The reason why you DON’T need extra motivation

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Buzzers… Humpday… The reason why you DON’T need extra motivation. It’s another day. But here… That’s another day, in S-curve world.

I’ll dig into what I mean by that in a sec. But first. Just a recap of what’s going on at present..


#1 > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday

That may or may not mean sh*t to you. And the theme will change after these 2 events are over.

And if it doesn’t mean sh*t to you. Then > FB Messenger and tailored Paypal payment links is where you really need to be anyway.


#2 > Premium newsletter 

Not important to all. But it is, for those who requested for this to exist…

**Stop! Il continue with what’s going on, shortly (You’ll see why)**

I give you vision 

Think about why you read this newsletter.

I can tell you why… Since they’ve been going out daily, for > 9 years.

– Offers solutions to your problems
– To find someone/something to trust in
– Entertainment
– Education
– Motivation

Let’s talk about ‘motivation’ 

It’s all good and great. It gives a > feeling.

It also encourages you to become a member. Which benefits YOU… Waaay more than for what that does for @fitbuzz.

I’ve seen the outcome too many time, to know that’s the truth.

However… Motivation is temporary. And on top of that. You need consistent doses of it, in order for it to be useful.

That’s partly why a long term process exists behind the scenes @ fixing your body/mind/lifestyle.

What’s more important… Is that you are given the tools to start succeeding on your own. In other areas of your life too.

That is why we’ve become an S-curve experience. Because that allows you to become a part of something.

Everyday… You wake up. And you know where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing (And to keep embracing that mindset, in all areas of your life).

Purpose… Clarity… And all that good stuff.

That’s also why you’re seeing…


**What’s going on right now (Continued)**


#3 The S-curve Member Partner Program (Info available only via Messenger)

… Because we’ve been doing this S-curve ish for a while now… And a lot of people have been following for a lot of years.

Many of whom, became members at some stage.

So it’s time to evolve their status. As they are qualified to do what I started to do with them.

If that sounds like something for you, that you could be doing. Then become a member by ‘starting’

@ Hallow-curvish/Tailored Paypal link.

If you’re a past member. Just jump into FB Messenger. We’ll talk it out there.

All of that ‘togetherness activity’ increases engagement and gives you vision.


#4 > Buzzcoin

The same as above. The key thing here. Is that we’re working together @ moving your money forward/upwards (It also kills that vibe that we’re possibly just trying to drain your bank account @ becoming a member. Because of course… Our long term vision is much bigger than something silly like that).

And embracing the future developments of the world, together. Whilst applying those things to the

S-curve experience. Like blockchain > Tavel-curvish shenanigans.

#5 Future local events 

It has to be this way… Due to our global reach.

A lot of you on here, treat all of this, as if it’s happening on one continent. Which makes sense today.

But to make all of what you see here… A reality ‘offline’. We’ll have to come together at different intervals.

In different countries.


To conclude

No conclusion really. I’ve said what needs to be said.

Just remember… ‘Trust’ is important. And it does take time to build. But you’re also getting old.

So don’t waste time.

Today’s the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again.


What’s trending?

> Plant protein (Ingredient focused as usual… Remember… If the ingredients match YOUR S-curve meal structure… You buy and try).

> Aruba

> Toddlers

> S-curvish Serenity

Want to talk? Head over to FB Messenger.


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How to get therapy from someone who is NOT a Doctor

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”I need a doc-tor, to check… My… My, brain” (It’s a song that I grew up listening to) 😀

Buzzers… How to get therapy… It was another day in ‘the hub’ for me. And to meet (At least) one new person everyday, has been the goal.

A lot of you are in the US and Europe. But there is a large army outside of these regions of the world. That are screaming for help.

And of course… They need the ‘right person(s)’… ‘For them’ to get help from.

That’s also a great opportunity for you, as a past or even active member. To teach the international newcomers. Via the S-curve Member Partner Program.

Which is also another great reason to get in as a member. For at least 1-3 months.

Because that’s the easiest way to become an effective partner.

Because you’ll be just like ME. Teaching the S-curve formula. Whilst using it on yourself. Every single day.

It’s pretty hard NOT to be genuine once you’re in this position.

