Denim genes vs Denim jeans

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Denim genes… S-curve world shenanigans operate around the clock behind the scenes. It’s a new day. So let’s get into it…

You have checked in…

That’s the main thing we need to do in your 121 Messenger coaching sessions.

– Nutrition is what we’ll focus on the most (Everyone that’s failing… Is doing so, because of this).

– Workouts… You just do what’s given to you.

And all you’ll ever need at present. Is a phone and internet connection.

But the thing people need help with the most. Is someone to be present ‘in their corner’, at least 3-5 times a week.

It’s a lifestyle and mindset fix.

The reason why this is… Is because without that extra voice urging you on. Your brain ends up in a negative self talk state.

Which leads to false fears and failures. And you end up quitting.

If that sounds like you. Become a member. And keep following the social media posts and newsletter once you do.

The key here… Is ‘heightened engagement’ and involvement. That’s how you win.

Do that via a Lifestyle and Results phase over time. And you win…

About last night 

This is what happens daily… In my current ‘hub’.

I get approached a lot by real estate folks, trying to sell properties.

But little do they know… Is that I’m about to reverse the role on them. And for them… To be introduced into the S-curve experience.

A lot of them are familiar with ‘business’. As they’ve done things in the past.

The reason why they become instantly interested in the S-curve experience. Is because their lifestyles are broken and fudged up.

Usually… Excess lower belly fat, or too thin. And it’s very visible.

Also… Quite a lot of them are pretty bad at ‘selling’.

So right now… There are stories going on behind the scenes. All of which, will be revealed to you over time, @ the new kids on the block (Don’t worry… They’re joining into the same S-curve world you’re in).

And there’s plenty of current day stories for you to eye up, via the daily social media posts.

About last nights convo

I am a walking business card (For the most part)… And I tend to work in outdoor locations, for a few hours of the day. And when I do talk to people. The laptop is in hand.

And people can just see the S-curve formula at work. LIVE and in the moment.

And yesterday. I talked about the fact that a lot of the results they were looking @ in the hall of fame. Were of members who had something holding them back, before they started.


– A bad circle of friends
– Active… But is still fat or simply not S-curvish

That last point is what I want you NOT to be doing @ pride, stubbornness, lack of knowledge, being cheap.

Just stop it already.

The moment some of those members became members. They kicked themselves, that they didn’t stop doing all that nonsense… Earlier.

To conclude that…

If you want something done well. Something that sits outside of the list of things to do, in your current busy daily life. Get help.

If it’s becoming S-curvish… Or > fixing your #boutine. Then you jump into a chat to start making that a reality.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

> Your genes are denim 

> Drones for beginners @ TC2.0 shenanigans

> Coming up for air


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This is what the perfect office/workspace area looks like

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Last year… I had an idea to bring everyone together via a unique office set up. Which would look something > like this (A place in the current ‘hub’ where I am).
This would be ‘home’ to many things that we get up to, within the S-curve experience.
– Foodporn shenanigans
– Coaching sessions
– S-curve member challenges
To name a few…

This works great locally. However… When locally. It’s more fun to do these things… Using the roof top bars, lounge set ups and the TC2.0 formula.

Because creating experiences together, is the best way to create long lasting relationships.

To do this globally… An online conference of some sort could work well. Along with some LIVE streaming shenanigans.

These things of course… Won’t happen very often. And 90% of the time. We’ll just be connecting via email, social media and FB Messenger.

But one of the most important things I do right now. Is meet people offline. Reveal the problems and the stories from those meet ups. And share them with you, here on the newsletter.

I do this… To show how real the problems are, that YOU face. And that the problems are global.

Even in the US… There are people who never leave the west coast to visit the east coast (And vice versa). Yet… The S-curve members on each side… Reveal the same issues.

The #1 thing I notice… Is a lack of education in certain areas.

– Nutrition
– Workouts
– Business related things too

People know that solutions exist. They’ve just never experienced a ‘great’ fix, for the first time. Which takes me to yesterday’s convo with another new person.

I talked about how important the > back story is… When dealing with new faces.

And going way back to 2005… That’s when I got my intro into e-commerce.


I knew it existed before then. But I just had nothing to sell, back in 2002-3.

But one day. When a fellow college student, whose parents wholesale business was letting stuff go. I did… And that is when I felt the heat of online sales. Which kick started the journey, to where I am today.

