The evolution of the internet (And your butt)

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Buzzers… Friday… (The evolution of the internet?)

We’ve been Fitbuzzing for 9 years now. Which feels a lot longer, in ‘internet’ years. Because things do change a lot. And frequently.

Sh*t… The internet world is ‘the’ world (almost) now. So I’m not sure I can call it that any more.

Like… Today. The way a lot of people think. Is that, if you don’t post what you’re doing… It didn’t happen.

Either way. We will always make sense of the madness that’s going on. And adapt it to S-curve world shenanigans. And I’ll personally, always bring you the ‘real’.

Back to… Evolved (More than) booty…

Because things have indeed changed on here too, during those 9 years.

So today. Let’s take a look @ what has…

#1 This newsletter 


Email newsletter only > Email replies.


> Email newsletter
> FB Messenger newsletter
> Replies via Messenger only
> FB stories
> 121 chats
> Become a member or get into other stuff inside the S-curve experience… Like the > ingredient focused 

supplements or the stuff you see in ‘what’s trending’.

#2 Progress pics


Just the hall of fame.


– S-curve member stories.

– FB friendship (Friends with S-curve members) anniversaries.

– When FB shows you progress pic memories, you share them.

– Become an author and do what it says > here.

#3 Apparel/Merch


Skreened for 6 whole years. Along with Cafépress.


Just Cafepress for now.

#4 The supplements

Not much has changed in this department, other than merging them into the S-curve formula.

But naturally… New ones will enter the scene in the future. As long as they fit into, and enhance the S-curve experience.

#5 Where to get all the other stuff, to use within the S-curve experience?


Quite a few places over the years. But today… Just Amazon.

Most of the important stuff can be seen via More buzz. But the rest, usually ends up in ‘what’s trending’.

#6 The main 1-12 month/1-5 year program


Stages 1-4 on Morebuzz.


– For the folks new to S-curve world = Stages 1-4 on More buzz.

– For seasoned followers and newsletter readers = Tailored Paypal links and > this page.

What’s trending in S-curve world today? 

– > S-curve bodyweight shenanigans.

– > Ankle weights… Because of the new S-curve members starting this week.

– Again… > Because of the new members


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Incoming search terms:

The no.1 way to achieve enlightenment

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Buzzers… The no.1 way to achieve enlightenment…


Tis the year where tailored Paypal payment links took over. After having a 121 chat with you via Messenger.

However… If you’re a deeply invested newsletter reader. You can self serve yourself on > this page, to get the ball rolling. As a new or re-occurring member.

And since the start of this week. People have been getting back into their normal #boutines it seems. Partners and FitBuzzers @ holiday season ending.

Some of those FitBuzzers became members for the first time this week. And instantly saw what all the fuss is about. Compared to just reading the daily newsletter. And > some are realising, that our thing…

– Is the fact that the ‘anywhere workouts’, are indeed, recorded anywhere… LIVE.

– That you can follow them from anywhere on the planet. As long as you have your phone with you.

– The same thing with 121 coaching chats… With INSTANT replies and member page updates 24/7


However… Once you do start. You must continue to read the newsletter. As it’s a part of the S-curve formula.


Remember when I told you, years ago. That we have 5-10-15 year plans for S-curve members?Well… > This is what that journey is starting to look like. As seen via the S-curve member stories too (Stage 3 link on More buzz – New progress pics are being entered into the photo album on the FB page as well).

And it’s made possible… Because of our evolution into an S-curve experience. Which extends far beyond butt fixing.


Quite a few of you are concerned about my actual well being (Ahhhh… Hugs). And @fitbuzz is what you care about 2nd.

If that’s you. You need to follow my FB stories. Because not only do I post useful and actionable tips (About various things). I also post the stuff that I am doing in the moment. > Like this.

This is happening. Because we can’t rely on the FB timeline to show us stuff.

@fitbuzz takes up most of the content postings on all of our channels. And my FB profile is the only place I post my own S-curve member shenanigans. So FB stories all the way.

Enlightened I am…?

That’s what you should feel like… After you become a member.

Yesterday… I talked about the fact that you decide upon yourself, to become a member.

And it’s true.

I’m just there to assist you into that process. Because naturally, you’re going to need to know more about what you’re getting yourself into. And because it’s going become a major part of your life for a while.