Here’s the two things that you would show any new potential S-curve members….

> The premium newsletter 

– Some people want ‘digestible’.

– Some past members are self sufficient and/or prefer ‘more newsletter’ @ A consistent dosage of constant + deeper level help/S-curve experience shenanigans into the inbox… To keep them on the wagon, when on the move.


> Hallow-curvish

– Because it’s the right season for it. A program will always be launched, for the seasons that we typically go through over the long term.

– Nutrition focused… Because of the season again. And because this is the area where I know you ‘100%’ need help with.

And because it’s different for every single person. Guaranteed!

If you’re after ‘maximum value obtained’. Then waist no time (Pun intended) at that ‘countdown to

Halloween’ clock, on the page.

If you’re not after that… Ignore it. You’ll get 3-4 weeks out of it. Instead of 4-7 weeks.


To conclude 

When you talk to people that need help. What they’re really asking for… Is > therapy.

It was around 2015… When I stated that the S-curve formulas focus, was 40% workout/nutrition focused. And 60% mindset and mental game focused.

And today… That number has probably surpassed 60%.

So the next title iteration, after the Hallow-curvish/Black Friday period is over. Might be something like…

”…The funk is wrong with my brain (Fix it please)”
– ‘Funk’ meaning ‘fcuk’… Of course…

Or something wild like that, as always.

But yes… It’s all mindset and mental fixing, as the focus in 2018. It always has been. It’s just that the issue is truly coming to light now.

Just take a look through the issues that are discussed, on the > hall of fame page 121 chat screen shots.

So… if you’re not ready to be a partner (yet). Reply via Messenger and let me know how your brain is fudging up your life today.

What’s trending?

> Food shopping S-curvishly

> New plates… @ all those foodstagram pics (Don’t buy ’em… Just eye them up for ideas)

> S-curve experience workout shenanigans

> Sorry… But not forever… Since you’ll be fixed.

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The long term solution for your ADD problem

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Buzzers… The long term solution for your ADD problem.Yup… I said it in 2005. When the world was confused @ what the internet was doing to the world.

That was my student/’eBay business’ days. Even my tutors were confused. Especially since I was travelling around the world, more than they were.

But today… Here we are.

The internet is starting to reflect real offline life, more and more.

That’s what I said then. And when you look around. That’s what you can see @ the masses… Talking and acting… The way that they do offline.

Yes… There’s still that element of internet mystery going on. And some folks are still ‘keyboard warriors’.

But folks are used to seeing ‘internet’ stuff now. And any sign of scammy BS… Will kill all trust levels in an instant.

Fortunately for us… I’ve personally been connecting with all of you for years!

– Iris
– Monica
– Sharon
– Monique
– Zen

And way too many more (500-1000 more who became ‘close’) to mention.

New people are seeing these interactions on our social profiles. And tagging along because of it.

Especially since a lot of those names above… Are past members. Whose > progress pics or stories are in the photo albums.

So… Let’s make one thing clear…

Everything you see here. Is THE S-curve experience. It’s how WE choose to live life.

You’ll see the social media posts. This newsletter. And if you feel it… Then you ‘get it’. Tis OUR world.


Increase the injection dosage

Forget about becoming an S-curve member. I might even stop using that term soon. Because it’s more about becoming a part of (And embracing) the experience.

Because that’s what’s actually happening.

The ‘member part’ of it. Is just a part of the experience.

It looks like this @ experience…

#1 FB Messenger chat.

#2 > Become a member (Part of it)
#3 Follow your first ever LIVE member page update.
#4 Go about your business @ daily life.
#5 Read a daily (Or > premium) newsletter. At which point ‘something’ you read on this day… relates.
#6 You see some social media posts that relate to you.
#7 You wake up one morning… Feeling more motivated than usual.
#8 You direct message in Messenger, about what you’re feeling.
#9 You use examples from what you’ve been seeing in social.. And around your people.
#10 It could be something like ‘I was being a stubborn idiot with what was be taught to me, by you…
At the beginning. Can we get serious again with it now?’

And then… You get hit with another dose. Something like a tailored 2 month plan @ whatever that issue is.

