broken down/repaired).
Being in that state… Means that you’ll usually look your 80% best, at any given time. And not your 90-100% best.
Your body is lean and strong. But may also be quite tired. And there even may be a case of a silent injury, building up inside you, that has yet to surface (No pain currently felt).
More sleep. More nutrition focus (Which helps boost you to 90-100% S-curvish).
You look awesome.
You can’t just quit the workouts eternally.
This rest period is temporary. And you will have to go back to some level of a workout schedule.
For me… That has always looked like…
– 20 25 minute S-curve gym workouts (Short splits routine)
– 3 x a week
– ‘Come up for air’ (See video below)
Always simple.
Because if you don’t. Your result will disappear.

To conclude

These non-workout periods, get drilled into your subconscious, as an S-curve member.
And it’s one of several S-curve formula factors, that makes you win.
More often than not =
– Strategy
– Mindset
– And less gym
All of which, happens via 121 coaching chats. Right inside Messenger.
So go there.

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Going deeper again… The age of ‘access’ (Over ownership)

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So… A lot of you have started replying and asking for help.
Which is good. Because it shows you’re not fu*king around and are ready to get serious.
One challenge that we are overcoming. Is communicating with you in your language. If English isn’t the 1st.
Namely French, Spanish and Portuguese.
The upside to that. Is that we get to cut the crap and get right to the point @ creating solutions to your problems.
Which brings me to the next point.

Motivation… Tips…

None of that stuff really helps you, if you’re after real change in your life.
What you need… Is 121 help. With someone that’s been where you want to go.
On the fitness (Becoming S-curvish) side of things. That would be me. As I still lead the charge in 121 coaching chats.
And… Because I have the most ‘hands on’ history, @ everything that’s happened within S-curve world.
There are now a lot of you present, within S-curve world. From all around the world.
The S-curve program has been structured to manage you, at whatever level you’re at. Physically, mentally and financially (What you can pay to start).
'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout + #fashion is a 'thing' @vitoriagomes
‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout + #fashion is a ‘thing’ @vitoriagomes

Going deeper… To start…

Knowing what to do to start. Is the main reason why there’s such a strong focus on 121 coaching chats.
All the successful people you’ve seen here. Didn’t know what to do, before they started.
Which is why they kept on failing. Prior to starting with us. But once we went 121. Things changed fast!
We’re talking, people who kept following broken formulas for years.
Or were too stubborn or stuck in a rut to seek help.
So keep on replying. And what we start with you, is what will lead you on a winning path. With whatever issues you have.

It’s our goal… To change as many of you as possible.

– Get you living the S-curve Xperience… The way you see it being living, via our social media pages.
– Taking pics/vids of it all.
– Us reposting it for free. And for some of you… Giving you more exposure and boosting your personal earnings.
Especially if you’re into living the S-curve Xperience to the max.
So do me a favor right now and reply with what’s on your mind.
Because you’re here for a reason. And we need to know what that is. So that your time here is better spent.

The age of ‘access’ (Over ownership)

I recently watched the Google Stadia conference. As a part of this years E3 show in Los Angeles.
And watching it… Reminded me again. Of how it applies to how we’re living, within the S-curve Xperience.
A world where we can work, workout and live… Anywhere we like. At any given time.
Of course… Not 100% of the time. But the option is very open for us to take advantage of.
And in terms of Google Stadia. It means being able to play the latest console games. Via a smart phone, laptop or tablet.
Some stats from the conference…
I talked about this in recent newsletters too.

So… To conclude…

I personally want you to be a part of all this. Because being so… Will indeed help fix whatever issues you’re facing right now.
To recap… @ your options 
Becoming S-curvish 
The supplements/food rules 
The items to buy for use within the S-curve Xperience 
The partner program/Buzzcoin 
As usual… It’s best to 121 chat… Once you decide to spend money in those areas. So do that!
Note: Now that the internet has finally started to peak and hit world wide mass adoption.
One of things that I see, that people want, when they meet me. Is wanting to live and earn in the world that you see described above.
Ideally… These folks should have started years ago.
But hey… Most people like to wait until things are ‘safe’ before they jump in.
But more often than not. The ‘easy’ opportunity has disappeared by then.
However… It’s not too late. As this world evolves fast.
So if you get into the partner program, being shared for free and Buzzcoin. You can and will start to win.
You just need to stay in the game. Which will allow you to keep up. And you WILL need to keep up!

