Halloween brain fart booty (Save this)

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Buzzers… Tuesday… (Halloween, if that’s your ‘thing’)

Yup… It’s that day. Although most of the partying happened at the weekend.

And there is of course more cosplay outfits to look at, via the @fitbuzz social media feeds on > More buzz.


We’ve recently been focusing a lot on the S-curve experience as a whole. And rightly so. Which you’ll see

reflected, on the social media feeds every single day (Just head to the FB profile below to see it all).

But we’re going to dig a little deeper at the ‘set plan’ that I spoke about yesterday. And walk you through the

first 6 months @ life as an official S-curve member.

Just… Everything that the S-curve formula throws at you. With a strong focus on ‘physical results’. Because

that’s usually the first thing that you’ll want to change, when you decide to become a member.
It starts with that mindset of seeing what you’ll look like, past the first month. Again… You’ll continue on for
the long term if the trust levels are high enough.

And you have no choice to continue, otherwise you won’t see the changes. Seriously. Don’t repeat

this mistake that I’ve seen others make @ stopping for no reason Aka brain fart moment.

Month #1

#1 You’ll answer > these questions.

Once we know everything. Then..

#2 We’ll choose a video workout routine (And tweak it if needed).

You’ll get your LIVE update member page. And that’s where the tweaks will be posted. As we change things,

based on…

– How your body responds to the exercises
– The events that happen in your daily life

@ important.

#3 You’ll get a Tailored Daily Exercise video. This is where we choose 3-4 exercises that target your most

desirable body parts.

– That’s how we speed up results
– That’s the video you’ll turn to when times get hard… When you can’t do full workouts for whatever reason.

This will be done first thing in the morning or before bed.

#4 You’ll follow one of > these S-curve meal structures.

– Get used to the structure for the first month.
– And eat until you feel content. @ every meal.

#5 Nothing is skipped!

#6 You’re almost guaranteed 100%, to see noticeable results! And we know it’s not BS results. Because…

A) You didn’t under eat (Which does more harm than good… Especially if you try to do that long term @ crazy).

B) All you did… Was what you’re supposed to do in everyday life. Which means you’re not overly skinny or fat.

Just a better version of yourself. Since the workouts triggered a positive change in your muscles.
Life after noticeable results

I) We start to use the tweak weeks workout modules.

These contain the fixes that most people who have come before you, have experienced. Like, butt and boob


II) We might start counting grams or calories. Especially if you have reached 60% S-curvish and beyond.

III) We’ll start embracing nutrition focused only weekends.

IV) TGIF cheat nights can resume.

V) Strength and exercise progression will take place. It usually takes 3-4 months to see a big change in this

area. We even recorded the whole process between > Aug – November 2016.
Your official routines will of course change along the way.

VI) We’ll start varying meal types and fully embracing the official food types list, that I talked about


I highlighted that sentence, because that’s where you’ll spend most of your time, long after the first 6 months!

VII) Travel-curvish (Bora Bora) + 2.0 (US:Florida, EU: Santorini) and gradually placing these S-curve formula shenanigans into your daily life. It’ll be different for everyone!


There’s a lot more details involved @ every step of the way of course. But that’s what it looks like. So just ask

about anything that you see above.

Reply, add, follow, message and all that good stuff…


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Such a successful fudging failure @ your butt

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Buzzers… Monday…

> Last weeks shenanigans… Since I know you switch off a little on weekends. Like…

My own weekend did indeed look like a version of an S-curve experience weekend, that many on here are living.

But it’s the start of a new week. So let’s get into it….


Did you find a formula that made you look as you desired. And made you feel great @ living life…?


The same as 2013…?

If the answer is no to both. Then… You need to make a change.

You either do something radically different. Or just do what you KNOW you’re supposed to do.

For most… That means, getting outside help.

A) The first step, is finding a ‘source’ that creates the kind of outcome you’re looking for.

B) The next step… Is connecting with whoever or whatever that is. And for you to trust them 100%. And they need to have YOUR back 100% too.

It’s going to be another week of living S-curvishly within the S-curve experience. So let’s kick start the week with some…

Blueprint tips…

#1 Let me start by giving you the formula @ getting outside help…

I) Do a total review of your lifestyle (Or get someone to do it for/with you).