And after those 2 months are up… It’s (improved) life as usual. And that cycle repeats (At least some variation of it).

It’s a big ol’ > Therapy session. More so today, than ever before.

What people say in those chats 

– I’m depressed
– I’m fat… But just wanted to choose the right person to work with
– Some other ‘feeling’

Somewhere down the line, over time… You’ll request help with something else.

It could be anything > S-curve experience related.

Like looking for more info about a TC2.0 trip > that was posted.

About a > supplement or something you’ve seem via our > Amazon page (All listed items outside of

‘What’s trending?’, have been personally used at some point over the past 9 years… Which is why they’ve ended up there).

To conclude 

If results is what you NEED. Understand… That you’re going to have to go long term. There’s no way around that.

But our job here… Is to guide you through that process. A process that has evolved, compared to how we used to do it 2-3 years ago.

Right now… It begins @

> Hallow-curvish
> Premium newsletter

Reply via Messenger.

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Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls


Why therapy is the only factor that matters

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Buzzers… Sunny day for many… Why therapy is the only factor that matters. Loads of TC2.0 shenanigans going on this weekend.

Which is > great to see @ example. It starts @ Becoming S-curvish (Not always fun). And ‘never ends’ at Travel-curvish (Always fun). That’s the meaning behind Tis the S-curve experience. And that’s what I show new people that I meet.

She can’t feel it?

Today… You should indeed, ‘deeply’ trust, who ever you decide to spend money on/with @ the solutions you’re after in your life.

Even on the old stage 3 (Old… In terms of how long it’s been around. You’ll still end up doing the stuff inside it).

Most online members didn’t jump in… Until years later, after first signing up to the newsletter.

It’s like dating. Love at first sight is rare. Usually… You have to know AND live with a person. Before true trust levels kick in.


Once those trust levels have been established. Understand… That there aren’t any ‘great’ cheap solutions out there.

Greatness often requires a lot of time and dedication to achieve. That… Gives it value.

‘Value’ in today’s world. Is usually traded in the form money. So greatness will often cost more money.

There are also different types of greatness that one wants to get out of a solution.

That’s why today… Stage 3 has evolved into seasonal, weekly or monthly program’s. Often started via tailored Paypal payment links. Because people need individual fixes for their ish.

One of the most common fixes… Is



– The S-curve workouts are simple. You just follow and do.

– Nutrition is harder… But do-able… With 121 coaching and LIVE update member page shenanigans.

– The no.1 thing people need… Is someone in their corner. Cheering them on, every other day. It’s therapy. That’s the highest value proposition when becoming a member.

I know it’s true. Because I too, seek therapy… In other areas of my life. For me…

– In love and romantic relationships

– In business relationships

Doing so… Allows me to make everything via this newsletter, work great… For YOU!


You already know.

Messenger apps is where all the magic happens today. So once you start something like > Hallow-curvish. Or whatever we set up together via Paypal.

We can then go ‘all in’.

– 24/7 chats

– Endless video and voice calls

– Even in person meet ups, if we’re in the same area

Tis the S-curve experience. Which means you, have a life. So you probably won’t do all of that. But… At least you’ll know that it’s open to you, in your subconscious mind!


What’s trending?

> ‘Salsa’

> TC2.0

> Reminder to have epic weekends

– Updates to the > Amazon page



#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)

#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.

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The future of online fitness coaching and planning

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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s the weekend. And we typically slow things down a notch… And just talk things out.


Let’s talk program stuff

Things always change. Yet they also remain the same.

Let me explain…

So… Stage 3 has existed for around 3 years now. Which is a long time in today’s fast paced world.

It’s always been fast paced. But the entire world is on the internet now. So it’s official @ fast paced for everyone.Most people won’t ‘start’ on stage 3 today. That’s old sh*t.

Enter: There is no BEST… Only best for YOU.

Instead… People will start a conversation. Find out how we’ll go about creating a solution. And then start via a tailored Paypal link that we send, inside Messenger.

Then later on, they might start stage 3, once they’re ‘in the game’. And it’ll usually be a weekly, 3 or 6 month tailored payment link there too.

Kinda like what we’ve just done with > Hallow-curvish @ 4-7 weeks.

