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Buzzers… Tuesday

I’ve become a lot closer to everyone who deals with ‘me’ via @fitbuzz, in the past few years (Not just FitBuzzers either).

Especially since becoming more of an S-curve experience.

And today… I’m doing another test with Stage 1.

Earlier in the year…

Stage 1 got a little value upgrade. As some who were taking action, failed to follow through after, on the old $9.99 Stage 1 (The new upgrade is working… So it was a good call).

So today’s test…

The goal?

Is to simply get you to take action @ just becoming a member. Which is what I talked about in last weeks newsletters.

Also… It’s my birthday today (Everyone gets my age wrong… Muahaha @ Benjamin Button I am… Must be the benefits of living S-curvishly).

So it’s a nice way to get us and keep us talking. We even have a > birthday t-shirt in S-curve world.


> The return of the old stage 1

#1 $4.99… And not $9.99 like it was then.

#2 Answer the questions on the page.

#3 We talk it out a little via Messenger.

#4 Your first member page update will give you an overview solution of what you need to do @ your goals + fixing your problems.

Then we start building sh*t together…

Oh… And #4 = Some bday bonuses from me to you… If we end up making love @ moving on to further stages together. I don’t need to list them. You’re just going to get some good sh*t thrown at you.

Happy bday to me (Sing at me).

#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on
More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Naked without a mirror

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Buzzers… Monday…

Hopefully, you used that past weekend to recoup. Which is also what TC2.0 is for. Which you’ll get plenty motivation of… Via the posts around the > @fitbuzz social media profiles.


– We’ve had newsletters based on iterations of stages 1-4.- And we’ve had newsletters that are focused on solving specific issues that I KNOW affect you.

But today… It’s all about…

Off the top of my head blueprint tips

#1 The mirror 

You’re not supposed to look at it a lot. But it’s what you’re naturally going to do anyway. Especially when you have to look at it to check yourself throughout the day.

Who knows… You might just have a big booger in ya nose (‘Hides eyes’ emoji goes here). So in terms of results… Take regular selfies + belfies. At least semi naked. For your eyes only.

Because they’re like visual time stamps that never lie @ noticing on going results.

#2 You don’t need to workout so hard 

Especially if you’re at least 60% S-curvish.

If you have a lot of fat to lose or ‘Soft lean’ S-curvish curves to gain… Then yes, you’ll need to break a sweat for some months (That’s what a > Results Phase is).

If not… Just focus on a Short Splits Routine and/or Tailored Daily Exercise video. Especially now that we’re in the summer season.

I’ve personally been doing TDE and short splits for 2 years straight. Whilst focusing on S-curve nutrition a lot more. And it works great. I take plenty of regular semi naked pics @ Facebook. So that’s the truth. Hehe.

#3 it’s all about ingredients 

I talk about this a lot. Because it’s the most important thing that matters on here… Outside of being physically active.

You’ll see it in regards to the S-curve meals and the ones that are posted on FB.

And you’ll see it on the supplements that are listed on More buzz (They’re either goal specific… Or to be added to S-curve meals, like oats + whey).

It’s also where we spend most of our time on stages 2 & 3 @ 121 coaching chats. So if you’re not already obsessed about ingredients and yummy foods… It’s time to be.

#4 lack of knowledge and managing your emotions

If you’re going to become a member. At least do it for that reason alone. Since that’s what screws everyone up the most.

Even successful S-curve members fall victim to emotions.

And talk to me on Messenger. Tell me what’s going on with YOU!


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Want Some cheesecake?

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Buzzers… Sunday…

I’m currently geeking out at present.

– Focused on a game that I waited 8 years to play (The wait was worth it).

– Anticipating the new Avengers movie next week.

– Some of the stuff that I talked about in this Friday’s newsletter

And cheesecake?

Well… That’s what you > should be eating @ a fave food, as an S-curve member. More so after your first 4-6 weeks though.

Anyway… It’s been a content heavy week. So let’s have an actual > RECAPO.


