I quit @ my summer butt

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Yesterday… We talked about the big goal that we’ve been gradually achieving on here… To help you
‘quit less’, via the high end experience that we’ve also been gradually improving.
But it’s not just about ‘not quitting’ @ the summer period. These are all of the periods of the year I’m
talking about…
– November/December
– Just after January
The process is important. Because it doesn’t just educate ‘you’. It educates and changes the people
around you.
– They turn into believers, in anything that they put their mind to (Based on true facts).
– They become happy and positive… Which means they spend more time with you (Too many people
avoid one another because of negativity issues).
This reflects in their work and social life.
And best of all… Everyones kids grow up, watching ‘their elders’ succeeding. This is super important.
Because the stuff they learn at those early ages will stick with them through adulthood, in a
BIG way.
Which I’m sure you know. And they’ll truly appreciate YOU… YEARS from now.
And you know when you’re a kid… And your parents put you through stuff that you hated ‘then’. But
you understood why, as you got older?
Because we focus on the lifestyle phase experience (The fun part of the process… Like travel-curvish,
do what the fudge you want @ yoga, swimming and then cheat snacking)… Those kids won’t be
wanting to back out. They’ll have fun and look forward to things.
Back to quitting
I’ve watched how people are at all levels now. And nutrition/working out won’t help solve the issue of
becoming and staying S-curvish.
Fixing your mind will. And people mess up in different ways at different stages of the process. And at
different stages in their life.
Which is why we have > stages 1 to 4 to cater to all. And is why we focus on that 65% non-workout
nutrition stuff.
And why we progressed to a higher end experience?
Ha… That’s a mind fix reason on it’s own. Which is…
Because you wouldn’t make the changes that are being taught, if you didn’t @ going high end!
Hopefully you can now see the bigger picture, with each newsletter that goes out (If you didn’t see it
before). And teaching you on here, turns you into an S-curve member.
But you can only know that you need it, once all of the boxes have been ticked (In your head).
And this is one of the main reasons why the newsletter is a part of the S-curve formula.
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Why Do We Need Protein?

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The benefits of protein powder are well documented. Protein can mitigate the loss of collagen as we age, making our skin appear more vibrant and youthful. It is also the best source of energy, as it does not have the ups and downs associated with sugar. This leaves you feeling fuller longer, an important consideration for anyone trying to lose weight. Furthermore, protein assists the body in regulating fluid levels, serving an important role in the maintenance of the nervous and immune systems. Finally, protein has been linked to healthy bones and joints.

Protein is also beneficial when taken before a workout. Not only does protein help the body naturally repair muscle tissue, it also contains essential amino acids that help the body naturally build lean muscle mass. In addition, protein supplements have been shown to improve muscle performance and blood flow throughout the body, allowing for more rigorous workout regimens than would be possible without it.

A protein supplement is, therefore, a vital component of any healthy diet or effective workout regimen, but finding a product you can trust can be more challenging than it should be. Many fill their formulas with synthetic fillers that you should not even try to pronounce, let alone put into your body. Others incorporate ingredients compromised by harmful chemicals as they are sourced, reducing their effectiveness. Still, others pack their powder with so much sugar that it becomes indistinguishable from candy. The resulting sugar high might help you get through one workout, but the subsequent crash will prevent you from establishing any sort of exercise routine.

Wheelhouse Nutrition products are different. Their all-natural whey protein powder supplements have none of the synthetic garbage hindering many of the other products on the market, allowing users to experience far better results. Wheelhouse Nutrition protein powders are also non-GMO, RBGH-free, gluten-free, hormone-free, and free of fillers that serve no purpose save taking up space. The company was founded on the principle that putting good things into your body is a prerequisite to getting good things out of it, so you can trust them to provide only the highest quality, purest ingredients in their supplements. You’ll be surprised by how much easier it is to power through your day with the right supplement helping you out!

Other products may incorporate all-natural formulas, but the way they are sourced may hinder their effectiveness. For example, did you know that cows fed using their natural diet of grass naturally produce milk with more Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs) than those fed with grain? It’s not even particularly close, as grass diets produced as much as five times as much Omega 3s and CLAs than those fed on grain in a recent study. Many dairy farms use grain anyway, however, resulting in less nutritious milk that ultimately becomes less effective whey in your protein supplement. Wheelhouse Nutrition exclusively uses grass-fed cows to manufacture its products, ensuring that the all-natural whey is at peak potency in all of their products.