You might not even start Hallow-curvish either. But it’s out there. So that you are aware of it’s existence. And why it came into existence.

So that’s what ‘starting’ looks like in 2018. If you’ve been watching from the sidelines.


The new Premium Newsletter (Beta)

Long term readers enjoy the newsletter and all that is inside it. And don’t necessarily want to do any long term tailored program’s (It’s just ONE of the many things that you ‘can’ get into on here).

But they (You) do like the idea of ‘more’ newsletter (Less frequent, digestible, yet ‘relatable-content’ packed). I know this, because members have reached out and told me so. Long azz convos about it in fact.

I myself, control the newsletter side of things. So that… Will relate to you 1000%.

> This is what we’re starting with

A premium newsletter also acts as a much better thing to have in your ‘mobile presence’, if you like to enjoy the rest of the S-curve experience (Which is everyone… Me included).

Like… Just digging into a premium newsletter, when you’re on your travels. Is super handy. Instead of

loading up a member page and getting busy with that.

Member page shenanigans are OK when stationary (Even when on your travels @ hotel). But not always when on the move.

I even state that on the Travel-curvish page.


To conclude 

So that’s the 2 options @ how people are choosing, when they want to become members in 2018.


S-curve experience 

Nothing much has changed there. Biz as usual. Enjoy your life. Just do it S-curvishly. And if you’re business minded. With > more cash in your back pocket.

I’m going to focus on just ‘talking to everyone’ this weekend. So jump over to Messenger if you want to talk things out. Any topic.


What’s trending?

> Instant knockout and or > Testofuel (Guy FitBuzzers) – Because there’s now an equal amount of guys who ask for help now. Since becoming an S-curve experience.

The same rules apply @ what has been said to female FitBuzzers with > Lean bean. You use those supplements… ‘Along side’ YOUR S-curve meal structure @ There is no best… Only best for YOU.

In terms of food… We find out what’s best for you. By looking at the ingredients inside any one food source.

– The > Popsocket

> Dolomites for a TC2.0 destination

– Become S-curvish and > ‘walk it’ proudly

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The pre-quel to the @fitbuzz back story (Pre-2009)

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Buzzers… #TGIF…

Before > this back story… 

In 2009… When I restarted my career. I had 3 choices.

Create a business/entity that focused on…

– Football/soccer (I was born and raised in the UK… Hence)
– Video games (My entire child and young adult-hood)
– Fitness (My entire life)

I had an expert knowledge base and skill set in all 3 areas. But I chose fitness. Because it felt right. And because it was a solution to my ‘then’ problem @ the story above.

Movies and film was another area. Which is why you see me talk about it a lot on here. Especially since starting my journey @ getting > in front of the camera.

And today… Here we are…

Fitness > S-curve experience 

The S-curve member partner program

The fact of the matter is. There are a lot of active ‘past’ S-curve members. Some got a physical and mental fix. Others became members, just to become a part of something.

Being a part of something 

If that’s you. Then for you… Simply become active again on your member page. And then… Consider becoming a part of the partner program.

– Get others that you know… Involved. So that they can get their fix. They’ll start. Because of the relationship that they have with you.

– You’ll be rewarded for it (Small picture goals).

However… The big picture goal. Is to increase happiness levels for all those involved (Especially the friends and family of those involved)!

And to then create in-person events.

This has happened before. But the reason now, is more meaningful. Since you have been following for so long @ past active members.

I have no idea how this will play out. But if it develops into anything like what is described above. Then… There will be future goodies for all involved. In-person or digitally.

The audience has changed too @ the men have returned. So ‘they’ can start now too.

To begin 

If you’re one of those past members. Then it’s all about the Messenger chats. Everything important that happens. Goes on in 121 chats. So go there and talk to me about it.

And to begin…

I’ve seen what it’s like when making the partner program work for YOU. It starts by being genuine. No real intent. Just you… Spreading goodness out into the world.

That’s who you should be… If you are to become a partner.

Follow my lead. And think about the reasons why you yourself have been active, interacting and following for so long.

The big thing here. Is that today. I can personally guarantee a successful outcome. For all those who start.

