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Buzzers… > Ashamed happened?

We didn’t do a weekly recap yesterday. So… You can spend the morning back tracking > here.

The weekend was a festive one @ fall season shenanigans heating up.  So today… We’re going to kick start the week, with a topic that we haven’t talked about in a long time (since we’ve been focused on teaching you about the S-curve experience and the ‘becoming S-curvish’ process).

That is… The foods and meals.

But ‘not’ > this beginning part of S-curve food process. Nah… More towards, the eating restaurant food and foods from different cultures part of it.

Being from a melting pot city (raised around people from many different backgrounds). I got to experience a lot of different foods from early on in life.

First… Some faves of my own @ to try for Thanksgiving/Christmas

– Mint sauce on lamb
– Fried plantain
– Sugar cane juice
– Fried dumplins
– Bread pudding
– Look for a soft brown bun bread with fruit and raisins inside

That’s a wide mixture of very yummy A-F rated. It’s the festive season. So you’re allowed to care less, enjoy and embrace.

And In general…

– Pineapple boat with rice inside + various meat choppings (Thailand)
– Tacos + dip
– Chicken adobo (Phillippines)
– Special or chicken fried rice (Chinese)

That list is truly endless.

We typically start to embrace this stuff more, when you’ve reached at least 60% S-curvish. And to definitely be embraced on Travel-curvish 2.0 trips.

Which can be seen via the shenanigans album on my own profile and via the @fitbuzz Pinterest feed via > More buzz).

We don’t do much with recipes here. Just a focus on the ingredients.

So it’s…

A) Eye up the restaurants food menu
B) Subconsciously eye up the A-F rated foods in the meals listed
C) Order… Based on how you feel
D) Try something new… And take the meal ideas home with you :D.

The foods above, are just from my own experiences.

So reply or message with some of your faves. As I’ll be trying those and sharing them with everyone else here.

S-curve blueprint tip

Like I said last week… Do all of that mental preparation stuff. But like with anything you intend to succeed with. Just ‘start’ @ whatever that is.

Which is exactly what you’re being prepared for, in this years > fall season program. Which is of course,what happens before (almost all) stage 2 members, migrate to stage 3.

And you see those stages 1-4…

They’re sitting there like that, because that’s the success formula that continues to work again and again. So it probably won’t change for a while.

What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that.
And More buzz for everything else.


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Buzzers… Weekend day 2…

It’s a chill day for me. Which is also the last day of the long weekend. So it’s back to getting busy.
That headline above
You do that… Because you feel like the newsletter is speaking to you, in relation to some aspect
of your life.

That’s heart felt for sure. Otherwise you wouldn’t go out of your way to do it.

Just like that feeling you get when you do something for someone. Just because of the love you

have for them.

But in terms of starting here @ becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish. One of the biggest motivators

for starting. Is because this shite is hard to do on your own, long term.

It takes a special kinda will power to do that, succeed… Physically and mentally. And to actually

enjoy your life.

So we come in and take a big workload off your plate. And put you through the ‘now’ S-curve formula.

– ‘What to do’ with the ‘how to do’ (Eat and move)

– Do what’s given to you (LIVE update member page + 121 coaching chats)

Stage 1 is staying. Because that really does help new people get their foot in the door. Stage 1 shows

you what you’ll have to do on your own, over the long term.

At that point… You’ll at least have higher trust levels. But… The road ahead is still pretty blurry at

stage 1. Because you have a ton of stuff to figure out on your own.

The formula gets clearer at stage 2. And 100% clear at stage 3 (Which is the heart of the formula).

That’s where every busy person who needs to succeed, must be.

Especially if you’re a fan of…

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Which is all the rage right now, since it’s the festive fall season (Follow or add me below to see all the
shenanigans that are going on).

The most important part of stage 3, is the 121 chats. Because there’s a ton of thoughts that enter your

head during the day, that can lead you down the path of failure.

