How to go on TWENTY Travel-curvish trips for 6 months

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Yup… That headline is a teaser… For the end part of this newsletter.

But the main reason for the teaser… Is to keep you in a ‘winners mindset’.

It’s very hard to keep that mindset active on your own. Which is of course… Why you are here. And is partly why you become an S-curve member.

Let’s start the topic of the day…

One of the jobs of this newsletter… Is to remind you about S-curve lifestyle ‘stuff’. Because you’re busy and you’ll forget.

So let’s remind you of what the ‘top of the menu’ goal looks like, for everything that we do on here…

*Become S-curvish/Shred-curvish > For OOTD/OOTN attire > Flaunted @ travel-curvish destinations*
Which is why the Instagram descriptions have changed on @shauntls & @fitbuzz. So let’s dig in to the first part, if you’re yet to become an official member.

#1 Becoming S-curvish/Shred-curvish

The reason why the foundation month exists… Is so that you learn how everything works. And it really is needed. Which is also why it’s a results phase month by default.

Now make these words sink in and stick…

What we do in that first month, is designed to set you up for the long term. And the way that we work,

during that month, will continue! There is no transition into ‘long term’. We start the process from 

day one.

The > bullet points you see on the page, are there for NEW website visitors. Not for YOU. Because they can’t just look at ‘nothing’… Right.

So once you’ve started and got into the groove. That will continue. And over time, you’ll succeed. In the time frames that you can see on that link above.

– Constantly moving between a lifestyle phase = More easy going
– And a results phase = More intense

#2 For OOTD/OOTN attire

Everything in your life changes once you build a 90-100% S-curvish physique. Especially for women @ YOU!It changes the way that you approach the world, in every single scenario. Wether leaving your front door, or staying indoors (Especially once it comes to you and your partner :D).

But it’s not something that people outside of the fitness and nutrition world achieve, often.

– Folks are busy
– Might not think it’s possible

– Or some other related reason

But every woman definitely > wants it> And it.

So the goal… Has been to transform as many people who fit that avatar. And… We’re getting it done!

As you have definitely seen on here in the past 12 months.

That’s the big motivator for evolving the S-curve formula into what it has become today.

#3 Travel-curvish and 2.0

You read all about this constantly on here. And the pictures have definitely ‘moved you’, if you’re following on the social media accounts.


This all came about, because of my own travels to some of these places (Sometimes with Fitbuzzers). And I’ll tell you now… Pictures do not compare to experiencing these places in real life.

The pics and vids will ‘capture’. But the memories will stick forever. Especially in your perfect 90-100% S-curvish physique.

Travelling to these places (As a trip away for pleasure) isn’t always possible for busy working folks (All of us). Maybe once or twice a year.

But Travel-curvish 2.0 definitely is possible @ today’s headline teaser.

And there’s always one of > these types of destinations that’s only 2-3 hours away from your home city. Which makes it easy to take a long weekend off, once a month or more. Which is what 2.0 is.

All of the above is what the S-curve experience is all about. Most of which will happen, when active on a

lifestyle phase.

That’s what you’ll be on for most of the long term.

Reply to talk… You KNOW adding below is MUCH better… And > More buzz for daily


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Busy? Fudging liar you are…

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You’re not too busy

That’s right… You’re not.

You’re just busy, thinking of ways to keep yourself living in the land of failures.


You see… This is old news now. But becoming S-curvish or shredding to smexy is this…

– Change the way you currently eat (No extra time required as you’re already eating).

– Following a 3-15 minute video from your phone or tablet at home or at the gym.

See… No time at all. So if you ever say the word ‘busy’ in our chats. I’ll just call you out on your BS. To snap you out of the failure mindset trance that you’re in.

Where the time does go… Is figuring out the ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do’.

And then managing your emotional state over the long term.

So if you currently look and feel like a s*** version of yourself. Then you know > what it’s time for!

Today is the youngest you’ll ever be… Ever again!

I always give you the info ‘raw’ on here. Just like I do when face to face. I don’t ever hold back.

Scary? Maybe… But you’ll always love me for it later.


We all know that you need to 100% trust (In your head) something/someone, before going long term on a premium experience like with what we do on here (Kinda like marriage).

But ‘trust’… Does takes time. Which is one reason why we have the > stages in place. But one ‘year on year’ goal for all of us… Is to speed up that process.

