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Buzzers… Sunday…


It’s been a while since I’ve taken one of those weekend trips away.

At this…

Awesome… But less popular/quieter destinations that are 2-4 hours away from your home location for 2-4 days.
And those trips, are indeed a vital part of the S-curve formula.Just remember though. That TC2.0 doesn’t have to involve extensive travel. It can just be a place where…

– You have complete serenity.
– Can ‘come up for air’ for a few days and not just 1-2 hours @ a regular day.
– Find true moments of clarity.

And that’s what you would have been seeing via my most recent FB posts/stories.

– An empty business center.
– A roof top swimming pool (It’s been ‘my spot’ for a few years now. It works for me… So I keep going there).
– A local mall, that has been built around the > theme of Venice, in Italy.

Either way… This is something you must embrace. And if you don’t know where that should be. We can learn where that should be. Once we chat it out via Messenger. After viewing my own FB stories.

This weekend though… Isn’t TC2.0 at all for me. It’s just the final moments of the World Cup and summer movies.
A new week with inevitable new shenanigans is upon us.

So let’s > RECAPO to close this week out, before that happens…


– The journey to becoming an S-curve experience.

– Everyone starts their first 4-6 weeks as a trial. Today… That happens on > Pay as you go.


– It’s all about the mindset fix.

– ‘Life’ after your first 4-6 weeks as a member.


– it truly is more than just the butt (Very old news now).


– Have you joined a team yet?


– We empower YOU!


– Some good ‘ol blueprint tips for the day.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– Becoming S-curvish > for the dress.

– Becoming S-curvish for > ‘soft lean’ seated abs.

– TC2.0 = > Roof tops in NYC.

– Maybe you got > hungry this week.


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I got Liam Neeson ‘Taken’ last night

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Buzzers… Saturday…

What’s trending in S-curve world today?

We’re starting the newsletter with this today… Because it was a TGIF yesterday. And we’re fans of having fun with you all. So…

– Let’s > play a game (@ Can you stop at the right time?)

– Your Liam Neeson > taken a55

– TC2.0 – The > waterlily turbine charger

– TC2.0 – > @azuliktulum


It’s not all fun and games though. And we’ll no doubt have periods seriousness during your time here.

So let’s dig into some blueprint tips that help you along within this S-curve experience.

#1 The perfect S-curve cereal is…

– Wheat type + Water (Microwave)/Almond milk + Whey + Raisins (Or other dried fruit)

And variations of that.

#2 Cycling is still the best way to do a 20-30 minute S-curve HIIT workout. The most ‘fun’, is swimming and
badminton (This will boost a shred on some results phases).

#3 You are still the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again…

One of the things that is continuously highlighted, is how it’s more difficult to start becoming S-curvish. At 35+ years old. Especially if you’ve had many previous years of being Less-curvish.

And yes… We confirmed that this age timeline is real.

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goalsIt doesn’t matter who you are. Or your situation. Your situation could even sound like > Kristine’s.

Just don’t wait around if you need a current day fix!

And I’m sure you like the sound of looking 10-15 years younger than your biological age. Like Amy or Anita in the hall of fame.

#4 The argument against looking 90-100% S-curvish continues…

Yup… The Instagram and Pinterest ‘bodies’ are there to motivate you. And overall… It’s the S-curve experience, explained via images.

But… You don’t actually need to get there ‘fast’.

You’ll WANT to get there… Just like Shawn said at the end of > this recording. As moving through the progression stages makes you want more.

But you can happily live the S-curve experience in a 60-70% S-curvish body, for sure.

And this is why we have the 1-5 year timeline in place.

Which would be like Steph Frolly from the hall of fame. Who has indeed been here for 6 years.

FB stories… Go there!


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She said yes!

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Buzzers… Friday…

It’s been a week of ‘normal activity’ in S-curve world. The same as last week… Just without the random

meet ups.

Anyway… Let’s get into some topics shall we…

Empowering women?

There’s been a strong movement from women in the past two years. With a mass amount… Feeling they

deserve ‘more’ from society.

I won’t get into the specifics here. As that’s not a role for us to discuss, on full scale.