YOUR Xperience + Travel-curvish 2.0 + AI in S-curve world

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You’ve become S-curvish on your own?

You’ve become S-curvish through us?
It doesn’t matter…
Because the now ‘S-curve platform’ is a home for you to be. If…
1. You look like this…
'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments @megkylie
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @megkylie
2. Want to… Or are living this lifestyle.
Because being here… Will keep you up to date, with LIVE info that we find out, from our offline shenanigans.
And more importantly… All of these areas in your life…
Will improve and get an upgrade.
– New supplements
– New S-curve Xperience items 
– New technological advancements 
– New Travel-curvish 2.0 locations
Which is important today. As almost all popular locations around the world. Have become quite ‘touristy’.
Like @azuliktulum…
View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Fit Buzz (@fitbuzz) on

And from our own personal experiences. Like El nido, Palawan, Philippines.
It’s still a great place. But has lost its ‘magic’ a little. Due to all of the increased tourism.
And so… TC2.0 steps in. Where we reveal (to you only). Some awesome, yet less popular spots around the world.
Which are often times… Not too far from the popular spots. Although… Sometimes, out of the way to get to. Which might be why they’re less popular.
But even the ‘out of the way’ journey can be fun too.
One example. Is a place in Coron, that we stayed in…
Most people stay in the heart of the city of Coron. Which you still can and should do on some days, whilst you’re there. As being there, allows you to hit island trips, with zero stress.
But a 1-2 hour drive away. Will take you to remote, yet peaceful spots like this…
And what you’ll find. Is just a handful of people there. Who have the same idea as you.

Quality of life is our ‘thing’

I myself have strived for that. Within S-curve world.
Well… When you read this post. You’ll see that I came from the start up world. Before starting stayfitbug.com.
I don’t know what the start up world is like today. But at the time. You would spend 2-4 years of your life. Creating something that may ultimately lead nowhere.
Of course… That’s something you know, going into it. And at that time. I was OK with that.
I knew the game.
But when it came to crunch time. I simply woke up one year. Realising that my quality of life had dipped.
Too far for my liking!
And from what I know about all of you. It would be too far dipped. For you too.
I know… Because many of you @ your quality of life. Isn’t dipped as far as mine went, at that time.
Yet… You’re unhappy about some part of it. Which is why you’re here.
So although you see ‘highlight reel’ examples, of what the S-curve Xperience is.
These newsletters and my FB profile. Will show you how I’m living it. Through my eyes.
A lifestyle that has indeed improved the quality of my daily life (Amongst other S-curve members/followers). For several years. Now.
Me in 2012 (Olympic games night)

Me in 2016

A prime example of why you need before and after pics.
Especially with selfies and belfies. Because your eyes can’t record the changes that you see.
At least not yet. Future tech might just change that.

An update… In regards to > this newsletter 

From 2 days ago.
The world is evolving. And we can see it happening in several industries.
But in regards to that newsletter.
One major reason why we want you to get involved with Buzzcoin, the S-curve member partner program or being promoted for free.
Is because of what we see happening, in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
In short… Robots are going to replace a lot the jobs that you currently have.
Not all. But a lot will be replaced.
We want help @ putting you in a position where you’re protected from that, at some level.
And of course… To work within an entity that you enjoy. Which is all if what you see within the S-curve Xperience.
Here’s a recent tip from my own FB stories…
Yup…. All of what you apply, may take some time to flourish.
Which is a reason why you see new things being announced. Early in their life cycle, here in S-curve world.

To conclude 

All of what was said above. 
As usual… Message via the Messenger button on this page. Or leave a comment below.

Buying yourself some ‘value’? + Buzzcoin revisited

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You all know we’re an S-curve Xperience today. A platform for everything that goes on, under one roof.
It’s an acquired taste of living @ life on plant earth.
And because we are a platform.
The things that are on offer within S-curve world. Stretch beyond a program that allows you to Become S-curvish and the benefits from becoming so.
'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments @deboramirtes
‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @deboramirtes

In terms of the price of ‘things’.