– A solution… To cure you from ‘starting at a later date’.

– A new ‘higher end’ S-curve experience supplement coming to More buzz. And one ‘lower end’ one that you can start using today (If not something similar to that already).


– The two previous newsletters… Bookmark them!

– New FitBuzzers are becoming S-curve members.

– It’s all about REAL action taking.


– The > Spring season New stage 2 (The bonus ended on Friday though)… Inspired by new S-curve members.


– Reminder blueprint tips.


– A look back at the past… And into the future.


– It’s all about getting an epic butt/tiny waist @ not always easy to achieve. But hey… That’s what we’re here for @ kick starting your S-curve experience.

Tomorrow… And all that info below.


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
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This butt is a beast

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Buzzers… Saturday…

That’s related to a Fitbuzzer > fave tee. And has been a for a while.

I personally like the theme of it. As it’s never a good idea to judge on first appearances. And if you are a ‘cute looking’ person. You surely will be a beast beneath that cuteness, if you start living S-curvishly!

It’s been a beast of a week too…And hopefully, you’ve been taking notice.

If you haven’t. You have indeed been missing out! @ shame on you, if you’re here for the help, but not acting like you want any.

Our social media channels are always hyper active. And it’s where almost all communication happens (The serious chats happen in Messenger and email).

And yesterday’s activity triggered a lot of direct messages to come through. So today… I’m going go over some of the topics that was covered.

So let’s get into it…

Areas of focus = The butt

The first rule @ fixing any body part… Is to realise that you can only build it up to be YOUR body parts best version of it.


You’ll never have epic ‘upper’ calves, if they don’t naturally look like that. Like a typical long distance

runners calves.

This rule applies to your butt too.

In general… You’ll have a hard time making your butt look epic, if you don’t have a naturally high butt (Like me… Hehe).

But there are always things you can do to make it YOUR best.

#1 Shrink your waist 


This isn’t easy to achieve for everyone. But it can be achieved by all. It’ll just take a little longer if you have a high BF% or are naturally ‘big-ish’.

Full range of motion exercises – Because doing so… Hits more muscles fibers …

– Standing knee to elbow exercise
– One arm side to side dumbbell swings

The food 

This is a job for 121 coaching via > The new Stage 2 onwards.

It starts by following > this video.

And to make sure you always do the following… At least to start with…

– Increase your total daily food intake (Number of calories)
– 40 grams of fat daily (Mostly Mono/Poly)
– The S-curve meal structure, based on your lifestyle
– Vary your food types regularly

That stuff is hard to do on your own, over the long term. Which is why the monthly program came about. And because of that… Results improved across the board.

#2 Wack your butt

Everyone has a set of muscle groups, that respond well to certain types of training. This is what we figure out, during your foundation month.

Here’s what typically works (After seeing this play out a gazillion times over… Over the years).

A) Focus in 90 degree abduction exercise variations.

B) Focus on side to side leg lifts. The standing variation, whilst you’re slightly bent at the waist.

C) Super reps – This is when you count down through 5 seconds, on each rep (A slow rep).

D) High tension reps (When you go 25% away from the peak of the rep. At the top and the bottom. There’s no rest at either end. You’re just keeping the momentum going until you’re wiped out for the set.

E) > Go heavy.


Yup… Yesterday’s chatter was dominated by booty talk.

There is one solution for all. The outcome changes slightly every time. As everyone enters this, with a different set of problems, every single time.

So if you’ve been failing and want to get fixed… Get the help. So that you can start spending that wasted time on TC2.0 trips like these…

> Scroll…


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
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It’s over

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Buzzers… Friday…


> visual conclusion to end yesterday’s newsletter @ just posted it.

Second – What do you mean @ It’s over?

Well… What I mean by that. Is that nothing stays the same for ever.

– YOUR needs and wants change (Like on the S-curve age timeline).

– The people around you change.

– The ‘markets’ that you’re into, change.

All sh*t just changes.

