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Buzzers… Wednesday…

This newsletter is a part of the S-curve formula. And it’s been long known, that you need to keep on reading. Even when you become an official member.

As it’s a habit building shenanigan that keeps you on the wagon.

I’ve been constantly sharing gems recently. To help you get started. Since I know you’re just wasting away @ stalling to start.

Because ‘starting’… Is how you win.

You pick your > scenario and get it done.

And today… Another little gem.

Start a new activity/goal


For me last year. It was cliff jumping for the first time.

And that sense of accomplishment and the ‘kicking one self that I didn’t start earlier’. Kept pushing me to send that energy into other areas of my life.

Which is what should start to happen to you too, when you set a goal to conquer something new.

And this year, it’s surfing.

So by the end of the year. I should indeed be a different person.

What’s happening in your mind before these magical things happen?

You’re probably thinking of tons of scenarios, of why you think something great can’t happen for you. Also known as false expectations appearing real (Fear).

The above gem, will help to kill that issue.

So find a goal. Let that goal be known. As we’ll put it on your member page, where you’ll have no choice but to see it every single day!

Blueprint tips time…

#1 Remember… Your body will look different at different times of the day.

In the morning, you’ll look your most shredded. In the day time… Your ‘normal’ best. The look you need to focus on, is the day 1 selfie/belfie vs the day 60-90 selfie/belfie.

So just keep your head down. Do what’s set in your plan and coaching chats.

And one day, you’ll start to see your friends, family and associates eyeing you up a little differently (In a GOOD way)!

#2 Scenarios (Link at the top)

One reason why they look like that. Is because it’s easier and more realistic to plan ahead for the next 1-3 months. Than it is to plan for the next 12-18 months.

This is even more of the case today. Since the fast paced internet world is something that everyone is now a part of.

A world where it feels like you’re living 3-5 years of content and experiences, all within a one year period.

#3 Don’t forget to brush your teeth @ seriously. These S-curve munchy shenanigans are great. But they can cause havoc @ your gums.


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A super duper… FUD you!

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

If you are here on this newsletter… You have most likely ended up here, coming over from a social media platform.

If you’ve not come from there… Then probably from one of the websites on More buzz. And one of the first things you would have seen, is an image of a body.

If from social media… Several bodies.

‘Soft lean’ epic butt/tiny waist (The S-curve)

Our goal in that scenario has been pretty simple. In terms of becoming S-curvish.

That is…

– Show you the end goal
– Create a super duper formula for getting to it

It might take you a while to learn that it’s super duper. But that’s OK. Which is why we have > stages 1-4.

So enjoy the S-curve experience visuals via social media posts. But be prepared to get busy once you enter the newsletter. So that you too… Can end up being posted as an ‘end goal’ (If you want to be posted of course).

And once you get to that point. Lap up as much TC2.0 as you can.

Life = truly awesome at that point

Blueprint tips

You know what these are. So let’s list some.

#1 I > recently talked about the fact that you might currently be OK with being ‘mediocre’.

I even told you my own battle, in regards to feeling that way. A year before starting

And yesterday… I talked about FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt).

You’re in a disaster zone if both mediocrity AND FUD is hitting you at the same time.

And today… You’re reminded everyday that it’s not seen as ‘OK’ to look mediocre. Which is why there are so many more women going the enhanced route @ body parts.

That… Is still looked down upon though. And of course, it only happens because those folks aren’t educated on body fixing (A ‘little’ acceptance for boobs though).

We’re talking 3-6 months of a little extra work and focus… To get you to looking your 60% S-curvish best (At least).


The way to beat FUD and mediocrity syndrome. Is to take one small step at a time.

It starts at the new stage 1.

But the stages became what they became, because members were already progressing in that way. They started small (Stage 1). And eventually wanted more (Stage 3).

That WILL happen to you.

The thing we’re focusing on now… Is getting members from 2013-14 back on track. Since we had no stage 4 to look after them back then. As they’ve been returning re-broken :(.

