What’s hot in S-curve world? (Q2 2019)

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It’s RECAPO time! And time to highlight all the important aspects of S-curve world right now.

We have to recap… Because life sometimes feels like a blur.
So we need to slow things down and come back down to earth.
Which is of course, one reason why we embrace Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.
Anyway… Let’s get into it!

1. Get yourself posted!

'Soft lean' #bikini-curvishly seated @zoeealexandra

‘Soft lean’ #bikini-curvishly seated @zoeealexandra

This of course, happens on a wide scale, via our social media profiles.
All of which, you can see on the right side of this page @ this section…
  • Become 60-100% S-curvish via the main S-curve program and/or are already S-curvish. To then… Get posted in bikini/OOTD/OOTN attire.
  • And/Or… Pics of YOU living life S-curvishly. Like…
OOTD-curvish Krispy Kreme moments @domiwaffles

OOTD-curvish Krispy Kreme moments @domiwaffles

  • You’ll gain extra exposure because of it. And on your own profile. You can encourage others to start the S-curve program (Which you’ll get a commission from doing so).
Note: Our goal here… Is to spend those earned commissions, with those friends who become S-curve members. Ideally on a Travel-curvish 2.0 trip.
Or simply embrace all extra exposure to whatever you have going on in your life, on your profile.
You can even do this via stayfitbug.com via a website blog post.
There are of course costs involved with that. Which you can learn more about, when you email directly via mailus@stayfitbug.com.

2. Travel-curvish 2.0

The following recent post, has been labelled protocol content…
> http://www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/may-10th-newsletter-2019
So dig into that.
But this is still the thing that most of us look forward to.
It’s arguably a stronger motivation/goal setting/habit building tool, than the main S-curve program.
So we will continually and consistently highlight this part 4 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.

3. The supplements page 

> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/a-guide-to-using-supplements-within-s-curve-world
You simply need to…
A) Bookmark it
B) Learn, buy from it 
C) Revisit it over time
Do that… And you’ll never look or feel less-curvish, ever again.

4. Becoming S-curvish and the partner program 

> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/become-an-s-curve-member/
I’m personally on the ground, getting people together for all the partner program shenanigans. @ meeting 1-5 new people, every other day.
It’s mostly getting folks to do, what I was doing back in 2016.
Which is…
  • Running people through the S-curve program.
  • Getting their people involved. 
  • Improving happiness levels amongst everyone… Resulting in TC2.0 trips and/or more exciting daily life shenanigans @ part 3 of 4 of the S-curve Xperience.
It works… Because friends trust friends that are doing things that they believe in. And more importantly… Because it gets results.

5. The items page 

> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/s-curve-experience-items/
It hasn’t been updated much in recent times.
But that’s a good thing. Because we only ever add new things, when something that has truly help us… Comes along.
With the most recent addition being this solar power bank.
Hobest solar

Hobest solar


If you have anything to add @ awesome stuff you currently use. Feel free to share that with us. And we’ll add it.

To conclude 

Recap over.
Reply in the comments below. Or DM us via the bottom right blue FB Messenger button. Like you have been doing.
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Going from simple to awesome

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Ya know… The S-curve Xperience is simple.
It’s all about making all 4 parts of it. More awesome than it currently is @ your life.
And we need ‘simple’. Because if it’s not. You’ll quit and walk away.


  1. Eat whatever the fudge (Our ‘F word’) you want and still look S-curvish.
  2. Take advantage of our platform to improve your life and/or biz 
Those are the best things you can do/look forward to right now.