Because while it’s OK for ‘trust’ to take time. It’s not OK for your current state of mind and body.

You see… ‘Most’ women here are aged between 28-45.

Which means that time is against you, in terms of looking your body-best. And you really need to kick in the ‘prevention rather than detection’ gears as early as you can.

And in terms of your mind… The longer you sit in a shi**y mind state, the harder it’ll be to snap out of it.

Breaking things is easy (The current broken YOU). Fixing them will take years, if we don’t start the moment you highlight the need to start (Which is why I always encourage you to reply… As I can’t know that you exist if you don’t talk).

So… With all that being said. You really need to quit hiding and avoiding messages like a high school girl in those early stages of fixing YOU (We’re all grown here dammit – Active members never ever do that!)

This is premium world. We get close. We > bond. You get into the > world here. And I get into yours.

You’ll want premium level results… So you’ll have to start acting like you want premium level results.

Plus… ‘Acting’ properly gives me less reasons to call you out on anything, later on.

Especially when you have those unavoidable hissy fits during the grind stage (Where results are harder to get and when most people quit… @ anything that’s worthwhile… Not just getting to 90-100% S-curvish).

> Travel-curvish 2.0

That picture is exactly what travel-curvish munchies are all about!

– Taste good
– Maybe A-rated (But far from important)
– At the beach bar… Day or night (Accompanied by good music)

And Travel-curvish 2.0 is in more full effect, as we approach fall season this week. As most of us will be busy

getting back to our ‘daily life’ routine.

The list will be up soon, as a part of the upcoming full updates list…

– Tweak weeks modules are being updated
– S-curve bodyweight circuit 3.0 for intermediate/advanced members
– Travel-curvish 2.0

– The official S-curve food lists (Kinda like what we did with tweak weeks… But for food)

That’s all… I’ll see you in the chats. And if you’re not in the chats. Go there or reply to this newsletter.

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Leanbean Fat burner review

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If you’re an established Fitbuzzer you’ll know by now that the very best bodies don’t come easy. There’s no simple cure that will help you transform your figure overnight, if you are trying to chisel out that sexy S-Curve physique then you’re going to have to put your body to work, and that means training hard and eating healthy.

Having said that I won’t try pretend to you that I’ve never used Fat Burning Supplements or Testo Boosters to improve my own performance. There’s certainly been times when I’ve felt in real need of a leg-up, and this is when I’ve found that a well-researched supplement can be a big help.  And there’s the key; Research. Whenever I start using a new supplement I spend time looking at the ingredients and doses and then decide whether I think it stacks up.

Now over the years I’ve only come across a handful of good fat burners that have really delivered results and in my past reviews I’ve focused a bit more on male products and what’s worked specifically for me.

These days my main purpose is to help you ladies get that S-Curve you deserve so I thought it would make sense to review a female fat burner and give you the pros and cons of adding a product like this to your everyday life.

The supplement in question is a fat burner called Leanbean that’s been created just for women, I heard about it from another PT and since then I’ve spent a fair bit of time looking at the ingredients and checking out user reviews.      

Here’s a breakdown on some of the active ingredients in Leanbean;


Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee beans are standard coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. A number of scientific studies have shown them to affect weight loss. That’s because in their un-roasted state they are high in antioxidants like Chlorogenic acid, (not found in regular coffee) these have been shown in studies to help prevent fat accumulation and improve fat metabolism in the liver.


Green Tea Extract 

Green Tea is a well-known fat burner but it also provides your body with nutrients and brain healthy compounds meaning you can kill two birds one stone by supplementing your diet with it. One study found that people who consumed green tea over a 3 month period lost on average 2.3 pounds of bodyweight without making changes to their diet.


Acai Berry

A staple of the Amazon rainforest Acai Berry is another superfood with multiple plus points. One of the best things about this ingredient is that it’s a good source of fibre, dietary fibre is the lynchpin of good digestion and a strong metabolism and is often missing from a lot of our diets.



So when it comes to superfoods, Turmeric’s the one grabbing all the headlines at the moment. It’s nicknamed the ‘queen of spices’ due to it remarkable health benefits. For weight loss Turmeric’s strength comes from it’s active ingredient ‘Curcumin’ which regulates blood sugar and helps dissolve ‘fat cells’. Like Green Tea ‘Curcumin’ has also been shown to help block the formation of ‘Estradiol’ the fat storing form of ‘Oestrogen’.