So… It’s our job here… To get you to experience things at least once.

– > Just fix my #boutine
– A TC2.0 trip
– How > casein makes you feel (Can’t go wrong with vanilla)
– Or > ingredient focused supplements

For me… In S-curve world. Everyday is a new experience. Personally… Learning how to surf is the current goal. Which I still need to make happen this year.

To conclude

To constantly and consistently improve the S-curve experience for you, is the goal. So you’ll often see things being started and quitted on.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

> S-curve bodyweight circuit shenanigans (Just remember… These videos are for fun and motivational  purposes. The stuff that actually ‘triggers’ solid results, is what you get as an active member, via your  member page).

> Coming up for air  – Browse the recent posts on those accounts to see more.

Blueprint tips
FB stories > Messenger.

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S-curve blueprint tips – 8 ways to fix your butt and lifestyle

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Buzzers… Thursday…

S-curve blueprint tips. It’s been an eventful week… With a lot of stories to look back at, once Sunday arrives.

But today… We’re going to change things up again. Breaking the heart of the ‘current’. Because you have different things that need catering to @ your life in S-curve world.

And on this day… It’s all about…

S-curve blueprint tips

#1 A-F food rating explained…
– A = Apple
– F = Apple pie with custard
For your main meals…
You’ll eat A-C rated. Because ‘A’ on it’s own… Is just way too boring @ taste. And… Because expanding towards C rated, allows for more nutrient variety. Which boosts results.
You can eat D-F rated foods as your cheat snacks. Once you’re successfully on your way to 60% S-curvish.
A cheat snack, is a cheat food, that you eat a small amount of. Usually right after your A-C rated main meal. You’ll stick to A-rated cheat snacks (Fruit) if you’re after serious results, at any given time. And you’ll stick to eating these (Fruit) cheat snacks, throughout the day, when you’re not eating your main meals.
So… That’s how it works with ‘food’ in S-curve world. To start with.

#2 Foods that keep you feeling full (Or to prevent you from eating D-F rated foods) in the day time…

– Bananas
– Dumplins
– Pineapple
– Cheat snacking on stuffed crust pizza
– Casein

#3 The best way to trigger a change in your body… Is by experimenting with different variations of a squat, tricep extension, hip extension exercise (For example).

This is what we do in your first month @ setting the foundation.

#4 Water… Drink more of it. Add lemon or lime @ more fun.

#5 Embrace…

– Mon > Weds > Fri workout weeks


– Mon > Thurs > Sun workout weeks

#6 The only thing you’ll ever need as an active member… Is a tablet device/phone and an internet connection.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you have that… You’ll win.

#7 Not having time or consistent motivation to workout, is a real and valid issue. That’s why we have the Tailored Daily Exercise video.


– 10 mins
– 3 body part targeted exercises
– One set of each

You do that, 3-7 times a week. As you wake up/Before you go to bed.

#8 Night munchies…

The main problem that faces everyone with excess belly fat, is…

A) Eating more than 40 grams of fat daily + Excess saturated fat (Most people are stuck at 90 grams daily).
B) Eating D-F rated foods or fruit, before they go to sleep (Quite a few folks eat chocolate before bed time… #crazy).

The S-curve meal structure fixes (A).
And for (B)… It’s all about slow digesting protein and ‘some’ mono/poly fats.

Eating like that… Will also save your S-curvish gains, during you sleep hours.

But another thing you can do… Is snack on fresh veggies. Since they’re so low in calories.

As usual… Jump into FB stories > Messenger. If you’re ready to connect and get a little more specific
Because you won’t need all the blueprint tips out there, in one day.


> These variations of the S-curve formula. Simply exist, to show you the different approaches we take,  when using the Results and Lifestyle phases @ yesterday’s newsletter.

Most people who start today. Will start, after having a 121 chat. So jump in Messenger chats and do that.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish for > OOTN attire

– Santorini @ #roomwithaview

– > Loop resistance bands


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Error with your booty discovered (How to fix your butt, abs and belly fat)

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Today… @ error with your booty…  Is another day of living a good #boutine for me. You can see what it looks like, from Monday to Thursday, if you follow the FB stories on the profile link at the end of every newsletter.

It’s new day though. So let’s get into it…

A continuation of that Q & A on Monday

Another thing that came up in that convo…

Is the fact that I can personally look at anyone, and give an exact time frame @ how long the results will take. So… We’re going to look at the ‘before’ pics, from the hall of frame archives… From specific body types.