Eat whatever the fudge you want and still look S-curvish 

This is arguably the thing that we all look forward to the most within the S-curve Xperience.
That is… Enjoying the final (And most fun) parts of the S-curve meal structure. On Travel-curvish 2.0 trips. Or even locally.
It’s when we have become at least 60% S-curvish. From all the S-curve member shenanigans.
To then… Eating whatever the fudge we want. 
– In exotic environments
– Usually half naked
– With some of the best tasting foods on earth… A-F rated too
It’s a point where we don’t have to worry about what we eat. Because we have become S-curvish to a certain level.
In fact… These moments are like a mini Thanksgiving season. Where we embrace the binge fest. Due to the fact that we may not eat S-curvishly 100% of the time, in our busy day to day lives (Which is OK… As long as you eat ‘something’ @ S-curve meal structure meal time).
Which of course… Leads to lackluster results.
So if you are 60-100% S-curvish right now. And are enjoying moments like this. Continue.
If you’re not quite there yet… THIS PAGE.

Take advantage of our platform to improve your life and or biz 

That is the hot theme in S-curve world right now. And most likely for the forseeable future.
We’re basically now a platform for anyone that’s interested in living life… The way you see it on our social media profiles.
If you’re a business that wants extra targeted and relevant exposure. Then the best thing to do is request to get a post up on this website.
You’ll get all of the details that’s required. When you email directly via mailus@stayfitbug.com.
And if you are 60-100% S-curvish. You can request to get posted on our social media profiles and websites. Just send a DM.
Chatter done. Motivation time.
Standing 'soft lean' #bikini-curvishly @megkylie
Standing ‘soft lean’ #bikini-curvishly @megkylie
S-curve #workout moments @priscillatrindadeofficial
S-curve #workout moments @priscillatrindadeofficial

The latest

As usual… Comment below or hit the Messenger button to chat.

4 Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight

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There are some drinks that will make it very easy for you to get the best possible weight loss results.  You have to imagine how easy ti will be to change your life if you are using these special drinks every day.  There are a lot of things that you can do to be sure that you will feel your best, and you should try all four so that you are not in a place that forces you to do odd or Trang’s things to get your body to lose weight.  You are going to feel great because you are on a plan that makes it easy for you to lose weight, and you will have a drink that works for all times of the day.

  1.  The Supplement Drink

You can pour your supplement with just a dose of the powder from your supplement in the glass.  You can use the Isagenix NZ Products – Buy Isagenix Online in New Zealand to make sure that you have a drink that is going to give you energy that you need to get through the day.  These are basic drinks that you can make at any time, and these supplements come in some nice flavors that you will truly enjoy.  This might be your best option because it makes it so much easier for you to feel like you have started the day right.

  1.  The Meal Replacement

The meal replacement that you use is going to make you feel so much better just because you have a chance to skip over a meal and get the nutrition instead.  You might want to use the meal replacement for breakfast or lunch, and you can have a very good meal at the end of the day that will feature lean protein. You also need to see what you might do if you are trying to replace certain meals before or after your workouts.

  1.  The Vitamin Replacement

There are a lot of people who have vitamin deficiencies because they have never addressed these problems.  They need to be sure that they have taken this drinking the morning or evening. When you are using these drinks specifically, you will have control over your health because most people who are drinking these drinks will not need to worry about how bad they feel because of the lack of vitamins.  You do not necessarily need to take the vitamins when you can use these drinks to supplement your body’s output.

  1.  The Nightly Drink Or Recovery Drink

The nightly drink or recovery drink is going to be very nice for you because it can help your body recover at the end of a long day.  You also need to be sure that you have had this drink if you have a very big workout. This makes it easier for your body to get the kind of nutrition it needs to come back from a lot of stress.  You are adding all these things together to create a nice plan for your body that will help you lose weight and remain as healthy as you possibly can.

Going Deeper

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'Come up for air' moments with your dog @miss__heather_jo