And it’s no different here in S-curve world. And we’ve already seen some big shifts happen, year after year on here. Which you would have been a part of too, if you’re reading this.

And since it’s #FBF today… Let’s look back at all the changes that have happened… And what’s to come.

#1 We’re now an S-curve experience 

It’s all happened organically @ this…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

And slowly butt surely (I had to get that pun in there)… All followers, FitBuzzers and S-curve members have accepted that @ it’s definitely more than just becoming S-curvish at this point.

It just ‘starts’ there (I say this to everyone, that I meet @ the first time).

#2 2011 S-curve program until now…It all started with No Nonsense Butt Building. Which was an ebook only set of workout routines, to help achieve what the title says.

It soon got replaced by the Aphrodite Butt Building video program (Still the best ‘Becoming S-curvish’ routine). A program that was a part of a $200 ‘bundle’ of all the ‘then’ S-curve program’s, called Operation S-curve.

That remained popular until 2014.

That’s when we began our first $66 monthly program. Stages 1-4 on More buzz… Is a DEEP evolution of that.

All of this has been documented daily via the RECAPO > newsletter archive. Every single day! (Take a look).

#3 Changes on Morebuzz since 2015

We used to place a ton of links in every newsletter that went out (Looked horrible). And each link represented something that we were into… Before calling that stuff, a part of today’s S-curve experience.

But eventually… ‘One page’ had to get created for all of it. That’s what’s on More buzz.

It’s the new business card website link, for everyone I show our Instagram to. And they ‘get it’ instantly.

#4 No more hiding behind a computer screenYup…

The internet is becoming a reflection of the offline world. Which also means you can’t pull old internet tricks on any one, anymore (At least not as easily).

For us – Something like, fake scarcity.

For you – Buy something and refund it instantly (Don’t do that with anything ‘today’… You’ll lose your money

@ being old school internet shady).

But in terms of anonymity… It no longer exists. Facebook started the death of anonymity in 2007. And it’s here to stay.

So no longer can you be a weirdo behind a screen. Especially if you’re here to get real help. Which is also why we’ve been updating every moment @ life… LIVE, in the past few years. As stated earlier.

#5 The crypto/blockchain world is upon us…

You’ve seen me introduce ‘You can optional’ on stages 1-4 on More buzz. And it really is a very early adoption option, for everyday folks.

But almost every industry in the world is about to be rocked by crypto and blockchain shenanigans. And I’ve been involved behind the scenes.

So that’s my attempt to get you involved. If at least a little.

And then even more so, as we start to see that stuff being used, in everyday life. Which would of course be evident within the S-curve experience. The first thing that comes to mind is Travel-curvish ‘use cases’.

And on Stages 1-4 in some kinda way.


If you’re a past FitBuzzer. Tell me what’s changed with YOU.If you’re new… Introduce yourself.

Happy #TGIF.


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
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Let’s get back to blueprint (Video)

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I mean…’basics’. Or do I? Anyway…

Buzzers… TBT…

So… It’s been quite a beastly week on this newsletter (And outside of it).

First we had the bookmark worthy > Sun/Mon newsletters. And then the S-curve member shenanigans kicked into gear @ Kasandra.

That’s been the vibe on here in the past few weeks.

This stuff is happening… LIVE and in the moment. And it’s the 121 chats (Not coaching), that inspires the iterations to the existing stages that you can see on More buzz.

And as you’ve seen… That led to the introduction of the > Spring season Results Phase. And yesterday’s

 > Spring season Stage 2.

Again… They exist, because there are new or returning members on those as we speak.

But today… It’s time to change up the flow and feed you with some…

TBT reminder blueprint tips

Because doing so… Is a part of the S-curve formula (Remember what I said yesterday about forgetting the formula and only remembering the ingredients?)

So let’s get into it…

#1 Eating ‘out’ S-curvishly after ‘results’
– Pineapple boat with rice inside + various meat choppings (Thailand)
– Tacos + dip
– Chicken adobo (Phillippines)
– Special or chicken fried rice (Chinese)That list is truly endless @ some faves of my own.

