The Dumbbell Weightlifting Routine

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This is a dumbbell routine that you can use if you ONLY have dumbbells to workout with. This coincides with my review of the Powerblocks which you can see here.

Monday – chest and triceps

flat bench dumbbell press – 4 sets
incline bench dumbbell press – 3 sets
flat bench flyes – 2 sets

skull crushers – 3 sets
single arm overhead extensions – 3 sets

Tuesday – legs

squats – 4 sets
lunges – 3 sets
stiff legged deadlifts – 4 sets
standing calf raises – 4 sets

Wednesday – off

Thursday – shoulders and traps

seated dumbbell press – 4 sets
single arm lateral raises – 3 sets
shrugs – 4 sets

Friday – back and biceps

deadlifts – 4 sets
bent over rows – 4 sets
single arm bent over rows – 2 sets

standing dumbbell curls – 3 sets
preacher curls – 2 sets

Now you don’t have to perform this dumbbell routine if you don’t want to. But it does happen to be a really effective weightlifting routine if dumbbells are the only piece of workout gear that you have access to.

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