How to make babies without getting pregnant

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Buzzers… #TBT… How to make babies…. It’s been a busy week @ all departments within the S-curve experience.

It is indeed a ‘focused’ time of year. Which is why > Stage 3 and > prepaid get talked about, nearly every single day… At present.

Doing that… Has been the best way to get you involved and fixed. Which is something that rarely happens, when left to your own devices.

You all know 121 coaching is the magic source. And doing the above… Is where it all starts. Which is why you must continue reading the daily newsletter. Long after you become an official S-curve member.

Now… Let me explain @…

Making A LOT of babies 

And it’s not the kinda video I know you thought it might have been. Hehe.

The S-curve formula… 

It started, by fixing solutions to my own problems. And using those solutions on myself, before using them on you. And repeating that process over time.

Let’s look at a few examples of how that has played out over the years.

#1 The @fitbuzz pull ups program (circa 2010)

If you’ve read the back story on More buzz. You’ll see that @fitbuzz started, because I was ‘broken’. From a hectic life in the Silicon Valley start up world.

That meant zero fitness activity for 2 years.

I’d been physically fit my entire life up until that point. So I knew how to get back on the wagon.

Not easy. But do-able. And I did it, by using a pull up bar in a door way, in > this room (Cringe moment @ me watching myself old… Hehe).

My numbers went up, from September 2010 to January 2011 (I went back to the gym at that point).

And so… A program was created out of it. And I was back to my pre-2007 self, > not too long after that.

Today… We use elements of that. In the Strength and exercise progression module on Stage 3. Which we’ll usually start, around month #2 on your plan.That’s what was done with > this lady, LIVE… In 2016 (Which a lot of you watched).

So we all know that worked. Which is an important ‘success’. Since 90% of women lack in upper body strength.

#2 Fixing your #daily #boutine (Circa 2016)

I moved to a new country and city, not too long before that.

And although a few things got fixed because of it. My daily #boutine was broken. You can even see my body transformation. By eyeing up my FB albums and the S-curve formula official workout videos (As a member).

This is where…

– ‘Coming up for air’
– Daily meal reporting
– Cheat snacking
– Tailored daily exercise videos
– Short splits routine
– Just eat ‘something’ at meal time

Came from.

It helped fixed me (Continues to do so). And has definitely fixed many of you.

#3 S-curve member partnership program (Circa 2016)

Yesterday’s newsletter is an example of this. That… Was a simple explanation of how to be an effective partner.

And it’s easy for me to explain it. Because I’ve lived out exactly how it happens. It was all an organic experience.

You’ll continue to see examples of this on the stage 3 page, which is where the S-curve member stories are located.

There’s more examples. But I’ll save hem for another day.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– This year, I’ve seen a record amount of long time/past S-curve members, start their own businesses. Or join small start ups. Maybe I’ve inspired them. Maybe the new entrepreneurial 16-18 year olds of the world have.

If that’s you.. Then. > this page is worth bookmarking.

– ‘Coming up for air’ in > Bali

– S-curve bodyweight circuit motivation (Your actual workouts are 100% targeted and tailored, based on your on going results… Over time).


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Welcome to: The fountain of trust

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

So… You all know that one of the goals on here. Is to create family-orientated, local S-curve world meet ups, whenever myself or a representative, is in your city.

Because experiences shared, is how how strong bonds are built.

And one of the best ways for everyone to be on the same page. Is to have been an S-curve member at some level.

And it’s even better. If someone you personally know, became a member because of you.I’ve experienced this a few times now. And it really is a great thing. You don’t forget those memories in a hurry.

That… Is why you’ll see me openly talk about yesterday’s S-curve member partnership program.

The elements of it, are discussed privately. But the best way to become a partner. Is organically. Because that’s what past partners did. They shared their experiences without intent.

Organically… Means becoming a member yourself. For at least 3 months @ best. Because you’ll naturally just share your experience, with those who ask about it.