II) Find a picture of your ideal body type/goal. And keep it in a place, where you’ll have no choice but to see it daily (Or just join in on one of the @fitbuzz social media feeds).

III) Set a ‘plan’ and follow through.

> No BS ‘diets’, detox’s or whatever temporary other s***

Do that… And you’ll win.

If you are failing (@ any area in your life). It’s because you are NOT setting a plan. You’re just wasting precious time, year in, year out.

Problem solved..

#2 What the fudge happened to the newsletter example S-curve meals?

You don’t need to see them any more…

(Examples are posted to the shenanigans album on the FB profile below, between Mon-Thurs though).

As the only thing you need to start with, is the protocol S-curve meal structure via > Morebuzz. In fact…

Everything that’s needed to ‘start’, can be found there.

But… The S-curve formula really kicks into gear, once you get your LIVE update member page and start 121 chat sessions on Messenger (Hate FB? Just get the Messenger app only). As things will change as you progress on the way to success. Especially after the 45-60 day mark.

If your ‘trust levels’ are high enough at that point. Then… Do not stop your set plan…OK!

#3 Got unique food finds or cheat snack pics? Send them in… Just like > Iris and Shawn
did over the weekend.

There’s a place for all food types. Which was re-confirmed in this years official food lists.

(Current members or past members with 2017 stage 4 updates… Check your member pages to see it).


Yup… This Monday is indeed a ‘tell it how it is’ kinda day. The real magic begins when you…

Add below (First). Reply (Second).


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So much ROcktober-tainment going on…

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Buzzers… Halloween weekend…

– Movies like the new Thor and Saw (Jig-saw)
– The return of TV shows like Stranger ThingsThe Walking Dead and Mr. Robot
– Travel-curvish 2.0 hiking trips

I personally love it all. And I did catch up on TV shows this weekend. Whilst having a ‘nutrition only

focused’ weekend (Which you will do too whenever you officially start/re-start).

All of that is fun stuff. And we can indeed explore and enjoy it all, because of the ‘simpleness’, of the current

day main S-curve program.

– Laptop/iPad
– Just YOU present… When mobile (Any near by gym)
– Just YOU present… And ankle weights (Any local gym) when at home

That’s the only things that are needed. At any given time.

You can work, workout, hang or chill. You are free and flexible as a bird in the sky.

The place that you saw me in on Friday. Was a sports center, with a gym, with an open roof top and closed

bar, with a view and TV screens (Nice sound system too).

Which made for a perfect #TGIFcheatnight location.

Note: Remember to send your pics across, on the Fridays that you do them. And ya… That’ll be the hash tag.

Did you celebrate Halloween?

It’s a big deal to some. And not so much to many.

But since we’re a global audience here. We get to feel the impact that this event has on the world every year.

And it definitely heats the world up. There’s parties everywhere. Along with a social media take over.

And of course… We’ve had some halloween cosplay posts on our own social media accounts too, via our

associates/peers. So give those a look, via More buzz.

And if you dressed up. Then send your pics across too :).

We’re going to kick start the week strong and fresh tomorrow. So use > this page to catch up on this past

weeks newsletters, if you missed anything.

As usual… Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.

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Fudging food evolution

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Buzzers… Saturday…
So… You’ve all seen the back story that sits on top of More buzz… Right?

Well… We have no choice but to show that, to brand new people we encounter on the daily. And if you look

at how we’ve progressed. It’s always been a case of ‘start small and evolve’.

Which usually means all of us, creating that evolution together, into something that makes sense for your life.

In regards to the main program here… We’ve gone from a $50 ebook program (2010). To a higher end, overall experience (2017).

And it’s great to see that people are embracing…

– Cheat snacking/TGIF cheat nights
– Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

It’s like folks get a sigh of relief, that things aren’t extremely focused around the gym life.

Starting small and growing

The main program and the newsletter has been the #1 focus on here. To make both as great as possible.

And it’s at the best place right now. We’re just moving along at a steady pace of evolution in these two areas.

But now that there’s a focus on the S-curve experience as a whole. We’re doing the ‘start small and grow’…

With some newer areas.