For the most part. When you see something labelled with a ‘high’ price tag.
It usually means that there is increased value, within whatever that thing is.
With the S-curve program that allows you to Become S-curvish. The price goes up. Simply because there’s access to unlimited 121 coaching chats.
Because the more we communicate. The better and faster results you get.
It’s been proven too many times already @ link above/behind Debora.
That’s just one example.
And if you’re reading this. This probably isn’t news to you. But everyone does need a reminder from time to time.
Especially when you’re not a huge brand, like Ferrari or Apple.
In which case… For us…
It means building up trust with you, over time. So that in YOUR head. It doesn’t even become a question. In regards to how much you pay for something.
It could be…
> Stuff from the Amazon page
> Stuff from the Supplements page 
'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout @clara_lindblom
‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout @clara_lindblom
– If you’re a business… A placement on stayfitbug.com
So keep on lapping up everything that you see. Across all of our social media profiles and websites.
As it’s the S-curve Xperience. Seen in all it’s glory.

Buzzcoin revisited

Gosh… It has been a minute since we talked about this.
But fast forward 6 months. And we were right.
The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry has indeed evolved.
So yes… In time. We’ll start to apply elements of the blockchain shenanigans. Into relative parts of the S-curve Xperience.
We already have some ideas.
But as usual. You’ll see official announcements via these newsletters.
And for those of you who have been interested in boosting your personal income, via the S-curve Xperience.
Then you would have already done that, if you invested into bitcoin (Or another cryptocurrency) 6 months back.
As the price has since tripled.
Just remember though. That investing and trading in that area. Is something that we’re not ‘super’ experts at.
But we do have personal experience with it.
And a strategy that makes sense. When living the S-curve Xperience.
All of which… We discuss in 121 chats ONLY.
Which is free to do with us.
All that’s required. Is that you sign up to the following 2 websites. Via the links below.
> Here 
And > here too
Newsletter done!
Leave a comment below. Or slide into the DM’s via the blue button in the bottom right side of this page.

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Change… Fear… Fear of change/success (Within S-curve world)

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‘Change’… Or lack there of, in your life…

Become 'Soft lean' #bikini-curvish @deboramirtes
Become ‘Soft lean’ #bikini-curvish @deboramirtes
If you’re reading this… I KNOW you want something to change.
Unfortunately… For this to truly happen to most of you. You need to be pushed into ‘change’. Usually by an unfortunate event.
It could be an injury. A job loss. An end to a relationship.
And it’s usually quite a painful process.
Which is what the > Going deeper post was for.
Fortunately for you though. We’ve taken all the hits on the chin @ doing all this shit for an entire decade (10 year anniversary in July @ see > archives).
So we’ve seen all the trial and error. Knows what works and what doesn’t.
The upside of all the change that does happen. Is that you’ll start to succeed, even more than YOUR wildest dreams.
There’s an emphasis on the word YOUR (Because a lot of people want things @ making every part of the S-curve Xperience more awesome than the norm).
Because a lot of you might be selling yourself short.
Aka scared of success.
There’s a lot of varying factors at play. Most of which we discover via our 121 chats.
Just know… That when you get deep into the S-curve Xperience. Change is guaranteed!

Talking of change…

Part of why all of what we do, ‘works’. Is due to the rise of being able to access your shit from anywhere.
  • Music? Spotify
  • A place to stay? Air bnb
  • Watch videos? YouTube 
  • Chat? Whatsapp, Viber, FB Messenger
  • Access the Internet? – Pocket wifi and countless hot spots when in the city
All of that… Enables ALL of us to:
  • Earn from anywhere.
  • Become S-curvish from anywhere.
  • Work from anywhere (See side bar on the right).
And best of all… Gives us more free time and less stress.
Both which… Is causing you you to have issues in your life. Because there’s currently not enough time or too much stress.

Parts 1-4 of the S-curve Xperience.

