BBG Workout By Kayla Itsines

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BBG Workout

Have you heard of the BBG Workout by Kayla Itsines? Also known as the Bikini Body Guide, Kayla and her BBG program have taken the fitness scene by storm.

Aside from the popular reads promoted by the newest trend diet advocates, there is basic science. This school has always uttered the same basic message: proper nutrition and exercise leads to healthy bodies.

The Kayla Itsines BBG workout as explained over here works because it sticks by this age old fitness wisdom. More specifically, the Bikini Body Guide works for three reasons:

  1. It’s healthy
  2. It’s sustainable
  3. It’s fun!

Let’s talk about why it’s healthy.

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review


First of all, many women today are so bombarded with contradicting wisdom about diet and exercise that they don’t know what is healthy anymore. The rule of thumb here is to listen to your body. Sometimes it’s hard to tune out bad advice, especially when it’s all around.

I just saw a post on Kayla Itsines’ Instagram from a woman who was trying to stay thin by eating less than 1,000 calories a day. This inevitably lead to her binge eating because her body was starving for nutrients! Her body reflected this. After going through the BBG workout, changing her diet, which now amounts to 2,000-3,000 calories a day and regularly challenging her body with the Kayla Itsines Workout, she looks absolutely fantastic.

BBG Workout – What Is It Anyway?


Kayla Itsines’ BBG workout program is just that, a nutritional and exercise guide to help get you in the best shape of your life. It contains a realistic and healthy diet breakdown that is easy to follow and easy to maintain. That means that it is not a quick fix, omission diet. This is a complete nutritional program. Unlike other diet trends, it is not overly exclusive. You can still drink your lattes without shame! Eat your peanut butter and carbs! You don’t have to cut out anything actually. It’s all about moderation and getting all the nutrients you need through a well-balanced diet.

In fact, Kayla Itsines insists that you get every single calorie you need in a day and that those calories come from a variety of sources. Balance is key! She recommends a minimum of six servings of grains, five servings of vegetables and legumes, two and a half servings of dairy, two and a half servings of lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, or alternatives, and two servings of healthy unsaturated fats. You can adapt the diet to be vegetarian or vegan as well. She also insists that you always get at least eight cups of water each day! Hydration is essential!


BBG Workout Benefits

Because the diet is healthy, it is sustainable!

After you achieve healthy levels of nutrition and exercise, you will feel so good that you won’t want to go back to your old ways. The main problem today is the overabundance of misinformation regarding food and exercise. The Kayla Itsines guide provides you with the correct information from a passionate certified trainer drawing from years of experience and acquired knowledge. The BBG workout pdf makes it easy for you to follow by providing tracking charts that will help you to get all of the nutrients you need each day. Kayla Itsines also makes healthy mouth watering meal suggestions that anyone can make from scratch!

And now for the fun part!

Kayla Itsines Workout Features

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide

The Kayla Itsines Workout is a twelve week program broken down into three parts to challenge all of your body’s systems without going overboard. The program starts slow in order to get your body up to speed and then intensifies as your body gets stronger. It consists of:

  1. Cardio
  2. Resistance Training
  3. Rehabilitation

Cardio is designed to get your heart rate up to strengthen your heart muscles and get your blood flowing. There are two types of cardio exercises:

  1. Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) or about 30-45 minutes of power walking
  2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 10-15 minutes sprint training

Each type of exercise is considered a session that you will piece into your weekly routine where it fits. In the first few weeks, HIIT is not recommended as part of your routine because your body may not be ready for it yet.

The BBG Workout also includes weekly sessions of both resistance training and rehabilitation. The guide provides an easy to use chart including pictures of resistance training exercises and stretches that should be done at certain points throughout the program. The exercises are fun and they feel great! Arguably the best part is that rehabilitation is mandatory!! Yes, stretching, rest, and sleep will help you to get your bikini body! In weeks one through four, the goal is to complete three sessions of LISS, three sessions of resistance training and one session of rehabilitation. This is a fun challenge and an achievable goal.

Kayla Itsines BBG Workout works because it is realistic!

It starts from where you are at and helps you to build up strength without over working you. It is easily adaptable to your routine and it considers all of your human needs for rest, work and play! Another important point is that this guide suggests tracking your progress primarily by taking photos so that you can see how your body changes and by how you feel. This is different from many programs which suggest counting calories and pounds. The main difference is in how you are being asked to look at your health. Sometimes gaining weight is a good thing as you burn fat and build muscle. It’s not about being as tiny as possible as many mainstream fads will have you think. It’s about being healthy and confident.

What do millions of followers have to say about why the BBG works?