Either way…

What we do here. Is all about giving you a feeling. That’s what Tis the S-curve experience means. 

– You’re supposed to wake up and see the @fitbuzz social media posts. Causing a smile on your face (Often times… something ridiculous… > Like this).- You’re supposed to look forward to going to a place > like this. Whilst you stare at it for a minute or two.

– You’re supposed to want to look perfect. When you see bikini or > OOTD-curvish snaps.

– You’re supposed to want to live it up > like this… Once you watch every other video like that.

And most important of all… Working directly with me, with your mind @ ease. After watching me on the video that is sitting at the bottom of More buzz.

– The S-curve formula is how things work here.

– The S-curve experience is how all this sh*t makes you feel.

Happy vibes all around. And even when the dark days do come in as a member. You’ll be broken out of it… A lot quicker, than if you were doing it all on your own.

And I know it’s an issue. Because the reason why a lot of folks don’t start (Or continue). Is because they’re in a crappy mental state @ depression, crappy job, etc.

If that’s you. Just understand, that becoming a member, helps to fix that. And the magic is all in the 121 chats.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

I actually linked to a lot of it above. But one thing that continuously pops up. Is the > waterproof bluetooth speaker.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Broken adults can’t be fixed… But WE teach them new tricks! 

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But WE teach them (And if that’s YOU…) new tricks! 

Buzzers… Wednesday…

It’s been a week of mostly 121 chats so far.

That’s where almost all important activity happens now.

– It’s not blog post comment sections.
– It’s not email replies.
+ It’s not social media post/video comments (in general… Today, it is though… In a strong way).

But for us in S-curve world… 121 chats is where it’s at.

People will just eye up the posts. And just message. Out of curiosity, or because they’ve become a deeper level fan. And want to get more involved.

It’s a continuous process. And all those who are exposed to it… Are at different levels within that process.

Your version of…

You see this…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
That’s what you’ll see, every single day via our social media posts.It’s all there to inspire you and give you ideas, outside of your daily norm. And to put thoughts into your head.

But the reality is… You probably won’t get to live that lifestyle ‘consistently’.


– Moms with kids
– Career professionals and business owners
– Further education students

Life is intense for those who fit into those roles. So our job… Is to get you living a Tis the S-curve experience version… For YOU.

That… Is what we find out. Only when we start having 121 chats. Hence… Why 121 chats is where it’s at in S-curve world.

Broken adults can’t be fixed 

But WE teach them (And if that’s YOU…) new tricks.

Yup… And from my own observation. This is partly true.

– Some people know they are broken. And figure out they need to kill their pride. And become students again (Personally…. I have to do this. As I’m constantly learning about you. Your goals are always changing too. So even more so…).

– Some people are broken and can’t be fixed. At which point. Most teachers will focus on teaching the ‘kids’ of the world instead @ brains are still ‘spongy’ :).

But… In S-curve world. We do indeed fix the broken YOU.

It takes a 1-3 months to get you into the flow of the fix. But we do get it done.

Again… This is why you need to get into the 121 chats early. Because it takes a lot of chats, before you naturally turn into an S-curve member.


Which is why you’re never ‘sold to’ on here. Or why you never see a program posted on social media.

Becoming a member is something that you organically/naturally decide upon yourself. Just with some extra assistance from the 121 chats.

How to get involved? @ the business side of things in S-curve world?

That’s a question from a newbie follower, earlier this year.

They want results. And I said that they can start (With a simple formula). And to then, document that story so far. Which will then be published on And updated over time.

So it’s like doing a detailed version of an S-curve member story.

Just… You’ll have a high ranking web page out there. With your professional details listed as an article author.

So that is open to you to… If that question has ever popped into your head.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > Workout + humpday mode attire

– > Olynpic rings

– > Because of…

> Current S-curve formula program variations

Quick fire blueprint tips

– A Results Phase… Is when you turn on the ‘this is not good enough’ attitude. Hence… Why you push harder for results during this time period.

– Stick to liquid fruit @ pre/post workout.

FB stories > Messenger


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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You have been warned (Daily newsletter)

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Last night…

You know… I’m always switching up my daily routine (My #boutine remains the same though). And I have to… Because getting creative and testing things out… Is what leads to great things appearing, here on the newsletter.