We typically start to embrace this stuff more, when you’ve reached at least 60% S-curvish. And to definitely be embraced on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

Which can be seen via the shenanigans album on my own profile and via the @fitbuzz Pinterest feed via More buzz.

We don’t do much with recipes here. Just a focus on the ingredients, that fit into YOUR S-curve meal structure.

So when eating out at restaurants… It’s…

A) Eye up the restaurants food menu
B) Subconsciously eye up the A-F rated foods in the meals listed (Your brain would be trained for this by

C) Order… Based on how you feel
D) Try something new… And take the meal ideas home with you :DThe foods above, are just from my own experiences.

#2 > This super market video

Like I said… We don’t focus on recipes too much. Because you’ll usually eat what you want.

What we do… Is focus on the meal structure and ingredients.

That way… You can easily identify the food types. Buy the right food types. And then eat them at the right times.

99% of people screw up the nutrition part of becoming S-curvish though. Especially over the long term (A now solidified process @ stages 1-4). So expect that topic to be the bulk of the 121 coaching chats.

#3 Have you found some food types that contain a super nutrient set up… But, end up not liking the

taste of?

Then blend it into a shake.

The S-curve meal structure (Via More buzz top links) rules still apply though. So watch ALL of the ingredients that you add @ we don’t screw this up.

I focused on nutrition… Because this is the area that you need the most help with. And it’s alway the area that we spend the most time on… Regardless of which iteration you become a member through.
There’s a lot more that is covered during your time as a member. So ya… Today’s newsletter is all about getting you ready for that (And read Sunday’s newsletter again!).


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on
More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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There was an error with your transaction

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Buzzers… Wednesday…
So… Continuing on from > yesterday…Kasandra is now an official S-curve member… As per our continued conversation yesterday.

Her motivation levels are high, due to our Tumblr activity (It probably has the highest engagement out of all of our platforms right now).

And her motivation levels flew way higher, after she found out that someone behind the scenes @ S-curve world, was about to help her directly.

This is the most critical part of getting results. Especially for someone that’s constantly failed at getting it on their own.

I gave her > two options. And even she agreed, that option 2 was best. Which is what I always tell YOU to

do @ any stage past stage 1.

Especially if you have a long history of failing.

It works out for the best… Simply because something magical happens, when you start working 121

with someone.

She will most likely carry on to month two.

And as a bonus, she’ll get some bonus 121 sessions for the month @ stage 2.

Enter: Spring season 2018 – New Stage 2

This is important. Because those 121 sessions are recorded, inside your Messenger and on your member page, as daily updates.Which means you can refer back to it, months or even years later.

Because most people who just get on coaching calls or even in-person coaching sessions… Just rely on the info that’s fed to them, on the day.

And will most likely forget everything that they did.

They’ll keep the ingredients in mind. But will tend to forget how to use the formula that’s given to them.

So… More sessions it is for Kasandra @ habit building shenanigans last forever.

Which means… I’ll do the same for you, if you get in on the New Stage 2 before the weekend hits.You don’t have to start before the weekend. You just need to do the Paypal stuff before the weekend hits.

This is of course, similar to what’s going on with the Spring season Results Phase. That just has a longer time frame as a bonus.

The Spring stage 2 bonus above, is a few more coaching sessions for the month.
#1 This is all happening… Because it’s Spring.#2 And because it’s what the current members have started on. Which means that I MUST offer you the same thing.

And remember to send your answers to > these questions… To either my own > FB messenger. Or the

@fitbuzz page Messenger.


This is all program focused stuff. Which never gets talked about in social media channels, outside of the Messenger chats.

Over there… We’re having fun @ the rest of the S-curve experience.

So go there to feel the vibe.


#1 Message first, reply second
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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This ish is fudging real @ life

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Is that even English? Ha



The past two newsletters are bookmark worthy. So > check them out, if you missed them.


As usual… The newsletter documents the events that happen the day before. Sometimes it’s in person. Other times, it’s online via chats.