That’s old news now… possibly for you too. But not for new people. ‘That’ guarantee will be thrown at them though.

Also… Some of the best people that this will work well with. Are adults aged between 46-55.

That’s just one tip. The partner program shenanigans won’t be posted in this daily newsletter. But I’ll be spilling the beans in full cans… Via the > premium newsletter.


I said it several days ago. But one other reason for getting you engaged there. Is because of how you’ll use everything there, on certain Travel-curvish trips.

I’ll highlight all possibilities throughout our 121 chats.

What’s trending?

– > S-curve bendy fail to succeed moments

– > Ankle weights

– TC2.0 > isn’t always at the beach


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How to increase your pull up numbers

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google55fc52af680cad2dBuzzers… Thursday…

How to increase your pull up numbers

The fall season is a weird one. And the vibe definitely changes when it comes around. That’s why everything became LIVE on here @ reporting what went on, the day before.

Everything is dynamic. It’s the only way to serve you, in a way that benefits you.


We all know, that Messenger app services have taken over, in regards to where 121 chats occur.

We’ve also had more men come through. Since becoming an S-curve experience.

It always starts at ‘Becoming S-curvish’. And today… I’m going to highlight an initial answer, to an initial question that came through via our Messenger apps.

Lets get into it

How do I increase my pull up numbers? (A guy asked)

The quick answer, is to just keep on doing more pull ups. Your numbers will go up gradually within 3 months.

The real answer. Is strength and exercise progression (Which we have an entire module for).


> Push ups on knees

> Push ups with feet on the ground (Hands up on a bench)

> Push ups with feet on the ground (Hands on the floor)


> Then with feet up on the bench and hands on the floor

> Assisted pull ups

> Full range of motion pull ups

We do that with any goal that you have, for any body part.

That’s a stage 3 shenanigan. Which is something that the large majority of people do not do (Especially on their own).

That’s why you go long term. Because it’s specific/proven processes like that… Which takes you over the edge.


To conclude

It doesn’t matter where you want results to happen @ All ‘life’ situations… There’s usually always a formula to make it happen. That’s why a long term solution exists on here.



There is ONE S-curve formula. But the way that we approach it. Varies… Depending on the individual.

And of course. Those variations will be exposed to you, via this newsletter.

Like right now. We have > Hallow-curvish/Black Friday. Which has a bonus… ‘now’ extra 3 weeks, if you get in early.

The seasonal stuff may not even apply to you. But… The stuff that you learn about the seasonal changes. Will help you, throughout different situations in your own life.

One reason why Hallow-curvish is nutrition focused. And is being launched early. Is because you will benefit from all the extra eating that will occur, from Halloween up until the 2nd week of January.

So it’s to get you in the mood for food.

Under eating is one reason for a lack of results. Followed by eating incorrectly. So getting you started early. Before the fall season fun truly kicks in. Is in your favor.

I’m personally always thinking ahead… For YOU.

And it’s set at 4-7 weeks… Just so that you can ‘get started’.

And remember… These 121 coaching chats aren’t intense. They’re more fun focused. So you can start… And relax. Because no one will be breathing ‘heavily’ down your neck through your Messenger.


What’s trending?

– Weekly > S-curve meal ideas @ premium newsletter shenanigans.

> Humpday vs workout

> Lean bean – Since some folks in the Q & A have been asking about all the options that are open to them @ what they can use from day one (Serious members these are).

> S-curve gym workout moments – Remember… Your workouts can be done ‘anywhere’. Even when gym workouts are what’s needed.



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Why you have non-removable stains from getting brains

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

> Yesterday… I gave you the low down on the reality in today’s S-curve world.