And currently… I spend a few hours of the day working outside, in this ever growing ‘hub’ that I currently live in (With people arriving here, from all over the world). Which is open 24/7.

– I get a long lunch break.

– I always ends up meeting new people (I’ve lost count @ how many peoples mobile phone galleries I’m in).

– I get to ‘come up for air’ and get great idea moments.

But most important of all. New stories are created from my shenanigans.These stories tend to instigate jewels of knowledge (Via conversations with people)… Which is then shared to you on the newsletter/Messenger newsletter. Because it’s all based on actual events. Real stuff that’s on peoples minds @ them, in their natural element.

So… Be prepared to see something new… Almost every single day.

Last week… 

I talked about the things that happen to you, when you become active in the beginning parts of the S-curve experience @ becoming S-curvish.

And I of course, have seen how this plays out.

In short… People reveal their true colors. About their association with you.

So if anything… Use all of what you do here. To weed out crappy people. And to reveal who the ‘real ones’ are.

It may hurt a little once you find out (If they’re a fake one). But at least you’ll know. And save a lot of future heartache.

The newest options @ becoming an S-curve member 

I’ve added yesterday’s one time payment option to > this page.

I won’t update it to Morebuzz yet. Because it’s still early days. And the current stage 1-4 set up. Is still the best page for newcomers to see.

Getting you to start It used to be harder to get you to start. And it has become easier over time @ past shenanigans increasingly visible/building up the trust factor over time.

But one of the fastest ways to speed up the process. Is our daily social media posts. And yes… It’s the newsletters job to send you over there.

We need to talk 

Yup. Stories > FB Messenger is the current way that we do that.

But one reason why it must happen. Other than the obvious. Is that following… Sometimes feels like a one sided conversation.

And not everyone likes to comment on stuff (Depending on the platform).

So people will view many posts. And put their own conversation in their head @ the message we try to get across.

However… The message might come across wrongly in their head. And it’s not until they have a  121 convo with me. Until they see we’re actually pretty cool @ our vibe, message and overall intentions (Unless we’ve already built up a solid relationship over the years).

So get over there @ the FB stories > Chats > 121 coaching (once you become a member).

And Messenger… Because everyone is reading the emails. But not replying… And instead, sending messages via social media platforms.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > The hammock (See the daily Travel-curvish posts on all channels @  Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram/Facebook/twitter)

– Tis the S-curve experience @ > post workout shenanigans

– > Epic again… Since Fitbuzzers bought this yesterday


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How to get people to trust you… Forever

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Buzzers… Weekends over… (How to get people to trust you?)

If you followed my FB stories. Or the intro part of these newsletters. You’ll know what that looked like for me. It’s a new week. So let’s get into it.


Not everyone likes monthly payments. So today… I give you this new variation of putting the S-curve formula to good use…

– > S-curve my ass in one big payment @ $500.

– Will last for 5-6 months. But your member page will stay LIVE, forever (Like > this one… Which was created in August 2016… Which she still uses).
– Unlimited EVERYTHING!
– No price change @ Lifestyle or Results Phase.

This means you are ‘sorted’ for the two most important parts of the year @ starting this today…

#1 Fall season prep.
#2 Start of the new year prep.

Today’s headline @ I don’t even trust you though…

I don’t trust you… I don’t know you!

There are more fish in the sea… More than ever before, today @ options for the things we want.

But the vibe today… Comes down to trust (Unless it’s a hungry/thirsty guy, that follows a female that he likes. And is sticking around in hopes of meeting her).

Also.. A lot of S-curve world followers/members, don’t like certain females (With authority profiles) out there. Even some who are associates.

But they do trust ‘me’. They trust the results pages and the real social media activity, from those members on our profiles.

So… They stay active in S-curve world because of that

Also… We all know that there’s a lot of BS that goes on behind the scenes. Because a lot of people don’t post their daily lives. Only showing a portrayal of constant success. Daily.

Which isn’t real. You can’t trust that. Because life never looks like that. An improved version of daily life… Can look like that.

On the flip side. Some do post ‘the real’. Showing stuff like shopping trips and daily failings.

And in our world… That means

– ‘Come up for air’ moments
– Cheat snack moments
– How much sleep has been achieved
– TC2.0 weekends.

It’s all real. And I myself am living it. 24/7/365. All seen via FB stories.