‘Come up for air’ moments with your dog @miss__heather_jo

Sooo… You now know that the Tues/Thurs/Sun newsletters are now viewable on this website. 3 x a week.
And because of that… They’re now a little better too. Since we have more room to play around with on there.
But for those of you who TRULY want to be helped.
More info isn’t want you need.
And ‘more’… Has been proven NOT to help you much either.
Want to know what has made folks in S-curve world succeed, more than anything else?
It’s one on one help. And A LOT of it!
And I’ll tell you why it works so well.
It works… Because you become what you think about and communicate with the most.
A bit like that 5 friends rule @ you become the 5 people that you hang with the most.
Most of you who seek help. Currently have a real problem on your hands. It could be anything (Mostly related to body, mindset and lifestyle).
And what tends to happen with 121 help. Is that we end up creating a super strong bond.
And because of today’s tech… There’s many ways that we can make ‘communication’ happen.
The offline and online experience can nearly be one of the same thing ‘today’.
This is what has also created the thing that we look forward to the most.
Which is taking Travel 2.0 trips… With those you became S-curvish with.
Which is usually…
1. You… Deciding to get 121 help
2. You… Getting your folks involved. Mostly because they became intrigued with the changes that they started to see in you.
3. All of that happiness and success, resulting in a trip.
So today. If you are reading this. And want true help. 121 is what you need to do.
The reason why you see and consume these newsletters. Is to stay informed. As all events are LIVE and in the moment.
And to get educated on all that’s on offer within S-curve world and how things work… How they’ve worked for others.
At which point… You now have some trusting reference points to jump in with. Without having your defences up.
But one thing you must do. Once you go 121. Is to not stop consuming the daily posts or newsletters. As that’s a part of the S-curve formula to fixing you.
So stay subscribed to everything. As you are now a part of what has become the S-curve platform (Aka play ground).
And like we said in this newsletter.
Because we are a platform. There’s different things that you could be subscribed to.
Like > regular supplement orders.
Or stuff you see on the > items page

'Come up for air' S-curve workout moments @victoria_ifbb

‘Come up for air’ S-curve workout moments @victoria_ifbb


Poolside bikini-curvish moments @thalitanascimento_

Poolside bikini-curvish moments @thalitanascimento_


Reply in messenger to chat. Or comment below. 

Some words about ‘motivation’

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Providing a ton of it, over the years. Is the reason why our first S-curve program exploded. Circa 2012.
This of course… Started with pics and vids… Via official/unofficial partners S-curve members and associates. That you see on all of our platforms and/or websites.
That still continues on today.
And today YOU now have the opportunity to become that person. And make a living from doing so.
1. Becoming S-curvish. On your own or with > our help.
2. To share your own stuff. Or the S-curve program. Which is easy for you. Since you went through the program your self… With success.
Now… It is true. That motivation isn’t best thing for you to focus on.
Goals are. Which is what is set, once you become a member. Which is why everyone succeeds at such a high rate @ #Scurveformula shenanigans.
But motivation is needed. Because it moves and gets you off your ass.
I mean… Just look at how many of you respond to these newsletter messages and insta/FB stories.
So ya… Motivation isn’t going anywhere, any time soon.
And if you’ve been getting ‘motivation’ from our Messenger messages. Just make sure you click through to these newsletter links, in those messages.
As you’ll see the pics and vids here now.
Simply because we can’t send those inside Messenger any more @ FB rules.
The biggest motivator of all though. Is…

Travel-curvish 2.0

Just scan through the most recent Insta mini blog posts to see why this is.
And for those of you who are into the ‘business’ side of things, here in S-curve world. Travel-curvish 2.0 is important… Especially for YOU!
Because more often than not… YOU are working harder/more… Than the average person. With the pay off, being more freedom to do what you want with your days.
However… It will often mean that you won’t be able to take long trips away @ 1-2 weeks.
It’s not that you can’t. It’s just that your ‘focus’ won’t let you. Because it’s that focus that causes/caused you to win in your business endeavours in the first place.
And so… Travel-curvish 2.0 to the rescue.
– 2-4 day trips
– 2-4 hours away from home
– There’s an awesome, yet less popular destination… Wherever you are located in the world.
Done. Message or reply in the comments.
Oh… And be sure to dig into the archives to view the previous newsletters. All of them will help you within the S-curve Xperience. 