It mostly highlights what you’re naturally doing, as you read these newsletters… Or how you’re interacting with stuff overall… ‘Today’.
And on this day… I’ll continue to educate you. Because the more you know. The more you’ll trust. And self validate the things that you see/want on here or around the @fitbuzz social media profiles.
Let’s get into it…
#1 Sometimes… You have to feel pain. In order to truly value certain things in life.
There are plenty of life examples out there. But in terms of becoming S-curvish @ example…
You could get all the encouragement and motivation that you’ll ever need on here. Yet… You’d only take things seriously. If ‘having had taken action earlier’… Started to affect things in your daily life.
Common example = Need surgery because of living a crappy lifestyle @ smoking, alcohol, excessive bad eating.
It’s a sad case. But it’s the reality. And that’s usually the wake up call. That causes people to become S-curve members.
So ya… Hopefully, sh*t starts going wrong for you soon, if you’re living ‘broken’.
Sounds bad. But that’s the reality.
#2 Today’s no.1-3 list… Is a blueprint tips list. There are different types of tips. Such as…
– S-curve member
– Quick fire
– Actionable
All of that, combined together. Is a lot of sh*t to consume. But it’s all necessary. Knowing it all, will make you self sufficient. And keeps you on the wagon for life.
These tips are indeed posted at random via this free newsletter.
But if you want to learn that stuff over time, without being a stage 3 type of member. Then the new > premium newsletter that’s being tested… Is the way to go.
Keywords = Easy, digestible, passive, condensed, enter your subconscious,…naturally @ non-removable stains, from injecting knowledge into your brain.
#3 Getting results > like these… Can take time. And the best way to make that process as fun as possible. Is by going at a steady pace (Lifestyle phase). The formula for being a successful long term member… Is done by several factors (That’s our job behind the scenes).
But it’s mostly done, by keeping you highly engaged. 
Which is why we have…
Buzzcoin (Via More buzz) –  @ Those who work together, stay together…
S-curve member partner program – Where you become an assistant coach, to those who you introduce to stages 1-4 via More buzz.
Which works… Because you would used the S-curve formula yourself, to be successful. Even at just 1-3 months of being a member.
To conclude
All of the above… Falls under the category of S-curve member blueprint tips. And that’s only scratching the surface, in that category (1 out of 4 categories in total)!
There’s no way I could continue on with more tips today, via this free newsletter format.
And because some of YOU have requested it. I’m now putting into motion, a form of premium newsletter. That goes out once a week.
At present… > $5 a month whilst we get that ball rolling in beta mode.
The goal is to make that a ‘protocol’ thing for you @ simple but effective.
You’ll just receive a specific newsletter that will have [Premium] tagged to the subject line in your inbox.
Note: This may also be a solution, to those of you who have fallen victim to this current ADD era. Where attention spans have dipped.
Because if that is YOU. Then this may help you get and stay fixed. Even with a shorter attention span present.
What’s trending?
– > Epic
– > ‘Coming up for air’ on TC2.0 trips
– The new > Go Pro hero 7
– > Tulum + Yoga

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Thanos Reality stone – And how it applies to

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Buzzers… Choose ‘today’… Thanos Reality stone. Yes… I’m a Marvel ‘movie’ (And cartoon) nerd. Triggered… From watching > Venom last night… In the cinema that sits inside the hub that I live in @ Townships are great for this reason (And for meeting a ton of new people).

Anyway… @ today’s headline…

The reality in S-curve world right now…

Is that almost everyone who wants to get involved in long term S-curve world products/services/experiences… Wants to have a 121 conversation with ‘someone’ behind the scenes, before doing so.

It’s because we’re social beings @ human. And the internet isn’t that weird place that it used to be, in the years prior (Or at least ‘less of’).

The world is becoming more digital by the second. In every industry. With the latest shake up… To start happening within > Buzzcoin. And all things surrounding that.

Email newsletters aren’t going anywhere. But newer communication tools, are starting to take some jobs away, from what the newsletter use to have.

Like 121 chats…

That’s now a job for Messenger apps. With FB leading the way.

It’s leading… Because the trust levels are high on Facebook. It’s very easy to research who you are dealing with.

Even with my own experiences.

Like this year. I remember when I went to look for…

– A currency exchange shop inside the hub that I’m staying in.
– A hotel.
– A kids ball room inspired > coffee shop.

The first place I went to look. Was for a Facebook page (Or Google… Since it shows other social profiles). And if I didn’t find anything. I was off.

So… Instant purchases like…

> Ingredient focused supplements
> T-shirts 
> Or stuff on Amazon

Most folks will just buy them, after searching the info that’s given about them, throughout our content.

