Goodbye to old ish

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Buzzers… Saturday…

As usual… I’m only just starting to recover. When going out in the city. After connecting/re-connecting with a mass set of people.

Fortunately… We live in a digital age. So it’s easier than ever before, to ‘stay’ connected with the people you meet.

Most of you wouldn’t even be reading today’s newsletter, if that wasn’t the case.

Which leads me into today’s topic…

Remember when we said we were going more LIVE in 2016?

Which happened with these pages…

– > This one
– > And this one
– And the LIVE update member page…

Well… That’s old now.

Now… It’s even more LIVE. 

– Facebook and Instagram stories.

– Post notifications… Which has also been added to
– S-curve member stories (A continuous visual update of the improvements to that members lifestyle… Via the S-curve experience).
– The FB Messenger LIVE workout sessions (A feature that we announced 1-2 years ago, that we’ve been playing around with a lot more).

It’s all happening, every single day now.

Which is a testament.. To the evolution into an S-curve experience. All of which… Started as an S-curve program back in 2012.

So if you’re not already signed up on any of the above. Make sure you do so.

If you don’t like social media. Just stick to post notifications. Because then you only have to see what you subscribe to.

And in terms of FB stories. They’re alive for 24 hours. So make sure you catch ’em before they’re gone.

Trending in S-curve world today

Because of the recent vids and in-person training sessions that you’ve seen me talk about…

– > Ankle weights
– Those resistance bands again
– The Go pro again

– > Tulum shenanigans

Blueprint tip… (Based on the convos that I had after meeting up with folks on Thursday)

The cheat snack

If you were ever worried that you’d have to sacrifice parts of your current day lifestyle @ becoming a member.

Like… With food.

Then don’t be. Because the cheat snack saves the day, every single time.

It’s when you eat a small portion of your favorite C-F rated food (Or fruit, if you’re a fan of staying ‘clean’), right after eating your main A-C rated S-curve meals.

In short… It means that cheat foods will never affect you in a major way, ever again.

We’re LIVE now!

And that stuff below…


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About last night…

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Buzzers… Friday…

If you remember back to this time last year. I was out in the city a lot more…

– Bringing people into the S-curve experience. And re-establishing it for those who were living

parts of it.

I regularly link to > that album on here from time to time as well.

That album is a perfect display of what the S-curve experience looks like.

And last night… I reconnected with a lot of those people. Which you might have seen on my FB stories (Lasts 24hrs, so take a look).

Did I learn anything new?

#1 Nights out in the city @ roof top bars are still awesome.

#2 Some of the people who became S-curve members… Are now stealing the meals from restaurant food menus (Which happens at around stage 4).

#3 Creating memories together is a great way to build up the trust factor. So we’ll keep doing that. Online… Offline or wherever (FB stories via ‘me’, is the newest place to check out).

Trending in S-curve world today 

– > S-curvish yoga shenanigans
– TGIF cheat snacking > looks like…
– The > Go Pro Hero (Probably because of all the related vids circulating around)

Some blueprint tips

– Staying S-curvishly perfect is hard. Because life has too many ups and downs. Even when using the best parts of the S-curve formula.

One great long term approach, to stay-curvish. Is to do a Results Phase every 10-12 weeks. Do that… And you’ll never worry about your ‘image’ again.

– Get your teeth dentist cleaned (Yup).


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You’ve been caught cheating!

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Buzzers… TBT…

The newsletter is going out a little earlier today. As I’ll be offline a little more, during the usual newsletter ‘sending time’ period.

So let’s waist no time (Pun intended) and get into today’s headline…

Becoming an S-curve member…

You’ll know by now. That you need to do some kind of long term plan, in order to win @ all results.

Initially… What comes to mind, is 1-2 years of monthly payments. But that’s not the reality within S-curve world. With today’s experience… It’ll be some variation of that. And you are ‘expected’ to cheat on that long term plan… With some outside activities.

That wouldn’t be the norm in a country like Japan. Where they honour there plan(s). And never quit on something that helps/serves them well.

