Things you Need for an Ultimate Gym at Home

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Working out for a beginner requires some guidelines and help from a gym instructor but ones you get used to various work out techniques, you can save up on your gym expenditure by creating yours in the house. There are different workout equipment on the market, and some are sold at a pocket-friendly price such that you don’t need to drain all your saving to acquire the kits. Therefore if you are planning to start an ultimate gym in your home, here are some of the essential or pocket-friendly workout equipment to buy.


Skipping Rope

This is one of the most versatile workout equipment that can be used for many reasons. A jump rope is great for warming up since it involves the entire body muscles hence preparing for more intense work. It is also useful in the place of a treadmill since it works perfectly in burning calories. It also minimizes its storage space since you can quickly fold it when storing.


A set of kettlebells is another gym equipment that should not miss in your list. First off they are pretty easy to use since they are equipped with a handle for firm grip, and they can be used for different workout movements too. Also, kettlebells focus on the entire body hence helping you tone your arms, core plus the lower body parts. If it is your first time to work out with this device, learn some tips and the best kettlebells to use for a beginner from garage gym builder. Research shows that some kettlebells cost even less than a gym membership.


Dumbbells work just like kettlebells although they are the best for creating resistant when working out. For example, if you want to get the best results when doing your squats or lunges, get a pair of dumbbells. The gym equipment is designed in different sizes and types which also vary in price. For a beginner, as simple dumbbell may cost you even less than 30 dollars, but for those who want the high quality and heavy dumbbells, the price may be a bit high too.

Yoga Mat

You will for sure need a surface to work out at, and a yoga mat is the best choice for a workout surface. Even if your workout room has a carpet, a yoga mat is a must-have item for safety purposes. This is because it protects your joints and muscles while working out on hard surfaces. Also, in the case where you want to work out from the outdoors, a yoga mat will provide a comfortable and clean place to lie down. Buy a yoga mat that is a bit thick than the ones found in the gym for more support when working from the outdoors.

Resistance Bands

This is another piece of gym equipment that is useful and does not require ample storage space. A resistant band is ideal for stretching and toning various parts of the body especially the arms and the thighs.

These are five best items to buy in case you want to start an ultimate gym at home. They don’t require massive storage spaces, and they can also be found at a low price from different outlets.

About your old butt

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Buzzers… #TBT…

In the past year, we’ve been shifting away from just a focus on ‘fitness’. And have become an overall ‘experience’.

As it’s a much better reflection of what actually goes on offline and in our chats.

– We like to cheat snack
– We like to > travel (With the new S-curvish bod)
– We like to look the part, but aren’t fitness addicts (Which is why we’ve come up with super efficient ways

to achieve more… Usually by doing less)

Even in person. I can usually spot a stranger from a far (Woman). And can tell if she would be, or currently is, a fan of the lifestyle we live here.

Your ageing butt @ subject line above

I haven’t talked about this topic for a while. And I’ve recently been giving out a lot non-fitness info to help you along @ life.

But the fact is… Your goals will change over time.

This is what it looks like for most.

– 18-25 Almost all physical goals
– 25-35 Physical, mental, lifestyle goals
– 35-45 Less physical, more mental, more health goals
– 45-60 All health and mental goals

We had to break it down like that inside the S-curve formula process too. So that it can be effective for everyone.


Aphrodite Butt Building routine – For women aged 18-35 (Ambitious over 35’s).

Short Splits Routine – For busy women aged 25-45.

S-curve Bodyweight Circuits – Not age specific. But definitely for those who live a more mobile lifestyle.

I have to highlight these things often. So that you’re always educated about everything. Especially if you’ve had it on your mind to officially start as a member.

But the one thing I can say. Is that starting earlier in life, is much, much better.

Not so much in regards to looks (Although that is the protocol goal). But more so for the…

– Habits you’ll build
– The increased positive energy that starts to surround you @ people
– The increased confidence and fixed mindset

Once again… All of that is non-fitness stuff. Which is arguably more important. And definitely helps you keep your physical results when they come.

Also… Your muscles start to fade after 18 years old. And the time doesn’t come back. So you really need to be saving your current day old self.

Because today is the youngest you’ll ever be, ever again.

But in terms of looking S-curvishly hot…

Your body can look hot up until 60 years old, if you stay active, in the way that is taught.

Your skin and your face is what may let you down though. We’re not experts in that area. But some starter tips would include…

– Drink plenty of water
– Don’t stay in the sun for too long
– Get your 8 hours sleep
– Eat A-C rated foods/meals
– Brush your teeth

Ya… Basic s***. You just need to do it all consistently.