#2 Struggling to get your stubborn muscles to pop out?

Well first… You have to shred some fat layers, if you have them. That’s what the S-curve bodyweight circuits are for. You get one video to play around with on the > new $20 stage 1.

Then… It’s all about focusing on high tension reps.

It’s when you go ‘slightly’ to the peak, at each end of a movement. But keep the motion going in the middle without a break.

Do this with…

– Standing lunges
– Hanging half leg raises
– Calf raises (Full range of motion)
– Straight leg kneeling leg lifts

The specifics… Is what we cover on your member page. As that will be different for everyone.

#3 > This again.


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Butt says… ‘Get in there son’

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Buzzers… Monday…

The weekends are a great time to recap and recoup. Which is why we do RECAPO. And is partly the reason why we have TC2.0 as an official part of the formula.

It’s what we look forward to.

It also leads to better decision making, as we keep these trips a regular part of your life (> Ambitious).

Which leads me to today’s topic @ change of vibe ‘slightly’

The other week, I said that there’s always a reason for why you’re ‘broken’ in some area of your life (In this scenario… Your physique).

And if you think that’s not the case. Then you are in denial.

How do I know? Other than what I highlighted in that newsletter?

One example from what I’ve seen this weekend…

I have almost all new S-curve members added to  ME via FB or Instagram DM’s.

And both of those platforms use algorithms, to show you content (As you open the app), to people that you are closely connected to.

This weekend. I saw two members eating the equivalent of this type of > Krispy Kreme donut (The all

chocolate one).

This can be ‘OK’ as a TGIF cheat snack, if you have succeeded to at least 60% S-curvish.

But if not. Then stop!

You will fail. And keep returning to the daily newsletter. Waking up… And wondering why you don’t look

> like this.

The reason you need to stop, is because of the habit building shenanigans we put in place, as a member.

In the beginning stages, you need to let your body get used to ‘tasty’ A-rated cheat snacks.

And to kill any type of TGIF cheat night (Like the one above). At least for 1-3 months (Less if you just need to shift temporary Christmas fat levels only).

If you don’t do this, that one cheat binge on F-rated cheat snacks, will set you way back. Since they’re

designed to be addictive. And you will get addicted to them.

Those members…

Are new. Maybe you are new too.

And if you are, I strongly urge you to go ‘higher end’ (Even just to > experiment). Because the 121

coaching sessions and LIVE update member pages keeps you in check.

Just ask any of the members from 2017.

They were a mess before jumping onto stage 3. You can see some of their results on the > stage 3 page.

And they definitely kicked themselves, once they reached the final parts of their stage 3. As it was only then, that they realised they didn’t know it all. That ‘they’ were the reason @ messing up from doing things

on their own.

Going solo is OK if you’re currently perfectly-curvish and reading this newsletter, because you like being

here for the experience ‘overall’.

But not if you’re currently messed up, seeking a fix.

It’s more than just the butt

Yup… I said that last week and I’ll say it again. As it’s relevant in this scenario. Because as you can see above. This is weak mental game being put on display.

Get someone to look at that for you. Some who has your back… Sitting in your corner.

Following on Insta and liking the pics. To then not following protocol S-curve rules?

Ya… That’s a problem.

We deal with visuals here. So this is what > stage 3 looks like. Just, yours will be all virtual. And no in

person gym shenanigans.

”Get in there son” (Some good old London, UK terminology. Ha).

Some blueprint tips to kick start your week.

#1 Heavy squats and deadlifts – Those are not a part of the formula. Yes… You’ll do them. And more of

the variations of them @ not heavy.

But not in high frequency. That’ll just lead to injury and kill your knees.

Instead, you’ll do more hip extension and ‘horizontally aligned muscle fiber’ exercises. Which only usually

requires ankle weights.

So buy your 4kg and 6kg stack at the same time.

That way… You can test the 6kg. Fail miserably (It’s an awful thing to watch. Ha) and then have something to look forward to. Because that challenge will ignite the fire in you, to not want to be defeated.

