5 Healthy Soda Substitutes

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Soda is terrible for you. That Coke challenge is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Just the worst idea ever created! You know how when you hold soda in your mouth, it starts to burn? That’s what it’s doing to your stomach. Ick! Plus, it has a ton of calories. Do you want a beer belly? Light beer every now and then won’t give you one. But having a soda everyday with every meal will give you a huge belly. No thank you! Instead, I have come up with 5 healthy soda substitutes. Whether you are at a restaurant or you are just at home cooking dinner for the family, opt for one of these choices instead of that can of fizzy sugar.

1. Water

Water is so good for you and it has zero calories. Win-win! Instead of drinking a can of soda that has at least 200 calories in it along with an insane amount of sugar, opt for a big glass of water. Water will also help you feel fuller so you don’t overeat your meal either. It’s just so good for you. Drink lots of it.

2. Juice

Juice is good for you, but you have to be careful you don’t overdose on it. There are a lot of calories in certain juices so you want to steer clear of the ones with a ton of sugar or artificial flavors. Instead, drink the all-natural healthy stuff like pure orange juice or grapefruit juice. These juices have tons of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to fight off illnesses. You won’t get sick and you won’t be consuming too many calories!

So the bottom line is, that you juicing is generally good, but give your Hurom juicer a break every now and then!

3. Green tea

Green tea is just as good for you as water is. It’s like a miracle drink. It fights belly fat. It speeds up your metabolism. It clears up your skin. And it has zero calories! It is so good for you. Put down the can of soda and start brewing some green tea. You will start to notice a difference in how much better you feel overall after a just a week of drinking green tea instead of soda.

4. Flavored water

If you can’t drink water straight, try a flavored water. There are tons of powders that add a little extra flavor to your bland glass of water. Or, if you want to go a more natural route, you can add in some fresh fruit juice. Squeeze some strawberries or lemons into your glass of water to spice it up a little bit! It’s delicious, I promise.

5. Chocolate milk

Chocolate milk actually has a lot of benefits for your health! It has tons of minerals and vitamins that your body needs to recover after a workout. If you aren’t much on working out but you are big on drinking soda, start small by switching to chocolate milk. Be careful that you don’t drink too much. It does have a lot of sugar in it. Stick with one glass every other day. Gradually start to ween yourself off of sugary drinks altogether and stick with the best drink for you: water!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for a home security company called Smith Monitoring, a provider of Houston home security. She is a big fan of drinking water and is usually that nerdy kid that always has a bottle of water in her hand at all times.

Here’s $10 From Shaun Sinclair of Stay-Fit Bug

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That’s right… I am giving you $10…. off the version 2.0 update of the Unique Bodyweight Exercise E-book!

That is…

  • New Exercises
  • New Equipment
  • And even more bodyweight exercises tips.

The special offer as it stands is currently $5.99.

That special offer price will change to $15.99
As of June 4th 2010 (Still cheaper than the full retail price of $29.99)
The updates will remain FREE as promised, as long as you already own the e-book. So do me a favour and save yourself some money by taking action before the update happens.


For those who already have the e-book, get ready to start adding some variation to your your bodyweight workouts.


You all know about the introduction of the bodyweight exercise challenge… right?

If not, go check it out. Especially those who like a challenge.

Anyhow, this week I have introduced another exercise, but is available to subscribers only. If you want the full scoop on this exercise that will rip your abs and core to shreds, be sure to hit this button.

Enough off my chatter already. June the 4th FTW! (For The Win – For you non web/ tech nerds out there)

Bugs out!

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Real Tweaks Happen After The Explosion

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I thought those things only happen in wars and stuff?

Yes they do. But I’m talking about building muscle here.

You see… Whether you are new to building muscle or not. You would have experienced an explosive initial growth when you first lifted a dumbbell.

‘You broke your muscle building virginity’

You know the feeling right?

  • Sore for the first 7-10 days
  • Muscles feeling tense (You actually think you have grown because of how you feel, when you’ve actually probably shrunk)

Of course you know the feeling. And it’s great! And then you actually notice muscles that pop out that you didn’t even think existed. You begin to feel like one of these guys…


Keep this up for 30 days and building 14lbs or more of muscle mass is highly achievable and highly probable. So I guess what I said in this post is reality… for the short term at least.