And if they see…

– Your happiness levels go up.
– Your body changing.
– Your lifestyle changing
For the better…

They WILL ask about it.

So… That’s where we stand @ meet ups, S-curve member partner program shenanigans @ Tis the (latest vision) S-curve experience. 

More about > Buzzcoin

This is more about…

– Helping some business minded S-curve members diversify their income streams (Which is always important… And because people have been asking).

– Getting clued up on the future of > this industry. And how it may start to apply, in certain parts of S-curve world, in a not too distant future.

– Actually working together… Outside of Stage 3 shenanigans. Strengthening our bond from doing so. And being mutually more involved in S-curve world, overall.

This is happening with FitBuzzers and S-curve members, all around the world.

And just like Stage 3… There is a learning curve. But just like Stage 3… The time it takes… It’s cut (By a lot). Due to all of the past experience that has been had with this, behind the scenes.

Let’s Stage 3 blueprint tip

#1 Stage 3… There’s actually a module where we help prevent boob shrinkage. This of course, must be embraced early on in your plan.

Hence… Another reason why you’re encouraged to go ‘all in’ on day 1.

#2 It’s also the same module that you’ll use, some time after your first 3-6 months. When 121 coaching may happen less frequently.

It’ll teach you how to apply some of the coaching elements, on your own. Which is mostly useful when on a Lifestyle Phase (More easy going).

#3 I recently stated that nutrition coaching makes up most of what we cover, throughout our time @ 121 coaching. And it’s true.

If you’re reading this newsletter. You’ll already know about the protocol S-curve meal structure.

But later on in your plan. We start to dig into the official S-curve foods list. There are 6 list types in total. And you will use all of them, on the journey to 90-100% S-curvish.

They are…

#1 Tasty A rated foods

#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods

#3 – Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type

#4 – Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type

#5 – Foods that keep you feeling full

#6 – The restaurant food menu formula

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The folks at > Lean bean

– > S-curve bendy moments 

– > The step @ using the 8 inch set up.

– ‘Coming up for air’ with > people who are important to you


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The no.1 way to fix your butt (For good)

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Buzzers… Choose today (Always)… The no.1 way to fix your butt…. It’s yet another day in S-curve world. So let’s get into it…

#1 That S-curve member partner program @ yesterday’s newsletter

I actually started this privately, 2 years ago. With offline S-curve members.

In short…

If you’re a successful member, that naturally shared your experience with YOUR people. Then… You will get rewarded, by sharing that experience with YOUR people.

This is all done privately though. So it’s all about messaging direct, via FB Messenger. Either on my own profile. Or on the @fitbuzz FB page.

#2 Back to explaining why/how long term ‘works’…

121 nutrition coaching is what makes going long term on stage 3… Work! What you see in month 1 is just a tiny start.

That’s where the magic is. Because if your nutrition mind isn’t fixed. You’re just going to start failing again.

Yes… You have access to 121 coaching chats/therapy, as an active member. But that will naturally slow down over time.

And when it does… You’ll have to rely on the stuff that you’ve been taught during months 1-5, as an active member.

That… Is how you STAY fixed.

So if you’ve jumped into a one month plan. Didn’t embrace 121 coaching with a long term view on day 1 (A decision you would have are sub/consciously made… Since everyone is encouraged to go ‘all in’ on day 1). Then this is what you need to let happen.

I know you exist too. Because those who do fall into that group. Have been coming back. Wishing they got into it a little deeper, from the start.

And that’s how we create…

#3 S-curve member stories 


It all started with just the progress pic, way back when. But today… That has evolved, into showing you an S-curve members 1-5-10 year story.

Year 1 will always be great. As long as you’re on a plan longer than 1-2 months.

But life is dynamic. Nothing stays the same.

We give you the ammunition to stay on top of things. But even then… Things will change.

We of course have stage 4/Pay-as-you-go in place… For you to return for a re-ignition boost. But the story will show the real journey. And will show newcomers what that should/could look like.

