The holy grail of getting day to day booty

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Now that you know about the 2 core phases @ > yesterday’s newsletter

And now that you know that the holy grail of your continued success, happens because of what we do in the on-going 121 coaching/chats.

It’s time to walk you through what a typical day looks like on a normal working week, as an S-curve member.

Let’s go…

#1 The mirror

You’re a lady. So we all know that you live in front of one of these. Several times a day. And it will indeed be the first thing that you’ll look at, as you jump out of bed.

But… It’s also one of the easiest times to throw a hissy fit. As you’ll usually look your worst (physically) at this time of day.

Which means… Your breakfast meal will contain all nutrient types. And is the only meal of the day that does.

– Slow digesting protein (Scrambled eggs)
– Fast digesting protein (Whey on oats)
– Slow digesting carbs (Oats)
– Fast digesting carbs (Orange juice)
– Mono/Poly fats (From the eggs)

That’s a standard example. But it does change, as you advance through the stages. And based on your day to day life shenanigans.

#2 Snacks

This will vary, based on each individual. But the golden rule, is to eat any dry/easy to carry around food source, that is high in slow digesting protein or mono/poly fats.

#3 Lunch

You are indeed encouraged to get in 3 full meals a day. Especially on a results phase. And it’s easy to do, once you’re active in the S-curve workouts. As they’ll make you hungry.

But on a lifestyle phase… It will slip at times. You’ll either…

– Stick to the snacks above
– Or just eat a small S-curvish lunch

> Slow digesting protein (Mackerel)
> Mono/Poly fats (Olive oil over veggies)
> Slow digesting carbs (Optional)

#4 You don’t eat meat?

That’s ok… We can get our protein from non-meat foods too.

#5 Workouts

– Shredding to smexy
– Becoming S-curvish

Note: See > More buzz @ equipment needed.

You’ll do one of the two. Or whatever we’ve discussed on your tailored plan on your member page. And the meals are structured, based on the time of day that you workout @ > read this.

#6 Tailored Daily Exercises

These are done daily without fail on a results phase. And it’s one of the things that is hard to stick to, without 121 coaching and end of day reports. Which is why those features are in place!

It acts more of a ‘fall off the fit wagon’ prevention tool, whilst on a lifestyle phase though.

#7 ‘Come up for air’

It doesn’t matter what it is. But find something to do… That gives you at least 1 hour of complete peace of mind, every single day. For me… It’s sitting by a roof top pool.

#8 Dinner

Results phase = We stick to…

– Slow digesting carbs
– Veggies @ fibrous carbs
– Slow digesting protein

And just tweak the carb intake/time that we eat dinner.

Lifestyle phase =

The same… But we break the rules on more days of the week.

Remember the coffee shop/lounge/beach hangout talk from yesterday? Yea… That…


That’s a typical day. It can and will become more flexible as you live your life. And once again… It’s where the 121 coaching/chats come in. LIVE… On the FB profile link below.

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Why we’re so phased @ your butt…

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I have to talk more about the lifestyle and results phases. Because a lot of new members are starting new phases right now. Some established long term members too.

And you really only know the difference between the two, once you’ve ‘felt’ the difference.

So let’s talk about ’em…

The results phaseThis is not as fun. It’s pretty intense. But we do build a strong bond. A strong foundation. And it does change your life.

It makes the lifestyle phase work better. And the only real time that you get to ‘come up for air’, from all the intensity. Is at the weekend.

You’re still active. But it’s mostly about Tailored Daily Exercise videos and nutrition focused only weekends.

Because you at least need a temporary mental break once you’re going through it. It does last for 4-8-12 weeks after all.

The lifestyle phase

We can relax, joke around, have silly moments in Messenger. And comment on the crazy stuff that I post on Facebook (The profile below… Not the @fitbuzz page).

Part of that, is how WE live life. @ Not so serious. That’s part of the reason why many members are here, 5 years later.

We just ‘get real’ and live life. Pics speak 1000 words. So take a look at my current profile pic… And the ‘shenanigans’ photo/video album to see what a lifestyle phase looks like.

That’s the phase that we’ll be on, 60-80% of the time. So we need…

– To party up
– Take travel-curvish trips (Especially the new ones from > yesterday’s newsletter)
–  Have family time
–  Time with your partner
–  Evening hang outs
–  Late night hang outs at coffee shops/cafés/lounges (Ideal in warmer climates)
–  Beach hangouts

That’s everything that is going on with all members. And I’ve been leading by example these past 3 years or so.


Just remember, that in your first month… The results phase is the foundation… For all of the future S-curve formula stuff.