In my view, this is the best feeling you’ll EVER get throughout your fitness and bodybuilding life. Mainly because it’s a new and fresh experience for you. There really is nothing quite like your first time. 😉

However, it won’t take long until that inital honey moon period is over. Just like a male/female relationship… give it 3 months, and you’ll find that the happy fun period suddenly becomes less fun. And then problems arise. And in the case of building muscle?

  1. – You can’t seem to progress and lift any heavier weight
  2. – You may even notice that your muscles start to shrink
  3. – You get frustrated and get demotivated
  4. – You look the same year after year!

With that being the case, it’s time that you refocus your mindset for your next workout. Because all the above points really are not cool.

The refocus

#1  You can’t seem to progress and lift any heavier weight

This is the most common scenario in the gym. People lifting weights month after month, year after year, without seeing any real progress in both strength and size gains. This happens because of one main reason.

‘Because you are trying to gain too quickly’

Like I’ve said once before. The main reason you want to gain quickly is because of your ego. Maybe to impress the ladies. Who knows. But quit it already. Just like a male/female relationship, once that honeymoon period is over, you’re going to have to work at that relationship to keep it fresh. To keep it from going stale.

The same thing you need to do with your muscles!

The only thing you should be doing is focusing on slow growth and steady progress. For two main reasons…

  1. It’s the only way you’ll actually grow
  2. It’s the only way to gauge and understand what is working/ not working for your body

Hence the title of this post ‘Real tweaks happen after the explosion’.

  • You may have bulked quickly (Honeymoon period) and gained some extra stomach fat. Maybe cut carbs and increase protein intake
  • Your bench press gains may have flattened some what. Maybe switched things up and perform more pull ups and barbell rows for assistance
  • (#2) Your muscles have shrunk! More sleep? Add a deload week? Take a month off working out? Shorter workout period? Less exercise?

That list could go on and on and on. I will be covering many of these causes and more shortly, and whatever your cause is, you’ll have a solution.

#3 You get frustrated and get demotivated

The only reason this happens is because you have seen a lack of real progress. It’s natural. But one thing you have to understand here is that this WILL happen. It’s just a question of when?

When it does happen, all you need to do is STOP! And go back to the drawing board. Find out what your ‘today’ One Rep Max’s are and start over (This is what you base your future reps/sets/weights on you see). Refresh and start the honeymoon period all over again. Obviously it won’t be the same like the first time around… it never is. But utilizing this method to progress will work for years to come. How do you think people manage to stay married for so long? They work at it, change things up, refresh and recycle. And you will do the same.

#4 You look the same year after year!

This is a problem that I’ll soon fix for you all. Because what’s the point of looking like everyone else and your former self year after year. That’s what happens to 90% of gym goers. The main thing you need to do here is take a maximum of 1 year to build the body of your dreams (Easily done… no excuses here) and then maintain and tweak your results over the 2nd year. That’s the short version of your fitness plan. Follow that methodology and you certainly won’t look the same year after year. And you’ll probably be inspired to take up some kind of career in fitness at this point. Heck…. you’ll probably get approached by some industry guy/gal to become a spokesperson/fitness competitor. But like I said, this is just the short version… for now.

Now… I am still working on the early version of ‘the solution’ for all of you… and I’m keeping the theme of the program Stayfitbug style… as that’s what ‘I’ know most of you like and are used to on this site (More info coming up shortly). However, over the weekend, I watched a video by nutritionist Kyle Leon… and I do like the focus of his program, on being ‘diet precise’. Although not for everyone, and something I actually won’t be pushing forward too much (Initially at least – as I don’t think this is the most important thing you need to do to enhance your fitness lifestyle) I think the video is worth a watch, because what he says does make sense. Here’s the link to his video…

Click here ===> Build Muscle with a ‘diet precise’ approach

And when I show you what ‘I ‘think is important (As a core focus of what you should keep at the forefront of your fitness mindset) in the video ‘I’ show you, you’ll be able to make your comparisons and see where I’m coming from. Never the less, watch the video. Here’s the link again.