We need to manage that. Part of which, is hissy fit management. Which is no joke.

We’re all about this…

Making women look and feel like the best version of themselves

@ mission statement words. So we get it done!

Conclusion =

If you need help. Come and get it. Struggling, is for people who want to live a sucky lifestyle. That’s not
What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that. And 
> More buzz for everything else.


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We managed to save your account (Time sensitive)

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Buzzers… Saturday…

It’s the weekend. In our world. That means…

– Cheat snacking shenanigans
– Travel-curvish 2.0 + Come up for air (Break away from tech) moments

TC2.0 is the most exciting aspect of the S-curve experience at present.

And because of what time of the year it is…Today is an important day to highlight the right times to start certain phases over the next 12 months. If starting in fall season.


Thanksgiving is here. It does only apply to those in the US of A. But the entire world is influenced by it.

– Especially by businesses
– And because the internet has now fully brought the offline and online worlds together into one (Almost)

Which is why we transitioned the main program into a LIVE process, to mimic what happens face to face.


You’ll embrace the binge next week. Or semi-binge like > Shawn. And after that… You’ll start to feel ready to tackle a new year.

Which usually means you’re ready to embrace a results phase.

That results phase is what typically ‘fully’ happens after all the teaching, educating and coaching that goes on in this years > fall season program. (Which is what always happens before anyone becomes a long term member). Which spans about 2-3 weeks.

We’re very active in those 2-3 weeks. But it doesn’t mean we have to hit everything exact. We’re just going with the flow. And learning about your life too.

End of December-February

This is the usual time people want to be on a results phase. Which makes sense. New Years resolutions are BS as always. But new year goals are not. They should be embraced!

Got a few super trips coming up? Like Bora Bora or Fiji?

Then getting to 60-90% S-curvish is indeed a goal that should be reached. Using the time frame that’s listed on the results phase page above.

So ya. Goal setting is far from BS and super important.

Once that Feb-March zone hits. You should be mentally ready from all those results phase shenanigans.

Everyone that did it last year was. And they was more than ready to start enjoying life a little more by switching to a lifestyle phase.

Which is more easy going. And more of what the S-curve lifestyle…

Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
Is all about. I’m doing it every day along side you too. As you’ve seen.

The right time to start?

It is true that you have to get mentally ready to start here.

But the best thing to do once you’re in that mind space, is to then set a week for when it’ll happen. That’s why I started the countdown of the fall season program early. And why I’ve made it last until the 20th of December.

As I’ve seen how this scenario plays out many times now.

Enjoy your Saturday.

What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that. And  > More buzz for everything else.


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We had to ban your signal

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Buzzers… TGIF…

It was indeed a Justice League day yesterday.

Should you watch? Well… I was entertained. Just as I was with the Wonder Woman film. And each Super Hero had their moment.

Banning your signal?

I’m basically going to put out all of the topics that was discussed, with the FitBuzzers that I was out with last night.

And one of those topics. Was the elimination of standard TV watching.


Almost no one turns on a channel to watch random TV. But they do own TV’s to stream stuff. All of our oldest videos were uploaded in at least 720p HD. So no quality issues there for now.

Shredding fat on the midsection + Preventing boob shrinkage.

That’s hard to do. And the success levels of that outcome, mostly comes down to real world experience of achieving that goal.

That was the most important module that we focused on this year over in the tweak weeks. But if that is an issue for you right now. I can tell you for sure… It’ll take some months to achieve (As it did for me this year).

It’ll be quickly achieved if you have at least a couple of results phases in your long term plan, within a 6 month time period.

And no… There’s no individual quick fixes that’ll I’ll list here for you. Remember what I said > here.

Your upper butt

This is the 2nd thing that you’ll focus on.

#1 After that shred above
#2 If you currently do not have a naturally strong upper butt

There are 3 parts of your butt. The middle ‘biggest part’ is easiest to change. The upper butt is the hardest to change.