– The challenges
– How we deal with them
– The TC2.0 trips

#4 Free stage 1 via Buzzcoin

I do always tell you that > prepaid and > stage 3 are the best options to start on, if you’re serious about becoming a successful member.

That’s typically where hungry new starters go. Or where those who we’ve built up a lot of trust with, go.

But if your trust levels are on the lower side. And since this started off as a business focused newsletter.

Just remember that you can start > stage 1 via Buzzcoin.

You’ll get taught about why that sign up may make sense today… And in a not too distant future.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Battle ropes because of > this video.

– > Epic starts to the week.

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become an active member.


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There’s a problem with your test results

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Buzzers… Monday…

The weekend is over. Which means it’s time to kick start the week. So let’s get into it.


The biggest problem that we have today… 

Is that…
– FitBuzzers don’t know what to do about being ‘busy’.- FitBuzzers don’t think it’s possible for their life to be simplified/fixed.

– FitBuzzers don’t know who to trust (Or take longer before they do ‘trust’).

Yes… Getting an S-curvish body makes things easier @ daily life shenanigans (As S-curve members have said). But the problem starts with the above.

Without solving the above problem. We can’t get to the ‘body part fixing’ side of things anyway.

So that’s where we will always place a focus @ mindset/lifestyle fix.

– > Here (The Results Phase is ‘THE’ top end option).

– > Here (That pre-paid, has been designed to be the best option for this time of year – Remember what I said about timing, in Sundays newsletter…).

Where we don’t have a problem 

#1 Travel-curvish 

Yup… And you don’t have to be 90-100% S-curvish to embrace this. Especially since some destinations don’t require you to get naked. Just to ‘come up for air’ only. In a > place like this.

This takes you away from all the crappy energy that may be surrounding you. Energy… That some new FitBuzzers have, when they first arrive here. Due to their current environment(s).

Which of course, turns into positive energy. When they start consuming S-curve world stuff and taking TC/TC2.0 trips.

At which point. Living life as an active S-curve member, becomes a more enjoyable experience.

It’s all about the vibe.

#2 Guaranteeing your results

This hasn’t been an issue for a few years now. Back in 2014… We could 70% guarantee what your outcome would be. Regardless of your body type, past shenanigans.

Today… It’s 100%! (As long as you’re on Stage 3 or Pre-paid, for a minimum of 3 months).

– Due to the collective experience that we’ve had with S-curve members over time.

– Because of the new things that we continuously add to the S-curve formula. You know… Stuff that makes sense… Like 121 coaching/Therapy. Which is the strongest feature, that almost everyone needs/requests… In order to push through, for any time longer than 30-45 days).

Personally… I can look at any body type, of a person walking down the street. And tell you how fast/long it will take to reach a desired result.

That’s why today… There’s a new focus on an S-curve member partnership program. Which I’ll talk about in tomorrow’s newsletter.

To conclude 

There are other areas where we have problems.

And there are other areas where we don’t have problems.

But the two that are highlighted above… Are the two most important to mention.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Probiotics @ important supplements that don’t fall under the ‘protocol supplements’ category that you see on Morebuzz.

– > S-curve bodyweight circuits with your kids @ yet another way to get them involved, young. Because what they do and learn in those years. Sticks with them… For life.

– > Honesty is indeed an S-curve world policy. And the great thing about reaching 90-100% S-curvish. Is that you get to look like a completely different person… For the better.

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become a member.


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Value given – Why you should always exceed it

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Buzzers… Sunday… Value given… It’s been a weekend of TV shows and movies for me @
– The new Predator movie
– Marvels Spider-man (Cartoon)
– Iron Fist (TV show)

– Peppermint (Movie)

All of which, gets posted on my FB timeline, when I’m watching this stuff. And if you follow my FB stories. You’ll know that it’s not just for entertainment purposes.