But stuff like…

> The premium newsletter
– S-curve member partner program

– Buzzcoin
– Or the main 1-12 month, Stage 1-4 S-curve program via Morebuzz….People will message first.However…. I will continue to announce them on here. Because that makes you aware that they exist.And aware… Of why they are coming into existence. Which is usually based on real conversations that happen, with everyone that interacts with me or the @fitbuzz online profiles, every single day.

Quick fire blueprint tips

#1 Slow (Bananas) or fast digesting (Pineapple juice) fruit to be eaten at breakfast, lunch, pre and post workout (Go with fast). But never 3-4 hours before you sleep.

#2 You’ll need Mon/Thurs/Sun workout weeks. If you’re focused on > results.

#3 Heather’s picture above, was years in the making. That’s what going from 60%- 90/100% S-curvish looks like.

The best S-curve experience approach. Is to use stage 4 or pay as you go. In order to achieve that.

Because that way… You’ll still have a life. And enjoy the process.

#4 Message with your issues. And I’ll either send more relatable tips your way. Or get you ‘started’ as a member. Because the most important action that you need to take. Is to just ‘start’.

You’re ‘in the game’ once that happens.


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How to start fixing your broken mental game

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Buzzers… Monday… How to start fixing your broken mental game. We tend to live the weekends ‘together’ (Digitally) and in the moment these days. It’s over for next 5 days though. So let’s get into the week…

Weak AF…?

The no.1 thing that I’ve seen this year. Is that more than ever before… It’s your ‘mental game’ that needs fixing.

Seriously… Even with some members who have been successful in the past.

The current day climate of the world, might have something to do with it.

But if that is the case. Then you’ll have to learn to focus ONLY… On the important things in your life.

It’s a strategy that’s been used, every single day behind the scenes. Just like how we only create things on here, based on the conversations that I have, with all of you.

And not with random people, who don’t matter that much at all.

We have fun in the FB stories at times. Especially when talking on S-curve experience stuff. Like > TC2.0 trips.

But when it comes to motivation, body, mind and lifestyle fixing. We get dead serious. And get to the root of what’s bothering you.

And I know for a fact… That something bothers you, every single day. Even if momentarily.

I have things that bother ME too (Pun not intended). But I have solutions in place for whatever that is. Which in turn. Helps me… Help you. Which is why I’m involved in 121 coaching still.

And after dealing with so many members. We tend to see the same issues come up. So the fix has likely been done before.

I recently stated that everyone is at different stages on here…

And it’s true. Which is why you’re seeing new/different types of program’s like these…

– > Hallow-curvish
– > Premium + Digestible newsletter (Beta)
– S-curve member partner program (Details given… Only via DM’s)

…Being created and offered to you.

One thing that is taught. Is to create a winners mindset. A losers mindset. Is when one quits, at the first sign of failure.

This is often a habit that is picked up, during your ‘school education’ years.

A winners mindset… Keeps you winning over time. Because you are taught. To live certain things in your life, as a series of tests.

It’s how the greatest things are achieved.

And how we’ve achieved long term results, with all those who went long term on Stage 3. It’s how we’ve evolved into an ‘experience’.

And because of that… Our long term approach has become more ‘perfected’ for you.

Like right now. Going long term, is more about finding a long term process that works for you. Which is what we find out, whilst working together @ 121 coaching chats.

Which is why you’re encouraged to just start.

At present and for this season. It’s via Hallow-curvish.

To conclude

Having a weak mental game, could mean many different things.

If you’re reading this newsletter. Wanting a fix. Then go after it. There’s no reason to hide behind the scenes.

Take a page out of my own book. At let > your story be known.

Note: One area that guarantees a ‘feel good’ and confidence boost. Is when trading or investing on platforms like > Buzz coin. Which I’ve been talking more about recently. And how it ties In with the S-curve experience as a whole.

Trading and investing has existed for years. The reason why this particular platform is being presented to you. Is because of the growth potential, for those who get and stay involved. And because it’ll help connect on a deeper lever.

Note #2: S-curve member partner program > motivation

What’s trending?

– > S-curve bodyweight circuit shenanigans

– That > electric wine opener again

– As always… Start the week > epic

– > Tulum


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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