'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout @maayan__peri

‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout @maayan__peri

'Coming up for air' for an S-curve #workout @victoria_ifbb

‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve #workout @victoria_ifbb

S-curvish #bikergirl moments @marianny1616

S-curvish #bikergirl moments @marianny1616


The latest…


5 Things to Know Before You Choose Your Health Insurance Plan

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Choosing your own health insurance plan can feel downright overwhelming and stressful. There are so many things to budget for and so many confusing terms, where do you even begin? You know you need the right coverage to make sure you have access to quality, affordable care, but you’re unsure how to get started.


Before you choose your health insurance plan, whether you’re going with an employer-sponsored plan or something from the federal marketplace, make sure you read through these things. There are a lot of misconceptions about health insurance that prevent you from getting the care you need. Don’t let that happen to you.


Assorted Doctors Tools

Image via Pexels


1. Understanding The Plan Types

First, you need to know how the different types of health insurance plans work and are categorized. Some plans allow a lot of flexibility, and you can see different doctors and use different facilities at a similar price. On the other hand, some plans limit which providers you can see, but they might charge you less for coverage. Here are some of the most well-known plans:


  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) – Limits coverage to care from doctors in-network without covering out-of-network care except for emergencies.

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) – Pay less if you use in-network providers, but you’re able to use outside providers for an additional cost.

  • Point-of-Service (POS) – Pay less to use in-network providers, but you can see an out-of-network provider with a referral.

  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) – Care is managed by a primary care physician and you need a referral for outside coverage.

2. Part-time or Unemployed Plans

There’s a lot of confusion about how to gain access to health insurance coverage. If you’re not employed full-time or if you decide you don’t want to choose a plan through your employer, you still have options. By searching an online marketplace, you can review plans from recognized national and regional insurance companies to find the right one for you no matter your employment status.

3. Metal categories

Most healthcare plans are categorized not only by plan type but also by “metal” categories. These categories are actually a way to show you just how much you’ll expect to pay for your coverage. However, these categories in no way indicate the level of care you’ll receive or even your providers.


Plans range from bronze coverage to platinum coverage, with bronze being the most affordable and platinum being the most expensive. The more you pay in monthly premiums, the less you can expect to pay out-of-pocket.

4. Indemnity vs Managed Care

Another way to categorize insurance is to consider whether the plan is an indemnity health plan or a managed care system. An indemnity plan is known as a fee-for-service plan, and this is any plan in which you pay a percentage of your medical costs while the insurance provider pays the remaining costs. You have more flexibility with your doctor and provider coverage with an indemnity plan.


On the other hand, a managed care system requires you to choose a provider who’s under contract with your provider. Both HMOs and PPOs are examples of managed care. For this, your employer usually pays a fixed monthly fee for services, and you’ll need to stay in-network for the best cost of service.


View of Clinic

Image via Pexels

5. Supplemental Insurance

Finally, recognize that most traditional health insurance plans don’t include coverage for “supplemental” things like dental and vision insurance. These are considered extras that usually need to be purchased as an additional plan. Luckily, supplemental plans are very affordable. For instance, dental insurance costs anywhere between $14 and $30 a month, so it’s not a huge expense as long as you stay up-to-date with preventative care.

6. Choosing Your Health Insurance plan

It’s time to choose the best health insurance for you at a price you can afford. Don’t fall victim to any of the common health insurance myths and listen to the tips above. It doesn’t have to be unaffordable to have the care you need when you need it.


While it’s true there are a lot of complex parts of healthcare to figure out, it’s not impossible to discover what you need to choose the best plan. You’re now ready to make a smart decision to protect your health for the future.

The state of the S-curve! (May 2019)

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Every year… We make predictions on how things will evolve here in S-curve world.