And then explain…

#1 How long it will take to become at least 60% S-curvish

#2 How we will approach… Turning that body type ‘S-curvish’

Remember… In S-curve world. We make this process fun. Fun… Which kicks in at any time after the first 30


This is where the Lifestyle and Results phase comes into play.

Results phase = Faster results
Lifestyle phase = Slower results

So the time frame @ how long. Will always be between two dates. Like 1-3 months.

Both phases are needed… In order to successfully stay on the wagon. Too much of one or the other… Is what will cause you to fall off.

Let’s begin (All ‘before’ pics can be seen on the > stage 3 link via Morebuzz/Or hall of fame on the same page).

#1 Angie (A lot of fat to lose)

Noticeable results: 45-60 days
At least 60% S-curvish: 9-12 months 

In order of what we focus on, during that time period…

– S-curve bodyweight circuits.

– The protocol S-curve meal structure.

– Eating S-curvishly… Decreasing the total calorie intake slightly.

– Weighted S-curve bodyweight circuits.

– Eating S-curvishly… Without increasing or decreasing the total calorie intake.

– S-curve weightlifting workouts.

#2 Vic (Lower belly focus) 

Noticeable results: 7 days
At least 60% S-curvish: 2-3 months 

– Eating S-curvishly without increasing or decreasing the total calorie intake.

– Weighted S-curve bodyweight circuits.

– A focus on Tailored Daily Exercise videos, using effective lower belly exercises

#3 Yani (A lot of weight to gain)

Noticeable results: 14-28 days
At least 60% S-curvish: 3-6 months 

Eating S-curvishly… With a plan to greatly increasing the total daily calorie intake, over time – It’ll happen…

As long as we focus on…

– S-curve weightlifting workouts and strength and exercise progression module (99% of people do not put this to great use, when help isn’t present).

#4 Pamela (Butt growth + Less fat)

Noticeable butt results: 2-3 months
At least 60% S-curvish: 3-6 months

– Eating S-curvishly… With a plan to greatly increasing the total daily calorie intake, over time – It’ll happen… As long as we focus on…

– S-curve weightlifting workouts and strength and exercise progression module (99% of people do not put this to great use, when help isn’t present).

– A focus on TDE videos, using effective butt growth exercises.

– A strong focus on the upper butt.

To conclude 

You’re seeing all of this… So that you can enrol yourself into S-curve membership. And NOT for me to enrol you.

I’m just there to guide you through it and hand hold you along the way (Still my main role in S-curve world).

Just remember the big picture goals @ highlighted in > yesterday’s newsletter.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish + Shredding to smexy > shenanigans.

– The S-curve = > The letter S

– High quality > selfie sticks
 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’

Blueprint tips

FB stories > Messenger


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Tag… You’re it… (The daily newsletter)

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Buzzers… Back to school season…

Tag… Is the > name of a movie that came out a few months ago. But I only watched it this past weekend.

As it recently got a HD release.

I’m taking about it. Because it obviously left an impact.

– Maybe it’s something you should encourage your kids and siblings to do.

– It’s a little wild though. So don’t let them watch it. And I might re-create an actual tag game myself. Details coming soon :).

The new kids on the block 

I ‘called it’ yesterday. But it was indeed an eventful Monday. Meeting even more new people. There really must be an invisible sign above my head that says ‘talk to me’.


All of these ‘meets’. Has created a new set of followers in S-curve world. And I’m making sure that they blend in with the current followers/S-curve members.

One particular convo I had yesterday, went on for more than an hour.

He naturally had a lot of questions. And as usual. I answered them, the way I always do.

Let’s dig into those questions…

Why the focus on women ‘only’?

Me: Initially… It’s was by chance. An FB page that we ran in 2010, blew up. Even faster than the ‘still popular’

And the focus on that page, was women.

All the organic events that occurred after that, lead to what you see now.

And in Asia @ the focus?

It’s actually global. And always has been. But ‘me’ being located in this region of the world… All started by following where our ‘then’ Instagram followers were coming from (Circa 2013).

Long story short… I ended up here. And I was right. The interest was high @ many S-curve members (> in Asia) later.

From what I’ve learned thus far. The ladies in this part of the world will ‘spend’ on themselves (And I’m not talking about ‘money’… More so the motivation to put themselves first).