Habit building helps with that… Hence, why we have a process for achieving that within the S-curve formula.


A lot has changed in regards to that, since the start of the year. But we’re still hot on the topic. Just keep on watching.


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A Marvel booty

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

So… Black Panther @ cinema shenanigans, happened. It was much anticipated after the most recent Captain America film in 2016.

And it is quite the show.

Marvel rarely mess these up. But they created a great experience @ satisfied.

They have 4 or more movies this year. All of which you’ll see in the trailers I’m sure.

How this relates to S-curve world…

Remember when I talked about not falling into the > mediocre trap?


It’s easy to be mediocre when no ones watching.

But if you have important people in your life. They will be watching. Especially with kids and siblings.

They will watch you being mediocre at fitness and life. And it may just rub off on them. Since they have no choice but to be around you.

– Create a great movie
– Create a great body
– Create a better mindset
– Be a around better people

Life becomes really awesome when you purposely set out to do this.

It’s a an epic topic to cover. One that can’t be completely fixed with just 121 coaching + Member page + Newsletter messages.

But all of those together, can and will help.

The Avengers movie is up next in April (My Bday month @ Taurus). So maybe I’ll get more insights after watching that, to share with you here.

Always to be awesome FTW.

Let’s blueprint tip (Kinda)

The big mental battle

The truth is… It always feels like you’re fighting against failure. And that winning, is not the norm. So you’ll often be in a negative mind state, rather than a positive one.

– One way to combat that… Is to have awesome people in your corner. For some people it’s just normal to be in a winning mindset all the time.

Hang around them… And you’ll be the same.

– The other thing you can do… Which is what I do (Since I’m leading from the top). Is to simply ‘don’t stop’. To climb the mountain and never look down. Ever.

You can shift your gears in different directions, as you move up. But to never go backwards. Not mentally or physically. Set the goal and don’t ever stop thinking about it until you get there.

I practiced this a lot whilst improving the non fitness parts of the S-curve formula over the past two years. So I know it works.

I use every part of the S-curve formula myself. So it’s easy for me to confidently throw it in your face. It’s just a super wonderful thing to watch others succeed with it.

I know what the outcome will be for you, long before you can even envision it. But the reason a lot of people don’t start. Is because there’s no one in their corner.

It’s usually just a biz or person, just trying to get to your money. Without caring about your goals.

Like > this lady

She once had a hissy fit. And ran off to try a local fitness place in town. She came back having not signed up.

When I asked why… She said it was overally expensive with crappy payment options.

But money wasn’t the issue.

– I know they tried to ‘sell her’ on the spot.

– They didn’t even ask her about her goals or her past.

– They didn’t give a s**t.

So she decided to come running back because…

– She had a 2 year relationship with me and the trust was there.

– She was getting the newsletter daily, during that time.

– > Her friend that SHE introduced, was still active on her plan.

– We have very flexible payment options in place.

Like today…

– Experiment > one and > two
– Stages 1-4 on More buzz below

Like I tell everyone I meet. I’m more concerned about building super duper relationships. Always have been. As everything important that happens @ life. Is because of strong relationships.

You’re probably still reading, watching and consuming on here, because of that fact.

Anyway… No conclusion. Just some words to put thoughts into your head. Now let’s get acting.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Let’s talk abs…

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

– > Shredded ‘soft lean’ abs
– #savetheboobs

This was almost the entire focus in 2017.

And it’s not easily achieved, without a solid approach.

So let’s talk about that today. Because Rhojan (> This lady from last Wednesday) had her in person trial session with me yesterday.

She already looks pretty good, by most peoples standards @ #Scurvegoals. And Like most… She listens and takes action. Once they figure out what it is that we do here.

The first thing she did, without even telling me. Was to stop eating fruit or D-F rated foods before bed time. And it’s important for her. Because again… Body wise, she’s got it pretty good. It’s just let down by belly fat.

She wants smaller arms too. But let’s focus on the above for today.

#1 The first thing you have to understand, is that there is a progression to all exercises. And not all exercises are effective or body part specific.

The first exercise I showed her, was the generic variation of the bicycles exercise (Which like most… She already knew about). Just to test her stamina… With one set until failure.

That way… I can see what level you’re at. And so that you can’t BS me, about what level you’re at :).

Then… We move onto leg raise bicycles.

Almost everyone ends up doing less reps on this exercise. Wiped out… With a ‘I can feel the progression difficulty’ smile on their face.

The purpose of this, is to make you feel what strength and exercise progression is.

That way… You know that it’s not some BS words being thrown around for the sake of it. It’s a real thing.

#2 Body part specific

It’s pretty hard to spot lose fat. But you can spot build with muscle. So expect any fat lost, to eventually shred.