And you WILL win within 4 months of starting the strength and exercise progression module.

Again… This is all stage 3 stuff.

And again… It’s where you need to be if you’re serious about seeing real results. Wether you intend to

> show them off… Or not!
#2 Negative thoughts, FUD (Fear, uncertainty, doubt)

It’s a problem. And it affects all of us. It’s why some people stall @ starting the above. Which is why we step in, to move you along through the processes.

But the way to overcome all of that, is by setting a routine.

A solid routine that you end up doing, without even thinking about it. That’s one reason why we’ve become

an S-curve experience.
Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

There’s all life, process and routine going on in that.

So… Once again. That’s a job for stage 3.


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Den of Thieves 2.0

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Buzzers… Sunday…

It’s been a weekend of planning and movie watching for me. Which you would have seen if you have me added on FB.

Den of Thieves is what I watched. It was actually pretty good.

On the ‘planning’ side of things… It’s all about Travel-curvish.

Seriously… If you’re even thinking about becoming an official member. Do it just for those TC2.0 trip pics and vids that will be taken.

Because these are locations that should not be missed in this life time.

We even have a TC2.0 writer for now. Who is focusing on hiking/camping locations in the US of A. > Like this. Yup.

So expect to see some epic destination lists. To add to your bucket list.

– Official food list module on stage 3
– TC2.0 destination list

= Winning big time… In 2018!

It’s Sunday… So let’s RECAPO.


– A general update about what’s going on.
– Blueprint tips.
– Here… We broke down our take on ‘body image’.
– Separating the real world from the virtual one… And how we’ve made them one of the same.
– #savetheboobs.
– Introducing you to the official foods list module from stage 3.
– You are settling for less right now? If so… Don’t! Do this instead.
– Eating S-curvishly… It’s more than just fixing your butt. And on this day… We explain how/why.
– Some stuff about TC2.0.
– Blueprint tips.

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Is Garcinia Cambogia Safe to Use for Those with Hypertension?

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Overweight individuals are prone to getting hypertension, and the only way to reduce the risks

associated with hypertension is by losing the extra weight. There are a lot of foods that people with hypertension are restricted from taking, and this includes some supplements that are essential for weight loss.


Hypertension is a condition which occurs as a result of the increased force of blood flow in the arteries. This causes the blood level to rise making it difficult for the heart to pump blood as expected. In other words, it causes the heart to overwork. Note that hypertension can occur as a result of dangerous lifestyles such as eating unhealthy foods and it can be hereditary too.


Garcinia Cambogia and hypertension

One of the most used natural food in weight loss is the Garcinia Cambogia. Although research shows that this is an excellent fruit for weight loss, there are a lot of theories regarding its use on people with hypertension. So can garcinia cambogia be used by people with hypertension? Well, the answer to this is yes. The fruit is safe to use in people with hypertension because it does not contain any components that could cause any adverse reaction in their bodies. Therefore you can either add the fruits’ supplements to your meals or even eat it raw.

According to a report regarding Garcinia Cambogia Reviewed, the results showed that the fruit is quite sturdy and efficient due to the presence of the hydroxycitric acid which has the same power as the citric acid hence helping in weight loss and also how to manage the weight through various programs like workouts and so on. The ingredients work by assisting the overweight individuals to curb hunger, and when it comes to conditioning, one can exercise for long without getting tired hence building muscles pretty quick and easy.Ordinary people or someone who is not under any medication can take the CG supplements without any worries unlike the people suffering from hypertension.

This is because the supplements may interfere with the normal functioning of the hypertension medications whereby it weakens them hence causing a spike in the blood flow. The alteration is caused by the hydroxycitric acid which is found on the CG supplements. Therefore to avoid all this, people with hypertension are advised to seek help from their doctors regarding the right dosage to take and how to take it as well.It is always essential that you follow strictly the dosage that you are prescribed of the drug to avoid the occurrence of the side effects caused by the supplements since high dosage of the supplements can profoundly affect the blood pressure as well.