That headline above…Yup… That’s what ‘exceeded value given’ should always feel like.

You should always feel like you’re getting more than what you pay for @ value given. That’s when most new members wake up. And realise that all of this is the real deal sh*t. Created from real world experience and proven science.

And the creating, teaching and improvements to the S-curve formula doesn’t stop either.

And you already know that I’m out, every single day. Making that a real life reality.

You’ll probably still need more though…

Yup… The above reaction @ ‘exceeded value given’. Is typically what a > stage 1 or 2 member will feel.

But… That being said. You’ll still need more (Hello stage 3). If ‘results’ is the goal. Because 2-4 weeks on a generic program, is no time at all.

It’s like those people who have a ‘bit on the side’ (Love interest). Before returning to their main partner. Who is the main dish (Cheating is bad… I know. But still…).

I know this to be the case. Because I’ve seen stage 2 people. Go in…

– Initially motivated… Then to faded motivation levels.

– Or going in half hearted. Because they didn’t choose a higher end option to begin with.

And then 6-8 months later… Wishing they had a bigger picture goal, from day 1.

A lot of new members aren’t new to getting results today. They’ve had years past, of constantly failing (With a little winning along the way as well).

They now know that the solution needs to be a long one. They just need a solution that they trust.

Again… Why I’m personally active everyday. Building out that trust factor, globally.

Life beyond results…

You’ll notice that I’ve been talking about results a lot more, since the start of fall season, 2 weeks ago.

That’s because it’s like New Year’s Day all over again. And almost everyone’s life routine, changes somewhat.

So it’s all about timing. Because the next 6 months is where magic needs to happen. In order for the following 6 months (Until February) to be a success @ life beyond results.

It’s ‘life beyond results’. Because 60% of what goes on in S-curve world. Happens outside of getting results.

We have fun with OOTD/OOTN attire/Daily life shenanigans and TC/TC2.0.

That’s when we > wax off during our 121 chats.

ConclusionEverything that you see at any given time… Is formulaic.

– The S-curve formula
– The newsletter topics

Sh*t is never random. That’s what is meant by ‘higher end’.

Higher end = guaranteed winning. Time is a luxury. And you can’t afford to waste it. It ticks away. And you have no way to stop and start it.

The ultimate goal, is to get you through the teachings of results, as quickly as possible. So that we can move ahead with the other stuff within the S-curve experience.

And even there. We’ll only deal with…

– Products
– Meet up location destinations
– People

That we trust in.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?– > Tulum again

– > Sunday funday

> One plus

> The S-curve in swimwear on Travel-curvish trips

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become a member.


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In-person meet ups – How and why they’ll solve your problems

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Buzzers… Saturday… In-person meet ups. So… You all know that I had a good old ‘come up for air’ Friday night, last night. Many people do… Without calling it that.

The difference between you and them… Is ‘that’ needs to be a part of your #boutine (Along with some TC2.0) Because without it, you’d go crazy. Quit and start failing.

But as usual… I was out with a new FitBuzzer/Potential S-curve member and possible partner.

I of course met her in the hub that I stay in. Where I meet > 1-5 new people, every single day. The reason why we met. Is because she is a go-getter and is in a sales job that requires her to ‘be so’.

Which is why she’ll probably become a partner @ helping people get through stages 1-4..

Overall… Good partnerships (Regardless of department) @ these areas…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

Will make for a better S-curve experience for you.Anyway… What I learned from our ‘come up for air’ meet up….

‘Impossible’ is not YOUR reality 

Every adult person is ‘busy’. And for most people… That means no more ‘parents’ to look after them (Some times, the roles reverse).

And throughout that busy-ness. It may appear, that certain things just aren’t possible anymore.

– Taking holidays (Hello TC2.0)
– Becoming S-curvish

Everyone wants to become S-curvish. Or as I say to new people I meet… Look and feel like the best version of themselves.

S-curve members tell me, that it makes everyday life easier. Once they are.