And as I’ve said before. And what you should already know… In any situation @ trusting someone/something…

Just watch how they are, over a 3-6-12 month time period.

If they are the same, as they were when you first stumbled upon them. Then they’re probably a good catch to roll with.

Almost all past members used that test on us, before starting too.

The time frame @ officially becoming a member and starting, is getting shorter though. Because of all those past shenanigans/visible trust that we’ve built.

So… That’s the current state of where we are today @ ‘trust’.

Super Saiyan resilience

I’ve been talking about 121 coaching a lot recently. And rightly so. Because it’s the thing that changes everything… For YOU.

We jump on Messenger. At any time. And we could both be anywhere, when it happens (Loads of good memories coaching you from a bus trip, beach, airport lounge, hotel lobby).

But one thing I don’t talk about enough. Is the teaching of super resilience.

Like I said earlier. Not everyday is perfect. And you’ll face a lot of non-perfect days, after your initial 45-60 days (Which is a period where improved results never seems to stop).

And it simply gets tough for the average person to keep going beyond that. Which is why folks quit. And then keeps on looking for solutions. Which is why you ended up on this newsletter.

But the S-curve formula drives that Super Saiyin resilience into you.

And once you’re done @ around month 9-10. You’ll never need to go through it, ever again. Because you’ll be self-sufficient.

The only thing you’ll need to do after that time. Is some variation of stage 4 via More buzz. Or Just fix my #boutine for a period of time, for a Super Saiyin boost.

And if you don’t need that. Then you’ll be like me and some other members… @ enjoying the other parts of the S-curve experience. A lot of which… You can catch via…

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > The griller… Because of > Charlie (Lady on the FB page profile pic)

– Pre/Post/During > S-curve workout moments.

– > Epic… Because of today’s newsletter.


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London Bridge is falling down

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Buzzers… Sunday…
It’s been a weekend full of ‘recovery’ for me. And quite a few of you having been messaging me about it via the FB stories. Ha. So ya… Stay active in there. I’ll always respond.
Onwards with the day…

Most good formulas

That exist in the world… Work.

The reason why it’ll work for some and not for others. Is because people are just different from one another.

Which means, that people are approaching those formulas, differently. Especially over a period of time.

And that’s the problem that we step in and solve. When it comes to fixing your #boutine (Butt + Routine = #Boutine).

It’s pretty serious. And it takes some strong communication sessions. To start getting you to consistently

do the right thing, over time.

– Because you are awake for 17 hours.
– You workout for 1 of those hours (Or less).

But it’s all the other stuff that goes on in your daily life, that affects your mindset, body and tailored S-curve formula.

That’s why 121 coaching ranks as the no.1 thing that fixes you.

But… Just like sex…

Sometimes… You need to be forced into the mood to do it. And that’s why you always see…

FB stories > Messenger

At the end of most newsletters.

Because the more you interact… The more engaged you are. The more likely you’ll get into the S-curve zone. The S-curve experience.

Your motivations drive everything. Which comes from the things you interact and engage with.

And this is why 121 coaching ranks as number 1. So get in there! Not just for the physical/mental fix. But for the other things within the S-curve experience too @ > Morebuzz.

Example @ motivation 

There’s a few I could use @ examples… From past members. But I’ll use just one.

S-curve members who were in great paying (The cost to become a long term member was a non-issue whatsoever)… Yet boring professions.

Example: accountant/accounting 

I’ve seem this a few times now. But these folks would become S-curvish. And then take Travel-curvish to the extreme @ many trips.

Because for years… They were stuck behind 4 walls. Or just simply became very boring people.

So… A break out occurred. So if something is bothering you right now. Let the breakout happen. Don’t  hold back on ‘what’s meant to be’.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Tulum is trending via @fitbuzz social. But if you can’t visit (Yet). You can at least play with the > fake version.

– S-curve workout moments, whilst > London Bridge is falling down.

– > Food shopping to feed the monster.


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Body goals achieved – How to get your boyfriend to notice

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It’s Friday… So let’s just talk it out. Like we were together at a table like @ > this or > this place.

Today’s headline @ body goals

Yup… I won’t reveal the member. But… Once she got results. She said that her husband didn’t even notice.

‘Me’ was like… – How… He’s the one that sees you naked the most?