You’ll need to include one exercise as a part of your TDE video to help change the body part. And you’ll need to focus on exercises that hit your horizontal + semi horizontal muscle fibers.

Which usually means variations of…

– Hip extensions
– Leg lifts
– Lunges
– Abductions

Which ones we choose, will depend on your past experience and injuries (If any).

Cheat snacking

I always have to highlight this first in new convos.

As new people tend to think they need to be super health conscious when they enter S-curve world. Which you know… Is the opposite.

So like I said recently…

– TGIF cheat nights we embrace
– Very small amounts @ D-F rated cheat snacks
– Fruit as your cheat snack at all other times

What we talk about in replies and messages ends up here on the newsletter. So do that. And > More buzz for everything else.


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I have a story to tell…

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Buzzers… TBT…

Yup… You’ll usually see a ton of throwback stuff on this day.

Today… It’s all > Justice League for me @ cinema shenanigans. So you can all imagine yourselves as Wonder Woman again. Since that’s what we turn you into here. Hehe

But since it is a TBT. I’m going to dig into some S-curve member stories from the past 5 years. Excluding the ones from the past (Big rush + program ‘higher end’ evolution) 12 months.

> Let’s go…

S-curve member Pamela

You know when you think you’ve tried everything to succeed physically…

News flash = You haven’t!

This applies to almost all who became members.

But if you look at the 121 coaching chats that we did with Pam. You’ll see that she was genuinely shocked @ the physical changes she started to see.

The biggest lesson she learned. Was that a real shred (That you get to keep) takes a number of months to achieve.

And to then… Know how to perfect. You don’t have time to learn how to do that. You just need to be shown. And then ‘DO’ @ stage 3 shenanigans.

FitBuzzer Arora

There was no timeline on that pic. But since I can personally tell you how long it’ll take someone to reach their ideal physique, just by looking at them ‘today’.

I can tell you… That result will take 8-12 months of being on a results phase. That’s not very fun though. And is not recommended here.

So… 12-18 months of shifting between a results and lifestyle phase.

One more… S-curve member Yani

She reminded me of the members from this past year. As we got really close. Which means I learned all about her family, boyfriend etc.

Which means I got to see how her changes impacted them too. Her mom genuinely asked her ”WTF have you been doing”.

Anyway… Her issue, is that she wasn’t triggering her results properly with the workouts.

Which meant that she didn’t get those increased hunger pains. Which meant that she didn’t feel the need to eat more (And eat S-curvishly too). Once she did… That result came.


All of the above is good and great. But it all happened during a time, when we was focused on the physical side of things ONLY.

Now… It’s about mastering the lifestyle and mental side of things. Because that is where the reality of your daily life exists.

In fact… Some members go long term. Just for the consistent mental fix.

– Accountability
– 121 coaching chats keeping you on the wagon
– An entity that has your back, regardless (Which is something that cannot be said @ some of the current people in your life)

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Does your butt sound like this…?

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And no… Not talking about farts!

Buzzers… Wednesday…

LIVE and direct part 2

Yup… Everything that you see me highlight at present. Is coming from the talks with new members, who are at stages 1-3 or on the > fall season coaching chats (Which prepares you for stage 3).

One of the things I’m seeing. Is that folks are’ busy’. Seriously.

A time consuming, ‘learn stuff yourself’ program is NOT what folks need.

That’s why today, it’s….

– Internet connection
– Mobile device, tablet, stream on any TV (To stream the workouts and access your member page)

– A gym wherever you happen to be (sometimes)
– Use those devices for 121 chat coaching sessions

That’s it. Nothing else is needed to start/continue. Regardless of where you are in the world.

Associates/FitBuzzers and established S-curve members are living like this.


Become S-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips
The most interesting part of that, is the > TC2.0 shenanigans.