But here in S-curve world. It’s OK to quit temporarily. It’s why we have members that have now been here for over 5 years.

That was not 5+ years of monthly payments. It was indeed on and off. And those members have done different things in-between.

But as time has gone on… They have started to do it in an S-curve formula way.

For example…

One may want to take up another sport.

But instead of doing something random. They would ensure that the activity is HIIT focused. Since a slow-go cardio focused activity would kill their S-curvish results (Like suffering from shrunk butt).

There are two scenarios that commence here…

#1 You learn by feeling the pain of making mistakes.

#2 You learn from ‘pros’. Pay a premium if you have to. And get it done.

Most members are too grown and too busy to be wasting time making mistakes. So becoming a member at some level, is the option most go for now.

So to conclude… Just remember that it’s OK and encouraged… To do things outside of your main plan.

Often times… It’s stuff that we regularly do within the S-curve experience. Like in yesterday’s trending video @ kayaking.

Trending in S-curve world today 

>These resistance bands… Because it’s the season for it. And they’re being used a lot in the S-curve workouts, by people who workout in my current ‘hub’ spot.

> This poolside workout.

> Maldives villa shenanigans.

Facebook stories 

On my own profile…

It’s quickly become a ‘thing to watch’ recently. So feel free to add or follow, in order to see it.

I’m currently updating the story about 10 times a day.

That stuff below. Live by it…


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We’re updating the terms of your story

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Buzzers… Wednesday…
Right now… A lot of us are simply having ‘fun’.

Because that’s what happens when you embrace things naturally @ life. And not as some hard to get, seemingly unachievable goal. Or some other ‘forced’ thing that you put upon yourself. Aka… Trying less to be ‘successful’ (Yup).

That’s how you win. Just focus on having fun. Even throughout the ‘hard to do’ stuff.

Note: This was/is the approach to building out the S-curve formula. And now look where we are, several years later.

Like yesterday… One of my many new > training partners, was doing her usual workout routine.

Workout sessions usually have a pretty intense ‘none talking vibe’ to them,  when I’m not around in there.

But because I’m connected with many of the folks here, individually.


– Started doing funky antics with the effective exercises I was showing them to do. Yesterday, it was doing the feet raised quadruped hip extension.

Funky… Because everyone screws up the form on that (Not her… She is an ex gymnast. And those folks are beastly).

– Setting up super music playlists… Since we all have similar tastes in music.

– Talked TC2.0 trips…

One person is a student in ‘hospitality’. And I learned that the newly started Fairmont Hotel in Maldives (Scan @fitbuzz Instagram) is owned by > Raffles (See… All these places are being experienced in S-curve world).

And even on my own FB profile. I’ve been having fun with the stories and profile pics.

That’s how we roll around here. Tis the S-curve experience. So chill out. Message to reply.

(Or ignore messages, since that’s a trend. Ha. It’s like… Reading it, without opening it. And you, kinda respond in your mind. Even if you don’t actually respond. Ha…).

Comment, follow and all that funky fun stuff!

Trending in S-curve world today.

– > Bora Bora @ arriving (Plane view)
– > Brutally honest Tee
– > Paddle boarding and kayaking
– > Pubg? (Ya… Being an S-curvish gamer girl is a ‘thing’)

Do it for the story @ today’s headline 

Become S-curvish so that you have a story to tell.

That alone, will add value to YOU.

– When you talk about yourself to others.
– The story you’ll have to tell others… Due to the way that they respond to your physical appearance.
– For true moments of clarity @ self.
– The way that you start to approach certain ‘life’ situations.

You’ll kinda already understand… If you’ve been active before entering S-curve world. Or are at stage 3 or beyond.

But if you haven’t. And/Or have failed @ previous attempts to really get into or be a part of ‘something’. Then… You need to jump in and get your feet wet. And it’s easier than ever before to do so… Now that we focus on Pay-as-you-go.

So let’s start and continue creating great stories. Because it changes ‘everything’.


