Eat for booty or eat to live? (Important gift)

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Crazy butt true (Pun intended)

We’re at the end of May. And it’s the 1st of June tomorrow.

Historically… This is when everyone becomes active again, after having a more ‘chilled out’ May.

Tomorrow marks the first official day of summer (globally). So here’s a little special something I’m going to do, to make your summer rock, all summer long!

– > The already bonus-ed Results Phase (Summer 2018 update)

– $199 now (Not $299 like before – You’ll see how/why I’m able to do this, in just a sec…)

#1 But… I’m making it last for 12 weeks instead 6-8!

#2 And just incase your summer does get busy. And you become less active… I’m going to upload ALL of the S-curve formula materials to your LIVE update member page. With guidance on how to use each step.

#3 And if you don’t want to use the text given guidance. You still have unlimited chats with me, all summer long (Until August 31st… Yup!).

There is no ‘Pay as you go’ (You’re unaffected by this ‘gift’ if you are currently on a pay as you go plan… Since you’re moving at your desired pace already).

You hit that Results Phase Paypal link and you’re ‘locked in’ with all that goodness, up until August 31st!

Crazy butt true… But you also only have until Saturday 2nd June, to take action on this ‘crazy’.

How we’re managing everyone?

Like I said before… We’ve been doing this since 2011. So we have our established ‘processes’ in place.

What’s the catch though? (Because that’s like… $300-$600 off!)

Well… I’ve managed to cut the cost down, by just focusing on…

– O -121 chats (Just us… Communicating as ‘people’ + Results Phase ‘guidance’.

– X – And not 121 coaching chats (Absolute info on what we need to do in the moment) Results Phase tailored process (Which is the norm).

Someone ‘in your corner’ at all times. Regardless of where you are, during your summer 2018 shenanigans.

And going by how I KNOW you’ll live out your summer months… This will make a lot more sense for some of you.

Onwards on this Thursday…

It’s a TBT. And today… We’re going to re-visit the official foods list… That’s organically grown into what that has become today, over on the S-curve member pages.

Just like the Pay as you go…. It works in line with the current day S-curve experience.

So you’ll experience every step of it… Within this order…

> Become S-curvish

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire
> Improved daily lifestyle

> Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

There’s about 6 lists in total that we’ll use, during your time as an active member. So let’s look into the details of each one.

#1 Tasty A-rated foods

Because most A-rated foods are boring and tasteless. So we need to make sure that you have meal types on your shopping list, that are NOT. @ Plain foods + Fruit added… Mostly.

Some examples from the on-growing list…

– Muesli + Almond milk + Apple/pear raisins

– Plain yoghurt + Pineapple bits

– Plantain

#2 – The A-C rated S-curve meal structure foods

This is the list you’ll turn to regularly, when it’s time to take a food shopping trip. The best thing to do, is to print it out. And stick this specific list on your fridge door.

The goal = Food type variety = Boosted physical results.

#3 Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type (Like… Protein in wild rice)

This is how you get away with eating certain meals, without worrying about the S-curve meal structure as much.

#4 Foods that have higher than usual amounts of grams, for it’s food type (Like… Bulgar wheat)This is how you hit your calorie intake, without worrying about calories. And to get content/full… From eating one meal.

#5 Foods that keep you ‘feeling’ full
Examples from the list…
– Bananas
– Dumplins
– Cheat snacking on stuffed crust pizza on TGIF nights/weekends

It prevents you from craving… Which often leads to cheat snacking on D-F rated foods. Which of course will start to fudge up your physical AND mental results.

#6 The restaurant 

This is when we start to have fun, eating out (Eye up the > Pinterest feed on More buzz).

The S-curve meal structure doesn’t know all the foods in existence. It’s just a formula. So no matter where you are in the world… You can start to dig into food menus, with the S-curve formula firmly planted in your subconscious brain.

– Gauge taste
– Gauge ingredients (Steal the ideas if they’re good)

And do this everywhere you go.

I’m in the chats. Go there.