– Travel-curvish pages (Very beta at present)

– The lifestyle feed (Aka the FB timeline on my own profile)

– More buzz and result pages… (Page design updates)

– The very new S-curve member podcast

So… That’s where we are. Now… To highlight some of the topics from yesterday’s convos, from that 121 meet up with a Fitbuzzer.

#1 Food types

We don’t know every single food type in existence. All we do… Is give you the formula, on what ingredients

you need to include @ all meals.

You are set for life, once you get used to that food label reading process. Give > this video a watch for an


#2 Do what the fudge you want

We started this ‘feature’ in the program, around 2 years ago. That is…

You can do whatever you want for a 4-6 week period.

– Intermittent fasting
– Juicing shenanigans
– Whatever..

Just… No slow-go cardio. At least not for 4-6 weeks long.

So if you are going to officially start. Then you don’t have to worry about stopping any activities that you’re

currently doing.

#3 LIVE update member pages

I talked about > Pam and Alicia’s butt shrinkage this year. And if that happens to you. You’re going to throw a hissy fit.

And then you’ll quit, if you don’t find a solution to fix it. This is the reason why we evolved into a live update

member page. From pervious static one.

So that a fix can be presented to you, whenever it’s needed.

Which mimics what real life 121 coaching looks like. And which is something a static regime can’t fix.

#4 TGIF cheat nights are a ‘thing’

Which you would have seen me post last night. So feel free to send in your TGIF cheat night pics, every

Friday that you do it.

#5 You will look your best if…

You’re consistently active on either of the 2 phases (Lifestyle/Results) for 12 months straight. Past members

and new people that I’m speaking with confirm this fact.

I personally did a test for 10 months, up until March this year. Where all I did, was eat S-curvishly + do zero

workouts. And I did indeed ‘maintain’.

But eventually, I had to go back to working out. As you will eventually lose your ‘look’.

The change that we made to the ‘active’ process. Is by adding two phases. So that you can still live a normal

life. And not be so obsessed and intense all the time. Aka a sustainable process.

Which is why it’s now OK to be 60-70% S-curvish and happy. The rest can be achieved over the next 5 years.

#6 Final things

– You don’t ever have to get physically ready to officially start. But you do have to get mentally ready.
– Officially starting doesn’t have to be about a physical fix. It can just be about a mental and lifestyle fix.

As usual… Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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What… That’s it? @ simple as it looks…

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Buzzers… Friday…

It’s been a truly global ‘connecting’ kinda week here.

– S-curve member podcast preparation in California.

– Stumbling into ‘now’ Fitbuzzers who I met earlier in the year… In Singapore.

– And various social media chats

So in usual fashion… Let’s dig into some of the stuff that came up in conversations…

What… That’s it?

When people meet me… Instagram @fitbuzz is the first thing they see.

And as you know… It really is just the surface. The really important stuff is found, once you enter the newsletter.

And when they actually see what the S-curve formula consists of…

They’re always shocked. They think things are going to be a lot more complicated.


– No big gym operation is needed
– No fancy kitchen set up is needed
– Just a tablet, phone or laptop is needed
– Facebook Messenger for daily coaching and chats
– Mobile wifi device when living the rest of the S-curve experience @ this…

> For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, or what job you have. That’s what it looks like for everyone.

It’s life… Simplified.

You save a ton of time. Achieve high level results. And can live awesomely.

So this week… As with every other week. I end up sitting with at least one person, to talk more on it.

Which is definitely less workout/nutrition talk. And that meeting itself… Is an S-curve experienceshenanigan.

Which happened today with someone too.

So be ready to ’embrace’. And if you’ve fallen out of ‘fitness’. Then good… Because restarting today, is definitely more about the experience as a whole.

The best version of you

– The Instagram posts @ associates/peers

– The S-curve member stories/progress album (FB)/Hall of fame

Most people are left feeling inspired @ seeing the first.

And most folks bookmark the pages on the 2nd.

But one thing I usually end up explaining… Is that argument, against becoming 90-100% S-curvish.

You don’t have to reach the levels that some ladies have reached @ body parts.