– ‘Coming up for air’ and being away from tech
– Taking your program with you on your trips

> The experience as a whole + Mental and lifestyle fixing FTW @ 60%-ish.

> Becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish @ 40%-ish

Talking of ‘mental’… Some info for beginners, who are new to being a part of a ‘higher end’ experience.

Think bigger and better

If you look like shite. There’s a good chance that you’ve only dealt with lower end products or services in this space (The become S-curvish part).

For example: When starting on stage 1 or 2, after being a newsletter reader only.

Instead of asking what reps and sets you could do today, to start fixing the physical YOU. Think bigger and better.

Instead… Ask something like… ”What process can I follow over the next month, in order to see positive noticeable changes”.

Which includes:

– Lifestyle change fixes.
– ‘What to do’ with the ‘how to do’ @ workouts and nutrition.
– An overview of all the stages you’ll go through, long after that first month.

And even if we gave you some initial reps and sets to follow. That would only ‘trigger’ a short term change.

It won’t feed or keep the change that you want. Long term ‘LIVE and in the moment’ actionable plans

is where the magic is.

Again… Member page + 121 chats.

Becoming S-curvish reminder blueprint tips

#1 Your weakest looking body part…

Do an exercise that targets that area, every single day.

That sounds unstructured. Because it is. We structure it, by including that (best) exercise, into a tailored daily exercise video that appears on your member page.

And to then, change that exercise over time. Based on your on going results. Which is another reason why you need to be following through @ stage 3 shenanigans.

#2 Reply with ANY issue that you’re facing right now. And I’ll throw a blueprint tip your way to ‘start’ fixing it.

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Coming in LIVE and direct

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Buzzers… Tuesday…

Coming in LIVE and direct

We’ve been S-curving for a while now. And this past week, looks exactly the same as every other long term S-curve members first week.

And the big highlight… Is that this shite takes time!

Aka… Teaching and coaching you into a a super S-curve lady, physically and mentally, takes about 1-3 weeks before you are ‘ready’.

That’s why we launched > this page to you a week ago. Rather than one week from today.

Besides… It’s the right time of the year to show you how ‘we do’ festive season food shenanigans (We embrace the binge).

Anyway… 36 days left.

Following through part 2

We did part one on Saturday. And today… I’m going to get into the dilemma that some folks face, after they’ve followed through.


You got through stage 2 and are warming up to stage 3. Great. You WILL win. But the absolute worst thing you can start doing (If you wan guaranteed results) is to start following your own random path.

You can throw the ‘guarantee’ in the trash can if you do that. As I cant guarantee anything if you do that.

**LIVE update member page + 121 coaching chats**

That’s the formula that everyone who has won, has followed.

– It’s like doing a college degree and playing around with semester 2 stuff in semester 1.

– Or being a first time driver and self teaching yourself to drive.

You’re just messing up the ‘learning flow’ of things. At which point, you’ll complain that nothing works.

Also… You have to be careful. Because different workouts and nutrition shenanigans will affect your body differently, depending on what stage you’re at.


Doing the Aphrodite Butt Building routine without guidance (Doing it for 2 months straight) may get you injured.


A super shred-curvish eating plan for more than 4-6 weeks might leave your muscles looking a little ‘under the weather’.


Progressing to an advanced exercise too quickly will most likely kill your motivation levels.

I’ve seen a lot of this stuff happen. Which lead to hissy fits (Big time… Like shrunk butt). Which lead to the creation of the tweak week modules this year (You’ll 100% use this in your first 6 months).

Follow through part 2 conclusion

It’s OK to want to get your trust levels up before going into stage 3. It’s a process. And like I said yesterday. You can never be rushed into it.

But once you’re on. And you feel comfortable. Follow the rules. You’ll save yourself a lot of pain and heartache.

Stage 3 blueprint tips

That’s where the magic is. In foods and supplements. A-C rated rules apply @ what you see on the label?
If so… You’re good to go. Buy it and try it. Which is the rule that is used for the stuff you can see in the S-curve journey extras via > More buzz.