Also… You’ll only usually shred or build… On the body parts that you purposely hit. We know this is true. Otherwise you wouldn’t see guys walking around with chicken leg syndrome.


The purpose of focusing on this… Is to reduce the level of boob shrinkage.

– Hanging half leg raises with a chin up grip (Increased tension)

– All angle laying leg raises

– Laying 90 degree leg kicks

Those are all medium level exercises. And we make tweaks to them, to increase the difficulty as you progress.

But doing those will target your lower abs and hips, more so than your upper ab area (Which is where boob shrinkage starts to occur).

Do that, consistently, without fail… And you will start to have ‘soft lean’ shredded abs, with natural boobs to


Of course…

People fail at doing this… Because they’re not following the S-curve formula as a whole.

They’re taking bits of information here and there. And applying it inconsistently. Usually due to a lack of focus and distractions from life.

This is the #1 reason to become an S-curve member… When results are the goal. Tailoring + Coaching  + Past experience @ getting results… Is what you’ll need in your corner to easily win @ this stuff.

It all starts at the > new stage 1.

What about food?

– No fruit or D-F rated foods before you sleep.

– Go A-rated (Especially in the beginning) and use fruit as your cheat snacks, in the morning/day time.

– Always eat until you feel content.

– Hit 50 grams or less, of all fat intake daily. Just get addicted to reading food labels.

It gets more advanced than that after the noticeable results stage (4-8 weeks). But that will be enough at this stage @ what to do with food.


Turn up and be a student. That’s how you succeed. Especially when working with solid businesses or individuals.

They’ve clearly got the formula. So just follow it. You’ll win.

Note: Eye up the recent Travel-curvish pics on Instagram below @ eye candy.


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The who vs the what (Who the fudge are you?)

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Buzzers… Monday…

It’s a new week. New things are always on the horizon. So let’s dig into it @ life.

Continuing on with the theme of due diligence…

Because that’s the vibe today. It doesn’t matter that a program or service is super duper.

People need to know who the fudge you are. Fortunately, we’ve been wearing our heart on our sleeves for years. And our back stories are continually documented.

– > Story 1
– > Story 2

So it’s easy to see who the fudge we are.

But the fact remains. No one is dealing with a person or biz, that they know nothing about.

Like today. I’ll meet brand new people. No business cards will go out. Instead, we swap Instagram’s on the spot.

And More buzz does a very good job of answering a lot of the natural questions people have in their head. And some point after that. They’ll add me on FB.

People are more cautious of who they add on FB now too. Since they have their cherished people on there.

So it’s Instagram or Snapchat. Since it’s very easy to cut people loose, if they turn out to be trash.

So ya… The dynamics of dealing with one another in the digital world is changing. And like I said last week and weeks before that. I saw this coming back in 2005.

> This once again…

Yup… You’ll see a ton of social content from us, that’ll motivate and entertain you. Which falls under the category of a ‘false reality’.

But it’s not all false. And some of it is an attainable reality.

Like TC2.0

You might not be able to live on a beach or hiking spot 24/7 (It’s either your job, or you’ve built a business over several years that gives you that freedom).

But you can take 2-3 day trips every few weeks. To destinations that look like that.

The bodies

We already know that, that’s our speciality… And proven that it can be achieved countless times over.

The real life though…

That’s what we highlight here on the newsletter…

– You’ll see when we get busy. And when we can’t live it up like that.

– You’ll hear > podcast stories of what things are really like for members.

That… Is due diligence being thrown in your face. And I’ll personally upload…

– > Cheat snack weekend pics

– Movies I’m watching

– My hangout/’come up for air’ moments


We’ll continuously make the ‘what we are’… Awesome.

But now, more than ever before. We’ll keep on showing you who we are (Who I am). Because only then… Will you fudge around with us (Me).


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We actually do marathons here…

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Buzzers… Sunday…

It was a movie marathon night for me this weekend.

Some new movies…

– Hostile – Good, but long winded towards the end.
– Braven – Fell asleep… Will watch today.

And golden oldies

– The Conjuring

And Black Panther is out this week. I watch all Marvel movies as they come out. So that’s happening.

It’s been another interesting week. So let’s look back.


– Kicked the week off with > Experiment #2.

– Your time is limited @ current day opportunities.

– Not everyone is a winner (At least not initially). But we’re not afraid to talk about the losers.


– Getting butt is easy + What’s needed.

– Always choose things based on value.

– Blueprint tips.


– Putting myself in your shoes  + Trust + Due diligence.

– Blueprint tips.


– False jealousy

– Why Wednesdays newsletter went out earlier than usual.