July 2019… Will be the 10th anniversary of this website. And boy… Things have indeed changed A LOT during that time!
Even more so. In the world of technology. Where things change even quicker than everyday offline life.
Which inspired this tip from a recent May 15th Facebook story update.
It’s a Thursday. And everyone gets #TBT vibes on a Thursday.
So let’s dig into some of the changes that have happened during that time.
2009 – We started this website… With a focus on helping men bulk up 
2010 – The site grows to a substantial level.
This is also the year when the women took over. Due to a popular Facebook page we created.
2011 – We used all creations that blossomed, via that Facebook page. To create the S-curve. And a program that helped achieve that goal.
2012 – We started our 1st Instagram account. Which blew up to a certain level. Which helped boost the popularity of our ‘then’ Operation S-curve program.
2012- 2015
The S-curve program continued to evolve. And eventually became a monthly subscription program. Which helped boost the results @ the people who joined.
You’ll find out why that is. When you talk to us via the 121 FB Messenger chats.
2015 – 2018
The program became more about fixing mental results and daily lifestyle shenanigans. More than physical results.
You’ll also learn why THAT is… When you chat with us 121.
This was also the year when Travel-curvish kicked into gear.
Which is now the most popular part of the S-curve Xperience.
We recently created an entire post… Explaining what Travel-curvish is all about.
All of the introductions that you can see above, over the years. Means that we are now a platform for ‘life’ improvement. Which is why you see stuff like fast food restaurant topics like this, in OUR world…
@ read this post to see why.
Becoming S-curvish is the 1st step. As you can see. And we have a program/product for that. Should you need help there.
And the goal. Is to make all 4 parts of the S-curve Xperience. More awesomer than the norm.
But in regards to Becoming S-curvish. That’s now just one element of our now S-curve platform:
Today… You are…

Subscribing to an awesomer life. Via…

The food and supplements page (5-7 years of tweaking and testing)
– Our latest items page
– Our S-curve program… Which has evolved into mindset, therapy, daily life fixing… And not just physical body parts (Aka a reason for becoming an S-curvish Xperience).
– The partner program. Where we get your folks involved. Inspired by your results. You getting commissions, from introducing them. As you and/or us… Take TC2.0 trips with that commission cash.
Which creates a super strong bond  with everyone involved. And a more awesomer life.
– Becoming S-curvish and being featured on our social media accounts, newsletter and overall platform. Where you can even display your own stuff to the world.

To conclude 

The S-curve platform is official.
I post the LIVE, in-person stuff that I get up to… Here…
As I have been living it, for the past 5 years (@ eye up the previous albums).
So get involved. Keep watching. And enjoy it all @ Tis the great (Improved) life!
'Come up for air' S-curve #workout moments with your #dog @miss__heather_jo

‘Come up for air’ S-curve #workout moments with your #dog @miss__heather_jo

#allblackeverything #OOTD-curvish moments @megkylie

#allblackeverything #OOTD-curvish moments @megkylie


> Time to hunt

We have a problem (Solution inside)

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So… If you look around the social media landscape. One would assume that everyone has pro knowledge, in regards to nutrition/working out.
And that everyone looks and feels like their best self.
But once you get out into the big bad world and interact with people face to face. It’s safe to say. That a lot of the world is still broken in this department.
And going by recent conversations…
And those from the past.
 The reason why this is an issue. Is usually a personal one. Like…
– I don’t know how people will react to me, in a gym environment. Everyone in there is fit and hot.
 – I don’t have time…
It’s no secret that we’ve been fixing people successfully for the past 10 years.
So let’s walk you through @ what the common successful path looks like around ‘ere.

Let’s connect…

This is the first thing that MUST happen.
We must bond on a human level.
Outside of your issues. Outside of anything that we have on offer for you to buy.
The reason for this… Is that people will only respect and work with, those who they know and trust.
It’s almost the same reason why it’s said, that money can’t buy ‘true love’ (It can buy fake love though… Hehe).
Offline… I’m personally ‘out there’ meeting and connecting with new people.
Often times. People will label me as the laptop guy that works everywhere and anywhere.
And that is my intention. As it gets people to connect with ME… First.
If you’re going to do this (Looking at you S-curve member partners). Then sit in public places. Not private ones, like coffee shops. As people are less likely to approach you in a private spot.
Me... In a public location
Once they’ve connected with me on a human level. Folks are then genuinely interested in what it is I do.
Which is the opposite. If I were to approach ‘them’ randomly. And hard pitch the S-curve Xperience to them.
Of course… They’re either interested or they aren’t.
But I’ll often get surprised @ who becomes the most involved.
This ‘connecting’ happens online too of course. Which is where the offline people end up as well.
> Social media 
> Messaging app 
And after 1-3 months… You’ll ‘get it’.
You’ll understand all that the S-curve Xperience is.
We do live in the short attention span era though.
So if you want a short cut to that answer. Then eye up these two posts.
> www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/tis-the-s-curve-experience-an-epic-explanation
> www.stayfitbug.com/the-fitness-bug/the-process-of-eating-s-curvishly-an-epic-explanation