The long term stuff above (Re-emphasised)

– It’s the 121 coaching + LIVE updates that saves you. It shows us the problems that arise and how to fix them.

– You probably have one area on your body that needs a lot of work. That’s going to take you at least 3-4 months of successful work to fix. Which is what 121 coaching + the LIVE update member page is.

Unfortunately… Quite a few people take the opposite route and go through months or years of trial and error.

Like > this lady. Who went two years of trying to go it alone, failed miserably. Came back and succeeded within 3 weeks!

Don’t make your 2018 look like that! It makes the S-curve experience as a whole (Pre-headline on More buzz) ‘suck’. Get out of disability mode… Get enabled.

Add/Follow/Message below (First). Reply (Second). And More buzz for everything else.

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Warning: You have exceeded the old limit

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Buzzers… Monday…

This is what happened > last week. It’s a new week. So let’s get into it…

Mission statement: From the list

To keep you looking 10-15 years younger than your biological age.

Which is easier to do, the earlier you start living S-curvishly. But I’m going to highlight something more important than that today.

Which is something I have noticed all year with S-curve members. But have not spoken about openly on here.

That is… To prevent you from dying early.

Let me explain…

There have been several members this year, who came into the program with ‘issues’. Many of which required surgery in the past. Or recurring attendance to… in the current day.

And in many cases… These things happened, because they kept their bodies in an unhealthy state for years on end. Until one day… It became too late.

Boom… ‘Gotta start looking for an expert source that I can trust to help me fix this’.

It’s a horrible situation. Because there you are. A woman in your 30’s or 40’s. Who wants to look and feel sexy.

Yet… You’re having to fix things inside (Which may be visible on the outside of your body). Making you feel 20 years older than you are.

This is the reason why I’ve been urging certain members not to wait around to start (They recently hit 40 years old @ their motivation for messaging).

Because time really is not on your side, if you’re currently that age (Or any age over 18 @ that’s when things start to fall apart) and currently ‘broken’.

Because you can at least start reversing some of the crap you’ve gotten your body into.

– Eating S-curvishly will push out the bad and replace it with the good.

– Cheat snacks will be fruit only.

– The exercise and strength progression process will actually make your body function better. Like…

Your knees and other joints wont click around. You’ll have more energy.

These are the deep important topics that go on in the 121 chats. Which you can see in some of the past chat screen shots on the results pages. These are the issues that people come in with.

It’s truly heart felt.

And anyone that’s coming into this with issues like that, cannot be ‘rushed’.

That’s why we have stages 1-4 via > More buzz. And is the most important reason why we ended up creating a longer term/higher end program, over the past 3-4 years.

Because people have been coming to us with problems like this since 2013. And at that time, there was no solid program in the place, like what we have to today.

I simply had to hold their hand. There was a lot of divorce issues too, from what I remember.

That’s why we have now come full circle and why I’ve made ‘hand holding’ the focus of this years > fall season/Thanksgiving/Black Friday offering.

And it’s ‘game on’. As a couple have officially started as of last week. Which means they’ll have an awesome 2018. Just like everyone who started in last years fall season ‘rush’.

I’ll tell you this right now though…

We’re going to get real close once you’re inside. This is the only way we can truly succeed. I’m used to it. As I’ve done it a lot of times now. So it’s my job to get YOU used to it @ working closely together.


No more exceeding the ‘old’ limit. It’s time to start giving you more years of ‘good’ life.

You deserve a wonderful ‘now’ S-curve experience.

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[Your Doctor] I have a cure for your infection

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Buzzers… Sunday…

Yesterday… We talked about the TC2.0 shenanigans that are going on with everyone that’s involved here. And just a few hours ago… I put up a status, encouraging you to put your phone away for at least 6 hours a day.

You need to. Otherwise ‘coming up for air’ doesn’t work.