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Meet your new LIVE virtual training partner

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

It was a busy start to the week yesterday. As it is with every Monday. A ‘busyness’… Which was of course

heightened, due to my home country playing in the World Cup. Along with Sweden and South Korea (Many

S-curve experience folks have come from those countries in the past 10 years).

But one thing I do get see every single day. Is (A lot of) people living out the Becoming S-curvish and Improved

daily lifestyle, part of the S-curve experience.

Because I’m surrounded by buildings that are rich in amenities.

And yesterday… It was all about the swimming pool shenanigans @ Becoming S-curvish and showing it off.

Which is a huge motivator for not falling off the wagon. Which means… YOU too, should find an activity

outside of the workouts. That encourages you to indirectly flaunt your ‘Becoming S-curvish’ physique.

All of which… Is related @ today’s headline…

Meet your new LIVE virtual training partner

A couple of years back… We launched a test version of a ‘super’ Results Phase.

Just… > Read this.

And today… We’re playing around a lot more with that LIVE feature.


– Because LIVE video is now a lot more commonly used.

– Because I personally have more training sessions with ladies (Some guys too) than ever before.

They’re not FitBuzzers, or S-curve members. They’re just people who know who I am. And train in the same

gym as me (Some S-curve members do come from there though). As well as living in the same hub. Which is a set of condo blocks > just outside of the main business district of the city. Where everyone uses all the amenities of each condo block.

So… It’s all about bringing that experience to you. The international FitBuzzer/S-curve member (I’ll do meet ups whenever possible).

It’s pretty simple now. Since everyone already streams videos via data. And there’s almost always a wifi spot


So you would simply load up a video call with me via Facebook Messenger, during your session. Put yourself on record whilst working out. And have me in your ear, as you do your workout.

The reason why this works better than all other static parts of the LIVE update member page. Is because going LIVE, creates an experience.

We all remember and cherish experiences a lot more.

Yes… That already happens. But it’s a much deeper connection, with LIVE video (Or audio. Like the first

> S-curve member podcast. Which I’ll bring back soon).

So… It doesn’t matter what ‘stage of member’ you are.

If you’re active and want to do a LIVE training partner session. It’ll happen.

There is no extra cost. It’s just something we’ll do, as a part of your 4-6 week monthly/or pay as you go Lifestyle or Results phase. You can do them an unlimited amount of times too :).

Almost everyone starts at $150-$300… By messaging first on Messenger. So do that.

Trending in S-curve world today

> Battle ropes… > Like this (Video – 1.11)
> This tee @ arriving to hump day early
> Maldives

Some blueprint tips#1

 Go food shopping this week. And look for the most nutrient dense variation of your favorite food type(s). This will help you to eat S-curvishly. Without having to think about eating S-curvishly.

#2 Again… Go and get your ‘every 6 months’ dentist check up. As you probably have old food stuck in-between your teeth, without even realising that it’s there (Yack).


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You’ve got brand new!

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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a brand new week, after a pretty eventful weekend. As I documented… Over the weekend.

We’re going to blueprint tip in just the a moment. To kick start your week ‘right’. But before we do. Let’s highlight some of the trending items within S-curve world @ present…

– > French Polynesia
– > Bluetooth speakers (Think beaches, workouts, swimming pools and various other S-curve experience shenanigans @ popular amongst many of you)
– New T-shirts… And long time faves. Like > this one
– The > camper van

> Battle ropes


Tis the S-curve experience. So expect to be surprised @ the future fun stuff that you’ll see.


#1 Shifting the fat that sits above your waist/On your sides 

It’s the most problematic area to deal with, other than your lower belly.

We have effective exercises in place to aid and speed up the shift. But the only real overall solution, is long term consistency.

Even myself… I ‘had’ that issue. And my body fat levels had always been super low.

– You can cheat snack
– Still eat whatever the fudge you want at times

Which is required if you want a ‘soft lean’ S-curve physique.

But to keep your waist tiny, with very little fat present, with a > plump butt to match. Then you’re going to have to keep working the S-curve formula for months. Even 1-2 years @ high body fat ‘Buzzers.

That’s definitely a job for stage 3.