You must go through that stuff in order to get to 90-100% S-curvish @ mental and physical!

But it’s OK. You can take a chill pill. Because most of it will happen at a sane pace via the lifestyle phase above.

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I’ve been tipped off… Stuff about you…

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First…. A little reminder via > Sundays newsletter.

Now let’s get into some ‘reminder’ actionable S-curve blueprint tips, as promised in yesterday’s newsletter.

Note: Remember… All info that appears here… Comes as a solution to what was discussed in the 121

chats the day before.

The total list of things that could be shown to you below, is endless.

That’s not useful for anyone. So just use the on-going blueprint tips as stuff to keep in your mind, as you live this lifestyle.

The absolutely best thing that you can do, is to start on > stage 3. To really solve your problems.

#1 D-F rated foods aren’t totally useless. Just use them as your cheat snacks. If that was an A-rated apple.

Then D-F rated would be apple pie (D) with condensed milk as a dip (F).

#2 Your weakest looking body part…

Start your workouts with an advanced isolation exercise for 4-6 weeks. And do that exercise on all of your ‘off days’ too.

Example: Calves = Heavy 3 step calf raises… Pushing it to max reps via drop sets. Where you fail at the heavy weight, drop the weight further and continue to push reps until you’re wiped out!

#3 Make sure you take 7-10 days off from your workouts, every 2-3 months. Your body needs to experience that full recovery.

Make sure you eat > 100% S-curvishly during that time. At which point, you’ll see your body change to 90-100% S-curvish.

Yes… Being constantly active in your workouts, means that you’re usually looking your 70-80% S-curvish best, at any given time.

Test it.

Take a selfie before you take the next 7-10 day break.

#4 A happier network…

– Becoming S-curvish = Great
– Living S-curvishly = Great

But the biggest win from doing all of this… Is the impact that it has on the people around you. People WILL take notice.

And you’ll just learn a ton of stuff about the people around you too. Positive and negative. Some negatives are only highlighted by your positive outcome.


– People who really wasn’t on your supporting team. Who were happy for the ‘fat you’, to stay the ‘fat you’.

Because you can’t possibly look and feel more S-curvish than them (60-70% S-curvish people do that. Not those who are at 90-100%).

But overall… This is the best part of a positive S-curvish outcome.

S-curve members

Most of us are in results phases right now. So I’ll see you in the 121 chats.

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What Is Adult HGH Deficiency — And How to Combat It

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Human growth hormone, or HGH, is responsible for

many vital functions in our body, including growth, cell producing, and cell regenerating. Produced by the pituitary gland, growth hormone is essential to health and well-being. So, keeping sufficient level of HGH is highly important to our physical and mental wellness.

When the pituitary gland fails to maintain sufficient level of GH, an individual experiences growth hormone deficiency. While this disease is more widespread in children, GH deficiency also poses a problem for some adults. So, it will be beneficial to consider what are the symptoms and effects of adult HGH deficiency and how it can be treated.

Symptoms and Effects of Adult HGH Deficiency

The chances of growth hormone deficiency are higher in early childhood; when a child suffers from this disease since birth, it is called congenital GH deficiency. At the same time, acquired GH deficiency can appear unexpectedly even when the individual is adult. Some of the causes of adult GH deficiency might include genetic predisposal — as well as traumas and brain injuries or infection.

Scientists associate adult growth hormone deficiency with numerous negative consequences, from decreased motivation up to a higher risk of death. As defined by Reed, Merriam, and Kargi for Frontiers in Endocrinology, most widespread effects of human growth hormone deficiency can be divided into physiological and psychological ones.

Although diagnosing HGH deficiency requires consulting a physician, you can identify it preliminarily if you have all or most primary symptoms of this disease. Main signs and symptoms of growth hormone deficiency in adults include:

  • Lowered strength and stamina.
  • Reduced lean muscle mass, as opposed to fat mass.
  • Higher chances of obesity, increased fat mass.
  • Skin issues, impaired lipid profile.
  • Lower density of bones.
  • Regular depression.
  • Regular fatigue and lack of physical energy, as well as motivation.
  • Potential issues with intellectual development, “impairment of cognitive functions”.

If you feel that you are experiencing these signs and symptoms, please contact a doctor.

How to Combat HGH Deficiency in Adults

The good news is that GH deficiency can be treated, and it can be done quite effectively. Virtually the only way to cure growth hormone deficiency is administering artificial HGH, which is known as recombinant human growth hormone (rHGH). Until the 1980s, artificial HGH was literally harvested from cadavers. But such treatment was extremely expensive, and its side effects included potential lethal consequences — caused by brain-destroying Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. However, scientists from company Genetech developed synthesized, DNA-derived HGH, which is relatively safe and thus is widely employed by doctors today.