You really can’t underestimate the role of fibre when it comes to digestive health and weight loss. Glucomannan is one type of fibre that can have dramatic effects, that’s because it can absorb up to 50 times its own weight in water. This means it expands in your stomach and helps you feel full for longer periods of time. I’ve used Glucomanan myself in other fat burners and found it really-effective for appetite control.


To learn more about the full list of ingredients click here


User Testimony

Leanbean is formulated for women so the most effective way of assessing the results was to go straight to source and see what female users of the product were saying, I’ve included a few excerpts of reviews I came across from female fitness professionals. If you’re wanting to read even more testimony you can find these here.



I definitely felt the benefits after taking this for a couple of weeks, my body feels stronger and more toned, I find myself less inclined to snack or crave sugar (usually a killer for me at about 4pm in the office!) and my general health and energy feels much better! I’d definitely recommend trying out Leanbean if you’re looking for a more natural, healthy way to aid your fitness regime and promote healthier fat burning.

The female-focused formula really works with your body to balance hormones and boost your body’s natural fat burning techniques. I love it! I’m off to Ibiza at the end of the week and no longer have the bikini fear! 




I’ll definitely say since taking Leanbean my energy levels are right up, so my 6am swim session isn’t the only thing I do now, I’ll still be able to do that 6pm run after work as well. Where has my energy come from?!

One thing I’ve also started to notice is I’m getting more toned again, particularly my abs and legs. Strong abs and legs isn’t just to be aesthetically pleasing, it means I can run faster, cycle quicker and swim better.  


Leanbean Summary

When looking at the contents of Leanbean it’s clear that it’s been formulated for women. Sure, men would probably see results taking this product too but when you look at the ingredients you can see that there’s a clear reason for why certain things went in and why certain things were left out. There’s ingredients to support hormonal health in females as well as several different appetite suppressants to kill off cravings. It’s slim-line on the stimulants too which 9 times out of 10 is the safer bet for women. One last thing to consider is that it’s vegan friendly which makes perfect sense when you know that 80% of Vegans are Women.

Downsides? Well it’s hard to argue against it being one of the more expensive options on the market. And when taking Leanbean you do also need to remember to take the capsules four times a day, so that’s something to factor in as to get the best results you really don’t want to be missing a dose and then starting all over again. One other drawback is that supply is limited to the official website meaning you won’t be able to find big discounts anywhere. There are some decent offers to be had when buying more than one month however.  

My final assessment of Leanbean is that it looks to be a reliable fat burner, this is mainly backed up by the positive user feedback which is always the key place to start with this category of supplement. Weight-loss wise it’s got some of the best fat burning ingredients in a female friendly formula, So perfect for all you girls chasing that sexy S-Curve shape.

Like you might expect it’s meant to be used alongside the right lifestyle and fitness regime.


To find out more go to

The solution for when it gets hard

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Buzzers… Pre-hump day already…

The long weekend is over. And I’m back into the groove of operating 100% in S-curve world.

And one of the things that I make sure to do, to have a successful week (Which means that you’ll have a successful week). Is to hit all of my Monday goals ‘exact’. Nothing skipped!

Because that way, you increase the odds of having a successful week. As you’ll naturally become more relaxed towards the weekend. Which is supposed to happen. And is ‘encouraged behaviour’ within the S-curve formula.

That was one blueprint tip. And we’re going to have more shortly, as I’m preparing everyone for fall season 2017 S-curve shenanigans.

But first…

To explain today’s headline…

I’ve recently highlighted the fact, that what goes on in S-curve world, is 35% nutrition/workout stuff and 65% ‘life’ stuff.

And it’s easy for me to gauge the reality of those percentages. Just by looking at what goes on in the 121 member chats.

And the #1 reason (Out of the many other ‘almost #1’ reasons) of why the S-curve experience is structured the way it is (Over the long term). Is to get you through those hard times @ ‘life’.

– When Monday hits and everyone around you has s*** ‘positive energy’ levels/vibes.  Except for us… In the 121 chats.

– When you have that ‘time of the month’ and need some live coaching moments to deal with your hissy fit moments.

– When you get sick and it feels like the world is ending around you.

So like I said the other week. Some members don’t even care about the S-curve formula details (And they shouldn’t, as they don’t need to).

All they care about, is having a trusted source to turn to, to help carry them through @ the stuff

mentioned above.