Wheelhouse Nutrition draws its whey from New Zealand, home of the most advanced dairy farms in the world. Strict government regulations ensure that the cows have free range to roam around, producing a more effective milk. Dairy products originating in New Zealand are also free of the chemical residues, growth hormones, and antibiotics frequently found in those produced in other nations. It may seem odd, but whey protein is at its best when sourced from New Zealand.

Wheelhouse Nutrition protein does not have any sugar in its formulation, so there is no need to worry about a crash a few hours after using the product. The company offers its product in two flavors, a vanilla flavored exclusively with natural vanilla and a chocolate rooted in organic cocoa bean powder. Both flavors taste great even without sugar, making it easy to use daily or before every workout.

The easiest way to order Wheelhouse Nutrition’s all-natural grass-fed whey protein powder supplement is to log onto the company’s website, www.WheelhouseNutrition.com. One package of either flavor is just $50, making it an affordable way to jump start your diet or exercise routine.

Protein is necessary for many of the body’s systems and building muscle mass, but many of us do not get enough from diet alone. Protein supplements are commonly plagued by issues such as artificial additives and chemical sweeteners, but the right one can significantly improve your quality of life. Order Wheelhouse Nutrition protein powder today to experience the benefits for yourself.

Natural D-cup, epic butt and tiny waist (@ Your tomorrow body)

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That headline above…
Is self explanatory. And is inspired by > yesterday’s newsletter.

I won’t tell you the stuff that gets done in the tweak weeks module routine, to fix, shape, protect and

‘perky up’ your boobs as you become S-curvish/shred-curvish.

But I will tell you what to avoid and what else to do, to give you the physique described in that headline


You’ll do the following for a 4-6 week period…

#1 You’ll focus on lower ab exercises ONLY.

> Hanging half leg raises
> Laying single leg, leg kicks

Isolation is the name of the game here. So once again… ‘Specific’ is the key.

#2 No flyes.

#3 No woodchoppers.

#4 No wide grip pull ups.

#5 Less or zero HIIT cardio.

Mostly because we can’t control the order of where fat falls off. It falls off your body, in the same way that

an onion shreds layers. And boobs are mostly fat. So…

#6 You’ll do upper butt focused exercises only…

> Hyper extended standing (dumbbell held at chest with two hands) lunges
> High kneeling leg lifts
> Feet raised quadruped hip extension with ankle weights on

That’s it. That’s the start.

Everything that you’re ever shown on here, to trigger a fix in your physique, will help you for a 4-6

week period.

After that… It’s all long term. Which you know.

It has to be. Because that’s why a > hall of fame even exists. With the best ‘overall results’ coming in last


It’s just the S-curve formula doing it’s magic.

You’ll see all of the to-do exercises above, via the @fitbuzz YouTube channel via More buzz. But more

specifically, via the main S-curve program on > stages 2-4.


Everyone’s body reacts differently to the S-curve process. Not entirely. But I’ve seen enough reactions

to know, that the changes are different, based on natural body types and other factors.

So as usual… It’ll be the 121 chats and live update member page updates that’ll save the day.

Especially since this is grind stage stuff. When results are harder to come by. And where hissy fits are

thrown around more often, due the body parts that change @ negatively.

Like the butt shrinkage that happens during the shred-curvish process. See Pam on that stages page

link above.
Travel-curvish summer 2017
Make sure you eye up the @fitbuzz Pinterest feed via More buzz. Those travel-curvish pics paint
a clear picture of what it’s all about @ ‘end’ goals.
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The Best Way to Eat Intuitively Rather Than Dieting

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The Internet has come to help people share different information and ideas. While there has been a big controversy on how to diet in order to achieve various health goals like weight loss, it has now emerged that eating intuitively is the best way to achieve your health goals. According to one of the best steroid selling websites, www.steroids-evolution.com, people can achieve their bodybuilding dreams through taking their supplements as directed, taking exercises seriously, and even more so eating intuitively. So, if you are wondering how to approach this concept of eating intuitively, then this article is all you need.

Understand what intuitive eating is


A layman ought to first understand what intuitive eating is before they even lay out the best strategy. For a basic understanding, intuitive eating is all about ensuring that your diet is filled with healthy, nutrient-rich food and in the right proportions. The concept tries to put away the notion that people have on dieting as the best way to lose weight or have a lean body.

Understand the goal you need to achieve


Are you planning to lose weight or build your muscles? A basic understanding of this concept helps people to make a decision on the best approach to use with intuitive eating. However, one must always listen to the body and give it what it wants rather than dictate on the number of calories it must have. Experts advise that people should stop focusing on eating a little food and let things roll on their way – like eating when you are hungry. The following tips will help any person to succeed in intuitive eating.