From the above information, we can conclude that Garcinia Cambogia is a healthy and safe weight loss supplement for people with hypertension. It is quite useful plus a long you take the appropriate dosage; the supplement cannot alter your medication working power. Also, to avoid the side effects, consult doctors on the right dose of the supplements to take and maybe the right time to do so.

Elephant-curvish 5.0

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Buzzers… Saturday…

We’re going to end the week with some blueprint tips shortly. But first…

A note about Travel-curvish 2.0

The elephant in the room = A lot of people will plan big trips to ‘travel-curvish’ destinations. Which is great.

But what happens… Is that they end up taking a 10-21 day adventure… That they then feel, they need a holiday from.

Ya… It happens @ ‘I need a holiday from my holiday’.

With TC2.0 embraced. You will indeed get that holiday. And to then feel… That you don’t want to take a big 2-3 week trip, since you’ll be doing TC2.0 so regularly.

It becomes a part of your life routine.

I’ve been doing these trips for the past 3 years now. And…

– ‘Planning time’ is non-existent.

– Your mind is at ease with less things to focus on.

– If you have kids… They can be left at home (If you want them to be). Since you’re only away for a few days.

TC2.0 is simply a great addition to this S-curve experience. Just remember, that the time it takes to get to your chosen location, should only be 2-4 hours. Otherwise it’s not TC2.0.

Keep an eye on @fitbuzz social media posts for ideas. It’s easily the most exciting part of everything we’re  doing today (Buzzcoin is starting to look interesting too though).

Blueprint tips

#1 Best activities for HIIT cardio = Swimming, badminton, cycling, boxing.

#2 Want to kill the fat that sits above your upper butt/on lower back?

– Dumbbell swing variations
– Knee to elbow variations
– Lateral exercise variations

Which ones we choose, depends on your current physique, experience and strength levels. And on how much boob shrinkage prevention needs to be put in place!

#3 Pushing for super fast results?

Then your Monday to Wednesday workouts will always be the most difficult, via 121 coaching + member page. To then doing easier workouts, towards the end of the week.

We’ll usually fully embrace nutrition focused weekends at this point too. That’s where we do nothing but, sleep and eat perfect-curvishly. Which is what I do every weekend without fail.

I’m currently at stage 4. Along with so many other past > stage 3 members.

That’s where’s we NEED you to be!

You already know about the typical > scenarios that members end up going through. And you now know about the updated structure at > stages 1-4.

Sooo many people are trying to reverse the effects of time that has past @ body + ageing right now.

Be a prevention FitBuzzer. Not one that detects things before it’s too late!


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It’s more than just the butt

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Buzzers… Friday…

– Improved physical energy
– Better sleep
– Less colds and illnesses
– Improved spiritual energy
– Better skin
– Better nails
– Better hair

Better every-thing!

That’s what happens when you start embracing the S-curve meal structure. Which we enhanced last year by creating the official foods list module (I fudging love this thing and use it daily myself).

All of this coincides with S-curve experience as a whole.

– Restaurant foods and what to look for

– Cheat snack shenanigans

– Taking super TC2.0 pics

All of it!

We start… @ understanding ‘ingredients’

Which means… Turning the reading of food labels, into a habit. Like in this > food shopping trip video.

Which of course, starts at learning the A-F food rating system. Which so many people still lack knowledge on (Which is why we have broken people).

A = Apple
F = Apple pie

You’ll want A-C rated, as that’s how you’ll get varied nutrients. And to prevent your meals from being tasteless.

Note: One way to go A-rated, without being tasteless, is by adding super foods like Maca, to a shake. Then you can’t taste it at all. Do the same with supplement powders on oats

Continuing on…

Once you start looking at every food, with A-F rated in mind. You can rank it easily, when looking at a food label.

If 80% of your food shopping list/foods in your home, falls under A-C rated. Then you’re good to go.

Once you start doing this. You’ll find that you’ll start to have better looking skin, feel better, have more energy and of course, look better physically.