So again… You need to eye up stage 3 for the value proposition. And not for price. Because I know this is tough to achieve, whilst living an ideal S-curve experience lifestyle, without some help.

Every one who starts ‘today’, messages first. So do that.

#2 Exercises that trigger fast noticeable results

– High tension standing lunges

– Hanging half leg raises

– Standing knee to elbows (Arms held out, as if you were doing pull ups)

– Standing hyper extended leg lifts

Remember though… It’s all about US… Finding specific things that work for YOU. That’s what will help the most. Especially over the long term.

#3 Cheat snacking favorites

Pineapple – Because it tastes good, is A-rated… And you can’t binge cheat on it, due to it’s sweetness.

Brown bread with raisins inside – It’s yummy on it’s own, is actually not a cheat snack (It’s ‘food’)… And is A-rated.

Bananas – Is A-rated (Like all fruits). But eating this will make you feel full. Which will keep hunger at bay. Which leads to less cheat binging on D-F rated foods (Chocolate, potato chips).

#4 Pushing for super fast results?

Then your Monday to Wednesday workouts will always be the most difficult, via 121 coaching + member page.To then doing easier workouts, towards the end of the week.

We’ll usually fully embrace nutrition focused weekends at this point too. That’s where we do nothing but, sleep and eat perfect-curvishly. Which is what I do every weekend without fail.

I’m currently at stage 4. Along with so many other past > stage 3 members.

That’s where’s we NEED you to be… Eventually.

And remember… Everything you do, is designed to make you feel re-energised. Because there’s no way you can have fun with the rest of the S-curve experience, if you are energy zapped.

#5 Only worry about your day 1 to day 30 selfie/belfie comparison.I already know you look in the mirror several times a day. And you may indeed see your body change within that time period. Which is normal.

But the real changes happen weeks or months at a time.

So stop stressing over the daily mirror.



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The summer fun continues on

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Buzzers… Another day of summer entertainment….

Yup… It’s everywhere. In music, movies, sports.

This is why we have a Lifestyle Phase in place. Because even I’m not going ‘hard at it’, during these summer festivities (I never do at my stage actually… Since I’m currently 90-100% S-curvish).

Which leads me to today’s topic…



The S-curve formula. Because we’ve been creating it together, as a community, since 2011.

As of 2015. We can 100% guarantee results (It started off as a 60% guarantee, as we built out the formula). And in the set timeline that’s given to you, based on the answers to > these questions.

And as we’ve progressed past those years. We’ve started to ensure that everything else in your life (Other than your body) gets a fix too.

There are loads of great solutions out there in the world. For many different things. Some things become wildly adopted. Some don’t.

But the only goal that we have here. Is making you feel comfortable, doing the S-curve formulashenanigans. Because chances are… You have a chip on your shoulder, from past experiences.

Maybe you previously failed, because of ‘you’. Maybe you failed, because of the product/service you tried.

Either way… The only real job we have behind the scenes, in terms of becoming S-curvish, is to make you feel comfortable. And/or… To help you think like a kid again. To put that adult pride away and start accepting ‘help’.

Because once you do… You’ll start to kick yourself, for thinking you ‘know it all’. If… You are one of those ‘high pride’ individuals.

Becoming S-curvish > S-curve experience 

That has of course, been a natural progression. Just read the back story on More buzz to see what I mean.

But in general… The overall outlook (Short or long term). Is to end up solving the problems that exist in your life.

We won’t always know what that is today (Like… I didn’t know ‘women’ would become the core focus on here, back in 2010. But here we are). But… I do give you all of my future predictions ahead of time.


Remember when I added the ‘You can optional’ page to More buzz, 6 months ago?

Well… There are now blockchain focused TV adverts, all over the World Cup..

So it’s highly likely, that some part of ‘You can optional’ will become true.

Anyway… Let’s > RECAPO


– Maybe you need to start saying ‘yes’ to outside help? (What I talked about above)
– Blueprint tips.


– Pay as you go vs auto-payments.
– Blueprint tips.


– Women rule the world?
– Are you thinking about your kids (Or siblings) future?