And in some cases, you never will. The same way I’ll never look like a bodybuildier, living this current lifestyle

we’re in @ S-curve world.

What you will do… Is look like the best version of YOU.

This topic has come up several times now, so ya… I’ll be highlighting this every other week.

Which relates to what I said a few days ago…

Do one effective exercise, everyday, that hit’s your worst struggling body part.

Anyway… It’s Friday. We tend to go less info heavy today. So I’ll be reporting back tomorrow. Be ready!

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Booty given… Thanks a fudging lot

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Yup… It’s that time of year again. Which will kick into gear, right after Halloween.

How we celebrate Thanksgiving season in S-curve world… Changes, based on what stage of evolution we’re at.

So this year… We’re simply going to be putting you through a results phase 121 chat experience, for an extra month. Even if you’re on a lifestyle phase (= More 121 chats and being more ‘on your case’).

Since I already know that you’ll be in the zone for it. As we approach the new year.

It’s never about any ‘new year new me’ BS.

It’s more about planning to continue living awesomely, for the following year.

The most exciting thing of all of course… Is looking forward to Travel-curvish 2.0 shenanigans. I personally would like to see that evolve into something exciting.

I don’t know ‘what’ exactly. But.. For something to be of super value to all of us. Regardless of where you live in the world.

I’m thinking…

– Airbnb shenanigans
– Hashtag creation (Like when #Scurve first hit the scene)
– Private FB group shenanigans
– Food shenanigans
– Working remotely shenanigans

All combined into something awesome.

So… Let’s see. @ 2018 and beyond.

Now… Some stuff… Based on yesterday’s convos.


This IS the most important thing right now!

People are very aware that there are scams everywhere, in any industry. And I don’t blame people for not wanting to trust anyone/company.

We have gone a lot more LIVE in the past year. So this is less of an issue here in S-curve world.

And my personal FB account is totally open now. With a lot of people seeing ME active daily… In the past 2 years on there.

Which today… Is me, living the S-curve lifestyle along with you.

Points to look out for… @ trust issues

– Watch how long they do what they do (They should still be active 1 year later… At least)

– Watch how they treat others (Online or offline)

– Talk with them directly

Which leads me to…

Get to know each other (Or a representative for them)

We’re talking 121 coaching and working long term.

Seriously… There is no way you can be on the same page, unless they get into YOUR life. And vice versa too, somewhat.

But it’s mostly about you.

It’s ALL about you. Fudge anyone else that they’ve helped.

What can they do for YOU?

If they’re not getting into your life and showing you ‘love’. Then they can’t do s*** for you. Simple as. No trust trust no more more.

Like this year… As with every year. I’ve been fully engrossed in the lives of S-curve members.

– I know about their divorces.
– Why that happened.
– How they’re feeling now.
– I know how their surgeries are affecting them and making them feel.
– I know about all the little things that they feel, that make them act a certain way @ different situations. Like… When they were scared to officially start on here.

All of that… Shows me why they want to restart or just start as new. I can truly feel their pain.

Can you now see why we’ve been gearing more towards the 65%-ish non-workout and nutrition stuff?

– That stuff makes you feel and look good. Yay.
– But it’s the rest of the long term experience + this…

For OOTD/OOTN/Bikini-curvish attire > Improved daily lifestyle > Travel-curvish 2.0 trips

And the memories created in those situations. That keeps you in the game and forever fixed.


Thanks… Take your fixed booty back :P.

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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I have a story to tell (OMFG)

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Buzzers… Sendewday…


That was one story in the S-curve universe @ long time members (3-5 years). But the fun thing about communicating with so many people, globally. Is that you get to see the current perspectives that people have.

I’m talking ‘life’ stuff too. Not just S-curve experience stuff.

And it’s all genuine ‘vibes’ when communicating with folks… Since I just talk, with no intentions in mind. And the S-curve world shenanigans… Only come up, if I’m asked.

This of course creates stories for this newsletter.

The following… Is some highlights from a convo I had yesterday. From an already ‘fit’ lady.

But as usual… Everyone has something they want to fix. Physically or mentally. So let’s get into it…

Questions > Answers

– She’s a follower/lady I met a few months back.
– A person that knows a lot less than you do, as a well informed newsletter reader.