They want the results.

And as long as they trust who they’re getting it from. They go all in.

What about men (Like me)?

The fact that I ended up taking to him at random (A guy). Is the reason why men have been re-entering S-curve world in recent times.

The universal body part to fix, is the lower belly. Eating fat and fruit at night causes fat to sit there. Cheat

snacking and the > S-curve meal structure fixes it.

So… Men get that part of the formula thrown at them, for sure. Anything else… Is specific. Just like it is for women.

The S-curve experience It usually takes an entire conversation. Before people start to realise why a program… Then became an entire ‘experience’.

But that is the ultimate big picture. Because women are already dreaming about the S-curve experience.

Look at > this convo with new S-curve member Megan.

She is in the US. But even in Asia. The women desire that lifestyle, big time. Not so much the men. They get dragged along for the ride @ TC2.0 trips. Which is why women still rule in S-curve world.

But what typically happens in any ‘long’ convo (And via weeks/months of 121 Messenger chats). Is that people start to realise that it’s much more than just the body/butt.

**It’s more about a lifestyle and mindset fix. Having a great body, is a by-product, of that fix.

Q & A ended and went into other non-relevant topics.

Another convo that happened yesterday… 

With a follower turned member. Proved once again, that people are still getting it wrong @ what needs to be done, in order to win @ physical results.

Reminder notes from that convo =

– Slow-go cardio will shrink your butt.
– Bodyweight circuits and home S-curve workouts are great. But if you want your butt to grow. You’re going to need to add > weights (Over time… And iron plates @ they’ll last forever). And/Or ankle weights.

– The workouts only trigger results. What you need to do. Is get used to following the S-curve meal structure (above).

That’s just the beginning though. It will change, as you progress to months 3 and beyond. But that… Should and will become mandatory. If you follow through as an active member @ #scurveformula.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > waterproof bluetooth speaker

– > Couples/Friends TC2.0 shenanigans

– > New ideas @ coming up for air

 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’


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The end is near… (Why we made the switch – Daily newsletter)

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Buzzers… Monday…

The end… It’s a brand new week. I have no idea what’s in store for us all, here in S-curve world. Offline or in any-line.

What I do know. Is that it will always be eventful. With tons of stories. Since I have this weird ability to keep on meeting/attracting new people (Face to face). Every single week.

Today though…

Why we made the switch…

The following is a list of the areas that we’ve organically expanded into, over the years.

– ‘One time’ program
– Monthly program
– Going ‘high end’ with the program
– Gym focused only
– Then onto OOTD/OOTN/Bikini attire
– ‘Lifestyle’ fix focus
– Travel-curvish (A part of the lifestyle fix)

That progression … Is what is now known as, the S-curve experience. And is ultimately the thing that keeps you engaged in our world.

Like… Look at > this FB story response from Mrs. Moore yesterday.

Because we base our decisions going forward… On events that occur in the 121 chats and via social media ‘data clues’ behind the scenes.

That’s how we’re able to keep offering a product/service/solution/experience.That is relevant to you.

For example

Our goal is to put you through 1-5-10 year plans.

Because that’s how you win.

Remember > this convo last week?

That is a prime example of people not knowing what they want. Then… Knowing what they want… But don’t know how to go about getting it.

So… A leader must step in and show you. Which is what we’ve done, countless times already.


1-5-10 years

Take > Steph for example. She was 17-18 years old and very ‘green’ when she started. She lapped up everything we threw at her. And started winning.

You change a lot during every year of growth at that age. And today.

– She’s more travelled
– Has work experience
– And may be on her way to running her own business. In an industry that’s not too far from what happens @ ‘becoming S-curvish’

So what we offered to her at age 17-18. Wouldn’t be relevant to her today.

Today… That would be…

– Stage 4 (She did that, back in Feb 2017)
– TC2.0

Both of those things came into existence, organically.

That… Is why we switch things up.

Also… We switch up the way we start for the new 17-18 year olds too. Since we have more experience, solving the issues that they have when they first start.

Or people at any age actually. Because the biggest issue that new potential members have. Is trust.

It’s not so much ‘not trusting the process’. Because the @fitbuzz brand has grown over time. So a lot of people are ready. Because they already ‘get it’.

The ‘trust thing’ today. Is more about helping people get out of their own way. @ ‘will things work for ME’.