Shawn from the > first podcast cringed, at being without internet for 2-3 days for one of her upcoming trips (Understandable. But 12 hours can be OK).

And Danni from yesterday, felt like she needed a break from that same ‘come up for air’ TC2.0 trip (WTF)!

So from me to you… You see the way you have to get into the right mindset before starting on stage 3? Just… Do the same with your TC2.0 trips. Because if you don’t… There’s no point in taking a trip at all.

So keep that trip time, as ‘calendar free’ as you can @ no interruptions.

Let’s > Recapo


– We introduced this years > Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Fall season shenanigans.

– We explained that the S-curve formula as a whole, is a combination of science + real world testing.

– We explained how your goals will change throughout your journey.


It’s that festive time of year. New people are always entering our world here. So it was time to re-explain the embracing of the binge-fest, that happens on Thanksgiving and Christmas.


We talked about all the things that are going on. In different areas of the S-curve experience @ levelling up.


Here… We talked about the big shift that started to happen this year @ focusing less on the nutrition and workout parts of all this (Important for the long term). Along with some blueprint tips.


– Embracing your improved daily lifestyle shenanigans… Without wishing to be somewhere else at any given moment.

– New people like > Miss Greene have started, since the announcement of this years fall season program shenanigans.

It’s very hands on, with a lot of questions floating around. So here, we talk in detail about the 4 stages.


– What I talked about earlier.
– The issue of following through.
– Other Thanksgiving/Black Friday things that are going on, in other parts of the S-curve experience @ the stuff that exists on > More buzz.

We’ll be starting the new week with another important topic tomorrow. So see you then. Or message/reply below before Monday arrives.


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The Game of Themes (New TV show spin off)

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Well… That’s what we would call it. If the following TC2.0 shenanigans became one…

Buzzers… Saturday…

You all know how important food variety is right?

Well… Going by the LIVE action that’s going on with members. That seems to be the theme with what we do on TC2.0 trips. As some (Myself included) are having big ‘come up for air’ moments.

That is… Completely relaxing for 3-4 days in a TC 2.0 destination.

Which > is this…

Wonderful, but less popular spots. Which is what I did back in February (That pic above) and April (Will talk about in a sec).

Not totally ‘fun’. But the relaxation goals are met in these locations. As these spots make you want to turn off the tech and embrace peace.

And in some cases, you have no choice. As the wifi can be pretty bad in some of these spots. So ya… We definitely have different themes.

So we’ll start listing some of these themes soon. So that you can start picking them out when needed. Just like we do with the foods. As you progress through your journey.

Follow through

I have to highlight this issue. Especially at this time of year. And that is… The case of following through.

When I look back… It’s crazy @ the amount of members there are, who almost never become members. Some of it was because of > what I spoke about here.

Which is understandable. And it’s my job to make sure you get on a safe flight.

But if they didn’t become members. They would have never experienced the positive changes that they saw in their lives. Physically… And with the people around them, who watched it all happen.

And you’ve all watched it happen too. Especially in the past 12 months.


The issue at hand… Is when one quits, even when things are starting to go good.

And like I’ve said before. It’s usually a case of being scared of succeeding. Which just means being scared of change.

– You’re used to being known as the skinny person
– You’re used to being known as the chubby person
– You’re used not completing stuff

It even happened with me this year. When I did my first cliff jump (April above).

Almost everyone who does ‘that’ is scared poo-less. And one of the folks I was with, didn’t do it.

But once done… You realise what you’ve been missing out on the whole time. And you just want to jump from higher up, each time you do it.

Conclusion to following through

You’ll experience this at some point on stage 2. Once there… Just hold on tight, while I take you on a ride that’ll remain a part of your life forever.

Fall season festivities

You’ve already gotten wind of > 39 days left/5 teeth lost. But there’s also a 35% off everything in the > @fitbuzz skreened store.

Enjoy this weekend day #1!
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