Becoming S-curvish

'Coming up for air' for an S-curve workout @carinnhawhite
‘Coming up for air’ for an S-curve workout @carinnhawhite
This is the first step. And today… Applies to both women AND men.
With this post explaining the difference in the approach between both sexes.
For the most part… It’s us… Getting over your personal issues. Like those described above.
This is where we spend most of our time. Which is often related to nutrition and mindset fixing.
And not so much the workout stuff. As you simply have to get up and do what’s shown to you.
This is a 1-3 month process.
And by the end of it. Our goal is to get you living the S-curve Xperience lifestyle to the max.
The best places to see what this looks like. Is
1. Via Instagram @fitbuzz
2. Via this photo album
I could go on and talk for longer. But there’s no need.
The solution is simple.
You just need to turn up. Follow through on all the above. And you WILL be fixed!
It all starts with a tailored paypal link. Or by heading to this page.
The other pages worth mentioning. Are the items list and supplements pages. As those are protocol within S-curve world.


> https://www.scurveandbuttfitness.com/product/s-curve-experience-items/

Which are also linked behind below…
As usual. Reply in the comments. Or hit the blue messenger button to chat.
'Soft lean' #bikini-curvishly relaxed on a boat @eujessicadourado

‘Soft lean’ #bikini-curvishly relaxed on a boat @eujessicadourado


Dress-curvish wine moments @deboramirtes @ life beyond 60% S-curvish

Dress-curvish wine moments @deboramirtes @ life beyond 60% S-curvish

<< May 12th newsletter

The latest @ S-curve Xperience shenanigans


Running tips for Beginners

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Are you interested in being a runner? Are you looking to improve your fitness by running?

Running is a great way to keep fit and to take your mind off every day worries and stresses. If you would like to start running invest in a good pair of trainers, your feet will need support and to be comfortable to get the most out of your new activity. Visit the Orthotic Shop for great shoes.

Before you start, read the following beginner tips.


There is a good chance you are excited to start, but you should not be thinking about running the entire distance on your first try. According to Sascha Wingenfeld, you should try breaking it down to intervals then start with a short distance. If you find yourself having a hard time between intervals, just walk so you can recover. When you start getting used to the distance, you can then increase the distance you are running and reducing the time you spend walking. You can run for two minutes then walk for two minutes. Add a minute to your running, so it becomes three minutes. Continue doing this until you reach a point where you can run the entire distance without walking.


You need to allow the body to get used with the stress and strain experienced when running. There are some runners who decide to go too fast then end up paying the price in a couple of minutes. Some of the consequences include pain, overexertion, frustration, and even injuries in some cases. When starting out, go with a moderate pace (this is a pace where you can comfortably hold a conversation). There are times when you will feel like cutting loose, but you should try your best to maintain that pace until you finish. Just let your body get to the new demands, and you will succeed both in the short and long term.


You have had your first run and everything went as you had pictured.

You should wait a day before you can go for the next workout because you need to give your body some time to rest so it can recover. Your body is going to need some time because there are new demands that it needs to get used to. The muscles, bones, and the cardiovascular system needed to adapt. You should be running one day then resting the next. Doing this will help you see great results while avoiding overuse injuries.