And yesterday… Was a reminder, that not everyone wakes up to a happy situation.

> This was a message from one of our Tumblr followers. And we have since moved > our conversation over to our FB page Messenger, as the entire S-curve experience can be felt there.

The Tumblr Fitbuzzers are a little more ‘colorful’ than the usual S-curve member. And mostly in this age range too…

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals

But are people with a ‘soul’, none the less.

That Tumblr message, is why we have created Stage 3. Because people just keep on doing the same thing on their own. Year in. Year out.

It takes a little while to get you onto Stage 3. As it takes a high level of trust, to pay anyone, $150/300 every month. Or even for one month.

But once you’re there. The fix begins.

Motivation isn’t the problem 

She said that her motivation levels are down. But it’s not that.

She found us… Because she found… And keeps on seeing motivational images/videos @ S-curve experience.

But just like in anything you want to achieve. You can dream all day. But nothing will come to you, if you don’t take some initial actionable steps.

That’s why I always want you to reply to talk (Or to start the New Stage 1… And then reply to talk).

Because that it self… Is taking action.

Because what use is there, reading a super duper daily newsletter. But actually doing nothing with the info that you’re soaking in?

So this is another reason why you should buy first, without talking first. Because again… You’ve already started. @ Yesterday’s newsletter topic.

At this point… You’ll still follow on social media. But the focus will now be on your member page and 121 chats.It’s a big mental shift. Because that’s the ‘actual work’ side of things. You get your hands dirty. Which usually leads to mistakes.

But a lot less of… Since we’ve spent the past several years, learning what those mistakes are. And then avoiding them.

Show me a negative situation. And I can give you a quick solution on the spot, due to all of the past

situations with S-curve members.

That’s what I’ve been doing with Kasandra (above) in the past 12 hours.

I am deep into the S-curve experience (As always). So message direct, if you’re into that ‘higher end’ level of help. And to at least already have the new Stage 1 in your backside pocket (See what I did there :P).


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on
More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Your package will not arrive later

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Buzzers… Did > Ashamed happen?

It was a similar weekend, to that of the last one, for me… @ movies, munchies and ‘work’ behind the scenes.

But today… I want to highlight an issue that that causes some Fitbuzzers to fail. And of course… An issue… That becoming an S-curve member, will fix.

First though 

> Yesterday’s newsletter was important. So give that a read.

A lot of what happens there… Leads to unnecessary hissy fits. Which brings me to today’s topic…

”I’ll start at a later date”

That’s what some FitBuzzers tend to say, right at the end of a 121 chat.

It happens less these days. As it sucks to watch other members start… And win. Whilst you’re just sitting on the sidelines for no good reason at all. So folks are more likely to just stop BS-ing and get right into it ‘today’.

Some who do say ‘I’ll start at a later date’. Do actually start at the later date that they set themselves.

But there’s a lot who don’t.

And then. They’ll return months later. And it’s clear as ever, that they were suffering from having a losers mindset.

This is when… One puts things off, until the thing you put off, never ever happens.

My advice/solution?Past members – You already know the deal. So you just get back to biz… If you’ve been away for a while.

New members – Don’t message ME first! Buy the > new Stage 1 first. And message after.

At $20.00… You have no risk. And… It’s too late to start at a later date. As you’ve already started!

You’ve already started 

This is a big, BIG break through moment, that creates a situation of ‘winning’, every single time. Even more so, when you start at the higher end on Stage 3 (Like this > Spring 2018 Results Phase).

And because you ARE in… There is no turning back. And you have no choice to get sh*t done.

Fast forward 4-6 weeks. And you wake up, almost as a completely new person.

This is a typical Results Phase scenario. And every person who has gone through it. Has succeeded. Many of whom you have seen me post, many times over!


The solution is bold. Yet super effective. I use it on myself all the time.

Buy first.. Act later FTW.

And once you are in… And, if yesterday’s newsletter relates to you. Then… We’ll be focused on creating a specific 1-3 month planned version of it… For YOU.