– Saying ‘yes’ more.


– My favorite blueprint tips part 1.


– This is real fudging life!

– My favorite blueprint tips part 2.


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This is real fudging life…

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Buzzers… Saturday…

You know… The internet has long been known, to communicate in ‘code talk’.

Like in email newsletters for example.

People or businesses would send content. To only then, try and steer you down a different path.

Like… To buy the golden goose. To then having to buy something else to get to the golden goose.

All BS.

Some people still fall for that s***. But like I said in 2005. The internet will eventually become an almost exact representation to every day offline life.

Yes… We have > this going on now.

But today… Because of social media + heightened awareness and sensitivity. People will just call you out on BS behaviour like that.

Which is why we went a lot more LIVE, 2 years ago. And which is why I’m not afraid to talk about prices.

– Why you’re not buying
– Why you’re not replying to newsletters or messaging

I just call you out on your s***. At which point, you’ll run away. Or just own up to whatever behaviour you’re showing.

The same way you should call anyone out on their s***.

This is the world we live in now. There’s a lot of platforms out there, which is encouraging more content creation.

There’s info in peoples heads. So they’re sharing it. In every industry.

Even on Wednesday. Her boss tried the usual ‘sell a priority’ pitch, BS. He’s supposed to. It’s his job.

But he quickly realised that I was too well equipped @ knowledge and experience, for that to work on me. And the convo quickly turned into a real one.

A real one… Where I basically said… ”I’m not buying anything from you… Until I trust the s*** out of you”.

So say hello to real fudging life in 2018.

Blueprint tips continued from yesterday

#4 Use fruit as your cheat snacks and never eat it at night.

Almost all those who I meet, who are failing (Lower belly fat/fat on sides) aren’t following this rule.

But the key, is to not spike your insulin levels before you sleep. As doing that consistently, can lead to an unwanted increase in fat levels.

#5 Only compare you to YOU.

Calves aren’t my best looking body part (In my eyes). So I can’t look at someone else’s and strive for that. Especially if we’re not built the same.

The goal is to always look like a better version of YOU.

So if you are looking at other bodies for motivation. Just be inspired by the level of ‘soft lean’ they have reached. As that’s something everyone can have.

#6 Only worry about your day 1 to day 30 selfie/belfie comparison.

I already know you look in the mirror several times a day. And you may indeed see your body change within that time period. Which is normal.

But the real changes happen weeks or months at a time.

So stop stressing over the daily mirror.

See you in tomorrows RECAPO.

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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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How to Build Your Gym At Home

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Fitness is something many people take seriously, but the problem to achieving their goals is lack of the essentials that could help. With a good gym, it is easy to achieve one’s fitness goals, but on many occasions the subscription system comes as a heavy burden that one cannot withstand. If you are dreaming of building a gym at home, then you are not far from achieving your dream as these tips could be a good starting point.


Locate the Venue

First thing you have to understand is that you need space on which you can build the gym. This space could be in your garage, a spare room in your house, or in the open on your backyard. Make sure to choose a perfect spot that is encouraging for exercise. You don’t need a big area for this as you could easily set up a gym in a small area and still have all the equipment positioned well.


Barbell and Weights

You can easily find a barbell. There are two categories of barbells that you can choose from, which are the Olympic and standard types. For the standard bars, they measure one inch in diameter and have a one-inch hole going through the plates. These are suitable for light application and are not very suitable when you want to do heavy lifting. That is why when starting you need to begin with them as they are good for nurturing before you shift to heavier options.


Stocking your Gym

Apart from the weights mentioned above, you have a lot of things to add to your gym to complete it. You may not need a ton of equipment, and you will also not need to spend a lot of money acquiring them. Amazon has amazing offers that you can embrace. There is inexpensive equipment you can find at amazing prices that will serve you well. The trick is to get one after the other over time and you will end with a fully-stocked gym.

Make sure to have a bench and various ways to work out as you could easily tire yourself with one option. Have the right shoes, which you can also order at competitive prices online. Good shoes will make squats and lifts easy and should have grip so you don’t skid while performing different workouts.


Organizing Your Gym

After you have brought all the equipment you need, next thing you must do is to add order to the gym. You can work with a garage gym builder to get your gym fixed at a competitive rate that will leave you with an awesome space on which you can work out. Sometimes you might not have the experience to arrange items in the perfect manner, so working with someone who has the expertise is important. 

Working out is a good way to keep the body in shape and many people dream about having their own workout space at home. However, the lack of ideas keeps them from building a gym at home. The ideas above could help you start your own gym at home without having to spend a lot.