You can still eat when not hungry


People with the habit of dieting may only eat when they are hungry – which they rarely get anyway. However, intuitive eating lets you stop focusing on hunger as a way to control eating habits and focus on how they feel. For instance, if one had dinner and a nice snack is available, they can still eat if they want it. It’s all about listening to the body rather than conditions. In fact, it will surprise you that the body has its natural ways of regulating what it needs for healthy living.

Don’t be afraid to get full


Most people are cautious on the amount of food they eat and will stop as soon as they start to feel full. However, intuitive eating, which involves feeling your body with a healthy diet, can perfectly balance a healthy eating habit. It is also worth mentioning that the body requirement regarding fullness varies with each meal.

There is no bad food


Intuitive eating has no list of bad food which can lead to a feeling of deprivation. The body must understand that it can eat anything at any time. This way, you will be surprised at how it will lead you to the best and healthiest food most of the time.



Surrendering your body is also another great strategy to use when it comes to intuitive eating. One must always understand that all bodies are not the same and each must get the freedom to have what it wants. After all, the utilization is different. Intuitive eating has helped many people achieve their health goals.



Head… Shoulders, knees and toes (Sing with me)

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Yup… That’s a super #TBT song right there. But not so much, if you have very young kids right now
(Or even grandkids @ very young looking grandmas).


The reason for that headline, is because we’re going to share some of the best ways to ‘trigger’ a change

in the body parts that concern you the most.

All the way from your head, to shoulders knees and toes (Knees and toes…).

#1 Arms

– Super rep laying barbell tricep extensions (Or standing using the cable machine).
– Super rep single arm (alternating) bicep curls. Most get this wrong. So make sure you follow the videos

‘exact’, for correct exercise form via More buzz below.

#2 Upper butt

– Feet raised quadruped hip extension with ankle weights on
– Kneeling high leg lifts with ankle weights on

With the next two… It’s all about doing exercises that give you increased range of motion.

#3 Back (Fat)

– Side to side bench jumps (And from the push up position)
– Standing lunge > weight plate twist

#4 abs/Torso (A bit of back too)

– Walking/Standing knee to elbow
– Super rep leg raise bicycles with a hold at each 5th rep
– Rotary hold
– One arm side to side kettlebell/dumbbell swings

The reps, sets, frequency and weight lifted, will depend on what your body looks like ‘today’.

It’ll all be different, depending on if you’re ‘becoming S-curvish’ or ‘shredding to smexy’. You’ll be doing one

or the other, during any 1 week or 1 month + time period (Never both at exactly the same time).

We’ll usually learn everything about your body/life, during the first month, if it’s the first time that you’re

starting an S-curve program.

So if you’re a long time newsletter reader, that’s ready to start and finally make a change, then you need to

start on the > $300 results phase.

If your trust levels (Or some other mind block) is holding you back. Then you need to start on the $50

> 21 day S-curve challenge.

If you’re a past member, that’s accessing your old pages and wants to fix the ‘today’ YOU (And not just

re-activate your activity levels). Then you need to go on > stage 4.

Because a lot of what we do today… Will stop you having to ever ‘re-activate’ ever again.

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Say hello to a new progress pic story

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It’s been really good speaking to all S-curve members/FitBuzzers over the past 2 days.

Most of whom have been here for 3-5 years. Which leads me to today’s headline/topic…

Enter: S-curve member Alicia @ > New S-curve member story

(Scroll to the bottom)

She was a ‘FitBuzzer’ for a while. And then she officially became an S-curve member… Around the time

that we had that big online and offline S-curvish results rush at the end of 2016.

> This is the page that started it all.

And the reason why I’ve made ‘her’ the hot topic for the day… Is because she’s followed the formula ‘exact’.
And she’s winning, in the way that you’re supposed to win @ please take note!

I’ve talked about her many times since then and all of the things she’s gone through. But the main goal
was and still is… To shred to smexy. We’re still happily ‘working it’. But take a look at the story so far.
Back to that end of 2016 results rush…

Where are those members now?

Most of them are on stage 3-4… Happily living a lifestyle phase. Which suits ‘their’ lifestyle very much

@ > not so intense.

So they’re not heavily into progress/buttgress pics, like they were in the beginning. Like what Stephs story

looks like @ 3-5 years into it. Scroll to the bottom on the link above to see it, along with Alicia’s.

They’re more into that other 65% of non-workout/nutrition stuff. Which is why there’s been such a big focus

on it this year.