Almost every new person needs to be lead down a path and hand held, during that walk.

So we make that as easy as possible.

Countless times 

That first list above…

Yes… We’re part of an industry. And must adapt to changes in that industry(s).

Like… Video wasn’t a ‘thing’ 12 years ago. It was ‘becoming’ a big thing. And today. It’s the norm. Which is why we have loads of it around. With new stuff posted daily, via member pages, associates. And me, on FB story shenanigans.

But… We’re not too concerned with that.

We’re more concerned about your relationship with everything that goes on in here. Like…

Progress pics – You’ve seen tons of those already. So it evolved into S-curve member stories.

Travel-curvish – Great locations. But you don’t have time to take 2-3 weeks off. So… Enter TC2.0 @ 2-4 day trips, 2-4 hours away from your home location.

That… Is why we switch things up.

To conclude

Mondays are always a good day to re-repeat a message to you. And the above… Is why we switch things up.

It’s never just for change sake.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > heavy bag set up (Scan the Pinterest feed via Morebuzz @ why)

– Are you a > beast in the kitchen?

– > Waking up S-curvishly

 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’

Blueprint tips 

FB stories > Messenger.

I’ll give you one though…

#1 Systems – That’s what makes everything possible on here. Everything! (in all areas)


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Why it’s not always so obvious @ what our job is

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Buzzers… Sunday…
It’s been a weekend of watching movies and ‘sleep’ for me. And the weekend I just took. Is something you’ll have to do too, at certain points in your S-curve journey.
– ‘Come up for air’ moments
– 7-10 days off from working out… Every 3-4 months
– Nutrition focused only weekends
It’s all S-curve formula shenanigans. All of which, you’ll put into practice over time.


When it comes to new followers. There are two scenarios that occur.#1 They see one of the @fitbuzz social media profiles. See More buzz. Or sign up… See a few newsletters. And ‘get it’ instantly. @ what we do here.

#2 They are captured/entertained by the daily social media posts. However… iI’s not until much later. That they realise there’s an entire business behind it.In fact… There are still people in the world. That don’t realise that Facebook is a business. A really big one.

But in terms of #2. For those folks who it’s not so obvious to. It’s not alway ‘so obvious’.

Because… Like I’ve been saying, quite a lot this year (@ Namely Instagram). Life in there… Isn’t always what it seems. The newsfeed, is just a highlight reel. And not real life, that goes on behind the scenes.Now…

I’ve made a clear effort… To combat that. By turning all of this, into an S-curve experience. Which is an improved version of your daily life shenanigans.

But even then… A person will still have questions to ask.

And… The questions don’t mean that these people are more stupid than the ones who ‘get it’. Because most of the time. They just want to see that everything is real. By chatting to a real person.

That will be ‘me’ on the profile. And on the @fitbuzz FB page… Usually me, but not always.

This is truer now, than ever before. Because most people who have become members this year. Done so… After have a 121 Messenger chat.

And this is why I’m always pushing you into FB stories > Messenger.

Because in order for you to become a member. You need to ‘feel the vibe’ of what that is like.

Kinda like > this post from my FB stories yesterday.


If you’re ending up in the DM’s. Good. It means you’re smart. And that also means you’re likely going to be a successful member.

So keep on asking questions.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?


> Because of this video

> Roller skates (See Pinterest feed @ why)

 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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S-curve formula – This is what it looks like (Daily newsletter)

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The S-curve formula. It’s a weekend of ‘coming up for air’ for me. But without the TC2.0 shenanigans. Anyway… It’s newsletter time. So let’s get into it….

The game of business… And losing fat (Not weight)

A lot of people are ‘playing the game’ of business/losing fat… In their heads. But for many who are… They soon realise that they are still fat @ body. Or still broke @ business (Although there are ‘layers’ to this @ business).

They’re simply not doing what is necessary, in order to win.

It’s OK to seek outside help. And if you do so. Get it from a source that has a proven history of giving good help.

That’s why we post progress pics. Turned them into S-curve member stories. And more recently. Ramped up reposting them.

And it’s also why we went more LIVE with everything. Every single day.

Like me, meeting a lot of people this year. Bringing them into the 121 chats. Doing > screenshots of those chats. And posting them here in the newsletter. For you to see.

There’s 2 main things that you’re pushed to do, once you become a member (At any level)#1 Make you have ‘come up for air’ moments. Where you’re in a place that’s totally different, to your ‘day to day norm’ locations.