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What if you was a man (Or vice versa if you are a ‘man’)

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

You know… Being a person that is very active in ‘fitness’, by default. Due to job title (Current head FitBuzzer to you all)…I get to see, when even the most active people fall off the wagon. Usually due to ‘busyness’ or other ‘life’ issues.

My daily schedule IS the S-curve formula.

And because of that… Almost every day, looks near perfect. Not so much for the physical side of things. But more so, that I can function effectively, every single day, mentally.

That’s mostly the reason why I’ve remained as the main person to take care of you, in the 121 coaching chats. Because I’ve seen every little aspect of it.

And it’s because of what I’ve seen… Which has lead to us using the > Pay as you go.

It coincides with the way that we live within the S-curve experience too.

This past weekend for example…

You might have been on a very active Results Phase up until May 24th.

But if you’re just returning from the long weekend. Then you’re not likely to return to those high activity levels any time soon.

So you’ll be entering a Lifestyle Phase. Which is less intense.

It’s all about creating the right vibe ‘long term’. That’s how you never fall off. So 2018 is all about fixing the ‘vibe’. Which has already started to happen.

What if you was a man (Or vice versa if you are a ‘man’)?

Well… I’m active everyday. And the city/area that I’m living in… Has me bumping into a lot of new people and a lot of neighbours, every single day.

On one of those days… There was a new guy in the gym, with his group of friends.

He has a good natural shape and muscle mass. But his problem is his core @ high body fat. Using the S-curve formula… It’ll take him 12-18 months to totally fix it.

And he pretty much rushed over to me to ask questions, the moment I walked in (He’s one of those out going types of people).

I of course gave him a quick solution.

But I know too well… That it would take a structured approach to fix him. Since his mental game and current day lifestyle is broken.

The reason I highlighted this situation from last Monday. Is because the S-curve formula actually

works for both sexes.

The only real difference, is in the way that men and women workout. The workouts that men do, will indeed be a lot more aggressive.

In fact… We have some of the returning ‘men’ followers using the S-curve meal structure rules too. > Look.

So ya… Things in S-curve world have started to change a little, with this ‘current day’ expanded audience.

So if you have a partner/BF/husband… Then it might be a good idea to get them involved, if you know they need the fix, along with yourself.

The chats… Go there. Because I’m there.


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Buzzers… > Tongue day (There’s currently free shipping @ take advantage)…

The long weekend is coming to an end for many. And if you did take time off… Then you better have had made it worthwhile.

I know a lot of you were less active.

And because of that… I got to focus on having conversations with all followers, on all of our most active platforms.

So let’s have a little Q & A @ what was discussed…

No… She’s Asian… She can’t have a ‘natural’ body/butt > like this.

Ha… That was a statement from a new follower. Not an S-curve member or newsletter Fitbuzzer (So they probably haven;t seen the results pages yet).

And this person was mostly clued up @ what goes on in the world of body shaping.

The ability to body shape > into this naturally, can be achieved. But the amount of people/businesses that can successfully make it happen… Falls in the 20% of the 80/20 rule.

We’ve been successfully doing it for years, with a ton of the results > recorded for everyone to see. So we of course fall into that category.

Enter: Your genetics/background 

– Yes… Where you are from, can play a part in how ‘epic’ your S-curve bod will get.

– Genetics have their place too (I’m personally never going to look super bulky, with my long limbs).

But you will only know what the actual limitations within you, are… Until you put yourself through the process.

I’m pretty sure > Steph never thought her butt would explode to that size, with her tiny frame.

Conclusion = Never live by the words of others.

Almost all successful members, thought they had tried everything, before their results came.

So no matter what it is that you want to go out and achieve… Find someone or something that has a track record in helping people get to the levels that you’re trying to get to.


The higher the price of something, usually means better quality. But in today’s world… You have to do due diligence @ going the expensive route.

The best way to be sure if the expensive option you’re talking to, is legit… Is to talk to them 121, for weeks or even months (ALL long term S-curve members did this… And I encourage you to do that to, if you’re not a member yet @ 121 chats).

