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It’s time to remind you of the length of time it truly takes, to get your body to the 60-100% S-curvish


I’m talking, life after the noticeable results stage.


Because the probability of quitting is a lot higher at the 1-3 month stage of initially starting.

And there’s no point fooling yourself that you don’t want to look your S-curvish best. Because you see

yourself in the mirror everyday. Several times a day. Especially as a lady. And you know this.

It’s universal. It’s an official woman’s ‘thing’. Ha.

And… You can’t fool yourself into doing it on your own as a beginner/intermediate member. Because

you don’t have what it takes yet. Until you reach the stage 4 pro level.

– Which means you’ll probably experience crappy results or no change at all, during those ‘alone’


– Which is of course the reason why you started a program in the first place.

– Which means… You’re going around in circles, repeating the same mistake year after year.

And that…. Is the problem we have been working to solve for the past 4 years.

To stop the constant buying of program’s. Like > this member.

Back to length of time…#1 30 day trial – Foundation and noticeable results periods… Motivation levels are high here. Which

is the best feeling in the world. For you, friends, family, everyone.

#2 2-6 months – You’ll start to see changes around your body. And with your strength levels.

But it’s a grind. That’s the real work that we do here. To help you through that @ the grind stage.
But you’ll be on your way to becoming 60% S-curvish at this point. This is where you would usually

fall off. But of course, that won’t happen any more.

And it’s when you’re on your way to becoming pro.

#3 6-12 months> Pam’s pictures. I always use the best S-curve member examples to explain

anything that I talk about here.

‘Her’ picture timeline, is how long it’ll take for most.

But what’s more important, is her communication timeline that you can see on FB messenger chats.
That’s what a lifestyle phase convo timeline looks like.


Everything is live and real now. The face to face and online experience is the same.

So don’t even try to hide behind some BS online hissy fits. Because I’ll call you out on your BS. Just

like I do when face to face in > these videos. Ha. Just try me.

And remember… If you’re a ‘Dianne FitBuzzer’ from yesterday’s newsletter. Then… We’re currently

doing > this program for you. You don’t have to reply first, to start. But everyone always does.

And you’ll be communicating with me the moment you do, anyway.

This is great timing if you have any summer travel-curvish plans. Because you’ll at least look 60%

S-curvish in all of the pictures that you take.

Just scan through Instagram (@fitbuzz) and my own FB profile pics to see what that looks like.

You will not be disappointed.

Reply to talk, add below and > More buzz for everything else.

Butt food only

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Today… I’m going to go over the S-curve meal structure again. Because of a meet up that I had with
a long term FitBuzzer yesterday.

Basically… She can’t workout… At all (I’ll tell you why shortly). And I showed her that she can become

shred-curvish, just by eating S-curvishly, only.

She’s already S-curvish. She just needs to shred some fat around her body.

Yes… It might take longer. But you can get there, if you’re in a situation like hers @ explanation shortly.

So let’s go @ protocol reminders

A 9-5 working day…


– Oats (Slow carbs)
– Natural pineapple juice drink (Fast carbs)
– Whey protein on oats (Fast protein)
– Whole eggs (Slower protein and mono/poly fats)


– Tilapia (Slow protein)
– Broccoli (Fibrous carbs)
– Pasta (Slow carbs)

Workout period (Before and after)

– Whey (Fast protein)
– Natural banana shake (Fast carbs)


– Purple rice (Slow carbs)
– Any lean meat with no saturated fat (Slow protein)
– Asparagus (Fibrous carbs)

Night snacks
– Casein (Slow protein)

– No fruit at night
– No fat at night (Fish oil tablets are ok though)

You need to do some variation of that, consistently, daily. But of course… It will change over

time and based on who you are.

Enter: FitBuzzer Dianne (She’s a special case. So no pics at present)

So… Recently, we’ve been talking about the 1-3 month gold plan period. I talked about how this works

with long time Fitbuzzer Dianne above.

And it truly is the most important time period, as a new member. Or if you want to boost your results.