Yes… Being active on the formula that ‘got you there’ is important.

But that’s why we have stages 3-4, to cater to the various needs of S-curve members along the way.

It’s been evolving to this point for the past few years. And does so every year. So ya… It’s much more than

‘fitness’. Much more.

Just like the ultimate travel-curvish goal that is set here for when you get to 90-100% S-curvish.

Like what you see in Alicia’s most recent travel-curvish ‘3rd’ pic.

But… As I said on > SundayIt’s OK to be 70% S-curvish. And you should never miss out on ‘life’ events

just because you aren’t 90-100% S-curvishly happy.

Which is why Alicia is living it up before her 90-100% kicks in.

Does she have to rush to get there?

Nope. And you won’t have to either. If you follow the set timeline. And when you succeed @ following the set

timeline. Because everything is proven.

And then… We can start having fun with everything. Like I said in the ‘not so intense’ newsletter above :D.

Yes… You’ll go through grind stages, hissy fits and all of that. But fun can be had, as we work together

towards your goals.
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Let’s increase your butt intake?

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We continued that food list that we started on > this newsletter. Which highlights foods that were
uncommonly high in one of the following….
– High in mono/poly fat
– High in carbs
– High in protein
– Low in saturated fat
– High in fiber
The foods from ‘that’ list are great for meal variety, vitamins, minerals and consuming different fiber
types and aminos, if the protein ‘numbers’ are high @ 10 + aminos present.

But > yesterday, we mentioned foods that had very high stats, in the type that they’re supposed

to be high in.

That means… That you can eat meals containing those foods. Which can lead to eating less meals

a day. Since you’ll be hitting your total daily intake quicker.

Note: You’ll ‘feel’ how much is enough food to eat, at 0-60% S-curvish. And you’ll gauge it more

precisely at 60-100% S-curvish.


That would mean… That those would turn into super S-curve meal structure meals. Since we focus

on eating a high protein, carb or fat meal (Breakfast is the only time that we eat all 3).

So let’s start a list then… With foods that are super high, in the trait that they’re supposed to be high

in…. And low in everything else.

Barley = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.

Millet = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.
Durum = High in slow digesting carbs and low in everything else.
Hemp seeds = This is here, because…
– It’s a perfect food source for high fat and protein.
– Because it’s easy to hit specific fat amounts, due to the size of the seeds. Which is ideal for
breakfast or lunch…. Like adding to cereals or leafy green salads.
Apricot, raisins, peaches and prunes = Super high in spikey fast digesting carbs (For breakfast
and pre/post workout).
Skyr yoghurt = High in protein and low in everything else.

Tuna = It always has been super high in protein and low in almost everything else.

Just remember… We don’t have a list of every single food in existence. And we don’t know all of the

foods that exist in every culture/country.

But we have created the formula. And from there… You can keep on adding a list of foods to YOUR

S-curve meal structure, as you parade planet Earth.

And in terms of this specific list… You’ll be looking for food sources that score even higher,

in terms of the gram amounts of protein, carbs (And spikey), fats.

Hey Shaun… This is all good and great. But I want to see some done-for-you

S-curve meals with all of these super S-curve meals/High in other nutrients

Well… There’s a lot of them, once you get your live update member page. But a lot of members

make their own meals.

Which tends to happen, as it’s more natural. So you might find yourself using the done-for-you meals

for idea inspiration. Since you’ll know how to prepare S-curve meals.

But if you do ever want more done-for-you meals in that area, as a stage 3/4 member… Then just

shout. It’ll get done.

Continually done too… Since nutrition shenanigans after 90-100% S-curvish is endless.

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The argument ‘against’ becoming perfect

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Becoming 90-100% S-curvishly perfect… Comes with a lot of pressure. That’s kinda why we have the 1-5
year time line in place.

And why we focus on the 65% non-workout/nutrition stuff. As that’s what will keep you on ‘wagon’.

But even then… It’s the goal to get to 90-100% S-curvish that is mostly talked about. So today… I’m here

to say… That it’s OK to move along and to be content with a 70% S-curvish body.


Only if you have targeted all of your problematic body parts. Otherwise… You’ll live a life full of hissy fit
moments. Especially when you wake up or dress up for an event.

And of course… That is what we call the lifestyle phase.

Many S-curve members are on the lifestyle phase right now. And have been for a long time. It’s a lot more

fun. And we get to actually have a conversation about all things @ life.

Not just results, results, results. Which is what the results phase is for.

We recently added a new nutrition module to FB messenger guide this week…

It was all about what we covered in > this newsletter.