So… If you have been failing @ body and life. Then that should be one of the main reasons to start @ fixing your ‘life’ shenanigans.

And yes… Even I have my trusted sources to turn to for stuff. And it’s a fortunate thing, that I can be a  person to introduce you to the S-curve formula fix.

Blueprint tips continued…

#2 I don’t talk about the ‘scientifics’ and specifics of why the stuff inside the S-curve formula works. As you don’t really need to know. YOU… Just need to feel the positive out come of it.

But in terms of lower body exercises… You have vertical and horizontal exercises (In short).

The vertical ones hit your legs more and the horizontal ones hit your butt area more. However, sometimes… The vertical ones can cause pain in your knees.

The solution that we use to fix that, is by…

– Varying your exercises weekly.
– Putting you through a solid exercise and strength progression process.
– Changing your routine every 4-6 weeks (Another one of those many reasons why you need to go long
term @ > yesterday’s newsletter).

But one other way… Is to do vertical exercises that cause less pain. It’s a short list… But some of them =

– Dumbbell/Kettlebell swings (All variations)
– High tension standing lunges
– Calf raises with your knees slightly bent

#3 Some food combos from the new official food lists coming to S-curve (active) member pages…

How to spice up bland A-rated foods

– Lamb + Mint sauce.
– Oats + Casein (Which might be a useful thing for you, if you hate drinking casein on it’s own).
– Fresh brown bread with raisins inside (Which also acts as a great day time snack. Especially if we’re

cutting your evening carbs during one of our 4-6 week phases).
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Returning back to planet butt

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It’s still a long weekend in some parts of the world today.

And some of us in S-curve world, still work on the weekends. But the overall vibe with everyone involved here (Behind the scenes people too). Was to unwind and have fun on ‘this’ weekend.

I felt it in full force, in most of Fridays convos.

So… I too did that for one and a half days. Which basically meant coming up for air 100%.

In the ‘S-curve experience way’ that I’ve been talking about in recent months.

It does feel like the best thing ever. And it’s the perfect way to kick start fall season 2017. So if you can take

it easy… If only a little for another day (today). Then do it.

And that extra mind and body rest, will give you a physical results boost too!

S-curve blueprint tips time

#1 Help a friend out…

One of the favorite things I like doing when in the city. Is meeting up with new people. As I learn new things every single time.

Especially as those convos help us shape the S-curve experience into what it needs to be. As most convos confirm the need for the existence of most of the elements that are present within the S-curve formula.


– End of day reports
– The new official food lists
– Real long term strength/exercise progression
So with that in mind… Listen to what your close friends and family say when talking to you. They could be indirectly telling you about their problems.

Which might mean that they need some S-curve love in their life. A lifestyle that you could introduce them to. As you too are living it.

#2 Super saiyan S-curve

Yup… I have indeed grown up around the Dragon Ball Z era. Just ‘YouTube’ those first two words if that sounds foreign to you :D.

Now… I’m going to give you an advanced exercise for the most ‘reported’ problematic body parts.

The only catch is… You’re going to have to advance to them, if you’re a beginner/intermediate trainee, via the S-curve formula strength/exercise progression process on the > lifestyle phase.

As it’s proven to be the most successful way to get there.


– Feet raised tricep push ups – Ok… You’ll still fail a little… So here’s an exercise that you’ll do before moving onto that…

– Laying close grip super rep barbell tricep extensions.

Upper butt

– Heavy ankle weight feet raised quadruped hip extension.

The fat that sits on your sides

– Heavy ankle weight walking knee to elbows.

– The wall variation of the rotary hold.

Lower belly
– Super rep hanging half leg raises – Possibly with ankle weights. But on a results phase ONLY. As it’s fudging
hard and painful!
Reps and sets will vary @ all the above, based on current body type and other individual factors.

And now… You have to go and ‘do’. And we have work to do together on the results and lifestyle phase.

It’s fall season now. So your body is about to experience all of the 60-100% S-curve results stuff. Which will be fully noticeable by the start of summer 2017, in the countries that sit high above the equator.

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Impact of Erectile Dysfunction on a Couples Life

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How many times have you felt embarrassed or ashamed in front of your partner, when you had to refuse her need to get sexually intimate? Your partner may not realize what you might be going through and can confuse your disinterest with your lack of interest in her or even suspect you of having an affair. This is a major consequence of a man’s inability to get or sustain an erection, also called