Some people have given up caring (And wish they didn’t feel that way… I’ve been there @ 2 years prior to starting @fitbuzz in 2009).

But others know, that solving that problem (For good). Improves almost every other aspect of your life.

But SHE felt, that it wasn’t possible. And for these people… They get a huge ah-ha moment. When I start to show them how easily they can be fixed.

Just one mobile device with internet access, is all you need.

> One month > Progress to more months (When the experience is enjoyed/self validated).

> Come back for future intervals (Like a re-ignition)

It’s all about the trust factor

That’s the only way she would ever start any new program, with her current life schedule @ kids and work responsibilities.

That’s the only way she could possibly be an effective partner when getting others involved.

And she’s right. Every long term member, has a back story on how the trust levels were built up, before becoming a member.

This is why…

– I’m out every day with people
– Why we’re on multiple social media and messaging platforms
– Why you’re encouraged to go the FB stories > Messenger, every single day
– Why we’ve had a daily newsletter for the past 9 years since > September 2009

Because trust levels must be high. And I also tell you to only get involved in ANYTHING, when the trust levels are high.

ConclusionMore chats will happen of course. But the rest of the night… Was all fun and games. Until a typhoon came to town. And category 3-5 is no joke. So to home it was.

The key thing… Is to keep building on these relationships. Because when we do all come together, offline at an event that I create. Everyone there will be on the same page. And everyone would have experienced something, within this S-curve experience, prior to being there.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Tulum

– Red wine = > Responsibly

– > Echo

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become a member.


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Shit happens – And your no.1 ‘fix’ for when it does

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Buzzers… Friday… Shit happens? I am indeed going to have a good ol’ S-curve formula TGIF cheat night today. Whilst ‘coming up for air’ somewhere. And no… No pics for that. As I’ve posted plenty of them in the past @ > this album.


So… We all know that 121 coaching is the magic that pushes you through to super results. That you then get to keep.

We’re talking 3-6 months of super changes. And not 1-5 years of starting/stopping and looking exactly the same.

Everyone starts off excited. Especially on stages 1 or 2.

But then… Life kicks in. > Like this

Yup. Illnesses, deaths in families. Hurricanes.

It’s all real life sh*t. And it can and will stop you in your tracks, on the quest to being fixed. That’s why the ‘Becoming S-curvish’ part of the S-curve experience must always exist.

Because this stuff will continue to happen.

So when you do feel that it’s time to decide to become an official member. Go all in!

Either > 3-6 months prepaid.

Or > Stage 3


#1 They both have unlimited 121 coaching/therapy sessions. A lot of which… Helps you tweak your member page updates, so that your results actually progress at the stated pace.

And sessions… That change your plan, based on the things that are happening in your day to day life.

#2 They continue the long term step by step process. That sees you through the results, each step of the way.

It’s all ‘higher end’ stuff.

It would have to be… To have produced all the results that have come over the years.

And yes… You’re supposed to feel like ‘why didn’t I do this earlier’. Once those beyond 60% S-curvish results kick in.

To conclude

I’ve seen how this plays out, many times over now.

The only members that fail. Are the ones that don’t allow themselves to go through the formula (By not choosing the options above). At least a minimum of 3 months of it.

Half hearted… Don’t be that.

All in… To win. Not always fun in the beginning. We get a little serious. But we get it done And then live it up @ the rest of the S-curve experience. Which is of course. A lot of fun!

What’s trending in S-curve world today? – OOTD-curvish moments as > Sonic the hedgehog

– > Sun bum

– Taking the S-curve workout > outdoors

FB Stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/Therapy when you become a member.


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Short attention span era – The solution to fix it

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Buzzers… Thursday…

First… Before we ‘come’ to ‘that’

FitBuzzers and S-curve members are global. YOU… Are from many different countries.

But the goal. Is to do local meet ups. In a setting > like this (To start with), if your country/city has a ‘high enough’ @fitbuzz audience.