I already said that the nutrition stuff will go on… Long after you become S-curvish. So here’s some more

foods to add to that list…

– Hazelnut = High in protein/carbs/fiber – Is very high in good fats and is commonly high in fat… So this

would make a super day time snack if you’re busy and unable to get full meals in.

– Pumpkin seeds = Exactly the same scenario as hazelnut.

– Wild rice = For the proteins, vitamins and minerals – Commonly high in carbs… But it’s a step up from

brown rice.
– Purple potatoes = For the same reason as wild rice.
This list gets really interesting once we start digging into culture/country/region specific foods. Which is
a conversation that you can look forward to at some point on stage 4. As your interest levels will be very
high at that stage.
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Bedroom goals on travel-curvish trips (Save this)

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I already know that a lot of you will be booking a travel-curvish trip between now and August.

And we have the S-curve bodyweight circuits to become shred-curvish, which became the summer

routine for that goal.

And with the introduction of the tweak weeks. We now have a becoming S-curvish summer routine too,

via the short splits.

But… If you’ve read > travel-curvish, you’ll know that it’s pretty much impossible to stick to a strict workout

routine on those trips.

I’ve personally done it many times to know.

Besides… A travel-curvish trip is a lifestyle phase shenanigan. So the workouts should not be your focus.
Just check out all of the links on that page to see what I mean.


The solution to the above… Is to do a Tailored Daily Exercise style of workout, that is designed for the

bedroom, hotel.

So today, I’m going to give you an exercise list. So that you can choose any of these exercises to do, in the

morning before you enjoy the day, or before you go to bed.

Choose 3-4 on the day

– Effective exercises focus
– Exercises that won’t cause a big ‘sweat’
– All medium level difficultly (Because who wants to ‘feel the burn’ on these trips…)
– Stick to low reps (Around 8 per set)
– 1-2 sets per exercise

This will last about 10 minutes…

– Tricep push ups > Hands raised variation

– Super rep squats > Split squats (Using the furniture)

– Rotary hold (Using the wall)

– Super rep leg raises

– Super rep bicycle leg raises

– Kneeling high leg lifts

– Shoulder raised single leg glute bridge (Use the bed to rest against)

– Shoulder raised side bends (Use the bed to rest against)

– 3 step standing calves raises with your hands rested against the wall

You’ll find the videos throughout the @fitbuzz channel/> More buzz daily updates. Or much more

‘specific’ via the tweak weeks modules.

Nice and simple today. Stick that in your note pad. Or if you’re an active member/have the ‘stand alone’

tweak weeks… Then you’ll see a video for this shortly, in the page area.

> Last weeks newsletters were pretty beastly. So be sure to dig into those.

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Do you love a lottle butt?

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Enter: New tees

We’re in the official summer months now. So there have been new T-shirt/Tank designs added to the

store. Starting with > this one @ today’s headline (Just ask if you don’t know what a ‘lottle’ means).

A stage 1 program for everyone.

I recently announced the > name change of the stage1 program last week.

So today… We’re going to do the first month of that program, for some current body issues that come up.

But only in terms of the workout.
Let’s go…

Shrink the arms

> Light/medium weight
> Tricep extension variations
> High reps (12-15)
> 3-4 sets
> 4 times a week

Hit the upper butt for S-curve shaping

(Requires long term assistance for sure… As it’s one of the hardest body parts to change)

– Hyper-extended hip extension exercises
– Do that with standing lunges
– The top exercise progression exercise for hip thrusts and kneeling hip extension exercises
– Hard sprints

Lower abs

– Add super reps to leg raise variations
– Running on the spot (The S-curve way)
– Isolate your torso on every single exercise that you do

Kill the back fat

I’m personally doing that right now… Since I’m shredding the unwanted build up of fat that occurred during

that particular bulk.

And it’s working… You’ll see the results in FB pics ‘naturally’, if you’re added.

But I won’t be doing the following. The following is for you…

Start with this S-curve bodyweight circuit…

– Push up > Burpee > Pull up > Hanging bicycles x 6 reps until failure

– One arm side to side ski swings

– HIIT cardio via swimming ‘lengths’

Don’t ask why that routine will trigger the result. Just do it… And ask why, once you see the result.

The approach that you see above will be different for everyone. As everyone starts with a different set of

issues every time.

Which is why the > tweak weeks came about. As it puts you through the tailoring process… Without having

to do live coaching chats.

Which makes things easier whilst on a lifestyle phase.

Reply and add below to talk, add yourself to the new @fitbuzz bot and > More buzz for

everything else.
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