So today… We’re going to do a > 2 month special gold program. Where you show up, without fail

for 2 months @ $250 each month.

But your 3rd month can be a free month on bronze.

Note: > This is what the gold program is, in detail.
Why I’ve decided to do this today?

Because of the conversation that I had with Dianne yesterday.

You see… She’s been reading every newsletter since I connected with her in September 2014.

I couldn’t meet up with her back then, because that’s when she was diagnosed with lupus.

This means that she can’t do S-curve workouts. Not even of I tailor everything. Which means… She can

only fix her body issues by eating S-curvishly, only.

She couldn’t even leave her house to see me. And after seeing her yesterday. I can see why. Even though

she’s improved greatly since then.

And when I met up with her yesterday. She revealed to me that, although the newsletter does it’s job, it’s

still not enough to get her to start living S-curvishly. Properly.

A program is required to help with that.

I’ve heard this before and I already know that’s a problem. That convo just added to that fuel to that fact.

So this is about getting all ‘Dianne type’ FitBuzzers to officially start.

Almost everyone who does ‘start’, replies to talk to me first. So do that. OKzee.

> More buzz for daily updates.


Booty returns @ FitBuzzer Stephy (New pics)

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Let’s remind ourselves of the S-curve process here…

Stage 1

You’re brand new. Never tried a program. You’re not totally sure about things yet.

$10 and you a get a ‘the right direction’ plan.

So… You could still win on your own. Even if you didn’t ever take on another program. But if it’s a good program that you’re after. Then… We wouldn’t just leave you hanging. You need that higher level of help.


Stage 2

The 30 day trial ‘is’ the best program (gold) experience.

We’re learning about you, you’re learning about all things S-curvish. For some… The experience is very different to what they’ve done before.

But then, they start winning. And question things no more. Ha.

Stage 3

You know ‘what’s up’ at this point. You’re in.

This is where the true program begins. The reason why it’s best to start on gold, is because we’re very hands on and intense. There’s a lot to learn. Which usually happens over a 6-18 month time period. But it gets easier over time. Which is why we have the bronze program.

Stage 4

6-12 months on stage 3 it is for most people. But like I said… It gets easier over time. However… Most members have been here for 3-5+ years.

They always come back.

The 90-100% S-curve goal is 1-5 years in this lifestyle. So you’ll need ‘something’ to look after you during this period.

And that’s what stage 4 is for. Which we’ve been working on since 2016. And > talked about since Monday.

Talking of coming back though…

The return of FitBuzzer Stephy

You can see, her story so far on > this page. And I’ve added her recent S-curvish pics to the page too. Just scroll down to the bottom.

Yup. Still very S-curvish.

She doesn’t post a lot of pics like that. Because there are a lot of ups and downs in her life… Like everyone else.

That’s what it’s like after your initial 6-12 month period of becoming S-curvish. You can see that in her picture story too. As she was very active in the beginning stages.

Either way… It’s been 3-5 years since she first made the change to become S-curvish. And today, as you can see… She’s still very much there.

She hasn’t slipped back into her less-curvish self that you can see in her first pictures.


#1 Becoming S-curvish
#2 Shredding to smexy

We’ve been at this since 2011-12. We’re truly in this for the long term. It was said then. And it’s being said now, all these years later. Everything has been documented.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is #1 or #2. Your long term time line will look similar Stephys, above.

The most important part of that, is that you don’t ever have to do it alone. ‘Alone’ is tough.

Now let’s get back to living this awesome lifestyle. And take a look at all recent travel-curvish pics too via > More buzz pages.

Reply to talk
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Skype: chamileon857
Instagram DM’s: @fitbuzz @shauntls

‘Not’ about fitness (Women)

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We all know what’s going on in S-curve world.

– Lifestyle
– Results
S-curve formula shenanigans

And all that good stuff. Which is great. I’m personally living it along side you. But let’s take a break today,

as a reminder of why we do this. Via some scenario examples.