#1 What… You have a formula?

Yup… Been building up gradually/organically since 2012-ish.


Well… You like wine? Yes…

You like pizza? Yes…

You like nights out with the folks? Yes…

(I already know this of course… As I met her in these scenarios).

Well… All of that will continue. We just re-structure the way that you do those things.

Which is of course cheat snacking and TGIF cheat nights.

#2 OMFG… I’ve known you all this time (Added on Facebook after meeting – Below). And it’s only

now, that I’m seeing these bodies (And other FB posts)… My gosh.

(Remember when I told you all… That there’s people who don’t know that this exists. Well… That’s the reaction. @ they don’t live in OUR world here. They’re heavily active offline).

My response: Well… You can indeed look like that (At which point, I start walking through the S-curve member stories).

But her… Being a person outside of this. I also explain to her, that this is just the beginning of the experience. And it’s all a lot more mental and time management focused than it appears.

Aka… It’s a lot deeper. Which is what you all, already know.

A balancing act of all the things that are important to YOU.

– Home life
– Extended family
– Work life
– Study life
– Fun (Arguably #1 goals for all of us)

It usually takes a few months of ‘following’, to see all the elements of the experience (Like > Mr Deity, who I met in March… Who now, always sends his associates our way).
I added her back in July. She’s a busy lady. It’s ROcktober now. So here we are.

#3 I’ll be meeting her on Friday for the first time… 121.

So let’s see what happens.


More of this LIVE stuff will continue to pop up. So keep watching. As there’s not a single day where I don’t learn something new. When communicating with folks.

Which means YOU get to learn new stuff too. All through this newsletter.

There’s an official fall/festive season announcement tomorrow. So… Chat then.

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Best of both worlds… I mean butts

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+ S-curve member story update

Buzzers… Suetday…

Yup… This year, more than ever before. I’ve been merging the online and offline experiences together.

– The local networks
– Global networks
– Social media followings
– How things get done
It’s all being squished together into one big family.

Forget about formulas and details. We just want take make life more awesome for everyone involved.

And this year, more than ever before. I’ve seen a lack of knowledge, in so many areas, of the ‘now’ S-curve experience.

So… Everyone is merged. Let the learning and living continue.

Today @ yesterday’s shenanigans…

Remember the S-curve member stories that we introduced this year. And highlighted in our Sunday recap?

Well… Say re-hello to > S-curve member Amy (Scroll to the bottom). Who is also a part of the ‘look 10-15 years younger than your biological age’ club.

She came to us back in 2013, when what you see today, was the OSC program… Then (Ebooks/That calculator from last week and other bits).

As you can see. She had absolutely no butt. But even before that, she was curvy @ hard to believe.

If she knew better at the time. She would have shredded into an S-curve, instead of a skinny fat/slow-go cardio body type.

But hey. That’s why we exist. So that you go through zero trial and error.


We got her started on the right path. She did see butt growth. But it did take a while.

– Mostly because we wasn’t doing high end program’s back then.

– And because she was doing various other activities (This will lead to the next list that you should print out. But for now… Print out/wallpaper yesterday’s blueprint tips first).

Shortly after that… She started to do contest stuff. And as she found out… You can’t have the best of both butts, if you go that route.

Which is why you need to state what activities you currently do when you officially start on here.

But today…

> Some words from her (Yesterday)… Which you can see in full, on her S-curve member story above.

And from the most recent pic… You can see that she has indeed become S-curvish. So ya… A lot of FitBuzzers and S-curve members are still very active.

Take a look at the @fitbuzz FB page profile pic too.

That’s FitBuzzer Charlie Francis. Her story is a little different. But as you can see in that pic… She became S-curvish too.


Like I’ve said earlier… I’ve combined all networks into my FB profile below. So it’s all ‘community’.

Everyone is connected to ME in some way. So now… I’d like to know more about YOUR story so far.


Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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Hints of booty (She said don’t stop…)

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Buzzers… Weekend over…I have a lot of you added on FB. And for now… The Travel-curvish 2.0 trips and fun shenanigans have

indeed come to an end.