#2 Get you to do stuff. That’s totally different than what you’ve done before @ workouts/nutrition.

Both of those together, is all it usually takes to fix you.

#1 Works… Because it takes you away from the things that cause the same daily thought patterns.

#2 Works… Because you start working with someone. Who has a fresh set of eyes about you. So they (Me in this case). Will start to see things about you. That you don’t see in yourself. Because you see it all the time.

Just like how you see yourself in the mirror everyday. And don’t notice the physical changes, that everyone around you, is saying they can see.

Moment of truth/Breakthrough ‘over’.


I know there’s only one S-curve formula…


But what does that actually look like?

I’ve explained this before. But it must be repeated again. Because that ‘repeating’… Is a habit building shenanigan.

This question came up. Because the progress pics started trending again yesterday.

So… Let me walk you through it…


It doesn’t matter which payment plan option you start on (They exist, to cater to the different lifestyle types that you’ve revealed in the 121 chats).

The formula from start to finish, 0-100% S-curvish. Is the same, every time.

What it looks like…

Month #1

– Day 1 selfie/belfie
– Setting the foundation of what your new #boutine should look like
– Learning what foods and workouts will ‘work’ with you
– Push for 7-21 day noticeable results
– Get you doing your first Tailored Daily Exercise video consistently

Months #2-4

– Ease into a Lifestyle phase
– Habit building shenanigans
– Start to focus on strength and exercise progression
– Change your TDE every month
– Take a new selfie/belfie every month
– Switch your workout routine every 4-6 weeks, to outpace the rate at which your body adapts to change


Some variation of the above.

It of course is a lot more detailed than that. But that’s why we have 121 Messenger coaching chats. Chat content… That will then appear on your LIVE update member page.

I’ll do part 2 to that back to school list tomorrow. It didn’t happen today. Because as usual… The daily newsletter is written LIVE and in the moment.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– More S-curve experience shenanigans

– The > sun hat
– The > fanny pack (Scan the Pinterest feed via More buzz @ why @ both items)

 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Going back to school [Progress pic alert] (Daily newsletter)

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Going back to school

First… More #boutine (I have to)

Going back to school. Right now… From what I can see @ all the 121 chats that I’m talking in. It’s still clear that a lot of peoples minds are all fudged up.

Depressed, unhappy or whatever ‘they’ want to call it. So it’s my job, to uplift you (Probably will be for some time to come).

I’m qualified to do so. Because so many of our #boutine’s have been fixed. Because of the S-curve formula. Including my own.

We know it’s true. Because the compliments keep on coming through. To those members. And to me too (No ‘movement’ included :D).

So understand that… When you start. I’ll know that it’s mostly your mind that needs fixing.

Process pic alert

Everything expands in S-curve world, year after year. And I personally work at ‘speed’. To ensure ‘that’…  Becomes a reality.

Which means… I may sometimes forget about the number of members we’ve all ‘collectively’ helped.

As a reminder… As of 2017. The hall of fame has evolved into S-curve member stories. Which shows the 1-5-10 year journey of members. In the ‘now’… S-curve experience.

Enter: > #FBF progress pic post @ several hours back (With a brand new one, posted 6 hours after that @ scroll up).

I did tell you these stories are real @ people I meet daily

> The first is from yesterday’s newsletter. The second… Is from a chat that I had 8 hours ago, with a lady who works a lot in the ‘hub’ I’m staying in.

Did you see her real desires shining through? Even though she said ‘no’, within the exact same moment?

The solutions I’m throwing at you… Are to solve the problems that YOU tell me about.Onwards… 

Almost everyone here relates to real life stories.

How we’ve ended up where we are, is a real life story itself… That continues to be added onto, with each passing day.

And I seriously have to thank technology. For allowing me to keep track of everyone I meet. It’s like, brand new people. Every single day. And that’s just offline.

Yesterday’s story of the ‘rise of the internet’… Seemed to relate. With you too, noticing how much has changed since 2004-ish.

Yesterday’s newsletter is one to bookmark, for the next 6 months at least.

And to finish off today’s newsletter…

Going back to school (Part 1)

There a many different reasons for getting into this lifestyle. But one of the most important reasons. Is the positive impact that it will have on your kids. Or even other peoples kids.