After conclusion

I’ve never done one of these before. But the above issue deserved no interruptions.

Why I’m doing one today?

Because I’m going to start showing you a new ‘high end’ supplement soon. One that compliments how we ‘get down’ within the S-curve experience (I did say it was coming soon).

It was brought to my attention, via the owners of the current supps that you see on More buzz.

But in the mean time. Take a > look at this.

The theme = Energy boost @ ingredients focused

– Travel-curvish
– Post workout
– Long days at work
– Nights out in the city

This is ‘part’ of the focus of the latest supp that’s being added to More buzz shortly.

The Lyteshow, on Amazon (link above), is just something super simple that you add to your plain water drinks, that you should already be drinking plenty of (If not… This will at least encourage you to drink more water).

That will prepare you for the new supp that’s coming to More buzz.

Which is something that you’ll take occasionally. And should stay in your kitchen for a while, because of that.

‘That’ newsletter… Is coming soon.


#1 Message first, reply second (If you’re brand new… Do the opposite and start the new Stage 1 on More buzz below).
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Your butt order has been delivered

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Buzzers… Sunday…


Remember… We’re ‘not so serious’ around ‘ere.

What I mean is… We simply use the S-curve formula to fix you. And then… We talk and connect like regular human beings.

You’re not here for a (Put the pressure on you) trainer or a nutritionist. That’s not the vibe within the S-curve experience… Take a look around > More buzz to see what I mean.

You’re here to be fixed. And then to live your life more ‘awesome’… With your new fixed self.

So if you are becoming a member… Understand that you are entering the S-curve experience. And not some other sh*t @ your own (Non-due diligence) expectations.

As promised yesterday… 

So… How DO you get an epic butt, with a teeny tiny waist to match?

Because… What tends to happen with most. Is that they’ll get their stomach flat. And then lose their butt. Or vice versa.

How to overcome that issue… Is all down to actual science/biology shenanigans.

I know this… Because the 2011 nutrition/activity calculator is still being used today, to help solve that problem.

The do nots

– No slow go cardio (More than 30 minutes on a treadmill).
– No fruit or fast digesting carbs 3-4 hours before you sleep.

The do’s

–  Max 40 grams of mono/poly fats daily.

– Focus on horizontal/semi horizontal ‘muscle fiber aligned’ exercises (Clam, leg lifts, abduction variations, to name a few).

– Effective back exercises.

– Less generic squats/deadlifts (This will give you a rectangular shaped torso… And not an > S-curve torso… > S-curve torso again).

– Increase your total daily intake… Whilst following YOUR S-curve meal structure.

– Tailored daily exercise videos (They change every month).

– Strength and exercise progression module (At least 4 months of it!).

That’s it (For the most part).

Why you’ll still fail @ following that?

Because it’s a lot of sh*t to remember. And most people end up screwing it all up after doing it for their first 4 weeks, on their own.

It’s a system that needs to be coached into you.

Like I said recently…

Most Fitbuzzers who become members… Wish that they had started earlier. They thought they knew it all.

Where they fail?– Not realising that it’s more about mental and lifestyle ‘game’ fixing.

– Not going specific @ nutrition/workout shenanigans (You need a deep knowledge and experience base for this… If you don’t currently have. Get help).


A lot of ‘experiments’ have been launched this year.

But they are simply iterations, of the protocol stages 1-4, that you see over on More buzz. Created… To give you some flexibility, in regards to payment options and your lifestyle.


You don’t need to smash your head against the wall to figure all this sh*t out.

It’s all proven science and strategies. There are no guessing games or surprises (Like in the business world).

It’s just a case of you… Getting out of your own way. Building up the trust factor, here on the newsletter. And just ‘starting’  (If it’s results that you’re after).

In general…

– Lower trust = Start on > The new Stage 1
– Higher trust = Start on > Stage 3 (Where the compete S-curve formula is)

More talk tomorrow. Here’s this weeks > RECAPO.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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