The Bikini Body Guide works because it is a complete lifestyle approach to looking and feeling great. It is conscious living for a healthy body and mind. Eat healthy and eat enough! Workout, but rest too!

Kayla Itsines even suggests taking a vacation or getting a massage as a part of your routine! When your life is in balance, staying in shape is easy! The Kayla Itsines BBG workout program is more than just a diet or even a lifestyle, it’s healthy living with a community of support.

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Sweat with Kayla App Review

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Sweat with Kayla app 

The average Sweat with Kayla app review on iTunes is 3 stars.  Despite the middle of the road rating, the written reviews make it seem like people either love it or hate it. 

This comes as a shock due to the overwhelming amount of love and support that Kayla Itsines receives from her followers. One great example who shared her disappointment with Sweat with Kayla app is at Read on for our review on Sweat with Kayla workout app.

Sweat With Kayla Review


Let’s step back for a moment.  Kayla Itsines is a highly successful businesswoman internationally known for abilities as a personal trainer and as a fitness personality on Instagram.  She built her fruitful business by translating her experiences into online products; first three PDF eBooks and recently an app.

The original products were a set of three eBooks named Bikini Body Guide 1.0, Bikini Body Guide 2.0, and the Bikini Body Nutrition Guide.  Clients were encouraged to buy them as a bundle so they would have the full 24 weeks of workouts and meal plans.

Recently Kayla Itsines added the fitness app to her repertoire. The app is intended to update Bikini Body Guides and make them more applicable to users’ on-the-go lifestyle. 

Sweat with Kayla App features

Kayla Itsines app offers extras such as a built-in workout timer, weekly photo journal, and access to Bikini Body Guide 3.0 for weeks 25 and higher.  This is on top of the established Bikini Body Guide features such as short, manageable workouts, meal planning, and detailed instructions on what to do next.

Below are some of the app’s top features:

  Short manageable workout sessions averaging 28-minutes

– Workouts rotate between resistance, LISS, HITT, and rehabilitation

– A timer built into the workout

– Meal planner with customizable options and many healthy suggestions

– A photo journal to help track progress

– Fitness challenges open to the global community

– Education materials

– Access to the Bikini Body Guide 3.0 workouts designed for weeks 25 to 36

All in all, this fitness app offers an excellent array of features and incorporates much of what made the Bikini Body Guide series so popular.

The “Average” Review

After hearing the onslaught of positive reviews for the Bikini Body Guide, I was surprised to hear the disappointment surrounding Kayla Itsines’ App.

After digging through the numerous app reviews, I found a few commonalities.

Below are the pros and cons most commonly cited in the App:

Pros of Sweat with Kayla:

ü Great design

ü Breaks down workouts on a daily basis

ü  Workout planner lets you plan up to 2 weeks of workouts and adds reminders to your calendar.

ü  Meal planner lets you plan up to 2 weeks of meals, provides healthy recipes and auto-populates
shopping lists.

ü  Step by step guide. Takes out any guesswork in what to do next.

Cons of Sweat with Kayla:

x Crashes/glitch/buggy

x   Data loss

x   Limited Meal Plans – they should be expanded to accommodate various dietary restrictions. 

x  Can’t change the planner start date. It auto starts on Monday which isn’t convenient for everyone.

x    Doesn’t benefit long standing Bikini Body Guide users as there is little to no new content.

x    Subscription based

x    Expensive

What I find interesting about the “average” review is that users were providing a higher rate of negative reviews at the beginning. As time went on the reviews started to improve and span the 5-star range.  My guess is that long-time fans were initially disappointed by the app but as Kayla Itsines made improvements the new comers were more satisfied with the product.  This theory is based on two particular gripes: Data loss and price.

Data loss and glitch behavior were cited in the earlier reviews.  There were reports of the app crashing resulting in data loss for active users; that missed workouts are lost completely because you couldn’t go back a day or two; and if you cancel your subscription, you lose all of your data. It seems some of these issues to have been addressed as many of the
newer reviews state that the app is working fine.  

Next we come to the most cited complaint: price. 

Sweat with Kayla is a subscription-based service. It costs $4.61 a week, which is $19.99 a month and $55.42 for the full 12 weeks.  While this is less than a gym membership and about the price of a fancy coffee, the app has still received flack for being too expensive.

The real issue is that loyal fans feel taken advantage of. They are being asked to pay for material they already purchased; it is just in an updated version. They feel that they’ve already sunk hundreds of dollars into Kayla Itsines workouts and shouldn’t have to subscribe to the new app. 

Despite the naysayers, many new fans purchase the app every day.  They tout its convenience and ability to produce results.

Does the Sweat with Kayla App Work?

My personal opinion with this app?  It works exceedingly well.