Because that’s what you did before getting in, ‘long term’, with your current day spouse… Right? :).

What’s an S-curve belfie?

Most of you already know this. But it’s when you turn to the side and take a butt selfie. Which reveals the quality of your current day S-curve.

It’s the first shot that you’ll have to take on day 1, as an S-curve member.

You’ll see why, by day 60.

You already know that I’m active on social. So go there. Or to the FB page… If you want to talk to ‘the page’.


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It fudging STARTS here

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Buzzers… Monday… Always start the week @ > epic

You might be starting back at work. Or you might be continuing a long weekend (> Not necessarily TC2.0).

But today… I want to remind you that the S-curve experience ‘starts’ @ Becoming S-curvish.

It’s all fun and games after that initial bout of hard work… Just follow on FB, Insta, Tumblr, YouTube or Pinterest to see what I’m talking about (Seriously though…). You’ll see them all linked on > Morebuzz.

What the fudge is ‘Becoming S-curvish though?

Well… Let’s talk about that @ reminders.

#1 Putting the right foods into your body, at the right times of the day, so that you can feed your butt and have a teeny tiny waist to match (You’ll still eat ALL food types that you currently eat).

#2 Doing the right workouts for your current body type (At any given time), to trigger the desired result (Keyword = Trigger).

Which is changed every 4-6 weeks.

#3 Daily ‘life’ routine fix.
That’s all becoming S-curvish is.

You’re encouraged to go long term, because the 60% S-curvish results and beyond, takes 3 months + to achieve. Depending on how much body fat you start with.

If you’re a beginner. Expect to experience ‘noticeable results’.

But regardless of who you are… Don’t expect to see drastic changes, until around month #6. It’s usually all flying sky high after that.

The S-curve formula is simple. Since all the work (That actually ‘works’) has been done by us in previous years.

What makes it hard…
– Is your brain fart moments
– Emotions
– The people around you
– Daily life shenanigans

The easiest thing that you can do… Is to become a member.

– You’ll save a sh*t load of time

– You’ll be a lot less stressed

– You can focus on enjoying the fun things in your life

A lot of people who become members, have this big preparation sequence in their mind, before starting.

Don’t do that.

Simply continue living your life the way you are.


Because nothing will actually change. You’ll continue to do the same sh*t that you’ve always done. Just…  We change the order of how you do things.

Like I said the other week. I’ve seen how this plays out, way too many times already.

But YOU haven’t seen that (As a non-member). You may have watched how it plays out for others here….

– Hall of fame
– S-curve member stories
– S-curve member results recorded LIVE

But you haven’t seen the BTS stuff. So it’s our job here, to make sure YOU experience that.

I was going to give some blueprint tips today. But in terms of this newsletter topic. The best blueprint tip, is to jump into a 121 chat. Messenger is where you NEED to go.

Either on the FB page or my own profile. Because no one becomes a member today, without jumping into a 121 chat, first.

If you’re still enjoying a TC2.0 trip. Then start eyeing up our Instagram @fitbuzz. So that you can get ready for your next trip :).


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This is not normal

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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s true… It’s not. That is…

This weekend, isn’t a real TC2.0 weekend. As everyone typically takes this weekend off, for travels and shenanigans.

The whole point of making TC2.0 a ‘thing’. Is so that you get a gradual ‘injection’ of > ‘coming up for air’. That’s what keeps you mentally and physically S-curvish, for the long haul. Long after your first active 4-6 weeks as an S-curve member.

As we all know… 90-100% of people quit, after that time period. Unless you are a part of the crowd that has been S-curvishly fixed (At which point, you’d be embracing Stage 4 via the > Pay-as-you-go).

So even though most people are killing it this weekend @ TC2.0 ‘like’… Shenanigans. Understand that the real TC2.0 > rules, kick in once you get back to everyday life, at some point next week.

Let’s > RECAPO 


– Just ‘live’ @ S-curve experience.
– Blueprint tips.


– Adding new people into S-curve world daily, offline and online.
– Putting YOUR feelings first @ becoming a new member.
– Blueprint tips.