Click here ===> Build Muscle with a ‘diet precise’ approach

And remember, real tweaks happen ‘after’ the explosion. Keep the solutions above listed in your workout mindset, and you will indeed be better off for the long term.

See you in the comments.

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The Choice is Yours

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We want to be fit, attractive and healthy, but accomplishing this isn’t as straight forward as it should be. We are bombarded with the latest trends and fads in the diet and fitness market, each one promising to give users wonderful results if only they spend the money to purchase it. Sadly, many diets and fitness fads ultimately fail to deliver, leaving individuals just as flabby, saggy and unhealthy as they were before and poorer to boot since most fads don’t come cheap. So what is a girl to do? Turns out, the choice is hers.

Fads come and go, and it can be very difficult to tell what’s legit and what’s not. Low-fat, no-fat, low-carb, no-carb, raw. The list goes on. Each fad will have experts who back it wholeheartedly along with testimonials that seem too good to be true. We want it to work; sometimes we even need it to work, so we buy in and get that book or purchase that new DVD series. For some people, this purchase marks the start of a lasting life change but for the overwhelming majority, they will still be out of shape and unhappy a year after trying the fad diet or exercise routine. Why don’t fads work for everybody? Why are those results just not typical?

What makes fads attractive is the fact that they promise extreme results in exchange for doing extreme things. Let’s use the Atkins diet as an example of a classic fad. Eliminate all carbs from your diet by following the Atkins diet and you’ll drop a huge amount of pounds in no time, only to gain them back the moment you chow down on a dinner roll during a moment of weakness. Very black and white and extreme. This diet works for people in the short term and this fueled its popularity, but then the negative long term results began to surface.

People started to have trouble thinking clearly, suffered from insatiable urges to indulge in carbs of any persuasion, grew increasingly depressive and unhappy, and some even died from impaired kidney function and heart problems caused by eating a diet so out of balance with the body’s nutritional needs. It turns out that the body needs good, complex carbs on a daily basis! The irony is that many people felt more comfortable with using this diet than getting lipo or a tummy tuck, which would have been a lot safer overall.

New diets tend to be safer than the prototype of the Atkins diet, but that doesn’t make them effective for the long haul. Be apprehensive when presented with extremes in any form! Trust your own common sense and feel free to ask the opinion of a professional in the field before starting any new diet. Nutritionists have made diet their life’s work, and they are more than happy to share their knowledge with you. They are trustworthy, and it’s a fantastic feeling to have an expert on your side.

When it comes to fitness fads, they can be just as bad in their own way. Most of us know that the latest gadget won’t give us a perfectly flat stomach and six pack abs in as little as 5 minutes a day, but what about popular programs like P90X, 5×5 or Insanity? Those popular fitness programs fully disclose that their program requires an extreme amount of dedication, work and even pain in order to gain the results they promise. If individuals can stick to the grueling regimen, they will reap serious results. However, most people fail to do so.

The most effective and popular program on the market might not be the best fit for you personally. Why work against your personality and inherent traits when they could be worked with instead, leading to natural momentum and flow? The long term results will be excellent if you can find a routine that you’ll be happy to stick with year after year.

For example, are you energized by the stretching and poses of yoga? Then perhaps power yoga or Pilates would be the best workout for you, whether they are currently in style or not. On the other hand, do you get bored easy and require a new endeavor to be big and challenging in order to maintain your interest? If so, the rigorous challenge of P90X or Insanity could be just perfect for you, despite the fact that these two fitness programs are also fads at the moment. Know yourself and work with your strengths and weaknesses. The choice is yours and it’s all about you!

The same advice applies to diet. Everyone has their own nutritional type and this is why some people manage to live well as vegans and others on high protein diets while the majority lose energy on such extreme plans. Chances are high that your ideal plan will involve a healthy balance of proteins, fats, vegetables, fruits and complex carbs. Nutritionists are happy to point their clients in the right direction and make diet easy, so working with one is highly recommended. If this isn’t possible, just listen to your body and use your common sense. Who knows how food makes you feel better than you do?