Everything is formulaic. And we’ve been building and improving upon it, year after year.
There’s still some issues though… 
There always will be some @ all parts of business and life.
One issue that we have. Is communicating with you in your language @ those of you who speak Portuguese, Spanish and French.
Google translate is our current day option for that. Especially for those of you who we speak to face to face.
Since the mobile app let’s you speak into the device. And spits out what you say, in any language that you want it to.
But one other area where we can nail this issue Is the supplement pages. Like these…
> Prime male page
> Lean Bean page
Because the page can be translated into your language. Even the videos.
And with supplements. It’s pretty easy to make a purchasing decision. Because what you see is what you get.
In fact… That’s one of the rules for buying supplements. As we encourage to buy and try. In small amounts 1st.
The S-curve 'explained' @ read the fudging description under the vid behind this pic @eujessicadourado
The S-curve ‘explained’ @ read the fudging description under the vid behind this pic @eujessicadourado


To conclude

Fear… Change… Fear of change…
All of this is a topic ‘today’. Because we can see that these are the only real things that are causing you to have issues in your life.
On that note…
Read the description, under the following video.
You’ll see why, when you get there.

THIS… Is what the S-curve Member Partner Program and ‘Motivation’ is 

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It’s been a crazy week here, behind the scenes.

Out and about. Meeting 1-5 people daily. In all kindsa places…
@ Working from anywhere… Everywhere.
And one topic that came up during various chats.
Is the fact that the Travel-curvish 2.0 trips… Is what causes folks to move off their ass and Become S-curvish. More than the actual 121 coaching chats.
Why that is so?
Well… No one looks forward to ‘hard work’. Which is what’s required for 1-3 months. In order to Become at least 60% ‘soft lean’ S-curvish…
Standing 'soft lean' #bikini-curvishly @rosaiiriisss
Standing ‘soft lean’ #bikini-curvishly @rosaiiriisss
But everyone does look forward to seeing themselves in those awesome TC2.0 destinations.
TC2.0 = @cavotagoomykonos @michutravel
TC2.0 = @cavotagoomykonos @michutravel
And for all of you involved here. Just remember that the goal… Is to make every morning… Better than the prior.
And if you become an S-curve member partner. That is something that is taught into you. Which of course… Leads to making you a better partner.
You’ll succeed as a partner. Because you’ve been through the process that took you to 60-100% S-curvish. Using the S-curve program/Formula.
Which is the same mindset and teachings. That’ll turn you into a successful partner. In regards to the process of ‘winning’.
The actual partner stuff…. That is of course, different knowledge and info.
Because there’s no workout or nutrition shenanigans involved.
This can’t be taught via a member page or even a blog post.
It can only be effectively taught via 121 chats**.
So yes… There’s been a lot of conversations in regards to people becoming S-curve member partners.
And although the public instructions are vague, in regards to becoming that.
One thing that you can do right now. Is to:
– Start embracing the S-curve Xperience. 
– Take GREAT pics and vids, of you doing so.
– Post them to your social media profiles.
And if we like what we see. We’ll repost all of that content for free. Which gives your profiles a significant exposure boost. Where you…
1. Bring more attention to whatever it is you have going on in your life.
2. Your S-curve member partner program link. Where of course. You get up to 75% commission from each person that becomes a member.
Just remember though…!!!
Tis the S-curve Xperience. And around ‘ere. We bring all of our people closer together.
Improving relationships and happiness levels across the board.
And a common scenario that happens here. Is that we spend some of those member payments, on TC2.0 trips. With those members.
Which also encourages everyone to remain as members.
THAT vibe… Is what the S-curve Xperience is all about.

To conclude

As usual… Everything that happens. Ends up on this newsletter/Blog post.
It’s how we keep the S-curve Xperience 100% real and relevant to YOU!
Online… We do that with the help of your comments and 121 chats. So comment below. Or more commonly… Send a direct message via the blue button (Bottom right if this page).

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At which point. You > Feed the monster (Body/Butt) S-curvishly


The platform is ‘Us’

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You all now know that we’re an S-curve platform now.
> http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-state-of-the-s-curve-may-2019/
Which means…
1. You get to shine in more ways than one @ read this post.
2. More people (Who aren’t necessarily after an S-curvish bod) get to shine within our world. Namely biz folk.
So if you’re enjoying the S-curve Xperience. One the best things you can do. Is to invite your people to this newsletter and/or social media profiles.
Because all of your lives will go this way ↗️… For both of you.