I ended the night by watching The Foreigner. The Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan movie. And I of

course woke up to be reunited with the return of the Walking Dead.
The hintYesterday… I posted that 4 month LIVE coaching feed, that we done last year with an S-curve member.

Yup… 4 whole months.

It was done to show you what it’ll actually look like for YOU. But it was also done, to show you that once

you start… You don’t stop.

I talked about this recently too. At the fact that people will do this in different areas of their lives @ quitting.

For no sound reason at all.

Just… Up and quitting.

Especially when things are actually going well (Da fac).

Fear of success is one of those reasons @ why.

I’ll personally rescue your a55 from that situation anyway. So no worringo (Random made up word).

Now.. Let’s get into those blueprint tips that you should print out or bookmark for future reference.#1 Pineapple is great as a cheat snack. And is great for a day time snack too, as it keeps you feeling full.

#2 Raisins are great, because they’re small, they’re dry, easy to travel with and are hard to get addicted to.. Because the sweetness becomes too much to bare (Like pineapple).

#3 Do one effective exercise everyday that targets your struggling body part (Told you it’ll come up regularly).

#4 Cut milk and sugar from all of your S-curve meals (Mostly cereals). We have several replacements that

actually boost the taste. Which won’t lead to an unwanted build up of fat.

#5 No more generic sit ups or crunches.

#6 You’ll limit the frequency of the amount of generic squats you’ll do.

#7 You’ll stop counting grams and calories until you reach 60% S-curvish.

#8 You’ll make it a compulsory decision on wether you’ll go easy (Lifestyle phase) or hard (Results phase)

every 4-6 weeks.

#9 You’ll only buy cheat snacks on the day that you’ll eat them.

#10 You will breathe properly during your workout sets and not hold your breath.

#11 You’ll make it compulsory to vary your food types.


– Oats for 2 weeks
– Muesli for 2 weeks
– Granola for 2 weeks
– Weetabix variation for 2 weeks

@ random example.

These are all rules that must be followed.

It’s hard to just wake up and remember them… If you’re not active as an official member.

But even if you are… It’s still a good idea to stick them up… Somewhere you’ll see them everyday, without


– Wallpaper (Phone/Laptop)
– Kitchen door
– Office pin board

The above is just one list. We will create more.

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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RECAPO the booty – Haven’t done this in years!

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We’re going to do a special kind of blueprint tips day tomorrow. It’ll be something that you can print out or bookmark for on-going reference.

But today… We’re actually going to do a recap of everything that’s happened this week.

It’s been an eventful one too. So let’s get into it.


What we discussed here… Is the first thing that I highlight in brand new conversations that I have with people…
If they’re interested in fixing elements of their lifestyle/body.

Because it’s the balancing act of everything that’s listed there @ what’s causing the problem in the first place.

Technology + Time saving tools are the backbone of the formula.


This is where I talked about what it’s actually like to officially start @ chill vibes. And to highlight some of the

ways that we’re using technology to make that a great experience.

Because a lot of people who don’t start. Over think actually starting.

They (Or you) might think it’s some big event that needs to occur. And it’s not. You could actually be reading

this on the sofa. Roll over to the kitchen/floor and begin.

The one thing you will need to do though. Is to prepare your mindset. Which is usually all sorted by your 2nd

week @ listen to the S-curve member podcast.


That was an ‘in person’ event day here @ meeting FitBuzzers and potential S-curve members. Which you

would have seen on here and definitely on FB if we’re added.

And of course… Some actionable blueprint tips.


Was basically a review and part 2 to Wednesday. Some of this stuff might relate @ you. So give that an



Gosh… That event did spark some fire. And the conversations are still going on since that day.

Which is why Friday was a part 3.

So if you want to see what the stuff going on in your head looks like… @ issues addressed LIVE and in the

moment. Then read those 3 newsletters.


It’s always good to use the weekends to recoup. And we did that yesterday, by looking over all the things that

we have going on in S-curve world.

We do a similar thing every 4-6 weeks, when working with you over the long term.

Which definitely helps @ keeping you on the right path. And… To check that progress is actually being made.

Which is what we did LIVE, with > this lady.

Add below (First). Reply (Second). And > More buzz for daily updates.


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