Treatment of adult individuals with HGH deficiency is usually divided into several cycles like it can be seen here. Firstly, a patient receives a dosage, which is sufficient for adjusting their GH levels to the normal. After that, a 6-month interval follows, during which the person is observed by the physician.

Finally, the patient is provided with follow-up treatment, which allows to strengthen the results. However, there is no established general length of the treatment, which would work for all patients; the physician considers a number of individual factors when deciding on the length of the cycle and its dosage.

So, there is an efficient way to treat adult HGH deficiency. Even though it might be expensive, you should remember that it is your health that is at stake — and do anything to ensure your health and wellness.

Five Hour Energy

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A lack of physical and mental energy is a common complaint among adults in the United States and other developed nations. The desire for more energy and need to improve focus and get things done has resulted in an entire industry devoted to boosting energy. You can find pills, supplements, and energy drinks, such as 5 Hour Energy.

How to Increase Energy

The desire to increase energy is found among people of all ages, from college students to older adults. Effective methods of naturally improving energy include getting more rest, exercise, and healthy food. Natural brain & memory supplements can supply the boost you need. You can read reviews of supplements to increase energy and focus, including Five Hour Energy at Smart Pill Guide.

Energy Shots

This product is a flavoured energy shot that is available in several flavour options in decaf, regular, and extra strength shots. You can choose from berry, orange, lemon-lime, grape, pomegranate, pink lemonade, and other fruit flavors. Not all flavors are available in all varies.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The side effects of this product are similar to what you would expect from too much caffeine, including feeling nervous, jittery, unable to sleep, or headache. As for the effectiveness, a review by Consumer Reports showed that the energy shot works about as well as coffee. There is little research or clinical studies given to support the effectiveness of the product for memory and cognitive performance.

Natural Supplements

There are some nootropics pills that contain all natural and herbal brain boosters ingredients, but this is not in the same class as those supplements. This energy supplement contains caffeine and, while it does contain some natural ingredients, it is not completely natural. According to the label, the formula contains vitamins B6, B12, folic acid, taurine, sodium, glucuronolactone, L-phenylalanine, N-Acetyl L-tyrosine, malic acid, and citicoline.

The amount of caffeine varies, depending on the variety, but the regular and extra strength both contain more than 200 mg of caffeine, which is more than two cups of coffee.

Importance of Rest

While this and other energy drinks can give you a temporary boost, they should not be used as a substitute for lack of sleep. You will lose the cognitive function and mental clarity you want without sufficient rest, regardless of any energy drink or supplement. 5 Hour Energy reviews can provide the information you need about the effectiveness, dosage & side effects.


A message for new foundation month members

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The way that you’re getting pushed there, is what a results phase looks like. And it’s how results  > like this was achieved, in such a short space of time.

In short… We get s*** done! The plan that we set out… We get it done. We don’t skip ANYTHING!

That’s the results phase mindset. It’s the winning mindset. Super focused.

That… Is NOT the S-curve experience.

It’s just the results phase. And it’ll only last 1-3 months max, at any given time. So yes… It’s new to you. But just hold tight. The big shifts that you’re experiencing will soon feel like the norm.

It’s happened with every S-curve member before you. And you’ll feel it and have it happen to you to.


Actionable blueprint tips

#1 Your most undesirable body part…

Start every workout with an isolation exercise that targets that.

A little effective list for you…

– Triceps >  Single overhead tricep extension

– Upper butt > High tension side lunges

– Calves > 3 step calf raises

– Lower belly > Super rep hanging half leg raises

– In-between set rest periods at 1 minute
– 3 sets
– Reps and weight will vary… So reply for them

#2 Getting close to 90-100% S-curvish?

Go nutrient dense with the S-curve formula supplements.


– A whey protein variation which contains rare ingredients

We already do that with one of the new S-curve food lists. But the ‘magic’ at that point… Is all about the ingredients.

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Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein – Protocol S-curve formula supplements

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Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

The short version of how WE use it in S-curve world

– We add it to our cereals. Which acts as a sugar replacement. And as the fast digesting protein for the first meal of the day (We eat ALL nutrients at this time. And it’s the only meal of the day that we do that with).
– How it’s supposed to be used… For pre/post workout.
Today’s approach…

Is to make these work in sync with the S-curve meal structure and experience overall.

It looks like this…


And then sometimes… We’ll introduce a new one to test out. If that happens. It’s because it has some pretty neat ingredients inside.