Now… The reason why some women become members. Is because as a man… That is in control of the 121 chats/coaching department.

They like the perspective from a mans view. When the goal is to fix the issues with their partner/hubby.

In terms of the above (And if that’s you)

He does notice. Chances are… He doesn’t have you as a top priority at present.

You’re married. And if it’s been for a year or more. Chances are… He forgot about all the effort it took him, to win you over in the first place.

So… In her case… She’ll have to start laying down the law. Because that guy ‘needs’ to start respecting and noticing your ass again.

One way… Is to indeed, become S-curvish. Take TC2.0 trips together. And I can guarantee. That other men will notice you. And make it publicly aware, that they are noticing you.

That will 100% re-awaken his ‘she is mine’ factor.

Other situations like this arise in some other 121 coaching sessions too. Not always. But they do come up.


There’s a lot of problems that have been solved @ past, current and future. Loads of experience gathered behind the scenes.

There isn’t much that I haven’t seen, personally.

So like I said in 2012 newsletters. Don’t be afraid to let it all out @ your issues. Chances are… It’s been seen before, here in S-curve world.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– > TC2.0 moments in Tulum (Just ‘Travel-curvish’ if you live on the other side of the world)

– > Supplement packets (@ Travel shenanigans)

– > Doing this after your workouts

 Current focus @ S-curve formula variations> ‘Interval phase’ and ‘Just fix my #boutine’

Blueprint tips 

FB stories > FB Messenger chats > Future 121 coaching sessions (‘Specific to you’ blueprint tips).


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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3 important things that happen when starting a ‘high end’ fitness program

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Yesterday… I talked about 121 coaching… Being the thing that makes everything work @ getting results (fitness program).

But you also know that you need to jump into 121 chats, to simply have a normal conversation.

That’s not coaching. That’s us… Connecting. We can and will… Switch on and off between coaching mode and just talking/connecting, mode.

We’ll usually both mutually agree when it’s time to wax on (Coaching/Results mode) and wax off (Chill out… Talk and connect mode).

The S-curve formula 

It’s just 1 big system, that has been continually improved upon over time…

It’s why you only see new variations of it being launched. And not anything else outside of that.

We’re currently 7 years into it’s existence.

What we find?

Becoming a member let’s you know who your true friends (And family) are…

It’s not really about becoming a member either. It’s more about YOU starting something, to change your situation for the better.

If anyone around you doesn’t support it. You’ll know that they were covertly wanting to keep you down.

And if there’s pure silence on their part, once you start succeeding. You’ll know for sure then too.

And if they try to re-enter your new world (Fixed mindset, lifestyle and body shenanigans). With the same tone that they had when you was ‘broken’. You’ll know for sure then as well.

I’ve seen this first hand… A LOT of times now. Being the person that controls all things ‘121 coaching’.

And I see how emotional it can be for some members.

The fact that the people they considered to be no.1 in their lives… Were secretly against them, in some kind of way.


I’ve never seen a member, not come out of it ‘victorious’.

For that first year or so… They are ‘winning’ @ life. Which is why we do what we do @ Tis the S-curve experience.

If failure does happen. It’s far into the future.

That’s when they return as active members. And do some variation of stage 4 via More buzz.

To conclude

All of the above.. Paints the picture of what happens during the active moments of S-curve membership.

And it’s almost always, a memorable experience, for everyone involved. The good and the bad (The bad is the above).

– Family members and friends (The true close ones at least)
– ‘Me’
– Newsletter readers
– Social media followers

@ memorable.

And every year, everything is being improved upon.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish > for the dress

– > Probiotics

– > S-curve bodyweight circuit shenanigans

– > Just fix my #boutine… Since it’s the easiest way to try out ‘becoming S-curvish’ for the first time @ $50 to get the ball rolling.

And even if you do stop after the first week. Your member page will still be LIVE.

It’s my job to put you in the zone to be ready to start and continue on. So that… I will be doing to you.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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The solution to building muscle and getting results… Is 121 coaching

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The solution to building muscle…


– You’ve seen the physical results
– The timeline of those results
– Members that are still active… Years later
– The screen shots of chats
– The S-curve formula shenanigans

All of that is good and great.

But the no.1 and most important thing that happens here… Is 121 coaching.

All of that knowledge and experience, just speeds up the process @ everything you do.