But what I will say… Is that we’ve always been about uplifting women (Back to men now too though… Since becoming an S-curve experience @ hubby’s and male fans).

Like…The first thing I told every new person last week… @ what we do on here.

I said…

”We make women look and feel like the best version of themselves”

Why @ ‘first thing’?

#1 Because ‘women’… Are the first thing they’ll see, when they hit the @fitbuzz social profiles.

#2 Because it’s true.

One reason it’s true… IS because you see women first.

Women get all the attention (Travel-curvish is taking over a little now though). So for the longest time in

S-curve world… Women have ruled the world.

So (wine emoji goes here)… At empowering the female.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– > Certain supplements to buy and try (And to keep on buying if you remain happy) because of @fitbuzz associate @loveanastazia (See the Pinterest feed on Morebuzz below @ why).

– In the name of love… @ the classic > go heavy or

– Become a bikini-curvish > captain of a boat.

Blueprint tips?

On this day… You’ll head over to my FB stories. Because something you see there, will trigger a conversation. At which point… I simply learn ‘what’s up’ with you today.

Not goals or results. Just… Where your mind is right now. And what you’re currently up to.


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The game was lost

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Buzzers… Thursday…

It was of course another World Cup day yesterday.

England (Where I’m from) lost their semi-final game. But hey… Someone had to. Besides… At least they

have a 2nd chance at a 3rd place. After decades of continuously reaching mediocre levels in the  tournament.

But even if you don’t follow the sport. One reason why it’s sucked so many people in. Is because it makes

people feel that they’re a part of something special.

If not representing their own country. Then a country who is playing, that is close to home.

That’s what it’s like in S-curve world.

Active or less active members.

They’re here and succeeding over time… Because they feel that they are a part of this world we’ve created


In fact… Most of you will have several worlds that you turn to in your life.

– Friends world
– Book club world
– Travel group world

– Mothers/Wives/Girlfriend group world
Think about the conversations that you have with people. You’ll often mention some of these worlds, to the

people that you talk to. Simply because of the fact, that you are ‘involved’ in them.

So the big take away here… Is that if there’s anything that you want to get into. Then go ‘all in’ with whatever that world is.

In terms of becoming S-curvish…

– It’s not about the foods and the workouts.
– It’s about the entire experience (Just follow my own FB profile for a day to see it in action… LIVE).

It’s the reason why you don’t really see ‘workout’ content any more on here.

Yes… You’ll see it as a member, via your LIVE update page. But on the outside… You’re more likely to see…

– Bikini shenanigans
– Travel-curvish related videos
– Yoga shenanigans (Or other HIIT cardio activities)
– OOTD/OOTN/kitchen related videos

Lifestyle stuff.

Aka… The stuff that you actually get up to during your day to say life. S-curve experience FTW.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– The return of > Villa Honegg

– The return of > the bacon

– Umm… The > ring light (YOU could probably explain ‘why’… More than me. But it is trending…)

– Becoming S-curvish for > OOTD attire

Blueprint tips 

Quick fire ones… Based on the stuff people ask me the most.

#1 Boxing, cycling, swimming, badminton for HIIT cardio moments (20 minute rounds… 1 minute fast,

followed by 1 minute slow).

#2 Fruit in the morning, pre/post workout and as cheat snacks (See today’s FB stories on my profile below).

#3 Raisins, bananas, apricots, pineapple all rank high as cheat snacks and day time snacks.

#4 Take 1 week off from working out, every 2-3 months (If you’re very active in your workouts).

#5 Just eat something (S-curve meal structure rules via Morebuzz) if you can’t get full meals in on the day.

#6 FB stories… Seriously. That’s where you need to go, if you’re interesting in ‘connecting’.


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New: Happiness drugs for sale

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

Once again… Just another ordinary day in S-curve world yesterday. But there’s always enough going on… To trigger the launch of a brand new newsletter, for the following day. So let’s get into it…

Your mindset

That’s ultimately what we’re fixing here. Because you know about the working out and food shenanigans

that must happen, in order to succeed.

But yet… You’re still failing.