The desire for the S-curve has returned.
What I mean is…More questions have been coming in from YOU. Asking us how to go about achieving an S-curvish body….
Of course… This is the page you need to go to.
> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/become-an-s-curve-member
To answer that question.
But that’s not what you really want to hear.
And… That’s not what will help you much either. In the way that you and I know you want to be helped.
When the question is truly coming from the heart (We always know when). The 1st thing we’ll tell you to do. Is to chat with us 121 via Messenger.
Because that’s what always takes people’s results to the top.
Because that’s where the daily 121 coaching chats happen.
You become what you think about and are surrounded by the most. Hence…
When the question is a little more passive. Then it’s all about sending you to the supplements page.
> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/a-guide-to-using-supplements-within-s-curve-world
Because it means you’re not THAT serious.
Which means… You need something super simple to apply to your life.
That’s the page that will give you ‘simple’. You’ll see why when you get there. And of course… When ALL results types kick into gear.

To conclude 

Reply with what’s on your mind. Because that’s what will end up on here. Wether you’ve been meet on or offline!

What’s hot in S-curve world? (Q2 2019)

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It’s RECAPO time! And time to highlight all the important aspects of S-curve world right now.

We have to recap… Because life sometimes feels like a blur.
So we need to slow things down and come back down to earth.
Which is of course, one reason why we embrace Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
Anyway… Let’s get into it!

1. Get yourself posted!

'Soft lean' #bikini-curvishly seated @zoeealexandra

‘Soft lean’ #bikini-curvishly seated @zoeealexandra

This of course, happens on a wide scale, via our social media profiles.
All of which, you can see on the right side of this page @ this section…
  • Become 60-100% S-curvish via the main S-curve program and/or are already S-curvish. To then… Get posted in bikini/OOTD/OOTN attire.
  • And/Or… Pics of YOU living life S-curvishly. Like…

OOTD-curvish Krispy Kreme moments @domiwaffles

OOTD-curvish Krispy Kreme moments @domiwaffles

  • You’ll gain extra exposure because of it. And on your own profile. You can encourage others to start the S-curve program (Which you’ll get a commission from doing so).
Note: Our goal here… Is to spend those earned commissions, with those friends who become S-curve members. Ideally on a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip.
Or simply embrace all extra exposure to whatever you have going on in your life, on your profile.
You can even do this via stayfitbug.com via a website blog post.
There are of course costs involved with that. Which you can learn more about, when you email directly via mailus@stayfitbug.com.

2. Travel-curvish 2.0

The following recent post, has been labelled protocol content…
> http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/may-10th-newsletter-2019
So dig into that.
But this is still the thing that most of us look forward to.
It’s arguably a stronger motivation/goal setting/habit building tool, than the main S-curve program.
So we will continually and consistently highlight this part 4 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

3. The supplements page 

> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/a-guide-to-using-supplements-within-s-curve-world
You simply need to…
A) Bookmark it
B) Learn, buy from it 
C) Revisit it over time
Do that… And you’ll never look or feel less-curvish, ever again.

4. Becoming S-curvish and the partner program 

> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/become-an-s-curve-member/
I’m personally on the ground, getting people together for all the partner program shenanigans. @ meeting 1-5 new people, every other day.
It’s mostly getting folks to do, what I was doing back in 2016.
Which is…
  • Running people through the S-curve program.
  • Getting their people involved. 
  • Improving happiness levels amongst everyone… Resulting in TC2.0 trips and/or more exciting daily life shenanigans @ part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.
It works… Because friends trust friends that are doing things that they believe in. And more importantly… Because it gets results.

5. The items page 

> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/s-curve-experience-items/
It hasn’t been updated much in recent times.
But that’s a good thing. Because we only ever add new things, when something that has truly help us… Comes along.
With the most recent addition being this solar power bank.

Hobest solar

Hobest solar


If you have anything to add @ awesome stuff you currently use. Feel free to share that with us. And we’ll add it.

To conclude 

Recap over.
Reply in the comments below. Or DM us via the bottom right blue FB Messenger button. Like you have been doing.
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