Because one part of the S-curve formula’s goal. Is to build super strong relationships with all those involved.

And as you may have seen on my own travels. One of the best ways to do that… Is by sharing experiences together. Which is why TC2.0 is the most exciting part of this S-curve experience.

So watch this space!

She said hurry up and come! 

Well… That can be a good thing or a bad thing @ the humpday meaning (Emoji goes here).

But what I’m getting at there. Is the fact that it seems… That the world has caught up, with the fast changing nature of the internet.

You see… I myself have been in the internet world of ‘things’, since 2000. Got into e-commerce circa 2005 (Which kick started this current day career). And during that time. Things have always changed fast.

The offline world would seldom move as quickly as the internet does.

But today… The world has caught up.

There’s more people on the internet now, than ever before.

In the offline world. We don’t have access to all those people, at the touch of a button.

In internet world. We do. Which is why we’re living in the short attention span era. And why deep connections matter more than ever before.

Because just like the offline world. You can’t just trust any random joe that walks up to you.

S-curve world is in it’s 6th year of existence now (9 years @fitbuzz). And our trust levels keep building stronger, day after day. With all those involved.

This means that new people that find us… Don’t ask as many questions on arrival.

And when they want to get involved. They want us to hurry up and come, with the solution that they need.

This was seen at strength…

At the start of September/End of summer. When a string of new people entered, via FB Messenger on the page.

There was no… ‘Let me think about it’. Or… ‘I need to talk to my partner’ BS.

It was… ”What have you got? Show me. Ok… I’m in”.

So today… I’m going to walk you through what we’ve got, when you see > More buzz. You know. The stuff that you can take action on.

#1 The protocol S-curve meal structure 

Nutrition coaching (To the 90-100% S-curvish level) takes time. And like most things new. You gotta start somewhere.

This is mostly for those who need to build up more trust.

For every other short attention span person. It’s all about…

#2 Stage 1-4

Stage 3 is your best option, if you just want to get right into the business. And to feed what your short attention span wants.

But this is where you go for your mindset, lifestyle and body fix.

– 1 month to noticeable results 
– 3-5 months to 60% S-curvish
– 6-12 months until completely fixed

That’s not easy to do if you’re broken (And on your own). Which is why we exist.

Even with me…

From February 2017 till now. I had to shred my gut, yet keep my bulk (Just scan my FB pics).

I used the S-curve formula of course. But it took 6-9 months to achieve it.

#3 The supplements 

This is where you go to buy them, to be used in conjunction with your S-curve meals. Like whey and casein.

Or to boost your results, once you get to 60% S-curvish @ ingredient focused supplements, like > Instant Knockout.

#4 The Amazon stuff

The stuff you see here… Is the protocol stuff that you’ll need in S-curve world.

You’ll see a lot more… As you consume the stuff that’s trending via this daily newsletter.


That’s it… If you’re new here.

If not… Then we’ve probably already connected. And you know what’s going on. And what went on, in years past.


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Getting therapy is an S-curve experience

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Buzzers… Tuesday… Getting therapy. So yesterday… We made the ‘therapy thing’ official. After doing that for years prior… (Since 2012).

Because it’s becoming more and more, than just fixing the butt.

It’s an S-curve experience now. And we have ‘business activity’ within each part of it.

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

With the focus on therapy (For a certain group of members). It means that you’ll continue to see more screen shot chats, of those therapy sessions. Over on the S-curve member stories.Yes… You’ll continue to see new progress pics (And reposts of old ones, on my FB profile @ when FB shows you memories, you share them).

But… It’s more than just the butt. And there are more parts that make up the story, of what actually happens, on the journey of the before and after pic.

You’ll see examples of therapy chats. Before one becomes a member. And when results have kicked in. And even the chats of when successful past members return (You already see them every single week on this newsletter).

It’s real sh*t…

– People moving cities… And starting over @ life. But because of our global connection. They’ve stayed with us. And taken them with us, to their new city and life. And a returned member they are.