I know you are… Because you’re reading these newsletters. And you’re reading… Because you need and

want a constant mindset fix.

That’s usually the reason why people become members. The results are just a bonus.

Talking of results though…

It truly is more than just the butt on here ‘today’. And becoming an S-curve experience… Is also helping you fix your mindset.

– TC2.0
– Trying out different foods from around the world
– Meeting different types of people

All of these things take you to new places. And give you different feelings. That’s why becoming an

‘experience’ is so important.

Because what you’re really looking for when you consume any of the daily content here… Is a ‘happiness


A constant and consistent reassurance… That’ll keep you feeling good and on the right path.

Like… You might have had a shi*ty day with some shi*ty people. Or a shi*ty day with awesome people, who are just ‘acting up’ on the day.

That’s a feeling that will make you want to quit and run away from things.

But at some point in the day… You will…

– Open this newsletter
– FB story
– > Instagram post

And you’ll instantly feel uplifted again.

You probably have a lot of stuff going on in your life. So if you become a member. Do it…

– To take some of the ‘weight of life’ off your plate.

– For the constant and consistent happiness drug. With the strongest strain available, via the 121 FB

messenger coaching chats.

Trending in S-curve world today?

> The > romper for summer

– Got > salsa moves?

–  Are you a > pretty faced beast?

> Voice commandments (‘Think’ that room above @ dancing to Salsa)

Blueprint tips 

You already know… FB stories. Go there. Because we need to ‘bond’ via the inbox… To truly help you.

One thing I will say though…

If you failing year in, year out @ desired results. The main reason… Is because you’re not ‘going at it’ hard enough.

– Food
– Workouts

Or whatever.

YOUR perception of ‘hard at it’, is mediocre. And usually… It takes working with someone who became

S-curvish (From the levels you’re currently at) for you to realise that.

That’s why the foundation month is so important. Because then you get to ‘feel’ what causes the success

you see so many others achieving.


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@fitbuzz Facebook Stories

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

It was a normal day in S-curve world yesterday.

But we did get active in the FB stories > Messenger chatsWhich is where you all should go, after reading

these newsletters now… Over on my own FB profile.

So let’s get into what was discussed…

To begin…

If something doesn’t look right @ your physique. Then there’s something you’re not doing… Simples.

So you need to jump in the chats, so that we can figure out what that is. And I know you have issues…  Based on the chats that I have with most of you. I can ‘feel’ your energy/vibe.Like… I’ll post something > like this @ yesterday.

And you’ll reply and tell me something > like this.

I’m doing this every single day. And I remain 90-100% S-curvish. So it’s all do-able.

I won’t mention the past members that it’s been working for. Because they’re proven. They’re in the family.

And I’m currently working through a batch of new members. Getting them to re-believe and show them how to make it work ‘for them’ (Because their mindset is all fudged up).

That’s the game we’re in, when getting you in as a member. That is…
A big ‘ol mindset fix!

Going back to yesterday’s newsletter…

Which option should you go for to begin?

– Pay as you go?
– Long term/High end? (As seen on stage 3 via Morebuzz)

Well… It almost always starts as a 4-6 week ‘phase’, in your first month. Regardless of who you are. Because that’s the foundation month.
That’s where…
– The trust building happens
– The ‘seeing what works for your lifestyle’… Happens.
– The initial trial and error… Happens
– Letting you experience the happiness from witnessing ‘noticeable results’… Happens
A lot of s**t happens during this phase. And by the end of it… You’ll be…
#1 Ready to continue on long term… To let the S-curve formula really work it’s magic
#2 Ready to go off on your own and work it yourself. Although most people who do this, simply go on a light Lifestyle Phase.
And as of today… It doesn’t really matter which option you end up doing. Because how you start now… Will
almost, always be via a tailored Paypal link.
So off to the FB stories you go (Does anyone even reply to emails any more?)

Trending in S-curve world today?

– > THIS… Is what TC2.0 IS!
– Perfect example of > OOTD-curvish via our very own @dalmaviczai.
– > Hungry always shows it’s face.
– The > barbell… Since it’s the only real protocol tool you’ll need, for ‘home’ S-curve workouts.