– Blueprint tips as an S-curve member (Nutrition).


– S-curve member stories (Re-visited).


– A whole entire week of ‘becoming S-curvish’ activity, lead to this specific newsletter.


-,The ‘vibes’ are sooo much nicer for all of us now @ the S-curve member experience.

– ‘This weekend’. And my movies so far are Red Sparrow, Cargo and Gringo @ relaxing. Almost all of you are taking the weekend off (Good). So only half of ‘work life’ is alive in S-curve world this weekend.


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My final fudging words…

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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s coming to the end of a very active ‘becoming S-curvish’ month @ new and returning members.

And the vibe is a lot more relaxed now… Now that we’re embracing the > Pay-as-you-go.

Which is better for our ‘communicating relationship’, as we enter the rest of the S-curve experience.

– Talking on family issues
– Romantic relationships
– Career aspirations
– TC2.0 shenanigans (More on this in a sec)

There’s 2 phases @ Lifestyle/Results (You’ll be on one or the other at any given time). But there’s only 1 S-curve formula. The only thing that determines the price you start or continue at, is the intensity level.


This weekend…

It’s a long weekend. And even though I’m going to be relaxing AND active in S-curve world… YOU… Should indeed take a TC2.0 trip. A big long one @ 4-5 days. Which means you might already be on one as you read this.

You can go wherever the fudge you want. And there’s plenty of global examples, if you browse the @fitbuzz Instagram (The easiest place to browse them).

Just remember to follow these TC2.0 rules…

– 2-4 hours away from your home location.

– Super duper, yet less popular destinations (Important)

– Less technology (Or just no wifi present) for at least 6 consecutive hours of the day.

– 3-4 days away.

If you’re active as a member… Then the ‘life fix’ that you get there… Should enable you to take 2 (Or more) of these trips every month.

I done > this trip in 36 hours. So I KNOW you can have a lot of fun with TC2.0.

Your happiness levels will get a mighty boost because of it for sure.

If you aren’t doing anything like that this weekend. And aren’t busy with anything else. Then hit the 121 chats. I’ll be there.


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This butt smells like roses

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Buzzers… TGIF…

Becoming S-curvish 

It’s hard not to talk about that right now… Since members have become active in full force. So it’s all smelling like roses in this part of the S-curve experience right now (You’re welcome to come in and take a sniff, if your face isn’t already in it).

And historically… It always is more active at this time of year.

It just makes sense. The suns out… And you do not want to be looking like trash, as you parade ‘around’.  And we all know the benefits that come with looking S-curvishly great.

And… Because more members are starting. The most important thing, is the 21-28 day results.

It comes… As long as everything is followed. The only time it’ll take longer, is if you have a higher than usual body fat percentage (About 27% and above).

Taking part in other activities 

That’s the best thing about becoming an S-curve member… Within today’s focus @ S-curve experience.

Is that, you are encouraged to take up other activities. You can do what ever the fudge you want (For me, it’s learning how to surf at present) as long as the activity isn’t categorised as slow-go cardio.

Since that leaves you with shrunk butt and a skinny-fat frame (‘Soft lean’ and epic butt/tiny waist is the goal).


The results will still come. And it won’t feel like you’ve gone through a chore (constant working out) to get it.
What can get you to S-curvish results quicker?

Results Phase

It’s intense… And lasts 4 weeks when done properly. > Like this (Which was recorded LIVE every single day).  But is always ‘very’ worth it.

It’s the most expensive program on here ($300 for the month) because of it. It uses every aspect of the S-curve formula (Actually still takes 3-4 months to use all of it though… Really).

These supplements…

– > Lean bean.
– If you’re a guy reading this (The hubbies have joined in + The male FitBuzzers have made a return this year… Since we’ve become more of an ‘experience’ overall) then > this.

– > Whey (The usual… Pre/Post workout and breakfast).

– > Casein (Before you sleep, every night without fail).

Wether it’s food or supplements… The reason you’ll ‘ever’ see ’em listed, is because the ingredients match the S-curve meal structure (See More buzz below).