Combine this with a solid tailored workout plan via 121 coaching + LIVE update member page. And you are winning. Big time.

We even do this with supplements @ ingredients focused.

Like… Take a look at the > instant knockout page. It’s focused on ingredients. So you’ll know for sure what’s entering your guts.

New supplements and foods will always be added. But only when there’s a solid purpose to doing so.

Which is why we haven’t added many supplements in the past year, to the More buzz page.


You can get most of what you need from natural food sources. Which is why we’ve focused so heavily on perfecting the S-curve meal structure and official foods list module.

There are of course, some vitamins that can aid a boost. But we’ll only usually mention this within any one tailored plan. Since everyone comes with a different set of issues.


Most people forget, that ‘food’ is what keeps us alive. And that the food we eat, is what turns into the new cells inside of our bodies.

That’s why you are what you eat (Cliche pun intended).

So if you look or feel like s*** (From illness too). Then you can usually fix that issue with food.

See… I did tell you it’s more than just the butt.

All of this… Is the reason why nutrition ends up as the most active topic in the 121 chats from > stages 2-4.

Most of folks are getting this wrong. So if you’re going to become member. Let today’s newsletter be a motivator for doing so. Because what you’ll learn, will serve you for years to come!


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#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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You should get that looked at…

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Buzzers… Thursday…

Tis the S-curve experience

**Become S-curvish (‘Not’ this part right now)** > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

I talked a bit about that at the start of yesterday’s newsletter. And being able to live like this, would be a false reality for most on here, not too long ago.

But it’s ‘the’ reality today, since almost anyone can work from anywhere now. Wether you run your own business or work in someone else’s.

I’m constantly around people that do both. So it’s a great experience to be a part of on here. I’m loving it for sure. So join in, if not already.

We like to talk about elephants in rooms on here from time to time…

And the elephant in today’s room =

If you currently look (and feel) like s*** (For way too long)… Then you should probably seek some help with that.

I have to talk about my own pre @fitbuzz story here. Since I know what’s going on in your head, in regards to this situation.

You’re OK with ‘mediocre’

When things are down @ life. It’s just easier to stay there than it is to rise up.

Most of it is in your head though. And rising up is usually super easy. You just need to act on an action.

But what’s going on here… Is that everyday, you convince yourself that it’s OK to look the way you currently do.

That’s what I was doing in 2008, when my weight dipped to 72kg at 6’2 (Yikes).

That of course changed, when I started

The first program that got me out of that rut, was the pull ups program. Which was 2010-2011. It was the return of the 16 year old ‘me’ again. As back then, it was just a pull up bar and 3 to 4 months of consistency.

So I repeated that formula. And as usual… My strength went up.

I of course did this from home. And it’s what I did, to boost my confidence, to face being in a public gym again.

Yup. For the first time ever @ life… My confidence levels dipped that low (Just left a tech start up… To now self employed @ all Fitbuzz shenanigans).

Once the strength and confidence levels went up. It was back to the gym. When that happens to you, your daily routine is fixed.

And at some point during this time period. You’ll look at yourself and think.. ‘What the fudge was I thinking… Thinking that I looked OK’.

And hopefully, you didn’t take too many pictures of yourself during your mediocre stage. If you did, then it only makes for great > S-curve member story content.

More progress

All of what we see above, is what the first few months will look like, if you currently look and feel like s***.

I remember what that was like. It wasn’t easy to do. Especially when doing it on your own.

But YOU… Are not alone. You have a very solid entity in your corner, to push you to whatever success levels you’re after.

Not only that. But we can see what needs to be done at any given moment. And can predict (With more ease) what will happen next.

Wine glass emoji goes here @ no more mediocre days!


#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
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Fitness Tips: Butt Workouts for Women

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Every woman wishes to have a perfect body. According to many, a great butt is firm and well-toned. Fitness plays a significant role in achieving such results according to experts. However, great steroids like the Valkyrie Dianabol / Dbol 10 will work wonders on any butt on top of increasing muscle mass and enhancing performance. Back to the main focus, below are some of the best butt workouts for women.