Fans routinely claim to have lost 15, 30, and even 50 pounds with it. A quick look at the before and after photos posted on Kayla Itsines Instagram and shared by fans, it is evident that the app works well for many individuals.

With the overlapping content in mind, it is unsurprising that the results from Sweat with Kayla are similar to Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide eBooks.  

Sweat with Kayla can provide excellent results thanks to its

ü   Utilization of both diet and exercise

ü   Detailed step by step plan that eliminates guesswork

ü  Intentionally varied and graduated exercises

ü  Healthy, easy to follow nutrition plan

ü Positive, encouraging online community 

Together these reasons contribute to why Kayla Itsines app works.

Should you subscribe?

Now that we’ve determined that the Sweat with Kayla app works, the questions remains: should you subscribe?

 The answer depends on your experiences with Kayla Itsines thus far.  Most people will fall into two camps:

1)   Are you a loyal fan who owns every other Kayla Itsines product and willing to pay for material similar to what you already have just to obtain the latest version?  If you answer is yes, then you should subscribe right away.

If your answer is no, I suggest you wait to see if there are any new features added.  Kayla Itsines has promised updates so Sweat with Kayla may fit your needs in the future. 

2)   Are new to the Kayla Itsines Empire and looking for an app to serve as a cheaper alternative to the gym?

Then you should consider subscribing. You’ll reap the benefits of the educational materials, detailed workouts, and meal suggestions.

No matter which camp you are in, I recommend trying the 7-day free trial. It lets you evaluate if the Sweat With Kayla app features will work for you.

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Fighting Fit: 5 Ways to Bolster Your Workout Regimen

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Exercising is good for almost anyone who has the motivation to try it. Barring injury or illness, exercise can help improve almost anyone’s energy levels, life outlook and, obviously, fitness levels too. You can take supplements to help you along in your struggle for strength, many of which can be bought in chemists or online (try the vital greens online store that I bought mine from).

There are plenty of other ways to help your exercise regime along nicely, and here today we have put down 5 of them in an effort to increase the productivity of your workout.

Supplementing For Strength

As a way to increase your energy output, consider taking some supplements. Supplement replace vital nutrients you would otherwise get from meals, and can have a real positive impact on your overall health, as well as your energy levels.

Another option in this department is pre-workout. If you take some pre-workout before or during your scheduled exercise, you’ll find yourself with a whole lot more energy while you actually exercise, and some brands even help you have less muscle soreness the following day. These all combine to make supplements and pre-workout a great combination to smashing out a better workout.

Eating Healthy

One of the keys to better muscle growth and overall fitness is eating healthily. You can do all the exercise in the world, but your body needs fuel to properly develop your muscles to benefit from that exercise, and the proper fuel in this case is protein. Protein is most often gained from eating meat, but many vegetables also contain high levels of protein, which is the ideal fuel for muscle development. To get the most out of your workout, try increasing the number of meals you eat per day, while decreasing the size of those meals. Add protein to each and every one of them for even more noticeable effects during your workout.

Regular Rest

As well as eating healthy foods and supplementing your diet, you should make sure to get plenty of sleep every night. Your body rejuvenates itself while you sleep, meaning that without sleep, your muscles suffer the consequences of being worked hard and then not allowed a rest.

As well as this, you should always remember to stretch your body before and after your workout, and warmup beforehand as well. This prevents injury from occurring and lets your body ease into your workout more fluidly, preparing your muscles for hard work.

Sets Vs. Reps

Knowing some theory behind strength building exercise can help you to focus workouts on what you want to get out of them, so you end up pleased with the result. When aiming for more muscle growth, larger muscles, or more strength, heavier weight should be used in the exercise over more sets, with fewer repetitions in each set. When focusing more on toning muscles, thinning out fat, or losing weight, lighter weights should be used with more repetitions in each set. Combinations of this can see combined results, although the end result will happen slower.

Keep it up!

This one is most important of all – keep it up!

Exercise can feel like a test in the beginning, because you don’t seem to be getting any results, but it just gets harder and harder to maintain your energy levels. When your arms and legs hurt, your time is being consumed regularly, and you aren’t seeing the result you want immediately, it can feel impossible to keep it up. However, if you manage to make it past the first few weeks, you will begin to feel the benefits before you see them. Your body will have noticeably more energy, and things you regularly lift will seem lighter. Over time, months or years, your body will change drastically, and you will be glad you kept pushing forward when it all seemed too hard.

Exercise is a great discipline to master, and mastering it is difficult, however by using the tips listed above, you can make it a bit easier on yourself, and you can get into shape without unnecessarily overexerting yourself. Keep pushing, eat well, and hone your workout to what you want it to be, and you can’t fail.