Your physical fitness levels will soar once the right diet and fitness plan are implemented, taking you to exciting new heights of strength, endurance and vitality. By exercising and dieting daily, the body has no choice but to let go of even the most stubborn of fat deposits. In some rare cases where diet and exercise just aren’t enough, a tummy tuck or lipo may be used to rid yourself of embarrassing problem areas. This is a desperation move, but in a pinch there is nothing wrong with using plastic surgery when all else fails. The best choice is to consult a personal trainer and nutritionist first; they might have valuable insight that will help with eliminating those troublesome problem areas.

Dietary Supplements and Your Guide to Lipoic Acid

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With constant medical and technological advancements going on daily, where to look for accurate advice is difficult to know. Some swear by taking 50 various pills per day and some think that a healthy diet should give you all the nutrients your body needs. Which is correct? Which isn’t? Well neither. Unfortunately it would be naïve to think that everyone eats a perfectly balanced diet. It simply isn’t the case 95% of the time and unless your a keen, keen health enthusiast- I don’t suppose you are one of that 5%. It is also not wise to venture out and start buying every vitamin and supplement you can find as the body does successfully produce most of them. So if that’s the case then what supplements and how many should we take? A great place to start is Lipoic Acid. Lipoic Acid is a super antioxidant and is found in foods such as broccoli, spinach, potato, red meat, carrots, yeast etc. It is claimed to have properties that prevent the development and spreading of cancer cells, but essentially it’s role in the human body is to protect it.


What is it?

Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant found in many food groups but also produced in small amounts by the human body. An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules- essentially it protects your cells. This occurs throughout the body and if you had no antioxidants in your body, you would most likely be prone to sickness, disease and ailments of all size and nature. Without antioxidants, your cells would be left to roam free, go wrong and multiply! The use of antioxidants in pharmacology is intensely studied and used for the treatment of strokes and neurodegenerate diseases.


These vary dramatically depending on your diet, metabolism and age. The main benefits of Lipoic acid will be seen if you have a poor diet, a poor metabolism or suffer from a deficiency. Studies show that lipoic acid increases brain and body energy levels and lowers blood pressure. Not only does it protect your cells from coming to harm (which you don’t see) it can also reduce brain damage in post stroke victims, improve skin texture and can prevent bone loss in cases such as osteoporosis and other bone degenerative conditions.

Does it work?

Recent thorough studies have shown that although initially thought to prevent cancer and potentially prevent the spread of cancerous cells, now scientists and doctors are starting to think it has less effect than previously thought. Although in many cases it will help and it can reverse damage and prevent further damage, there is no actual evidence to show that it prevents cancer. This is not to say that it can’t have dramatic effects on other diseases and problems but specifically cancer cells – it is not yet certain. This is not to say that is doesn’t, it simply hasn’t yet been proven either way.

So if you are thinking of grabbing one or two vitamins or you just need some body building supplements, consider going for some Lipoic acid. You will need to consult a pharmacist or similar to find out how much a safe dose is – generally around 300mg per day is safe but above that can have a harmful effect, like with all over consumption.

The Stay-Fit bug

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Welcome to Stay-Fit bug

You have now caught the bug which does not aim to disappear. The bug is here to stay (for your benefit of course 😀 )

As a man now in my 20’s and who has been training since my pre teens as an athlete , i’d like to share some of the things i have learned along the way ‘and still learning’. Part of why i like to share my experiences and knowledge is due to the fact that most of the information people read is just that….FACTS!

The thing about facts is that they often neglect the things that affect us in our everyday lives…sometimes unavoidable things like unexpected injuries, illnesses, stress from work, stress from girlfriends, boyfriends…the list goes on. So i intend to fill your brain with real life experiences and how to maintain your workout when faced with hurdles.


Introducing Weightlifting Workout Gear

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It’s been a while since i’ve talked about the various types of fitness equipment that I have used to help me build muscle over the years. Some are golden oldies such as the dipping belt and some are new stars such as the Iron gym xtreme. And Since stayfitbug.com is all about innovative ways to build muscle, I think it’s only right that I share some of the most recent fitness equipment gems that I have stumbled upon in in recent years.