One other thing…

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Buzzers… TGIF…

Yesterday… I talked about my Wednesday night shenanigans at a ‘property’ event.

I’ve talked a lot about putting myself in your shoes recently. And one other thing that I learned from being there that night. Is that there’s no way I would be jumping into an 18 month payment plan, without having super SUPER trust levels, with everyone that I’m involved with.

And the big thing of course… Is that I would need to really want it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s all high quality. It needs to be the right fit for ME (The same way stages 1-4 or the new ‘experiments’… NEED to be the right for for you).

So ya… That’s one other reason why I said yes, to going to her event.

As once again… There’s always magical insight in every situation, that most of us tend to miss.

And because of all the chats that happened. I’m now going to share my favorite blueprint tips with you. Along with the ones that naturally come out of my mouth the most, when talking to people.

Let’s get into it…

#1 You can still eat whatever the fudge you want (‘Fudge’ is our ‘F word’).

It’s all about having the intention of going A-rated, whenever you decide to put food into your mouth.

But you can indeed, still eat whatever the fudge you want (At the times you’re told you can) once you’re living the S-curve formula.

#2 The secret = Going A-rated with food + Effective workouts.

In almost all conversations that I have, with those who want to fix/improve. It’s evident that they’re simply doing the wrong thing or not enough of the right thing. With food and workouts.

And the quickest way to know that you’ve been doing it wrong. Is to start, by implementing that secret.

Most will just talk or do nothing though. And that’s one reason why we have a solid program in place.

Putting a little cash down, always encourages commitment to the cause.

#3 You don’t even need supplements. They just help along the way, at certain stages. Especially as you progress beyond the 4 week noticeable results stage.

> Whey
> Casein
> Instant knockout

(All seen via More buzz below).
And of course… In both cases. It’s about getting addicted to > food labels.

I’ll continue this list tomorrow. As I know you won’t be hot on reading/consuming a newsletter on a Friday.


We’ve started the year doing some experiments. As at least one of them will relate to what you need. And above… I talked about putting some cash down, to encourage commitment.

In S-curve world. That means the new > stage 1 and > stage 2.

So if you feel that is you. Go there.


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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The feeling…

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Buzzers… Thursday…

You know… In daily life… There’s always at least one person that you’ll bump into on a regular basis. Who will try to make you feel like s***.

It could be down to envy, jealousy or simply because that person is feeling like trash. So they’re offloading that onto you (Smelly trash).

That issue is super present today. Just look through the comments on social media posts.

> This…

Is making the problem worse too. As I’ve highlighted twice in the past week. But in S-curve world. Our job is to make you look and feel like a better version of yourself.

And being the person who is in charge here at present. I have to lead by example.

Like yesterday…

I sent the newsletter out early. Because I went to meet up with > this lady. She lives in the same area as me. And we got talking one day.

She works in real estate. And she did indeed invite me to one of her events. Events… Where properties are presented to potential buyers.

Most people would say no to the invite. And if it’s a guy that she invites. They’ll just say yes. With a sneaky intention to strike up a date scenario at some point along the way.

I personally don’t need a ‘date’ (Hehe). And I did indeed say yes. I’ll tell you why… And you’ll learn why in a sec.

But this is what happened…

– Met up with her and several of her colleagues.

– Met her boss… Along with a fellow guest too.

– Ending up teaching the boss how to do his job more effectively, using online marketing strategies.

– Ended up learning about ideal properties that I’ve been eyeing up for the past 2 years or so (Close to

hiking or beach spots outside of the main city).

– Ended up teaching her about some S-curve stuff. Having an early night out + Building relationships

+ Letting her see how I am around the people that are close to her and around complete strangers too.

– Ended up having a continued late night out (TGIF nights out on a Wednesday).

So… The reason I said yes. Is because you don’t know what you don’t know.

And a lot of times. There are magical connections in place, that we are blind to. Simply because we don’t say ‘yes’ more.

And today… I’ve woken up, with eyes wide open.

And… She’s now getting a trial S-curve workout/chat/hangout session today. Which will be over by the time you read this.


Me saying yes… Lead to an increased knowledge base @ every one that came into contact with one another.

And she… Ended up feeling like a better version of herself. Even though it’s early days.

We’ve pretty much exposed every part of what we do @ life. The good stuff, bad stuff… And everything  in-between.
So, in regards to being ‘open’ about stuff… The way to approach experiment #1. Is to do the 4-6 weeks.
– If you like the results by weeks 4-6… Continue on.
– If you don’t… Just take all of the content created, up until that date. And then continue on by yourself. It’ll be harder to do on your own. But you can still succeed on your own. At which point, you can return for extra help, if you feel that you need it.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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