Let’s go…

#1 For those morning mirror moments, when you get depressed looking at your flat butt, lack of upper butt, fat laterals, zero collar bone area definition and no S-curve shape.

#2 For those moments when you went on ‘past’ travel-curvish trips, took super fabulous photos. But ended

up deleting many, because the ‘then’ naked you, made you sick to your stomach.

#3 For those moments when you went clothes shopping, but couldn’t wear that dress, or those jeans.

You may have even bought them, with intentions of fitting into the outfits (A good motivation tactic by the

way). But that day never happened.

And instead, you had to sit back and watch it look ‘great’, when your daughter/niece/sister or friend tried it

on. Ouch.

Remember… The outfit isn’t always the problem. In some cases, you just need to buy the right outfit for

‘your’ body type.

One example I see often, is to not buy an outfit that’s designed for a woman with long legs/short torso.

When you have a long torso and short legs.

#4 For those moments when you really want to…

– Eat pizza with friends on random nights out.
– Drink on the beach with your ‘people’ on travel-curvish nights.
– Choose food on the restaurant menu, not think about the food for health reasons, and enjoy your damn


All of which you can do (In moderation) as you get closer to becoming 90-100% S-curvish.

#5 For the endless amount of ‘good looking’ selfies and belfies that you’ll take…

– In the gym
– In the bedroom
– In random restrooms when you’re out and about

Yea… It’s a female thing, I know. I just leave you to it, if I’m personally with S-curve members in person. Ha.


There are many moments in a 24 hour period, that’ll always remind you of why we do what we do here.

I haven’t covered all of them. But we’re all in this together. And I’m sure I’ve read many of your minds with

this post. Ha.

Oh… One more…

#6 For those moments when you constantly look in the mirror for signs of ageing. Which is probably the

biggest motivator of all. Because it’s hard to reverse ageing once the time has past.

Prevention baby… Prevention!

Reply to talk and > More buzz for daily updates.

7 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Asparagus

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Asparagus, the member of lily family is the wonderful blend of health, texture, and taste. Arrival of spring brings along this wonderful gift called asparagus that is nutrition packed for unbelievable health benefits. Local markets flock up with crunchy asparagus on advent of spring. It slowly becomes the part of every kitchen due to its versatile nature that makes it good for any dish. This amazing spring vegetable is native to western Asia, northern Africa, and Europe. There are many exotic ways to use asparagus in scrumptious meals, but one thing that always remains the same is its health quotient. Some of the amazing health benefits of this spring vegetable that can positively affect your health are –


1.  Rich in folic acid

Folic acid is essential to human body, especially when it is under the growth stage. Expecting mothers are prescribed folic acid to ensure proper growth of nerves and brain of fetus. Asparagus is found to be rich source of folic acid and one single asparagus will amount to 70% of your daily folic acid requirement. One can put asparagus to soups, salads, or simply juice it up to meet the daily folic acid target.

2.  Accelerates digestion

It promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria in intestine, which further slows down the growth of unfriendly bacteria. The stomach and intestinal health is boosted to accelerate the process of digestion while absorbing all vital nutrients from the food one eats.

3.  Regularize bowel movements

Asparagus can be taken to regularize bowel movement due to mild laxative properties that it possess. It can be included in daily meals to fight constipation, acid reflux, and heaviness in stomach. The fibers in this vegetable are good for flushing out toxins from your body effectively.

4.  Prevents cancer to certain extent

The lily family vegetable contains anti-oxidants that would prevent cancers of many types. There are studies supporting the cancer preventing properties of asparagus, which suggest that asparagus extract is capable of altering the structure of cancerous cells to prevent the harmful effects.

5.  Boosts your brain

Brain activity slows down with aging, but regular consumption of asparagus would make your brain fight out the cognitive decline effectively. It contains folate required for healthy brain functioning.  When asparagus is used with B12 rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, dairy, and other such foods then they together work for brain flexibility making your brain alert.