So over the next few days I will…

1) Introduce one or two types of workout gear

2) How to use them in your weightlifting routines

What workout gear will I introduce?

Well… your just going to have to stay tuned to find out! 😀

See you all tomorrow stayfitbuggers.

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The Truth about High Metabolism Types

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increase metabolism gain muscle and keep muscle

Now this is something i blogged about in a previous post. But i didn’t really go into specifics. I am one of these high metabolism types and for years people have wondered how i can eat a whole house full of food in a day, yet stay in near perfect shape. Some may turn around and say:

‘ Ah… face it, you probably don’t eat a lot really’

This could be true if i ate my main meals at one specific time of the day, but it is not so! I would usually eat non stop until midnight ( WARNING! Avoid the Midnight feast – i will talk about that in another post)

For most skinny, slim or average build guys, they are probably very active people with very active lives (myself included). So it may appear that they don’t eat much.

People may debate this fact, but i am talking from experience here and this is certainly the case! If you are the same and your metabolism is high i would i say that


I dread the day that i may start to get fat from eating a whole house full of food, in quick succession! Why?


Most people do. But for the majority who do eat house fulls in quick succession, they will put on weight and probably get fat. Metabolism usually slows with age to, so i am getting all my heavy eating years in there while it lasts. But fear not, for all you low metabolism types, i have your best interests at heart.

Stay tuned for the next post ‘ Ways to increase your metabolism’

Eating Before Your Workout – What is Best to Eat?

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You’ve laced up your trainers and zipped up your gym bag, ready to sweat it out on the elliptical and try to beat last time’s record for consecutive crunches. However, before you head out the door for the gym you feel a grumble in your tummy. You realise that you’re actually quite hungry – but should you eat right before your workout? Will eating help to give you fuel, or will it slow you down? If you choose to eat, what should you eat to make the most of your exercise time?

There is a lot of conflicting information and myths out there when it comes to what you should eat before (and after) your workout. Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind when it comes to eating before your workout:

Don’t Work Out on an Empty Stomach

Many people believe that exercising on an empty stomach will force your body to turn more stored fat into a source of energy – causing you to lose more weight. However, this is not really how it works. Instead, if you are trying to exercise without any fuel in your body you will find yourself feeling weak and lightheaded. You won’t have enough energy to push yourself during your workout and really build muscle, so you will end up burning fewer calories.

Your best bet is to have a small snack around 1-2 hours before exercising so that you have the energy to perform at your best. Of course, don’t eat a huge meal or a very high fat snack, because this will take too much energy to digest and it will make you struggle during your workout.

Do Drink Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water before, during and after your workout is essential. Your body will become dehydrated because you are losing water through sweat, so it is very important to replace these fluids. Drinking water will also help your body to properly and efficiently digest your food.

Don’t Eat Empty Calories

If you grab a chocolate bar or a can of energy drink or soda from the vending machine before your workout, you might experience a boost of energy… but you will soon crash. These empty calorie foods don’t offer enough nourishment and the sugar rush that they provide you will not last. Instead, you should look for a healthy snack that has plenty of protein and carbohydrates. Luckily, in many gyms NJ healthy vending machines are becoming more common, offering better choices such as energy bars, protein shakes and granola bars – so that you can pick up a healthy treat when you arrive at the gym.

Do Consider the Intensity of Your Workout

Remember that all workouts are not created equal, so not all pre-workout snacks should be either. If you are simply going out on a 30 minute walk, you will not need to supply your body with a lot of fuel to make it through. However, if you are taking an hour-long very high intensity aerobics class you might need a little bit more energy.

Don’t Forget to Also Have a Snack Afterward

It is also important to give yourself a small snack after you have completed your workout. Your body will have burned a lot of fuel as well as broken down muscle tissue, which means that it is essential to replenish both of these with food. By eating after your workout, you will refuel with the right nutrients which will help to maintain your muscle tissue, decrease soreness and prevent injury. Also, you need to replenish the glycogen stores in your body, or your body will start to burn muscle tissue for recovery and energy – which will negate the benefits of your workout.

A great snack to help you refuel after a very strenuous workout would be a wholegrain bagel and some fruit, or perhaps an energy bar.