Yes… You’ll initially have to learn the S-curve meal structure. But it won’t take long before the habit building shenanigans set in.


It won’t be an issue on a Results Phase, as it’ll knock you out and make you sleep. But getting 8 hours every night without fail, will boost your results.

Yup… That’s pretty much it. The S-curve formula covers everything else that needs to be done.

Just remember… That things change after the first 4 weeks. That’s when the real heart of the S-curve formula kicks in. Because that’s the time when most people quit.

That’s the big value… Of having stages 1-4 in existence @ making the hard sh*t, easier @ past experience + proven science.

Also @ remember… The stuff that you do today, is setting you up for the future. You will NOT be the same person this time next year. You’ll be better.


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About your butt story

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Enter: > S-curve member stories (Scroll down)

We started this in 2017.


Well… We’ve been S-curving since 2010. And members started to come in, around 2011. And it was around 2015 when we realised, that those who started in the beginning, were still here.

Maybe not as active. But definitely present.

That’s a 3-5-7 year time period. And we get members to start… To go long term.

So… It only made sense, that we documented what that journey looks like. Via real members who are doing it.

Enter: S-curve member Monica (You’ll see her as you scroll)

You’ll see several ‘story’ examples on this page.

But the one key takeaway from all of this… Is that you will go through different phases @ results/life.

Yet… The no.1 phase that you’ll always be on… Is the one where you never fall off entirely.

If you look at Monica’s story (Recent returning member on > Pay as you go). You’ll see that she’s been very active @ an almost constant Results Phase. Which is what typically happens to highly motivated members @ new. Which leads to 90-100% S-curvish.

To then…

– Changing cities – Being a lot less active because of it.

– Returning this month – As a curvier, yet still S-curvish version of herself.

That’s a lot of ups and downs. Which is why we have two phases (Results/Lifestyle). And now the Pay as you go.

– Life’s ups and downs
– TC2.0 shenanigans and change of moods/seasons

= Makes waaay more sense… For the main program to involve into those features.

So understand… That’s what becoming a member is all about.To live by a set of rules, that’ll always keep you @ a happy version of yourself, at all times.

– Cheat snacking.
– A-C rated eating.
– Tailored Daily Exercise videos.
– To just eat ‘something’ at meal time. As long as it’s the right nutrients @ > S-curve meal structure.
– Do one exercise every single day that hits your weakest looking/hardest to build body part.

@ Some of the S-curve formula ‘rules to live by’.

I’m doing this every single day myself. Have been doing so for the past 2-3 years. So I personally know it works well.


We start or continue your story (That’s actually the concept of a website that I created, before @fitbuzz, circa 2006-2008). Let’s go…


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Pilates: A Mind-Body Exercise

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When fitness enthusiasts come across Pilates exercises, they already know that it is time to improve their mind and strength. The exercises are primarily meant to make the body strong and powerful. However, they go a long way in improving the mind especially when reliable enhancement gear like steroid seller offers is used.

The greatest and seasoned athletes cherish and value Pilates. They include Pilates in their workout cycle so that Pilates exercises are done on a weekly basis. Most athletes need to have sharp mental power to give them an edge when they are playing sports. This benefit extends to other people as well. It is essential for every person to improve the functionality of the brain with mind-body exercises like Pilates. After all, you need stamina to perform your daily tasks as well as the power to multitask.


Improving Your Brain with Pilates

According to various studies, any physical exercise is great for the brain. As the body obtains the health benefits of exercise, one of the body parts that receives those benefits is the brain. Most of the experts call it neurogenesis. So, how do Pilates exercises come in to help to trigger this growth?

The exercises focus on creating a balance in the whole body especially in flexibility. As the body does this, the nerves send messages to the brain telling it how the person is faring. Further, the improved blood flow to the brain will not only supply it with nutrients but also ensure it has the right consistency. A brain with better blood flow is what any person wants to remain healthy.

Many studies by various health institutions have supported this information. Researchers in these institutions usually use rats to study the relationship between Pilates and healthy brain growth. Most of them have been positive so far. They all claim that Pilates will improve focus and concentration.