Running is challenging. Many people usually don’t know the proper techniques, and this means it ends up getting harder because of wasted energy. The body develops the coordination needed to do a complex sequence of movements. You should have a good form and also your body needs to be relaxed. It is far much better to go with short and easy steps than long and powerful steps. This is because long and powerful steps are going to act as brakes and this leads to a decrease in the forward momentum with each step.


When starting out, many people ask themselves the best surface to run on. This will depend on the workout you are planning to do. It is a good idea to mix different surfaces:

A pavement surface is great for fast running – this has very little risks of turning the ankle. The pavement is hard on the joints because it is not providing any cushion. Light runners with good forms are well suited for this type of surface.

A park or forest floor is soft and gentle on your joints because it provides cushioning. There is an increased risk of injury because of the bumps, rocks, and roots.

A sandy surface will train the muscles and you will be forced to lift your feet. But runners need to be careful when doing this because it can easily overwork the calf muscles.

Tartan (Thus is a synthetic track surface that is all-weather) is springy. The downside is the amount of stress it is going to put on the Achilles tendon.

The treadmill will allow you to train on something that has good cushioning. You will need to make adjustments to your form because the belt is moving beneath your feet.


When starting out, many people tend to get side aches. According to Sascha’s, the best thing to do is avoiding any solid food two hours before the run and consume liquids in small quantities. If you get a side ache, just walk. Start by breathing calmly in a relaxed rhythm. Put some pressure on the side using your hands. Do not resume running until the pain has gone away. When the pain goes away, run slowly.


Running is preferred by many people because it is a full-body workout. The control center is your core. This is where your arm swings come from, and it influences movements from the hip down, and this includes cadence and length. If you are looking to run tall, your core needs to be strong, stable, and healthy. The other muscles need to be healthy too for running light. When your body is well-conditioned, it is hard to get compensation and overuse injuries. This involves all the body parts taking part in the running. Going for regular weight training will improve your performance.


Varying your exercise is good for your heart, try doing different types of exercises and sports. It will reduce the stress on your spine and joints as a result of running. It will also help in avoiding boredom. You will love your running workouts as a result.

As someone getting started, we hope the above tips will help you get started. Using the above tips will go a long way in helping you improve your performance and avoid injury.

May 12th newsletter 2019!

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The video is up ^^^.
We first highlighted this… In the May 8th newsletter.
Which as you can now see… Was done with the Youtube channel @theasianboss featuring @shauntls (ME) @little_grasper, amongst others.
The video came to existence. Because of our ‘meet 1-5 people daily’ shenanigans.
I of course agreed to be in the video. Because it’s simply fun to create videos like these.
If your job can include this some how. Create videos.
You’ll see how much fun it can be. Especially when you start stumbling into the out takes :).
The other reason I decided to do it. Is because YOU guys and gals get to see that you can indeed continue to eat food like this @ you don’t have to quit it. Or anything that you enjoy eating/doing.
And as you’ll see… Amongst a sea of savage YouTube comments.
Some folks confirmed that my opinions were indeed genuine.
My opinions are that way… Because I… Along with other S-curve world folk. Are living this S-curve Xperience daily.
We eat A-C rated foods for our main meals.
We follow that… With a cheat snack. Which is a small amount of any food you like the taste of. Which is usually fruit or D-F rated foods. Like the ice cream you saw me eat in the video.
And on Friday’s… As long as we’re 60% S-curvish…  We can enjoy fast foods, D-F rated foods like the above.
Anyway… It’s a Sunday newsletter. So I’m not going to kill you with a lot of content consumption on this day.
As usual. Reply below in the comments. Or hit the blue button on the bottom right corner to chat.
@yaganmoore Eating whatever the fudge she wants @ life after 60% S-curvish

@yaganmoore Eating whatever the fudge she wants @ life after 60% S-curvish



OOTN-curvish moments @priscillatrindadeofficial

OOTN-curvish moments @priscillatrindadeofficial

'Soft lean' bikini-curvish moments @erikayst

‘Soft lean’ bikini-curvish moments @erikayst

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