6. Natural diuretic

Amino acid called asparagine present in asparagus makes this spring veggie work as natural diuretic. It is good source of potassium too that helps in lowering the sodium effect in the body. Asparagus has very low sodium content. Juice of asparagus can be recommended in conditions like kidney stone and other urine irregularities as it works as an effective diuretic.

7. Loaded with vitamins and minerals

Anti-oxidant rich vegetable contains all that you need to be healthy. It is superb source of various vitamins like vitamin E, A, C, and K. Vitamin A in asparagus keeps your night vision sharp and vitamin C boosts your immunity. Vitamin E keeps your skin and hair healthy for most desired youthful look. Apart from these vital vitamins, it also contains minerals like iron, potassium, manganese, and folate that are important for healthy functioning of body.

Asparagus is health rich but more interesting fact about this spring surprise is that it can be used in different ways to prepare most exotic recipes. You can roast it, bake it, add it to soups and salads, or just juice it up for amazing health benefits that you always wanted. For extra benefits, club it with other healthy ingredients for wholesome diet.

Author Bio: Karishma is into writing profession and have written on various subjects till date. Though her profession wants her to write on various genres, she prefers to write on health care out of her passion for this subject. She has contributed her work for Turmeric Curcumin Shop and many more.


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Many professionals are trained in hypnotherapy in Brisbane and all over Australia, for example doctors, nurses, psychologists and of course, hypnotherapists. However, self-hypnosis is a relatively simple process that anyone can use to introduce positive changes in their mental and physical health. Let us see how it works:


Glynis Bretherton is a known name in the Australian hypnotherapy profession. She describes hypnosis as a trance-like state that is characterised by relaxation, increased suggestibility, and heightened imagination. During hypnosis, a person goes into the theta brainwave state, which is similar to the state experienced in day dreaming, light sleep
or deep meditation.



Dr Milton Erickson, often regarded as the father of hypnotism, stated that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.”

What the above statement means is that even when being guided by a trained professional, a person will not undergo hypnosis if they are not willing to do it. The state of hypnosis is induced by a person’s will and belief; a professional just
facilitates the process.

Self-hypnosis is something most of us have experienced many times. Do you remember for instances when you are “mesmerised” by a cracker or ripples in the water or anything else, for that matter, and lose all awareness of your surroundings temporarily? In this state, a person experiences profound relaxation and loses themselves in their thoughts.

When this condition is deliberately induced, it is called self-hypnosis.



The technique we are going to employ is called the eye-fixation self-hypnosis. It is one of the simplest and most effective self-hypnosis techniques ever developed.

Before you begin, try and remove all distractions from around you and concentrate on your goal of self-hypnosis.


Step 1. Sit in a comfortable chair without crossing your legs and hands. Avoid heavy meals right before the session as it may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Take off your footwear and make sure that you are wearing
comfortable clothing. Bottom line, get comfortable in a chair without crossing your arms and legs.

Step 2. Fix your gaze at a point on the ceiling and concentrate. Let your body relax and start repeated a suggestion similar to “My eyes are tired, I want to sleep now.”

Make sure you say this suggestion like you mean it, sounding
convincing and relaxing at the same time. If you do this right, your eyes will
soon start feeling tired. At this point, let your eyes close and take deep
breaths to relax further.

Step 3. Let your body relax and let it go limp like a rag doll on a chair. Then slowly, but intentionally start counting down from 10 to 0, telling yourself that with every number, you are becoming more relaxed. Stay in the relaxed state for a few moments and notice how you don’t even have to make an effort to relax your body. In fact, the less you try, the more you relax.

Step 4. After you’re ready to emerge, start counting from 1 to 10. Tell yourself that with each passing number, you become more and more aware of your surroundings.

Try this technique a few times and notice how you reach deeper levels of relaxation on every instance. Once you have perfected this technique, you can start introducing positive suggestions to yourself, which will help you improve in all areas of life.

Note that some people may feel drowsy or dizzy right after coming back to consciousness. This is normal and will pass after a few moments.

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