– Tis the S-curve experience @ why.
– Amazon shenanigans.
– Blueprint tips.


– One reason to watch the World Cup… Even if you’re not into ‘that’.
– The current state of some ‘things’ in S-curve world.


– The mandatory way to use Facebook as a FitBuzzer/S-curve member.
– Some stuff about S-curve blueprint tips.
Tomorrow… Or that stuff below.


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Elephant in the fudging room part X

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Buzzers… Saturday…

Tis the season of sport, travel, movies, festivals and whatever other fun stuff you can think of.

It’s all happening. All of which… Can be noticed within S-curve world. Via members and through me @ Facebook posts on MY profile.

Talking of Facebook though. It truly is THE platform that keeps the whole world connected. Regardless of how you have connected with people.

Even people who notoriously live offline only, are forced to be on there. Because they’re simply missing out on a ton of stuff from not being so.

If you are one of those people. And are still a fan of living offline (A lot of people are starting to ‘live’ again and shy away from being consumed by social media). Then… Just get on Facebook for Messenger only.

It’s what most ‘higher end’ S-curve members end up doing.

Because most people who become S-curve members, are…

– Busy moms
– Career professionals
– Final year students

So they don’t have time to let their brains be consumed by unmeaningful social media content.

Let’s talk blueprint tips (Elephants in rooms again)

The elephant in the room is…

You could just read this newsletter. Do that for 3-6 months. Take action on what you learn. And you would indeed become S-curvish.


That’s not what YOU want. And most realise… That’s not what helps them.

What’s needed is…

– Things to be made simple
– To actually save time… Which can then be spent doing other things (Within the S-curve experiencetoo… Like > TC2.0 trips)

So most people just become members (What level of member… Depends on where you’re at in your life).

That’s typically what I do to, when learning something new. Just… Gimme the fudging formula and set me on the right path.

Especially today… Since I need to brutally prioritise my time.

So why blueprint tip then… Since they’re just ingredients from the main formula?


– There’s a lot of info to take in as a member. Most of which, needs to be fed into your brain, over time, in a structured way. So it’s good to always feed them into your subconscious mind.

All members are encouraged to continue reading the newsletter. Long after becoming a member. Because the newsletter is a part of the S-curve formula.

– Motivation – The newsletter has always been ‘daily’. For that reason alone.Most people fall off the wagon, or out of the loop. Because there isn’t a consistent voice in their head to move them along. Aka… Someone in their corner. Who has their back at ALL times.

So… You’ll see blueprint tips. Because they’re a part of the daily newsletter.

Today… We’re a full on ‘experience’. So we miss, not one single moment. Because everything that you see posted, on any platform, is a part of the S-curve experience.

So you’ll see blueprint tips, to coincide with that too. Tips… That are focused on other things… Other than just becoming S-curvish @ physical goals.

It’s another day of World Cup for me. But as usual. I’ll be alive on FB Messenger. For…

– Casual chats
– 121 coaching sessions

Saturday words complete.


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The state of your butt

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Buzzers… Friday…

So… The World Cup ‘fever’ officially picked up yesterday.

You’ll probably get sucked into it somewhat. Due to it’s global nature. Even if you’re not into the sport. Because it is ‘entertainment’ after all. Which attracts those who are from the entertainment world.

But one reason why I like to get involved with these large events. Is because you get to see what ‘excellence’ looks like.

And the preparation of displaying the ‘best of’.

Because the mindset that you need in that situation. Is the same mindset you need, when it comes to becoming S-curvish.

– The 4-6 week Results Phase
– The long term goal
– The new approach to living

All of it.

It’s a motivator to watch. Just like how the Olympics was a motivator for a lot of women. Because with that heightened skill set @ some of the lady athletes. Came a 90-100% S-curvish body. Which is all real @ body parts.

Which leads me into today’s newsletter topic…

The state of your butt

Aka… The state of some of the things inside S-curve world… And how we’re still approaching some of those things.

We’re still focused on ‘higher end’ 


We might be embracing > pay as you go a lot more now. But even within that. You are still encouraged to take a ‘high end’ approach.