This isn’t just in relation to becoming an S-curve member either. It’s with anything you need help with. It’s the approach that I took. When learning to set up certain parts of some things that you see, over on > Morebuzz.

And it did indeed speed things up. Which also meant that YOU benefited from that… If you became a member. Or even just a newsletter reader.


121 coaching is done via Messenger.

It’s easier than ever before, to simply jump in and get the ball rolling.

– Mindset fix
– Lifestyle fix
Body fix

The S-curve formula is in there. And it’s 121 coaching that makes it all work in sync.

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– The > S-curve in OOTD attire

– Narrated > HIIT cardio

– > S-curve bendy moments

– A > solid pitcher

Blueprint tips

#1 The first thing you should do on all food labels… Is check that the > ingredients list is A-C rated or rich in nutrients.

If you do that… Then you’ll ensure that your kitchen will always feed you S-curvishly. Without having to think about eating S-curvishly.

#2 Fruity water (Using a pitcher, like the one above)

Lemon, lime, oranges…

This really does give your daily drinking shenanigans, a satisfaction boost. You just need to stick a few slices into the water. Put it in the fridge and done.

FB stories > Messenger… That’s where you need to be.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Incoming search terms:

How to build muscle for an S-curve body for skinny people

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

As usual… Sone new conversations with new people ‘happened’ yesterday. So let’s dig in…

My chat with a ‘skinny’ person (How to build muscle for an S-curve body)

Fudging up nutrition, is what’s failing you. And it’s not always your fault either.

You see… Most busy people think they’re eating enough, in order to see a change in their physique. And they are… Indeed eating enough. For their ‘current day’ body weight.

There’s two things holding you back, if this is you…

– You’ve not done anything meaningful, to wake your muscles up… For them to want more food.
– Your daily activity levels are high. And you’re not re-feeding. From the calories lost, during that activity.

That’s why your body isn’t changing.

And more likely that not. You’re not eating S-curvishly… Consistently.

@ > This (Tip #1) and > this.

The first thing you need to do. Is trigger muscle growth, by doing the right workouts. You should indeed get more hungry from doing so.

Once you do… You should see more growth. Fast.

That’s just noticeable results though. And that’s just the first 30-45 days. It gets a little more progressively precise after that.

Not following through with a system. Is why nothing changes further for most people. That’s the S-curve formula @ system.

One way to test that this in effect. Is to allow yourself to go hungry. After day 60.

It should happen faster than usual. And be very noticeable.

And that’s… how the ‘fix’ begins.

Talking about it is easy. Doing it… Not so much. Which is why 121 nutrition coaching is no.1 priority when you start.

Two problems that exist…

– People are addicted to the post workout pumps temporary effect.
– People have been overloaded with conflicting advise… For their goals. In terms of nutrition.

The arguments are still floating around, all these years later @ conflicting advise.

The big thing to write on your wall(s) is this…

Focus on nutrition advise, that’s relatable to your goal.

That’s what fix my #boutine is all about.

The different payment plans exist… Only to show you the different approaches we can take, over time. To fix you.

What we actually end up doing. Will be some variation of what we see > there.


This is the first chat that needs to be had… With everyone that enters S-curve world. Either through our  social media channels. My personal network or random face to face meets.

Repotition of the message…. Is a part of the formula.

And that’s the reason why you end up on this newsletter or Messenger.

(Wine emoji goes here)… To fixing you for good.

The age timeline

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goals

This is another reason why we’ve become more of an ‘experience’, than just a butt and S-curve shaping program @ core focus.

Because S-curve members stories goals, are changing with time.

> Like this for example @ a member for 6 years.

It is still all about the body for her. But more so about a mindset and lifestyle fix now. And to have someone(s) in her corner.

Like Aanu in 2017. Paying extra to have someone in your corner, makes all the difference.

Lifestyle Phase lite = 2 x a week check-in via 121 chats @ $70 a month
Results Phase = Unlimited 121 chats 24/7 around the clock @ $300 a month

@ low end and high end.

Note: Will give tailored Paypal payment links in the email replies and 121 chats.

Also… What piece of clothing are you wanting to look S-curvish for the most @ present?

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish… So that your shorts > fit like.

– > Tupperware @ fall season prep is in the air.

– Making S-curvish meals > look good, keeps you eating S-curvishly.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.

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