– The foods in the kitchen
– The food shopping habits/antics
– The TC2.0 trips
– The healthy and positive vibes that they’ll be around (This will stick with them forever @ whatever they go through at this age)

It’s ‘that’ season right now. And this is becoming more important on here. Since members from 6 years ago. Are now mums.

It used to be all about them. And for many… It took them a whole 2 years, before they truly switched into mummy mode.

But today… Just a little checklist. On some of the stuff that might be important for you over the next 2 months.

#1 Definitely > Just fix my #boutine. Because you’re probably going to be all over the place, mentally and physically, over the next 2 months.

#2 > Tupperware

#3 > Power bank

#4 A good set of > noise cancelling headphones. I personally don’t need this. As over the years. I’ve just been ferocious with my goal getting antics. No ‘thing’ ever gets in my way. Even when people bring their trash antics to my table. I ‘hyper’ block out the noise.

But I’m not the norm. You probably are. So on the noisiest days, you’ll need some good headphones. So that you can take control of the thoughts that enter your mind.

#5 These > Echo things actually enhance the S-curve experience to some degree.

There’s a lot to experiment with in this area. And a lot of you, tend to send me your own ideas of how you’re getting creative with stuff.

Like what some did… When streaming the member page videos from certain devices, when on your travels.

Part 2 to this list tomorrow.

FB stories > Messenger.


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Look back at it… (Daily newsletter)

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Look back at it. You know… If you look at the back story over on More buzz. You’ll see that the @fitbuzz journey started in 2009.

The world has changed a lot since then. And the world had changed a lot, up until that point too… From 2004-ish.

That… Is when my real journey got started. Which all happened in e-commerce.

But back then… A lot of people around me… Couldn’t see the future potential of the internet. But I was there… Digging in. Reaping in (what we would now consider) early rewards.

And it wasn’t until 2016 and especially 2018. That those same people who I was around. Started kicking themselves. That they didn’t get involved in something (Internet related), earlier.

The new young generation, will know nothing of this. Since they’ve grown up in an internet only world.

But a conclusion message to you

– In regards to becoming S-curvish
– In regards to TC2.0 trips.

Get involved with these things early. Especially becoming S-curvish. Because some things… When left too late. Can’t be reversed… When things in life start to age/decline.

I have to highlight this. Because the social media era in 2018. Has a lot of people posting their daily lives and thoughts.

And it’s clear to me… That they need a fix. Even past FitBuzzers, who didn’t become members.

Or even ‘very long ago’ members. Who fell off again. Years later (Not a bad thing… It happens. And we of course created a fix for that, back in 2016).


In the past 2 weeks… We’ve introduced 2 new variations of putting the S-curve formula to good use

#1 The S-curve Interval Phase
#2 Just fix my #boutine (yesterday)

And today… I’m going to tell you, what type of person should be on each…

The S-curve Interval Phase

This is for you… If you’ve been following on here for a year or more.Why?

Because you understand our message and brand the best. And you trust us the most.

And… You understand what it means to go long term. Because you’ve now seen examples of what that looks like, from past members (Most people fail after the first month… Of officially starting something).

Just fix my #boutine 

Fixing your routine is mandatory. And having the body/butt is important too (Members tell me it makes life easier, having that in place). One reason why this is becoming a ‘thing’. Is because a lot of 2013’s young members. Are becoming career professionals now.

Once that kicks in… Your life structure must be right… In order to balance everything that you have

going on.

I myself have been guinea pigging this process for the past 2-3 years.

Anyway… This is…

– For the past members who have fallen off (Or didn’t start in the first place).
– For newer followers… Or those who want to test the waters for the first time. Because it’s been set up at $50 a week.

Which means… You could get started for $50. And if you don’t want to continue right now. You could just stop. And restart again, at a later date.

Why this is important?

Because not everyone is ready to start today. Starting… Requires getting ready to start.

It’s like those people I constantly meet, who try to sell me a property, on the spot.

The offer might be super great. Just… ”I’m not in that mind space right now, oh good sales person”. And yes… YOU might be more qualified to start. Since you’ve put yourself on this newsletter.

But still… Every single person who starts a formula, like what we’ve created… Takes time to start.

So… Bookmark this newsletter.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

Weird… But it’s almost exactly the same as yesterday…- > Upgraded biotin

– > Tulum

– > Becoming S-curvish for OOTN attire

Blueprint tips 

FB stories > Messenger


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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