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Tis the S-curve experience and I am living it…

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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a brand new week. So let’s begin…

”Tis the S-curve experience and I am living it…”

That was one of my FB stories from last week (Gone now… They only last 24 hours… So tune in).

And it’s true. It’s been that way for the longest time now.

Every little thing I personally do… IS the S-curve experience. The more that people hang out with me… The more they’ll start living it too. It just creates a happy and abundance mindset.

And if we can’t hang out in person. It’ll happen online.

It’s all been a natural progression.

> No Nonsense Butt Building ebook (2011)
> Operation S-curve (2012)
> S-curve ‘long term’ member program launch (2014)
> ‘High end’ (2016)
S-curve experience (2017-18)

See… All natural. Mostly based on reactions… To what everyone has wanted/needed in their life.

Like TC2.0.

That is a very ‘women orientated’ thing. Guys don’t instigate those trips. Women do.

And they’ll do it as much as they can. And are always on the hunt for new experiences. Which is why they’re being posted everyday via @fitbuzz social profiles.

And in terms of becoming S-curvish..

Today… We’ve naturally progressed into > Pay as you go.

> FB stories.
> Reply to those stories to start chats.
> If we need to start a plan… We do it via a tailored Paypal link… With an FB chat calendar date attached

to it (If we don’t start on the day).

Almost everyone who has started this year, has started this way. It’s a very hands on, flexible and long term arrangement.

Which we have no problem with. Because operating like that. Works hand in hand with how we actually live, throughout this S-curve experience.


– Needs to slow things down during these summer months? Goes on a Lifestyle Phase.

– September is coming… Needs to start in August for 4-6 weeks and go ‘hard at it’ via a Results Phase.


If you feel like you need to force yourself into getting started. Then do what I’ve said to do recently. Which is… To pay a little first. And start after. Because then you have no choice but to turn up.

If so… Just jump on the > new stage 1.

Once you’re in… We’ll get to talking and take it from there.

So… That’s where we are today.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– > Return of the beast.

– Become a bikini-curvish > captain of a boat this summer.

– Good old > whey @ last weeks supplement focused chats.

Blueprint tips

FB stories and chats. That’s how to deliver the best ones for YOU.


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Baby Jack-Jack (RECAPO)

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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s been an eventful week here. At it ended that way too on my end @ movies and World Cup shenanigans.  You’ll know this for sure, if you’re following me on Facebook.

Today’s headline was about the new Incredibles 2 film. The first was came out 14 years ago (My gosh)!

But yes… Go and watch it. With people of all ages. You’ll enjoy.

Today… We’re just going to…


Let’s look back at it @ past week.


– Can I (You) really do this?!?!?


– My own random meet ups, often trigger a little Q & A chat about the S-curve experience. This was one of

those days.


– An unexpected sequel to Tuesdays newsletter.


– A long list of reminder blueprint tips


– An entire (Unplanned) day spent with a FitBuzzer that I’ve introduced to you before.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– ‘Soft lean’ is the goal @ > here and > here

– > Morgan Freeman HIIT cardio

– > Drones (See latest Instagram TC2.0 post)

Tomorrow… Or FB stories.


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This is an S-curve family

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Buzzers… Saturday…

Just a few words/points… On the ‘state of things’ at present… Before we get into what that headline is about…

#1 It’s very hard to be ‘fake’ today. People everywhere, are getting better at due diligence. So like I’ve always said to you. If there’s anything you want to get into, outside of the S-curve formula. Then do your research. Trust that thing. Then get into it.

#2 Everything is more real and live now.

If you have watched me this week. You would have seen how very real, every event has been. I’ve taken pics and videos of it all (Add/Follow me on FB). So that will continue on. With me… @ FB stories.

If you read this newsletter. You should 100% follow on there.

It’s a date…

That is… I spend a lot of time with those who become FitBuzzers, S-curve members and eventually… Friends. It’s natural… We’re human. That’s just going to happen.

And often times… A monetary fee isn’t even required from me at that point. Because you’re already in the family.

It’s a bit like how a private island resort operates (Ideal TC2.0 location btw).