Pilates Exercises and Body Improvement

Pilates exercises are also heavily associated with core strength. Not many people have this including even some athletes. The good thing with core strength is that one can approach any other fitness strategy with ease. The Pilates exercises can be easily incorporated into any training schedule.

In addition to increasing inner strength, your flexibility will be amazing. It will work the glutes, abs, biceps, triceps and most other muscles to the point of having the best flexibility ever. According to fitness experts, doing Pilates exercises for 20 minutes every time you visit the gym will make a big difference.



From what we have seen, Pilates exercises should never be ignored by any fitness enthusiast. They will also work well for people nurturing pregnancies or those recovering from various illnesses. For the recovering, the Pilates exercises will improve the brain as much as it had been previously impaired.

Senior citizens should never miss out on these exercises as well. Pilates fit them since the exercises are moderate and benefit the brain. Most researchers agree that this is a great way to age in a healthy way. The rate of memory loss will also be slowed down.

Food in, booty all fudged up

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‘Fudge’… Is our ‘F word’ 😛

Buzzers… Wednesday…It’s another day in S-curve world. And you should definitely be enjoying yourself, if you’re following on FB, Instagram, Tumblr or YouTube.

You can find all of them linked on > Morebuzz.

Offline… I’m back to a solid routine. Now that I’m out of TC2.0 mode.

> Wake up
> Watch a TV show or Youtube videos (All online… It’s the new ‘TV’ and has been for a while)
> Hit the roof top pool (Read, relax or swim)
> Gym
> Prepare for the day
> Or gym after (Depends how I feel on the day)

And of course… I’ve structured the S-curve formula into my daily routine. It’s been the same for the past 2 years now. Because it just works.

But now that I’m fully re-embraced @ managing all things in S-curve world. The new members that are starting, are quickly realising that nutrition is where we’ll be spending most of our time.

So today… I’m going to share some S-curve reminder blueprint tips, in regards to nutrition.

Let’s get into it…

#1 Calorie counting 

It doesn’t exist in S-curve world. At least until your goal is to reach 90-100% S-curvish (It’s very robotic, time consuming and unnecessary)

For the most part… You only ever need to focus on the food types that enter your guts. And the time of day that it happens.

If you’re a member. You don’t need to focus on that at all. Since you’re ‘given’ exactly what to do and when.

The reason why it’s given… Is so that you can start happily embracing the fun parts of the S-curve experience. And of course… To make your life a lot more simpler.

Once the habit building tactic sets in @ knowing about food types/timing. Then you are forever fixed.

And then… You can start taking that knowledge to the > restaurant food menu. And start having fun with it all @ this quote…

The S-curve meal structure doesn’t know all the foods in existence. And it’s not supposed to. It just puts any food source that’s found… Into the S-curve meal structure. And to then… Let it do it’s magic.

This means… Than you can eat S-curvishly and cheat snack at the same time, when eating out. Especially when on TC2.0 trips.

#2 Total daily fat intake 

Not following the S-curve formula = 100 grams + daily (And more saturated fat).

Following the S-curve formula = 40-50 grams daily (Almost all mono/poly fats… Other than on cheat snack weekends).

This is the one part of the S-curve formula rules… That is probably screwing you up the most @ not following.

Most people have this rule all fudged up. Like eating fruit before they sleep. Or worse… Dark chocolate.

The key to making this part of the formula work… Is consistency. Which will 100% happen, as long as you’re active on 121 coaching chats. A Results or Lifestyle Phase.

Which you now know… Can be ‘switched’ on the fly @ > Pay as you go model 2018.


Like I said before. The S-curve formula won’t ever change. Because it’s proven itself over and over and over again (It’ll just improve).

What will change… Is how it’s delivered to you. Only time will tell @ what that looks like in the future.

Right now… It’s the ‘Pay as you go’. And what I said in > yesterday’s newsletter.


#1 Message first, reply second (FB Messenger/Tumblr/Instagram)
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

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