Because doing so… Is how every single member has won @ improved physical and mental results.

So unless you’re an established stage 4 member. Who is returning for a fix. You’ll most likely start at $150-$300 in your first 6 weeks. So that you can experience the best of the S-curve formula.

Because doing so… Sets you up for long term winning. Since you start off by setting the bar high. Which means you’ll always want to strive for that. Even when you’re not supposed to.

It’s the same thing with the approach to supplements too. We either stick with ‘protocol’. Like > whey or casein. Or specific and ingredient/new formula focused. Like > Instant Knockout.

And whenever possible… Organic foods > when shopping.

Still focused on ‘real’ body parts… Although fake boobs are ‘kinda’ acceptable.


You won’t see any fake butts in S-curve world. Because there’s no need for it. The S-curve formula takes you there naturally.

It’s pretty easy to achieve (Unless you’re severely overweight). It’s just that some folks out there don’t know what to do. Or just don’t want to put in any work at all. Even when the hard work is done for you!

However… You might see fake boobs though. It’s not encouraged. But understandable. Because becoming S-curvish, may just shrink your boobs. Or remain a pretty ‘normal size’. > Like Casi.

Which is why we created a workout module within the tweak weeks workout routines, to help prevent boob shrinkage.Either way… It’s all about the ‘real’.


Those are the only two things to highlight really. Everything else, you already know about. From the daily newsletters.

But as usual… Message to reply and talk. Because what we talk about, ends up in the newsletter the following day. Which ends up helping everyone else in S-curve world.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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It starts today…

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Buzzers… Thursday…


There’s a lot of summer shenanigans going on right now. All of which… Are big hints as to why we’ve migrated into an ‘experience’.

Going on right now…

– World Cup festivities
– Eid (For those who it relates to/celebrate it)
– Travel-curvish trips (Naturally heats up at this time of year)

All of this stuff (Or stuff like that), is what we was already doing. Just… Made official. Especially so that you don’t feel you have to quit anything, once you become a member or start living S-curvishly. Like… Eating certain cheat foods. That… Will continue. You’ll just cheat snack a lot more.

All of this… Is best viewed via our Pinterest feed. And via the types of products you land on via Amazon when you’re on there (Dig into the reviews section if you don’t already do so. You’ll always learn something when you do).

– > GoPro
– > Drones
– Getting > sun kissed safely
– A portable speaker > like this (Almost mandatory)

– Road trip fun stuff… > like this and > like this

I’ve missed a sh*t load of (useful) others. But those are just examples. You’ll stumble upon them every other day, as you move around in S-curve world.

But today… We’re going to blueprint tip. Since ‘those newsletters’ are a habit building shenanigan and keep you on the wagon.

Let’s get into it…

#1 Got a busy summer lined up?

> This newsletter.

#2 Meatless S-curve meals

> This is one that was posted towards the end of 2017.

It’s been long known that you can have a protein, carb and fat meal with no meat present. As you can get some proteins from veggie foods.

You’ll see exactly how you can do this, in the new official foods list that we launched in 2017, on LIVE  update member pages.

I use that every week. As a lot of it was created organically, via real life S-curve experience shenanigans.

You’ll really enjoy that as a new member.

But if you’re like > Angie. Whose been around since 2012-13 and is still active in the community. Then… Stage 4 via More buzz is best for you. As it’ll give you current day updates, such as that new official foods list.

#3 You don’t have to ‘grow so hard’


– We can shrink your waist to make your butt appear bigger.

– We can keep your thighs small, whilst growing your middle/lower butt (Which are the easiest parts of your butt to grow).

Aka… Illusion of the booty. Which is what we first talked about, way back when we created the original No Nonsense Butt Building ebook (Now videos).

Which is still one of the 10-15 routines that you’ll use at some point, during your journey to 60-100% S-curvish.

#4 Like doing MMA, mud runs, yoga, intermittent fasting?

Then you don’t have to stop doing any activities that you’re currently involved in (Just like I said earlier). We’ll just structure that, into your tailored plan.


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