There’s a membership fee. But once you’re in… Everything is free. With the value given/experienced… Being worth much more than was paid for with money.

And yesterday… Extended into a cinema (Antman and wasp) and eat out day with Rhoj (Real estate lady). After that random shopping trip.

She’s living every part of this S-curve experience. Which is why we’ve stayed connected, after those first few gym sessions a few months back.

And… Because she’s become more involved in S-curve world itself. Meaning her friends and family know about it.

And in terms of becoming S-curvish ‘chatter’. She was asking about supplements the most.

Because like with most people… She gets confused. Like..

– She sees my physique… Yet I don’t take supplements.

– She looks S-curvish. But not 90-100%, like some of our associates or even S-curve members.

– She tries out stuff her self. But can’t seem to nail it.

So… Around in circles she goes.

And that… Is why we’ve gone ‘high end’ over time. To bring you in close. To show you how to make this work for YOU (Which is what holds most people back from ‘starting’ here).

The pricing… The programming… Whatever it ends up being… Is reflective of your daily lifestyle. Or whatever that is to become.

But let me tell you what I told her @ supplements…

#1 You only need them to boost the value of main meals. Or to help hit the nutrients required, that you need from each meal.

#2 You only need them… When you want to get to 90-100% S-curvish.

#3 They’re good to use as a sugar replacement. Since you only use sugar to boost taste. Example = Whey on oats, instead of sugar.

#4 It’s all about the ingredients. You are good to go… If the ingredients match what’s required in the S-curve formula meals. Wether that’s food or supplements.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– This > portable Pepsi mini fridge – Because it’s an ideal S-curve experience ‘goodie’.

– > Santorini views never get old.

– > Lean bean… Since we spoke about supplements today.

– The @fitbuzz apparel has always been > very honest (The one that sits on the side bar of  is another example).


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Random booty food

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Buzzers… Friday…

Being out everyday, is interesting when you live in a ‘hub’. Because you get to meet a lot of people, everyday.And for me… That’s means loads of stories to tell you in S-curve world.

Because my entire life IS the S-curve experience. So naturally… That’s what most of my conversations will be about.

And today… If was a shopping trip with > this lady. Who I introduced to you all, back in February (The property lady @ friend now though).

As is it with most of this week… It was a random trip. As I walked past her on the way to the bank.

And what ended up happening. Was a mini version of > this video. Which lead to an explanation of A-F food rating chatter.

This is how the conversation went…

Her: I always see you eating chocolates (> This is a current fave). And you never get fat.

Me: Yes… That’s me, cheat snacking. Because it’s hard to eat A-rated… And not crave something a little tastier… For long periods of time.

That will only lead to binge cheating. So… I cheat snack. Aka… Eat a small amount of anything tasty… Right after an A-C rated meal.

This way… You’ll never put on any fat that ‘sticks’. Which is why I have no excess fat… With muscle bulk to match. It wasn’t like that back in Feb 2017. But it is now… Because I followed the S-curve formula rules.

(I told the same thing to Mr Interior designer and is girlfriend last night. And their eyes lit up @ ah-ha moment).

Her: Yes… I slightly remember from our gym sessions. A-F rating… What’s that again?

Me: (Standing in front of canned foods)

Well… You see that tuna.

Her: Ya…

Me: Well… You have that in your home town right… Fishing… And cooking the ones you catch.

Her: Ya.

Me: Well… That’s A-rated. It’s food in it’s most natural state. Even if you add something to taste. It’s still natural.

But this canned stuff in front of us… That is C-D rated. As it has been processed. It’ll taste better (Somewhat). But it won’t have the best effect on your results.

So… It’s all about varying your food types overall. With periods of eating all foods that fall into A-C rated.

And to then…. Cheat snack (With fruit the most), after your main meals.

To conclude

It’s the little chats like these… That end up sticking in your mind.

That was face to face. But it can happen anywhere. In FB messenger. Tumblr chats… Anywhere.

The best place to trigger our chats… Is my own FB stories. So add/follow. So that you’re open to seeing them.

Trending in S-curve world today?

– > The float
– > Tis the S-curve experience (Video)
– > Sun Bum


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