These are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to fuelling your body for a successful and effective workout. Remember, exercise is only one part of the equation when it comes to getting in shape – it is also important to provide your body with adequate nutrition so that it can be nourished and perform well. .

Tim Grimshaw is a blogger, freelance writer and fitness fanatic. He writes a blog about health and fitness tips and also contributes to several of health and fitness websites. He is currently training for a marathon and enjoys swimming and playing basketball.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Build a Strong Bodybuilding Network

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What’s a bodybuilding network?

Well, a short while back, I wrote a popular article called ’15 things Bodybuilders and Entrepreneurs Have in Common’… It turned out to be quite controversial (Wasn’t intended… maybe I’m one big controversy), but one thing I didn’t talk about was the importance of having a strong network. A network of people that you choose to associate with, who just happen to be just as good or even better than you are at what ever game you are trying to succeed in.

Why do you want to build a strong network?


# 1 Because you are only as good as the company that you keep!

So if you decide to associate with fat lazy bastards in your spare time, then their habits will likely rub off on you and you too will become a fat lazy bastard. If your current friends ARE fat lazy bastards, then ditch them and find some real muscle heads to ‘knock heads’ with. Doing so will have a serious positive impact on your bodybuilding lifestyle and achievements.

Troubles finding serious people?

Then feel free to join my network over on Bodyspace.


At least one person there will inspire you, other than myself of course 🙂

# 2 We Naturally Compare With Others Close To Us

I’m not quite sure why this is, but us humans tend to have a habit of comparing ourselves with others, when in fact, we should only be comparing with ourselves. We are all individually unique in our own way.

Nevertheless, comparing is what we do. If you are going to compare yourself with anyone, then it might as well be against other great people. At least that way you can improve and develop the traits and mind set to be great throughout your body building life. Comparing yourself to crap will make you… well… crapper!

# 3 Find A Motivational Partner With Ease

Once you have a great network at your disposal, finding motivation and inspiration from others will be a breeze. No more searching around for someone to go to the gym with, or to seek sound advice from. Just jump on Google talk, Skype or what ever it is you use to communicate and shout! Its your trusted network. People will listen.

# 4 Rapid Learning

Mistakes will be made in almost anything that you pursue in this life. That includes bodybuilding too. Lack of knowledge is a key reason why you haven’t got the body that you wish you had. But the fact is, you can only learn so much by yourself. Your best bet is to learn from others. Learn how they,

  • Avoided injury
  • Overcame hurdles (Mental and Physical)
  • Busted through plateaus
  • Made the bodybuilding lifestyle work for them.

I mentioned earlier that we are all unique in our own special way, so the information you take away from your network should be used and incorporated into your own bodybuilding lifestyle plans. Only you can make something well work for you. No one else.

# 5 Be Introduced To Even More Powerful Peers

This is that whole 6 degrees of separation thing. It just takes ONE great connection in your network to be able to be introduced to the people that you would like to meet. And once you become connected with these folks, you too will be perceived as great by their peers. It’s a case of being guilty by association.

However, perception of greatness isn’t what’s important here. It’s all about the doors this can open up for you, inside and outside of bodybuilding. We are all human beings and we mostly do and want the same things.

  • Good Health
  • Good fun
  • Build families
  • Find happiness

Amongst that sea of needs and wants is a network (6 degrees of separation). A network where each and every person has the power to give someone one of the above, and the ability to receive one of the above too. There WILL be something that you can give to someone in that network. No doubt about that! But it’s all about what you can give. You have to give to receive. The more you give, the more you get back. That’s just the way the world works.

Once you do begin to receive, your lifestyle inside of bodybuilding will change for the better. But even more important than that is how your lifestyle will change outside of bodybuilding. None of us are bodybuilding robots. We don’t turn off our personal on-goings the moment we enter the bodybuilding zone. Life and bodybuilding merges as one, just like everything else, such as the relationships with colleagues you work with in your profession.

Once your bodybuilding life does merge with your personal life, you’ll find that good health, good fun, good family and happiness just happens. When it does, just remember who told you to go out there’ and build a strong network.

See you in the comments.

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