– New people who are successful. But struggle with pushing for better results (A good idea… Because higher level results, are results you get to keep @ > stage 3 shenanigans).

– New people who have been successful. But fall off during summer or festive seasons. Because they’re not using the S-curve formula (Or any formula). A good formula will teach you how to never fall off, ever again.

Which is what’s taught to you over time, as an active member. Via stage 3 or a > 3-6 month prepaid time period.

Most people are too stubborn, to realise that ‘proven’ outside help. Is what will fix them.

And this is why 121 coaching chats/Therapy ranks as the no.1 factor that fixes you.

Fortunately… The members that get put through at least 1-3 months of 121 coaching. Are glad that they did.

It’s hard to pin point exactly what it is. But something magical happens. When you start to connect, with a proven source that’s truly out to help you.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Biotin

– Actually… It’s ALL about the butt. On > some TC2.0 trips

– > Maldives should be on your TC2.0 destination list

Blueprint tips 

Let’s have some reminders @ quick fire blueprint tips…
#1 No fruit or D-F rated foods 3-4 hours before you sleep.
#2 Go full range of motion on every rep.
#3 Use flavored supplements (Like whey) to replace sugar on your cereal. And/Or fruit.
#4 Kill the slow-go cardio sessions, if you aren’t at least 60% S-curvish.
#5 Don’t quit eating the foods that you enjoy. Use your tailored member page to remind yourself of how to keep eating them… Without the ‘bad’ stuff destroying your physique.

#6 Boxing, cycling, swimming, badminton for HIIT cardio moments (20 minute rounds… 1 minute fast, followed by 1 minute slow).

#7 Fruit in the morning, pre/post workout and as cheat snacks.

#8 Raisins, bananas, apricots, pineapple all rank high as cheat snacks and day time snacks.

#9 Take 1 week off from working out, every 2-3 months (If you’re very active in your workouts).

#10 Just eat something (S-curve meal structure rules via Morebuzz) if you can’t get full meals in on the day.

#11 FB stories > Messenger > 121 coaching chats/therapy


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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An introduction to the modern day therapist

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An introduction to the modern day therapist? Well… It’s not new. As we’ve been doing ‘therapy’ in 121 coaching sessions for years. And it’s the no.1 reason why past S-curve members return at some point.

But… It is a current topic. Especially since email replies are dead. And that LIVE/direct chat has taken


Anyway… A therapist… 

A therapists goal is to help patients make decisions and clarify their feelings in order to solve problems.

Clarify their feelings…

That’s also what happens outside of the nutrition and workout side of things. That’s where the mindset and lifestyle fixing comes in.

To have that special/strong voice/person in your corner.

I know that this is important. Because I too… Have that, in other parts of my own life.


– Business development
– Travel shenanigans (legality stuff)

Without that… I couldn’t be (Or have been) the effective ‘therapist’ to you.

The LIVE updates on your member page, gives you the ‘theory fix’ that you need.

But the 121 coaching chats (Helping you clarify your feelings to make decisions), gives you the ‘feeling fix’.

The reason why I’ve remained as the head person in control of this part of the S-curve formula. Is due to all the hands on experience that I’ve had with it. And with many of you, in past years.

This is becoming a popular solution for the established member. Who has been around for 3-5 years, after initially succeeding (Or currently falling off slightly since then).

And it backs up what I’ve been saying more and more @ it’s more than just the butt. A lot more!

You can see it via the newsletter content, every single week. Especially in yesterday’s conclusion.

Today’s conclusion though…

if ‘therapy’ (As described above) sounds like what you need. Then jump right in.

As usual… Payment options are almost always discussed on FB Messenger. Options… Which you’ve seen via this newsletter, almost every single day. So that’s what will happen.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > long resistant band

– Maybe your Sunday looked > like this.

– The return of > Xcaret in S-curve world.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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