Which is the same thing that we do when shopping for nutrient dense food.

Whey and casein are protocol within the S-curve experience. We don’t need feedback from anyone to validate our reasons for using those.

But we did with Xtend. That got great feedback from S-curve members.

Note: Remember… FitBuzzers and S-curve members usually aren’t ‘hell bent’ fitness ladies… @ > right image goals… Not left. So when YOU give it the thumbs up, we know it’s real.

Foods… Supplements… The list is almost endless out there. That’s why I said that the food part of the process, stays interesting, long after 6-18 months.

The most important thing that we do… Is to follow the S-curve formula rules… For identifying the best ones… For results and lifestyle.

Incoming search terms:

Put the belly into the butt?

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Buzzers… > Wetday

You know… One important part of the newsletter. Is to educate you. And then, to refresh-ducate you.

Because you’ll forget stuff in the busy life that you lead. Especially if you’re not an S-curve member, yet.

And going by yesterday’s convos. Today… I have no choice but to go over the food stuff again. Because

I’m seeing a pattern amongst those who start, with a higher BF% than usual.

In short… The reason why they’ve put on that much excess fat, is because they’ve been eating carbs in

the evening (Fast and slow digesting). Probably for years.

Seasoned members… You’re probably grinning at that statement.

But it’s more like a…

”Babe… You can’t do that”

…Kind of grin. @ You talking to them, like they were your girl friends.

So let’s just talk about food.

Eating carbs in the evening

The first thing we have to do, is change the S-curve meal structure, based on your work/sleep hours.

Using > this as a guide.

But the protocol S-curve rule, is that you can’t eat spikey or slow digesting carbs, 3-4 hours before you


But you do have some other options though.

#1 Slow/fast digesting protein – Whey, casein, a small amount of fish or lean meat.

#2 Some fat – Fish oil tablets work best. Or ‘some’ olive oil, spread over fresh veggies.

Everyone has their ‘issues’ in regards to nutrition. So I won’t dig much deeper. But all issues can be

resolved. I can guarantee it @ lifestyle and results phase shenanigans.

Going nutrient dense

That means… To go food shopping. And to look for foods that are…

– High in fiber
– High in carbs
– Super low fat
– High in protein (Or a high number of aminos present)

… When looking at the different options of a food source in that isle.

You’ll usually find just one of those traits in any one food source.
That’s what we do at the grind stage. Or some point after seeing noticeable results.

The supplements

Today’s approach… Is to make these work in sync with the S-curve meal structure and experience


It looks like this…

– Whey
– Casein
– Xtend

Note: They’ve all returned to More buzz, under S-curve journey extras.

And then sometimes… We’ll introduce a new one to test out. If that happens. It’s because it has some

pretty neat ingredients inside.

Which is the same thing that we do when shopping for nutrient dense food.

The only premium supplement that we have listed right now, is > Instant Knockout.

Whey and casein are protocol within the S-curve experience. We don’t need feedback from anyone to

validate our reasons for using those.

But we did with Xtend. That got great feedback from S-curve members.

Note: Remember… FitBuzzers and S-curve members usually aren’t ‘hell bent’ fitness ladies…

> right image goals… Not left. So when YOU give it the thumbs up, we know it’s real.

And that’s what started happening with Instant Knockout.

So… That’ll stay on More buzz.

Foods… Supplements… The list is almost endless out there. That’s why I said that the food part of the

process, stays interesting, long after 6-18 months.

The most important thing that we do… Is to follow the S-curve formula rules… For identifying the

best ones… For results and lifestyle.


This all relates to new members. Some newsletter FitBuzzers jump straight into stage 3. But most, will

start on stage 2.

Maybe for 1-3 weeks. Learn what’s really going on. And then start properly on stage 3, since they ‘get it’.

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Say hello to Monday?

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Tuesday is the real first day of the week. Because yesterday… Like most Mondays, is when we’re just
waking up from the previous weekend.

And for us… In S-curve world. That means getting back to a routine that the S-curve formula helped

to create.

So let’s have a blueprint tips kind of day to go over that.

#1 Your home food

There should always be some amount of A-C rated foods that are present in your home at any given


– To ensure that you always eat ‘something’ (Important for when life gets busy, like some S-curve

members right now  @ grind stage shenanigans).

– For the S-curve meal variety.

– To ‘double’ ensure (First ‘ensure’, is to never stock them in your home… Buy on the day and eat)

that your cheat snacks don’t turn into cheat meals. As this will lead to a cheat binge. Which WILL
turn into an addiction.

#2 Workout days

This will usually be default, based on your work day hours.