Barbell Deadlift

Most women will not challenge this workout as much, but it is one of the best. As one lowers the hips and bends and grabs the bar, the butt muscles swiftly move into action. Lifting the barbell deadlift puts the muscles into action and, therefore, starts to tone. The glutes and lats also follow suit in enjoying the juicy benefits. Make sure the weight is not too much or too little.


Quite a large number of women will confirm that squats are a winner in this matter. If you want a great butt, do squats. To make the workout more fruitful, a woman can grab some weights like dumbbells or kettlebells and use them. If this is a daily workout that you decide to use, three sets of 15 reps each can do wonders. Doing squats the right way will not only yield great results but also will avoid injuries to the hip and spine.

Single Leg Front Raises

Raises are not tough for any woman, yet they yield great results. To produce even better results, a woman can grab a small deadlift with her arms during the workout. A good surface also matters as you try to balance the body on one leg as the other is raised above. Here, the more one can hold in position, the better the results she will get. Fitness trainers also say that giving both legs equal attention promotes proportional results in your butt area.

Sun Salutation

Women love Yoga, and this move is an excellent way to go in that direction. All you need is a yoga mat and a knowledge of how to do this workout move. The sun salutation move inclines your butt as high as possible while on all fours. Some women prefer to make movements up and down while others move up and hold. Either way, the butt muscles get worked out in a great way for toning. The good thing is that this move is not only simple but also fun, especially for beginners.


When it comes to butt fitness workouts, the list would be incomplete without lunges. The best thing about lunges is that they also tone the thighs together with your butt muscles. To perform this simple workout, start with a standing position and lunge the left leg forward with the hands on the hips. Make sure that the other leg also gets an equal share of the workout in order to encourage proportional results. Lunges can also be a stretching workout after doing the other exercises like squats and lifts.

Doing one or a combination of the above every day will give you a firm and well-toned butt. You will definitely love the results you get.

Taste your belfie

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Buzzers… Wednesday…

I’ve started up the S-curve experience stuff again, that we was doing last year.

That is… Roof top bars and hangouts in the evening/night. Which is super cool in warmer climates.

Which was also supposed to be a part of some possible in-person events. But we’ll see. As right now… Online platforms and communication is dominating. Along with some hot potential ‘shenanigans’ via ‘Buzzcoin’ on the horizon.

So… yesterday…S-curve experience.

Today… I’m going to share a few foods from 4 out of the 7 food lists within that module.

This will help you to understand how you’re going to apply ‘the different elements of eating’ to your regime, for the foreseeable future.

#1 Tasty A-rated meals

– Oats + raisins + chia seeds + blueberries

– Muesli + almond milk + apple/pear raisins

– Lamb + Mint sauce + brown rice

#2 Tasty A-rated cheat snacks

– Frozen grapes/Strawberries

– Cherry tomatoes

#3 Foods that contain a high nutrient, that is rare for it’s food type

– Purple rice = High in protein – Commonly high in slow digesting carbs

– Chia seeds = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Commonly high in fat

– Pistachio nuts = High in protein/carbs – Commonly high in fat

#4 Foods that have higher than usual amount of grams, for it’s food type

– Bulgar wheat


Stage 1-4 is a process. Like a university course… You need to complete semester 1 before you can complete semester 3.

– Nutrition progress
– Exercise and strength progression

I’ve shown you different parts of those throughout the blueprint tips on here. And that food list above…?  (Taken from the complete official food lists module).

You will use all of it at some point during your 1-3-6-12-18 month journey. Just never all in one day.


> Stages 1-4 got an update recently. Which makes transitioning through to each stage, a smoother
experience, where you should be more excited to move on to the next stage.

#1 Message first, reply second.
#2 > More buzz is where everything exists.
#3 Check out > Buzzcoin (As there is a lot of potential for interesting things to happen there, within
the coming months/years).

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