But if there’s a day that it doesn’t happen. Then… It’s all about TDE videos to save the day.

Just get yourself a workout mat, if you don’t have one already. And keep it present, in the room that

you spend the most time in. Load up the vid and get to it.

That has now become ‘protocol’ behaviour with women today, in the gym. Which goes along

with what I’ve said before in this newsletter. Which is…

– Find a person/source that you trust and ‘like’ to work with.

– Consume what is taught (Entirely).

– Find the quiet spot or private room in the gym (Men don’t get these… Ha).

And in this case… You pull out your iPad/phone, watch and follow.

The premium experience exists… Because you simply value it a lot more. Which means you’ll

follow through and win.

#3 Your ‘come up for air’ spot

Have you found it yet?

That can be whatever you want it to be. But the best times of the day to have a ‘come up for air’

moment, is…

– Early in the morning – No one is awake at this time. And an open park is a super good place to

make this happen.

– During your lunch break – A roof top spot… Or if you set your own hours… Day time in the gym.

It’s always quiet and peaceful. Unless you go to a really popular gym in the city.

– At some point after 9pm – Once the rush hour vibes have died down. This is ideal if you’re in a city

that ‘does’ sleep.

That’s the basic stuff. Everyone lives a different life. So that WILL become more specific as you evolve

into an S-curve member, from being a newsletter FitBuzzer.

And it’ll change too… As you go through the different results stages. And the natural unpredictable

life stages.

And remember… Everything that we do in the first month… Is to set you up for the long term.

It has to… Especially if you have big bodily changes to make. 30 days is great to see some initial results.

But a foundation month is useless, if you don’t go beyond that. You’ll just stay less-curvishly
skinny or fat forever.

So embrace all that is thrown at you during that first month. Because that s*** will change your fudging


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A new progress pic… Without a pic (What?)

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You know… A lot of what you see here on the newsletter, is in sync with the stuff that appears
on my FB profile below (Not the page… Unless you’re in the bot/human chats there).

And on the profile… Everything is just ‘real’. That’s us, talking things out. On the posts and in

the chats.

And it’s not just FitBuzzers either. Especially since we’ve evolved into the ‘S-curve experience’.

Which is more about fixing your life, outside of ‘fitness’… Over the long term @ the > weekends

We’re going to look at a message that came through from a new FitBuzzer several hours ago.

And > discuss it @ Anny.

Let’s get into it…

”My main goal is to lose core fat and build lean muscle all over with out losing my curves”

What she describes there, is the epic butt/tiny waist ‘soft lean’ physique that we’ve been focusing
on since around 2012. Which has evolved into this…
S-curve epic butt/tiny waist with natural boobs to match
Which looks > like this and > this.

And as you can see… She’s finding it quite a challenge. Which I said it would be, in Monday’s

newsletter > last week. Especially without help.

”I have noticed my tops fit much more loosely and my belly is slightly smaller”

What she describes there, is the order of fat loss and ‘noticeable results’ stage, which I also talked
about last week in that newsletter above.

So that’s all real.

The struggle and getting specific

She mentioned carb cycling. Which is a method/tactic.

That could have been many others. Like intermittent fasting, or carb tapering. We usually stumble

upon them at some point in your 6-18 month journey.

But to answer her question and a future answer for you… Is that you’ll only do those for 4-6 weeks

at a time.

6-8 weeks in some cases. But any time longer than that, might start a ‘negative’ results phase,

in regards to becoming ‘soft lean’ with an epic butt/tiny waist.

Which leads to hissy fits. That can’t happen. So we don’t break that rule.


That’s the real solution to her problem. I could give her tips upon tips. But that will take us into the

land of nowhere.

The better solution… Is to learn as much about her current day-to-day life as possible.

And then to start using the S-curve formula to fix her problem.

Note: She’s going through a grind stage, if you didn’t notice.

We need to give ourselves a period of 3-4 months to really start solving the grind stage problems.


#1 If you’re currently active and seeing no changes at all @ everything (Mind and body). Then jump

on a results phase.

#2 If you sound like Anny above… Where you’ve done ‘some’ of the right stuff, experienced

noticeable results, but not real results. Then jump on a lifestyle phase (Possibly a results phase
for 1 month).

#3 If you’re past all of that. Then we don’t even need to talk much. Just eye up stage 4. That’ll be

you… ‘Set’ for the next 8-12 months.
All of the stages can be found on > More buzz.

Remember… Everyone is going through some kind of mental block, at all stages, before becoming
90-100% S-curvish and keeping it.

And that’s what we address and fix, over the long term.

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